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    Create your own digital project:

    • Text: scan, import/capture, print
    • Photographs: take, scan (photographs, slides), edit, import/capture, export
    • Audio: record narration and music, import/mix/edit, shift formats, export
    • Video: shoot (original), import VHS, DV tape, camera and removable media, edit, export

    Staff-provided Services

    Let us help you:

    • Transfer/export analog audio and video materials into digital formats
    • Digitize public domain media materials
    • Digitize your analog files (view copyright guidelines)
    • Record television broadcasts off-air for later classroom use. Learn more.



    MacPro stations, equipment, and studios are reservable in advance for three hour time blocks. Reservations can be made in person or by calling 617-373-2465. You may leave a message after business hours. Reservations are recommended during peak periods.

    A digital camera is available for in-Library use. Two mini-DV camcorders circulate outside the Library, but must be returned the same day before the DMDS closes.

    Saving Your Media

    You are responsible for saving and storing your files. Please provide recordable media for exporting files and projects: CDs, DVD-Rs, flash drives or portable hard drives. The Studio will not be responsible for any files left on Studio computers.

    NU Libraries, 360 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115 | (617) 373-2350