Create High Quality Thematic Maps Using SimplyMap

March 19, 2010


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Northeastern University Libraries are pleased to announce the acquisition of SimplyMap, a web-based application that enables one to create high quality thematic maps, charts, and reports based on extensive demographic, business, marketing, and health data.

Now researchers and students can use tools in SimplyMap to build maps, charts, or custom reports, which are all exportable. SimplyMap tools allow you to compare data across different geographical locations, down to the block group level. Included are variables such as ethnicity, transportation, language, housing, population, education, employment, and consumer expenditures. For example, you can start with the question: in what Massachusetts zip code are the largest numbers of Spanish speaking residents?

The data also includes estimates and projections so that you can analyze and plot current and future trends. SimplyMap also includes SimmonsLOCAL, a tool that tracks consumer behavior through over 200 media markets and includes over 450 product categories and 8,000 specific brands.

If you are interested in additional statistical databases, you may also want to try out other library provided applications such as:

SimplyMap and other statistical databases are web-based and may be accessed by Northeastern faculty and students from:

For more information about SimplyMap, please contact the Research Assistance Desk on the second level of Snell Library (617) 373-2356 or contact . .

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