This online exhibit was designed in 2004 by Jessica M. Parr, archives assistant in the Northeastern University Archives and Special Collections Department. The online exhibit is based upon a past physical exhibit titled “Frank Palmer Speare (1869-1954): A Man for all Seasons” that was
organized by Karen Adler Abramson and Peter Rawson. Additional material has been added by Jessica Parr.


Archives and Manuscripts Collections

  • Office of the President (Speare) records. (A1).
  • Frank Palmer Speare papers, 1896-1951. (M1).
  • School of Law records, 1900-1996. (A6).
  • Huskiana Collection,1927-1992. (A20).

    Published Works

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    Rhoads, Linda Smith, ed. Tradition and Innovation: Reflections on Northeastern University's First Century. Boston, MA: Northeastern University Press, 1998.

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