African American Activism & Experience at Northeastern University, 1963 - 1978


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Rev. Ralph David Abernathy

On May 9, 1968, during Black Culture Week, Rev. Ralph David Abernathy addressed over 200 people at a dinner held at Northeastern’s Speare Hall.


Rev. Abernathy Speaking

Rev. Abernathy

Rev. Abernathy, comrade and successor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), delivered a speech that touched upon economic issues such as poverty, unemployment, and urban renewal. At the $100-a-plate dinner, Rev. Abernathy emphasized the need for adequate income levels and decent housing.

The function raised $15,000 for King’s family, SCLC, and the Poor People’s Campaign which had been created by SCLC in hopes of introducing a new element into the civil rights struggle. Poor People’s Campaign leaders wanted to address the economic inequalities and poverty that affect people of all races.


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Abernathy's Speech

Abernathy's Speech


Abernathy Speaks...

"Abernathy Speaks..."