African American Activism & Experience at Northeastern University, 1963 - 1978


The Beginning


Community & Culture



Activist Student Groups

*Black Students' Union
*Afro-American Association
*University Committee
... Against Racism





Black Students' Union

On March 26, 1968, a group of Northeastern’s African American students founded the Black Students' Union (BSU) to unify the campus’s African American students and to address their educational and financial needs. The BSU wanted to persuade students to get involved with both the university and the local communities.

During Freshmen Orientation week, the BSU set up a booth to inform African American students about other orientation events. It also sponsored a memorial service for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and participated in the second annual National Student Coalition against Racism held at Northeastern. The BSU’s most notable actions were presenting along with the Afro-American Association a list of 13 demands to President Asa S. Knowles on May 3, 1968, and developing the first university-wide Black Culture Week from May 13-17, 1968.


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Black Students' Union...

"Black Students' Union..."


Black Students Request...

"Black Students Request..."