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Creator: Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of University Photography.
Title: Contact sheets and negatives

1993-1994 (bulk 1994)

Call Number: A62
Location: 1/1-3
Scope and Content Abstract: Contains contact sheets and negatives from ID number 94-7294 to 94-7749, a bulk of which are from 1994. For other years, consult the summary box list.
Arrangement: Arranged by ID number.


ID Number Date Subject
94-7294 12/16/1993 Mark Rippa, Northeast Coordinator "Adopt A School" Program
94-7295 12/21/1993 Patrick Manning, History Professor
94-7296 12/15/1993 John W. Cipolla Jr., Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering
94-7297 12/15/1993 Al Ferretti, Retired Past Chair of Mechanical Engineering
94-7298 12/15/1993 Jeff Stammen, Program Manager for Insurance and Financial Services Institute
94-7299 12/15/1993 Roy Nielsen, Program Manager for Building, Design and Management Program
94-7300 12/30/1993 David Boyd, Dean, College of Business
94-7301 12/01/1993 Food Court in Ell Student Center
94-7302 12/16/1993 Mary Perkins, Assistant Director of Network Northeastern
94-7303 12/13/1993 Betty Freeman, Assistant Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Law School
94-7304 12/13/1993 Grace E. Curley, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Law School
94-7305 12/14/1993 Law School Librarians: Anzalone, Dulin, Stephens, Fina in Law School Library
94-7306 01/09/1994 Judith Barr, Associate Professor of Medical Laboratory Science
94-7307 01/06/1993 Barbara Fraumeni, Associate Professor of Economics
94-7308 01/07/1994 Plaque in recognition of Benjamin Brown, Class of 1930, Law School
94-7309 01/10/1994 NU Aerobics Club, Cardiovascular Health and Fitness Center
94-7310 01/07/1994 NU Language and Speech Center, Dr. Beth Lannon and Helen Anis
94-7311 01/10/1994 Environmental Health and Safety Review, Brian Heffron's Office, Price and Kiernan
94-7312 01/11/1994 Joseph Grady, copy negative of image from NU Magazine.
94-7313 01/11/1994 Kris Sanford, co-op at Project Bread in Boston
94-7314 01/07/1994 Jeff Brown, Center for the Study of Sport in Society (CSSS)
94-7315 01/06/1994 Christine Gailey, Professor Sociology and Anthropology
94-7316 01/07/1994 Eddie Correia, Law Professor, studio head shot
94-7317 01/11/1994 Mary Breslauer, Assistant Director of University Communications, color negative
94-7318 01/10/1994 Copy shots, hockey for Jack Grinold
94-7319 01/11/1994 Mary Breslauer, Assistant Director of University Communications, bandw
94-7320 01/11/1994 Jill Larcombe, Law School student and Skadden Fellowship recipient
94-7321 01/10/1994 Hands holding tarot cards, Voice illustration
94-7322 01/20/1994 Lin Dawson of Project Teamwork (CSSS) speaking to students at Brookline High School
94-7323 01/24/1994 Copy shot of book page on gender discrimination in Louisiana agriculture for Mary Mello.
94-7324 01/25/1994 Co-op students working in the NuNet Network Operations Center
94-7325 01/24/1994 President Curry moderating a panel, the Boston Plan for Excellence in Public Schools
94-7326 01/24/1994 Theresa Findlay, Women's Track Team Hammer, Shot and Weight Thrower, practicing in Cabot Gym


01/24/1994 Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Carey Rappaport in lab with graduate student
94-7328 01/18/1994 Gary Bracken, Associate Director of Admissions
94-7329 01/18/1994 Chris Sullivan, Director of Undergraduate Career Services
94-7330 01/26/1994 Wellness Week, students and staff run with President Curry in Cabot Cage
94-7331 01/24/1994 Ribbon cutting and dedication of Wellness Center in Dockser, President Curry, D. Hope, J. Gozzo, E. Zungalo
94-7332 01/21/1994 Aftermath of fire at 335 Huntington Avenue, top floor apartment with NU student
94-7333 01/18/1994 Raplh Martin, District Attorney for Suffolk County, at Law School Alumni Networking Breakfast
94-7334 01/13/1994 Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation, Speaker Vivian Gordon, Professor SUNY-Albany
94-7335 12/23/1993 Kathleen Ryder-O'Connell with stuffed animals for Government Relations' Holiday Toy Drive
94-7336 01/12/1994 President John Curry gives testimony at the State House to Board of Education Panel
94-7337 01/11/1994 Statue of Cy Young wearing a scarf in winter / vender on the Quad
94-7338 01/24/1994 Leslie Armijo, Assistant Professor, Political Science
94-7339 01/24/1994 Jacqueline Sweeney, Assistant Coordinator of Co-op Education
94-7340 01/24/1994 Barry Kass, Director of Pharmacy, Continuing Education
94-7341 01/21/1994 NU Women's Center candlelight vigil on anniversary of Roe vs. Wade abortion decision
94-7342 01/24/1994 Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Carey Rappaport research, closeup of microwave probe
94-7343 01/25/1994 Robert Lowndes, Dean of Arts and Sciences
94-7344 01/27/1994 Jane Scarborough, Vice President for Cooperative Education
94-7345 01/27/1994 Boston Edison Scholars in Snell Library for Circa
94-7346 02/04/1994 Nancy Kerrigan and Friends skating exhibition at Matthews Arena
94-7347 02/10/1994 Copy shots of Luffborough, Mobil Oil Co-op, for National Commission of Co-op Education
94-7348 02/07/1994 Men's Hockey vs. BC, Beanpot at the Boston Garden, NU looses in double overtime. 4, 5
94-7349 02/09/1994 Statue of Cy Young wearing a scarf in winter (take 2)
94-7350 02/07/1994 Opening of the International Student Center, Curry, Rigg, Motley, Carter, Hoda Abou-Jamra
94-7351 02/05/1994 Men's and Women's Track GBCs
94-7352 02/04/1994 Law School, Valerie Gordon Lamar Lecture, R. Robinson, Dean David Hall, R. Kennedy
94-7353 02/08/1994 Ted Canto, student, winner of Cool Award for Community Service Project
94-7354 02/14/1994 Paula Leventman, Assistant Dean and Director of Women in Engineering Program
94-7355 02/14/1994 Judith Defilippo, Coordinator, English Language Center
94-7356 02/11/1994 French MBA students in American Culture class, Paul Krueger, Instructor
94-7357 02/11/1994 Students in snow storm on the Quad
94-7358 02/14/1994 MBA student Thomas Hennlich with Executive mentor Alan Glou
94-7359 02/14/1994 Women's self-defense class taught by NU Police, Rape Aggression Defense System (RADS)
94-7360 02/14/1994 Old etching/map of Boston on display in Arts and Sciences Department
94-7361 02/14/1994 Judith Defilippo, Coordinator of English as a Second Language
94-7362 02/14/1994 John Q. Adams, Professor and Chairman of the Economics Department
94-7363 02/22/1994 Dionisio (Dennis) Bernal, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
94-7364 02/22/1994 Copy shot of Polo Ralph Lauren ad Mitch Longley
94-7365 09/19/1993 NU Police Bicycle Patrol, Officers Cronin and Barrientos / hula hoops on Quad
94-7366 02/08/1994 Health Care Conference, sponsored by the Business School
94-7367 02/17/1994 Eddie Andelman, Sports Announcer at Business Luncheon
94-7368 02/22/1994 Dionisio (Dennis) Bernal, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering (color negative)
94-7369 02/14/1994 Paula Leventman, Assistant Dean of Engineering, Director of Women's Studies
94-7370 02/23/1994 Candace Harper, Co-op as Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the Student Center
94-7371 02/25/1994 Women's hockey players Jeanine Sobek and Kim Haman with U.S. Air Representative Rosalie Perrone
94-7372 02/23/1994 Matthews Scholars: Isabel Rodrigues and Venkatesh Kidambi
94-7373 02/19/1994 Women's Hockey NU vs. Brown
94-7374 02/05/1994 Women's Basketball, NU vs BU at Boston University
94-7375 02/28/1994 Richard Lapchick, Director Center for The Study of Sports in Society (CSSS) in his office
94-7376 03/01/1994 Freshman Dave Nicoloro brushing teeth and recycling cans as part of SEA's Greencup Contest
94-7377 03/01/1994 Copy shot, headshot of Mary Robinson, President of Ireland
94-7378 03/01/1994 Jay O'Shaughnessy, NU Baseball Pitcher, pitching portrait for Alumni Magazine
94-7379 6/1/1991 Students on wall in front of Speare Hall
94-7380 02/15/1994 John Laub, Professor of Criminal Justice
94-7381 02/04/1994 Nancy Kerrigan, Press Conference after 'Nancy Kerrigan and Friends' skating exhibition, in Matthews Arena
94-7382 02/15/1994 Women's hockey players Danyel Howard and Kim Hayman in Matthews Arena
94-7383 02/17/1994 Jackson Katz, Program Coordinator for Mentors in Violence Prevention, CSSS
94-7384 03/02/1994 Joel Sadagursky, Assistant Director of Publications
94-7385 02/25/1994 Group photograph of men's hockey team in Matthews Arena (color negative)
94-7386 03/04/1994 Paul J. Leahy (NU, Liberal Arts '69) Writer for the Alumni Magazine
94-7387 02/23/1994 ASCE Civil Engineering Students and Faculty Advisors Rick Scranton and Mark Evans
94-7388 03/11/1994 NU Hockey vs. Providence, NU wins 5-4
94-7389 03/10/1994 Women's Basketball vs. Boston University, BU, NAC Tournament semi-final
94-7390 03/12/1994 Convocation, Mary Robinson, President of Ireland, awarded Honorary Degree
94-7391 03/15/1994 James Rowan, Law Professor, environmental portrait in his office
94-7392 03/15/1994 View of Columbus Place, 716 Columbus Avenue, from the Orange Line/Bus Terminal
94-7393 03/15/1994 Thomas Harrington Jr., Professor of Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation and Special Education in his office with stacks of forms on his desk
94-7394 03/12/1994 Convocation: Mary Robinson, President of Ireland, awarded Honorary Degree
94-7395 02/14/1994 Professors and Administrators in Snell Parking Lot, site of the new Engineering building (for Circa)
94-7396 02/14/1994 Professors and Administrators in Snell Parking Lot, site of the new Engineering building (for Circa) [color negative]
94-7397 03/17/1994 Klein Lecture, John Laub, Professor of Criminal Justice
94-7398 03/17/1994 Claire Dalton, Law Professor, speaking on family violence
94-7399 03/21/1994 Conference on Press Freedom in Russia, N. Daniloff, S. Grigoriev, and Panelists
94-7400 03/16/1994 Umbrella on white background, for magazine ad
94-7401 03/16/1994 Tote bag and travel coffee mug on white background, for magazine ad
94-7402 02/18/1994 Men's Basketball vs. Delaware at Matthews Arena
94-7403 03/10/1994 Truman Scholarship Finalists Jessie Decker and Suzanne Nam with President Curry, Dean Lowndes and Professor Bruce Wallin
94-7404 03/14/1994 Students checking final exam schedule on bulletin board, students in Hayden Computer Lab
94-7405 12/07/1994 "Use of Manipulatives, Part II", Bob Wilcutt speaks to high school teachers at John O'Bryant High School, NUPRIME
94-7406 02/04/1994 Women's Swimming Medley Team: Sheila Gallagher, Tara Bolivar, Bernadette Keene, Jennifer Lamontagne, underwater in pool
94-7407 02/15/1994 Marilyn Wiener, Associate Dean of University College, Academic Programs
94-7408 02/15/1994 Kathy Howlett, Assistant Professor of English
94-7409 02/25/1994 Phil Dixon, speaks at African American Institute about the Negro Baseball League and his book
94-7410 02/24/1994 Winners of the 16th Annual Black History Quiz Bowl, Carolyn Daniels, Conrad Meneide, Jennis Farquharson, Hurron Johnson
94-7412 03/25/1994 Judith Tick, Music Professor
94-7413 03/25/1994 Lula Petty, Director African American Institute
94-7414 03/30/1994 Sam Takahashi, Graphic Designer, test shots with motion on Polapan (35mm b/w transparencies)
94-7415 02/01/1994 CSSS, Richard Lapchick and Lin Dawson at Everett High School
94-7416 03/31/1994 Jay Halfond leads members of the National Council on a tour of Dodge Hall, National Council Annual Meeting
94-7417 04/05/1994 Passover Freedom Seder sponsored by Hillel, with Meierowitz, Motley, Culver, Adler, Kaufman
94-7418 03/28/1994 Darren Sack, HIV-positive student in Radiologic Technology, working at Massachusetts General Hospital
94-7419 03/28/1994 Graphic Design Faculty (Khan, Curtis, Baron, Hruby) assembling computer-generated student art mosaic in Ryder Hall atrium
94-7420 04/04/1994 President Curry presenting $25,000 check to Mayor Menino for Fenway Community Health Center
94-7421 03/25/1994 Senior Vice President for Development Eugene M. Reppucci, Jr. posing with bronze Husky statue in Ell Building lobby
94-7422 04/05/1994 CBA undergraduates on the steps of Dodge Hall
94-7423 04/05/1994 CBA graduate students in the graduate students lounge in Dodge Hall
94-7424 04/06/1994 James Molloy, Associate Professor and Coordinator General Management, CBA, in Dodge Hall
94-7425 04/06/1994 CBA graduate students in Dodge Hall lobby
94-7426 03/01/1994 Cy Young statue in snow
94-7427 04/07/1994 CBA undergraduates in Dodge Hall Food Cafe
94-7428 04/02/1994 Engineering Technology Competition for High School students, products for the handicapped, with Blackman, Kane, Hulbert, Zotos
94-7429 03/25/1994 Men's Hockey vs. Lake Superior State, Opening Round of NCAA West Regional Tournament in East Lansing Michigan
94-7430 04/11/1994 Larry Kesssler speaking during AIDS Awareness Week
94-7431 04/11/1994 Tosha Gattison, CBA student in study room in Dodge Hall
94-7432 04/11/1994 CBA Professors Heidi Vernon-Wortzel and Bill Crittenden in Dodge Hall
94-7433 04/11/1994 CBA Professor Brendan Bannister with students in Dodge Hall Cafe
94-7434 03/01/1994 McFarland Scholars, for Circa
94-7435 04/13/1994 Professor and former Governor Michael Dukakis giving Sidney Herman Memorial Lecture at Hillel House
94-7436 04/11/1994 Men's Volleyball Team posed with trophy on brick walk
94-7437 04/15/1994 President John Curry and Hebrew College President David M. Gordis outside Churchill Hall
94-7438 04/14/1994 High School students in Engineering Labs
94-7439 04/14/1994 Engineering Labs for Engineering brochure
94-7440 04/26/1994 Gilda Barabino, Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering
94-7441 04/27/1994 Mike Glavine, NU Baseball Player 1st Baseman, hitting and Fielding during practice at Parsons Field
94-7442 04/12/1994 Elizabeth Amelia Hadley-Freyberg, Assistant Professor African-American Studies
94-7443 04/27/1994 Installation of solar panels on Ell Center roof, J. Ziola, NU; Bill Gray, Boston Edison; J. Barker, Mobil Solar
94-7444 04/26/1994 Sanja Obsivach, Croatian student on Women's Crew Team, at Practice
94-7445 04/26/1994 George Atkinson, Assistant Professor AFY Program, University College
94-7447 04/21/1994 William Kunstler at National Lawyers Guild Lecture, Law School
94-7448 04/28/1994 Mishac Yegian, Professor and Chairperson of Civil Engineering, in front of Prudential building
94-7449 04/26/1994 Carol Lyons, Dean of Career Services
94-7450 05/02/1994 Convocation in Honor of the Right Honorable Percival J. Patterson, Prime Minister of Jamaica (color negative)
94-7451 04/30/1994 Mark Evans and Civil Engineering students construct playground at New England Home for Little Wanderers, ASCE Annual Project, Ridgeway Award
94-7452 04/29/1994 "Investing in a Global Economy," Business School sponsored seminar with Drucker, Tsongas, Glass, Boyd, Vernon-Wortzel, Sarathy
94-7453 05/05/1994 Men's Baseball vs. Holy Cross at Friedman Diamond
94-7454 05/06/1994 Karen Lifter, Assistant Professor of Counseling, Psychology, Rehabilitation and Special Education
94-7455 05/02/1994 Commencement Convocation for P. J. Patterson, Prime Minister of Jamaica, with Curry, Matthews, Owens, Feinstein, Lowe
94-7456 05/06/1994 Law Professors teaching class: Hallgring, Hackney, Baker, Schaffer, Phillips
94-7457 05/07/1994 Fenway Neighborhood Clean-Up, sponsored by NU, Mayor's Office, Boston Public Works, etc., students and staff volunteer
94-7458 05/06/1994 M. Louis Brennan, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering
94-7459 05/03/1994 Telecommunications Advisory Committee, Ed Sousa distributing computers
94-7460 05/01/1994 Students on Snell Library Plaza
94-7461 05/02/1994 Press Conference: Barry Gallup announcing Dave Leitao as Men's Basketball Coach
94-7462 04/30/1994 Men's Track and Field vs. Harvard at Solomon Track
94-7463 05/03/1994 Jonathan Welsh, Associate Dean of the College of Business
94-7464 04/28/1994 CSSS Human Rights Squad Forum, Civil Rights Community Legal Education Program
94-7465 05/11/1994 Jerry Berger, Assistant Professor of Journalism
94-7466 05/10/1994 Partial solar eclipse, Approx. 1:45, 2:15 PM
94-7467 04/26/1994 Charles Coe, Writer University Publications
94-7468 05/09/1994 Geraldo Hodge, NUCRCM, NUPRIME Program, tutoring Computer Science student
94-7469  05/14/1994 Ooozeball: students play volleyball in the mud as part of NU Alive festivities
94-7470  05/17/1994 Patik Pant, NUCRCM, NUPRIME Program, tutoring student
94-7471  05/13/1994 Farewell Reception for Doug Colbert, Law School
94-7472  05/19/1994 Copy headshots of Lani Guinier and Richard Lapchick, Degree recipients at Law School Commencement 1994
94-7473  05/11/1994 President Curry receiving an Honorary Degree from Hebrew College
94-7474  05/15/1994 David Schulman Memorial Award Plaque copyshot, Criminal Justice
94-7475   05/15/1994 National Commission of Cooperative Education group copy shot and copyshot of exhibit
94-7476   05/20/1994 Men's Baseball vs. Drexel, NAC playoffs at Friedman Diamond
94-7477 05/04/1994 Cardinal Cushing Award recipients, Religious Life
94-7478  05/24/1994 Stephanie Pavao, Women's Track and Field Team, practicing the Long Jump
94-7479   05/20/1994 Men's Baseball vs. Drexel, NAC playoffs at Friedman Diamond, color negative
94-7480  05/25/1994 Ellen Jackson, Dean and Director of Affirmative Action
94-7481  05/26/1994 Spring Commencement Honorary Degree recipients
94-7482   05/26/1994 Tobin School Students and their Mentors, group shot on Ell Building steps
94-7483 02/24/1994 Baseball Team's reaction upon learning that they will face Tennessee in NCAA Tournament.
94-7484   05/25/1994 Copy shot of past Provost Harry Allen from NU Magazine
94-7485  05/24/1994 New SGA President Dan Bernal
94-7486   05/24/1994 Annual Meeting of the Corporation, with Curry, Matthews, Egan, Culver, Cabot, Willis
94-7487  05/26/1994 Jack Agati, lecture on birth order
94-7488  05/26/1994 Kaushik Patel, NUPRIME, NUCRCM Program, tutoring middle school students
94-7489  05/25/1994 Teaching Assistant Jay Vora assists Heather Thomas and Susanne Verrico in making an emulsion in Pharmaceutics II lab
94-7490  05/27/1994 Law School Commencement, Lani Guinier, speaker
94-7491  05/27/1994 Law School Commencement, Lani Guinier, speaker
94-7492 04/28/1994 Charlene Allen, Supervising Attorney, Domestic Violence Institute, Law School
94-7493 04/28/1994 Lois Kanter, Director of Domestic Violence Clinic, Law School
94-7494  05/24/1994 Professor Mary O'Connell, Law School Connections Program: Victor Theiss and Andrea Cohn
94-7495  05/24/1994 Connections Program: Victor Theiss and Andrea Cohn
94-7496 04/28/1994 Norma Robles, Law School Secretary
94-7497  05/24/1994 Diane Tsoulas, Associate Dean of the Law School
94-7498  05/24/1994 Laura Share, Director of Career Services / Diane Tsoulas, Associate Dean of the Law School
94-7499 05/09/1994 Professor Donald Berman teaching class at the Law School
94-7500  06/01/1994 Donna Harris Lewis, 1994 June Commencement Speaker
94-7501  06/01/1994 Neal Fogg, Center for Labor Market Studies
94-7503  05/27/1994 Richard Marsh, Professor of Biology, Excellence in Teaching Award winner
94-7504  05/27/1994 John Saltmarsh, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Cooperative Education, Excellence in Teaching Award winner
94-7505  06/02/1993 Raymond Graham, NUCRCM, NUPRIME Program, Math major tutoring elementary student at Tobin School
94-7506  05/31/1994 Ray Williams (Continuing Education) goes over Columbus Place plans with John Sheldon, David Flynn, Susan Kryczka, Kevin Mahoney and David Freed
94-7507  05/19/1994 College of Computer Science group shot of graduating seniors and faculty
94-7509   06/03/1994 Ell Student Center fire
94-7510   06/02/1994 Annual Senior Party in the Quad, Texas Barbecue
94-7512  06/02/1994 Campus Scenes, Ell Building, Snell Library
94-7513  05/28/1994 William Detrich, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Marine Biology, in his lab with microscope
94-7515  06/03/1994 Robotics Student Competition, Professor Jill Crisman, Electrical and Computer Engineering
94-7516   06/09/1994 Linda Smith Rhodes, New England Quarterly
94-7517   06/10/1994 Arvin Grabel, Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering
94-7518   06/09/1994 Eloise Ray, Staff Assistant II, Law School
94-7519   06/10/1994 Benjamin Albert, Student Spring Commencement Speaker
94-7520   06/09/1994 Allen Lomax, President of The Alumni Association
94-7521   06/10/1994 Baseball Catcher Mike Brunner signing contract with Coach McPhee
94-7522   06/10/1994 William "Woody" Kay, Assistant Professor Political Science (color negative)
94-7523   06/10/1994 Students performing in Allen Feinstein's music class and working in music recording studio
94-7524   06/13/1994 Jean Elizabeth McClellan, Hodgkinson Scholar
94-7525   06/10/1994 Kimberly Pelletie, Hodgkinson Scholar
94-7526   06/10/1994 Kimberly Pelletier and Isabel Rodrigues, Hodgkinson Scholars
94-7527  06/01/1994 Color internegative of Donna Harris Lewis, 1994 June Commencement Speaker
94-7528   06/10/1994 Copyshot of Donna Harris Lewis
94-7529  06/16/1994 Copy Headshot of Reggie Lewis
94-7530   06/13/1994 Copyshots of the Matthews Arena when it was built. Interior shots and copyshot of 1903 World Championship Games souvenir card.
94-7531  06/01/1994 Nursing students at Community Health Centers
94-7534   06/12/1994 Commencement: University employees and their dependents who are June '94 graduates
94-7535   06/13/1994 Commencement: University employees and their dependents who are June '94 graduates
94-7536   06/21/1994 CEO Breakfast, Edward Brennan, CEO of Sears and Roebuck
94-7537   06/22/1994 Groundbreaking Ceremony for new classroom building, Nightingale Parking Lot
94-7538   06/22/1994 Annual Faculty/Staff University Luncheon
94-7539   06/22/1994 Annual Faculty/Staff University Luncheon (color negative)
94-7540   06/21/1994 Isabel P. Rodrigues, student with her son for Circa
94-7541   06/21/1994 Steven D. Daigle, student with skis for Circa
94-7542   06/21/1994 Robert E. Robillard, student with painting for Circa
94-7543   06/22/1994 Christine Bonner, Associate Director of Foundation Relations, Office of Development
94-7544   06/18/1994 1994 June Commencement A.M. Ceremony, Donna Harris Lewis, speaker, at Boston Garden
94-7545   06/18/1994 1994 June Commencement A.M. Ceremony, Donna Harris Lewis, speaker, at Boston Garden
94-7546   06/18/1994 1994 June Commencement P.M. Ceremony, John M. Deutch, speaker, at Boston Garden
94-7547   06/18/1994 1994 June Commencement P.M. Ceremony, John M. Deutch, speaker, at Boston Garden
94-7548   06/16/1994 Tobin School 8th Grade Graduation, Donna Harris Lewis, Holly Carter
94-7549   06/24/1994 Boston 2000:, Conference sponsored by Law School, with Dailey, Martin, Harrison-Jones, Lago, Dwyer, Wilkerson, Rufo, Kleiman, Padilla, Portz, Albelda, Hart, Dolan, Jones, Hall
94-7550   06/28/1994 Lawrence Herron, Director of Corporate Development
94-7551  06/28/1994 Mary Mello, Director of Academic Administrative Services for the College of Arts and Sciences
94-7552  05/16/1994 Man Chak Ng, Law School Co-op student at EPA
94-7554   07/13/1994 Class of 1940 donor plaque located on 1st floor of Snell Library
94-7555   07/06/1994 Susan Kryczka, Director of Network Northeastern, on the street talking to a colleague
94-7556   07/07/1994 Doug Luffborough '93 working at John Hancock Life Insurance in Boston
94-7557   07/13/1994 Public Relations Director Janet Hookailo with husband Maury Wolf and daughter Fletcher at their home in Hyde Park
94-7558   07/13/1994 Northeastern Track Coach Mark Lech running on the Fenway
94-7559  07/05/1994 School of Law Alumnus Benjamin Weinberg '90 speaking with Law students
94-7560   07/14/1994 Yearbook copy shots for publications
94-7561  07/20/1994 Summer of Opportunity Press Conference: John Hancock CEO Brown, President Curry, Evans, Mayor Menino
94-7562   07/22/1994 J'noel Ball, Assistant Professor of Finance
94-7563   07/22/1994 Merrill Warkentin, visiting Associate Professor of Management Science.
94-7564   07/22/1994 Paul Bolster, Associate Professor of Finance
94-7565   07/22/1994 Kim Kanaga, lecturer, Human Resources
94-7566   07/22/1994 Leonard Glick, lecturer, Human Resources
94-7567   07/21/1994 A brick sitting on white seamless in studio
94-7568   07/28/1994 Bouvé Pharmacy Lab Program for area high school kids
94-7569  08/03/1994 Toronto Blue Jay Outfielder and Baseball Great Joe Carter and brother Larry, ESPN home run hitting contest at Friedman Diamond, Parsons Field
94-7570   07/27/1994 CJ student Nina Kelly, Connecticut Police Academy Trainee, in-studio silhouette for Circa
94-7571   08/04/1994 Joan Krizack, University Archivist, in Snell Library
94-7572   07/31/1994 Summer Orientation for entering freshman, College of Arts and Sciences
94-7573  08/03/1994 Phyllis Strauss, University Distinguished Professor of Biology at home with her collection of political cartoons
94-7574   08/03/1994 Sylvia Hampton, Associate Director of Development School of Law
94-7575   08/04/1994 Srinivas Sridhar, Associate Professor Physics
94-7576   07/27/1994 Donna Ynaya, Law student on Co-op at Sessa Moore and Quiroga in Boston
94-7577   07/26/1994 Balfour Academy group shot in Fenway
94-7578   07/28/1994 Crew Team rowing past the boathouse
94-7579   08/02/1994 English Language Center(ELC) foreign students in class learn American business skills
94-7580   07/26/1994 Chris Berner, Law student on Co-op at Foley, Hoag and Eliot in Boston
94-7581   08/07/1994 Ross Fraser, Director of Residential Life
94-7582   08/11/1994 Robert Mooradian, Associate Professor of Finance
94-7582   09/20/1994 Ell Student Center Renovation, final construction and finishing work before opening
94-7583   08/08/1994 Kids in the On-Deck 2000 Program playing the card game Uno on the Ell Building Steps
94-7584   08/09/1994 President Curry presenting Black Scholarship Award to Engineering Professor Gilda Barabino
94-7585   07/19/1994 Renovation of Ell Student Center, initial destruction and construction
94-7586   08/18/1994 Ira Weiss, Dean of School of Business
94-7587   08/18/1994 Husky statue in Ell Building
94-7589   08/15/1994 David Hall, Dean of the School of Law
94-7590   08/15/1994 David Hall, Dean of the School of Law (color)
94-7591   08/18/1994 William Smith, Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice
94-7592  08/03/1994 Chris Mosher, Director of Planned Giving, University Development, building an ultralight airplane in his basement
94-7593  08/24/1994 Ell Student Center renovation, construction
94-7594  08/25/1994 Professor of Political Science Michael Dukakis teaching undergraduate class
94-7595   08/22/1994 Trisina Bennett, Staff Assistant for the Center of Community Health
94-7596  08/25/1994 City of Boston scenes
94-7597  08/29/1994 Law School orientation, luncheon, book buying
94-7598   08/22/1994 Project Vote Smart Director Angela Twitchell
94-7599  09/01/1994 Karen Buzzard: studio portrait for Alumni Magazine article "Why Don't Men Ask Directions?"
94-7599   08/18/1994 Husky statue in front of Ell
94-7600  09/02/1994 Children swinging on a swing at Newton JCC: Taylee, Daniel, Ariella, Joshua (Sadagursky) for NUCFC brochure
94-7601   08/31/1994 Students around campus; scaffolding and construction on Richards
94-7602  09/01/1994 Field Hockey players: Kristie Toupin and Amy Hassick at Stetson East
94-7603   07/21/1994 Flowers in the main Quad
94-7604  09/01/1994 William Rodriguez, Assistant Co-op Education Coordinator
94-7605   09/08/1994 Political Science Professor Michael S. Dukakis walking to NU from Brookline
94-7606   08/31/1994 Football Practice at Parsons Field, #26 Free Safety,Defensive Back Jason Seapker, Coach Barry Gallup, Assistant Coach Mosi Tatupu
94-7607  08/31/1994 Northeastern Magazine covers, March, May and September 1994
94-7608  08/24/1994 Office buildings in Downtown Boston
94-7609  08/24/1994 Scaffolding in front of Richards Hall; student studying on the Quad
94-7610  09/08/1994 Beverly Russell N'75, Outstanding Alumni Award winner 1994
94-7611   09/09/1994 Archival copy shots of football for Jack Grinold
94-7612  09/06/1994 Holbrook Robinson, Associate Professor and Chairman of Modern Languages Department
94-7613   09/15/1994 Promotions Ceremony for Public Safety Division Staff
94-7614   09/13/1994 Howard Wilgoren, President of the Law School Alumni Association
94-7615   09/15/1994 Steve Smith, Concert Coordinator
94-7616   09/15/1994 Laura Petrozzi Rossi, Outstanding Alumnus
94-7617  09/09/1994 Roxanne Greenaway on Co-op at the Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center for Law School
94-7618   09/10/1994 NU Football vs. New Hampshire
94-7619   09/09/1994 Ruth Ricker, working on her computer at home, part of magazine profile
94-7620  09/12/1994 Ruth Ricker, at work at department of Education/Civil Rights (some with co-op), part of magazine profile
94-7621   09/15/1994 Ruth Ricker walking her dog, "Bernie" in the Fenway
94-7622   09/19/1994 President Curry presents check for $98,000 for housing renovations to Mayor Menino
94-7623   09/16/1994 Dedication of Flame of Hope sculpture donated by Stanley Young, created by Leonardo Nierman, corner of Forsyth and Huntington, President Curry
94-7624   09/13/1994 Fall Commencement in Matthews Arena: graduates receiving diplomas and celebrating
94-7625   09/18/1994 Ell Student Center newly renovated and open for business
94-7626  09/17/1994 Football vs. URI at Parsons Field
94-7627  09/09/1994 Ruth Ricker with her dog, "Bernie", by her car in back of her apartment.
94-7628  09/17/1994 Ruth Ricker at handicapped pride rally at Copley Plaza and in front of the Prudential Building
94-7629   09/12/1994 Workers preparing site for Eternal Flame Sculpture, with John Kelly (On Top), John Field (Pony Tail), Walter Campbell, Kelly Stone Design
94-7630  09/18/1994 Freshman Convocation; speaker, David Hall
94-7631   09/16/1994 Karen Rigg with Ron Martel and Keith Motley in her office for Circa
94-7632  09/16/1994 Karen Rigg with a student outside of the Ell Student Center for Circa
94-7633  09/20/1994 Copy shot of book "Lowell Offering", January 1845, held at Boston College Library, used for research by NU Professor Susan Alves
94-7635   06/07/1994 Lucy Williams, Law Professor in her office
94-7636   09/23/1993 General University meeting at Blackman Auditorium
94-7637   09/20/1994 Decorated student dorm rooms: George Proakis, Chris Pontani, Danny Frates, Carrie Welsh
94-7638  09/22/1994 Ruth Ricker at political rally on City Hall Plaza
94-7639   09/26/1994 Ground breaking for Engineering and Science Center: Richard Egan and family, President Curry, Senator Kennedy, Congressman Moakley, Governor Weld
94-7640   09/26/1994 Ground breaking for Engineering and Science Center: Richard Egan and family, President Curry, Senator Kennedy, Congressman Moakley, Governor Weld
94-7641   09/23/1994 Arthur Kinoy, Civil Rights Lawyer and Author speaking at the Law School
94-7642   09/22/1994 Daryl Hellman, Executive Vice Provost Office of Academic Affairs
94-7643   09/26/1994 Barry Karger, Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Barnett Institute
94-7644   09/29/1994 Project Ujima group shot
94-7645   09/28/1994 Law School panels, students, classrooms
94-7646  09/28/1994 Law Professor Michael Meltsner in his office
94-7647  09/28/1994 General university meeting at Blackman Auditorium, Arvin Grabel Speaker
94-7648   09/29/1994 Carlos Viega, Prime Minister of Cape Verde, visits at the African American Institute
94-7649   09/21/1994 Robert (Bob) Glaser, Vice President of NU Alumni Association
94-7650   09/29/1994 Student Center (Ell Center) rededication celebration including loading a time capsule
94-7651   10/03/1994 Maureen McCormick, aka Marcia Brady, speaking on birth control with Dr. Elizabeth Kennard
94-7652   10/04/1994 Cathy Robinson, silhouette against white for magazine illustration
94-7653   10/04/1994 Studio illustrations of a computer keyboard, mouse and monitor for Alumni Magazine illustration
94-7654   09/30/1994 Tobin School graduate Felicia Haynes and her NU mentor Shirleen Moreland
94-7655   10/04/1994 Volleyball vs. Dartmouth with Coach Ernest Tche in Dockser
94-7656   10/29/1994 Ell Student Center after renovation
94-7658   10/06/1994 Byron Hurt '93, CSSS
94-7659   10/06/1994 Wellness Fair on the Quad, aerobics demonstration, blood pressure monitoring, Police Officer Bill O'Connell
94-7660   10/05/1994 Panel discussion at the Cabral Center on John Coltrane with local jazz radio personalities, NU Music Professor Bill Lowe, S. Schwartz, T. Cennamo, E. Jackson, M. Haggerty
94-7661   09/30/1994 Helene Maltzman, Manager of MBA Career Services
94-7662   10/04/1994 Achille Messac, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
94-7663 04/09/1994 Jean-Bertrand Aristide, exiled Haitian President's rally at Matthews Arena
94-7664   10/11/1994 Mary Ann Esposito, Author of cooking books and star of Cíao Italia cooking show on PBS gives a cooking demo in NU bookstore
94-7665   10/11/1994 NU campus scenes in front of Snell Library and Ell Building
94-7666   10/13/1994 Kate Putney, studio headshot
94-7667   10/12/1994 Jesse Decker, '95, Political Science major, Truman Scholar, White House Correspondent on co-op
94-7668   10/05/1994 Felix Matos Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of History
94-7669   10/08/1994 Microphones, TV monitor and Jack Levin on TV screen
94-7670   10/12/1994 Mandela Crew Team, inner city kids practicing for the Head of the Charles Regatta, working out with student Coach Marnie Lewis at Henderson Boathouse
94-7671   10/14/1994 Quality dorm room on campus for Voice article; Willis, Loftman, Kennedy, Stetson East, 122 St. Stephens
94-7673   10/17/1994 President Curry speaking at Faculty Senate meeting, Provost Baer, Professor Grabel, student at Information Kiosk
94-7674 05/05/1994 Law Library Macintosh computer lab and new employees: Heywood, Van Leewen, Daly, Skeete, Scott-Smith, Petit-Frere
94-7675 05/05/1994 Law School Library students: Heather Boswell and Betsy McMillan
94-7676  05/13/1994 Professor John Flyn, Law School
94-7677 05/13/94 Professor Karl Klare
94-7678   10/24/1994 Linda Ellerbee speaking at her lecture: Surviving Breast Cancer
94-7679   10/24/1994 Campus scenes: students on the Quad, dog with frisbee, woman carving Halloween pumpkin, Cabot Gym
94-7680   10/22/1994 Homecoming: Football vs. Villanova, parade and half time Greek activities
94-7681  10/22/1994 Homecoming: Football vs. Villanova, tailgating and half time Greek activities
94-7683  10/26/1994 Studio shot of hand holding pencil or reporter's notebook for publications poster
94-7684   10/06/1994 Derrick Bell speaking at Law School
94-7685   10/27/1994 Samah Alrayyes, Palestinian-American student
94-7686   10/27/1994 Hoda Abou-Jamra, Lebanese student, Operations Manager of the International Student Center
94-7687   10/24/1994 President Curry at the Opening Ceremony for the 50th Anniversary Year of the United Nations, at the State House
94-7688   10/31/1994 Oren Levine, Jewish graduate student
94-7689   10/28/1994 Scott Helmers, Network Northeastern Instructor, live class broadcast from Robinson Hall studio
94-7690   10/27/1994 Senior Vice-President and Treasurer Robert Culver
94-7691   10/27/1994 Masters in Public Administration 25th Anniversary Dinner at the Westin Copley Hotel, Labor Secretary Robert Reich Speaker, also Michael Dukakis and President John A. Curry
94-7692   10/27/1994 Men's Ice Hockey practice in Matthews Arena, Coach Ben Smith and players
94-7693   10/31/1994 Donald Straney, ACE Fellow observing a Faculty Senate meeting
94-7694   10/28/1994 Natalie Hardy, Executive Director Massachusetts Parole Board
94-7695   10/25/1994 Tobacco Products Liability Project staff: Richard Daynard, Graham Kelder and Mark Gottlieb
94-7696   10/25/1994 Students around campus, construction of new buildings
94-7697 05/10/1994 Wendy Parmet, Professor of Law teaching class
94-7698 05/05/1994 Group shot of new Law School employees: Van Leeuden, Petit-Frere, Heywood, Skeete, D'Amico
94-7699   11/02/1994 Joanne Murphy, Associate Director of Alumni Relations
94-7700   11/07/1994 716 Columbus Avenue (Columbus Place) seen from campus and Columbus Avenue
94-7701   11/04/1994 Students on campus: Quad, Snell Library Plaza, Ell Center Food Court
94-7702   11/06/1994 Field Hockey vs. New Hampshire, NAC Championships played at Boston University
94-7703   11/02/1994 CSSS dinner at the Park Plaza Hotel, Press session with Mohammed Ali, Richard Lapchick, President John Curry, Chairman George Matthews, Rachel Robinson
94-7704   11/10/1994 Helen Thomas, White House Press Corp. Correspondent, speaks as part of the Yankee Pen Conference
94-7705   10/27/1994 Ralph Nader speaking in Arts and Sciences classroom and at lecture "Diminished Expectations"
94-7706   11/14/1994 Student Scott Magoon '95, Creator and Artist of Duct Tape Man comic, drawing strip and posing in studio
94-7707   11/14/1994 Deborah Marsella, Director of Student Financial Services Office
94-7708   11/11/1994 Joseph Warren, Associate Professor of African-American Studies, on Columbus Avenue near Columbus Place
94-7709   11/11/1994 William Fowler, Professor of History, near Ruggles T Station
94-7710   11/11/1994 D. Joseph Griffin, Director of the Division of Public Safety, in front of Columbus Place
94-7712   11/14/1994 Jean Eddy, Dean of Enrollment and Student Financial Services
94-7713   11/15/1994 Paul Ricci, Accounting Analyst
94-7714   11/14/1994 Nolla Kelly, student, writer of "My Top Five Clubs to Go Out to", NU Voice
94-7715   11/17/1994 U. S. Attorney General Janet Reno speaking at Ford Hall Forum in Blackman Auditorium
94-7716  11/23/1994 Bert Spector, Associate Professor, Human Resource Management
94-7717   11/22/1994 Student athletes deliver Thanksgiving food to Human Resource Agencies
94-7718   11/18/1994 Law School new employees: Putney, Kantor, Roberts-Paul, Milia, Hampton; Law School Library display case
94-7719   12/02/1994 Students practicing ballroom dancing in preparation for competition
94-7720   12/03/1994 Workshop/Audition for David Dorfman Dance's "Athlete's Project"
94-7721   12/01/1994 Candlelight vigil on World AIDS Day, Student Ambassadors and children on Quad for tree lighting
94-7722   12/05/1994 Lonnie Harrell, Men's Basketball player, at practice, also Coach Dave Leitao, in Cabot Gym
94-7723   12/06/1994 Women's Basketball practice, Coach Joy Malchodi with players, Katasha Artis, in Cabot Gym
94-7724   12/06/1994 NUPRIME, Excel students work with Instructor Alfred Noel during mathematics class
94-7725   12/07/1994 Law School reception for Michael Dukakis and Eddie Correia / Professors Kim Hawkins and Hope Lewis
94-7726   12/01/1994 Carol Warner, Biology Professor with Senior Wei Cao working on restriction enzyme digesting DNA
94-7727   10/31/1994 Gregory Loff, Assistant Professor of Speech Language Pathology, studio headshot
94-7728   11/09/1994 William Giessen, Professor of Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering
94-7729  12/08/1994 Thomas Shapiro, Associate Professor of Sociology
94-7730   10/18/1994 Robert Markiewicz, Professor of Physics
94-7731   10/31/1994 Surrendra Gupta, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering
94-7732   10/26/1994 Margaret Jacobs, Vice President of the Alumni Association
94-7733   10/13/1994 Charles Finn, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
94-7734   10/13/1994 Faith Cristley
94-7735   10/13/1994 Michael Lipton, Associate Professor of Philosophy
94-7736   11/15/1994 Arthur S. Goldberg collection of paintings
94-7737   11/14/1994 Kristen Oberg
94-7738   11/20/1994 New Recreation Center rendering
94-7739   11/26/1994 Lorrie Wright, NU Cheerleading Coach
94-7740   11/28/1994 Donna Huntley-Nuby, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
94-7741   12/01/1994 Hanock Lev-Ari, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
94-7742   12/02/1994 Monsoor Amiji, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy
94-7743 12/14/1994 Bob Culver
94-7744  12/06/1994 Robert Naughton Co-Chair for Law School Centennial Campaign
94-7745 12/17/1994 Janet Smith, Co-Chair of Law School Capital Campaign
94-7746 12/19/1994 Wallace Sherwood Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
94-7747 12/16/1994 Dean Vozella, Professor Zion, and representatives of Indonesia signing an agreement
94-7748   12/01/1994 Joan Krizack, University Archivist
94-7749  12/06/1994 Glenn Pike, Cathy Robinson and a smiling MacBeth, color rendition chart, reproduction test

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