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Creator: Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of University Photography.
Title: Contact sheets and negatives

1994-1996 (bulk 1996)

Call Number: A62
Location:  1/1-3
Scope and Content Abstract: Contains contact sheets and negatives from ID number 96-8180 to 96-8664, a bulk of which are from 1996. For other years, consult the summary box list.
Arrangement: Arranged by ID number.


ID Number Date Subject
96-8180 1/11/1996 Paul Swindlehurst, Director of Alumni Development
96-8181 1/11/1996 Gail Giordano, Assistant Director of Leadership Development in Development
96-8182 1/11/1996 Amanda Layher, Staff Assistant III, Alumni and Friends, Development
96-8183 12/19/1995 Patrick Moynihan, CJ '77, General Manager of the MBTA, at South Station
96-8184 11/20/1995 Andrew Sum, Director of the Center for Labor Market Studies, teaching a class in the new Classroom Building
96-8185 10/10/1995 Thi Nguyen, student for Development brochure
96-8187 1/9/1996 Campus scenes: Husky ice sculpture, students on campus and in the Ell Student Center Food Court, Cy Young statue in snow
96-8188 1/11/1996 Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation, Speaker: Mary Frances Berry, Chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights; Curry, Frances, Berry
96-8189 1/9/1996 Ice sculpture of the NU Husky on the Quad, made by Daka
96-8190 12/17/1994 Copies of old maps of the Northeastern University area in the Archives
96-8191 1/17/1996 Ed Bullins, Professor of Theater, teaching acting class in Ryder Hall theater
96-8192 1/17/1996 Carol Warner, Professor of Biology, with graduate student in her lab
96-8193 1/22/1996 Wayne Franklin, Davis Distinguished Professor of American Literature, in his office
96-8194 1/19/1996 Janet Randall, Associate Professor of English, in studio with Daniel Gornstein and TV monitor and Sesame Street puppets
96-8195 1/16/1996 Mark Boulter, Manager of Building Services, overseeing snow removal from parking lot with landscape maintenance worker Paul Kneeland
96-8197 1/23/1996 Americo Rodrigez, Co-op student in the Classroom building
96-8198 1/18/1996 Kenia Seoanc, student in studio
96-8199 1/16/1996 Kenia Seoanc, student in the library on her work study job
96-8200 1/23/1996 Steve Kaluzni, student on Co-op; Co-op at Gillette, environmental and seamless portraits
96-8201 12/19/1995 Kristen Oliveira, co-op student, in Washington D.C. outside the White House and in the Old Executive Office Building
96-8202 12/18/1995 Kenia Seoane, student on co-op at Metro Department of Youth Services
96-8203 12/18/1995 Chris Larsen, student on co-op at Harvard's Meteorological Center
96-8204 12/14/1995 Kathleen Bryant, Nursing student on co-op at Fenway Community Health Center
96-8205 1/26/1996 Lisa Thompson, student, on co-op at Peat Marwick Consulting
96-8207 1/25/1996 Physics Professor Stephen Reucroft in front of white board in his office
96-8208 1/30/1996 Wooden artist's model posed in studio for magazine article on health and fitness
96-8209 2/14/1995 Men's Basketball Coach Dave Leitao purchases Valentine's Day candies from Kim Gonsalves of the Human Services Society
96-8209 2/14/1996 Men's Basketball Coach Dave Leitao purchases Valentine's Day candies from Kim Gonsalves of the Human Services Society
96-8210 1/26/1996 Lee Breckenridge leads Law School students on tour of the Boston waterfront with Carl Dierker
96-8211 1/30/1996 Elise Senter, Director of the Voters Research Hotline at Project Vote Smart
96-8212 1/21/1996 Ron Martel, Dean of Student Life and Student Affairs, refereeing a basketball game between Emerson College and Rivier College
96-8213 2/1/1996 Professor and Chair of Physics Paul Champion in laser lab with graduate students
96-8214 1/23/1996 James Molloy and Fred Wiseman looking over their survey for the Boston Herald
96-8215 1/19/96 Stanley Eigen, Editor of "Annals of Improbable Research"
96-8216 1/19/1996 Ed Hattauer, Director of the Counseling Center
96-8217 1/20/1996 Coria Holland, Media Relations Specialist, PR
96-8218 1/22/1996 CBA group shots in the Faculty Center
96-8219 1/31/1996 History department working on CD-Rom ideas
96-8220 1/8/1996 Karen Ready, student in College of Computer Science displaying her homepage; Cullinane
96-8221 12/15/1996 Grad Assistant Kimberly Ainsworth sitting among boxes of toys donated by Faculty and Staff during the toy drive
96-8222 12/5/1995 Ellen Jackson meets with Vincent Murphy of Suffolk Construction at Columbus Place
96-8224 2/1/1996 Molly Turlish, Director of Alumni Development for the College of Arts and Sciences
96-8225 2/1/1996 Roger Giesse, Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Science
96-8226 11/2/1996 Men's Soccor vs. Maine at Parsons Field
96-8226 2/2/1996 William De Angelis, Associate Professor of Philosophy
96-8227 2/6/1996 History department graduate students and Professors discussing topics for CD-Rom
96-8228 2/1/1996 History Professor Gerry Herman teaching with video in new classroom building, Snell Library Media Center personnel and equipment
96-8229 2/5/1996 Faculty Senate meeting, Provost Baer, Professors Arvin Grabel and Jeffrey Born
96-8230 2/16/1996 Feet with shoes: 6 people in the studio for an Alumni Magazine illustration of a reunion cocktail party
96-8231 2/14/1996 Nursing Dean Eileen Zungolo at Whittier St. Health Center in Boston, meeting with NU students and Alumni
96-8232 2/16/1996 Roger and Michelle Marino touring the Marino Recreation Center construction site with President Curry, also, topping off ceremony
96-8234 2/21/1996 Alfred Ferretti, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, a week before his 100th birthday
96-8235 2/20/1996 Test lettering on the side of the Egan Science and Engineering Center
96-8236 2/17/1996 Men's Hockey vs. Maine at Matthews Arena
96-8237 2/17/1996 Men's Basketball vs. BU at Matthews Arena
96-8239 2/12/1996 Wellness Week Programs: aerobics class; yoga workshop; Health Fair in Ell Center; Professors Hope and Bruckner; Guest Speakers; Open skate at Arena
96-8240 2/12/1996 Men's Beanpot Hockey Tournament Final NU vs. BU at the Fleet Center
96-8241 2/5/1996 Congressional Hearing on Education: Senator Kennedy, Daschle, and Kerry; Representative Kennedy, Moakley, Neal
96-8242 2/16/1996 Peter Franks, Executive Director of World  Education
96-8243 2/16/1996 Scadden Fellow Women for Law School
96-8244 2/12/1996 Law Professor Jim Rowan confers with Welfare Rights Organizer Jeanette Huezo
96-8245 2/8/1996 David McLaughlin, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Research Scientist Laszio Hevizi work on radar antenna on Dana roof
96-8246 2/13/1996 Law Student Amita Vasudeva in the kitchen of White Hall discussing cockroach problem
96-8247 2/3/1996 NU News staff hams it up for magazine story on 40th anniversary of the newspaper
96-8249 2/24/1996 Men's Track Runner Jim Formica running at the N.E. Championships
96-8250 2/21/1996 Robert Gittens, BA '74, Law '78, Chairman of the Boston School Committee, Chairing a meeting at 26 Court Street, Boston
96-8251 1/23/1996 Co-op MBA student Gretchen Osterhaut working at Public Consulting Group in Boston
96-8252 2/8/1996 Joanne Miller, Professor of Psychology
96-8253 2/8/1996 Julie Davis, Women's Basketball Team member, in studio
96-8254 2/7/1996 2nd Anniversary Celebration of International Student Center; Valerie Gordon Human Rights Lecture at Law School by Judge Nathaniel Jones
96-8255 2/26/1996 Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Rutgers Professor, lecturing on "The Impact of African Civilizations on Europe" as part of Black History Month
96-8256 2/21/1996 James Gozzo, Dean of Pharmacy and Allied Health Science
96-8257 2/23/1996 Engineering Labs in Dana Hall
96-8258 2/20/1996 Ulster University President and Officials meeting with Michael Baer in President's Office
96-8259 10/23/1995 William Andrews, Assistant Director of Cous. and Ed Services African American Institute
96-8260 1/28/1996 Workmen replacing a plate glass window in the Ell Center
96-8261 2/13/1996 Provost Michael Baer and Treasurer Bob Culver discussing budget situation to University staff
96-8262 2/22/1996 Men's Basketball vs. UNH at Matthews
96-8263 2/27/1996 Barbara Kelley, Assistant Professor of Nursing leads discussion in Nursing class
96-8264 2/15/1996 Ed Hattauer, Director of Counseling Center
96-8265 2/21/1996 Provost Michael Baer
96-8267 2/22/1996 David Hall, Dean of Law School
96-8268 2/26/1996 Bob Vozella, Vice President of Co-op 
96-8269 2/27/1996 Ira Weiss, Dean of Business Administration
96-8270 2/27/1996 Katherine Pendergast, Vice President of Human Resources
96-8271 2/28/1996 George Harris, Vice President of Information Services
96-8272 2/29/1996 John Jordan, Dean of University College
96-8273 2/29/1996 Larry Finklestein, Dean of the College of Computer Science
96-8274 3/1/1996 Jamie Fox, Dean of Criminal Justice
96-8275 9/19/1995 Richard Bruhmuler, Alumnus and Alumni Fund Volunteer
96-8276 1/22/1996 Workmen hanging Northeastern banners from the roof of the Ell Student Center
96-8277 3/7/1996 Professor John Adams, Chairperson of the Economics Department, in his office in Lake Hall
96-8278 3/4/1996 Pavel Belogour, student who invented suspension system for in-line skates, in studio wearing his product
96-8279 3/11/1996 Jonathan Haughton, Assistant Professor of Economics teaching class
96-8280 3/12/1996 Keith McDermott, Associate Director of Community Affairs
96-8281 3/7/1996 Robert Lowndes, Dean of Arts and Sciences
96-8283 3/5/1996 Eileen Zungolo, Dean of Nursing
96-8284 3/12/1996 Stephen Nathanson, Director of the Center for Effective University Teaching, in his office
96-8285 3/13/1996 Ross Hall, International  Coordinator, with his model trains at his home for a Voice "After Hours" feature
96-8286 3/13/1996 Dress rehearsal for student production of "God on Trial," student Director Jason Glass
96-8287 3/5/1996 "City on a Hill" charter high school students with Jack Levin and on campus scavenger hunt
96-8288 3/16/1996 Women's Gymnastics meet in Cabot Gym with Springfield and Yale Coach Holly Szabo and team members
96-8289 3/17/1996 Nursing Professor Marilyn Smith at home with her boa constrictor, Noah
96-8290 3/17/1996 Greg and Peggy Geyer at home with their four ferrets
96-8291 3/17/1996 Nancy Wales, Football Secretary in Men's Athletics, at home with her cockatiel Louie
96-8292 3/14/1996 Chairman and Professor of Pharmaceutical Science Robert Hanson at home with his Vietnamese potbellied pig Cecil B. DePig
96-8293 8/6/1996 Karen Feldscher with backpack and bookbag on, in motion, in the studio for Annual Report
96-8294 2/17/1996 Women's Basketball vs. BU at Boston University
96-8295 2/7/1996 Felicia Wiltz, Cooperative Education Coordinator, in Ryder Hall for  brochure
96-8296 2/9/1996 Robert Tillman, Cooperative Education Coordinator, in front of the classroom building for  brochure
96-8297 3/13/1996 Sara Owens, student on Co-op; Co-op at Houghton Mifflin for Cooperative Education brochure
96-8298 2/14/1996 Lou Gaglini employer at Deloitte and Touche for Cooperative Education brochure
96-8299 3/20/1996 Robert Young, Associate Professor of Marketing, College of Business Administration, for Cooperative Education brochure
96-8300 3/21/1996 Randy Keith, City Editor at the Patriot Ledger and   Co-op employer, for Cooperative Education brochure
96-8301 3/12/1996 Nicole Rafter's final exam students showing off their board games
96-8302 3/18/1996 Ed Mullen, Registrar
96-8303 3/18/1996 Ron Martel, Dean of Student Life and Student Affairs
96-8304 3/15/1996 Andrea Leskes, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education
96-8305 3/15/1996 Alan Benenfeld, Dean and Director of University Libraries
96-8306 3/15/1996 Charles Coffin, Director of University Relations
96-8307 3/4/1996 Men's Hockey Team photo
96-8308 3/13/1996 D. Joseph Griffin, Director of the Division of Public Safety
96-8309 3/11/1996 Jane Scarborough, Associate Professor of Law
96-8310 3/14/1996 David Schmitt, Brooke Professor of Political Science
96-8311 3/14/1996 World Association of  meeting with President Curry, Peter Franks and Murray Gillin
96-8312 3/21/1996 Richard and Robert Brooks, Alumni, with CJ Dean James Fox, by the Cy Young statue
96-8313 3/26/1996 Dane Vannatter, UC '93 Professional Singer, in studio
96-8314 3/26/1996 Barred owl in tree outside Mugar Hall
96-8315 3/20/1996 Ross Fraser, Associate Dean and Director of Residential Life
96-8317 3/28/1996 Workers from Ledgewood Construction preparing concrete forms for the Krentzman Quad
96-8318 3/31/1996 NU Cheerleaders practicing with Coach Lori Wright in Cabot Gym before going to National Championships
96-8320 3/28/1996 Karen Rigg, Vice President of Student Affairs
96-8321 4/2/1996 Campus scenes, owl, classroom building
96-8322 3/27/ 1996 Arts and Sciences Telecommunications Call for Junior Achievement
96-8323 3/26/1996 Jean Eddy, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
96-8324 3/26/1996 Science Day poster session, Barnett Institute
96-8325 3/28/1996 Daryl Hellman, Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
96-8326 3/29/1996 Barbara Wasczack, Associate Professor of Pharmacology in her lab
96-8327 4/3/1996 Father Paul Kilroy, Chaplain, Spiritual Life
96-8328 3/29/1996 Rose Zoltek-Jick, Assistant Professor of Law
96-8329 3/28/1996 Jim Stellar, Chairman and Professor of Psychology
96-8330 3/29/1996 Denise Jackson, Assistant Professor of Psychology
96-8331 4/3/1996 Keith Motley, Dean of Student Services, Affairs
96-8332 4/1/1996 Guy Morse, Alumnus and Chairperson of the Boston Marathon


4/4/1996 Ed Bullins, Professor of Theatre
96-8334 4/3/1996 Mike Porterfield, Alumnus and Olympic Rowing hopeful, at Princeton University Boathouse
96-8335 3/28/1996 Luncheon sale by Latin American Law students in basement commons room
96-8336 3/29/1996 Jo Jo White, Director of Continuing Education for Professional Basketball Players, Center for the Study of Sport in Society, CSSS
96-8337 4/8/1996 Co-op Employer Linda Driebrek, Engineer at Barry Controls
96-8338 4/11/1996 Randall Martin, NU Alumni and his son Edward Martin, at their business for "Reflections," Development publications
96-8339 4/12/1996 Copy shots of President Clinton, Hillary, and Richard Lapchick plus others
96-8340 4/11/1996 Karen Bienkowski, University Police Officer
96-8341 4/11/1996 Mary Costello, Lecturer in General Management in her office
96-8342 3/25/1996 Ell Center interiors and lack of students during break
96-8343 4/4/1996 Ed Bullins, Professor of Theatre
96-8344 4/10/1996 Judge Margot Botsford, NU Law School Alumna, and Court Law Clerks address Law students at a Career Services panel
96-8345 4/8/1996 Large trees being planted around the Egan Science Center
96-8346 8/8/1995 Edwin "Ed" Andrews, Assistant Professor Art and Architecture in the studio with magnifying glass for Annual Report
96-8347 8/8/1995 Mary Florentine, Professor Speech, Language, Pathology and Audiology, in the studio with earphones for Annual Report
96-8348 4/11/1996 Lech Walesa, former President of Poland, Distinguished Arts and Sciences Speaker, to Inaugurate International Degree Program
96-8349 4/16/1996 Law School Dean David Hall teaching class (color negative)
96-8350 4/16/1996 Law School Dean David Hall teaching class
96-8351 4/18/1996 Women's Crew Head Coach Carrie Graves and Assistant Coach Shelagh Donohoe at NU's Henderson Boathouse
96-8352 4/18/1996 Gerard Voland's Engineering class demonstrate their aerodynamic projects in Cabot Cage
96-8353 4/19/1996 Winnie Mandela speaks
96-8354 4/19/1996 Assistant Engineering Dean David Blackman on campus
96-8355   Terry Mena, CJ '96, studio silhouette
96-8356 4/17/1996 Paul Farris, Alumnus, past President of Alumni Association
96-8357 4/19/1996 Charles Meszoely, Professor of Biology, hunting quail with his dog Nikita
96-8358 4/23/1996 TV and Media Production studio in classroom building , students producing video program, Simon Jones, Instructor
96-8359 4/23/1996 Campus scenes, warm spring day, students on the Quad and Centennial Common, outdoor classes, Spanish Lecturer Rita Schneider
96-8360 4/19/1996 Bruce Pugh, student in studio for Campus Enhancement brochure
96-8361 4/25/1996 Chris Schoeneberger, Middler, SGA President in front of the Classroom Building
96-8362 4/23/1996 Mary Ann Zager, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, teaching in the Classroom building
96-8363 4/25/1996 Erik Nedeau, '94, Olympic hopeful in the 1500 meters, on the running track at UMass, Amherst
96-8364 4/25/1996 Allan Kines, Director of Admissions
96-8365 4/18/1996 Terry Mena, CJ '96
96-8365 4/25/1996 Dora Psiakis, student in studio for Campus Enhancement brochure
96-8367 4/29/1996 SGA President Chris Schoeneberger
96-8368 4/30/1996 Tim Gannon and Brad Schlapak, Alumni, Olympic hopeful runners, on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston
96-8369 5/2/1996 MBA students working at General Scanning, with President Greg Baletsa, NU Alumnus
96-8370 4/25/1996 Tom Flanagan
96-8371 4/24/1996 Terry Haywoode, Assistant Professor of Education and Human Services
96-8372 4/22/1996 Tabitha Soren, MTV News Anchor and Correspondent talks politics
96-8373 4/23/1996 Christine Gailey, Professor of Anthropology and Director of Women's Studies in her office in Holmes Hall
96-8374 4/28/1996 Campus scenes, students, Snell, new Quad construction
96-8375 4/25/1996 David Blackman, Assistant Dean of Engineering
96-8376 4/30/1996 Gail Olyha, Associate Dean and Director of the Student Center
96-8377 5/1/1996 Carol Lyons, Dean of Career Services
96-8378 5/1/1996 Marjorie Wiseman, Director of the Office of Institutional Research
96-8379 5/3/1996 WGBH taping in Snell Library
96-8380 5/6/1996 Urban Law Institute's Community Fellows Program
96-8381 5/2/1996 Marty Damian, Bursar
96-8382 5/2/1996 John Price, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
96-8383 5/1/1996 William Kneeland, Comptroller
96-8384 5/2/1996 President Curry and Trustee Bernard "Bunny" Solomon with their Caricatures at Joe Tecce's Restaurant
96-8385 5/8/1996 CSSS Human Rights Squad Forum in Blackman Auditorium, Richard Lapchick, Dexter Jenkins; Michael Watson, Honoree and Speaker
96-8386 5/5/1996 Men's and Women's Outdoor Track Meet at the Solomon Track in Dedham
96-8387 4/27/1996 NU at work, students doing volunteer community service projects, painting at La Alianza Espana
96-8388 5/10/1996 Jorge Jose, Professor of Physics, Matthews Distinguished Professor
96-8389 5/7/1996 Men's Crew practice, varsity eight rowing on the Charles RIver, also, Rower Tim Wooge
96-8390 5/13/1996 Undergraduate Business Student Marketing Course Project, promotional event for GM and Pontiac on the Krentzman Quad
96-8391 5/13/1996 President John Curry receives Thank You Awards from African American Institute and NU Cheerleaders
96-8392 5/16/1996 Krentzman Quadrangle Dedication Ceremony, Harvey "Chet" Krentzman, wife Farla, President Curry, Chairman Matthews and Keith Lockhart
96-8393 5/14/1996 Tobin School students and their mentors, group shot on Ell Building steps, small group photos of Seniors
96-8395 5/16/1996 Judge William Young on the bench in Federal Court, Boston, MA
96-8396 5/22/1996 President Curry and AIDS Action Director Larry Kessler sign an acquisition agreement making NU the depository for AIDS Action's records
96-8397 5/20/1996 Dedication Ceremony in the Law School Library for Abraham Feingold attended by his brothers Charles and Jack
96-8398 5/7/1996 John P. Grinold, Director of Sports Information
96-8399 5/23/1996 Law School Commencement, Speaker Judge Higginbotham
96-8400 5/23/1996 Law School Commencement, Speaker Judge Higginbotham
96-8401 5/17/1996 Justi Santana on  co-op at the New England Aquarium, feeding penguins and diving in the big tank
96-8402 5/29/1996 Welcome Ceremony for President, elect Richard Freeland in Student Center Indoor Quad. President Curry, Chairman Matthews, Laura Waters, Elsa Nunez
96-8403 5/16/1996 Judge William Young on the bench in Federal Court, Boston, MA
96-8404 5/24/1996 Front facade of the brick wall in the Krentzman Quad
96-8405 5/15/1996 Dean David Hall giving the Keynote Address at the Annual Meeting of the Boston Coalition held at the Christian Science Church
96-8406 5/29/1996 Welcome Ceremony for President-elect Freeland
96-8407 5/23/1996 Campus scenes, students
96-8408 5/25/1996 Copyshots of President Freeland, Studio Headshot and Moneypenney
96-8409 5/23/1996 Greg Montalbano, recovering from testicular cancer and NU Baseball Team with Jimmy Fund donation check
96-8410 5/21/1996 Terry Condon, Sr. Associate Athletic Director
96-8411 5/13/1996 Tim Rupert, Assistant Professor of Accounting, studio headshot
96-8412 5/9/1996 Geraldine Medici, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8413 5/8/1996 Arnie Arluke, Professor of Sociology
96-8414 5/15/1996 Annual Credit Union Meeting
96-8415 5/16/1996 Spring Sports Awards Ceremony in the Blackman Auditorium
96-8416 5/15/1996 Adam Polgreen, Graduating student, Voice "My Top 5"
96-8417 5/13/1996 Rehearsal for NU production of Suburbia
96-8418 5/30/1996 College of Computer Science, Class of 1996, graduating students
96-8419 5/30/1996 Geraldine Medici, Excellence in Teaching Award recipient, in a classroom with heart monitor simulator
96-8420 5/28/1996 Annual Meeting of the Corporation, at the Hotel Meridian, Chairman Matthews and President Curry
96-8421 5/31/1996 Ira Weiss, Dean of the College of Business Administration, portrait in his office
96-8422 5/30/1996 Pre-Commencement Tour of the Fleet Center, M. Damian, J. Hookailo, J. Griffin, J. Ferrier, E. Leffler, B. Pulsipher
96-8423 5/31/1996 Finance Office staff at work
96-8424 6/3/1996 Pearl Mosley, 76 year, old woman graduating in June, 1996 with a MA in English, at party for graduates of the MA Program
96-8425 6/22/1996 Michael Shaffer, NU Police Officer, performs his stand-up comedy routine at the Comedy Vault for a Voice "After Hours" feature
96-8426 6/3/1996 Law Professor Steve Subrin speaking with Law student Jody Ratner in Steve's office
96-8427 5/30/1996 Steve Aiello, Music major, working in the Music Department computer lab in Ryder Hall
96-8428 5/31/1996 Jill Leavens, student on Co-op at the Boston Police Department Office of Information Services
96-8430 6/3/1996 Disability Resource Center Awards Ceremony
96-8431 5/28/1996 SGA passing of the gavel 1996
96-8432 6/3/1996 Kerr Hall exteriors
96-8433 5/31/1996 Barry Gallup
96-8434 6/3/1996 Linda Allen, Assistant University Registrar
96-8435 5/31/1996 Julian Lataillade, 1996 Student Commencement Speaker
96-8436 5/30/1996 Engineering Presentation Alumni Awards
96-8437 5/10/1996 Ed Hattauer, Director of Counseling Center
96-8438 5/10/1996 Campus scenes
96-8439 5/22/1996 Judy Barr, Associate Professor of Pharmacy
96-8440 5/10/1996 Ellen Jackson, Dean and Director of Affirmative Action
96-8441 5/7/1996 Center for Vertebrate Studies and Gwilym Jones
96-8442 5/20/1996 Carol Gray, Graduate of the Law School
96-8444 6/15/1996 Spring Commencement, Morning (color)
96-8445 6/15/1996 Spring Commencement, Morning, Speaker Al Sacco
96-8446 6/15/1996 Spring Commencement, Afternoon
96-8447 6/15/1996 Spring Commencement, Afternoon
96-8448 6/10/1996 Beth Meltzer, NU Hillel Director
96-8449 6/10/1996 Alice Scott, Administrative Secretary, Religious Life Office
96-8450 6/18/1996 Recent NU graduate Bill Coles working on the Reelection Campaign of Sheriff Peter Forman of Plymouth County
96-8451 6/7/1996 Chairman George Matthews and President Curry meet with the Matthews Scholars
96-8452 6/18/1996 Workmen from Architectural Paving and Stone, Inc. lay brick outside the Egan Science Center
96-8453 6/14/1996 Jennifer Arsenault, Co-op student, in University Relations
96-8454 6/20/1996 Gordana Rabrenovic, Assistant Professor of Sociology
96-8455 6/19/1996 Balfour Academy graduates
96-8456 6/6/1996 Business students Susan Scully and Johanna Pasinosky
96-8457 5/31/1996 Business student Kellie Finn and Professor Heidi Vernon, Wortzel
96-8458 6/11/1996 Senior Celebration on the Krentzman Quadrangle
96-8459 6/12/1996 Press conference announcing hiring of Rudy Keeling as Men's Basketball Coach, President Curry, and Barry Gallup
96-8460 6/18/1996 James Gozzo, Dean of Bouvé College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, in his office
96-8461 7/1/1996 Jeff Hopwood, Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8462 7/1/1996 Charlie and David Hoff with Rick Scranton in front of Dodge Hall
96-8463 6/27/1996 President Curry giving check to a representative of the Fenway Community Health Center
96-8464 6/20/1996 Bruce Crowder, Men's Hockey Coach press conference introduction
96-8465 7/2/1996 Rev. Colin Gracey, Episcopal Chaplain in Spiritual Life Office
96-8466 7/11/1996 Mark Meyer, Associate Professor of General Management
96-8467 7/18/1996 Bullfinch Pub, aka Cheers, exteriors
96-8468 7/18/1996 Bullfinch pub, a.k.a. Cheets, Exteriors
96-8469 7/18/1996 Curry Center interiors and Food Court
96-8470 6/17/1996 Alumni Alex Reviliotty and Chris Lohring, Owners of Atlantic Coast Brewing, at the Charlestown Brewery where they make Tremont Ale
96-8471 7/16/1996 Supreme Court Justice Stephen Bryer speaking at the Law School
96-8472 7/24/1996 Psychology undergraduate Nichole Boucher in lab with Professor James Stellar
96-8473 7/25/1996 Jill Leavens, student, on Co-op at Boston Police Headquarters, shot for 1996 Annual Report
96-8474 7/25/1996 Deborah McConchie, President of the Student Alumni Association
96-8475 7/15/1996 Vinay Ingle, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8476 7/16/1996 Miriam Leeser, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8477 7/16/1996 Mieczyslaw Kokar, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8478 7/18/1996 Gilead Tadmor, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8479 7/18/1996 Eric Miller, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8480 7/18/1996 David Kaeli, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8481 7/20/1996 Lisa McIlrath, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8482 7/3/1996 Ioannis Stavrakakis, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
96-8483 7/31/1996 Trinja Owens, Freshman, Math and Music major, singer, practicing in Ryder Hall
96-8484 7/16/1996 Balfour Academy, group shot at Fenway Park
96-8485 7/29/1996 Gary Alexander, Assistant Director of the School of Law
96-8486 7/29/1996 Steve Bright, Director of the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta, an Anti-Death Penalty Activist, speaking at the Law School
96-8487 8/7/1996 Dr. Manny Mason, Professor and Chairperson of Counseling Psychology
96-8488 6/4/1996 Professor Arvin Grabel chairing the Faculty Senate Agenda Committee meeting
96-8489 8/21/1996 Health Promotion Fair for Boston Elders sponsored by College of Nursing, CCHERS, and the Whittier St. Health Center
96-8490 8/20/1996 Richard Lapchick, Director of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society (CSSS)
96-8491 8/20/1996 Viola Volkova, Senior in Arts and Sciences, reading on the Krentzman Quad
96-8492 8/21/1996 James Hackney, Law School Professor
96-8493   Karen Feldscher with backpack/bookbag in motion, in stusio for the annual report
96-8494 8/22/1996 Thomas Finneran, speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and NU Alumnus, in his office and on the house floor
96-8495 8/26/1996 President Richard Freeland speaking to first-year Law students in Blackman Auditorium, also Dean David Hall
96-8496 8/27/1996 Gerard Voland, Associate Professor, MIME
96-8497 8/29/1996 Nicholas Daniloff, Chairman of School of Journalism
96-8498 7/23/1996 Marjorie Platt, Associate Professor of Accounting
96-8499 9/3/1996 President Richard Freeland running with Men's and Women's Teams in Fenway Park
96-8500 7/24/1996 Gregorio (Armani) Armaro in business suit with swinging briefcase in motion for Annual Report
96-8501 8/29/1996 President Curry and new President Freeland exchange presidential power
96-8502 8/15/1996 Alumni William Cole, a Massachusetts Delegate, at the GOP Republican Convention in San Diego
96-8504 9/4/1996 Patricia Bossio, Field Hockey Coach
96-8505 9/4/1996 Jennifer Ruggiero, Undergraduate Assistant Coach of Field Hockey
96-8506 8/26/1996 Law School orientation picnic
96-8507 9/3/1996 President Richard Freeland running with the NU track team in the Fens
96-8508 9/5/1996 Steven Ross, NU Alumni and Holocaust survivor, at the Holocaust Memorial in Boston for Voice After NU
96-8509 9/5/1996 Steven Ross, NU Alumni and Holocaust survivor, at the Holocaust Memorial in Boston for Voice After NU
96-8510 9/6/1996 John Martin, Vice President of Business
96-8511 9/9/1996 Tony Wagner, Visiting Associate Professor of Education and President for the Institute of Responsive Education
96-8512 8/14/1996 Peter Franks presenting gift to President Curry on behalf of WACE, World Association for Cooperative Education
96-8513 9/12/1996 Fall Commencement, Matthews Arena, Speaker: Marian Heard, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay
96-8514 9/12/1996 Fall Commencement, Matthews Arena, Speaker: Marian Heard, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay
96-8515 8/5/1996 People in motion, Downtown Crossing
96-8516 8/6/1996 Michael Roberts backlit going through revolving door at Fitch Design , originally for Annual Report
96-8517 9/17/1996 President Richard Freeland walking from his apartment to work
96-8518 9/17/1996 President Freeland and Mayor Menino meeting in the President's Conference Room, also Tom Keady and Jeanne Levesque
96-8522 8/29/1996 James Fox, Dean of the College of Criminal Justice , interview in his office
96-8523 9/20/1996 3 members of the Women's Hockey Team in the studio for "Fire and Ice" illustration for the magazine (Bree, Jamie and Jessica)
96-8524 9/30/1996 General University Meeting, President Freeland, Senate Chairman Grabel, Provost Baer, VP and Treasurer Culver
96-8525 9/30/1996 Electrical and Computer Engineering and Micro fabrication Lab in Dana Hall, Professors Paul Zavracky and Nick McGruer
96-8526 10/1/1996 Campus sculptures
96-8526 9/20/1996 Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Jill Crisman with students working on robotics project
96-8527 9/20/1996 Electrical and Computer Engineering, VLSI lab, Professor David Kaeli and students
96-8529 10/1/1996 Returning collections to renovated Archives in the basement of Snell Library
96-8530 9/23/1996 Cleanup after floods on campus due to heavy rain, Bookstore and Hayden Computer Room
96-8531 10/30/1996 Students working out in the Marino Recreation Center
96-8532 9/11/1996 President Freeland speaking to new faculty, in the Cabral Center
96-8533 10/2/1996 Ramaiya Balachandra, Associate Professor of Management Science
96-8534 10/2/1996 Chairman Emiritus Robert Willis and his wife Betty at their home on Martha's Vineyard, for Development ad
96-8535 9/16/1996 Convocation for New Students, Freshmen, President Freeland, SGA President Laura Waters, in Matthews Arena
96-8536 9/16/1996 Marino Recreation Center, exterior and interior
96-8537 9/18/1996 Campus scenes, Classroom Building, Snell Engineering, Dockser Hall
96-8538 9/23/1996 Lorraine Fanton with her snow globe collection
96-8539 9/26/1996 Deaf Awareness Activity Fair on Bullfinch Mall
96-8540 9/30/1996 Ron Martel, Dean of Student Life, Student Affairs
96-8541 10/8/1996 Visit of Seymour S. Mullings, Deputy Prime Minister of Jamaica, Caribbean Students, Senator Diane Wilkerson
96-8542 9/15/1996 President Freeland signing students into Speare Hall during moving in day
96-8543 9/15/1996 Moving in day, President Freeland signs students into Speare Hall and helps move
96-8544 9/11/1996 Laura Waters, SGA President
96-8545 9/13/1996 Interlibrary Loan Department winners of Award for third year
96-8546 9/9/1996 Flooded campus, tunnel and African, American Institute
96-8547 9/23/1996 Carol Chamberlain, Associate Dean of Library Technical Services
96-8548 9/12/1996 Ronald Hedlund, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education
96-8549 10/1/1996 Leonard Dow, Academic Specialist, College of Engineering
96-8550 10/1/1996 Waleed Meleis, Assistant Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering
96-8551 9/30/1996 Fernando Morales, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
96-8552 10/4/1996 Mary Anne Gauthier, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8553 10/4/1996 Kathleen Miller, Assistant Professor of Nursing
96-8554 10/4/1996 M. Marcia Lynch, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8555 10/4/1996 Abraham Ndiwane, Assistant Professor of Nursing
96-8556 10/4/1996 Patricia Hollen, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8557 10/5/1996 Homecoming: Parade on Huntington Avenue, NU vs. Richmond football game
96-8558 10/7/1996 20th Century Fund, Forum on State Legislative ethics, Governor Michael Dukakis moderating
96-8559 10/5/1996 Homecoming '96 , Football vs. Richmond at Parsons Field, Cheerleaders, President Freeland and family, Burger King check presentation, with Nunez and Gallup
96-8560 10/7/1996 Jo Jo White, Director of Continuing Education for Professional Basketball Players, Center for the Study of Sport in Society, CSSS
96-8562 9/12/1996 Crystal Hatchett at the Harvard Club Fashion Show
96-8563 10/7/1996 CSSS, Center for the Study of Sport in Society, MVP, Mentors in Violence Prevention Training with Katz, McPherson, Hurt
96-8564 10/9/1996 Project Teamwork and CSSS, Bill Bradley, John Kerry, Richard Freeland, Hennigan Elementary
96-8565 10/10/1996 Wellness Fair on the Quad
96-8566 10/11/1996 Anne Bateman, Assistant Professor of Nursing
96-8567 10/11/1996 Elizabeth Howard, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8568 10/11/1996 Susan Roberts, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8569 10/11/1996 Suzie Tarmina, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8570 10/11/1996 Carolyn O'Brien, Lecturer in College of Nursing
96-8571 10/11/1996 Peggy Matteson, Assistant Professional of Nursing
96-8572 10/11/1996 Frank Palin, Lecturer in College of Nursing
96-8573 10/11/1996 Cecilia Grindel, Assistant Professor of Nursing
96-8574 10/11/1996 Carol Shea, Professor of Nursing
96-8575 10/11/1996 Carol Patsdaughter, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8576 10/11/1996 Rachael Zachariah, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8577 10/12/1996 David Letterman, Paul Shaffer and the Late Night Gang taping at the Henderson Boathouse and on the Charles, with Men's Crew Coach Buzz Congram
96-8578 10/17/1996 Former President John "Jack" Curry and his wife Marcia, portrait at their home in Saugus
96-8579 10/18/1996 Marjorie Chisholm, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8580 10/18/1996 Jane Aroian, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8581 10/18/1996 M. Delaine Williams, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8582 10/18/1996 Michelle Beauchesne, Assistant Professor of Nursing
96-8583 10/18/1996 Margaret Mahoney, Assistant Professor of Nursing
96-8584 10/18/1996 Janet Carroll, Assistant Dean for Administration in Nursing
96-8585 10/18/1996 Patricia Meservey, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8586 10/18/1996 Mary Wilcox, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8587 10/18/1996 Olivia Breton, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8588 10/18/1996 Eileen Zungolo, Dean of Nursing
96-8589 10/16/1996 Law School Reception for the Fitzgerald Award presented by
Kevin Fitzgerald to Stephen Subrin
96-8590 10/11/1996 Gloria Steinem and Clinton, Gore sponsored Domestic Violence roundtable with Dalton, Robbin, and O'Brien at the Knowles Center
96-8591 10/24/1996 Math Class swinging pendulum from Curry Center, Professor Robert Case
96-8592 10/19/1996 President Richard Freeland, his wife Elsa Nunez and children Antony and Maria, with Cy Young statue, in the Curry Center
96-8593 10/20/1996 Dinner for Former Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and wife Raisa, with Chairman George Matthews, President Richard Freeland and Guests
96-8594 10/20/1996 Former Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev speaking in Blackman Auditorium, President Richard Freeland moderator
96-8595 10/21/1996 President Richard Freeland speaking at Faculty Senate meeting, with Provost Michael Baer and Professor Arvin Grabel
96-8596 10/22/1996 Milton Feinberg '41, former Professional Photographer and current volunteer at the Museum of Science, demonstrating scientific principles with bubbles
96-8597 10/21/1996 Students flooded out of Willis Hall dormitory sleeping on cots in Cabot Cage
96-8599 10/16/1996 Joel Weinstein, Lecturer of Engineering Technology
96-8600 10/16/1996 Student play rehearsal, "Trouble in Mind"
96-8601 10/21/1996 Campus flooding, Tavern Road, Willis Hall and sprinklers on in rain
96-8602 10/24/1996 Richard and Maureen Egan Research Center Dedication, Egans, President Freeland, Senator Kennedy, Congressman Moakley, Chairman Matthews, Dennis Picard
96-8603 10/26/1996 Pam Whitting, College of Nursing
96-8604 10/26/1996 Elizabeth Cole, Assistant Professor of Psychology
96-8605 10/25/1996 University Archivist Joan Krizack and Assistants Abby Schoolman and Kelcy Shepherd salvaging YMCA archival materials after flood
96-8606 10/30/1996 Freeland's first meeting with the Greater Boston Alumni Club at the Downtown Club
96-8607 10/30/1996 Cultural Passages in the Arts: Boston, Experiential and Interdisciplinary class, Guests Jeannie Segal and Martha Peabody lead the class in voice and movement exercises, Ann Galligan Instructor
96-8608 11/4/1996 Dedication of the John A. and Marcia Curry Student Center, President Freeland, Chairman Matthews and student speakers and Cheerleaders with Waters, Abou, Jamra, Sneed, and Arsenault
96-8609 11/6/1996 Dedication of the John and Marcia Curry Student Center, President Freeland, Chairman Matthews and student speakers and Cheerleaders
96-8610 11/6/1996 Michael Davis and Jo Jo White, CSSS
96-8611 11/4/1996 Registry Building on Columbus Ave.
96-8612 11/6/1996 Rosanne Buck, Clinical Faculty Member, College of Nursing
96-8614 11/1/1996 Jim Fraser, Professor and Director of Center of Innovations in Urban Education
96-8616 11/7/1996 Bruce Weiner, College of Nursing
96-8617 11/10/1996 Women's Field Hockey America East Championship Final NU vs. BU at Nickerson Field
96-8618 11/17/1996 Men's Soccer vs. BU, America East Tournament Final, at Tufts
96-8619 11/15/1996 Art and Architecture Faculty Studio Open House on Atherton Street in Jamaica Plain with Ed Andrews, Mira Cantor and Neal Rantoul
96-8620 10/27/1996 Women's Soccer vs. Loyola
96-8622 10/30/1996 Women's Volleyball vs. Harvard
96-8623 11/18/1996 Mary O'Connell, Law School Professor teaching class with very attentive students
96-8624 11/18/1996 Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate Liz Twarog installing RAR (Real Aperature Radar) on the roof of the Egan Science Center, for testing
96-8625 11/12/1996 Urban Law and Public Policy Institute Conference on
Community Empowerment in the Curry Ballroom
96-8627 10/27/1996 Women's Field Hockey vs. UNH at Parsons Field
96-8628 11/21/1996 Dedication Ceremony for the Marino Recreation Center, President Freeland, Roger and Michelle Marino, Chairman Matthews, Mayor Menino, Laura Waters
96-8631 11/18/1996 Dion Gardner, Women's Track Team member, practicing the long jump in Cabot Cage
96-8633 11/25/1996 President Freeland, Professor Joe Warren, NU faculty and staff meet with Minority Community leaders
96-8634 11/25/1996 Student reception for President Freeland in the Curry Center, SGA President Laura Waters
96-8635 11/23/1996 Football vs. UNH
96-8636 11/21/1996 Dedication Ceremony for the Marino Recreation Center, President Freeland, Roger and Michelle Marino, Chairman Matthews, Mayor Menino, Laura Waters
96-8637 12/2/1996 Eileen Zungalo, Dean of Nursing
96-8638 12/2/1996 Holiday celebration and tree lighting on the Krentzman Quad
96-8639 12/3/1996 Tobin Scholars 5th Anniversary event with President Freeland, also Dr. Holly Carter
96-8640 12/4/1996 Dedication Ceremony for the Lowell Institute School at Northeastern, President Freeland, Chairman Matthews, Provost Baer, Professor Charles Finn, John Lowell
96-8641 12/4/1996 Minority Business Enterprise Awards, President Freeland, VP Martin and Honorees
96-8642 12/9/1996 Rosanna DeMarco, Assistant Professor of Nursing
96-8643 11/1/1996 Terry Chapman, Assistant Coordinator of  Co-Op Education tying fishing flies
96-8644 12/2/1996 Paul King, Dean of Engineering, Retirement Tribute at the Faculty Center
96-8645 12/6/1996 George Thrush, Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture, with his Exhibit, New Urban Ring in the Ryder Atrium
96-8646 11/18/1996 Lynn Weltler, teacher of the year at Pingree School Hamilton
96-8647 11/20/1996 President Freeland speaks at Project Re-Seed meeting
96-8648 11/4/1996 Five Engineering students who placed 2nd in National Competition, group shot
96-8651 10/28/1996 Makris Varsity Club room exterior and viewing room
96-8652 12/2/1996 Holiday celebration, face painting
96-8653 9/23/1996 Brian Heffron
96-8654 12/5/1996 Bob Vozzella and some new faculty visit John Hancock Daycare for an on-site tour of a Northeastern  site
96-8655 12/10/1996 Simon Jones, Assistant Professor of Communications Studies, Deejaying his Reggae music show at radio station WRBB
96-8656 12/3/1996 Her Excellency Chan Heng Chee, Ambassador from Singapore, meeting with President Freeland and University Trustees, Ernest Henderson, Chet Krentzman in Egan
96-8657 12/5/1996 President Freeland meeting with Governor William Weld at the Massachusetts Statehouse
96-8658 12/8/1996 Ralu Athas, Secretary in the English Department, Celebrating 50 years of employment at NU, President Freeland and Professor Stuart Peterfreund present gift clock
96-8659 12/5/1996 Associate Professor of Biology Dan Scheirer with stack of final exams in his office, also, Snell Library at dusk
96-8660 12/6/1996 Students studying for final exams in Snell Library, Curry Center, Hayden Computer Lab, Honors Lounge in Nightingale Hall, dorm room, also, Egan Center in snow
96-8661 12/13/1996 Exhibit of Artwork by Ife Franklin at AAMARP Gallery
96-8662 12/10/1996 Alice Gervasini, Lecturer in College of Nursing
96-8663 12/10/1996 Dorette "Pinky" Hope, Associate Professor of Nursing
96-8664 12/10/1996 Julianne Nemes-Walsh, Faculty, Graduate School of Nursing

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