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Title:Office of the President (Ell) records
Call Number:A02
List of Contents


1. Correspondence and Memoranda, n.d., 1917-1974


Included herein is general correspondence, including correspondence between CDE and Frances Bulfinch, Franklin D. Roosevelt, G. Bromly Oxnam, Clarence Birdseye, Everett Churchill, and Schell Lewis.
1, 11General (7 folders)n.d., 1917-1974
11Bulfinch, Francis1949-1952
11Churchill, Everett A.1955-1959
11Lewis, Schell1944-1949
1, 11Memoranda (3 folders)1936-1974
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2. Subject Files, n.d., 1883-1974

Alphabetical, then chronological wherever possible.

This series contains more specific correspondence, reports, notes, publications, lists, policies, programs and newspaper clippings. These materials document the relationship between NU and the YMCA, CSE's election and inauguration as president, his retirement from the presidency, development of the physical plant, and university events, such as commencements, anniversary celebrations and building dedications. Also included are writings and speeches by persons other than CSE, materials related to the granting of honorary degrees, and the history of the seal, colors, and mascot of NU.
11Abercrombie, Gurth I.1967
11Abrams, Frank W., "The Stake of Business"1948
11The Academy1962
1Accounts Manual (2 folders)1957-1960
1, 11Accreditation Information (2 folders)n.d., 1936-1940, 1960
11Admissions, Cases and Special Students1959-1967
11Admissions, Department of1928-1963
11Affirmative Action1973
1Allen, C. Frank: Photograph1938
1Anniversary Medals, Non-NU1946-1953
11Automotive School: "Auto-mo-billie-bile"1905
11Generaln.d., 1938-1957
11Newspaper Clippings1928-1933
1Boston University, Athletic Relationship1931-1936
11Bruce, Robertn.d.
11Business, School of1945
11Bylaws, Charter, and Legislation (5 folders)1941-1959
11Cards and Flowers Sent1941-1973
1Certificate of Achievement for Patriotic Service1960
11Chi Epsilon Fraternity1960-1966
1, 11College-Community Research Center (2 folders)1956-1957
1Committee on Development and Co-ordination of Research1957
1Committee Minutes1944
Condolence Letters
11Childca. 1949-1968
11Husband or Wifeca. 1954-1970
12Miscellaneousca. 1943-1968
12Parentca. 1947-1972
12Congratulation Letters, List1956-1961
Co-operative Education
12Generaln.d., 1916-1957
12"The Co-op Story"1956
12Generaln.d., 1944-1959
40Active Members, A-Zca. 1934-1966
12, 40Alumni Members (2 folders)ca. 1937-1965
12Annual Meeting (11 folders)1936-1958
12Attendance Lists (2 folders)1936-1945, 1957
12Certificate of Incorporation1916
Deceased and Discarded Members
12A-Bca. 1944-1969
13Cca. 1940-1970
13D-Fca. 1940-1966
13G-Jca. 1940-1972
13K-Lca. 1941-1965
13M-Pca. 1939-1968
13Mumford, George S.1948-1967
13Nichols, W. Hart and Arthur 1948-1974
14Rca. 1939-1974
14Richards, James L.1938-1954
14Sca. 1941-1967
14Speare, Frank P.1916-1963
14Steele, F. R. Carnegie1939-1955
14S-Wca. 1941-1972
14Wadsworth, Eliot1941-1969
14Wilson, Carroll L.1965-1965
14-15Form Letters (3 folders)1940-1956
Former Members
40A-Wca. 1935-1970
15Black, S. Bruce1944-1969
15Cabot, Godfrey L.1941-1970
15Chick, William C.1941-1965
15Creighton, Albert M.1946-1966
15Dodge, Robert Gray (2 folders)1940-1964
15Glass, George B.1951-1973
15Gross, Boone1956-1966
15Henderson, Ernest1956-1968
15Herter, Christian A.1948-1963
15Member Information1937-1956
Members, 1914-1959
41A-Zca. 1936-1965
15Bateson, Lincoln C.1958-1973
16Dana, Edward1958
16Johnson, Arthur S.1933-1957
16J-Pca. 1943-1961
16R-Sca. 1940-1966
16S-Wca. 1939-1969
16New Members Luncheons1945-1950
16Prospective Members1958-1959
41Removed Members, A-Wca. 1936-1969
Course Catalogs
1Engineering, Science and Management, Defense Training Courses1941-1944
16Graduate Engineering Evening Courses1948-1949
1Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Engineering1938-1939
Day Division
16Accelerated Classes1949
16Course Offerings and Tuition1948-1955
2Policy and Purpose of1932
16Veterans Administration Guidance Center1949
16Degrees Conferred1958
2Development of NU: Reports1904-1935
Dodge, Robert Gray
2Affiliation with NU1940
2Memorandum, RE: Portrait1966
16Driver, Mildred Garfield1963
16Duncan, Robert F.n.d., 1970
9, 16Economic Cooperation Administration: "Certificate of Cooperation" (2 folders)1951
Election and Inauguration
16Arrangements, Lists, Procedures1940
2Correspondence (5 folders)n.d., 1939-1941
9Formal Greetings and RSVPs to Inauguration1940
2Inauguration Program and Principal Address1940
17Invitation and Program1940
2Newspaper Clippings1940
Engineering, College of
17Graduate Division, Statistics1948-1953
17Power Engineering Program1962
17Engineering, Science and Management War Training, Statistics1944-1945
European Trips
17Correspondence and Addresses1951
17France and Othersn.d., 1951-1962
26Germanyn.d., 1937, 1953-1969
17Scandinavia and Scotland Notes1953
17Slides and Chart1951-1955
17Southern European and England Notes1951
17Spain, Data and Correspondence1955
17Alumni Dinner and Showca. 1952-1959
Cabot Physical Education Center
2, 17Cornerstone Laying (2 folders)1953
2, 18Dedication (2 folders)1954-1955
8Campus Salute (4 records)1948
42Campus Salute (audio tape)1948
18Class Day Exercises1957
81944 (8 records)1944
421944 (audio tape)1944
2Receptions and Open House for Seniors1951-1959
2, 18Corporation Day (2 folders)1941
18Corporation Day Luncheons1942-1959
2Dedication Exercises: Greetings to NU from Dartmouth College1956
18Dinner for Everett Churchill1952-1953
Dodge Library
18Announcement Dinner1950
18Cornerstone Laying1951
2, 18Dedication (2 folders)1952
Faculty Club
18Faculty Teas1954-1958
50th Anniversary
18Commemorative Publications1948
18Gold Star Memorial Service1948
19Speeches, CSE1948
2, 1950th Anniversary of the College of Engineering and Cooperative Education (2 folders)1960
1950th Anniversary of the School of Business1958
19First World Series Commemoration1956
40th Anniversary
8Dinner (4 records)1938
42Dinner (audio tape)1938
Graduate Center
19Cornerstone Laying1958
2, 19Dedication (2 folders)1959
2, 19Ground-Breaking (2 folders)1958
Hayden Hall
19Cornerstone Laying1955
19Headmaster-Faculty Dinner1937
19Headmaster-Guidance Officer Dinners1954-1958
19Industry Day1957-1958
19Memoral Service for Marjorie Bouvé1970
19Mugar Life Sciences Building Dedication1963
2, 19Newcomen Society Honors NU (2 folders)1956
19News Staff Luncheon1956-1959
19Open House1937
19President's Luncheon1949
19President's Student Luncheons1953-1959
19Reception and Dinner in Honor of Dr. Albert E. Everett1967
19Reception for Freshman Women1958
Richards Hall
8Cornerstone Laying Exercises (6 records)1937
42Cornerstone Laying Exercises (audio tape)1937
2, 19Dedication and 40th Anniversary (2 folders)1938
1975th Anniversary1973-1974
Student Center
19Bacon Memorial Chapel Dedication1947
3, 19Cornerstone Exercises (2 folders)1946
3, 19Dedication (2 folders)1947
Student Center Addition
3Tea/Reception Honorary Degree Recipients1949-1950
20Testimonial Dinner for Retiring Personnel1968
2020th Anniversary: Preparation1916
2025th Anniversary1921
325th Anniversary Dinner for CSE1935
20University Cabinet Dinner1958
20Varsity Club Banquet1971
20Volpe Hall Convocation and Dedication1972
20Factsn.d., 1934-1958
3Professional Development Policy1962
20Research Grants1973
30"Statement in Regard to the University and its Faculty"1958
Faculty, Staff, Alumni
3Additions to Faculty and Administrative Staff1962
Alumni Association
20Reunions, Miscellaneousca. 1946-1964
20Annuity Plan1955
3Birthdates and Corollary Informationn.d.
20Churchill, Everett A.1940-1959
20Classes of 1904-1921n.d., 1971
20Class of 19221927-1972
20Class of 19231923-1973
20Class of 1924n.d., 1929, 1964-1974
20Class of 19251950-1963
20Class of 1926n.d., 1922-1971
21Class of 1928, 19381931-1973
21Class of 19301950
21Class of 1932n.d., 1962
21Class of 1936, 19461961-1971
21Class of 19371962
21Faculty and Staff1966-1974
21 Immigrant Applications1939
39Partialca. 1915-1959
21, 39General (2 folders)n.d., ca. 1896-1972
39Women Employees1918-1959
3Lees, James Wallace1946
21Memorial Service1963
3, 21Obituaries and Biographies (2 folders)n.d., 1939-1953, 1963
3Permanent Office Staff1949-1955
25-Year Association
3Generaln.d., 1964-1973
39Deceasedca. 1955-1973
39Mailing List, Retired Membersca. 1954-1973
39Membersca. 1955-1974
39Women Employeesca. 1949-1959
21Years of Service Lists1946-1958
21Faculty Wives1941-1956
Films and Slides of NU People and Buildings
21Generaln.d., 1930-1961
21Dr. White's Narration of NU Faculty Film (audio tape)1958
42Dr. White's Narration of NU Faculty Film (audio cassette)1958
21-22Auditor's Reports on Financial Statements (2 folders)1951-1958
22Reports on Funds1959
22"Fraternity Guide to College Life"n.d.
3Freshman Camp1934
Fund Raising and Development
43Bequest Programn.d.
22Building Programn.d.
3Cabot Physical Education Center, Namingn.d.
43Canvass of Trustees1936
43Day Program Fund Raising Campaign1937
3Development Committee1934-1937
43"Digest of the Report of the John Price Jones Corporation in Regard to Fund Raising for Northeastern University"1934
3, 22Dodge Library (2 folders)n.d., 1950-1966
22Esposito, Anthony D., Memorial Fund1954
22Form Letters1944-1949
22"Fundamental Factors in Fund-Raising" by John Price Jones1930
3Generaln.d., 1947-1967
22Gift Cards1953-1956
3Land Purchase (2 folders)1939, 1958
22Lindsay, Agnes M. Scholarships1965-1974
22Naming of Buildings1956
3, 22Proposed Physical Plant (2 folders)1934
22The Bailey Company (The Bailey Foundation)1959-1966
22Barry Wright Corporation1959-1973
22Bemis, F. Gregg1944-1970
23Bigelow, Nelson1959-1974
23Blackwell, Lawrence F.1959-1973
23Bollong, Elbridge A.n.d., 1960-1965
23Boston Edison Company/Charles A. Avilan.d., 1960-1974
23Brockway-Smith-Haigh-Lovell, Co.1959-1973
23Brown, George R.n.d., 1953-1973
23Godfrey L. Cabot Charitable Trust (Louis W. Cabot)n.d., 1953-1972
23Chas T. Main, Inc.n.d., ca. 1959-1974
23Clifford, Mrs. George H.n.d., 1950-1968
23Condit, Louise1959-1969
23Dawes, Chester L.1960-1967
23Dennison Manufacturing Co.1959-1972
23Dooley, Arthur T.n.d., 1963-1967
23Doyle, Louisen.d., 1962-1967
23Ford, Joseph F.n.d., 1941-1974
24French, Murvina1970-1971
24Glen, Crawford A.1962-1972
24Glennon, Paul W.1962-1965
24Grandin, John L., Jr.n.d., 1948-1974
24The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company1959-1966
24Griswold, Mrs. Merrill1959-1972
24Hanson, Georgen.d., 1944-1972
24Hervey, Laurence R. B.1954-1972
24Jacobsen, Alfred1952-1972
24Kassay, Allan A.n.d., 1950-1973
24Lavoie, Stephen D.n.d., 1962-1972
25Lyman, Eugene A.1962-1971
25Mann, Harvard L.1956-1973
25Miller, Myer1963-1973
25Noonan, John T., Sr.1950-1965
25A-Cca. 1937-1973
25D-Lca. 1936-1973
25M-Yca. 1937-1973
25Volume IIIca. 1937-1974
25Olmstead, George, Jr.n.d., 1945-1973
25Orr, James H.n.d., 1945-1973
25Paterson, Seward M.1960-1971
25Pratt, Albert1943-1974
25Raye, William H., Jr.1955-1974
25Reed and Barton Corporation1960-1970
25Ritvo, Mrs. Max1962-1970
25Spang, Joseph P., Jr.n.d., 1945-1967
26Spark, Dale M.1951-1967
26Sprague Electric Company/Robert C. Spraguen.d., 1952-1972
26Todd, Nelson B.1959-1973
26Towle Manufacturing Company1959-1971
26Warren Benevolent Fund, Inc.1964
26Webster, Edwin S.n.d., 1936-1950
26Webster, Edwin S. Foundationn.d., 1955-1972
26Webster, Edwin S., Jr.n.d., 1950-1965
26Williams, Roy F.1951-1967
26Willis, Everett M. II1965-1970
26Wood, John W.1945-1967
26Publications (2 folders)1925-1962
26Purchase of 54 Forsyth Streetn.d.
26Richards Hall [?]1937
3Science Hallca. 1940s
26Sigma Epsilon Rho Scholarship Fundn.d.
3Stuart Mead Wright Memorial Book Fundn.d., 1946-1956
3Student Center1944-1946
43Taber, Lloyd1937
3Garner, Turner F.: Recommendation Letters1930-1944
26Government: Boston, Massachusetts and New Englandn.d., 1935-1971
26Hagemann, H. Frederick, "Positive American Capitalism"1962
27Harris, Murray D., Coloneln.d., 1955, 1963-1964
27Hayden, Charles, Memorial Laboratories1951
Historical Compilations
27Acquisition of Land and Buildings1929-1960
3, 27Alumni Office (2 folders)1926-1958
27Biology Department1935-1941
10Chronological [and Alphabetical] Card Filen.d.
3, 27General (2 folders)n.d., 1896-1959
27Student Center1946-1948
27Co-op Employers Dinners1948-1959
27Cooperative Education1906-1973
27Course Catalogs1896-1904
3Day Divisionn.d.
27Deans, Schools of Law and Business1898-1950
27Degree Granting Powers1904-1947
3, 27Events (5 folders)1918-1922, 1941-1950
3Executive Counciln.d., 1954-1956
27Freshman Cup1939-1942
3, 27Governing Bodies (2 folders)1914-1960
27"A History of NU, 1896-1927"n.d.
27Honorary Degrees1915-1922
27Huntington School1909-1916
27Incorporation and Degree Granting1904-1947
Law, School of
3, 27General (2 folders)1898-1916
27Instructors and Courses1898-1931
Narrative Histories
3, 27General (2 folders)n.d, 1851-ca. 1959
27By CSE1851-ca. 1950
27Nicknames of Statesn.d.
3Office Staff1918
27Oral History Project Proposal1972
27Service Contractca. 1940
27Student Union1923-1927
27Tau Beta Pi (Senate)1920-1961
27"Twenty-five Years in Retrospect"1934-1959
27Women Students1918-1958
27World War I, NU's Role1917-1918
3History of Higher Educationn.d., 1936-1954
27Honorary Degree Citations (2 folders)1922, 1931-1959
4Honorary Degree Prospects1959-1960
27Honorary Degree Recipients (9 folders)1922, 1931-1973
Honorary Degrees
4NU Alumni1931-1973
29Policyca. 1932
29Humphreys, Harry E., "Business is People"1949
4Hutchinson, Maynard: Statement to the Corporation1945
Knowles, Asa S.
29Biographical Materialn.d., 1957-1960
4, 29Correspondence (2 folders)1942-1958
29Election and Inauguration (2 folders)1958-1959
29Inauguration Invitation1959
4, 29Newspaper Clippings (3 folders)1941-1973
29Korean War: Effect of Draft on the Defense Program1951
4, 29, FF1/D1Landscaping Awards (3 folders)1955-1956
Law, School of
29Generaln.d., 1908-1962
4, 29Closing1953
29"Listening In: A Musical Comedy," Program1924
29Marston, Everett C., "Origin and Development of NU, 1898-1960," List of Recipients1962
29Martin, Lawrence H., "The Economic Health and Growth of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R."1964
29Memorial Plaques1938-1959
4New England Colleges and Universities: Notes and Statistics1939
30, FF1/D1Newspaper Clippings (5 folders)n.d., ca. 1926-1973
30"The Northeastern News" Policy1944
9"The Northeastern Tech"1922-1924
38Notebooksca. 1940-1972
30Notesn.d., 1943-1966
4Office of the Chancellor: Budget1960-1961
30Office Staff Regulations1943-1950
4Organization Chart1960
30Algonquin Club1954, 1957
30American Academy of Arts and Sciences1948-1969
30American Red Cross1950, 1955-1956
30American Society for Engineering Education1948, 1966
30Arkwright Mutual Insurance Companyn.d., 1946-1974
30Brae Burn Country Clubn.d., 1963-1968
30Chamber of Commerce, Bostonn.d., 1944, 1960
30Charlestown Savings Bankn.d., 1954-1965
30Committees and Organizations, CSE Former Membern.d., 1939-1960
30Refusals (2 folders)1940-1960
31Society for the Promotion of Engineering Educationn.d., 1939-1946
31Union Club1970-1972
17Notesn.d., 1948-1950
31Physical Plant Building Lists1957-1959
Physical Plant Construction
31Hayden Halln.d.
Library Building
31Sawyer Construction Co.1948-1951
31Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott1949-1950
31Physical Education Center and Other Building Projects: Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott1925-1955
31Richards Hall and Other Building Projects1937-1939
Student Center
31Sawyer Construction Co.1947-1948
31Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott1946-1948
4, 31Policies (3 folders)1943-1961
31Pollack, Channingca. 1942-1944, 1070
4Porter, Roland Guyer1953
2Newspaper Clippings1958
9Reproduction of Original1958
4Prout, Marjorie1948-1963
43"A Report to the Board of Trustees of Northeastern University"1934
Alumni Testimonial Dinner
4Correspondence and Gift List1959
5Guest List1959
5CSE (audio tape)1959
42CSE (audio cassette)1959
4, 31Announcements (2 folders)n.d., 1958
31"Answers to Three Questions"n.d.
4, 31Correspondence (2 folders)1958-1963
4Faculty and Staffn.d., 1958
31Notes of Appreciation to Newspapermen1959
31Sigma Epsilon Rho: Song of Tribute1958
Testimonial Dinner
4, 31Correspondence (2 folders)1958
4"DePauw Salutes a Distinguished Son!" Humbert, Russell J.1958
31Invitation and Program1958
4Program, Talks, Guest List1958
6Tribute to CSE, Rehearsal (audio tape)1958
42Tribute to CSE, Rehearsal (audio cassette)1958
7Tribute to CSE (3 audio tapes)1958
42Tribute to CSE (audio cassette)1958
Richards, James Loring
5Biographical Materialn.d.
5Dinners in Honor of[1948], 1953
5Newspaper Clippings1930-1955
31Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter1970-1974
38"Salute to Rome"1955
31Scholarship and Contest Judging1950
5, 31Seal and Colors (2 folders)n.d., 1917-1947, 1956
31Silver Masque1949
31Simpson, Manola1960-1974
31Social Securityn.d., 1944-1949
Speare, Frank Palmer
5, 31Biographical Material (2 folders)n.d., 1940-1954
3180th Birthday1949
5, 31Inauguration (2 folders)1917
5, 31Retirement (2 folders)1939-1940
31Springfield Division1950
Student Accounts
31Payments Due1932-1933
31Rules and Regulations in Regard to Tuitionn.d.
31Student Union1924
31Students: Awards Letters1943-1959
32"A Study of University Programs for the Health Related Professions"1970
32Tau Beta Pi (Senate)1941
32Tax Dispute, NU vs. City of Boston1941
32University Cabinet (2 folders)1940-1958
32Volpe, John A.1953-1974
5Whitney, Russelln.d., 1940-1944
32Women's Cabinet (2 folders)n.d., 1946-1960, 1973-1974
32World War I1918
World War II
FF1/D1"Certificate of Distinction"n.d.
32Civil Aeronautics Administration – War Training School Programs1942-1943
5Courses and Enrollment1940-1941
32Newspaper Clippingsca. 1942-1948
5Policies and Administrative Procedures1942
32S.S. Northeastern Victory1945-1946
5Wright, Stuart Mead1945-1946
32Young, Robert R., "A Marriage of Business and Education"1953
YMCA Relationship
5, 32Correspondence (3 folders)1940-1956
5Huntington School1941-1950
6, 32Membership on Governing Bodies (2 folders)1935-1949
6NU Library in YMCA Building1940
6Retirement Fund Correspondence1952
6, 32YMCA Early History (2 folders)1844-1955
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3. Writings and Speeches, n.d., ca. 1921-1974


Series 3 consists of articles, speeches, interviews and the manuscript of a textbook on physics, all written by CSE.  Also included are the collections of stories, sayings, quotations, poetry and ideas that CSE used as the basis for his speeches.  Some folders contain several speeches given at various times to particular groups, such as the Business School, the Faculty Wives Club, or the Faculty.  The series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.  The folder titles are derived from the title of a work, the group to which a selection of works were addressed, or the genre of the work (e.g. Poems, Quotations, Humorous Stories).
6"Address by President Ell at the Annual Meeting of the Corporation"1957
32Address to the Corporation1943-1957
32Alumnica. 1921-1959
33Alumni and Clubsca. 1949-1968
33Alumni Greetings and Lettersn.d., 1928-1964
33Alumni-University Relationshipn.d., 1948
33Baccalaureate Addresses, Material and Ideasn.d., 1935-1943
41Biographical Notesn.d.
33Broadcasts, Radio1952-1956
33"Building for Tomorrow"n.d., 1941-1947
33Business School Addressesca. 1936-1957
33"Buy it for Thyself"n.d., 1943
33Californian.d., 1940-1947
33Canadian Rockies and Stony Indiansn.d., 1941, 1947
33Canyonsn.d., 1935-1947
33"The Chainless Mind"n.d., 1942
33"The Challenge of the Future"n.d., 1946
33Chapel Talksca. 1940-1959
33Charges to Seniorsca. 1941-1959
33Community Fund and Red Crossca. 1941-1949
33"Conquests that Count"n.d., 1941-1944
6"Cooperative Education"1927
33Correspondence, RE: Speeches1940-1965
34"The Cutting Edge of Progress"n.d., 1952-1955
34"A Date with Destiny"n.d., 1941-1943
6, 34"Edison, Genius of the Industrial Era" (2 folders)1947
34"Education for Action" and "Education for Progress"1948-1950
34"Education that Counts" (see also "Making Education Count")n.d., 1949
34"Education for Tomorrow" (see also (Building for Tomorrow)n.d., 1939-1944
34"The Essential Man"n.d., 1942-1943
34Excerptsn.d., 1937-1961
34"Eyes that See" or "Your Assignment"n.d., 1935-1942
34Faculty (2 folders)1933-1962
34Faculty Wives Clubca. 1941-1944
34Faculty-Headmaster Dinnerca. 1936-1954
34"Faith in the Future"n.d., 1942-1947
34"Faith Justified by Works"n.d., 1944
34"Faith, A Living"n.d., 1946, 1955
34Freshman Talksca. 1940-1958
35Fund Talks, Studentsn.d., 1947-1955
35Fund Raising1943-1951
35"Giant Hours"1941
35"The Great Discovery"n.d., 1941-1944
35Greetings for Cauldron and Northeastern Nightsca. 1945-1959
35Greetings for NU News, Christmas and other Occasionsca. 1922-1956
35"Hidden Assets"n.d., 1946-1954
6"The Human Side of Europe" (audio tape)ca. 1951
42"The Human Side of Europe" (audio cassette)ca. 1951
35"The Human Side of Europe" and Related Speechesn.d., 1947-1952
35Humorous Stories (see also 4x6 cards)n.d., 1937-1944
35Huntington Schoolca. 1940-1945
35Illustrations, Not Yet Usedn.d., 1935-1963
35Illustrations, Usedn.d., 1941-1959
6Interview (audio tape)1974
42Interview (audio cassette)1974
35Introductionsca. 1939-1961
41Jokes, Discardedn.d.
35Law, School of, Alumni Faculty, Other Groupsca. 1941-1953
35"Looking Ahead"n.d., 1942-1949
35"Making Education Count"1942-1950
35Massachusetts Bankers Association, Greetingsca. 1942-1946
35Memorial Services1945-1946
35"Mind the Light"n.d.
6Naming of Student Center Building"1959
6, 35"Northeastern in Boston" (2 folders)1956
6"Northeastern Comes of Age"1946
35"The Northeastern Idea," "What We Believe"n.d., 1934-1959
36Not So Easy!n.d., 1957
6Notes on Practical Physicsca. 1926
36Outlines (8 folders)ca. 1924-1965
36"The Part We Play"n.d., 1942
37"The Power of High Purpose"1944
37"The Power of an Idea"n.d., 1941-1959
37, 41Quotations (5 folders)n.d.
37Ranch Life and the Rodeon.d., 1933
37"Reaching Forth"n.d., 1942, 1953
37"Relating Education to Life"n.d., 1940-1941
6Remarks made at Executive Committee Meeting1955
37"The Road Ahead"n.d., 1943
3775th Anniversary1973
6, 37"The Social Significance of the Cooperative Plan" (2 folders)n.d., 1927-1956
37Speech Materials, Miscellaneousn.d., 1936, 1942
37"Stand Upon Thy Feet"n.d., 1942
6Statement by President Ell to the NU Students, Faculty and Staff1941
6Statement to NU News1961
37Statements to the Press1940-1959
37Student Groupsca. 1925-1940
37Studentsca. 1920-1940
37Suggested Subjects and Talksn.d., 1928-1964
37"The Sunny South"n.d.
37"Target for Tomorrow"n.d., 1941-1944
37"Think on These Things"n.d., 1941
37"This Above All"1952
37Tribute to Lincoln Bateson1974
37"Uncommon Man"1957
37"The Unfinished Task"1941-1942
37Upper classca. 1936-1949
38"Vision that Counts"ca. 1940-1942
38"Who Should Teach?"n.d., 1936-1942
38"Wings of the Future"ca. 1949-1954
38Women Employees Meetingsca. 1940-1959
38Women Studentsca. 1949-1958
38Yellowstone Parkn.d., 1939-1947
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