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Collection Overview
Title:Office of the President (Knowles) records
Location Code:22/1-4, FF2/D5
Reference Code:A03
Extent:48.60 cubic ft. (52 boxes, 1 oversized item)
Scope and Content Abstract:The records document Asa Smallidge Knowles' (ASK) tenure as third president of NU in 1959-75. The collection contains ASK's chronological files and incoming and outgoing correspondence; ASK's files on NU's colleges and departments, including departmental files, departmental meeting minutes, budgets, correspondence, proposals, pamphlets, and reports; ASK's files on organizations, committees, and councils, including correspondence, meeting minutes, and reports of the NU Corporation and Board of Trustees, as well as other internal and external entities; ASK's subject files, including the records of the Assistant to the President, records for revising the "Handbook of College and University Administration" and editing the "International Encyclopedia of Higher Education," and information on campus events, student unrest, proposed academic programs, and honorary degrees; and articles and speeches written by ASK.
Historical Abstract:Asa Smallidge Knowles (ASK) was the third president of Northeastern University (NU) from 1959 to 1975. Under ASK's leadership, NU expanded its academic offerings, and all of its programs were accredited. Enrollment doubled, and the number of resident students increased dramatically. NU's physical plant grew to include five campuses, and its financial assets experienced significant growth. Between 1967 and 1972, NU faced various student protests concerning student rights, the Black Power movement, and the Vietnam Conflict.
Language and Scripts:
Arrangement:Organized into 5 series: Series 1. Correspondence and Memoranda; Series 2. Colleges, Departments and Other Units; Series 3. Organizations, Committees and Councils; Series 4. Subject Files; and Series 5. Writings and Speeches.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Knowles, Asa Smallidge, 1909-1990.

  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of the President.
  • Northeastern University--Boston, Mass.--Accreditation.
  • Northeastern University--Boston, Mass.--Administration.
  • Northeastern University--Boston, Mass.--Presidents.
  • Northeastern University--Boston, Mass.--Buildings.

  • College buildings.
  • Universities and colleges--Administration.
  • Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--Protest movements.
  • Student strikes.
  • Greek letter societies.
  • Education, Cooperative.
  • Universities and colleges--Accreditation.
  • College presidents--Massachusetts--Boston.

Restrictions: Records are closed for 25 years from their date of creation, unless researchers have written permission from the creating office. Student records (box 41, folders 1780-1781, 1811; and box 37, folders 1665-1667) and personnel records (boxes 40-41, folders 1748-1776) are closed for 75 years from their date of creation.
Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the University Archivist.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Ilona Kirilova and Patrica Mulderry, April 1995

Scope and Content Note

The records document Asa Smallidge Knowles' (ASK) tenure as third president of NU in 1959-1975. The collection contains ASK's chronological files and incoming and outgoing correspondence; ASK's files on NU's colleges and departments, including departmental files, departmental meeting minutes, budgets, correspondence, proposals, pamphlets, and reports; ASK's files on organizations, committees, and councils, including correspondence, meeting minutes, and reports of the NU Corporation and Board of Trustees, as well as other internal and external entities; ASK's subject files, including the records of the Assistant to the President, records for revising the "Handbook of College and University Administration" and editing the "International Encyclopedia of Higher Education," and information on campus events, student unrest, proposed academic programs, and honorary degrees; and articles and speeches written by ASK.

While the bulk of the collection documents Asa Smallidge Knowles' tenure as the third president of NU, 1959-75, there are some scattered records throughout the collection created by his predecessor, Carl Stephens Ell (see A 2 and M 2).  Records that ASK created during his tenure as Chancellor of NU (1975-89), comprise a separate collection: Northeastern University. Office of the Chancellor (Knowles), 1975-89.  Information relating to the following topics was created during his presidency and chancellorhood and is filed with his presidential records: the Elmer and Daisy Everett Estate, 1968-80 (Finance Office, Boxes 10-11, Folders 346-350 and Box 47, Folders 2172-2173); the "Handbook of College and University Administration" (Revision), n.d., 1960-1980 (Boxes 28-30, Folders 1010-1113 and Box 48, Folders 2193-2197); "The International Encyclopedia of Higher Education," n.d., 1972-1984 (Boxes 30-36, Folders 1115-1657); and ASK's date books, (1958-1969, 1971-1977) (Boxes 25-26, Folders 844-862).

Historical Note

Asa Smallidge Knowles (ASK), the third president of NU from 1959 to 1975, began his career at Northeastern in 1931 as an Instructor and Assistant Professor of Industrial Management.  In 1936 ASK became an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, as well as Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering.  He was promoted in 1939 to three different positions in the University: Professor of Industrial Administration, Dean of the College of Business Administration, and Director of Bureau of Business Administration.  ASK left the University in 1942 to assume administrative posts elsewhere (the University of Rhode Island, 1942-1946; the Associated Colleges of Upper New York, 1946-1948; Cornell University, 1948-1951; and the University of Toledo, 1951-1958), but he returned in the fall of 1959 to succeed Carl Stephens Ell as president of Northeastern.

Under ASK's leadership, Northeastern expanded its academic offerings, and all its programs became accredited.  During his tenure over 50 new academic programs were instituted, 14 doctoral programs, four colleges (Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions, Criminal Justice, Nursing, and Boston-Bouve), two professional schools (the Graduate School of Professional Accounting, the Graduate School of Actuarial Science) were established, and the School of Law was reopened on the co-operative plan.

Enrollment doubled and the number of resident students increased dramatically.  The total enrollment of the University increased from 20,000 in 1959 to about 40,000 students in 1975.  The number of resident students increased from fewer than 100 in 1959 to about 3,000 in 1975.  Three dormitories were built and thirteen buildings were renovated and converted to dormitories to house the increased student population; an addition to the student center and nine academic facilities were also built to meet the needs of the enlarged NU community.

The NU physical plant expanded not only on Huntington Avenue, but also into the suburbs.  Under ASK, Northeastern grew to include five campuses in the greater Boston area totaling 337 acres.  The largest of these satellite campuses opened in Burlington in 1964 to help meet the educational needs of the population in the surrounding area.  Henderson House, which was given to Northeastern University in 1962, provided a location from which to administer workshops and seminars for adults in the fields of business and industry.  It also provided a rural setting in which professional societies, trade associations, and civic and community groups could meet.  The University also acquired property in Nahant in 1966 and built the Marine Science Center to meet the needs of the expanding biology and environmental engineering programs.

During the Knowles years, NU experienced tremendous financial growth as well as physical growth.  Sponsored research and grants increased from $600,000 annually to $5 million, and the endowment rose from $15.4 million to $68.5 million, with total assets mounting to over $126 million.

Although NU expanded in many areas during the presidency of ASK, it did not do so without some growing pains.  The 1960's were turbulent times for American colleges and universities, and NU was no exception.  The issues that caused conflict and protest were the same at NU as they were all over the country: student rights, the Black Power movement, and the Vietnam Conflict.

There were many aspects to the student rights movement.  Minor issues such as dormitory visiting hours and dress codes troubled the students, but the idea of having a voice in the decision making processes of the University was their greatest concern.  These issues came to a head in the fall of 1968 when the Student Concern Committee presented ASK with its list of demands.  Although ASK and the NU Corporation could not accommodate every demand, the debate eventually led to the creation of the President's Advisory Committee to facilitate communication between the administration and the students.

The Black Power movement began on campus in 1967, and it steadily grew throughout the fall and following spring.  The anxieties of African-American students rose with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in April 1968, and as a result, the African-American student population presented ASK with a list of demands in May of 1968.  The demands were agreed to by the Corporation and administration, and many new scholarships and programs were added focusing on the needs of the African-American student population.  The following year the African-American Institute was established, and by 1971 the African-American student population had risen to 10.6%, up from 2.7% in 1966.

In the winter of 1967 the first signs of anti-war sentiment arrived on campus.  In February students protested on-campus recruitment by Dow Chemical, the manufacturer of Napalm, and the first anti-ROTC rally at NU occurred.  As the Vietnam Conflict escalated over the next year and one-half, tensions increased at home.  In May of 1969 the first major sit-in occurred in the Ell Center as a protest against ROTC.  In October, classes were canceled for a day to let NU students join other students around the country in voicing their disapproval of the war.

Tensions reached their peak in 1970.  In January, General Electric recruiters and San Francisco State University President, S.I. Hayakawa, came to campus, causing protests to erupt.  Although the General Electric recruiters came and left without violence, a skirmish did occur after Hayakawa's speech.  Thirty students were arrested, and many were injured in the fray with the Boston police.  Four months later in May, the Kent State incident lead to a general student strike at NU and across the country.  The strike at NU began peacefully, but after a few days the police arrived at Hemenway Street and some violence did occur.

After May 1970, the protests and tensions gradually subsided.  A few minor protests were held, such as those against the choice of Attorney General John Mitchell to speak at the dedication of the John A. Volpe College of Criminal Justice building in the fall of 1971.  May of 1972 produced the last significant protest, another sit-in against ROTC.

In March 1973, ASK submitted his resignation to the Board of Trustees to become effective on June 30, 1974.  The Board did not accept his resignation and asked him to serve until June 30, 1975, at which time he would become Chancellor.  ASK accepted this proposal, which enabled him to oversee the completion of the Diamond Anniversary Development Program and ensured that the University would have sufficient time to choose his successor.  ASK was appointed Chancellor in 1975, replacing then Chancellor Carl S. Ell, and remained Chancellor until 1989, when outgoing president Kenneth G. Ryder was appointed to that position.  ASK then became Chancellor Emeritus, a position which he held until his death in August 1990.

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1. Correspondence and Memoranda, n.d., 1958-1975
Volume:3.5 cubic ft.

Chronological.  Alphabetical wherever possible.

Series 1 comprises ASK's chronological file, 1960-73, correspondence, n.d., 1958-75, and memoranda, 1959-1975.

The chronological file (Boxes 1-3, Folders 1-81) consists of copies of outgoing correspondence to individuals both inside and outside of the NU community.  A few memoranda are included, and some of the letters have attachments.  Topics include student unrest and the development and publication of the "Handbook of College and University Administration."

The correspondence files (Boxes 3-4, Folders 82-107) comprise ASK's incoming correspondence, mostly from individuals outside the NU community.  In most cases, a copy of ASK's response is attached to the original letter.  The correspondence files are arranged in two sections: one alphabetical, by last name or by institution (Box 3, Folder 82-91), and one chronological (Boxes 3-4, Folders 92-107).  Some of the correspondence (Box 3, Folders 85, 87) predates ASK's presidency, and some of it is of a personal nature, even though he signed it as president.

Memoranda, 1959-75 (Box 4, Folders 108-128) is arranged chronologically, and is addressed to NU faculty, staff, and students. There are two partial indexes to the memoranda. The first (Box 4, Folder 112) covers all types of memoranda from 2/18/63 to 9/29/70.  The second (Box 4, Folder 124) covers memoranda to faculty and staff from 10/26/73 to 6/25/75. Some of the memoranda have attachments.  Researchers should note that memoranda to the Corporation and Board of Trustees are filed with the Corporation and Board of Trustees material (Box 16, Folders 565-566).  The memoranda address a variety of issues, including student unrest, 1968-70 (Box 4, Folders 118-121).
Chronological File
11960-1965 (31 folders)1960-1965
21965-1969 (27 folders)1965-1969
31970-1973 (24 folders)1970-1973
3, 51A-Z (16 folders)1958-1969
4A-Z (11 folders)1969-1975
4Memoranda (21 folders)1959-1975
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2. Colleges, Departments, and Other Units, n.d., 1947-1979
Volume:13.5 cubic ft.

Divided into two alphabetical subseries: A. Colleges and B. Departments and Other Units.

The majority of the materials consists of correspondence between ASK and college/department members and individuals outside the NU community, departmental  budget reports, information on University events, University and non-University related pamphlets, agendas and minutes of department meetings, memoranda, and proposals.  Since ASK collected materials from different NU colleges and departments for the revision of his "Handbook of College and University Administration" (Boxes 28-30, Folders 1010-1113, and Box 48, Folders 2193-2197), these files should also be consulted when seeking information about NU colleges, departments, and other units.

While ASK's files on Northeastern colleges and departments are extensive, certain units contain information on topics of special interest.  College of Criminal Justice (Box 5, Folders 149-156 and Box 47, Folder 2165) contains materials relating to the dedication of John A. Volpe Hall.  More information on the same topic is located in Series IV. Subject Files: Vietnam Conflict: Student Unrest - Volpe Hall Dedication, 1971 (Box 48, Folder 2207).

Office of the Business Manager (Box 14-15, Folders 463-508 and Box 47, Folders 2178-2183) contains information on NU buildings and property.  Buildings (or properties) are arranged alphabetically.  If a building or property has undergone a name change, the new name is indicated on the folder wherever possible in parentheses.  Topics include building acquisition, upkeep, budgets, maps, and dedications.  Other information on dedications can be found in Series IV.  Subject Files:  Events (Box 26, Folders 873-882).  Additional information on NU properties is located in University Engineer, 1959-61 (Box 15, Folder 550).

Finance Office (Boxes 10-11, Folders 325-370 and Box 47, Folders 2171-2176) comprises information on the University budget, insurance, general scholarships, gifts, and tuition.  Researchers should note that there are gaps in the budget information (1961-64 and 1973-74).

Office of Development (Boxes 12-13, Folders 416-444) contain the chronological files of Jack Bohlen, who was an Executive Assistant to ASK before becoming the Vice President for Development in 1966.  The correspondence covers solicitations and confirmations of gifts, fundraising issues, the Diamond Anniversary Development Program, and other University related development material.  Included are copies of ASK's outgoing correspondence relating to development issues.

African-American Institute (Boxes 7-8, Folders 230-235) includes correspondence, proposals, information on minority students, and other materials relating to the Institute.  Also included is information on the state of minority student education on the national level.  Other information dealing with minority students may be found in Dean of Students (Box 8, Folder 267) and in Series IV. under Students, Negro, Newspaper Clippings, Grants, and the Drop-out School.

The Institute for Off-Campus Experience and Co-operative Education, Inc., 1973-1975 (Box 11, Folders 379-382 and Box 47, Folder 2177) was established as a central organization to offer, on a nationwide basis, professional consulting, training, and placement services for the increasing number of universities and colleges on the co-operative plan.  It was originally established as a separate corporate entity, but Federal regulations required the Institute to be incorporated into NU in 1974.

Press Bureau (Box 15, Folders 532-537) consists of press releases and newspaper clippings about NU events and people, as well as correspondence relating to those events.  The information covers a variety of topics, including campus unrest, building dedications, promotions, and other events that put NU in the news.
A. Colleges
Boston-Bouve College
4, 51963-1971 (7 folders)1963-1971
5Advisory Committee1964
5Annual Report1973-1974
5Application for Building and Swimming Pool1965
5Legal Documents1964-1970
5Recreation Education Proposal1967-1970
5The Warren Center1963-1971
5Warren, Henry (Memorial Luncheon) (2 folders)1971
College of Business Administration
51958-1971 (4 folders)1958-1971
5Bureau of Business and Economic Research1958-1965
College of Criminal Justice
5, 471960-1965 ( 2 folders)1960-1965
51966-1971 (4 folders)1966-1971
5Consortium Agreement1973
5Press Coverage1966
5Volpe Hall Dedication1971-1972
College of Education
51960-1970 (5 folders)1960-1970
5Carter Playground School Projectn.d.
5Department of Foundations of Education1969
College of Engineering
5, 61960-1974 (4 folders)1960-1974
6Agendas and Minutes of Meetingsca.1961-1973
6Biophysics and Biomedical1964-1969
6Engineering Licensing Exams1943-1958
6Graduate School1957-1968
6Power Systems Engineering (4 folders)1961-1972
College of Liberal Arts
6Dean Search1967-1968
6Faculty Meeting Minutes1960-1968, 1973
6Office of the Dean: Report of the Academic Year1968-1969
College of Nursing
61961-ca.1972 (6 folders)1961-ca.1972
6Accreditation 1965-1972
6Agreement Forms with Hospitals1965-1966
6Construction of Building1964-1971
6Legal Suit Against1966-1967
6Nursing Home Administration1964-1967
6Pilot Program1972
6Proposals Seeking Financial Assistance1962-1966
6Robinson Jr., Dwight P.1964
6Survey Report1965
College of Pharmacy
71958-1969 (4 folders)1958-1969
47Advisory Council1962-1964
7Agreement Between New England College of Pharmacy and NU1961
7Minutes of Meetings1963-1971
11Graduate School of Actuarial Science1961-1968
11Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences1965
11Graduate School of Professional Accounting1962-1972
11Graduate School of Social Work1965
Graduate Schools
7Institutional Statement Concerning Graduate Activity at NUca.1969
7Seminar on University - Industry Co-operation in Graduate Study and Research1962
Lincoln College
7Agreement with Sanders Associates1968
7Radiologic Technology Program1968
School of Law1960-1975
7, 471960-1975 (15 folders)1960-1975
7Dean Search Committee1971
7O'Toole, Dean Thomas J.1968, 1971
7Re-opening of1963-1971
University College
71960-1971 (3 folders)1960-1971
7Allen, Dean Lawrence A.1965
7Reorganization Plan1958-1960
B. Departments and Other Units
Affirmative Action Program1970-1975
7Candidates for Director1974
7Compliance Report1970
African-American Institute
71968-1975 (5 folders)1968-1975
7Williams, Kenneth1968-1969
Alumni Affairs Office
7Alumni Correspondence1974
7The Husky Associates1968-1969, 1973
7Alumni Relations Office1959-1975
Buildings and Grounds Department
7Campus Security1969-1974
7LeBeau, George1962-1974
7Notes and Comments on 1971-1972 Budget1971
7, 47Union Negotiations1965-1974
Business and Industry Program1966-1975
8Career Information Center1966-1975
Center for Continuing Education
8Chef's Training Institute1972
8National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)1965-1966
8Women's Programs1962-1965
8Center for Educational Development/Center for Reading Improvement (2 folders)1964-1970
8Computation Center1959-1968
8Computer Committee: Preliminary Report of a New System1966
8Credit Union1974
Day Care Center
8Dean of Administration: College Council1959-1960
8Dean of Freshmen1961-1969
8Dean of Men1965-1970
Dean of Students
81959-1974 (3 folders)1959-1974
8Report of the Academic Performance of Black Students1970
8Dean of University Relations (2 folders)1966-1975
8Dean of Women1958-1973
8Dept. of Art1967, 1970
Dept. of Athletics
91947, 1961-1975 (2 folders)1947, 1961-1975
9Crew (2 folders)1963-1975
9Dept. of Biology1965-1974
Dept. of Chemistry
91960-1975 (2 folders)1960-1975
9Proposal to the National Science Foundation1967
9Dept. of Drama and Speech1965-1974
Dept. of Earth Sciences
91972, 19741972, 1974
9Conservation Program1968-1969
9Dept. of Economics1970-1975
Dept. of English
9Chairmanship Candidates1967-1975
9Martin, Professor John H.1966, 1968
9Dept. of Mathematics1963-1975
9Dept. of Meteorology1964-1965
9Dept. of Music1966-1975
Dept. of Physics
91960-1975 (2 folders)1960-1975
9Chairman Selection Committee1969-1970
9Dept. of Psychology1965-1974
Dept. of Rehabilitation
91963-1972 (2 folders)1963-1972
9Medisco, Inc.1968
Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology
91965-1969, 1972 (2 folders)1965-1969, 1972
9Rapoport and Lee Study1966
Division of Co-operative Education
9, 101957-1975 (14 folders)1957-1975
10Alumni Studyn.d.
10Arthur D. Little Study (2 folders)1973-1975
10CEA-CED Committee1971-1975
10Citations1959, 1973
51Edison Foundation Study of Cooperative Education1960
10Graduate Placement (3 folders)1960-1975
10Listas Telefonicas1959-1960
10Proposal to the Ford Foundation1972
10Service Agreementn.d.
Finance Office
101959-1974 (4 folders)1959-1974
10, 47Budget (10 folders)1959-1975
10-11, 47Gifts (26 folders)1949-1980
11, 47Insurance (2 folders)1966-1971
11Parking Committee1968-1970
11Plant Improvement Fund1963-1964
11Scholarship, Trust, and Loan Funds1953-1975
11Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (2 folders)1958-1974
11Tuition for Faculty Children1958-1968
11Food Services1967-1973
11Forsyth Dental Center (2 folders)1962-1974
11Health Services1958-1975
Institute for Off-Campus Experience and Co-operative Education, Inc.
111973-1975 (3 folders)1973-1975
47Agreement Forms1973
Learning Resources Center
111958-1975 (3 folders)1958-1975
12Petition for a New Library1967
Management Development Center
12Agendas and Minutes1960-1971
12Marine Science Institute (2 folders)1963-1974
12Medical Laboratory Assistant Program1971
12Medical Records Librarians Program1965-1966
12Medical Technology and Health Science Programs (4 folders)1964-1974
Medical Technology Program
121962-1966, 1972 (2 folders)1962-1966, 1972
Office of Academic Affairs
12Faculty Loads1970
12Fitzgerald, Dean Arthur E. (3 folders)1966-1973
12Office of Academic Services: Curry, Dean1972-1974
Office of Admissions
121957-1975 (6 folders)1957-1975
12Admissions Reports1960-1973
51Early Decision Brochuren.d.
51Enrollmentn.d., 1960
12Office of Chapel (2 folders)1959-1974
Office of Development
12, 13Bohlen, Jack L. (25 folders)1962-1970
13Companies and Foundations Visited by Knowles1965-1973
13Diamond Anniversary Program1961, 1973
13Foundations with Assets of $100 Million or More1973
13Frank Palmer Speare Associates1962
13High Priority Projects to be Financed by Additional Resourcesn.d.
13"Northeastern's $40 Million Expansion Program" 1961
Office of Educational Resources
13Proposal to the Office of Economic Opportunity (Job Corps) 1967
13Office of Environmental Health1969-1974
13, 14, 51Office of Financial Aid (3 folders)1964-1974
Office of Personnel
141960-1975 (2 folders)1960-1975
14Departmental Report1968
Office of Public Relations
1450th Anniversary of Co-operative Education1960
Office of Radio and Television
14Background Information1959-1962
14Final Report1960-1961
Office of Research Administration
141965-1975 (4 folders)1965-1975
Office of the Business Manager
141959-1974 (2 folders)1959-1974
14Dedication Ceremonies, (E-S) (3 folders)1959-1966
14Plant Improvement Budget1967
14, 47A - Boston-Providence Railroad (4 folders)1959-1976
14, 47Boston Storage Warehouse (2 folders)1959-1961
14Boston Storage Warehouse Reports-Hayden Hall (11 folders)1948, 1959-1973
47115 Hemenway St.-153 Hemenway St.1965-1966
14Henderson House-Suburban Campus (21 folders)1958-1974
15, 47United Realty1959-1966
15Uptown Garage1959, 1975
15, 47Warren Center1963-1968
15Office of the Executive Vice-President: Ryder, Kenneth1959-1975
Office of the Registrar
151960-1961, 19661960-1961, 1966
15Registration Reports (7 folders)1964, 1969-1975
Office of the Vice-President and Provost
151959-1970 (2 folders)1959-1970
15Administrative Changesn.d., 1966
15Administrative Structureca.1959
Office of University Planning 
15n.d., ca.1963-1975 (2 folders)n.d., ca.1963-1975
15Boston Campus Master Plan1975
15Office of University Publications1958-1975
Office of Urban Education
15Urban Affairs Committee1967-1969
15Office of Veterans Affairs1974
15Ph.D. Programs1967
15Physician Assistant Program1971-1974
Press Bureau
151959-1975 (5 folders)1959-1975
15"The College Money Crunch" (audio cassette)Jan. 3, 1974
15Radiological Safety Committee1960
Stearns Study
15, 161963-1974 (4 folders)1963-1974
16Committee on Ethical and Social Standards (2 folders)1962-1964
16"A Discussion of Collegiate Social and Ethical  Standards" n.d.
16"A Discussion of Student Social and Ethical Values"           1965
16Student Power1967
16Testing and Counseling Center1958-1966
16Trucking Program1963
16University Engineer1959-1961
16University Housing1965, 1969
16Vocational Schools1967, 1975
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3. Organizations, Committees, and Councils, n.d., 1957-1975
Volume:Boxes 16-21, 47-48

Divided into two alphabetical subseries: A. Internal and B. External.

Materials include correspondence, pamphlets, agendas, minutes, and reports.  Included in this series is information on entities such as the NU Corporation and Board of Trustees (Box 16, Folders, 559-570), and the Federation of Regional Accrediting Commissions of Higher Education (Box 18-19, Folders 645-662).

Subseries A. covers general University committees not related to any specific college or department.  Other NU committee records can be found either in Series II.  Colleges and Departments or Series IV. Subject Files.  Annual lists of University committees are located in Committee Rosters, 1959-74 (Box 16, Folder 557).

Corporation and Board of Trustees (Box 16, Folders 559-570) includes information on minority students, student unrest, and University events.  Also included are memoranda from ASK and information relating to Corporation committees, such as the Committee on Academic Affairs, 1969-75 (Box 16, Folder 561); the Committee on Facilities and Development, 1966-75 (Box 16, Folder 562); and the Committee on Funds and Investments, 1960-74 (Box 16, Folder 563).

The President's Advisory Council (Box 16, Folders 574-78) was established in the autumn of 1968 to facilitate communication among the administration, faculty, and students.  Materials include notes, minutes, general correspondence, and memoranda.

Most of the Organizations, Committees, and Councils in subseries (B.) relate to higher education, community service, or some type of philanthropy in the United States.  However, there are a few organizations that fall outside those categories.  ASK's files relating to the Chi Psi fraternity (Box 18, Folders 624-636), which ASK joined as an undergraduate at Bowdoin College ca. 1926, and remained affiliated with throughout his life, are included in this series.  These files contain information on the establishment of a Chi Psi chapter at NU.  In addition, there are files relating to both the Arkwright-Boston Manufacturers Mutual Insurance, Co. (Box 17, Folders 595-603) and International College in Beirut, Lebanon (Box 19, Folders 667-673), because ASK was a member of the board of trustees of both institutions.

Researchers should note that the National Commission for Cooperative Education (NCCE) (Box 20, Folders 678-699 and Box 48, Folders 2188-2190) while located at NU, has no administrative affiliation with the University, and therefore, is located in subseries (B.)

Information on organizations for which there is no individual folder may be found in either Educational and Civic Affiliations, 1963-69 (Box 17, Folder 644 and Box 47, Folder 2187), Memberships in Clubs and Societies, 1960-74 (Box 19, Folder 675), and Regional Associations, 1971-1972 (Box 21, Folder 715).
A. Internal
16Academic Council1960-1970
16Administrative Committee for Basic Colleges: Minutes 1970-1971
16Advisory Planning Committee1964-1973
16Committee of Advanced Standing1960
16Committee, Presidential Selection1973-75
16Committee Rosters1959-1972
16Committees on Academic Standing1962
Corporation and Board of Trustees
16  1959-1974 (2 folders)1959-1974
16Committee on Academic Affairs1969-1975
16Committee on Facilities and Development1966-1975
16Committee on Funds and Investments1960-1974
16Mailing Lists (3 folders)1962-1975
16Suggested Nominees1959-1974
16Ten-Year Programca.1961
16Curriculum Committee1960-1962
16Dormitory Operations Committee1970
16Operating Committee1973-1975
President's Advisory Council
16Bylaws and Minutes of Subcommittees1968-1969
16Cabarrus, Henry1968-1969
16Minutes (2 folders)1968-1969
17Problems and Policies Committeen.d.
17Sabbatical Leave Committee1965-1971
17Standing Committee for International Students1975
17Women's Cabinet1957-1975
17University Advisory Committee on Faculty Policy1959
17University Cabinet-University Council1964-1972
B. External
17Action for Boston Community Development, Inc.1966
17Advanced Technology, Inc.1963
17Advisory Committee on Accreditation and Institutional Eligibility1970-1972
17Alliance for Progress1965
17American Academy of Arts and Sciences1960-1975
17American Association for the Advancement of Science1975
17American Association for Higher Education1969-1974
17American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education1964-1974
17American Association of University Administrators1972-1974
17American Association of University Professors1968-1975
17American Council on Educationca.1964-1968
17American Council on Pharmaceutical Education1973
17American Home Economics Association1970
Arkwright-Boston Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company
171969-1974 (7 folders)1969-1974
17Report of Examination1972
17Report of Examination of the Mutual Boiler and Machinery Insurance Company1972
17Association for Higher Education1964-1966
17Association of American Colleges1960-1966
47Association of American Colleges1960-1966
17Association of American Medical Colleges1965-1972
17Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel1975
17, 47Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts1975
47Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts1975
17Atomic Energy Commission1964
17Back Bay Planning and Development Corporation1965-1967
Boston Chamber of Commerce1960-1973
17Space Committee1961-1962
17Boston Citizens Advisory Committee1963-1966
47Boston Citizens Advisory Committee1963-1966
17Boston City Council1969-1971
17Boston Council for International Visitors1973
17Boston Federal Executive Board1973 
17Boston Redevelopment Authority1965-1967
17Fenway Urban Renewal Plan1965
17Boston Mayor's Office1959-1973
18Boston School Committee1962-1974
18Boston Urban Coalition Committee1967-1968
18Boston Youth Employment Committee1963
18Carnegie Commission on Higher Education1970-1973
18Chi Psi1959-1975
181960-1975 (9 folders)1960-1975
18Centennial Capital Fund1968
18Northeastern University (2 folders)1967-1969
18"The Purple and Gold" 1959-1971
18Citizen's Committee of the Governor's Prayer Breakfast Committee1974
18College Entrance Examination Board 1958-1975
18College President's Committee (Greater Boston Area) (2 folders)1971-1974
18Commission on Public Secondary Schools1972, 1975
18Committee for Economic Development: Subcomittee on the Management and Financing of Colleges1972
18Commonwealth Task Force on the Open University1974
18Eastern Association for the Intercollegiate Athletics for Women1975
18Educational and Civic Affiliations1963-1969
47Educational and Civic Affiliations1963-1969
18,19Federation of Regional Accrediting Commissions of Higher Education (8 folders)1965-1974
19Greater Boston Broadcasters' Consortium1974
19Health Education Accrediting Commission1962, 1970-1972
19Higher Education Facilities Commission1968-1970
19International Association of University Presidents1974
19International College (7 folders)1966-1969
19Masters' Group Committee1974-1975
19Memberships in Clubs and Societies1960-1974
20Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools1969
20The National Beta Club: College Facts Chart1962-1974
20National Commission for Co-operative Education 1961-1975
201961-1971 (8 folders)1961-1971
201972-1975 (5 folders)1972-1975
20Board of Trustees1973-1974
20Certificate of Incorporation 1963, ca.1966
20Meeting of College and University Presidents1968
20Minutes of Meetings and Financial Statements (3 folders)1962-1972
20Proposal to Xerox1972
20Statement before Special Subcommittee on Education1965
20Statements before Appropriation Committee1969
20, 48Statements before Subcommittee on Education (2 folders)1964
20Statements in Support of S.6001965
National Commission on Accrediting
20, 211963-1974 (5 folders)1963-1974
21Study of Vocational Technical Education1970
21National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education1972
New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
21Evaluation Procedures1970-1972
21Re-evaluation Committee for Northeastern University1967
21New England Association of Schools and Colleges (3 folders)1973-1974
21New England Board of Higher Education (2 folders)1957-1975
21North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools1971
21Regional Associations1971-1972
21Southern Association of Colleges and Schools1971-1972
21Special Legislative Commission1962
21Study of Accreditation of Selected Health Educational Programs (2 folders)1970-1972
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4. Subject Files, n.d., 1958-1984
Volume:23 cubic ft.


Materials include correspondence, memoranda, minutes, agendas, proposals, notes, reports, and newspaper clippings.

The Assistant to the President material (Boxes 21-23, Folders 725-776 and Box 48, Folder 2191) was generated by John B. Whitla (Director of Personnel 1963 and Assistant to the President 1964-1967), Philip Boyd (Assistant to the President 1965-1970, 1972-1974; Acting Dean of the Law School 1971; and Secretary of the Board of Trustees 1975), and Donald W. Lovejoy (Administrative Assistant 1962-1963; Assistant to the President 1964; Chair of the Evening Liberal Arts Program 1965; and Assistant Dean of University College 1966-1970).  Most of the information consists of proposals, preliminary studies, progress reports, and background information on the feasibility of establishing various academic programs, such as Boston-Bouve College, a medical school, and an educational development center.  Other proposal information is located with Grants (Box 28, Folders 986-1003 and Box 42, Folder 1827).

The Vietnam Conflict files (Boxes 42-43, Folders 1869-1904, Box 48, Folders 2201-2207, and Box 49) cover student unrest both at NU and nationally.  ASK kept extensive informational files (Box 43, Folders 1885-1898 and Box 48, Folders 2204-2206) on events that were taking place on college and university campuses around the country.  General events relating to campus unrest at NU are filed as Vietnam Conflict: Student Unrest: General (Box 43, Folders 1878-1883), and more comprehensive events, organizations, and activities, for example the Student Strike and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) are filed as such.  Additional information on student unrest is included in Newspaper Clippings (Boxes 37-40, Folders 1670-1745), ROTC (Box 42, Folder 1819),and Faculty Senate (Box 27, Folders 919, 932, 938, 945-946).

Information about African-American students is mainly found under Students (Box 42, Folders 1848-1853, Box 43, Folders 1871-1872,  and Box 48, Folder 2202), Newspaper Clippings (Box 37, Folders 1672-1678), and Negro (Box 37, Folders 1664-1668).  Additional areas of interest in the Subject Files series include the Drop-out School (Box 26, Folder 869) and Grants (Box 28, Folders 988-989, 995, 998, and Box 42, Folder 1827).

The "Handbook of College and University Administration" (Revision) (Boxes 28-30, Folders 1010-1113 and Box 48, Folders 2193-2197) consists of information relating to various colleges and departments, student activities, student unrest, and other administrative and academic topics.  ASK used both NU generated information (correspondence, memoranda, brochures, etc.) and materials he gathered from outside sources for the revision.

ASK was editor-in-chief of the "International Encyclopedia of Higher Education" (IEHE) (Jossey-Bass, 1977) from 1972 through the publication of the ten volume work in 1977.  He also authored four articles and the preface to the IEHE.  The bulk of the IEHE material in Office of the President (Knowles) is correspondence between the staff and prospective advisors, consultants, and authors (see Advisors and Consultants, Box 30, Folders 1116-1124; Board of Consultants, Box 30, Folders 1125-1142; and Contributors, Boxes 30-34, Folders 1143-1562).  Also included is correspondence between the staff and Jossey-Bass Publishers (San Francisco), who published the IEHE (see Correspondence: Jossey-Bass  Publishers, Box 34-35, Folders 1587-1602).  Documentation of the evolution and progress of the IEHE can be found under History of the Encyclopedia (Box 36 Folders 1635-1638), Progress Reports, 1974-76 (Box 36, Folder 1653), Staff Meetings, Minutes, 1973-75 (Box 36, Folders 1656), and in contents lists from various stages of the project (see Lists, Box 36, Folders 1639-1648).

Commencement and Honorary Degree materials (Boxes 23-24, Folders 784-834) are filed together under Commencement, 1960-1974.   Folders contain copies of speeches, correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, citations, commencement committee minutes, and biographical information on individuals receiving an honorary degree.  Files were kept on honorary degree prospects as well as recipients.

Faculty Senate (Box 27, Folders 910-948) contain correspondence, memoranda, minutes, and reports.  Topics include student unrest, changes in the grading system, admissions procedures, University organization, department information, and other administrative matters.

The bulk of Faculty (Boxes 26-27, Folders 883-909, 949-950)  consists of correspondence (A-Z, 1960-1975) with or about a particular faculty member, concerning appointment, pension, promotion, and retirement.

Fraternities (Box 28, Folders 955-985) contains information relating to honor, social, and professional societies at NU.  The information includes correspondence, memoranda, brochures, journals, rosters, and other materials related to the establishment of the fraternity and special events sponsored by them.  Also found in Fraternities are women's social groups (Box 28, Folders 962-963, 966).

Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC), (Boxes 41-42, Folders 1801-1821 and Box 48, Folder 2200) comprises correspondence, memoranda, articles, newspaper clippings, study committee reports, rosters, policy statements, and other materials related to ROTC both at NU and nationally.  The topics covered are mainly administrative issues.  Anti-ROTC material collected by ASK is also located here.  A substantial amount of ROTC information is also found in Vietnam Conflict: Student Unrest (Boxes 42-43, Folders 1869-1904) and with Newspaper Clippings: Reserve Officer's Training Corps (Box 40, Folder 1727).
21Abernathy, Dr. Ralph1968, 1970
21"The Administrative Manual" (4 folders)ca.1964-ca.1966
Assistant to the President
21Agency for International Development1964-1965
21Boston-Bouve College1962-1967
21College of Criminal Justice (Bob Sheehan)1965-1967
22College of Nursing1964-1967
22College of Pharmacy1961-1967
22Company Presidents and Executives Research Phase1964-1966
22Continuing Education1964-1967
22Dental School1962-1965
22Dept. of Defense1964-1967
22Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare1964-1967
22Dept. of Labor (Cause II)1965
22Drug Safety Institute1964
22Educational Development Center1967
22Educational Resources Center1962-1967
22Executive Advisory Committee ("The Management of Growth and Technological Change")1964-1966
22, 48Housing and Urban Development (2 folders)1967
22Job Corps (General Electric Laboratories)1965
22Job Corps Center #I1964-1965
22Job Corps Center #II (Wellfleet)1965-1966
22Laboratory School1966-1967
22Management Growth and Technical Change (Working Folder)1965
22Management Institute (Navy)1966-1967
12Manpower Project1964
22Marine Science Laboratory1965-1967
22Medical College--Two-year1962-1975
22Medical Education (Proposals with the American Medical Association)1961-1963
22Medical Education (Publications of the New England Board of Higher Education and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education)1959-1961
22Medical School (2 folders)1961-1962
22Mental Health1962-1965
22National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)1962-1967
22National Institutes of Health1964-1966
22National Science Foundation (2 folders)1963-1967
23Nursing Background Information1962-1963
23Nursing Building1964-1965
23Nursing Homes1961-1964
23Nursing Proposals (Five-year)1962
23Nursing Proposals (Three-year) 1962-1963
23Office of Education1964-1966
23Public Health Service / Medical Library Resource Grant Applications1964-1966
23Rehabilitation Research Institute (3 folders)1963-1967
23School of Law1965-1967
23Small Business Administration1964-1967
23Speech and Hearing Clinic1964-1965
23U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency1964-1966
23U.S. Post Office Department1966
23Veterinary Medicine (Proposal)1962-1963
23Vocational Rehabilitation Administration (Social and Rehabilitation Service)1965-1966
23Warren Center1966-1968
23, 48, FF2/D5Awards, Citations, Honors (9 folders)1935-1975
23Boston University Summer Institute for Academic Administrators1966
Bureau of Higher Education
23Accreditation and Institutional Eligibility Staff1974
23Background Materials for Conference with Dr. Proffitt1971
23Christmas Card List1972-1974
23Christmas Messages1963-1973
231960-1974 (21 folders)1960-1974
23Committee on Honorary Degrees1962, 1965
24Honorary Degree Prospects1959-1974
24Honorary Degree Recipients (3 folders)1931-1974
24Honorary Degree Recipients (at events other than Commencement)n.d.
24Honorary Degree Recipients (Mailing List)1931-1966
24Honorary Degrees (6 folders)1959-1974
24Receptions and Open House for Seniors1960-1963
24Study Committee1967, 1971
25Boston Conference on Distribution1959-1961
25Electric Council of New England1962
25Hawaii Pacific College1974
25Middle Atlantic Placement Association1974
25National Conference on Co-operative Education 1972
25Public Relations Society of America1974
25"Co-operative Education: Bridges the Gap Between Theory and Practice" 1972
25Creel vs. Bates College1969
25Crotched Mountain Center1971-1972
25, 26Datebooks (19 folders)1958-1977
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
261959-1974 (5 folders)1959-1974
26, 48National Defense Education Act (2 folders)1958-1965
26Drop-out School 1967-1968
26Educational Programs for Social Action and Serviceca.1963
26"The Elms" 1959-1974
26Environmental Protection Agency1974
26Byron K. Elliott Hall (audio tape)1972
26Ethel G. and Reuben B. Gryzmish Hall 1970
26Graduate Center (audio tape)1959
26Light, Melvin, and Stetson Halls1966
26Mugar Life Sciences Building (Guestbook)1963
26Faculty-Alumni Dinner1962
26Headmaster-Guidance Officer Dinner1962
26President's Staff Luncheon1975
26Reception and Special Recognition Ceremonies1964
42Retirement Dinner: White, Dr. William, et al1968
2675th Anniversary Celebration1972-1973
26Testimonial Dinner for Retiring Personnel1965
26, 27A-Z (15 folders)1960-1975
27Letters of Appointment1960-1975
27Membership List of Professional Societiesn.d.
27Northeastern University Faculty Organization (NUFO)1974
37Official Rosters of the Faculties (2 folders)1960-1974
51Orientation of New Faculty1978
27Pensions 1961-1972
27Promotions1960-1965, 1974
27Removal from Payroll1960-1961
27Retirement Schedules 1959-1973
27Faculty and Staff Survey1969-1970
27Faculty Clubca.1961-1962
27Faculty Committee on Student Activities1961
27Faculty Senate (39 folders)n.d., 1961-1975
27Faculty Unions1973-1974
27Faculty Wives1964-1968
28Federal Communications Commission: "Establishment of Domestic Communications Satellite Facilities by Non-Governmental  Entities Vol. II-III" (2 folders)1966
28Fellowships1967, 1974
28Foreign Visitors1959-1975
28Fraternities (31 folders)1958-1975
28"A Preliminary Proposal for an In-Service Component to Ford Intern Program at Northeastern University" n.d.
28"Program to Increase Economic Opportunities for Negro Youth Through Higher Education on the Co-operative Plan" 1964
28"Proposal and Alternative Proposal to the Ford Foundation to Develop Programs Based on the Co-operative Plan of Education at Several Negro Colleges in the South" 1964
28"A Proposal for a Development Grant for the Preperation of Professional Personnel in Speech  Pathology and Audiology"1965
28"A Proposal for a Grant in Support of the Conversion of Facilities for a Modernized Computer Center" 1967
28"Proposal for the Support of the Mathematics Department at NU" 1963
28"Proposal to Develop New Programs for the Education of Criminal Lawyers, Law Enforcement Officials, and Related Personnel" 1965
28"Proposal to IBM for an Integrated System of Data Processing and Communications for Higher Education at NU" 1963
28"A Proposal to Provide Financial Support for NU's Business Education Programs for Black Entrepeneurs" 1968
28"A Proposal to Provide Financial Support for the Development of a New College of Nursing" 1965
28"A Proposal to the Elizabeth A. Lufkin Trust to Support a Technical Institute at NU's Suburban Campus" 1963
28"A Proposal to the Ford Foundation to Expand Socialized Services for the Encouragement of College Preparation Among Disadvantaged Youth in Boston High Schools" 1964
28"A Proposal to the Permanent Charity Fund to Provide Scholarship Aid for the NU College of Nursing" 1963
28"Proposal to the Spaulding-Potter Charitable Trusts for the Support of a Physiology Center" 1963
28"Proposed Training Program for Master Tutors for the Commonwealth Service Corps" ca.1965
42Roxbury Continuing Education Service Proposal 1966
28"A Study of the Engineering-Mathematics-Science Work Force in New England"ca.1963
28"Work Horizons Project Remedial Education Laboratory Proposal" 1965
28"Growth of Northeastern Under President Knowles" ca.1971
"Handbook of College and University Administration"
28Original Outlines (4 folders)n.d.
"Handbook of College and University Administration" (Revision)
28Academic Dress and Insignia1968-1972
28Academic Freedom1971
28Academic Policies and Standards1969-1972
28Accreditation (2 folders)1967-1971
28Admissions Department1970-1973
28Affirmative Action1963-1972
28Alumni Relationsn.d.
28American Association of Workers for the Blind1968
28Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges1967
28Athletics 1969-1972
28Auxiliary Enterprises1964-1971
29Buildings and Grounds1973
29Campus Unrest (3 folders)1968-1979
29Career Education1971
29Ceremonies and Special Events1971
29Collective Bargaining1967-1972
29College Level Examination Program c1967
29Community Relations1969
29Computers 1970
29Continuing Education1969-1972
29Co-operative Education1971-1972
29Curricula Development1971
29Custodial Administration1968, 1972
29Department of Graduate Placement Services1962-1970
29Disciplinary Problems1965-1968
29Due Process and Grievance Procedures1970-1976
29Educational Assistance Programs1966-1972
29Environmental Control1971-1972
29Faculty Academic Personnel1970-1971
29Faculty Organization1967-1971
29Faculty Senate1969-1979
29Fair Labor Standards Act Amendments of 1966, 19671966-1967
48Field Experience1970
29Food Services1967-1970
29Freedom of Speech1972
29Fund Raising1972
29Governance of Universities1965-1973
29Government Relationsn.d.
29Guidelines on University Organization1970
29Higher Education1967
29Honor Societies1971
29Institutional Research1970
29Instructional Costs1968-1970
29Interdisciplinary Engineeringn.d.
29Interinstitutional Co-operation1968-1974
29Investment Policies and Procedures1970
29Labor Revision1968-1972
29Leaves of Absence1969
29Manuals and Handbooks1968-1971
29The Military and the College Student1970-1972
29National Committee on the Emeriti1970
29Northeastern University Credit Union1970
29Office of Academic Affairs1970
29Office of Academic Services1972
29Office of Planning1969-1970
29Office of Research Administration1969-1970
29Organizational Charts1966
29Overseas Study Programs1968
29Parking Administration1967-1971
29Personnel Administration1963-1979
29, 48Personnel Administration: Fringe Benefits (2 folders)1968-1972
29, 48Physical Plant (2 folders)1965-1966
29Physical Plant: Disabilities1968
29, 30Problems of Accreditation (2 folders)1964-1970
30, 48Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) (2 folders)1969-1972
30Safety, Security, and Fire1967-1972
30Student Affairs1970
30Student Volunteer Programs1968-1970
30Tenure 1971-1972
30Tuition and Fees1969-1971
30Two-year Colleges1969
30Urban University1965-1971
30World Affairs and Higher Education1967-1968
30Hu, Dr. C.T.: "The Revolution in Chinese Education" (audio tape)1973
48"Handbook of Co-operative Education" ca.1971
"The International Encyclopedia of Higher Education"
30Administrative Manualc 1975
30Advisors and Consultants: Comments (2 folders)n.d., 1973-74
30Hayden, Rose1975
30Keyes, H.M.R.1973-1974
30Lowe, Pardee1973-1974
30McConnell, T.R.1973-1974
30Sciencen.d., 1974
30von Klemperer, Lily1974-1978
Board of Consultants
30A-Z (17 folders)1972-1978
30Candidatesn.d., 1972-1974
30-34A-Z (420 folders)ca.1972-1978
34Author Agreements, A-Z (6 folders)1974-1978
34Authors, Listc 1977
34Authors Invitedn.d., 1973
34Authors and Reviewers, Index Cards (copies)ca. 1974-6
34Compensation (5 folders)1975-8
34Prospective Authors, Correspondence (6 folders)1968-78
34Prospective Authors, List A-Zn.d.
34Country Essays Content Checklistn.d.
Correspondence: ASK-Joy Viola
34Israeli Contacts1973-1974
Jossey-Bass Publishers:
34Alkema, Gracia (3 folders)1976-1977
34Conway, Dorothy1976
34Editorial Matter 1975-6
35Example of "Safes" 1975-6
35General (9 folders)1974-1984
Documentation Centers 
35The Netherlands1974-1976
35Questionnaires (Blank)n.d.
35United States1973-1979
Editorial Advisory Board
35A-Z (17 folders)1973-1978
35Errors and Corrections (2 folders)1978-1979
Fields of Study
35Classification of Fieldsn.d., 1974
35Computers and Computer Servicesn.d., 1974
35General, n.d.1974-1975
35Information Systemsn.d.
35Off-Campus Experiencen.d., 1972-1974
35Higher Education Institutions: Classification n.d., 1976
History of the Encyclopedia 
36Log (2 folders)n.d., 1973-1975
36Outlines and Work Plans 1972-1975
36Administrative Topics, A-Zn.d.
36Global Topics, A-Z1973
36Master, Final (3 folders)1977
36Special (Individual) Topics, A-Z1973
36Topics (4 folders)n.d., 1973
Notes from Trips 
36Joy Viola, Chicago1975
36New York1975
36Progress Reports1974-1976
36Promotional Materialsca. 1974-1977
36Staff Meetings, Minutes1973-1975
36John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library1974
36Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: "A Tribute Presented on the National Broadcasting Company Television Network"1963
36MacArthur, General Douglas: Speech (audio tape)1960s (?)
36Massachusetts College of Optometry1965-1970
36"The Miracle on Huntington Avenue" 1974
36Model City Program1969
37Negro Youth: Program to Increase Economic Opportunities for (2 folders) 1963-1968
37New England Conservatory of Music1968-1970
Newspaper Clippings
37Anti-Vietnam War Demonstrations (2 folders)1969, 1972-1973
37Black Panthers (3 folders)1970-1973
37Blacks (4 folders)1970-1973
37Boston Police, Murder of Officer Schroeder (2 folders)1970-1972
37Building Take-Overs, Sit-ins, Restraints1969
37Campus Politics1970
37, 38Campus Unrest (7 folders)1970
38Drugs (4 folders)1970-1973
38Ecology (4 folders)1970-1973
38Ellsberg, Daniel (2 folders)1971
38Foreign Students1969
38,39General Articles (5 folders)1970-1972
39General Articles on the Campus Situation (3 folders)1969
39General Commencement Disruption1969
39Harvard (2 folders)1969-1970
39Harvard Commencement1969
39Hayakawa, Dr. S.I.1970
39Hemenway Street1970
39Indian Affairs (2 folders)1971-1973
39International 1970-1971
39Jewish Defense League1971
39Kent State1970
39Kissinger, Henry A.1971-1972
39Massachusetts Economy1973
40Reserve Officer's Training Corps1969-1971
40San Francisco State1969
40School Busing Battle1973
40Strikes (2 folders)1971-1974
40Student Unrest (4 folders)1970
40Students and Schools (2 folders)1971
40Students for a Democratic Society (2 folders)1969-1972
40Students for a Democratic Society / Racial Disturbances1969
40University of California at Berkeley1969
40Updating Articles1969-1970
40Women's Liberation (2 folders)1971-1973
40Official Greeting Certificates of NUn.d.
40, 48Palmer and Dodge (Legal Counsel) (2 folders)1969-1973
40Benefitsn.d., 1958-1964
40, 41(A-Z) [correspondence] (26 folders)n.d., 1961-1975
41Salary Letters1966-1974
41Terminated Employees1959-1972
41Policies and Procedures1958-1964
41"Programs of Continuing Educational Services" 1965
41Smith, Myrielle 1975
41Annual Report Material1973
41Auditor's Report (2 folders)1961-1962, 1974
41"A Brief Description of the Institutions and Agencies Concerned with Higher Education in Massachusetts" 1973
41"The Case for Public Aid to Private Higher Education"1971
41"The Economic Impact of Colleges and Universities on the Boston Area" 1972, 1974
41"Education for the Age of Science" 1959
41"The Impact of the University of Pittsburgh on the Local Economy" 1972
41"Parking at the Boston Campus of Northeastern University" 1970
41President's Report1968
41"A Proposed Cost Information Reporting and Analysis System for Public Aid and Private Colleges and Universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts" 1974
41"A Report of Northeastern University Faculty Attitudes on Collective Bargaining" 1975
41"Report on Higher Education Finance in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts" 1973
41"A Report on Insurance and Risk Management for  Northeastern University" 1970  
41"Report on University Transportation and Parking"  1972   
41"Report to the Commonwealth Fund: A Study of University Programs for Health-Related Professions" 1970
41"A Special Report / 1958-1968" ca.1968
41"A Summary of Northeastern University's Educational Programs and Distinctive Services to the Community, State, and Nation," 1964
41"A Survey Study of and for Northeastern University" ca.1960
41Reports and Policiesca.1958-1962
Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC)
411958-1968 (4 folders)1958-1968
41Army Advisory Panel (2 folders)1959-1971
41Army Advisory Panel Meeting (2 folders)1964-1965
41Convocation (Secretary Stahr)1962
41421st Strategic Intelligence Detachment1958-1962
41Holsberg, Cadet Kenneth B.1959
41New Senior Reserve Officer's Training Corps Programn.d.
41Pershing Rifles1959-1969
41Personnel Reduction1962
41Policy Statement1967-1968
41Proposal for a Co-operative Program in Military Science1964
42Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Against1969-1972
42Study Committee1969-1971
42Women's Reserve Officer's Training Corps Pilot Program1972
42Commencement 1975 (Background Information for Tribute), ca.1969-1975
41Presidential Candidates1975
42Testimonial Dinner1975
42Testimonial Dinner (Kennedy, Sen. Edward H.) (video tape)1975 
42Schroeder, Patrolman Walter A.n.d.
42"Staff Notes" 1969
42Student Activities (2 folders)1961-1975
42Student Center1962-1970
42Student Complaints1966-1970
42Student Council1965-1971
42Student Council Reorganization1971
42Student Courtca.1969
42Student Deferment1966
42Student Discipline1971
42Student Loan Fund1972
42Student Personnel Policies1970
Student Publications
42"Prometheus" 1971
42Student Publications Committee1971
42Student Rules Committee 1971
4Student Union
51NU Student Union Banquet1974
42University in Community (UNICOM)1966, 1968
42n.d., 1968-1975n.d., 1968-1975
42Black Freshmen1970-1973
43Black High School Students1971
42Black Student Demands1968-1973
43, 48Black Students (2 folders)n.d., 1969-1971
42Black Students: Ghetto Problems (2 folders)1968-1969, 1971
42Demands and Concerns1967-1975
42Financial Aid for Black Students1968, 1971-1972
42Luncheons, Teas, and Award Ceremoniesn.d., 1963-1974
42Pappin, Kenneth Eugene1965
42Rules Committee1970
51Testimonial from Class of 19661966
42Ware, Shirley1973
42Student's Attorney Program1972
42Traffic Institute Planning Workshop1973
42Transportation and Parking1969-1971
42Twenty-five Year Associates (2 folders)1958-1975
42U.S. Office of Education: "Private Accreditation and Public Eligibility v.I-II" (2 folders)1974
42University Clubn.d.
42University of Guelph1974
Vietnam Conflict: Student Unrest
42Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Disorders1969
42American Council on Education1968
48Anti-Reserve Officer's Training Corpsn.d.
43Committee of the Concerned Staff1970
43Dedication of Center for Law and Criminal Justice1971
43Faculty Resistance1967
43Faculty Resolutionsca.1970
43Federal Laws1969-1970
43General (6 folders)n.d., 1968-1972
43Hayakawa, Sam I. and the General Electric Strike1969-1970
48Hayakawa, Sam I. and the General Electric Strike1970
Information Files
43, 48n.d. (2 folders)n.d.
431962-June 1968 (2 folders)1962- 1968
43, 48July-September 19681968
43October 1968-September 1969 (6 folders)1968- 1969
43, 49October-December 19691969
43January-June 19701970
43, 48July-December 19701970
43The Princeton Plan1970
49Poster of "Free Freshman Year" n.d.
43Student Activists1972
43Student Dissent Literature1970
43Student StrikeMay 1970
43Student Truth Committee1970
43Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)1967-1971
48Volpe Hall Dedication1971
43Viola, Joy: Letters Written byn.d., 1963-1968
43Wellington Burnham Lecture Series1963-1969
43"The Whirl-Wind World of Asa Knowles" 1963
43Women's Liberation1970-1974
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5. Writings and Speeches, n.d., 1939-1975
Volume:2.8 cubic ft.


Series 5 consists of articles and speeches written by ASK.  Included are notes, correspondence relating to speaking engagements, and the publication of articles, bibliographies, and lists of ASK's writings and speeches.  The series is arranged alphabetically by folder title, which were derived from the title of each work.  When the work was untitled, a descriptive title was provided.
51"The ABC's of Cost Finding" Part 91942
44"Accreditation in Perspective" n.d.
44"The Accreditation of Colleges and Universities" 1967
44"Accreditation of Schools: New Policies and New Approaches" 1967
44"Address... American Society for Technion" 1966
44"An Address Before The National Defense Transportation Association" 1967
44Address to Corporation1959
44"Address to Graduates," Commencement1972
49Address, Commencement (film & videotape)1973
49Address, Law School Alumni Association1964
48Address, Law School Alumni Association1964 
44"Adjusting the Community to the War Veteran" 1945
44"Adult and Continuing Education" n.d.
44"Adult Education"n.d.
44"Alumni Officer's Conference" 1960
44"Annual Meeting of the Corporation Address" 1974
44"Are Traditional Concepts of Higher Education Still Valid?"1971
44"Attracting New Industries, a Broker's Job" 1939
44"The Background of Accreditation," Speeches1970
44"Baker Testimonial" 1960
44"The Best Things in the Worst Times" 1961
44"Business: Oldest of the Arts, Newest of the Professions" 1967
44"Campus Needed Near Rt.128" 1963
44"Campus Unrest and Activism" 1969
44"Campus Unrest: Higher Education in Transition," 1970
44"Cauldron Message" 1975
44"Challenge and Authority" 1974-1975
44"The Challenge for Engineers for the 1960's" 1960
44"The Challenge to Higher Education"1962
44"A Challenge to Northeastern's Women Students" 1959
44"Changes in the Traditional Concepts of Higher Education" 1971
44"The Changing Concepts of Higher Education" 1970
44The Changing Image of NUn.d.
44"Changing Patterns in U.S. Higher Education" 1960
44"The Changing Patterns of American Higher Education" 1967
44"The Changing Role of the College President" 1970
44"Changing Times-The 'C' Student"1961
44Chapel Programs and Speechesn.d., 1963
44Chapel Talksn.d., 1959-1960
51Chapter Xn.d.
44"College Fraternities from University Administration Viewpoint"1953
44"College on the Co-op Plan" 1966
44"A College President Looks at Co-operative Education" 1964
44"A College President Looks at the Future of Higher Education" 1959
44"College Teachers for Today and Tomorrow" 1960
44"College Today" n.d., 1968
44"Colleges and the Armed Forces-Partners in National Security" 1962
44"Commencement Address," School of Nursing, New England Deaconess Hospital1964
44"Comments of the President to Faculty" 1971
44"The Commonwealth and Two-Year Colleges" 1964
51"Community Industrial Development and National Defense"1940
51"Consider 'Co-op' Plan Advises N.U.'s Dr. Knowles"1962
44"Continuing Education: Fastest Growing Dimension in Higher Education" 1967
44Convocation (Tape)1959
44Convocation, Greeting to the Freshmenn.d., 1962
44"Co-op Education Boon to Health and Allied Medical Sciences" 1966
44"The Co-operative College" 1965
44"Co-operative Education: A Concept in Tune with the Times" 1968
44"Co-operative Education- A New Partner in the Education of Personnel for the Health and Allied Medical Sciences" 1965
44"Co-operative Education: A Timely Concept" 1970
44"Co-operative Education: An Effective Education for Minority Students" 1971-1972
44"Co-operative Education and Financing Higher Education" 1972-1973
44"Co-operative Education--Philosophy and Aspects of Conversion"1974
48"Co-operative Education Spreading: Unique Concept Comes of Age" 1967 
44"Co-operative Education: The Best Answer for Many Youth" 1965-1966
48"Co-operative Education: The Best Answer for Many Youth" 1965-1966
44"Co-operative Education: The Best Source of Manpower for Many Industries" 1965
44"Co-operative Education: The Catalyst for Innovation and Relevance" 1974-1975
48"Co-operative Education: The Catalyst for Innovation and Relevance" 1974-1975
44"Co-operative Education: The Emerging Manpower Resource" 1975
44"Co-operative Education--What it is, and Where it is Going" 1975
44"Co-operative Metropolitan Ministries" 1967-1968
44Corporation Meeting (audio tape)1964
44Corporation Meeting1970
44Correspondence (2 folders)1959-1962, 1971
44"Daedelus Material, Working Papers" n.d.
44"Dedicatory Address... The Old West School" 1965
44"Democracy's Challenge to the Public High School" 1940
45Dr. Knowles Speech (audio tape)n.d.
45Draft of an Article, "Wall Street Journal" 1971
45"The Doctorate" n.d.
45"Editorial" 1968
45"Educating the Accountant"1960
45Education and Manpower Resources" 1973-1974
48Education and Manpower Resources"1973-1974
45"Education as an Instrument of National Policy" 1958
45"Education for International Citizenry" 1974
45"Education in an Age of Astronautics" 1958
45"Education Under the Co-operative Plan" 1965-1966
45"Educational Leadership for Tomorrow"1962
45"The Educational Needs of Modern Youth" 1967
45"Educational Planning in an Innovative Age" 1972
51"Educational Research and Statistics"1939
45"The Educational Values of Co-operative Education" 1967
45"Electronic Libraries for the Future" 1959
45"Emerging Features of Tomorrow's Higher Education" 1957-1960
45"Emerging Needs of Higher Education" 1962
45"Emerging Patterns of Tomorrow's Higher Education"1962
45"Emil Anton Gramstorff: A Tribute" 1960
45Engineers: Creators or Captives of the Times?"1961
45"Engineer's Day" 1967
45"ETV-Revolution or Aid?" 1956
45"Evaluation of Faculty Loads in Institutions of Higher Education" 1939
45"Excerpts from Address By Dr. ASK" 1965
45"Excerpts from the Speech... at The Annual Faculty Dinner" 1962
45Faculty Dinners (audio tapes) (3 folders)1961-1963
45"Faith is a Living Force in a Troubled World" n.d., 1962
45"Fall Commencement Address" 1967-1968
45"For The Space Age: Education as an Instrument of National Policy" 1958
45"The Formation of National Goals for U.S. Higher Education..." 1961
45Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists, 50th Anniversary Dinner1966
45"The Four Accidents of Birth " 1966
45"Freedom and Responsibility" 1960-1966
45Freshman Convocationn.d.
45"From the President's Desk...," NU Alumnus1959-1962
45Fund Raisers, Outline for Speech1971
45"The Future Role of Business and Scientific Education" 1966
45"Getting the Industry Best Suited to the Community" 1939
45"The Good Things About the U.S. Today" 1968
45"A Grass Roots Approach to Development of Scientific Talent" 1956-1957
45"Greater Boston's Stake in Higher Education" 1960
45Greetings to Freshman Class1964
45"Handbook of Co-operative Education," Excerpts 1972
51"Handbook of Personnel Administration"n.d.
45"The Harry S. Truman Library--Gift of a Patriot to Posterity" 1955
45"The High School in the Mid-Twentieth Century" 1959
45"Higher Education and New Patterns of Learning and Work: An American Viewpoint"1973-1974
48"Higher Education and New Patterns of Learning and Work: An American Viewpoint" 1973-1974
45"Higher Education and Technical Progress" 1955
45"Higher Education: Greater Boston's Shining Asset" 1962
45"Higher Education in New England" 1965
45"Higher Education in Transition" 1972-1973
45"Higher Education Responds to Campus Unrest" 1969
45"How Can Colleges Meet the Impending Teaching Shortage?" 1955-1956
51"How to Set Up a Merit Rating Plan for Employees and Make It Work"1940
45"Husky Hi-lighters' Broadcast" 1960
45"The Impact of Campus Unrest on Higher Education" 1970
45"Importance of Religious Emphasis Week" n.d.
45Index of Speeches and Articles1939-1974
45"The Influence of Industries on Local Academic Programs" 1960-1961
45"Innovation in Perspective: Some Thoughts on American Education" 1974
45"Institutional Support of ROTC and Recruitment"1967
45"Introductory Remarks," Presidential Prayer Breakfast1965
45"Is Co-operative Education the Answer?" 1970-1971
45"Issues in Education" 1970
51"Job Evaluation"1946
45"Job Evaluation and Merit Rating" 1940
45"Job Evaluation for Hourly and Salaried Workers" 1943
45"Job Study Held Textile Aid" 1946
45Kiwanis Club1960
45"Laid Out a Motion-Study Lab" 1941
45"Larry Martin, The Person" 1972
45"The Library and the New Media for Communications" 1959-1960
46Lists of Speeches and Writings1939-1979
46"A Look Ahead" 1959
46"A Look at the Future of Co-operative Education" 1964-1974
46"Management Problems of Mobilization" 1940
46"Management Trends: Kids in Industry" 1942
46"Management Trends," "Supervision" 1942-1943
46"Marjorie Bouve," Eulogy1970
46"The Meaning and Purpose of Accreditation" 1967
46"The Meaning of Today's College Degree" 1972 
46"Measuring Salesmen's Performance" 1941
46"Memorandum to the College Student Who Doesn't Think He Can Afford a College Education..."1965
46"Merit Rating in Industry" 1940
46"Merit Rating of Supervisors, Foremen and Department Heads" 1940
46"A Message From President Knowles"1959
46"The Military and the Academic Community: An Interdependent Partnership" 1967
46"Model Circular Workbench" 1939
51"Motion Study As A Tool of Management"n.d.
46National Conference on Co-operative Education1972
46National Engineer's Week1960
46"New Oil for the Lamps of Learning" 1966-1967
46"New Patterns for Higher Education" 1961
46"A New Prescription for the Education of Pharmacists" 1962
46"Northeastern can Fulfill Her Destiny of Greatness" 1962
46"Northeastern University- An Outstanding Example of American Educational Pioneering"1960
46"Northeastern University Today: Report of the President to  the Committee on Facilities" 1960
46"Northeastern University," "World Book Encyclopedia"  n.d., 1971
46"Northeastern's President Sees Tremendous Period of Growth" 1962
46"Notes on Academic Freedom and Tenure" 1960
46"NU Helps Co-op Education Gain National Prestige"1969
46"Orientation of a College President" 1960
46"Outline of Remarks to Faculty" 1973
46Outline of Speech to Class of 19781973(?)
51"Partners in Higher Education"1957
46"Partnership Between Business and Education" 1964-1965
52"President Asa S. Knowles Speech" ca. 1964
46"President's Address," Commencement 1970
46"President's Holiday Message" n.d.
46"President's Message," Cauldron1967, 1971
46President's Message for the Cauldron 1962-1963
46"President's Message to the Freshman Class" 1967-1974
46"A President's View of Campus Unrest" 1970-1971
46"Private Education And National Goals" 1963
46"The Private Urban University and the Metropolitan Community1964
46"Problems in Physical Plant Operation for Colleges and Universities in the Coming Decade" 1969
46"Professor Milton J. Schlagenhauf" 1960
46"Progress With Purpose" 1960-1963
46Proposal for a President's Housen.d.
46"Proposed Commencement Address" 1975
52"The Protestant Church-Related College in Tomorrow's Higher Education"1958
46Publications List1957-1958 
46Publications, The Macmillan Company1958-1962
46"The Rationale of Military Education in Civilian Universities" n.d.
46"Reassessment of Campus Goals" 1968
46"Remarks at the... Meeting of The New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools"1971
46"Remarks," Convocation1965
46"Remarks," National Conference on Co-operative Education   1972
46"Remarks on the Occasion of the Ceremonies Erecting a Plaque in the Northeast Harbor Library in Memory of Belle Smallidge Knowles"n.d.
46"Remarks on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Alpha Kappa Sigma" 1969
48"Remarks on What the Public Should Know About Higher Education" 1960
46"Remarks to Entering Freshmen," Convocation  1969   
46Report to Corporation1973
46"Report to Delegates of Institutions of Higher Learning..." 1970
46"Report to the Representatives to FRACHE"1971
46"Response and Acceptance" 1959
46"The Responsibilities of the Library in the Mid-Twentieth Century" 1959-1960
46"The Restoration of Confidence in Educational Institutions" 1974
46"The Rhode Island State College Workers' Education Program" 1946
46"The Role of Northeastern's New Suburban Campus" 1964
46"ROTC-Bulwark of Strength for The Armed Forces" 1956-1962
48"ROTC-Bulwark of Strength for The Armed Forces" 1956-1962
46"ROTC-Keystone of Versatile Leadership for The Armed Forces" 1962
46"Salary Evaluation" 1941
52"SAM Chapter Programs Benefit to Widespread Progressive Movement"1941
52"S.A.M. and Preparedness"1941
46"Science Challenges the Educator" 1959
46"Scientific Management as a Tool of College Administrators" 1940
46Sigma Delta Chi1971
52"The Small City and Town Become Industry-Conscious—Part 1"1938
46"Social Responsibilities of Higher Education" 1967-8
46"Society in Transition" 1971
52"Sororities and Fraternities Can Bolster Campus Morale"1952
46Speech Notesn.d.
46Speeches to Facultyn.d., 1960
46"Staff and Salary Problems in an Emergency Period" 1942
46"Statement Before the Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives" 1970
46Statement Before U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare1965
46Statement for University College Yearbook1963
46"Statement of ROTC Policy" 1967
46Statement of Long Term Objectives of NU n.d., 1958-1964
46"Statement on Co-operative Education" 1966
46Statement on Student Body1959
46Statement Regarding NUn.d.
46Statement Regarding ROTC1960
46Statement, "Sunday Advertiser" 1971
46Statement to the "Christian Science Monitor" 1964
46Statement to the U.S. House of Representatives, Special Subcommittee on Education1966
46"The Stepping Stones of Life" 1960
52"Storeskeeping and Inventory Control"1940
46"Student Unrest--What are the Implications for Business and Industry?"1970
46"Suggested Outline for Press Interview with Dr. Knowles and Family" n.d.
46"Summary of Address" 1960
52"A Survey of Job Evaluation As Used by Industry in Determining Base Rates"1938
46"A Survey Study of and for Northeastern University" n.d.
46"The Teacher and National Goals in a Society" 1963
46"Teaching Load of Accounting Instructors" 1940
46"Ten-Year Development Program" 1961
46"Tested Paths to Good Will" 1940
46"Testimony on Behalf of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts Regarding Aid to Private Education S.387" 1975
46"Testimony on Behalf of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts Regarding Tickton Report" 1973
46"Thanksgiving Address" 1972
46"Today's Challenge to the Fraternity"1964
46"Tomorrow's Protestant Church-Related College" 1958-9
46"Toward a More Meaningful Education" 1967
46"Traditional Concepts of Higher Education--How They're Changing" 1970
52"Training Engineers for Management and Business"1937
46"TV and Education" 1957
46"TV and Science" 1958
46"The Unpaid Debt" 1968
46"Versatility for Survival--The Colleges and the ROTC"                1961-1962
46"Welcome to the Freshmen" 1959
46"What Makes Public Relations Different in a Co-operative University?"1965
46"What the Public Should Know About Higher Education," Remarks1960
46"What's Happening to Our Colleges?" 1969
46"What's Right With Boston?" 1963
46"Widening Horizons for Women in a Changing Society" 1964
46Worcester Junior College, 25th Anniversary, Remarks1971
48Working Papers, Co-operative Educationn.d. 
46Working Papers, Speechesn.d., 1966-68
46"Working my Way Through College, Different at Nation's   Second Largest Private University," Interview, 1965
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