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Title:Office of Alumni Relations records
Dates: 1926– 2009
Call Number:A04
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1. Alumni Association, 1926–1995
Volume:1 cubic ft.


This series includes Alumni Fund progress reports, and proposed accounting changes (box 1, folder 1). The Alumni Council Meeting minutes folder also includes reports by various committees, and bulletins about each meeting. Additionally, there are two audio cassettes (box 1, folder 5) of a meeting that are unlabeled and give no indication of the date or type of meeting.

Announcements of the major events including Alumni Day, Homecoming festivities and travel guides for trips offered through the Alumni Association are found in box 1, folder 6. Also included in this series are invitations for the President's Annual Recognition Dinner along with information on the Outstanding Alumni Award candidates. There is also a copy of President Ryder's speech delivered at the 1982 President's Annual Recognition Dinner (box 1, folder 10). Publications produced by the Alumni Association found in this collection consist of the Alumni Manual, 1968, the Alumni Officer Handbook, 1968, and the Forsyth Dental Center Alumni Newsletter, 1981 (box 1, folder 11).

The scrapbook, 1926–1928, (boxes 1–2, folders 12–17) was compiled during William C. White's term as Alumni Secretary and includes materials related to the School of Engineering Alumni Association (events announcements, membership lists, and reunion programs), the New York Alumni Club (events announcements, memoranda and a proposed constitution), the Day Division Alumni Association (letters, announcements and publications), the Alumni Fund (letters, notices and announcements), and correspondence from William C. White (about meetings, events and services available for alumni).
1Alumni Fund1927–1961
1Annual Meeting (reel–to–reel audio tape) 2004
1, 14Awards Programs (3 folders) 1984–2002
1Bylaws and Constitutionca. 1960
5"Composing the Self," Winning Essays of Annual Freshman Essay Contest1979–1980
1Council Meeting Minutes (includes 2 audio cassette tapes) 1950–1960
1Executive Committee Report by Howard L. Leavitt1962
13Donor Reports, Leadership Campaigns (3 folders)1983–2003
1Letterheads and Note cardsn.d.
5Mission Statement1991
5Newsletter: "Focus: Alumni Leadership"1986
1Officers Annual Conference1965, 1971
1Officer Lists1971–1988
1President's Annual Recognition Dinner/Outstanding Alumni Awards1965–2001
1–2Scrapbook (6 folders)1926–1928
2Story, W. Erwin: Citation Certificaten.d.
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2. Alumni Relations, 1921–1991
Volume:2.5 cubic ft.


This series includes the papers and memorabilia of various alumni clubs, including the Alumni Club of Greater Lowell, the Los Angeles Area Alumni Club and the membership directories of the Connecticut Alumni Club, 1972–1973, Bay Path Alumni Club, 1975–1977, Manhattan Luncheon Club, 1976–1977, and the Graduate School of Professional Accounting, 1978 (Box 2, folder 21). There are also Class of 1970 and 1971 papers including sophomore class cabinet minutes, middle class cabinet minutes, committee rosters, Alumni Pledge Program lists, and a Freshman Weekend program (box 3, folder 29).

In–coming and out–going correspondence are filed together (box 3, folders 32–58) and arranged chronologically. The majority of the correspondence is either to or from Rudolf O. Oberg. Correspondents include President Knowles (folders 40–52), Carl S. Ell (folder 41), alumni personnel from other universities, and alumni officers of various NU alumni clubs. There is a letter from President Knowles about Oberg's retirement in 1970 (box 3, folder 52).

Events (box 3, folder 60) include those announced and organized by the Alumni Relations office, such as the dinner theater, Night at the Pops, Journalism Alumni Club reception, 1979, College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions Alumni Banquet, 1979, Red Sox Game, 1982, and the Alumni Benefit Gala, 1994.

Publications (box 13, folder 132) include brochures on NU and the alumni services offered, Alumni Guides, a Civil Engineering Alumni Newsletter, 1982, a College of Nursing alumni publication, "Nursing Today," 1995, and a booklet titled, "Alumni," from 1947. The series also includes records of NU alumni and faculty involved in World War II. These index cards are organized according to previously assigned divisions and alphabetically by surname within these divisions. The divisions are: NU. 1) Day Division A–Z, 2) Deceased Faculty, 3) Evening Liberal Arts, 4) Evening School of Business, 5) Service A–Z, and 6) Veterans A–Z. Of special interest is a flag which indicates the number of NU people who served and the number who died in World War II (Box 12).

This series also include video tapes, slides and a transcript. The transcript and the slides are from a presentation on Northeastern University's curriculum, facilities, and local attractions. The seven video tapes include a rehearsal of student presentations, an advertising segment, several brief speeches from the presidents of Northeastern University and President Clinton's Commencement Speech from 1993.
Audiovisual Media
18Introduction to Northeastern University Slidesn.d.
18Introduction to Northeastern University Transcriptn.d.
18Northeastern University Video Tapes (7 videos)n.d., 1985, 1993, 1995
18Curry Beanpot (4 videos)n.d., 1995
18Northeastern University Cabot Advertising1985
18President Clinton's Commencement speech1993
18Students practicing for class presentationn.d.
14Alumni Admission Programn.d.
2Alumni Banquet (2 folders) (includes 2 reel–to–reel audio tapes)1959
5Alumni Brochure1996
Alumni Clubs
14Calendar of Events: NUA1999
14Civil Engineering (2 folders)1990–1997
14Mechanical Engineering1991–1995
14California (2 folders)1987–2004
14Chicago–Midwest 1989–1995
15Delaware Valley 1980–1987,1993–1996
15Florida 2001
15New York1991–1999
15Washington D.C. 1991–1998
15Washington state1998
5Alumni Conference on Retirement Planning (2 folders) (includes 5 audio cassette tapes)1976, 1999
2Alumni Executive Forum1993–1996
2Alumni Leadership Lists1964–1972
5, 13Alumni Luncheon (2 folders) (includes 2 reel–to–reel audio tapes)ca. 1950
2Alumni Meetings Attended by President Knowles1962
3Alumni Occupational Study1937–1938
15Alumni Office Summer Retreat and Meeting1996–1999
3Alumni Roll of Honor Members1959
Boston–Bouve College
350th Anniversary1965
3Alumni Association Constitution1969
15Certificate of Appreciation: Murray N. Marksonn.d.
3Classes of 1968–1971n.d.
3Class Reunions1921–1989
15Homecoming and Reunions1998–2007
15Reunion Directory: Class of 19601985
15Reunion Yearbooks: Class of 1941, 1949 & 19511999, 2001
3Computer Informationn.d.
3Correspondence (26 folders)n.d., 1946–1981
13Correspondence re: “NU Alumnus”n.d., 1958–1964, 1970
3Employer–Institute Manpower Symposium1973
3, 13, 16Events (4 folders) 1961–2009
3Golden Graduates1983–1996
3IBM Conversion Papers1965
3International Work and Study Programsn.d.
13, 17Alumni Pinsn.d.
17Alumni Relations T–shirtn.d.
17Baseball Tickets: Boston Red Sox vs. Northeastern2005
17Celebrate Northeastern Day Red Cup2002
17Class of 1949 Cloth Pin1949
3Alumni Officers1960–1970
3Executive Committee1961
3Faculty, Staff, and Northeastern University Community1970–1976
13National Council1975
3NU Alumni1958–1959, 1996
13Alumni News1997
13NU Alumni Happenings1980–1990
13NU Golden Graduate1992–1995
13NU Nursing Today1995
13Oberg, Rudolf O.: Biographical Sketchn.d.
16Pope, William C.: Accomplishments1986–2002
13Price Waterhouse and Co.: Northeastern University Graduatesn.d.
3–5Monthly/Bi–Monthly (48 folders)1981–1989
13 “Report on Producing Promotional Film for NU”1970
16 Task Force on Alumni Relations Final Report1997
13Survey on Northeastern Alumni1977
Veteran Records, World War II
6–7Day Division1942–1947
8Deceased Faculty1942–1947
8Evening Liberal Arts1942–1947
8Evening School of Business1942–1947
13Recording of WWII Events (audio cassette tape)1995
9School of Law1942–1947
6, 10Service A–Z1942–1947
11Veteran Records1942–1947
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3. National Council, 1966–1993
Volume:12 cubic ft.


The National Council was established by approval of the Northeastern University Board of Trustees in 1964 to promote and raise funds for Northeastern and its alumni programs. The organization was composed primarily of alumni and maintained three standing committees: Alumni Program Committee, Membership Committee, and Nominating Committee. The University President and the President of the Alumni Association sat on the committees alongside elected members of the council. In addition to fund raising and promotion, the organization hosted informational meetings with members of the Northeastern community and delivered annual reports to the Alumni Association. This series documents the group's objectives and programs and describes its administrative tasks. Records include committee meeting minutes, annual reports, voting records, and listed rolls concerning the organization's activities until 1998.
19Administrative Board Meeting (31 folders)1964–1992
19, 20Annual Meeting (27 folders)1964–1991
20Annual Kick–off Event1964–1992
20Annual Reports (13 folders)1964–1979
20Bylaws and Constitutionn.d.
20Candidates for Elective Office1989–1990
20Meeting1964, 1965
20Alumni Program Committee (3 folders)1965
20, 21Membership Committee (32 Folders)1964–1993
21–23Nominating Committee (11 Folders)1965–1993
23The Councilor Newsletter1990
23Husky Samples and Dinner Meeting1967, 1969
23Mailings and Memos to Council Members1983–1991
23Member Directory (3 folders)1988–1990
23National Council Dinner Photographs (CD–ROM)2004
23Nomination Ballots1969–1973
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