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Title: Office of University Development records
Call Number:A10
List of Contents


1. Senior Vice President for Development, 1960-2001
Volume:26.5 cubic ft.

Alphabetical within two subseries: A. Richard Meyer and B. Eugene Reppucci.

A. Richard Meyer (17.5 cubic ft.) contains files generated by Senior Vice President for Development Richard Meyer. Included are materials relating to Centennial Campaign planning and implementation, alumni relations, ongoing fund raising, special events, and his extensive involvement within other areas of the university. Also, extensive correspondence between Senior Vice President Richard Meyer and Northeastern University President Richard Freeland is present. Also included are meeting agendas, minutes, and reports generated for and during the Senior Vice President of Development's meetings.

B. Eugene Reppucci (9 cubic ft.) includes the records of Senior Vice President Eugene Reppucci. The majority of his materials relate to the planning and implementation of the Century Fund and the Diamond Anniversary Fund, two major fund raising campaigns that Reppucci oversaw. Records relating to alumni events, involvement with the university, and donations are also included. The university's involvement with outside committees such as the Society Organized Against Racism and the National Society of Fund Raising Executives are also documented.
A. Richard Meyer
14, 23Accreditation (2 folders)1995-1999
23African-American Institute (2 folders)1994-1995
Alumni Association
23General (10 folders)1996-1999
23Ad-Hoc Committee for the Centennial Celebration1995-1996
23Executive Committee (3 folders)1995-1997
23Outstanding Alumni Awards (2 folders)1995-1999
23Scholarship for Sons and Daughters of Alumni1996
23Visa Program1997
14, 23Alumni Executive Forum (2 folders)1995-1998
14"Alumni Relations Background" for NU Alumni Association Board of Directors1999
14Alumni Relations Plan, Fiscal Years 2000-20032000
23Alumni Research Requests (3 folders) (Restricted)1998-2000
14, 23-24Annual Giving (9 folders) (3 restricted)1995-1999
24"Annual Report on External Support for Research and Research-Related Activities"1999
24Art Collection Policies and Procedures1995-1996
24Art Fund (2 folders)1998-1999
24Athletic Development Program (4 folders) (2 restricted)1995-1999
24Athletics Department1995-1996
24Atkins Scholarships1997
24Attack Day1997-1998
14Ayling Foundation1997
24Barnett Institute1995-1996
14Biographical Informationn.d., 1994-1998
Board of Trustees
14, 24General (9 folders)1992-2001
24Development Committee1998
24Newsletters (2 folders)1994-1997
24-25Nominating Committee (10 folders) (Restricted)1995-1999
25Boston Area Colleges and Universities Task Force on Underage and Problem Drinking1998
25Bouvé College1995-1996
25Brochures: Development Programsn.d.
25Briefing Materials for Richard M. Freeland (Restricted)1996-1997
14Budget (2 folders)1997
25Budget Restructuring (2 folders)1996
25Business Founders1995
25Business Office1996-1999
14Campaign Case Statements (5 folders)1999-2000
25Campaign Research1998-1999
25Campaign Strategy1997-1999
The Centennial Campaign
25-26General (15 folders) (2 restricted)n.d., 1994-1998
26Campaign Cabinet (3 folders)1994-1998
26Celebrations 1-7 (12 folders)1992-1998
26"The Centennial Campaign News"1995-1997
26Donor Records (Restricted)1995
14, 26Post Campaign Audit Summary (2 folders)1998
14, 26"A Post-Campaign Internal Review Conducted for Northeastern University" (2 folders)1998
26"Presentation to the Board of Trustees Development Committee and Campaign Cabinet"1995
14, 26Progress Report (2 folders)1991-1996
26"The Second Top 20 Corporate Grant Prospects"1995
26"Top 21 Corporate Grant Prospects"1995
27Trips (20 folders) (2 restricted)1995-1998
27Victory Celebration (3 folders) (1 restricted)1997-1998
27Video Production1995-1997
27Center for Family Business1995-1996
27Center for Innovation in Urban Education1996
27Center for the Study of Sport in Society (2 folders)1995-1998
14-16Chronological Files (32 folders)1995-2000
College of Arts and Sciences
27Marine Science Center1994-1997
28College of Business Administration (2 folders)1995-1997
28College of Criminal Justice (2 folders)1995-1999
College of Engineering
28General (2 folders)1995-1996
28"Proposal to the National Science Foundation for An Engineering Research Center for High Resolution Sensing and Imaging Systems" (3 folders)1997
28Scholarships and Awards1998
28College of Nursing1995-1998
28College of Business Administration (2 folders)1995-1997
16College Revenue Sharing1995
28Commission on Diversity1995-1997
28Committee on Funding Priorities (3 folders)1998-2001
16Competing Pressures on the Financial Aid Budget2001
28Cooperative Education (4 folders)1995-1999
16Corporation Annual Meeting2000
28Correspondence (3 folders)1995-1998
25, 28Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) (8 folders)1995-2001
President John A. Curry
33Correspondence (2 folders)1994-1996
33Meeting Agendas1995
28Database Systems1996
29Dedications and Recognitions1995-1997
16Development Progress Report, Fiscal Year 1976-19971997
16Diversity Leadership Seminar2000
29Educational Technology Center Report1997
29Event Planning and Invitations1997-1998
29Faculty Senate1995-1998
29Feasibility Study (2 folders)n.d., 1999-2000
29"Forefront" Newsletter1998-2000
President Richard M. Freeland
33Cabinet (3 folders)1995-1998
33Club Night at the Pops1996-1997
34Correspondence (3 folders)1997-1999
34Dinner Series (2 folders)1997-1999
17-18Letters and Logs (13 folders)1996-2001
33Meeting Agendas (8 folders)1996-2000
29The Future of Boston's Past1998
16Giving Prospectus (Restricted)1999
16, 29Goals and Objectives, Fiscal Years 1995-2002 (9 folders)1995-2001
29Golden Graduates1996-1997
29Grenzebach, Glier & Associates, Inc.: Consultants in Philanthropic Marketing (2 folders)1995-1996
29Honorary Degree Recipients (2 folders)1995-1997
29Human Resources1988-1997
29The Huntington Society (4 folders) (1 restricted)1995-1999
29Inter-faith Chapel1995-1997
29International Studies1995-1999
29Irving and Betty Brudnick Celebration1997
29Krentzman Quadrangle Dedication1996
29Latino/a Student Cultural Center1995-1997
17, 30Leadership Campaign (13 folders)1998-2001
17Leadership Retreat (2 folders)1999-2001
30Major Gifts Prospects (Restricted)1998-2000
30Dr. Robert Marini (2 folders)1995-1998
30Marino Recreation Centern.d., 1994-1997
30"Marketing Communications Plan for 1995-1996"1995
30Marketing Consultants (2 folders)1997-1999
30Massachusetts Summit on America's Future1997
17, 30Master Plan (6 folders)1995-1998
30 Master Plan Working Committee1997-1998
30Matthews Distinguished University Professors (2 folders)1996-1997
30Matching Gifts (Restricted)1996-1998
Meeting Agendas
30Administrative Staff1995-1999
30Unit Managers (5 folders)1995-2000
30Naming Opportunities (3 folders)1995-1998
17, 30-31National Council (12 folders) (4 restricted)1995-2001
31News Articles and Press Releases1995-2000
Northeastern University
17Competitive Terrain1999
17Current Publications Review1999
17Strategic Marketing Plan1999
17Undergraduate Marketing Study: Report of Findings2000
31"Northeastern University Institutional Self-Study" (2 folders)n.d., 1998
31Notes (2 folders)n.d., 1996-1998
31NU Leadership Retreat1998
31Office of Alumni Relations (6 folders)1995-1999
31-32Office of Corporations and Foundations (21 folders) (1 restricted)1995-2000
Office of University Development
32Organizational Chart1999
32Proposed Budget1996
32Office of Government Relations and Community Affairs1996-1997
32Office of Planned Giving (3 folders) (1 restricted)1995-1999
32Office of University Relations1997-1998
17, 32-33Elliott Oshry (4 folders)1995-2000
33"Parent and Family Evaluation Report"1997
Positions Searches
33Director of Development for Alumni and Friends (2 folders)1998-1999
33Director of University Relations1999-2000
33Provost 1997-1998
33Vice Provost of Research and Graduate Education1996
17Potential Arts Donations: Arthur S. Goldberg1998
17President's Cabinet (2 folders)1998-2001
17President's Email1998-2001
34President's Leadership Retreat (5 folders)1998-2000
34Presidential Inauguration Committee1996-1997
34Presidential Residence1998
34Presidential Scholars (2 folders)1997-1999
34Re-accreditation Site Visit by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges1998-1999
34Regional Alumni Strategy1995-1998
18Report to Northeastern University on Information Technology Review1996
34Retirees Events1995-1999
34Ronald Rossetti1998
29Kenneth Ryder Testimonial Dinner1989
18Ronald Schiller (2 folders)1999-2001
School of Law
34General (2 folders)1993-1998
34"Report to the Long Range Planning Committee of the University Board of Trustees"1997
34Reuben B. Gryzmish Law Fund1996
34Sculpture Park1996-1997
18Senior Challenge1998
18-19Senior Vice President's Meetings (13 folders)1998-2001
34Space Planning and Physical Plant (6 folders)1995-1999
19Strategic Analysis of Image and Marketing Opportunities (2 folders)1998
34Strategic Plan1995-1997
34Structures Working Group1997
34Student Affairs1995-1998
35Task Force on Alumni Relations (5 folders)1996-1997
35Task Force on Technology Transfer (2 folders)1996-1997
35Technology Applications Center1997
35Technology and Education Committee1995
35Telecommunications Advisory Committee (2 folders)1995
35Tobin Scholars1995-1997
35-36Trips (21 folders)1997-2000
19, 36Trustee Professorships (4 folders)1997-1999
19, 36Unit Planning (3 folders)1998-1999
36University College1995-1996
36University Funded Positions1996-1997
B. Eugene Reppucci
43Administrationn.d., 1976-1980
36Alden Trust (2 folders)1987-1988
43Annual Givingn.d.
43Appointments (2 folders)n.d., 1966, 1968, 1971, 1985, 1994
36"Archives and Special Collections Expansion Proposal"n.d.
36Athletic Development Program (3 folders)1982-1991
43Awardsn.d., 1977, 1985, 1988, 1991, 1993
Board of Trustees
36Newsletter (3 folders)1989-1994
36Bouvé College1989-1992
43Building Renovation Plans: 716 Columbus 1994
36Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) (3 folders)1988-1994
Centennial Campaign
36"Bouvé College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, The Case for Support"1994
36"The Centennial Campaign for Northeastern University"1992
36"College of Arts and Sciences, The Case for Support"1994
36"College of Business Administration, The Case for Support"n.d.
36"College of Criminal Justice, The Case for Support"1994
36"College of Nursing, The Case for Support"1994
36"Engineering College, The Case for Support"n.d.
37"John D. O'Bryant African American Institute, The Case for Support"n.d.
37"School of Law, The Case for Support" and Draftn.d.
37Office of Communications1993-1994
37Planning (4 folders)1991-1992
37, 43Center for the Study of Sport in Society (4 folders)1987-2000
The Century Fund
19-20, 37General (16 folders)1978-1994
37Board of Trustees 1982, 1986
37, 43Brochures (2 folders) n.d.
38"Developments" Newsletter1982-1991
37Office of Communications (5 folders)1989-1992
39"Phase I Master Plan – Signage and Environmental Design"ca. 1987
Phase II
37Casebooksn.d., 1988-1989
37Campus Campaign Audio/Visual Presentation (2 folders)1987-1988
37Interim Report1990
37"Internal Review and Summary Audit"1991
37"Plan of Campaign"1987
43"Setting the Pace for Tomorrow"ca. 1990
43Staff Meetings1988-1990
38Volunteer's Manualca. 1990
20"College and University Development" by Eugene Reppucci, Jr.1976
38College of Arts and Sciences1987-1994
38College of Business Administration (5 folders)1979-1994
38College of Computer Sciencen.d., 1990
38College of Engineering (2 folders)1988-1993
38Contributions Committee (2 folders)1985-1993
43Cooperative Educationn.d., 1975
38Corporate Leadership Committee1985-1992
38, 43Correspondence (4 folders)1970-2001
20Council for Advancement and Support of Education: Awards1990
President John A. Curry
43Correspondence1970, 1980-1986, 1994-1995
43Meeting Agendas1991-1994
20Development Committee (3 folders)1978-1991
20, 38, 43Diamond Anniversary Fund (28 folders)n.d., 1961-1976
Donation Recruitment Trips
43Los Angeles1985
43President Carl S. Ell: Correspondence1970
43Faculty Honorary Degrees and Area Designations1978-1984
43Federal Relations1965-1969
39Financial (2 folders) (Restricted)1987-1994
43Goals and Accomplishments1980-1983
43Graduating Engineers Day1983
39Honorary Degree Recipients1986-1994
39Index of Memorials and Giftsn.d.
39Institutional Research (2 folders)1990-1994
20, 39Ketchum Fund: Raising Counsel (5 folders)1986-1991
President Asa S. Knowles
43General (2 folders)1965, 1971-1990
43"Northeastern University Commencement 1974 Charge to the Graduating Class"1974
20Chet Krentzman: Alumni Statistics Binder1995
39Leadership Donors (2 folders)1984-1994
39Reggie Lewis: Memorial Service1991-1995
43Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority (HEFA)1985-1990
39Matthews Distinguished University Professors1985-1994
20Mugar Life Sciences Building Expansion1972-1973
39The National Council Standing Committees1967-1995
39National Society of Fund Raising Executives, Massachusetts Chapter1985-1992
10, 20, 43Newspaper Clippings (7 folders)1961, 1968, 1971, 1978, 1981-1993
20Next Campaign1991
43Northeastern University Centennial Celebration1998
20Northeastern University Organizational Charts1988-1993
39"Northeastern University's Outreach to Boston"1993
39Northeastern University Retirees1988-1993
43John D. O'Bryant Memorial Service1992
39Office of the Provost1991-1994
43Oral History Project1994-1995
39Policies and Procedures1992-1994
43Presidential Search Committee1988-1989
20Progress Reports1975-1979
21Public Affairs1980-1987
39Public Relations1994
21Radio Stations for Purchase1992-1993
39Recognition Events1981-1989
21Report of the Special Committee on Enrollments1991
21Research Council Task Force on Funding1981-1983
President Kenneth G. Ryder
43Correspondence (2 folders)1975-1985
43"Self-Assessment as President of Northeastern University"1992
39Senior Challenge1988-1989
39Snell Library1987-1991
40Society Organized Against Racism (S.O.A.R.)1990-1994
43Speeches (2 folders)1973-1994
21Sponsored Programs1975-1987
40, 43 Staff Meetings (5 folders)1983-1992
21Standards Necessary for Success1976-1995
40Strategic Plan1986-1994
44Royal King Toebes Room Dedication1995
44Twenty-Five-Year Associates1986-1988
44John Volpe1971-1973, 1978, 1988, 1994
40Voluntary Support of Education Surveys1990-1994
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2. Administration, n.d., 1920-2001
Volume:6.15 cubic ft.


The records of this series document the daily activities of the Office of Development. Included are correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, newsletters, brochures, flyers, reports, scrapbooks, films, and videotapes. Materials from the Diamond Anniversary Development Program, the Century Fund, and the Centennial Campaign include information regarding financial goals, fundraising methods, and assessment of NU's needs, activities, and accomplishments. Newsletters and publications of the OUD provide updates on the fundraising campaigns' solicitation efforts and achievements. The collection also includes records of the National Council, a NU leadership committee founded in 1964 to assist NU in adding to its financial resources, strengthening its services, and promoting an effective relationship with alumni and the local community. In addition, the collection contains records documenting fund raising before the inception of the OUD, including account books from the Alumni Office and general fundraising publications.
44Advisory Group1999
10Auditorium: Donor Listn.d.
10Estate Planning Regional Seminars1979
44Executive Forum1994-1997
11, 44Friends: The President's Club Night at the Boston Pops (2 folders)1995-1997
1By Geography (Hartford, New Haven, and Rhode Island)1962
1By Professionn.d., 1962-1965
10Membership in Recognition Clubs and Programs1977-1978
10Records and Gift Information Statistics (2 folders)1987-1988
Annual Giving
1ENCORE! Challengen.d.
1Recognition Clubsn.d.
44Campaign Donation Charts1997-2001
44Commemorative Directory1983-1989
1Engineering Facility, The Charles A. Dana Foundation Challengen.d.
1"The $10 Reasonable Request"n.d.
1"Two Can Give as Easily as One"n.d.
1"Your Gift Goes Twice As Far"n.d.
1Gift Acknowledgement Cardn.d.
1, 10"Leadership Donors- Special Report" (12 folders)1981-1994
1, 2, 9"The Northeastern Fund Annual Report" (20 folders)1954-1980
40, 44"Northeastern University Alumni Annual Giving Report" (3 folders)1976-1978
10"NU 1974-1975 Annual Giving Program Final Report," American Fund Raising Services, Inc.1975
2The Quarter Million Dollar Challengeca. 1977
10Scrapbook, "75th Anniversary Honor Roll of Alumni Donors"1973-1974
2"Ten Years of Progress and Service"1968
Art Donations
44"Flame of Hope" Sculpture1994
44"Ghost Ship" Tapestry1994
2, 44Arthur S. Goldberg Collection (2 folders)1994
45George D. Behrakis Health Sciences Center: Building Plansn.d.
10"Multiply Your Giftn.d.
10"Remembering Through Giving"n.d.
10"A Unit of Time"n.d.
Centennial Campaign
11Annual Giving: The Centennial Pathway1996
10"Creating a Campus for the Future"1996
10"A Lasting Investment in People"1960
2"The Centennial Campaign for NU: Community, Cooperation, Commitment"1994
44Corporators Division1992-1994
2Inaugural Celebration1994
2New Faculty Orientation Program1995
9"The Centennial Campaign News"1995-1996
2"NU Legacy"1994-1995
44Post-Campaign Audit1998
44"The Shape of Success"1997
The Century Fund
2Board of Trustees Report1982
2"The Botolph Building"ca. 1985
2"Kariotis Hall"ca. 1982
2"Northeastern Arena"ca. 1982
2"Opportunities for Giving"ca. 1981
2"Outdoor Track and Field Facility"ca. 1984
10"50th Reunion Gift Program: Ways of Giving"n.d.
2Recognition Clubsn.d.
11"Ways to Give to NU Boston"1989
2"Your Guide"ca. 1983
44Campaign History1985-1991
2Donor Cardca. 1981
2, 44Engineering (3 folders) 1983-1984
2Information Packetn.d.
Newsletters and Magazines
9"The Campus Campaign"n.d.
2, 9"Developments"1982-1991
11"Northeastern Today"1981
Phase I "Donors"
2"A Message from the President and Chairman of the Corporation and Board of Trustees"1980
Phase II
11Announcementca. 1987
11, 44Campus Campaign (3 folders)n.d., 1990, 1998-2000
11Communication Plan1987
11"Decades of Progress: A Future of Promise"1986
2Facts and Goals1989
11Final Report1991
11Invitation to Celebrate End of Phase II1991
11Leadership Phase Plan1988
11NU Communications Personnel Press Brunch1988
2"NU Endowment Fund"ca. 1988
2"NU Library-Resource Center"ca. 1988
Plan of Campaign
11Executive Summary1987
11Policies and Proceduresca. 1987
2"President Recognition Event"1989
11Report, "Internal Review and Summary of Audit of Phase II of the Century Fund Conducted for NU," Ketchum, Inc.1991
11Standards for Successca. 1989
2"A Story of Promise"ca. 1991
"A Tradition of Leadership"
11Video Recordingn.d.
44Victory Celebration1991
11Volunteer's Manual1988
2"A Compendium of Named Buildings, Rooms, Equipment, Memorials, and Plaques from October 1938 through June 30, 1959"1959
Consultant Reports
44Ketchum Reports: General1998-1999
3"A Study of the Fund Raising Potential of Northeastern University," by Ketchum, Inc.1986
21, 44"A Study and Report of the Fundraising Potential of Northeastern University" (2 folders)1992
44"A Special Study and Report of the Fundraising Potential of Northeastern University"2000
3"A Survey and Plan of Fund Raising for Northeastern University," The John Price Jones Corporation (2 folders)1931
21"A Survey Study of and for Northeastern University"ca. 1960
3Corporate Leadership Event1991
44Curry Testimonial Dinner and Curry Center Dedication (4 folders)1996
Diamond Anniversary Development Program
3Alumni Programn.d., 1962-1966
3Alumni Program Dinner Meeting Invitationsn.d.
3"Alumni Program Roll of Honor"n.d.
3Boston-Bouvé, "A Proud Past... A Challenging Future"n.d.
3, 44General (3 folders)n.d., 1961-1964, 1973
3"Patterns of Purposeful Giving"1962
3"The University that Dared to be Different"ca. 1962
3Business and Industry Committeen.d., 1965
3Commemoration Dinner1975
3"A Co-operative Future," Draft1961
3"First Phase Report"1964
3Flyer: "1898-This was Northeastern"1973
3, 7, 44Husky Associates (3 folders)1965-1969, 1975-1977
10Memorandan.d., 1967, 1970
Newspapers and Newsletters
9"Boston Globe" Supplementca. 1973
3, 9"Developments"1963-1970
3"Greater Boston Business" (reprint)1961
3"Industry" (reprint)1959
9"Northeastern News"1961
3"NU Alumnus"1962
3"NU Review"1965-1974
3"Northeastern Today"ca. 1964
3"NU Annual Giving: Continues to Serve"n.d.
3"NU Land Share Certificate- Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf O. Oberg"ca. 1964
4"People Call it the Miracle on Huntington Avenue..."ca. 1963
9Presentation Proposalca. 1962
4Sample Fund Raising Lettersn.d., 1964-1966
Second Phase: Alumni Offices and Executive Committee
4"Business and Industry Prospects- Jack Bohlen"ca. 1964
4Inauguration Dinner1965
4"Introducing the Husky Associates"ca. 1968
4"The Time and the Idea Have Met"n.d.
4"Your Guide"ca. 1964
Third Phase Announcement of Objectives
4"Athletic Facilities- Your Guide"n.d.
4"Athletic Facilities Program Varsity Club" (brochure)ca. 1973
4Information Packetca. 1969
4Objectives and Goals1971
Dodge Library
4Advertisement in "New England Newsletter"1951
4"Our Bag is Books" (Metal Buttons)1968
9Scrapbooksca. 1953
4The Carl Stephens Ell Alumni Scholarship1961
10"Estate Planning for Women"n.d.
Fiftieth Anniversary
4"An Asset to New England Business"1947
4Donor Card1948
4"Notes" Newsletter1948
Fund Records
5Class Building and Laboratory Funds1939-1948
5Development Fund Subscriptions1936-1944
6Development Payments1941-1946
5Donation Logs1948-1952
6Law Alumni, Chapel Building, Alumni Fund, 50th Anniversary, Student Center1936-1949
6Payments: Development Fund, Faculty, Salary, Endowment Fund, Other Funds1957
6Payments: Library Building Fund, Special Gifts, Special Equipment Fund, Classroom Laboratory Building Fund1952-1957
7Richards Hall Fund Payments1938-1941
10General Electric Matching Gift Program: Correspondence1961
General Fund Raising Publications
7"Blazing a New Trail in Higher Education"1935
7"A Clean Slate"1948
7"A Dynamic Approach in a Changing World"1953
7"Education for Action"1949
9"Education in the Public Interest"1947
7"Northeastern of the Future: Buildings and Endowment"ca. 1925
10"The Need for the Laboratory Building Now"ca. 1940
10"The Northeastern Plan"n.d.
7"Northeastern Today..."1958
9"A Permanent Investment in Enduring Values"1945
10"Salient Facts"n.d.
7"This is Northeastern"1956
7"This was NU in 1898"1953
7"Tools for Progress"n.d.
7"A Wise Use of Wealth"1947
10Gift Record Procedure1961
2, 7, 44The Huntington Society (5 folders)n.d., 1990-2000
45Kerr Hall Dedication1975
45Leadership Campaign (8 folders)1998-2001
7Library and Informational Media Retrieval System (Proposal)n.d., 1964, 1970-1971
45George Makris' Correspondence1982
45Matthews Arena Rink Expansion1995
7, 45Matthews Distinguished University Professor Program Fund (2 folders)n.d., 1967, 1993
10John McKenna: File Folder Listca. 1960
7Memorandan.d., 1964, 1974-1989
National Council
11Administrative Board Meeting Minutes1964, 1976-1984
11Alumni Leadership Objectives1967
Annual Meeting
11Address: Senator John O. Pastore1965-1966
Annual Meeting and Symposium
12, 45Invitations (2 folders)1966, 1973-1997
12Programs (2 folders)1967-1983, 1992-1996
12Annual Reports1970-1976
12Charter Meeting Invitations (2 folders)n.d., 1965
12Officers and Members-at-Large Nominations1965-1991
12Purpose and Constitutionn.d.
12U.S. Environmental Protection Agencyca. 1975
10Newsletters by class 1986-1990
10Newsletter: "Connections"1987-1992
45Newsletter of the 50th Reunion Classes1995-1996
45Next Campaign1992
1, 45The John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute "An Art Exhibition by African-American Artists" (2 folders)1995
45Overseers Committee2000
Planned Giving
7"The Economy of Giving"1967
7Quarterly Plannern.d.
45Planned Gift Committee1999-2000
7Pooled Income Fundn.d., 1977
45Presidential Prospects2000
13The President's Recognition Luncheon1991-1994
13, 45The Frank Palmer Speare Society (2 folders)n.d., ca. 1983, 1994, 1997
8Publications (6 folders)n.d., 1931-1965
45Retirees Seminar and Luncheon1995, 1997
45Ronald Rossetti Correspondence1998-2001
School of Law
8Alumni Assignments1965
10Information Kitca. 1964
8"Report to Campaign Cabinet"1966
8A Special Program for the School of Law (3 folders)n.d., 1965-1966
Snell Library Donor Recognition Program
8Fund Raising Brochuresn.d.
13Kresge Foundation Challengen.d.
8Special Investment Annuity Plan1947
10Robert E. Turner Memorial Scholarship Fund1978
10"Understanding Tax Reform"n.d.
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3. Media, n.d., 1981-2000
Volume:1 cubic ft.


This series contains both audio and video material that is produced for, by, or in relation to the Office of Development. The majority of the tapes are of general university activities. Of note are multiple productions that correlate with university-wide campaigns. Of special interest is a video recording (ca. 1920) that seeks to raise money for new buildings for the Evening School of Law and the Evening School of Commerce and Finance.
45Alloy Orchestra Music (CD, 2 copies)1994
22"Century Fund" Sound Track and Cue Tapes 1 and 21981
22Dean's Development Retreat1992
22Knowledge Show #601991
22"Access to Excellence" (VHS, 2 copies)n.d.
22Alumni Video (VHS)1999
8"Another Milestone in the Telechron History" (VHS)1943
22Beanpot (VHS)1995
22Beanpot Tradition (VHS)1995
22Beanpot Welcome (VHS, 3 copies)1994, 1996
45Behrakis Health Sciences Center Groundbreaking Tapes 1 & 2 (VHS & Beta)2000
22"Center for Family Business" (VHS)1992
22President Clinton Commencement Speaker (VHS)1993
22"College Grads and the Job Market" NBC News (VHS)1993
22Cooperative Education Awards (VHS)1995
45Cooperative Education Campaign (VHS & Video8)1988
22Development Slide Show (Beta, 2 copies)n.d.
42President Freeland Freshman Convocation (VHS, 2 copies)1996
42President Freeland State of the University Address (VHS, 3 tapes)1996
10"Fund Raising for Building Program; Evening School of Law; Evening School of Commerce and Finance" (VHS and 16mm)ca. 1920
22"Groton People" (VHS)n.d.
22Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures: "Mush!" Show 215 (VHS)n.d.
22The Inauguration of John A. Curry (VHS, 2 copies)1989
42Interview of Meaghan Brachtl Tapes 15 and 16 (VHS)1995
45Library Resource Center Groundbreaking (VHS)1987
22Marino Center Groundbreaking (VHS)1995
45Matthews Arena Testimonial Dinner Tapes 1 & 2 (VHS, 2 copies)1998
45Matthews Arena Testimonial Dinner B-Roll Tapes 1-6 (Beta)1998
22Northeast Spot (Beta)1996
45Northeastern in 8 Minutes (VHS, 2 copies)ca. 1997
22Northeastern University Cheerleaders/Olympics (VHS)1996
22Northeastern Tuition (VHS)n.d.
22"Preparing for A Deposition in a Business Case" (VHS)n.d.
42Presidential Inauguration (Beta, 4 tapes)1997
42Public Service Announcements: "Co-op" and "Total Experience" (Beta)n.d.
22"A Tradition of Leadership" (VHS, 2 copies)n.d.
22"A Tribute to Dedication" (VHS)n.d.
22WCVB-5 Editorial and "Campus at a Crossroads" (VHS, 2 copies)1990-1991
22"What Sets Us Apart": Centennial Campaign Video (VHS, 4 copies) (Beta, 3 copies)1995
42"If It Weren't for Northeastern..." Work-in-progress (VHS)1995
22"Pattern of Success" Work-in-progress (VHS, 2 copies)1995
22Cy Young Statute Unveiling (VHS)n.d.
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