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Title:Corporation and Board of Trustees records
Call Number:A12
List of Contents


1. Corporation, 1904-2005
Volume:2.80 cubic ft.

38, 41Acts and Resolves of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (18 folders)1904-1968
1Agreement of Association 1916
36Annual Meeting Program2003
1By-laws (7 folders)n.d., 1916-2000
37Certificate of Title1936
1Directory 1985-1990
2Meetings (audio tapes) (4 folders)1959, 1973-1975
3Members Card Filen.d.
5-7, 45Records (74 folders)1936-2005
37, 41Name Change Documents (2 folders)1920, 1935
39, 41Northeastern University Seal Registration (2 folders)1972-1979
41Organization Chart1930
38Revenue Bond Information (3 folders)1998-2005
39Tax Exemption Issues1977-1978
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2. Board of Trustees of the Permanent Funds, 1924-1932
Volume:0.1 cubic ft.

7Minutes 1924-1932
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3. Board of Trustees, 1902-2010
Volume:25.95 cubic ft.

7Ad Interim Affairs, Committee on1932
Academic Affairs Committee
7-11, 45Records (139 folders)1969-2005
11Acquiring of Additional Land, Special Committee on (3 folders)1933
11Annuities, Special Committee on 1940
11Areas, Committee on 1940
11, 45Athletics, Ad Hoc Committee on (2 folders)1998
11-12, 45Audit Committee (56 folders)1978-2005
Azland, Inc.
36, 45Annual Meeting1969-1976, 1986-1992, 2002
36Assumption and Idemnity Agreement1969
36Corporate Records1968
36Deed of Trust1968
36Note Purchase Agreement1968
36Leases (7 folders)1968-1977
36Mortgages (3 folders)1968-1969
37Notes and Assignments1968-1969
37Property Taxes1972, 1974, 1977, n.d.
37Sale to Home and Savings Loan Association – Ohio1977-1978
37Proposal of Land Sale1969
37Rent Checks and Gift Notations1970-1972
37Tax Reports1984-1990
12-13,43Budget Committee: Records (24 folders)1932, 1984-1993
13Building Committee1933
13Buildings Committee (7 folders)1945-1954
37Buildings and Real Estate Index1961-1981
13Bylaws Review Committee 1943
37Centennial Campaign: Post-Campaign Internal Review1998
13Chairman, Correspondence and Memoranda 1975
37Chairman's Event, Programs2003, 2005
37Commencement Committee: Minutes (3 folders)1984-1993
13, 25Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degrees (3 folders)1983-1984, 1995-1998
13Committees, General 1990
25, 45Cooperative Education, Special Committee on (8 folders)1998-1999
14Correspondence (2 folders)1974-1975
37Debt Assessment, Subcommittee on: Minutes1987
Development Committee
14, 45Records (82 folders)1935-2005
14, 45Development Committee and Campaign Cabinet (11 folders)1993-2005
37Diamond Anniversary Development Program1975
37, 49 Enrollment, Special Committee on (4 folders) 1990-1991
Executive Committee
14Beggs Proposition, Special Committee on 1959
14Boston Storage Warehouse, Special Committee on 1959
37Business and Industry Institute, Proposal1967
14Faculty Retirement Plan, Special Committee on 1946
14Finance, Subcommittee on 1961
14Financing the 10-Year Development Program, Subcommittee on 1961
14Huntington School for Boys, Special Committee on the Disposition of 1950
14-17, 45-46Minutes (475 folders)1933-2005
17New England College of Pharmacy, Special Committee on 1961
17Pierce Mansion, Special Committee on 1961
17Student Center Building, Subcommittee on 1945
17United Reality Property, Special Committee on (3 folders)1960
Facilities, Committee on
17, 46Facilities, Subcommittee on (4 folders)1998-2004
17-18Minutes (49 folders)1954-1992
18Facilities and Development, Committee on (9 folders)1972-1978
18Faculty Dismissal Committee1988
18Fiftieth Anniversary, Central Committee on (2 folders)1947
18Finance Committee (37 folders)1980-1992
18Finance and Facilities, Committee on 1993
18, 46Financial Affairs, Committee on (32 folders)1993-2005
19, 42-43Auditor's Reports, Financial Statements and Statistical Reports (35 folders)1925-1986
37, 48Surveys and Plans for Fund Raising for Northeastern University and Fund–Raising Potential of Northeastern University, Special Study and Report 1931, 1934, 2000
19Funds and Investments, Committee on (17 folders) 1938-1945, 1974-1979
19, 46Funds and Investments, Subcommittee on (8 folders)1998-2005
19, 46Governance (20 folders)1984-2004
46Graduate Education, Special Committee (5 folders)2003-2004
19Honorary Degrees, Special Committee on (3 folders)1961-1962,1973
19Housing and Endowment, Joint Committee Meeting (2 folders)1928
20Housing, Committee on (5 folders)1993
20Inauguration, Committee on 1940
20Institute for Experiential Education, Special Committee on 1973
37Institute for Off-Campus Experience and Cooperative Education1973-1974
20Invitations to Dinners Honoring Chairman and President 1989
20Jury Award of the Board of Trustees 1934
20, 46Long-Range Planning Committee (39 folders)1984-2004
31-36, 43-44Members (526 folders)1902-2010
21-24, 44-46Records (425 folders)1917-2005
4, 28-30Microfilm1915-1999
37Index (3 folders)1926-1944, 1960-1980
38Index of Votes (5 folders)1961-1988
24New Requirements of Board of Bar Examiners, Special Committee on 1934
24, 27, 47Nominating Committee: Records (83 Folders)1933-1965, 1978-2005
24, 37, 47Overseers, Board of (28 folders)1985-2002
24Orientation for New Members 1999
24, 49 Presidential Nominating Council (8 folders) 1988-1989, 1995-1996
Presidential Selection Advisory Committee
24Candidates; A-W, (5 folders)1974-1975
25Chronology 1974-1975
25Correspondence and Activities (20 folders)1973-1975
25Final Candidates (5 folders)1973-1975
25Progress Reports 1974-1975
25Purchase of Durant Land, Special Committee on 1932
25Re-organization, Special Committee on 1931
25Revise Dismissal Procedure, Committee to 1990
25Separation of Northeastern University from Boston YMCA 1995
39South Africa
25Speare's Retirement, Special Committee on 1940
25Special Committee (2 folders)1992-1999
Special Committee for the Selection of a President
25Final Report 1990
25Meeting Minutes (2 folders)1988-1989
25Memoranda 1988-1989
25Progress Reports 1988-1989
25Special Meeting of Board of Trustees (2 folders)1973-1975
37Standing Committees Minutes Index1932-1973
39Strategic Plan Implementation Report1989
39Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Strategic Plan Report “The Connected Community”1993
39Strategic Research and Graduate Program Development: Executive Summary1999
Students Affairs, Committee on
25Records (19 folders)1969-1993
4Microfilm 1969-1972
25, 47Student Affairs and Commencement, Committee on (32 folders)1994-2005
39Study of the Campus Environment for Diversity, Report1996
39Task Force on Alumni Relations Final Report1997
40Testimonial: George Matthews (2 videotapes)2003
25University Problems, Special Committee on 1935
39Wentworth Liaison Committee1983
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4. Executive Council for the University, 1922-1978
Volume:1.15 cubic ft.

26Announcement 1949
26Approval 1966
26Correspondence 1963
26Joint Meeting of the Executive and Academic Council (29 folders)1961-1978
26Membership List 1922-1962
26Memoranda 1970, 1974
26Minutes (205 folders)1957-1978
27Proposed Agenda 1966
27Vote 1960
27Vote Index 1960-1978
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