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Title:Dept. of Athletics records
Call Number:A17
List of Contents


1. Department of Athletics, n.d., 1921-2014 (1952-2008 bulk)
Volume:113.55 cubic ft.
Arrangement: Organized into 9 subseries: A. Administration, B. Varsity Club Hall of Fame, C. Baseball, D. Basketball, E. Cross Country and Track and Field, F. Football, G. Ice Hockey, H. Outside Associations and Committees, I. Phil Bissell Cartoons

Sub-series A. Administration largely contains the business records of the Department of Athletics and its various officers.  The sub-series spans 1925-2004, but the bulk represents the years of Herbert Gallagher's tenure of Athletic Director, 1953-1977.  The sub-series includes contracts for sporting events (box 1, folders 30-37), records from the office of the Business Manager (box 2, folders 97-98; box 3, folders 124-125), and records from the office of the assistant Director of Athletics (box 3, folders 127-132).  Also included in the sub-series are records from the office of Cooperative Work (box 3, folders 187-190), and records relating to sports publicity (box 1, folders 26-27; box 2, folders 85-87; box 3, folder 126). The emergence of Crew as a varsity sport in the 1960's is documented in this sub-series, including the proposal to establish crew as a major sport (box 1, folders 38-39).  The correspondence of Herbert Gallagher from 1950-1968 is included in the sub-series (box 2, folder 64-79), along with the correspondence of Edward Parsons from 1945-1958. Parsons was Gallagher's predecessor, and the correspondence includes several letters from students and colleagues written from Europe detailing their experiences in World War II (box 2, folder 104).  He stepped down in 1953 to become Northeastern's Business Manager. Also in this sub-series are the records of Irwin Cohen, who served as Athletic Director from 1983-1996. The majority of Cohen's records are correspondence and memos including correspondence with John Curry, Philip T. Crotty, Robert Culver, John D. O'Bryant and Phyllis Schaen (box 15, folders 572-583).

Sub-series B. Varsity Club Hall of Fame contains files for each inductee, consisting of biographical data, induction programs, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, press releases, and travel sheets. In addition, there are 3 folders of administrative material consisting of by-laws, constitutions, and committee meeting reports. There were no inductees for the years of 1998 and 2007. Additional material can be found in Subseries A: Administration. A sortable index of inductees is available online at

Sub-series C. Baseball spans 1932-1999, with the bulk of the material documenting the period 1944-1969.  The subseries includes a 1932 baseball banquet program, when Herbert Gallagher was a member of the team (box 4, folder 194), articles about the team (box 4, folder 193), programs and schedules (box 4, folders 212, 214), correspondence concerning the team and prospective game officials (box 4, folders 199-207, 211), a program commemorating the First World Series which was played in 1903 at Huntington Avenue American League Baseball Grounds (box 4, folder 197), and correspondence concerning the eligibility of R. Flynn to play baseball for Northeastern University. Mr. Flynn played professional baseball for a brief period of time before enrolling at Northeastern where he hoped to play collegiate baseball.  The correspondence details the legal issues involved in determining amateur status in 1954 (box 4, folder 198). This sub-series also includes baseball scorebooks (box 20) spanning 1939-1980, with gaps.

Sub-series D. Basketball contains records spanning 1942-2008. The sub-series includes correspondence concerning the team and prospective game officials (box 4, folders 224-226, 229-232), the correspondence of basketball coach Richard Dukeshire (box 4, folders 218-223), programs and schedules (box 4, folders 233-235), brochures for basketball coach Jim Calhoun's Husky Basketball School (box 4, folder 215), score books (box 4), and films and VHS tapes of men's and women's basketball games (location 25/1/7, 25/2/1-4, 25/3/7, 30/1/1-2, boxes 41-52).

Sub-series E. Cross Country and Track and Field contains records spanning 1921-98, but the bulk of the records spans 1987 to 1997.  The sub-series includes correspondence concerning the teams (box 5, folders 237-239, 252-256), programs (box 5, folders 240, 245-247), and the records of coach Gerald R. Tatton (box 5, folders 248-251) and of coach Irwin Cohen (box 15, folders 539-552, 584-587). The bulk of Cohen's records consist of correspondence, memos, rosters and track meet schedules. Cohen's records also include appointment books (box 16, folders 586-587) that record team workouts from 1963-1966 and correspondence with Joseph P. Zabilski that spans 1981-1983 (box 15, folders 584-585). This subseries also contains Cross Country and Track and Field programs from Northeastern track meets and championships (boxes 16-18, folders 588-590, 626-662) from both Men's and Women's programs. The bulk of the programs are from championships sponsored by outside organizations, like the Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Programs from distinctive meets, such as invitationals and relays, are also included. The Records and Schedules folders encompass statistics, top running times, rosters, schedules and results from both Cross Country and Track and Field events (box 16, folders 591-611, 617-625 and boxes 18-19, folders 663-731).

Sub-series F. Football contains records spanning 1933-1996.  The sub-series includes correspondence concerning the football team and prospective game officials (box 5, folders 264-270, 272-274), correspondence of Coach Joseph Zabilski who succeeded Herbert Gallagher as Athletic Director (box 6, folders 284-291), programs and press releases (box 5, folders 276-282), and films of football games (location 24/3/4-7, 24/4/1-7, 25/1/1-7), as well as videotapes of football games from 2000-2003 (boxes 23-27).

Sub-series G. Ice Hockey contains records spanning 1931 to 2003. The bulk of the sub-series covers 1942-1961.  The sub-series includes correspondence concerning the team and prospective game officials (box 6, folders 298-301), correspondence about hockey arenas (box 6 folders 295-296), programs (box 6, folder 302), score books (box 6), and films and VHS tapes of hockey games (location 25/2/3, box 40).

Sub-series H. Outside Associations and Committees contains records that deal with the various intercollegiate athletic associations and committees that Northeastern University belonged to and/or Herbert Gallagher served as a member of, from 1931-1968.  The sub-series includes records of regional and national organizations concerning most of the sports in which Northeastern competes.  Also included in sub-series G. are records concerning the United States Olympic Committee, which Gallagher chaired (box 9, folders 375-380).

Sub-series I. Phil Bissell Cartoons contains original cartoons and program artwork by Phil Bissell. Bissell is a prominent Boston area sports cartoonist who worked for the Boston Herald and Boston Globe (1953-1965), where in 1960 he created the original “Pat Patriot” logo for the Boston (now New England) Patriots. Covering the years 1964-1985, this collection of Northeastern Athletics cartoons includes artwork for game day programs and cartoons celebrating individual achievements by Northeastern athletes and coaches. Football and Men's Ice Hockey receive the most attention, but Bissell covers a wide range of Northeastern sports teams.

A. Administration
1Athletes Project1995
Athletic Development Program
1Field (2 folders)n.d., 1951-1952
1Hall of Fame (2 folders)1975-1977
1Office: Memos (4 folders)1954-1958
1Outfitters1955, 1957
1Barletta Natatorium: Dedication1969
1Bulletins (8 folders)1954-1961
1Business Administration (2 folders)1958, 1961-1962
1Center for Study of Sport and Society (2 folders)n.d., 1983-1992
1Cloney, William (Director of Publicity Bureau) Correspondence (2 folders)1946-1954
Cohen, Irwin (Athletic Director)
15Chronological Files (20 folders) (4 Restricted)1983-1990
15Crotty, Philip T.1989-1991
15Culver, Robert (2 folders)1991-1992
15Curry, John (7 folders) (1 Restricted)1983-89, 1991
15O'Bryant, John D.1985-1987
15Schaen, Phyllis (Restricted)1991
1Committee on Athletics: Report1976
1Contracts: Sporting Events (8 folders)1943-1944, 1954-1961
1, 39Crew (3 folders)1963-1989
1Day College1948-1953
1Day College Council (4 folders)1954-1959
2Ell, Carl S. (6 folders)1952-1959
2Equipment (4 folders)1947-1958
2Event Finances1948-1953
2Faculty Bulletin1953
2Club Bulletins1957-1958
2Members: Memos to (4 folders)1956-1965
40Field Hockey America East Champs (VHS)1997
2Flying Team: Articlen.d.
Gallagher, Herbert W.
2Articlesn.d., 1956-1960
2Correspondence (16 folders)1950-1968
2Dedication: Gallagher Lobby1983
2Testimonial Dinner1976
2Gymnasium (2 folders)1949-1953
40Hershey's Kisses Figure Skating Challenge, Mathew's Arena (VHS)4/21/1996
2Holbrook, Robert (Sports Publicist) (3 folders)1955-1959
2Huntington Field (4 folders)1951-1959
2Husky Pride: Newsletter1989, 1993
2Kassabian, Kerkor (Trainer)1955
2Leaflets and Newslettersn.d., 1996-1999
2Louff, Armand (Equipment)1955-1956
2Mascot: Articles1955-1958
2Medals: Interscholasticn.d., 1946
2Nelson, Wilhelm J. (Business Manager of Athletics) (2 folders)1958-1959, 1964-1965
2Northeastern University Events: Newsletter1964-1965
2Open House1940, 1955
2Parking (2 folders)1951-1952
Parsons, Edward (Athletic Director, Business Manager)
2Correspondence (3 folders)1945-1958
2Memos to (3 folders)1954-1961
2Personnel, Prospective1952-1953
2Plaque Committee1947
Press Bureau
12Eastern Massachusetts Scholastic Press Conference1941-1942
2Press Releases (2 folders)1947, 1957-1958
3Programs and Magazines1959-1970
3Prospective Students (2 folders)1957-1958, 1964-1965
3Public Relations Supplement and Questionnaire1955
3Publicity (2 folders)1941, 1957-1958
3Recreation Sports Centern.d.
3Rifleryn.d., 1958, 1962
3Roberts, Daniel J. (Business Manager) Correspondence (2 folders)1951-1954
3Roberts, Ernie (Sports Publicity) Correspondence1953-1955
3Roberts, William E. (Assistant Director of Athletics) Correspondence (4 folders)1954-1959
3Rowe, Richard J. (Assistant Director of Athletics) Correspondence (2 folders)1954-1955
3Rowlands, Jeanne (Coordinator of Women's Athletics)
3Memos and Sports Program Information1977-1985
3Ryder, Kenneth: Memos to1955
3Schedules (6 folders)1939-1995
3Schlagenhauf, Milton J. (Director of Development) Correspondence (2 folders)1956-1957
3Season Passes (2 folders)1954-1955, 1981, 1985
3Soccer1963, 1967
3Sports Banquets (5 folders)1953-1969
3Insignia: Eligibility1953
3Sports Schedules1946, 1987-2004
3Student Athlete Handbook and Husky Newsletters1989-2003
Stevenson, J. Kenneth (Buildings and Grounds)
3Correspondence (2 folders)1952-1958
3Memos to (3 folders)1954-1959
39Strategic Plan1996-2000
3Telephone Operator: Memos to1958
3Tennis1932, 1950-1963
3Tickets (8 folders)1950-1965
3University Cabinet (4 folders)1955-1961
3Vacation Schedule (7 folders)1955-1964
3Vendor: Ivory System, Athletic Equipment Reconditioning1952-1955
39Volleyball Program1995
3Warren Centern.d.
3White, Dr. William C. (Vice-President) (5 folders)1951-1957
3Wooldridge, Roy L.: Cooperative Work (4 folders)1954-1960
3, 39Women's Athletics (3 folders)n.d., 1980-1994
B. Varsity Club Hall of Fame
30By-Laws, Constitution, Logos, Committee Reports1976-1995
30Exhibit: Invoices and Proposals1979-1995
301974-1981 (53 folders)1933-2013
311981-1986 (36 folders)1933-2008
321986-1989 (29 folders)1941-2012
331990-1994 (33 folders)1940-2011
341994-1999 (30 folders)1950-2009
351999-2003 (34 folders)1972-2004
362003-2009 (34 folders)1967-2009
372009-2010 (14 folders)1982-2010
382011-2013 (8 folders)1975-2014
C. Baseball
4Articles1955, 1957, 1977, 1980
4Exam Information1964
40Carlos Pena Piece (VHS)n.d.
40Greg Montalbano Feature, Channel 5 (VHS)5/11/1999
4First World Series Commemoration1956
4Flynn, Robert: Eligibility Correspondence1954
4General (9 folders)1944-1969
4Greater Boston Collegiate Baseball (2 folders)1952-1960
4Ground Rules, Huntington Field1946
4Schedules and Rosters1948-1964
20Scorebooks (34 folders)1939-1980
12Summer Roster1954
D. Basketball
Audio cassette
40Reggie Lewis: A Husky Hero WRBB-FMn.d.
4Calhoun, Jim Husky Basketball School1982-1983, 1995
4Colonial Tournament1968-1969
4Coaching Lecture Notes and Outlinen.d.
Dukeshire, Richard (Coach)
4Correspondence (3 folders)1964-1969
4Prospective Students (3 folders)1964-1969
39Faculty and Staff Appreciation Dayn.d.
Films (Men's Basketball)
25/1/7Drills, 1 reel1960?
25/1/7St. Anselm's (scrimmage), reel 1 1960?
25/1/7Bridgeport, reels 1-212/12/1960
25/1/7Massachusetts, reels 1-21/3/1961
25/1/7CCNY, reels 1-21/7/1961
25/2/3Harvard, 1 large reel12/18/1961?
25/2/3Boston College, 1 large reel1/31/1962
25/2/3Brandeis, 1 large reel12/3/1962
25/2/3New Hampshire, 1 large reel12/8/1962
25/1/7Scrimmage v. JP12/13/62
25/1/7Boston University, reels 1-21/5/1963
25/1/7St. Michael's1/18/1963
25/2/3Massachusetts, 1 large reel2/20/1963
25/2/3Springfield, 1 large reel3/9/1963
25/2/3Tufts, 1 large reel 12/17/1963
25/2/3Amherst, 1 large reel1/15/1964
25/2/3Boston College, 1 large reel1/29/1964
25/2/3Springfield, 1 large reel2/15/1964
25/2/4Boston University, 1 large reel2/17/1964
25/2/3AIC, 1 large reel2/24/1964
25/2/4Adelphi, 1 large reel3/7/1964?
25/2/4Brown, 1 large reel12/1/1964
25/2/4Massachusetts, 1 large reel1/2/1965
25/2/4Tufts, 1 large reel (also videotape copy location 25/2/2)2/24/1965
25/2/4MIT, 1 large reel (also videotape copy location 25/2/2)2/16/1966
25/2/4AIC, 1 large reel (also videotape copy location 25/2/2)2/19/1966
25/2/3Tufts, 1 large reel (also videotape copy location 25/2/2)1966?
25/1/7New Hampshire, 1-3 (also videotape and DVD copy)12/10/1966
25/2/4J.P. (scrimmage) (also videotape copy)12/13/1966
25/1/7Boston University, reels 1-2 (also videotape copy)1/6/1967
25/1/7Rhode Island, reels 1-3 (also videotape copy)1/12/1967
25/1/7Brown, reels 1-3 (also videotape and DVD copy)1/28/1967
25/1/7St. Mike's1967
25/1/7Massachusetts, reels 1-4 (also videotape copy)2/27/1968
25/2/1St. Anselm's, reels 1-312/1968
25/2/1Assumption, reels 1-31/4/1969
25/2/1New Hampshire, reels 2-31/9/1969
25/2/1Boston University (frosh), reel 11/21/1969
25/2/1Brandeis, reels 2-3?
25/2/1Brown, reels 1-212/6/1969
25/2/1New Hampshire, reel 112/9/1969?
25/2/1Holy Cross, reel 312/18/1969
25/2/1Holy Cross (frosh), reels 1-212/18/1969
25/2/1Tufts, reel 11/17/1970
25/2/1Boston University, reels 1-31/19/1970
25/2/1Springfield, reels 1-31/21/1970
25/2/1Boston College, reels 1-31/28/1970
25/2/1Boston College (frosh), reel 11/28/1970
25/2/1Boston University (frosh), reel 11970?
25/2/1Boston College, reels 1-312/1/1970?
25/2/1Fairleigh Dickinson, reels 1-312/5/1970
25/2/1LIU, reels 1-312/13/1971?
25/2/1New Hampshire (frosh), reels 1-22/13/1971
25/2/1George Washington, reels 1-31971?
25/2/1New Hampshire, reel 3 1971?
25/2/1Assumption, reels 1-31/25/1972
25/2/1Army, reel 13/4/1972
25/2/1St. Michael's, reels 1-312/9/1972
25/2/1New Hampshire, reels 1-31973?
25/2/1Boston University, reels 2-31973?
25/2/1Merrimack, reels 1-312/6/1973
25/2/2Beanpot BU r.26/6/1973
25/2/2Game @ NU (B.U.?)1974
25/2/1Harvard, reels 1-3 1/7/1974
25/2/1Boston University, reels 1-31/26/1974
25/2/1Massachusetts, reels 1-31/29/1974
25/2/1Bates, reel 1 2/9/1974
25/2/1Fairleigh Dickinson 12/7/1974
25/2/1Boston College, reels 1-312/4/1974
25/2/2Assumption, reels 1-32/5/1975
25/2/2Stonehill, reels 1-3, videotape12/6/1975
25/2/2Bridgeport, reel 1 12/9/1975
25/2/2Maine, reels 1-3 1/10/1976
25/2/2Boston University, reels 1-31/12/1976?
25/2/2Boston College, reels 1-31/14/1976
25/2/2Rider, reels 1-3, (also videotape copy)11/27/1976?
25/2/2New Hampshire, reels 1-312/11/1976
25/2/2Fairleigh Dickinson, reels 1-31/15/1977
25/2/2Boston College, reels 1-31/19/1977
25/2/2Vermont, reels 1-3, (also videotape copy) in box 691/22/1977
25/2/2Assumption, reels 1-3, (also videotape copy)2/1/1977
25/2/2Maine, reels 1-3, (also videotape copy)11/30/1977
25/2/2Harvard, reels 1-3, (also videotape copy)1/3/1978
25/2/2Boston College, reels 1-3, (also videotape copy)1/17/1978
25/2/2Siena, reels 1-3, (also videotape copy)1/19/1978
25/2/2New Hampshire, reels 1-3, (also videotape copy)1/24/1978
25/2/2Brown, reels 1-311/24/1978
25/2/2Siena, reels 1, 3, (also videotape copy of reel 1) 11/25/1978?
25/2/2Massachusetts, reels 1-312/8/1978
25/2/2Boston University, reel 2 1979?
25/2/2(NEU) v. Brown 1979 Championship tip-off1979
25/2/2Robert Morris, reel 3 11/30/1979
25/2/2Brown, reels 1-312/1/1979
25/2/2Vermont, reels 2-312/15/1979
25/2/2Dartmouth, reels 1-31/5/1980
25/2/4Dartmouth/Tufts, reel 11/5/1980, 1/14/1980
25/2/4New Hampshire, reel 11/28/1980
25/2/4Assumption, reel 11/31/1980
25/2/2Boston University, reels 1-22/8/1980
28Army, reel 12/18/1980
25/2/3Boston College, reels 2-3 2/20/1980
28Brown, reels 1-311/29/1980
28Vermont, reels 1-312/10/1980
28Farleigh Dickinson, reels 1-312/13/1980
25/2/3New Hampshire, reels 1-3 (also DVD copy)1/15/1981
28Drexel, reels 1-31/17/1981
28Dartmouth, reels 1-31/20/1981
28Harvard, reels 1-3 (also videotape copies)2/17/1981
28Boston University, reels 1-3 (also 2 DVD copies)2/24/1981
NCAA Tournament
28Long Island University, 3/4 inch tapes 1-23/13/1984
28Virginia Commonwealth, 3/4 inch tapes 2-3 3/15/1984
28Boston University, 3/4 inch tapes 1, 33/17/1987
28Siena, 3/4 inch tapes 1-3, (also videotape copy)1/9/1988
28Niagara, 3/4 inch tapes 1-31/16/1988
28Boston University, 3/4 inch tapes 1-23/5/1988
29Rhode Island, 3/4 inch tapes 1-212/5/1988
29Hartford, 3/4 inch tapes 1-21/11/1989
29Canisius, 3/4 inch tapes 1-21/14/1989
29Siena, 3/4 inch tapes 1-2, (also videotape copy)1/21/1989
29New Hampshire, 3/4 inch tapes 1-21/13/1990
29Vermont, 3/4 inch tapes 1-31/25/1990
40Reggie Lewis Memorial Service (VHS)8/2/1993
40Reggie Lewis Turkey Giveaway (VHS)1993
40Northeastern at Boston University (VHS)2/4/1995
40A Night of Unity Honoring Reggie Lewis (VHS)3/21/1995
40Say Brother Through Our Eyes (VHS)11/23/1995
40Harvard (VHS)3/31/1997
40CT Diamonds vs. Northeastern (VHS)11/18/1997
40Northeastern at Central Connecticut (VHS)11/22/1997
40U.S. Naval Academy at Northeastern (VHS)12/4/1997
40Northeastern at Harvard (VHS)12/13/1997
40Northeastern at Rider (VHS)12/20/1997
40Northeastern at George Mason: US Airways Classic (VHS)12/27/1997
40New Hampshire at Northeastern (VHS)1/2/1998
40Northeastern at Hartford (VHS)1/9/1998
40Northeastern at Vermont (VHS)1/11/1998
40Hofstra at Northeastern (VHS)1/18/1998
40Northeastern at Delaware (VHS)1/22/1998
40Northeastern at Towson (VHS)1/24/1998
40Northeastern at Hofstra (VHS)1/29/1998
40Hartford at Northeastern (VHS)2/8/1998
40Northeastern at New Hampshire (VHS)2/12/1998
41Northeastern at Maine (VHS)2/14/1998
41[?] Master Copy (VHS)5/8/1998
Undated, ca. 1997-2006
42BABC vs. Northeastern: AV-3119 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Binghamton vs. Northeastern: AV-3243 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Brown Edit (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42BU (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Clackamas: AV-3137 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Delaware vs. Vermont (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Drexel vs. Hofstra (VHS) ca. 1997-2006
42DU vs. Brown (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Intrasquad Scrimmage II (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Maine (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Maine Scout 2 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Maine vs. Northeastern (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Men's Basketball Highlights (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Men's Hoops Season Highlights (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Northeastern vs. Drexel: AV-3177 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Northeastern vs. Hartford: AV-3212 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Northeastern vs. Maine : AV-3751(2 VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Northeastern vs. Penn State: AV-3213 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Northeastern vs. Rutgers: AV-3138 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Northeastern vs. Vermont, 1/7 (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42N.U. Hoops [JJ Barea] (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Rider vs. Delaware (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42[?] vs. Delaware (VHS)ca. 1997-2006
42Unidentified (13 VHS)ca. 1997-2006
41Citizen Bank All Stars at Northeastern (VHS)11/13/1998
41Northeastern at Delaware (VHS)1/3/1999
41NCAA Basketball Bracket Review Video (2 VHS)1/6/1999
41Northeastern at Maine (VHS)2/4/1999
41Northeastern at New Hampshire (VHS)2/6/1999
41Northeastern at Hartford (VHS)2/19/1999
41Northeastern vs. Drexel: America East Tournament (VHS)1999
41Northeastern vs. Diamonds (exhibition) (VHS)11/11/1999
41Northeastern/Westark at NOC (VHS)11/13/1999
41Northeastern vs. Duquesne (VHS)11/23/1999
41Northeastern vs. UNC-Greensboro (VHS)11/27/1999
41Northeastern vs. Navy (VHS)12/2/1999
41Northeastern vs. St. Peter's (VHS)12/8/1999
41Northeastern vs. Holy Cross (VHS)12/22/1999
41Northeastern at Drexel (VHS)1/2/2000
41Northeastern at Towson (VHS)1/10/2000
41Northeastern vs. Towson (VHS)1/14/2000
41Northeastern at Hartford (VHS)1/23/2000
41Northeastern vs. Brown (VHS)1/25/2000
41Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)1/28/2000
41Northeastern vs. Drexel (VHS)1/30/2000
41Northeastern at Delaware (VHS)2/12/2000
41Northeastern vs. Vermont (VHS)2/19/2000
41Boston University vs. Northeastern: America East Tournament (VHS)3/3/2000
41Northeastern vs. GT (VHS)11/6/2000
41Northeastern vs. Diamonds (VHS)11/13/2000
41Northeastern at Navy (2 VHS)11/20/2000
41Harvard vs. Northeastern (VHS)11/25[?]/2000
41Northeastern vs. Holy Cross (VHS)12/6/2000
41Northeastern vs. Boston University (VHS)12/9/2000
41Northeastern at Rhode Island (2 VHS)12/16/2000
43Colorado St. vs. Northeastern (VHS)12/29/2000
43Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)1/7/2001
43Delaware Edit (VHS)1/11/2001
43Northeastern vs. New Hampshire (VHS)1/16/2001
43Northeastern vs. Brown (VHS)1/30/2001
43Northeastern vs. Delaware (VHS)2//8/2001
43Northeastern vs. Towson (2 VHS)2/10/2001
43Northeastern vs. Delaware (VHS)3/5/2001
43Practice (11 VHS)10/10/2001-11/9/2001
43Northeastern vs. St. Francis: AV-3244 (VHS)11/11/2001
43Northeastern vs. Harvard: AV-3206 (VHS)11/27/2001
43Northeastern vs. Virginia Tech: AV-3247 (VHS)11/29/2001
43Northeastern vs. Loyola: AV-3252, AV-3261 (2 VHS)12/3/2001
43Northeastern vs. UCONN: AV-3253 (VHS)12/8/2001
43New Hampshire at Northeastern (VHS)12/25/2001
43Drexel Edit (VHS)2001
43Northeastern vs. Hartford: AV-3217 (VHS)1/5/2002
43Northeastern vs. Stony Brook: AV-3244, AV-3250 (2 VHS)1/10/2002
43Northeastern vs. Binghamton (VHS)1/12/2002
43Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3226 (VHS)1/17/2002
44Northeastern vs. Boston University: AV-3215, AV-3218 (2 VHS)1/20/2002
44Northeastern vs. Binghamton: AV-3207 (VHS)1/24/2002
44Northeastern vs. Hartford: AV-3229 (VHS)2/1/2002[?]
44Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3209 (VHS)2/3/2002
44Northeastern vs. Albany: AV-3221, AV-3225 (2 VHS)2/12/2002
44Northeastern at Boston University: AV-3231 (2 VHS)2/14/2002
44Northeastern vs. Stony Brook: AV-3211 (2 VHS)2/17/2002
44Northeastern vs. GT Express: AV-3262 (VHS)11/4/2002
44Northeastern vs. URI: AV-3230 (VHS)11/22/2002
44Northeastern vs. Suffolk: AV-3238, AV-3240 (2 VHS)11/26/2002
44Northeastern vs. Fordham: AV-3236, AV-3259 (2 VHS)11/30/2002
44Northeastern vs. New Mexico: AV-3216, AV-3239 (2 VHS)12/2/2002
44Northeastern vs. NAU: AV-3235 (VHS)12/4/2002
44Northeastern vs. Curry: AV-3234, AV-3258 (2 VHS)12/17/2002
44Northeastern vs. Troy State: AV-3257 (VHS)12/20/2002
44Northeastern vs. Loyola: AV-3255, AV-3264 (2 VHS)1/2/2003
44Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3263 (VHS)1/8/2003
44Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3214, AV-3233 (2 VHS)1/15/2003
44Northeastern vs. Stony Brook: AV-3242 (VHS)1/22/2003
44Northeastern vs. BU: AV-3248 (VHS)1/25/2003
44Northeastern vs. Stony Brook: AV-3222 (VHS)2/5/2003
44Northeastern vs. UMBC: AV-3219 (VHS)2/14/2003
45Northeastern at Binghamton: AV-3245 (VHS)2/23/2003
45Northeastern vs. Albany: AV-3246 (VHS)2/26/2003
45Northeastern vs. BU: AV-3227 (VHS)3/10/2003
45Northeastern vs. GT Express: AV-3176 (VHS)11/6/2003
45Rhode Island vs. Northeastern: AV-3175 (VHS)11/21/2003
45Northeastern vs. LA-Monroe: AV-3174 (VHS)11/25/2003
45Fordham vs. Northeastern: AV-3173, AV-3223 (2 VHS)12/6/2003
45Northeastern vs. Fordham: AV-3172 (VHS)12/7/2003
45Villanova vs. Northeastern: AV-3210 (VHS)12/12/2003
45Northeastern vs. Marist: AV-3171, AV-3179 (2 VHS)12/14/2003
45Northeastern vs. Harvard: AV-3121 (VHS)12/19/2003
45Northeastern vs. Binghamton: AV-3170 (VHS)1/2/2004
45Northeastern vs. Stony Brook: AV-3169 (VHS)1/2/2004
45Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3168 (VHS)1/7/2004
45Northeastern vs. Albany: AV-3167 (VHS)1/11/2004
45Northeastern vs. Hartford: AV-3166 (VHS)1/14/2004
45Northeastern vs. BU (VHS)1/17/2004
45Northeastern vs. UMBC: AV-3190 (VHS)1/17/2004
45Northeastern vs. Binghamton: AV-3187 (VHS)1/21/2004
45Northeastern vs. BU: AV-3188 (VHS)1/24/2004
45Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3180 (VHS)1/28/2004
45Northeastern vs. UNH: AV-3191, AV-3220 (2 VHS)1/31/2004
45Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3192 (VHS)2/8/2004
45Northeastern vs. Binghamton: AV-3148 (VHS)2/19/2004
45Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3149 (VHS)2/26/2004
45Northeastern vs. Birmingham: AV-3150 (VHS)11/19/2004
45Northeastern vs. Cornell: AV-3151 (VHS)11/20/2004
46Northeastern vs. Harvard: AV-3157[?](VHS)11/27/2004
46Northeastern vs. Wright State: AV-3153 (VHS)12/4/2004
46Northeastern vs. UCONN: AV-3154 (VHS)12/6/2004
46Northeastern vs. Stony Brook: AV-3157 (VHS)12/21/2004
46Holy Cross vs. Northeastern: AV-3158 (VHS)12/27/2004
46Northeastern vs. Iona: AV-3159 (VHS)12/30/2004
46Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3254 (VHS)2004
46Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3160 (VHS)1/5/2005
46Northeastern vs. UMBC: AV-3161 (VHS)1/15/2005
46SB vs. Northeastern: AV-3155 (VHS)1/20/2005
46Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3162 (VHS)1/23/2006
46Northeastern vs. Binghamton: AV-3156 (VHS)1/30/2005
46UNH vs. Northeastern: AV-3165 (VHS)2/2/2005
46Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3186 (VHS)2/5/2005
46Northeastern vs. UNH: AV-3182 (VHS)2/24/2005
46Stony Brook vs. Northeastern-America East Championships: AV-3183 (VHS)3/5/2005
46Northeastern vs. Maine-America East Championships: AV-3165 (VHS)3/6/2005
46Northeastern vs. Bentley: AV-3184 (VHS)11/8/2005
46PR vs. Northeastern-Exhibition: AV-3164 (VHS)11/11/2005
46Northeastern vs. Brown at CCSU: AV-3202 (VHS)11/18/2005
46Northeastern vs. CCSU: AV-3201 (VHS)11/19/2005
46Northeastern vs. JMU: AV-3200 (VHS)12/3/2005
46Northeastern vs. Towson: AV-3205 (VHS)12/7/2005
46Northeastern at Providence: AV-3204 (VHS)12/20/2005
46Wright State vs. Northeastern: AV-3203 (VHS)12/27/2005
46Northeastern vs. Delaware: AV-3196 (VHS)1/12/2006
46Northeastern at Georgia State: AV-3195 (VHS)1/26/2006
46Northeastern vs. UNCW: AV-3194 (VHS)1/28/2006
46Northeastern vs. Drexel: AV-3199 (VHS)2/9/2006
46Northeastern vs. Rider: AV-3198 (VHS)2/18/2006
46Northeastern vs. James Madison: AV-3197 (VHS)3/3/2006
25/2/3Army, reels 2-3n.d.
25/2/2Basketball Boston garden NU reel 3n.d.
25/2/3Boston University, reels 1-3n.d.
25/2/3Massachusetts, reels 1-3n.d.
25/2/3Boston University (frosh), reel 2n.d.
25/2/4Colby, 1 large reeln.d.
25/2/325 unidentified reelsn.d.
25/1/71 unidentified reeln.d.
25/2/4Instructional Film-U. of Kentucky-Richard Dukeshire, NU Coachn.d.
272 unidentified reelsn.d.
25/2/2NU v NVM #1-3 videotapen.d.
29Peter Harris, NU Basketball (1978-1981) footage, 3/4 inch tapen.d.
Films (Women's Basketball)
47Maine: Seaboard Conference Finals (VHS)3/2/1985
47Old Dominion Glory: AV-31221985
47Boston University: Seaboard Conference Championship (VHS)3/2/1986
47Maine: Seaboard Conference Championship (VHS)3/7/1987
47Maine vs. Northeastern: America East Semi-Finals (VHS)3/1998
47Northeastern vs. Locomotive Kosice: AV-3106 (VHS)11/14/1998
47Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3105 (VHS)11/20/1998
47Northeastern vs. Brown: AV 3103 (VHS)11/20/1998
47Northeastern vs. Columbia: AV-3104 (VHS)11/24/1998
47Northeastern vs. Harvard: AV-3102 (VHS)12/29/1998
47Northeastern vs. JMU: AV-3098 (VHS)1/1/1999
47Northeastern vs. Tulsa: AV-3101 (VHS)1/2/1999
47Northeastern vs. New Hampshire: AV-3083 (VHS)1/5/1999
47Northeastern vs. Delaware: AV-3144 (VHS)1/9/1999
47Northeastern vs. Towson: AV-3113 (VHS)1/11/1999
47Northeastern vs. Drexel: AV-3111 (VHS)1/14/1999
47Northeastern vs. Hofstra: AV-3081 (VHS)1/16/1999
47Northeastern vs. Hartford: AV-3080 (VHS)1/22/1999
47Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3110 (VHS)1/24/1999
47Northeastern vs. Towson: AV-3084 (VHS)1/30/1999
47Northeastern vs. Delaware: AV-3099 (VHS)2/1/1999
47Northeastern vs. New Hampshire (Alumni Game): AV-3100 (VHS)2/6/1999
47Northeastern vs. BU: AV-3107 (VHS)2/9/1999
47Northeastern vs. Drexel: AV-3109 (VHS)2/13/1999
47Northeastern vs. Hofstra: AV-3108 (VHS)2/15/1999
47Northeastern vs. Hartford: AV-3112 (VHS)2/19/1999
47Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3096 (VHS)2/21/1999
47Northeastern vs. BU: AV-3116 (VHS)2/25/1999
47Northeastern vs. Towson-America East Quarterfinal: AV-3115 (VHS)3/4/1999
47Northeastern vs. Drexel-America East Semifinal: AV-3097 (VHS)3/5/1999
47Northeastern vs. Maine-America East Championship: AV-3117 (VHS)3/6/1999
47Northeastern vs. UNC-NCAA First Round: AV-3082 (VHS)3/12/1999
471998-99 Seniors: Felicia, Tesha and Betsy (VHS)1999
47Northeastern at Hofstra: AV-3098 (VHS)1/30/2000
47Northeastern vs. Maine (2 VHS)2/26/2000
47Northeastern vs. Netherlands (exhibition) (VHS)11/11/2000
47Northeastern vs. Nor'easter Storm (exhibition) (VHS)11/14/2000
47Northeastern vs. Brown (VHS)11/20/2000
47Northeastern vs. Towson: AV-3095 (VHS)11/25/2000
47Northeastern vs. Quinnipiac (VHS)11/26/2000
47Northeastern vs. UNLV (VHS)12/1/2000
47Northeastern vs. Penn (VHS)12/2/2000
47Northeastern vs. Rutgers (VHS)12/8/2000
48Northeastern vs. Harvard: AV-3077 (VHS)12/16/2000
48Northeastern vs. Holy Cross: AV-3092 (VHS)12/18/2000
48Northeastern vs. Drexel: AV-3093 (VHS)12/21/2000
48Northeastern vs. Howard: AV-3076 (VHS)12/29/2006
48Northeastern vs. Bucknell: AV-3090 (VHS)12/30/2000
48Northeastern vs. UNH: AV-3134 (VHS)1/2/2001
48Northeastern vs. Hofstra: AV-3133 (VHS)1/4/2001
48Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3132 (VHS)1/7/2001
48Northeastern vs. Delaware: AV-3127 (VHS)1/12/2001
48Northeastern vs. Towson: AV-3126 (VHS)1/14/2001
48Northeastern vs. Hartford: AV-3128 (VHS)1/19/2001
48Northeastern vs. Vermont: AV-3085 (VHS)1/21/2001
48Northeastern vs. Drexel: AV-3136 (VHS)1/25/2001
48Northeastern vs. Hofstra: AV-3118 (VHS)1/27/2001
48Northeastern vs. BU: AV-3086 (VHS)2/3/2001
48Northeastern vs. Towson: AV-3131 (VHS)2/8/2001
48Northeastern vs. Delaware: AV-3130 (VHS)2/10/2001
48Northeastern vs. Hartford: AV-3125 (VHS)2/17/2001
48Northeastern vs. UNH: AV-3129 (VHS)2/22/2001
48Northeastern vs. Maine: AV-3135 (VHS)2/24/2001
48Northeastern vs. BU: AV-3087 (VHS)3/1/2001
48Northeastern vs. Towson-America East: AV-3121 (VHS)3/7/2001
48Northeastern vs. Drexel-America East: AV-3123 (VHS)3/8/2001
48Big East Conference Officiating Video: AV-3146 (VHS)2001
48Seton Hall Clips for Navy Tournament (AV-3266) (VHS)1/14/2002
48Northeastern vs. Stony Brook (VHS)2/5/2003
48Highlight Tape (VHS)2002-2003
48Northeastern vs. University of Rhode Island (VHS)11/22/2003
48[Unlabeled] (VHS)11/28/2003
48BC Clips (VHS)12/5/2003
48Northeastern vs. Harvard (VHS)12/11/2003
48Northeastern vs. UMass (VHS)12/14/2003
48Northeastern vs. Eastern Illinois: Navy Tournament (VHS)12/21/2003
48Hartford Clips: AV-3147 (VHS)2003
48Northeastern vs. UPenn (VHS)1/3/2004
48Northeastern vs. Vermont (VHS)1/7/2004
48Northeastern vs. Vermont (VHS)1/7/2004
48Northeastern vs. Albany (VHS)1/10/2004
48Northeastern vs. UMBC (VHS)1/11/2004
48Hartford Scout (VHS)1/12/2004-1/14/2004
48Northeastern vs. Hartford (VHS)1/14/2004
48Northeastern vs. UMBC (2 VHS)1/17/2004
49Northeastern vs. Binghamton (VHS) 1/21/2004
49Northeastern vs. Boston University (2 VHS)1/24/2004
49Northeastern vs. Maine (VHS)1/28/2004
49Northeastern vs. UNH (VHS)1/31/2004
49Vermont Clips (VHS)1/2004
49Northeastern vs. Stony Brook (VHS)2/4/2004
49Northeastern vs. Vermont (2 VHS)2/7/2004
49Northeastern vs. Hartford (2 VHS)2/11/2004
49Northeastern vs. UMBC (VHS)2/14/2004
49Northeastern vs. Binghamton (2 VHS)2/18/2004
49Northeastern vs. Boston University (2 VHS)2/21/2004
49Northeastern vs. Maine (VHS)2/25/2004
49Northeastern vs. Albany (2 VHS)2/28/2004
49Northeastern vs. UNH (VHS)3/2/2004
49Northeastern vs. Stony Brook (2 VHS)3/6/2004
49America East Women's Basketball Championship (4 VHS)3/10/2004-3/12/2004
49Northeastern University Highlight Tape (VHS)2003-2004
49Practice (2 VHS)10/16/2004-10/17/2004
49Scrimmage (VHS)11/4/2004
49Northeastern vs. UMass (VHS)1/13/2004
49Northeastern vs. Weber St. (VHS)11/26/2004
49Northeastern vs. IUPUI (2 VHS)11/27/2004
49Northeastern vs. Buffalo (VHS)12/1/2004
49Northeastern vs. Boston College (VHS)12/4/2004
49Northeastern vs. Harvard (VHS)12/8/2004
49Northeastern vs. UMBC (VHS)1/15/2005
50Practice (3 VHS)1/17/2005-2/7/2005
50Northeastern vs. Hartford (VHS)2/9/2005
50Northeastern vs. UMBC (VHS)2/12/2005
50Northeastern at Maine (2 VHS)2/15/2005
50Northeastern vs. Binghamton (VHS)3/2/2005
50Hartford vs. Northeastern: America East (VHS)3/2005
50Northeastern vs. UMBC: America East (VHS)3/2005
50Northeastern University Highlight Tape (2 VHS)2004-2005
50Northeastern vs. Boston University (VHS)11/21/2005
50Northeastern vs. Providence (2 VHS)11/23/2005
50Northeastern vs. Kansas (2 VHS)11/27/2005
50Northeastern vs. Harvard (2 VHS)12/7/2005
50Northeastern vs. UNH (2 VHS)12/11/2005
50Northeastern vs. Buffalo (2 VHS)12/18/2005
50Northeastern vs. Canisius (2 VHS)12/20/2005
50Northeastern vs. St. Francis (VHS)12/29/2005
50Maine vs. Northeastern (VHS)2005
50Northeastern vs. UMBC (VHS)2005
50Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)1/2/2006
50Northeastern vs. Drexel (VHS)1/6/2006
50Northeastern vs. Georgia St. (VHS) 1/20/2006
50Northeastern vs. UNC-Wilmington (VHS)1/22/2006
50Northeastern vs. Stony Brook (VHS)1/27/2006
50Northeastern vs. Virginia Commonwealth (VHS)1/27/2006
50Northeastern vs. Georgia St. (2 VHS)1/29/2006
50Northeastern vs. George Mason (VHS)2/3/2006
50Northeastern vs. Old Dominion (2 VHS)2/5/2006
50Northeastern vs. George Mason (VHS)2/12/2006
51Northeastern vs. Drexel (VHS)2/17/2006
51Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)2/19/2006
51Northeastern vs. Delaware (VHS)2/26/2006
51Northeastern vs. Towson (2 VHS)3/2/2006
51Northeastern vs. Delaware (VHS)3/9/2006
51Northeastern vs. Providence (VHS)11/18/2004
51Northeastern vs. BU (VHS)11/21/2006
51Northeastern vs. Canisius (VHS)11/24/2006
51Northeastern vs. George Mason (VHS)12/5/2006
51Northeastern vs. Dartmouth (VHS)12/9/2006
51Northeastern vs. LIU (VHS)12/16/2006
51Northeastern vs. Harvard (VHS)12/21/2006
51Northeastern vs. GSU (VHS)1/4/2007
51Northeastern vs. Drexel (VHS)1/14/2007
51Northeastern vs. William and Mary (VHS)1/21/2007
51Northeastern vs. George Mason (VHS)1/25/2007
51Northeastern vs. UNC-Wilmington (VHS)1/28/2007
51Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)2/1/2007
51Northeastern vs. Towson (VHS)2/4/2007
51Northeastern vs. Old Dominion (VHS)2/8/2007
51Northeastern vs. James Madison (2 VHS)2/11/2007
51Northeastern vs. Georgia State (VHS)2/15/2007
51Northeastern vs. James Madison (VHS)2/18/2007
51Northeastern vs. Drexel (VHS)2/22/2007
51Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)2/25/2007
51Northeastern vs. Delaware (VHS)3/1/2007
51Northeastern vs. VCU (VHS)3/8/2007
51Merrimack Scrimmage (VHS)11/4/2007
51Northeastern vs. UMass (VHS)11/17/2007
51Northeastern vs. BU (VHS)11/19/2007
51Northeastern vs. Dartmouth (VHS)11/29/2007
51Northeastern vs. LIU (VHS)12/1/2007
51Northeastern vs. UNH (VHS)12/15/2007
51Northeastern vs. Stony Brook (VHS)12/22/2007
51Northeastern vs. BC (VHS)12/31/2007
51Northeastern vs. VCU (VHS)1/6/2008
51Northeastern vs. Towson (VHS)1/7/2008
51Towson vs. Northeastern (VHS)1/10/2008
51Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)1/13/2008
51DU vs. Northeastern (VHS)1/17/2008
51Northeastern vs. William and Mary (DVD)1/17/2008
52Northeastern vs. ODU (VHS)1/24/2008
52Georgia State vs. Northeastern (2 VHS)1/27/2008
52Northeastern vs. Drexel (VHS)1/31/2008
52Northeastern vs. James Madison (2 VHS)2/7/2008
52Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)2/10/2008
52Northeastern vs. ODU (2 VHS)2/14/2008
52Northeastern vs. William and Mary (VHS, DVD)2/17/2008
52Northeastern vs. George Mason (VHS)2/21/2008
52Northeastern vs. UNC Wilmington (VHS)2/28/2008
52Northeastern vs. William and Mary (VHS)3/2/2008
52Northeastern vs. George Mason (2 VHS)3/6/2008
52Northeastern vs. VCU (VHS)3/14/2008
52Howard vs. George Mason (VHS)12/21/2008
52Duke (VHS)n.d.
52Georgia State (VHS)n.d.
52Holy Cross at Northeastern (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern University (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. Delaware (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. GSU (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. Hartford (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. Hofstra (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. Holy Cross (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. Maine (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. UMass (2 VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. UNH (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. Vermont (VHS)n.d.
52Northeastern vs. Virginia Commonwealth (VHS)n.d.
52Providence Lady Friars: AV-3143 (VHS)n.d.
52SJU vs. Northeastern (VHS)n.d.
52Stony Brook vs. Northeastern (VHS)n.d.
52Vermont vs. Northeastern (VHS)n.d.
52Women's Basketball Defensive Plays (VHS)n.d.
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4NCAA Certificate1981
4New England Teachers College Conference – Basketball Championships1958
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F. Football
5College Bowl, Audio Tape1962
24/3/4New Hampshire, 1 reel10/7/1934
24/3/4Norwich, reel 111/17/1934
24/3/4Rhode Island State, reel 11934
24/3/4Highlights, reel 11937
24/3/4Bates, reels 1-210/8/1938
24/3/4Lowell, reels 210/15/1938
24/3/4at Springfield, reels 1-3 10/29/1938
24/3/4at Upsala, reel 1 (1st half)11/11/1938
24/3/4at New Hampshire, reels 1-3 10/7/1939
24/3/4at Bates, reels 1-210/14/1939
24/3/4at Tufts, reels 1-310/21/1939
24/3/4Rhode Island, reels 1-3 10/28/1939
24/3/4Springfield, reels 1-311/4/1939
24/3/4at Rhode Island, reels 1-39/21/1940
24/3/4at Vermont, reels 1-39/28/1940
24/3/4AIC, reels 1-310/5/1940
24/3/4at Springfield, reels 1, 310/12/1940
24/3/4Bates, reels 1, 310/19/1940
24/3/4at Upsala, reels 2-3 10/26/1940
24/3/4at Tufts, reels 1-311/2/1940
24/3/4at Maine, reels 1-310/4/1941
24/3/4at Williams, reels 1-210/11/1941
24/3/4Upsala, reels 1-3 10/25/1941
24/3/4at Tufts, reels 1-211/1/1941
24/3/4Springfield, reels 1-3 11/8/1941
24/3/4HP, reel 31941
24/3/4Bates, reel 1 10/17/1942
24/3/4at AIC, reels 1-3 10/24/1942?
24/3/4Upsala, reel 2 10/26/1942
24/3/4Vermont (scrimmage), reel 31942?
24/3/5Springfield, reels 1-3 9/28/1946
24/3/5Maine, reels 1-310/5/1946
24/3/5at Bates, 3 reels10/19/1946
24/3/5at Tufts, reels 1-310/26/1946
24/3/5at New Hampshire, 3 reels11/2/1946
24/3/5at Springfield, reels 1-39/27/1947
24/3/5at Maine, reels 1-310/4/1947
24/3/5Massachusetts (Devens), reels 1, 3 10/11/1947
24/3/5Bates, reels 1,3 10/18/1947
24/3/5Tufts, reels 1-310/25/1947
24/3/5New Hampshire, reel 1 11/1/1947
24/3/5Maine, reels 1-310/2/1948
24/3/5Colby, reels 1-310/9/1948
24/3/5at Bates, reels 1-310/16/1948
24/3/5Brooklyn, reels 1-310/23/1948
24/3/5New Hampshire, reels 1-310/30/1948
24/3/5at Massachusetts (Devens), reels 1-311/6/1948
24/3/5Tufts, reels 1-310/1/1949
24/3/5at Colby, reels 1-3 10/8/1949
24/3/5Bates, reels 1-3 10/15/1949
24/3/5at Brooklyn, reels 1-3 10/22/1949
24/3/5New Hampshire, reels 1-310/29/1949
24/3/5Arnold, reels 1-3 11/5/1949
24/3/5at AIC, reels 1-3 9/23/1950
24/3/5Arnold, reels 1-39/30/1950
24/3/5at Tufts, reels 1-3 10/7/1950
24/3/5Colby, reels 1-3 10/14/1950
24/3/5at Bates, reels 1-3 10/21/1950
24/3/5at Massachusetts, reels 1-3 10/28/1950
24/3/5Coast Guard, reels 1-3 11/4/1950
24/3/6at AIC, reels 2-39/29/1951
24/3/6Tufts, reels 1-310/6/1951
24/3/6at Colby, reels 1-310/13/1951
24/3/6Bates, reels 110/20/1951
24/3/6at Rhode Island, reels 1-4 9/20/1952
24/3/6at Renessalaer, reels 1-3 9/27/1952
24/3/6Brandeis, reels 1-3 10/4/1952
24/3/6AIC, reels 1-310/11/1952
24/3/6at Massachusetts, reels 1-3 10/25/1952
24/3/6Vermont, reels 1-311/11952
24/3/6at Rhode Island, reels 1-39/19/1953
24/3/6at Renessalaer, reels 1-29/26/1953
24/3/6AIC, reels 1, 310/3/1953
24/3/6Brandeis, reels 1-310/10/1953
24/3/6at Bates, reels 1-310/17/1953
24/3/6at Massachusetts, reels 1-310/24/1953
24/3/6at Vermont, reels 1-310/31/1953
24/3/6St. Michael's (scrimmage), reels 1-2 1953?
24/3/6at Rhode Island, reels 1-3 9/18/1954
24/3/6at Springfield, reels 1-39/25/1954
24/3/6Bates, reels 1-310/2/1954
24/3/6AIC, reels 1-310/9/1954
24/3/6Hofstra, reels 1-310/16/1954
24/3/6at Massachusetts, reels 1-310/23/1954
24/3/6at Connecticut, reels 1-311/6/1954
24/3/6Reel 11954
24/3/6at Springfield, reels 1-29/24/1955
24/3/6at AIC, reel 210/8/1955
24/3/6at Hofstra, reel 110/15/1955
24/3/6Massachusetts, reels 1, 310/22/1955
24/3/6at Rhode Island, reels 1-39/22/1956
24/3/6Bridgeport, reels 1-29/29/1956
24/3/6at Springfield, reels 1-310/6/1956
24/3/6AIC, reels 1-310/13/1956
24/3/7Massachusetts, reels 1-310/27/1956
24/3/7Brandeis, reels 1-311/3/1956
24/3/7at Connecticut, reels 1-311/10/1956
24/3/7Rhode Island, reels 1-39/21/1957
24/3/7at Bridgeport, reels 1-39/28/1957
24/3/7Springfield, reels 1-310/5/1957
24/3/7at AIC, reels 1-310/12/1957
24/3/7at Hofstra, reels 1-310/19/1957
24/3/7Brandeis, reels 1-310/26/1957
24/3/7at Connecticut, reels 1-311/9/1957
24/3/7Bates (scrimmage), reels 1-31958?
24/3/7at Rhode Island, reels 1-39/20/1958
24/3/7New Hampshire, reels 1-39/27/1958
24/3/7at Springfield, reels 1-310/4/1958
24/3/7AIC, reels 1-310/11/1958
24/3/7Hofstra, reels 1-3 10/18/1958
24/3/7at Massachusetts, reels 1-3 10/25/1958
24/3/7Bridgeport, reels 1-311/1/1958
24/3/7at Connecticut, reels 1-311/8/1958
24/3/7Rhode Island, reels 1-39/19/1959
24/3/7at New Hampshire, reels 1-3 9/26/1959
24/3/7Springfield, reels 1-310/3/1959
24/3/7at AIC, reels 1-310/10/1959
24/3/7at Westchester, reels 1-310/17/1959
24/3/7Massachusetts, reels 1-3 (also DVD copy)10/24/1959
24/3/7at Bridgeport, reels 1-310/31/1959
24/3/7Connecticut, reels 1-311/7/1959
24/3/7Hofstra, reel 31959
24/3/7Tufts (scrimmage), reels 1-21960?
24/3/7at Rhode Island, reels 1-29/17/1960
24/3/7Norwich, reels 1-3 9/24/1960
24/3/7at Bridgeport, reels 1-310/1/1960
24/4/1at Massachusetts, reels 1-310/22/1960
24/4/1at Vermont, reels 1-310/29/1960
24/4/1Southern Connecticut, reels 1-211/5/1960
40Boston Patriots Highlights (VHS)1960
24/4/1Tufts (scrimmage), reels 1-39/9/1961
24/4/1Bowdoin (scrimmage), reels 1-29/16/1961
24/4/1Rhode Island, reels 1-39/23/1961
24/4/1at Norwich, reels 1-39/30/1961
24/4/1at Bridgeport, reels 1-310/7/1961
24/4/1at AIC, reels 1-210/14/1961
24/4/1Springfield, reels 1-310/21/1961
24/4/1Massachusetts, reels 1-310/28/1961
24/4/1Vermont, reels 1-211/4/1961
24/4/1at Southern Connecticut, reels 1-211/11/1961
24/4/1Bowdoin (scrimmage), reels 1-39/15/1962
24/4/1at Rhode Island, reels 1-39/22/1962
24/4/1Bridgeport, reels 1-39/29/1962
24/4/1at Bates, reels 1-310/6/1962
24/4/1AIC, reels 1-310/13/1962
24/4/1at Springfield, reels 1-310/20/1962
24/4/1New Hampshire, reels 1-310/27/1962
24/4/1Kings Point, reels 1-3 11/3/1962
24/4/1at Tufts, reels 1-3 11/10/1962
24/4/1Bowdoin (scrimmage), reels 2-3 9/14/1963
24/4/1Rhode Island, reels 1-3 9/21/1963
24/4/1Bates, reel 110/5/1963
24/4/1at New Hampshire, reel 3 (also videotape copy)10/26/1963
24/4/1East Carolina (Eastern Bowl), reel 1 12/14/1963
24/4/3UNH, reel 31963
24/4/1Bowdoin (scrimmage), reels 1-39/12/1964
24/4/1at Rhode Island, reels 1-3 9/18/1964
24/4/1Bridgeport, reels 1-39/26/1964
24/4/1at C.W. Post, reels 1-310/3/1964
24/4/1AIC, reels 1-310/10/1964
24/4/1at Springfield, reels 1-310/17/1964
24/4/1New Hampshire, reels 1-310/24/1964
24/4/1Kings Point, reels 1-310/31/1964
24/4/1at Tufts, reels 1-311/7/1964
24/4/2Bowdoin (scrimmage), reels 1-39/11/1965
24/4/2C.W. Post, reels 2-49/18/1965
24/4/2at Bridgeport, reels 1-39/25/1965
24/4/2Colby, reels 1-410/2/1965
24/4/2at AIC, reels 1-410/9/1965
24/4/2Springfield, reels 1-310/16/1965
24/4/2at New Hampshire, reels 1-310/23/1965
24/4/2at Kings Point, reels 1-310/30/1965
24/4/2Bowdoin (scrimmage), reels 1-3 1966?
24/4/2at C.W. Post, reels 1-2 9/17/1966
24/4/2Bridgeport, reels 1-29/24/1966
24/4/2at Colby, reels 1-410/1/1966
24/4/2AIC, reels 1-310/8/1966
24/4/2at Springfield, reels 1-310/15/1966
24/4/2New Hampshire, reels 1-310/22/1966
24/4/2at Kings Point, reels 1-310/29/1966
24/4/2Cortland, reels 1-311/5/1966
24/4/2Bowdoin (scrimmage), reels O1-2, D19/16/1967
24/4/2C.W. Post, reels 1-39/23/1967
24/4/2at Bridgeport, reels 1-39/30/1967
24/4/2Colby, reels O/D1-210/7/1967
24/4/2at AIC, reels O/D1-210/14/1967
24/4/2Springfield, reels O/D1-210/21/1967
24/4/2at New Hampshire, reels O/D1-210/28/1967
24/4/2at Maine, reels O/D1-211/4/1967
24/4/3at Cortland, reels O/D1-211/11/1967
24/4/3Bridgeport, reels 1-21967
24/4/3at C.W. Post, reels O/D1-29/21/1968
24/4/3Bridgeport, reels 1, D1-29/28/1968
24/4/3at Colby, reels O/D1-2 10/5/1968
24/4/3AIC, reels 1-3 (copy of reel 2)10/12/1968
24/4/3at Springfield, reels 1-410/19/1968
24/4/3New Hampshire, reels 1-3 10/26/1968
24/4/3at Eastern Michigan, reels 1-311/2/1968
24/4/3Cortland, reels 1-311/9/1968
24/4/3at Temple, reels 1-411/16/1968
24/4/3C.W. Post, reels 1-39/20/1969
24/4/3at Bridgeport, reels 1-39/27/1969
24/4/3at Vermont, reels 1-410/4/1969
24/4/3at AIC, reels 1-410/11/1969
24/4/3Springfield, reels 1-310/18/1969
24/4/3at New Hampshire, reels 1-410/25/1969
24/4/3Eastern Michigan, reels 1-311/1/1969
24/4/3at Cortland St., reels 1-411/8/1969
24/4/3Temple, reels 1, 311/15/1969
24/4/3Harvard JV, reels 1-39/29/1969
25/4/3at Harvard, reels O/D1-29/26/1970
25/4/3Vermont, reels 1-410/3/1970
25/4/3AIC, reels 1-410/10/1970
25/4/3at Springfield, reels 310/17/1970
25/4/3New Hampshire, reels 1-410/24/1970
24/4/4Maine, reels 2-410/31/1970
24/4/4Cortland, reels 1-411/7/1970
24/4/4at Bridgeport, reels 1-511/21/1970
25/1/7Amherst, reels 1-41970?
24/4/4Rhode Island, reels 1-49/18/1971
24/4/4Bridgeport, reels O/D2-49/25/1971
24/4/4at Harvard, reels O/D1-210/2/1971
24/4/4at AIC, reels 1-410/9/1971
24/4/4Springfield, reels 1-410/16/1971
24/4/4at New Hampshire, reels 1-410/23/1971
24/4/4at Cortland, reels 1-411/6/1971
24/4/4Vermont, reels 1-411/13/1971
24/4/4at Rhode Island, reels O/D1-29/23/1972
24/4/4Bridgeport, reels O2, D1-29/30/1972
24/4/4Hofstra, reels O2, D1-210/7/1972
24/4/4at AIC, reels D1-2 10/14/1972
24/4/4at Springfield, reels O/D1-210/21/1972
24/4/4New Hampshire, reels O/D1-210/28/1972
24/4/4at Boston U., reels O/D1-211/3/1972
24/4/4at Vermont, reels O/D1-211/11/1972
24/4/4Spring Game, reels 1-31972?
24/4/5Vermont (scrimmage), reels 1-39/1/1973
24/4/5at Holy Cross, reels O/D1-29/15/1973
24/4/5Rhode Island, reels O/D1-29/22/1973
24/4/5at Hofstra, reels O/D1-210/5/1973
24/4/5at AIC, reels O/D1-210/13/1973
24/4/5Springfield, reels O/D1-210/20/1973
24/4/5at New Hampshire, reels O/D1-210/27/1973
24/4/5at Boston University, reels D1-211/3/1973
24/4/5Southern Connecticut, reels O111/10/1973
24/4/5at Maine, reels O1-2, D19/7/1974
24/4/5Central Connecticut, reels O1, D1-29/14/1974
24/4/5at Rhode Island, reels O/D1-2 (copies of reels O2, D1-2 and also videotape copy)9/21/1974
24/4/5Bridgeport, reels O1, D1-29/28/1974
24/4/5at Boston University, reels D1-210/4/1974
24/4/5at Springfield, reels O/D1-210/19/1974
24/4/5New Hampshire, reels O/D1-210/26/1974
24/4/5at Vermont, reels O/D1-211/9/1974
24/4/5C.W. Post, reels O/D1-211/16/1974
24/4/5Rhode Island, reels O1-2 (also copy of O2)9/20/1975
24/4/5Boston University, reels O1-29/27/1975
24/4/5at Massachusetts, reels O1-210/4/1975
24/4/5Springfield, reels D110/18/1975
24/4/5at C.W. Post, reels D111/1/1975
24/4/5Maine, reels D111/15/1975
24/4/5C.W. Post, reels O/D1-29/11/1976
24/4/5at Rhode Island, reels O1-2 (also copy of O2)9/18/1976
24/4/5at Boston University, reels O19/24/1976
24/4/6at Springfield, reels O/D1-210/2/1976
24/4/6New Hampshire, reels O1-2, D-210/23/1976
24/4/6Central Connecticut, reels O/D1-210/30/1976
24/4/6at Maine, reels O1-211/6/1976
24/4/6Rhode Island, reels O1-2, D2 (also videotape copy of D2), (also copy of O1)9/10/1977
24/4/6at C.W. Post, reels 1-49/17/1977
24/4/6Boston University, reels O1-2, D-1, kicks (also videotape copy of D1 and kicks)9/24/1977
24/4/6at AIC, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also videotape copy of D1-2, kicks)10/1/1977
24/4/6at Southern Connecticut, reels O/D2 (also videotape copy of D2)10/8/1977
24/4/6Springfield, reels O1, D1-2, kicks (also videotape copy of D1-2, kicks)10/15/1977
24/4/6at New Hampshire, reels O/D1-2 (also videotape copy of D1-2)10/22/1977
24/4/6at Central Connecticut, reels O/D1-2 (also videotape copy of O/D1-2) 10/29/1977
24/4/6Harvard (scrimmage), reels D1-2, Drills9/3/1977
24/4/6at Connecticut, reels D19/9/1978
24/4/6at Rhode Island, reels O1-29/16/1978
25/1/7C.W. Post, reels O/D1-2 9/23/1978
25/4/6at Boston University, reels O/D1-29/30/1978
24/4/6at Springfield, reels O-1/D1 10/7/1978
24/4/6Southern Connecticut, reels O/D1-2 (also DVD copy O/D 1-2)10/14/1978
24/4/6West Chester, reels O/D1-210/21/1978
24/4/6New Hampshire, reels O2/D1-210/28/1978
24/4/6at Bucknell, reels O/D1-211/4/1978
24/4/6Central Connecticut, reels O1-2/D211/11/1978
24/4/7Maine, reels O/D1-2 11/18/1978
24/4/7Harvard (scrimmage), reels O/D1-29/8/1979
24/4/7Rhode Island, reels O/D1-29/15/1979
24/4/7at C.W. Post, reels O1-2/D-19/22/1979
24/4/7Boston University, reels O1-29/29/1979
24/4/7Springfield, reels O1-2, D210/6/1979
24/4/7at Southern Connecticut, reels O1-2, D210/13/1979
25/1/7West Chester, reels O2/D1-2 10/20/1979
24/4/7at New Hampshire, reels O1-2, D-2 (also copies of O1-2, D-2)10/27/1979
24/4/7Bucknell, reels 1-4 11/3/1979
24/4/7at Central Connecticut, reels O1, D1-211/10/1979
24/4/7at Maine, reels O/D1-211/17/1979
24/4/7at Rhode Island, reels O2, D1-29/13/1980
24/4/7Connecticut, reels O/D1-29/20/1980
24/4/7C.W. Post, reels O1-2 9/27/1980
24/4/7AIC, reels O/D1-2 10/18/1980
24/4/7Central Connecticut, reels O1, D-111/8/1980
24/4/7at Lehigh, reels O2, D1-211/15/1980
24/4/7at Boston University, reels O1, D1-211/22/1980
24/4/7Spring Game, reels 1, 31981?
24/4/7reels 1-2 8/29/1981
24/4/7reels 1-29/2/1981
24/4/7reels 1-29/5/1981
24/4/7Harvard (scrimmage), reels 1-49/12/1981
24/4/7at Connecticut, reels 1-49/19/1981
25/4/7at C.W. Post, reels 1-49/26/1981
25/1/1Springfield, reels 1-410/3/1981
25/1/1at Rhode Island, reels 1-410/10/1981
25/1/1at AIC, reels 1-410/17/1981
25/1/1New Hampshire, reels 1, 3-410/24/1981
25/1/1Maine, reels 1-410/31/1981
25/1/1at Central Connecticut, reels 1, 311/7/1981
25/1/1Lehigh, reels 1-411/14/1981
25/1/1Boston University, reels 1-211/21/1981
25/1/1reel 15/22/1982
25/1/1reel 15/25/1982
25/1/1reels 1, 36/5/1982
25/1/1reel 19/4/1982
25/1/1at Connecticut, reels O/D1-29/18/1982
25/1/1C.W. Post, reels O2, D1-29/25/1982
25/1/1at Springfield, reels O1, kicks10/2/1982
25/1/1Rhode Island, reels O1-210/9/1982
25/1/1AIC, reels O/D1-210/16/1982
25/1/1at Maine, reels O1-2, kicks10/23/1982
25/1/1Central Connecticut, reels O/D1-2, kicks11/6/1982
25/1/1at Delaware State, reels O1-2, D-2, kicks11/13/1982
24/4/1Tufts, reel 311/10/1982
25/1/1Spring Game, reel 11983?
25/1/17v7, reel 28/26/1983
25/1/17v7, reel 28/27/1983
25/1/1line, reel 28/29/1983
25/1/1reel 28/31/1983
25/1/11983 NU Football, reel D-11983?
25/1/1at Lehigh, reels O1-2/D29/10/1983
25/1/1Connecticut, reel kicks9/17/1983
25/1/1at C.W. Post, reels O/D1-2, kicks9/24/1983
25/1/2Springfield, reels O/D1-2, kicks10/1/1983
25/1/2at Rhode Island, reels O1-210/8/1983
25/1/2at AIC, reels O1-2/D1 10/15/1983
25/1/2at New Hampshire, reels O1-210/22/1983
25/1/2Maine, reels O1-210/29/1983
25/1/2at Central Connecticut, reels D1-211/5/1983
25/1/2Delaware State, reels O1-2, kicks11/12/1983
25/1/2Rutgers (scrimmage), reel 14/3/1984
25/1/2reel 1-25/12/1984
25/1/2reels 1-2, 7v79/1/1984
25/1/2reels 1-39/5/1984
25/1/2Harvard, reels O/D1-2, kicks9/8/1984
25/1/2at Delaware State, reels O-1-2, kicks9/15/1984
25/1/2Bucknell, reels O/D1-2, kicks9/22/1984
25/1/2at Massachusetts, reels O/D1-2, punt (also copies of O/D 1-2)9/29/1984
25/1/2Lehigh, reels O/D1-2, kicks10/6/1984
25/1/2Rhode Island, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also copies of O1-2, D1)10/13/1984
25/1/2at James Madison, reels O1-2, kicks10/20/1984
25/1/2New Hampshire, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also copies of O/D1-2, kicks)10/27/1984
25/1/2at Maine, reels O/D1-2 (also copies of O/D1-2)11/3/1984
25/1/3Richmond, reels D1-2, kicks11/10/1984
25/1/3at Springfield, reels O1-2/D2, kicks11/16/1984
25/1/3at Connecticut, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also copies of D1-2)9/14/1985
25/1/3at Bucknell, reels D1-2, kicks (also copies of D1-2, kicks)9/28/1985
25/1/3at Youngstown State, reels O-1/D1-2, kicks (also copies of D1-2, kicks; DVD of all)10/5/1985
25/1/3Massachusetts, reels O/D, kicks (also copy of D, kicks)10/12/1985
25/1/3at Richmond, reels D, kicks (also copy of D)10/19/1985
25/1/3at New Hampshire, reels O, D, kick (also copy of D)10/26/1985
25/1/3Maine, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also copies of D1-2) 11/2/1985
25/1/3at Rhode Island, reels D2, kicks (also copy of D2)11/9/1985
25/1/3Delaware State, reels D, kicks (also copy of D, kicks)11/16/1985
25/1/3Springfield, reels O/D, kicks (also copies of OD, kicks)11/23/1985
25/1/3Harvard, reels O/D1-21985?
25/1/3reel 21/9/1985
25/1/3Spring, reel 15/11/1985
25/1/3Spring, reel 15/18/1985
25/1/3Pre-season, reels punt-byo1985?
25/1/3at The Citadel, reels O/D1-2, kicks9/13/1986
25/1/3Youngstown State, reels O/D1-2, kicks9/20/1986
25/1/3at Massachusetts, reels O/D1-2, kicks 9/27/1986
25/1/4at Lehigh, reels O/D1-2, kicks 10/4/1986
25/1/4at Maine, reels O/D1-2, kicks 10/11/1986
25/1/4Connecticut, reels O/D, kicks 10/18/1986
25/1/4at New Hampshire, reels D, kicks10/25/1986
25/1/4James Madison, reels O/D, kicks11/1/1986
25/1/4at Delaware State, reels O/D, kicks (also videotape copy of D in box 55)11/15/1986
25/1/4Rhode Island, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also copies of O2/D1, kicks)11/22/1986
25/1/4Harvard, reel 31986?
25/1/4Spring, reel 1 (also videotape copy)5/3/1986
25/1/4Spring, reels 1, 3 (also videotape copy)1986?
25/1/4Pre-Season, reels special teams #18/30/1986
25/1/4K.A. block1/9/1986
25/1/4Pass Rush1986?
25/1/4Punt Block1986?
25/1/4FG and PAT1986?
25/1/4Crash-good and bad1986?
25/1/486 slant, DBL pinch-good and bad, 5 shorts bad1986?
25/1/4Blitz-good and bad1986?
25/1/4Zero good1986?
25/1/444 bad1986?
25/1/42 minute zero1986?
25/1/4Movement-good and bad1986?
25/1/4Punt pro coverage1986?
25/1/444 tiger-good and bad1986?
25/1/4Mac cover-good and bad1986?
25/1/4Zero bad #11986?
25/1/4Squat/squat dog-good and bad1986?
25/1/434 bad1986?
25/1/434 good1986?
25/1/444 good1986?
25/1/464-good and bad1986?
25/1/4Short yardage-good and bad1986?
25/1/4Zero bad1986?
25/1/4Max-good and bad1986?
25/1/4K.O. return1986?
25/1/4Punt return1986?
25/1/4FG/PAT block1986?
25/1/4Towson State, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also copies of O/D1-2, kicks) 9/12/1987
25/1/4at Connecticut, reels O1-2, kicks (also copies of reels O1-2, kicks)9/19/1987
25/1/4at Harvard, reels O1-2 (also videotape copy in box 55)9/26/1987
25/1/4at Youngstown State, reels O1-2, kicks (also copy of kicks)10/3/1987
25/1/5Maine, reels D-1-2, kicks (copy of kick)10/10/1987
25/1/5at New Hampshire, reels D-2, kicks (also copy of kicks)10/17/1987
25/1/5So. Connecticut, reels O/D1-2, kicks10/31/1987
25/1/5at Rhode Island, reels O1-2/D-2, kicks (also copy of kicks)11/7/1987
25/1/5at James Madison, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also copy of kicks) (also videotape copy of O1 in box 55)11/14/1987
25/1/5Massachusetts, reels O1/O/D11/21/1987
25/1/5Pre-season, reels 1-28/29/1987
25/1/5201/209 v. Even, reel O21987?
25/1/5201/209 v. Odd, reel O11987?
25/1/501/09 v. Even, reel O21987?
25/1/501/09 v. Odd, reel O21987?
25/1/5TE opt1987?
25/1/5Wham-Draw-24/26-DBL opt1987?
25/1/5at Towson State, reels O/D1-2 (also copy of D1)9/10/1988
25/1/5at Maine, reels O/D1-2, kicks9/17/1988
25/1/5Cen. Connecticut, reels O/D1-29/24/1988
25/1/5Connecticut, reels O1-2/D-2, kicks10/1/1988
25/1/5Youngstown State, reels O/D1-210/8/1988
25/1/5James Madison, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also videotape copy in box 55)10/15/1988
25/1/5at New Hampshire, reels O/D1-2, kicks10/22/1988
25/1/5at Massachusetts, reels D1-210/29/1988
25/1/5Rhode Island, reels D1-2, kicks11/5/1988
25/1/5Lehigh, reels O/D1-2, kicks11/12/1988
25/1/6at Holy Cross, reels D1-211/19/1988
25/1/6reels 1-24/30/1988
25/1/6reels 1-25/5/1988
25/1/6reels 1-25/13/1988
25/1/6reel 25/23/1988
25/1/6reels 1-28/30/1988
25/1/6reels 1-29/2/1988
25/1/6Punt return1988?
25/1/6K.O. coverage1988?
25/1/6PAT/FG block1988?
25/1/6K.O. return1988?
25/1/6Towson State, reels O1-2, D, kicks 9/9/1989
25/1/6Delaware State, reel O9/16/1989
25/1/6at Rhode Island, reels O2, D1, 3rd quarter, 4th quarter9/23/1989
25/1/6at Cornell, reels D1-29/30/1989
25/1/6New Hampshire, reels O1-2, kicks (also copies of O1-2)10/7/1989
25/1/6at Youngstown State, reels O/D, kicks10/14/1989
25/1/6Massachusetts, reels O/D1-2, kicks (also copy of O1)10/28/1989
25/1/6at Holy Cross, reels O/D1-211/4/1989
25/1/6Maine, reels D1-2, kicks11/11/1989
25/1/6reel 15/5/1989
25/1/6reels 1-25/12/1989
25/1/6Spring game, reel 25/20/1989
25/1/6reel 18/26/1989
25/1/6B v. R, reel O8/31/1989
25/1/6Kick off1989?
25/1/6K.O. return1989?
25/1/6Punt return1989?
25/1/6PAT/FG block1989?
25/1/6Lehigh, reels O/D1-2, kicks10/13/1990
25/1/6at New Hampshire, reels O/D1-2, kicks10/20/1990
25/1/6at Massachusetts, reels O-1-210/27/1990
25/1/6Scrimmage: Spring, reels 1-24/20/1990
401997 Highlights: “The Climb to the Top-Another Step in the Right Direction” (VHS)1997
22AIC (3 VHS)9/2/2000
22Albany (6 VHS)9/9/2000
22UNH (3 VHS)9/16/2000
22UCONN (3 VHS)9/23/2000
22Delaware (5 VHS)9/30/2000
22UMASS (5 VHS)10/7/2000
22Villanova (3 VHS)10/14/2000
22URI (4 VHS)10/21/2000
22William and Mary (3 VHS)10/28/2000
22UMAINE (3 VHS)11/11/2000
22JMU (6 VHS)11/18/2000
23Hofstra (5 VHS)9/1/2001
23Villanova (4 VHS)9/8/2001
23Delaware (5 VHS)9/29/2001
23Harvard (5 VHS)10/6/2001
23, 40Maine (6 VHS)10/13/2001
23JMU (3 VHS)10/17/2001
23, 40Richmond (5 VHS)10/20/2001
23, 40St. Mary's (7 VHS)10/27/2001
23UMASS (4 VHS)11/3/2001
23UNH (5 VHS)11/10/2001
23-24URI (4 VHS)11/24/2001
24Lock Haven (5 VHS)8/31/2002
24Ohio (4 VHS)9/7/2002
24UMASS (6 VHS)9/21/2002
24Hofstra (5 VHS)9/28/2002
24Delaware (5 VHS)10/5/2002
24URI (6 VHS)10/12/2002
24, 40Harvard (8 VHS)10/19/2002
24William & Mary (4 VHS)10/26/2002
24-25Richmond (6 VHS)11/2/2002
25Villanova (5 VHS)11/9/2002
25UNH (6 VHS)11/16/2002
25JMU (6 VHS)11/23/2002
25Fordham (4 VHS)11/30/2002
252002 Highlights2002
252003 Recruiting Class2003
25Stonehill (7 VHS)8/30/2003
25Albany (5 VHS)9/6/2003
25URI (3 VHS)9/13/2003
25William & Mary (4 VHS)9/20/2003
25Villanova (3 VHS)9/27/2003
25-26Harvard (5 VHS)10/4/2003
26Hofstra (2 VHS)10/11/2003
26Maine (5 VHS)10/18/2003
26UMASS (4 VHS)11/1/2003
26Delaware (5 VHS)11/8/2003
26Richmond (5 VHS)11/15/2003
26JMU (3 VHS)11/22/2003
Not Dated
24/3/6Uniun Boston Boston 11-6n.d.
25/1/7AIC, 1 tape n.d.
25/1/7Colgate, 3 tapes n.d.
25/1/7C.W. Post, 3 tapes n.d.
25/1/7Lehigh, 2 tapes n.d.
25/1/7Maine, 2 tapes n.d.
25/1/7Connecticut, 1 tape n.d.
25/1/7Massachusetts, 1 tape n.d.
25/1/7New Hampshire, 6 tapes n.d.
25/1/7Rhode Island, 3 tapes, 1 reel n.d., 196?
25/1/7Temple, 1 tape n.d.
25/1/716 unidentified tapes n.d.
5Films Ordered1955
6Football Media Guide1997
5Gallagher, Herbert W. (Coach)1951-1954
5General (7 folders)1946-1963
5National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame1955-1960
5Officials (3 folders)1952-1963
5-6, 39Programs and Press Releases (8 folders)1933-1996
39Season Ticket Order Form1989
6Yankee Football Conference: Media Guide1996
Zabilski, Joseph P. (Coach)
6General (7 folders)1949-1953
6Football, Prospective Students1964-1965
G. Ice Hockey
6Articlesn.d., 1955, 1978
6Boston Arena1954-1955
6Boston Garden Arena1954-1956
Films (Men's Hockey)
25/2/3NU vs. MIT12/18/1946
25/2/3NU vs. Boston College 1/30/1951
40The Beanpot Tradition (VHS)2/6/1995
40Northeastern vs. UNH, Northeastern vs. BU (VHS)2/2001
40Beanpot Semi-Final Game 1: Harvard vs. Northeastern (VHS)2/4/2002
40Beanpot Semi-Final Game 2: BC vs. BU (VHS)2/4/2002
40Beanpot Championship: Northeastern vs. BU (2 VHS)2/11/2002
40ESPN Original Entertainment: The Beanpot (VHS, Betacam SP)4/10/2003
6General (3 folders)1942-1958
6Programs1953-1996, with gaps
Score Books (5 folders)1953-1967
6Watson Rink1960-1962
39Women's Hockey1982-1997
H. Outside Associations and Committees
7Amateur Athletic Union1951-1960
7American Association of College Baseball Coaches1953-1958
Association of New England Colleges for Conference on Athletics
7General (7 folders)1950-1959
7Executive Committee Minutes1957
7Minutes (2 folders)1955-1956
7Treasurer File1955
7Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges1965-1969
7Eastern College Athletic Conference (6 folders)
7Eligibility Committee1955-1956
7Ice Hockey; Schedules, Scores, and Statistics1954
7Players Permits-Summer Leagues1951-1956
12Rules and Events1959-1960
7Selective Service Exams1966
7General Athletic Committee: Reports1931-1943
Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America
12General (2 folders)1935, 1950-1963
7Committee Report1961
7Constitution and By-Laws1960
7Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation1957
7National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (2 folders)n.d., 1954
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
8Baseball Championship Expenses1964
8Baseball Playoffs Expenses1964
8Baseball Selection Committee (2 folders)1954-1956
39Certification-Equity/Welfare/Sportsmanship Subcommittee (4 folders)1999-2003
8Olympic Fund1950-1964
8Special Newsletter1958-1960
8Television Assessment Percentage1955
8Television Assessment Committee (2 folders)1954-1965
8National Intramural Association1953-1957
8New England College Athletic Conference1959-1960
8New England Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America
8, 12Cross Country Run (4 folders)1936-1962
8Executive Committee Meeting1961
8, 12Track and Field (4 folders)1947-1958
New England Intercollegiate
8Football Association1950-1961
8Golf Association (2 folders)1935-1936, 1954-1960
8Invitation Basketball Tournament1951
8Sporting Associations1964-1968
8United States Federations (2 folders)1962-1966
United States National Student Association
9Olympic Committee (3 folders)1939, 1965, 1967
9Quadrennial Meeting1965
9Reports and Newsletters1951-1965
9Marathon Selection Committee1947-1952
I. Phil Bissell Cartoons
53Baseballn.d., 1964
FF4/D1Ice Hockeyn.d., 1965-1980
53, FF4/D1Football (3 folders)n.d., 1965-1985
53Sports Information Holiday Greetingsn.d.
FF4/D1Spring Sportsn.d., 1965-1980
53Trackn.d., 1964-1980
53Winter Sports1965-1967
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2. Department of Health, 1943-1959
Volume:0.27 cubic ft.


Series II. Department of Health contains records spanning 1943-1959.  It includes records concerning health insurance (box 9, folders 383-385 , physical examinations (box 9, folders 396-397), accident reports (box 9, folder 381), and records from the office of Dr. George M. Lane (box 9, folders 390-394).
9Accident Reports1955-1956
9Garland, Dr. Gilbert C.1956
9Health Insurance (3 folders)1950-1955
9Health Insurance and Medical Service Procedures1948-1958
9Health Service: Influenza Immunization1952-1954
9Hospital Insurance (2 folders)1953-1958
9Lane, Dr. George M. (5 folders)1954-1963
9Medical Cases1943-1952
9Physical Examinations (2 folders)1954-1955, 1958-1959
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3. Department of Physical Education, 1942-1988
Volume:0.36 cubic ft.


Series III. Department of Physical Education contains records spanning 1942-1988.  It includes records concerning intramural sports (box 9, folders 402-404), physical education and training (box 9, folders 405-406; box 12, folder 537), and the physical education center(box 9, folders 408-411).  Also included in the series are records of John W. Fox, Chairman of Physical Education Department (box 9, folder 400), Dorothy J. Reuter, who directed physical education for women (box 9, folders 417-419), and Harold A. Walker, Assistant Director of Physical Education (box 9, folders 421-424).
9Bowling League1955
9Fox, John W. (Chairman)1964, 1972
9Golf League1971
9Intramural Sports: Basketball1954-1955
9Intramural Sports: Schedules1981-1982
Physical Education and Physical Training
9, 12General1952-1956
9Center (4 folders)1953-1959
9Courses: Physical Training1958-1959
9Medical Clearance1954-1957
9Program: Memos to1960
9Physical Training Makeup: Past Files1942-1952
9Reuter, Dorothy J. (Physical Education for Women)1954-1959
9Sport Planner1983-1987
9Walker, Harold A. (Assistant Director of Physical Education) (4 folders)1956-1962
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4. Department of Student Activities, n.d., 1938-1986
Volume:1.62 cubic ft.


Series IV. Department of Student Activities contains records spanning 1938-1986.  The bulk of the series is from 1952-1965.   It includes records concerning admissions (box 9, folder 425), the alumni association (box 9, folder 427), commencement (box 9, folders 440-442), and the Reserve Officer Training Corps (box 10, folders 505-508).  The correspondence and records of Eugene J. Blackman, Professor of Speech and Drama, are in this series (box 9, folders 431-435).  Also included is the correspondence of Charles E. Kitchin, Director of Student Activities (Box 10, folders 487-491), and the weekly activities report from 1952-1965 (box 11, folders 524-530).  The records of the Faculty Committee on Student Activities (box 10, folders 466-470), and student lists (box 10, folders 512-518) are in this series also.
9Admissions Department1958-1959
9Alumni Association1957-1964
9Band Members1953
9Board of Faculty Advisors on Student Activities1947-1948
9Blackman, Eugene J. (Speech and Drama) (5 folders)1952-1958
9Bulletin Boards1952
9Cleveland, L.F. (Engineering)1953
9Co-eds1943, 1951
9College Council1959-1960
9Commencement (3 folders)1957-1959
Committee on Academic Standing
9College of Business Administration1964
9College of Education1964-1965
9College of Engineering1964-1965
9College of Liberal Arts1964-1965
10Committee on Regulations and Discipline1964
10Committee on Schedule Arrangements: Report1947-1948
10Computation Center: Progress Report1959
10Convocation: Freshman List1957
10Courses of Instructions (2 folders)1952-1956
10Dean's List: Upperclass1957-1958
10Department of Student Activities: Income and Expenses (2 folders)1947-1958
10Education, College of (2 folders)1958-1961
10Engineering, College of (3 folders)1958-1962
10Enrollment Statistics1960-1961
10Evaluations: Teacher/Course1978
10Exams: English1938-1940
10Faculty Advisers1955-1956
10Faculty Club1956
10Faculty Committee on Student Activities (5 folders)1954-1963
10Faculty Newsletter1960-1961
10Fraternities (2 folders)1955-1975
Freshman: Class of 1957, 1953
10Honor List1958
10Physical: Material (4 folders)1952-1957
10Physical Training Bulletin1958-1959
10Orientation (5 folders)1952-1964
10Student Activities Meetingca. 1955
10Henderson, Frederick R. (Executive Assistant to the Vice-President)1956
10Kitchin, Charles E. (Director of Student Activities) (5 folders)1952-1959
10Liberal Arts (3 folders)1958-1962
10MacDonald, Gilbert George (Dean of Freshmen)1957
10Marston, Everett (English) (2 folders)1953-1958
10Meserve, George H. (History and Art)1952-1953
10Moody, Ronald H. (Library)1956
10Morris, Rudolph M. (Registrar) (2 folders)1955-1957
10Occupational Information Service1959-1960
10Public Speakingn.d.
10Reserve Officer Training Corps (4 folders)1954-1960
Student Activities
10Center Building (2 folders)1949, 1958-1959
10Lists (7 folders)1953-1962
11Business Administration Program1960-1962
11Engineering Program1960-1962
11Student Union Freshman Camp1942
11Upperclass Education1958-1961
11Varsity Club1956, 1982, 1986
11Weekly Activities Report (7 folders)1952-1965
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5. Athletic Memorabilia, 1926-1996
Volume:50.00 cubic ft. (5 boxes and approximately 45 cubic ft. of trophies and plaques)


Trophies, uniforms, plaques, platter, cup.
14Baseball from 1991 NCAA Championship, signed by team1991
21Basketball uniform, “Northeastern 5,” worn from 1939-1949[1939-1949]
14Beanpot Buttonn.d.
14Championship Bannerca. 1972
14Cup, ICYRA won by Northeastern on April 22, 19341934
19Football dance souvenir books (3 total)1939-1946
54Football Uniform and Helmetn.d.
55Football Warm-up Coatn.d.
14Hockey Puck1931
14Hockey Puck from 1985 Beanpot Championship1985
14Medal, Eastern College Athletic Conference Division One North Basketball Championship1981
21North Atlantic Conference Champion buttons (44 total)n.d.
55Northeastern Hat: Joseph Zabilskin.d.
21Northeastern letter sweaters (2 total)n.d.
14Plaques, Football (2 total)1996-1997
14, Cage 8A/10Plaques, Basketball (4 total)1963-1983
Cage 8A/8-11Plaques, Track (50 total)n.d., 1921-1993
14Platter, Annual Coaches Award Women's Skiing1962-1967
FF4/D2Poster, Basketball1/30/1937
FF4/D2Posters, Football (3 total)1936
14Basketball Marked Northeastern University Varsity Basketball1942-1943
14Ribbon, Universal Cheerleaders Association1982
21Track shoes, vintage
13 and Cage 8A/6-7Trophies (Baseball, Basketball, Canoe Race, Golf, Hockey, Skiing, Swimming, Track, Water Polo), 26 total1926-1983
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