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Title:College of Nursing Records
Call Number:A18
List of Contents


1. Annual Reports, 1967-1987
Volume:.20 cubic ft.


This series includes the annual reports for the Northeastern University College of Nursing.
1Annual Reports (19 folders)1967-1987
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2. Committee Records, n.d., 1964-1998
Volume:7.75 cubic ft.


The Committee Records are chiefly comprised of committee minutes, correspondence, and memoranda.  Annual reports of individual committees' activities are also included in the files.  The central administrative body of the College of Nursing is the Faculty Organization.  All committees of the College report to this committee.  Also in the Faculty Organization papers is information pertaining to accreditation by the National League for Nursing.  Records of the accreditation steering committee can also be found in Series IV. Subject Files.  The following are standing committees: Executive, Curriculum, Academic Standing, Promotion and Tenure, Faculty Development, Goals, and Sabbatical Leave.
1Academic Council1973-1978
1-2Academic Standing Committee: Minutes (27 folders)1964-1990
2Ad Hoc Committee for the Evaluation of Organization and Structure, Phase II1983-1985
2Admissions Committee: Correspondence1977-1981
26Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (2 folders)1992
2Clientele Committee: Minutes1976
2Clinical Evaluation Committee: Minutes1990-1993
25Commission on Health Professions 1986-1987
Cooperating Hospitals Meetings
26Committee Membership1996-1998
2Committee on Committee Membership: Minutesn.d., 1974-1978
2Committee to Protect Human Subjects: Minutes1990-1991
2-3Committee to Review Organization, Structure, and By-Laws: Minutes (7 folders)1971-1984
26Co-operative Education Task Force1996
3, 26Curriculum Committee: Minutes (14 folders)1980-1997
3Deans and Coordinators Committee: Minutes1971-1979
Executive Committee
3Budget Study1979-1982
3Calendar of Activities and Calendar of Projects1980-1983
3Correspondence-Internal (4 folders)1980-1984
4Minutes (9 folders)1979-1985
26Evaluation Committeen.d., 1984-1992
4Faculty Appointment Committee: Minutes1989-1990
Faculty Development Committee
4Minutes (2 folders)1970-1991
Faculty Organization
26Fall Retreat1994-1997
26Meetings (2 folders)ca. 1997
4-7Minutes (53 folders)1964-1991
7Task Force to Develop a Process of Evaluation1977-1978
7Goals Committee: Minutes (5 folders)1972-1990
26Graduate Coordinator Committee1996-1997
7Graduate Curriculum Committee: Minutes (2 folders)1984-1991
26Graduate Primary Care Specialization Minutes1995-1997
7Graduate Program Committee: Minutes (2 folders)1989-1990
7Merit Review Committee: Correspondence-Internal1990-1991
Open Curriculum Committee
7Minutes (2 folders)1973-1975
7Reports (2 folders)1972-1977
7Planning Committee:  Minutes1964
7Promotion and Tenure Committee:  Minutes (2 folders)1972-1978
7Sabbatical Leave Committee:  Minutes (2 folders)1985-1990
Sigma Theta Tau
8Archives Committee:  Minutes1982
8Business Meeting:  Minutes1981-1983
8Finance Committee:  Minutes1981-1983
8Social Committee:  Minutes1975-1977
Steering Committee for NLN Accreditation
8Correspondence (3 folders)1981-1983
26Strategic Planning Committee (3 folders)1992-1993
8Student-Faculty Organization:  Minutes1969-1972
26Tenured Faculty Meetings1994-1998
8Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Minutes (3 folders)1990-1991
8University Library Committee:  Reports1969-1977
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3. Program Records, 1964-1997
Volume:7.75 cubic ft.

Alphabetical within 4 subseries: A) Associate Degree Program; B) Baccalaureate Degree Program; C) Graduate Programs; and D) Nurse Practitioner Program.  

The Associate Degree Program subseries consists of associate degree curriculum and faculty committees minutes, which can also be found in the individual files of these program committees.  The program files of the years 1976-1982 contain information about the phase-out of the associate degree program and the final report of the phase-out.  The Baccalaureate Degree Program subseries is also mostly made up of program committee records, along with materials for the National League of Nursing site visit in 1965-1966. The College created a Master's degree program in the 1990s and an RN-to-BSN program for registered nurses who wanted to further their nursing education. The most extensive of the Program Records subseries is the final one, Subseries D. Nurse Practitioner Program.  In addition to program committee information, it also offers information about the federal grants that supported the Nurse Practitioner Program.  Also included are faculty lectures and research materials and reports such as "A Report on the State of the Nurse Practitioner Program," 1976 (box 14, folder 389).
8-9General (15 folders)1965-1982
9Curriculum: Correspondence (5 folders)1967-1978
9Faculty: Correspondence (4 folders)1971-1979
9Fundamentals of Nursing: Correspondence (4 folders)1965-1971
9LPN-AD Project Advisory: Correspondence1969-1971
9Maternal-Child Health Nursing: Correspondence (3 folders)1964-1971
9Medical-Surgical: Correspondence (2 folders)1964-1972
9Psychiatric Nursing: Correspondence1966-1970
9Student Appraisal: Correspondence1965-1968
Subject Files
9Board of Registration in Nursing Review1965-1967
9General (2 folders)1964-1971
9Fundamentals of Nursing (2 folders)1972-1977
9Maternal-Child Health Nursing (2 folders)1967-1971
9Medical-Surgical Nursing1967-1969
10Licensed Practical Nurse / Associate's Degree Program Grant "Credit Allotment for Selected Licensed Practical Nurses Who Transfer to an Associate Degree Program" Reports1969-1973
10NLN Accreditation1968-1973
10Senior Enrichment Program1972-1974
2, 26General (22 folders)n.d., 1965-1994
11Combined Faculty: Minutes1971-1972
11New Baccalaureate Program Development:  Correspondence1977-1978
11Contemporary Nursing (85.201): Minutes1970-1971
11Correspondence (2 folders)1979-1980
11Minutes (10 folders)1965-1980
11Faculty:  Minutes (3 folders)1972-1979
11First Year:  Minutes (2 folders)1966-1971
11Maternal and Child Nursing (82.201): Minutes1969-1971
11Model III Steering:  Reports1973-1978
11Second Year Faculty:  Minutes (2 folders)1967-1971
11Student Appraisal:  Minutes (5 folders)1967-1979
11Third Year Faculty:  Minutes1968-1971
26School Nurse1996
Subject Files
12General (5 folders)1971-1989
12Growth and Development I and II (19.141 and 19.142)ca. 1979
12Medical-Surgical Nursing (81.201)1969-1970
12Nursing Electives1979-1980
12Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (1301)1989
12Transition Nursing (80.209)1976
12Curriculumsn.d., 1977
12Grant "Use of a Theory and Practicum Study Module Framework Providing Individualized Patterns for Student Attainment of Medical-Surgical Nursing Care Objectives”1977
National League of Nursing Accreditation
12Site Visit Supplementary Materials1972
12Nursing Program Questionnaires1975
12Registered Nurse Programca. 1974, 1983
26Master's for Non-Nursesn.d.
26Master's of Science (MS) / Master's of Business Administration (MBA) Program1994-1996
26Nurse Anesthesia (5 folders)1992
26Nursing Administration Specialization (2 folders)1989-1992
26Nursing Informatics Course1991
26PhD in Nursing : Feasibility Study1998
26Registered Nurse (RN) / Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (BSN) Program1995
27Registered Nurse (RN) / Master's Degree (MS) in Nursing (3 folders)n.d.
12General (3 folders)1973-1976
Advisory Council
12Correspondence (4 folders)1970-1982
12Coordinators: Minutes1975-1979
12-13Minutes (2 folders)1975-1982
13Nurse Practitioner Task Force: Reports1979-1980
Subject Files
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Nurses' Association
13Accreditation-Adult Track1982
13Accreditation Renewal-Appendices (2 folders)1981
13Certificates of Accreditation1978, 1981
13Certification Letter1982
13Letters to Students1976
13Tuition Fund #895G1980-1981
13"Clarification for Use of Revised School Health Forms”1973
13Class Profiles1972-1981
Continuing Education Units
13Three-Track Program1979
13Core Faculty and Staff1978-1979
13Data Collection and Physical Assessment (80.210)1977-1982
13First Quarter1977-1978
13Psychiatric Nursing (83.110)1978-1979
13Second Quarter1977-1978
13Third Quarter1977-1978
13"Description of Curriculum and Program”1972
13Faculty Publications1978-1982
13Feasibility Studyca. 1971
13General Accounting Office Reports1974-1976
13Graduatesca. 1979
13Graduation Address, Ruth M. Farrisey1979
13"An Expanded Program to Prepare Nurses for Primary Caretaking Roles" Proposal1978
"An Expanded Three-Track Nurse Practitioner Program"
13Progress Report1980
13Progress Report1981
13Final Report1982
"A Four Track Educational System for Nurse Associates"
14Continuation Application1978
14Final Report (2 folders)1976, 1979
14Progress Reports (5 folders)1972-1978
14Proposal for Continuation1974
14Health Planning Council for Greater Boston Proposal1978
14Proposal Request from National Cancer Institute1978-1979
14Job Descriptions1975-1982
John Cohen
14Respiratory System1979
E. Dyer and B. Ketchen, GU
14Ed Jacobs, Ear, Nose and Throat1978
14Alan Goldblatt, Cardiac1978
Pat Kraepelien and Stan Sagov
14GI Systems1979
14Letters of Support (2 folders)1977-1981
The National Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Associates
14Certificate of Recognition to Margaret Crooker1978
National Qualifying Examination:
14Examinees Performance Reports1978-1982
14Nurse Practitioner Program Newsletter1979
14Material for Faculty1972
14Progress Report Supplement1970
14Proposal for Academic Credit from University College (2 folders)1976-1980
14Proposal for the Administration of the Bunker Hill Health Center-Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program1971-1972
14Proposal for the School Nurse Practitioner in Adolescent Health Services, Chelsea, Mass.1978
14Recommendations re. Future Directions of the Nurse Practitioner Program1977-1978
"A Report on the State of the Nurse Practitioner Program"
15Continuing Education Questionnaire Data1978
15Follow-up Studies (3 folders)1974-1975, 1978, 1980
15Graduates of 1976 and 1977 Interviews1979-1980
15Will Holton, "Codebook for Quantitative Analysis of Data on Graduates of the Northeastern-Bunker Hill Pediatric Nurse Associate Program”1973
15Harriet C. B. Laing, "Patient Assertiveness in Responding to Gynecological Care"1978-1979
15Management of Common Pediatric Health Problems Questionnaire Results1975
15Maria Grazia Marzot, "A Profession in Process: Report of Participant Observation of a Program to Train Pediatric Nurse Practitioners”1973-1976
15Phillip D. Roos, Research Associate (2 folders)1978-1982
15Alexander Rysman, Alfred Yankauer, and Priscilla Andrews, "How Practicing Pediatricians Perceive Their Nurse Practitioner Associates”ca. 1974
15School Nurse Practitioner Statement on School Health (2 folders)1975, 1980
15Space Allocation (11 Leon Street)1973-1980
15Unidentified Report Appendicesca. 1972
15Will of Nana Reed Baker1973-1974
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4. Subject Files, 1962-1999
Volume:7.75 cubic ft.


The Subject Files include grant applications, proposals and reports (other than those of the Nurse Practitioner Program) and information on the "Credit Allotment for Selected Licensed Practitioners Who Transfer to an Associate Degree Program" grant for the Licensed Practical Nurse / Associates Degree program (see also Series III.).  This series also holds materials related to National League of Nursing accreditation, primarily self-evaluation reports, and some correspondence.
27Academic Common Experience Implementation Plan1996
Academic Planning
15, 27Reports (3 folders)1984-1985
15Advisory Program1970-1974
15Affirmative Action Plan, College of Nursing1975-1976
25, 27Alumni Survey (7 folders) 1985-1996
27Alzheimer's Disease Core Education Centerca. 1996
27Analysis of Selected Health Programs1995
American Association of Colleges of Nursing
15Certificates of Membership1977-1979
15"Registered Nurse Baccalaureate Nursing Education (1986-1988) Special Report”1988
Board of Registration in Nursing
15, 27-28Annual Reports (38 folders)1965-1992
15Baccalaureate Degree Program: Report1971
15School Survey1972
15School Survey for Pilot Program, "Credit Allotment for Selected Licensed Practical Nurses Who Transfer to an Associate Degree Program”1972
28Board of Trustees Presentation for Strategic Planning1995
28Budget (6 folders)1980-1997
28Center for Excellence in Nursing Practice1997-1998
28College Initiatives and Intensification Strategy1996-1997
28College of Nursing Media Placements 1990s
28College of Nursing Technology Task Force Report1990s
28Community-Based Nursing for Registered Nurses1992-1993
25Completion of Program Evaluation (4 folders)1988-1991
28Curriculum Revisionn.d., 1994-1997
15Dean's Reports1982-1985
28Department of Cooperative Education (2 folders)1997
28Enrollment Statistics1994-1995
28Evaluation of Dean Zungolo1992
28Event Programs1995-1997
28Faculty Development1993
28Fall Letter to the Students1997
28Financial Analysis of New Programs1996
Graduate Program
28General (3 folders)ca. 1997
28Curriculum Plans and Course Descriptions (2 folders)1991-1998
28Guidebooks and Handbooks1996-1998
28Memoranda and Notes1992-1996
29Activity, Sleep, and Cortisol in Depression1995
15"A Study to Determine the Feasibility of Incorporating the Educational Experience of a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program into a Baccalaureate Nursing Curriculum”1974-1976
29Camp IDEAR : Developing Research Teams to Help Urban Elders1997
29Cancer Education Module for the Management of Pain1994
29Cancer-Surviving Adolescents : Reducing Risk Behavior1994
29The Caregiver's Computer Network1995
15"Credit Allotment for Selected Licensed Practitioners Who Transfer to an Associate Degree Program" Reportsn.d., 1970, 1973
29Critical Care Clinical Specialist Masters Preparation1992
16Capitation Grants, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare1964-1977
29Community Based Computer Assisted Instruction Nursing Resource Unit1997
29Development and Evaluation of the Military Nursing Moral Distress Scale1997
29Effective Writing Across the Nursing Curriculum1995
16, 29Helene Fuld Health Trust (4 folders)1972-1973, 1994-1998
29Inner City Minority Women's Beliefs and Practices Concerning Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening1995
16"An Investigation of  Burnout Among Registered Nurses" Application1979
29Management of Resistive Behaviors in Advanced Alzheimer's1994-1997
29Music Intervention for Advanced Alzheimer's Patients1991
29Neonatal Nurse Program (2 folders)ca. 1993
29Nurse Anesthetists Traineeships1996
16Opportunity Grants, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare1967-1971
16, 29“Preparation of Primary Care Nurse Practitioners” (4 folders)1988-1995
29Video Production : The Experience of Immigration and Its Effect on Health : An Interview with Dr. Karen Aroian1996
25Health Colleges Consolidation1987-1988
29Historyn.d., 1978-1980
29Honorary Degree Recipients1993-1995
16"Market Surveys for the College of Nursing to Determine the Nature and Extent of Demand for Alternative Graduate Degree Programs in Nursing," Prof. Frederick Wiseman1984
National League for Nursing Accreditation
16Correspondence (4 folders)1964-1983
29Membership Certificates1991-1996
Associate Degree Program 
16Progress Report1970
16Self-Evaluation (4 folders)1968-1976
16-17Baccalaureate Degree Program Self-Evaluation (13 folders)1968-1983
17, 29-30Self-Study Reports (19 folders) (9 3½ inch diskettes)1983-1993
17"Statement Concerning the New College of Nursing” (2 folders)1964, 1965
Site Visits
17Planning Materials1981-1983
17Reports (2 folders)1972, 1980
17Supplementary Materials Requested1972
30Visitor's Report1991
Steering Committee
17Annual Report1981
17Admissions Committee1981-1982
17Baccalaureate Faculty1979-1980
17Committee to Evaluate Student Advisory Systems1981-1982
17Continuing Education1982
17Course Groups1981-1982
17Executive Committee1981-1982
17Goals Committee1981
17Task Force on Student Organization1981-1982
17Minutes (2 folders)1981-1982
National League for Nursing Councils
17Membership Certificates1965-1985
30New Course Descriptions for Other University Units (2 folders)1996-1997
17Northeast Intercollegiate Nursing Conference, “Nurse-Physician Teamwork”1971
23Northeastern University Index Plans1965-1966
Nursing Building
18Preliminary Cost Estimate, Wood & Tower1964
18Specifications, Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson, & Abbott Architects and Engineers1965
30Nursing in the Neighborhood : Presentation and Book Planning1990s
Office of the Dean
30General (2 folders)1995-1997
15Dean's Reports1982-1985
30Eileen Zungolo Presentationsn.d.
30Office of Institutional Research Reports on the College of Nursing (2 folders)1994-1996
18Phase Out of the Associate Degree Program Reports1977-1979
30Planning Council1997-1998
Pilot Testing of Clinical Skills
18Faculty Responses1988
18NUR 1200 to NUR 4300 (9 folders)1988
18Skills Grids1986
30Primary Care for the Underserved Conference Abstracts1996
Program Proposals
30A Community Based Baccalaureate Education Program for Registered Nurses1994
18"Proposal for the Establishment of a Graduate Program Leading to a Master of Science Degree in Nursing (MSN)”1986
25"Proposal for a Trimester Calendar”1989-1990
18"Proposed Program in Nursing Education, Northeastern University in Cooperation with Harvard Teaching Hospitals”1962
30School Nurse1996
18Report from the Senate Standing Committee on NU's Admissions Policies1980
18Report of the Commission on the Health Professions at NU1986
18Report of the Part-time Evening Section for Registered Nurse Students1981
18Reports, Various1972-1977
18Review of the College of Nursing Enrollment1971
25Site Visits by Representatives of the Public Health Service1965
31Strategic Plan (5 folders)1993-1998
31Student Time Studies and Evaluations1990s
31Summer of Service1993
31Graduate Nursing (12 folders)1989-1999
31-32Other Universities (2 folders1997
32Undergraduate (5 folders)1996-1999
32Teaching Assignments1991-1992
32Undergraduate Admissions Open House1990s
32Wellness Center1991-1993
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5. Publications, n.d., 1966-1998
Volume:2.25 cubic ft.


The Publications series incorporates publications of Northeastern University concerning College of Nursing programs, special events, and conferences.  It also contains custom course books for nursing classes.  Several of the publications are grouped according to the programs they describe, for example the Baccalaureate Degree Program, while those pertaining to the College of Nursing as a whole are filed by their titles, for example "Nursing at Northeastern University."
Anniversary Celebrations
18Tenth Anniversary1974
18Twentieth Anniversary1984
18Twenty-fifth Anniversary1989
18"Announcing . . . Two Programs in Nursing on the Cooperative Plan”ca. 1966
32Annual Report of Faculty Accomplishments (1 3½ inch diskette)1993-1996
Baccalaureate Degree Program
18Brochureca. 1990
18Open Houses Brochure1980-1993
18Capping Ceremony Program1976
32Career Guide for Nursing Students199?
18The Center for Community Health Education, Research and Service: Brochuren.d.
18Center for Continuing Education Professional Development Programs in Nursing and Health Care1984
25Center For Studies in Health Policy1979
College of Nursing
18Alumni Association Newsletter, "Nursing Today”1995
18Brochuresca. 1980-1982
18"A Combined Program of General Education and Nursing Education: Northeastern University and Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing”ca. 1966
32Cooperative Education 1988-1990s
18Cooperative Education Awards Luncheon Programs1976-1977
18Current Nursing Practice Series Seminar Notices1972-1976
18Faculty Development Programs1975
18, 32Faculty Handbooks, College of Nursing (10 folders)1969-1998
Faculty Publications
18Associate Degree Medical-Surgical Faculty, "Clinical Evaluation” (2 folders)1974-1975
Elaine Capozzoli, Virginia Dooley, Maureen Lynch, Geraldine Medici, and Marilyn Ziemian:
18"A Learning Guide for Fundamentals of Nursing”1976
19"A Learning Guide for Fundamentals of Nursing 2”1976
19"A Learning Guide for Fundamentals of Nursing 3”1977
19Janet Carroll and Jane Aroian, "Course Manual for Medical-Surgical Nursing II1977
18Course Books1960-1976
19Nancy Walden et al, "The Elderly in the Community" Telecourse1977
25Smith, Marilyn: "Follow-up Study of Baccalaureate Graduates Ten Years and Five Years Past Graduation”1989
32Fall Orientation Handbook1994
19Frontiers of Scholarship Day Program1978
Graduate Program
19Mailing Information1988
19Open Houses Postersca. 1991
32Guidebook for Clinical Faculty and Preceptors (3 folders)1997
19"Have You Thought About Nursing?" (2 folders)ca. 1967, 1973
19"Health Related Programs at Northeastern University”1972, 1978
19"If You Wish to Become a Nurse”ca. 1964
19LPN-AD Program Brochuresca. 1969 – ca. 1973
19Mary Gass Robinson Hall
19Dedication Ceremonies Program1966
19Ground breaking Ceremony Programca. 1965
19Newspaper Clippings, Various1965-1976
19Northeastern University Alumnus Clippings1966, 1971
19Nurse Practitioner Program Brochures (3 folders)ca. 1970-1981
32Nursing Co-Op Program : Information for Prospective Students, Families and Friendsn.d.
19"Nursing at Northeastern: The Start to a Great Future in Professional Nursing”n.d.
19"Nursing at Northeastern University”1982
19"Nursing for the Nineties Through Cooperative Education”1988
19"Nursing Review Course for the State Board Examination”n.d.
32Part-Time Faculty Handbooksn.d., 1994
19Pinning Ceremonies Programs1972-1989
19Registered Nurse Program Brochuresn.d., 1977, 1979
19Sigma Theta Induction Ceremony Program1974
19Special Events Brochures1971-1994
19Student Guidebook, College of Nursing (2 folders)1982-1986
19Student Handbook, College of Nursing1979, 1981, 1992-1993
32Summer Orientation Handbookn.d.
32Undergraduate Student and Advisor Handbook (2 folders)1995-1998
32Viewbooks (2 folders)1990s
19"You Are Needed in Nursing Now!  Two Programs in the Nursing Cooperative Plan Offered by Northeastern University”ca. 1967
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6. Theses, 1980-1991
Volume:3.50 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by author's last name.

This series is comprised of masters' theses of graduate students of the Boston University College of Nursing.  The theses were acquired by Northeastern's College of Nursing when it took over Boston University's graduate training program. 
19A – C (16 folders)1981-1990
20C – K (40 folders)1980-1991
21K – Q (37 folders)1880-1991
22R – Y (33 folders)1980-1991
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7. Realia, ca. 1960s
Volume: 0.90 cubic ft.


Two nurse's uniforms.
24Nurse's Uniformn.d.
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