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Collection Overview
Title:Office of the President (Ryder) records
Date:n.d., 1955-2005
Location Code:25/3-4, 26/1, 33/4, FF1/D1
Reference Code:A19
Extent:42.15 cubic ft. (100 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:The records of Kenneth Gilmore Ryder's (KGR) tenure as Northeastern University president (1975-1989) span 1955-1996. Records document KGR's leadership; the activities of NU's colleges, departments, and other research and administrative units; NU's involvement in community affairs, particularly the desegregation of Boston Public Schools; KGR's speaking engagements beyond NU; and KGR's participation in higher education associations in Massachusetts and United States. Records include annual reports, appointment books, awards and honors, campus planning and development records, correspondence and memoranda, reports, meeting agenda and minutes, audio and visual recordings, brochures, pamphlets, handbooks, newsletters, newspaper clippings, statistical information, notes, cards, lists, posters, proposals, surveys, writings, and artwork.
Historical Abstract:Kenneth Gilmore Ryder (KGR), the fourth president of Northeastern University (NU) from 1975 to 1989, began his career at NU in 1949 as an instructor of history and government. He was promoted to assistant professor in 1953 and to associate professor in 1956. In 1957, KGR gave up his teaching responsibilities to assume a succession of administrative positions: Dean of Administration (1958-1966), Vice President of University Administration (1967-1970), and Executive Vice President (1971-1975). In 1975, KGR succeeded Asa Smallidge Knowles as president of NU. Under KGR's leadership, NU's academic programs were upgraded and expanded, the quality of instruction was improved, research programs increased, and modern computer equipment was installed. Co-op placements expanded in number and variety, and national and international assignments became more available for interested students. Student and faculty exchange programs were increased, and enrollment of international students at NU rose. Development activities also escalated during KGR's tenure; in 1980, NU launched the Century Fund campaign, a capital fund-raising project. After 40 years of service to NU, KGR resigned. He became Chancellor in 1989 when John A. Curry was appointed as his successor.
System of Arrangement:Organized into 4 series: 1. Appointments, Correspondence, and Memoranda; 2. Colleges, Departments, and Other Units; 3. Committees, Councils, and Organizations; and 4. Subject Files.Conditionings Governing Access:Records are closed for 25 years from the date of their creation, unless researchers have written permission from the creating office.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Ryder, Kenneth G., b. 1924.

  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of the President.
  • Citywide Coordinating Council.
  • Boston Public Schools.
  • Madison Park High School (Boston, Mass.).
  • National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.
  • National Commission on Student Financial Assistance.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.)--Administration.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.)--Presidents.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.)--Buildings.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.)--Accreditation.

  • Education, Cooperative.
  • Universities and colleges--Public services.
  • College presidents--Inauguration.
  • School integration--Massachusetts--Boston.
  • Community development, Urban--Massachusetts--Boston.
  • College presidents--Massachusetts--Boston.

Processor: Finding aid prepared by Archives Staff, 1997. Updated 2010 and by Abigail Cramer, 2012, and Martha Pearson, 2014.

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Office of the President (Ryder) comprise approximately 40 cubic feet of material and are arranged into four series: (1) Appointments, Correspondence, and Memoranda, (2) Colleges, Departments, and Other Units, (3) Committees, Councils, and Organizations, and (4) Subject Files. While the bulk of the collection documents Kenneth Gilmore Ryder's tenure as the fourth president of NU, 1975-1989, there are some records scattered throughout the collection created by his predecessor, Asa Smallidge Knowles (see A3).

The collection holds abundant information about NU's involvement with community affairs, particularly with the Boston Public Schools desegregation, in Series III, Subseries B and in Series IV. KGR was an active member on several local community committees that were formed to address the desegregation issue. Such organizations, which included the Citywide Coordinating Council [CCC] (Boxes 24-26, 93, 95-96, Folders 177-200, 796-799, 811, 831) and the Steering Committee of College Presidents (Boxes 39-40, 93, Folders 272-278, 801), oversaw the implementation of desegregation in the public schools. Additional materials regarding Boston Public Schools desegregation can be found in Boston Schools Involvement (Boxes 45-50, 94-95, Folders 332-361, 805, 816-817). The files on the Boston Public Schools include records, such as newsletters, reports, and correspondence, of the Urban Schools Collaborative Office (formerly Office of Phase II Programs), an NU unit established in 1976 to implement the University's relationship with the public schools.

For more information on other aspects of NU's community work, see Series II: Office of Community Affairs (Box 12, Folders 89-90); Series III, Subseries B files: Fenway Civic Association (Box 27, Folder 202) and Fenway Project Area Committee (Boxes 27-29, 95, Folders 203-217, 819); and Series IV files: Boston, City of (Boxes 43-44, 93, 95, Folders 304-320, 802-803, 812-813) Boston Housing Authority/Housing and Urban Development (Box 45, Folder 328); Boston Housing Authority Scholarship (Box 45, Folder 329); Housing and Urban Development Projects (Box 68, 94, Folders 563, 806); Mission Hill (Box 72, Folders 603-604); and Southwest Corridor (Boxes 81-83, 94-95, Folders 678-693, 808, 824-826). These files include correspondence, memoranda, policies, newsletters, minutes, newspaper clippings, reports, and notes.

The bulk of the collection is contained in Series IV. SUBJECT FILES.  Of special interest are KGR's writings (Box 91, Folders 789-792) and speeches (Box 83-85, 95-96, Folders 694-727, 827). Most of his speeches were delivered before non-NU constituencies. Some are recorded on audio cassettes. Information on KGR's ten-year anniversary [as president of NU] can be found in Boxes 63-64, 92, 95-96, Folders 515-521, 794-795, 818, 833 and materials on his testimonial dinner can be found in Boxes 76-79, Folders 646-659. These files include visual and audio recordings.

Series IV also contains information that document about KGR's trips to foreign countries, such as Israel (Box 88, Folder 758)and China (Box 50-51,96, Folders 367-383), to promote cooperative education and exchange programs. Materials include itineraries, reports, correspondence, and photographs. In addition, he attended several international conferences on cooperative education (Box 56, Folder 435). Also located in Series IV are awards and honors celebrating Ryder's many years of service to Northeastern and the Boston Community. One award of interest is the piece of the U.S.S. Constitution given to Ryder upon his election as a Lifetime Trustee Emeritus by the Northeastern University Corporation.

The files that are named after NU's individuals, such as Harry T. Allen (Box 42, Folder 295); Philip T. Crotty (Box 56, Folder 437); John A. Curry (Boxes 56-60, Folders 438-459); James S. Hekimian (Box 67, Folder 552); James S. King (Boxes 69-70, Folders 579-582); Melvin Mark (Boxes 70-71, Folders 585-589); Anthony Penna (Box 73, Folders 611-614); Daniel J. Roberts (Box 79, Folder 660); and Raymond Williams (Box 90, Folders 784-786), document KGR's planning meetings with these individuals, who held high administrative positions at NU.

Historical Note

Kenneth Gilmore Ryder (KGR), the fourth president of NU from 1975-1989, began his career at Northeastern in 1949 as an instructor of history and government.  He was promoted to assistant professor in 1953 to associate professor in 1956. In the following year, KGR gave up his teaching responsibilities to assume a succession of administrative positions: Dean of Administration (1958-1966), Vice President of University Administration (1967-1970), and Executive Vice President (1971-1975). In 1975, KGR succeeded Asa Smallidge Knowles as president of Northeastern.

Under KGR's leadership, NU's academic programs were upgraded and expanded. NU established the nation's first College of Computer Science in 1982, and in 1980, the College of Education merged with Boston-Bouve College to become the Boston Bouve College of Human Development Professions. By 1989, over 19 academic centers and research institutes had been established; several honors and remedial programs had been implemented; and 16 satellite locations had been created. In addition, the first modern computer equipment was installed at the University.

During KGR's administration, research programs also increased. In 1978 the University Council on Research and Scholarship was established to foster development of research and scholarship activities. In 1981 the Office of Research Administration was reorganized to become the Office of Sponsored Research (it was renamed the Division of Research Management in 1989). By 1989, the funded research at NU had increased from $4.5 million in 1975 to $16.2 million. 

KGR also worked to improve the quality of teaching at NU. In 1978, he founded the Excellence in Teaching Awards, a merit program to recognize teachers, and in 1983, he established the Instructional Development Fund to encourage teachers to improve the quality of their teaching through experimentation with instructional content, innovative procedures, or technological resources. Under KGR's direction, faculty salaries and benefits were increased and merit allocations and salary equity adjustments were implemented.

During KGR's tenure, cooperative education acquired new dimensions. The attitude toward cooperative education shifted from a traditional emphasis on its financial advantages to its educational rewards. Co-op placements expanded in both in number and in variety; national and international assignments became more available for interested students. In addition student and faculty exchange programs were increased and enrollment of international students at NU rose. By 1988, 18.2% of the graduate students (except at School of Law) were international students.

Development activities escalated during KGR's tenure. Endowment funds increased from $30 million in 1975 to almost $87 million in 1985. Fund raising also increased by 220 percent. In 1980, NU launched the Century Fund campaign, a capital fund-raising project.  By the end of the first phase of the campaign in 1985, four new facilities – Cargill Hall, Kariotis Hall, Snell Engineering Center, and Solomon Track at Dedham -, and two renovated buildings - Cullinane Hall and Matthews Arena - were added to NU's physical plant.

KGR established the Office of Government Relations in 1979 to bring the concerns of NU faculty, employees and students to the United States Congress and the Massachusetts House of Representatives in a direct fashion on concerns relating to financial aid, cooperative education, and other legislative issues that would improve higher education in general and NU in particular.

Looking for ways to develop strong relations between NU and the local community, in 1976 he created the Office of Community Development (renamed the Office of Community Affairs in 1981) to work on various community projects. In 1975, NU participated in Phase II of the Boston public schools desegregation plan in which 21 Boston area colleges and universities each paired up with a specific Boston public school to assist in educational development. NU was paired with Madison Park High School in District 7.

NU also participated in the Southwest Corridor Project, an economic and environmental urban renewal project to improve Boston's transportation by developing the land near NU's property into residential, commercial, and light industrial enterprises. In 1986 the Ruggles Street MBTA Station was created.

After 40 years of service to NU, fourteen of which he had served as President, KGR submitted his resignation to NU's Board of Trustees. KGR became Chancellor when John A. Curry, a former NU administrator, was appointed as his successor in 1989.


A Decade of Progress: A Future of Promise, 1975-1985. Report, 1986.  (Box 64, Folder 521)

Calabro, Lori. "Kenneth Ryder." Bostonia (September 1981):78-79 (Box 73, Folder 606)

Frederick, Antoinette. Northeastern University, Coming of Age: The Ryder Years, 1975-1989. Boston: Northeastern University, 1995.   CALL NUMBER: LD4011.N22F732

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1. Appointments, Correspondence, and Memoranda, n.d., 1973-1989
Volume:5.00 cubic ft.



This series includes KGR's appointment books, which document his daily meetings and activities, and his memoranda to various NU constituencies.  The correspondence found in this section is minimal; however, other correspondence written to and by KGR are scattered throughout the collection.

1-5Appointment Books (30 folders)1975-1989
5Correspondence (2 folders)1975-1988
5Memoranda (3 folders)n.d., 1973-1988
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2. Colleges, Departments, and Other Units, n.d., 1968-1994
Volume:12.50 cubic ft.



Most of the materials found in this series consists of reports, pamphlets, proposals, memoranda, publications, agendas and minutes of meetings. There is also some correspondence between KGR and college/department members and individuals outside the NU community. Of special interest are the materials on the Bay Area Regional Technology Center, a continuing education center for engineering and engineering-related professionals in California founded by NU in 1985. Materials consist of press releases, consultant reports, financial reports, and correspondence (Boxes 6-7, Folders 42-43). The center, modeled after the State-of-the-Art-Engineering Program, a similar program in Boston (Box 7, Folder 48), closed its operation a year later because of financial depression in the high technology sector.  Materials on the University's Master Plans, which are several campus development studies, can be found in Box 18, Folders 128-130, as well as in Series IV. Subject Files in Box 72, Folders 598-601. These master plans are reports that identified principal external forces that affected the campus, and set forth broad guidelines for future development. The reports include statistical information about the students, faculty and staff, land use, buildings, and parking facilities.

5Affirmative Action Office1977, 1979-1986
African American Institute, John D. O'Bryant:
6General (3 folders)1968-1972, 1975-1980, 1987-1988
6Presidential Advisory Committee (2 folders)1975-1977
6African-American Master-Artist-in-Residency Program1975-1978, 1988
6Barnett Institute of Chemical Analysis and Material Sciencen.d., 1986, 1987
6-7Bay Area Regional Technology Center (2 folders)1984-1985
Board of:
7Trustees: Presidential Review1982-1984
7Boston-Bouvé College of Human Development Professions1982-1988
7Call, Russell J., Children's Center: Parents' Handbookn.d.
Center for:
7Continuing Education: STATE-OF-THE-ART Engineering Programn.d., 1983
7Cooperative Education: 1988 Employer Analysis1989
7Cooperative Education and Office of International Affairs: International Student Recruitment and Employer Development Project1985
7Electromagnetic Research: Grant1985
7International Higher Education Documentationn.d.
7-8Labor Market Studies: Memoranda and Reports (2 folders)1980, 1986-1989
College of:
Arts and Sciences
8General1977, 1981
8Reports1983, 1985
8Business Administration: Reports1982-1988
8Computer Science: Reports1978, 1981-1988
8Criminal Justice: Report1978
8-9Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions (2 folders)1978, 1984-1987
9Dean of Students: Handbook1975
Department of:
9Admissions1976, 1980-1985
9African American Studies1976-1983
9Career Development and Placement: Surveys1984-1989
9Chemistry: Annual Report1975
9Civil Engineering1984, 1989
Division of:
Cooperative Education:
9-10General (2 folders)n.d., 1976-1979, 1983-1987
10International Co-op1981-1986
10-11Reports (4 folders)1981-1990
11Fine Arts: Newsletters1984, 1987
11Finance Office: Report on Funds1981
11Forsyth Dental Center1972-1982
11International Student Office1975, 1978-1981
11Life Crisis Institute: Progress Report1987
Office of:
11Adult Education1975
11Alumni Developmentn.d., 1988
11-12Alumni Relations: Reports (4 folders)1982-1989
12Community Affairs (2 folders)1976-1977, 1982-1986
12-13Development (5 folders)n.d., 1975-1989
Executive Vice-President:
13-14Reports (4 folders)1986-1989
14Financial Aid (2 folders)1975-1990
International Affairs: 
15Reports1986, 1988
15Viola, Joy (2 folders)1979-1982
15Marketing and Institutional Research and Planning: Report1991
15Provost: Reports1987, 1992-1994
15Public Affairsn.d., 1981-1989
15Public Information1982
16Registrar: Enrollment Statistics (3 folders)1974-1989
16Research Administrationn.d.
16Services for the Handicapped: Annual Report1987
16Student Affairs: Report1983
16University Administration1976-1978, 1989
16Psychology Learning Center1981
School of:
16Professional Accounting: Annual Report1975
16Special Assistant to the President: Allen, Catherine: Boston-Bouvé History
16Special Assistant to the President for the Arts: Reports1977-1978
University College
17General1984, 1989
17University Libraries (5 folders)1970, 1974-1988
University Physical Planning and Design:
95"Campus Plan Study NU/Boston," Keyes Associates1978
NU Boston Campus Master Plan:
18Reports (2 folders)1975-1976, 1982-1983
18Transportation Survey1984, 1989
18University Press1977
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3. Committees, Councils, and Organizations, n.d., ca. 1955-1990
Volume:12.15 cubic ft.

Arranged alphabetically, into two subseries: A. Internal and B. External.


The first subseries covers general University committees not related to any specific college or department.

The records in Subseries B relate to higher education and community service in the United States and/or the Boston community. KGR was involved with several national and state academic associations, such as the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (Boxes 22-23, Folders 169-172) and Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Corporation (Box 30, Folder 221), to promote the welfare of universities and colleges in general and NU in particular. Materials on his work with these organizations include minutes, correspondence, reports, and publications. For information regarding KGR's involvement in fostering cooperative education in higher education, see files on the National Commission for Cooperative Education (Box 32, Folder 236) and World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education (Box 40, Folder 281).

A. Internal
18Administrative Operations Committee: Minutes1975-1983, 1988-1989
18Athletics, Committee on: Report1976
18Bicentennial Committee1974-1976
18Black Recruitment Advisory Committeen.d., 1976-1978
18Black Student Attrition/Retention, Task Force on: Reports1982
19Campus Action Group on Student Financial Aid1982
19Day Care Committee: Report1976
19Economic Development, Committee for1978
19Freshman Year, Committee on: Report1977-1978
19-20Goals Committee (6 folders)n.d., 1969-1978
20Government Relations Advisory Committee1979-1981
20International Coordinating Board: Report1982
20International Students, Committee for: Report1981
20International Student Recruitment and International Employer Development Team: Report1985
20Library Staff Building Committee: Report1981
20Long Range Planning Committee1987-1988
President's Advisory Committee for the Arts:
20General (2 folders)1978-1980
20President's Cabinet1987-1988
21President's Commission on the Freshman Year: Report1990
21Presidential Review Committee1983
21Presidential Task Force on Computing Futures: Report1983
21Provost Search Committee (2 folders)1976-1979
21Recreation Sports Center Planning Committee: Proposal1983
21Sexual Preference Coalition: Survey Report1986
21Telecommunications, Task Force on: Final Report1982
21Telecommunications Advisory Committee1987-1989
21-22Vice Presidents, Council of (4 folders)1984-1989
22Visual Identity Committee1982
B. External
22American Association of University Professorsca. 1955-1981
Association of:
22-23Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts1980-1981
23Urban Universities1976, 1981-1982
23Baden-Wuerttemberg Massachusetts Group: Advisory Council1985-1988
Citywide Coordinating Council:
24General (3 folders)1975-1978
24Alphabetical List and Index to Volumesca. 1976
93Appointment of Chairman1978
24Community District Advisory Council Handbook1975
96Madison Park High School Transition Project Flow Chart1977
95Newspaper: Parents' United
24-26Volumes 1-6 (18 folders)
93Volume 5 (3 folders)
27Commercial Club of Boston, The Merchants Club: Yearbooks1978-1989
27Fenway Civic Association1975-1983
Fenway Project Area Committee:
27-29Generalca. 1973-1979
95The Fenway News1976
29Goals for Boston Steering Committee
29Advisory Council on Vocational-Technical Education1976, 1978-1979
29Corporation for Educational Telecommunications1982-1986
30Higher Education Assistance Corporationn.d., 1980-1987
30Student Financial Aid, Task Force on1987-1988
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities: 
30-32General (10 folders)1982-1988
32Reports (2 folders)1976, 1981, 1986
32Tax Reform Act of 19851985
32Commission for Cooperative Education1975
32Commission on Cooperative Education: Advertising Council1983-1985
Commission on Student Financial Assistance:
33-351980-1983 (17 folders)1980-1983
36Hearings (2 folders)1982
36-37Meetings (7 folders)1981-1983
37-38Reportsn.d., 1981-1983
Steering Committee of College Presidents
39-401976-1981 (7 folders)1976-1981
40Wang Institute of Graduate Studies (2 folders)1979-1987
40World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education1982-1988
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4. Subject Files, n.d., 1971-1992
Volume:12.30 cubic ft.



KGR was also involved with the National Commission on Student Financial Aid, a council created by the federal government in 1981 to recommend policies to the President of the United States and to the U.S. Congress on issues of federal student assistance in post-secondary education. Members of the commission included bipartisan congressmen and leaders of the higher education community. Materials documenting KGR's work with the Commission consist of reports, minutes and agenda, correspondence, and publications (Boxes 33-38, 93, Folders 238-271, 800). For more information regarding KGR's involvement in the political sphere, please see Series IV. SUBJECT FILES: Government Relations (Boxes 65-67, Folders 541-550), Testimonies (Boxes 87-88, Folders 743-754); Ryder-Mann Bill (Box 79, Folders 662-663); United States Department of Education (Box 90, Folder 777); United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (Box 90, Folder 778); and United States Higher Education Act of 1980 (Box 90, Folder 782). The Press files contain articles and press releases about KGR and Northeastern. The Speeches files contain testimonies, addresses, and commencement speeches. The Writings files contain editorials, letters-to-the-editor, and articles written by KGR.

40Academic Assistance Center1985-1986
40Academy for Educational Development, Inc.: Kellogg Project in Change Management1976-1978
41"Five-Year Interim Report Prepared for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges1983
41"Institutional Self-Study Report Prepared for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges” (4 folders)1978, 1988
41New England Association of Schools and Colleges (2 folders)1976, 1978-1979, 1988-1989
42Self-Study for New England Association of Schools and Colleges Visit1987-1988
42, 97-98Alden Seminars; Reports (22 folders)1981-1988
42Allen, Harry T.: Discussions1976-1979
42Alumni Associationn.d., 1978, 1983, 1985
American Society of Civil Engineers:
42NU Student Chapter1977-1978, 1980-1987
42Kennedy Play Siten.d., 1978
42Andrew W. Mellon Foundationn.d., 1977, 1988
Awards and Honors
100Association of Urban Universities in Appreciation1992
100Beta Gamma Sigma President Certificate1973
100Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Massachusetts Higher Education Assistance Cooperation Plaque in Recognition of Servicen.d.
100Cameron S. Thompson Medal of Honor for Distinguished Public Service1988
100Colonial Society Plaque in Appreciation1985
100Faculty Senate Agenda Committee Resolution of Gratitude1989
100First Northeastern Beanpot Championship Plaque1980
100Honored Member of Who's Who in U.S. Executives1990
100Husky Associates Plaque of Appreciationn.d.
100National Commission for Cooperative Education Certificate of Appreciation1974
100Northeastern University Academy Plaque of Appreciationn.d.
100Northeastern University Corporation Lifetime Trustee Emeritus Award (Piece of U.S.S. Constitution)1990
100Office of Services for the Handicapped Plaque of Appreciation1989
100Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Cooperative Education Thank You Block1985
100Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society 50th Anniversary Celebratory Plaque1977
100Twentieth Anniversary of Football Team Celebratory Plaque1983
100Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Rowing Team Plaque in Appreciation1990
100Twenty-Five Years of Service to Northeastern University certificate of recognition1974
100United Way of Massachusetts Bay Plaque in Recognition of Support1979
42Beijing Institute of Foreign Language1980-1981
43Beijing Municipal Higher Education1984-1987
43Black Faculty1981-1988
43Boathouse1980, 1983-1988
Boston, City of:
431972-1989 (5 folders)1972-1989
95Boston City Council: Citation1979
43Berklee College of Music: Tax Agreement1980-1981
43Boston University, Trustees of: Tax Agreement1980
43Graduate Scholarships for City Employees1980-1984
44Initiatives by NU1983-1984
44Institutional Expansionca. 1982
44Office of the Mayor: Declaration of Cooperative Education Week1979
93Payments by NU1980-1981, 1989
44Payment-in-lieu of Tax (PILOT) Process1988-1989
44, 93, 99Relationship with (8 folders)n.d., 1976-1987
95Newspaper: Boston Globe
44, 93Fenway Program (4 folders)1976-1988
45Globe Spotlight: Law Enforcement Program1985-1986
45Grant Program1979, 1981-1985
95Maps and Programsn.d.
45Housing Authority/Housing and Urban Development1988
45Housing Authority Scholarship1983-1989
45Library Consortiumn.d., 1975, 1978
45Lyric Opera Company1978-1986
Boston Schools Involvement:
45-48, 94General (23 folders)n.d., 1973-1989
9Boston Public Schools: Annual Report1983-1984
9“Fulfilling the Letter and Spirit of the Law,” United States Commission on Civil Rights1976
95Boston Herald American1977
95Madison Park Times1977
Phase II Program:
49Exhibits and Reports1975-1977
49Madison Park High Schoolca. 1976-1977
49Publicity and Personnel1975-1977
50Boston Summer Olympics, Mayor's Committee for: Proposal1980
50Capitol Associates, Inc.1986-1988
50Carl S. Ell Student Centern.d.
50Cass, Melnea, Papers1979-1980
50General (2 folders)1978-1989
96Artwork (3 items)1980
50Beijing Normal University1980
50Beijing Polytechnic University1980-1987
50Photograph Album1981
51Chinese People's Association for Friendship1979-1981
51Harbin Institute of Technologyn.d., 1980, 1983
51Hunan Universityn.d., 1980-1985
51, 99NU Delegation (3 folders)1979-1980
51Photograph Albumca. 1980
51Shanghai University of Science and Technology1979-1982
51Shanghai University of Technology1979-1980
51Tsinghau University1980-1982
51Christmas Cards Sent Out by Ryder Family1975-1988
51Christmas Gifts List for Trustees and Overseers1975-1988, ca. 1989
51-52Citizens' Legislative Seminars (2 folders)1976
52Class Gifts1980-1986
52-55General (28 folders)1974-1989
55Interesting Graduates1980
55Luncheon Seating Plans1988-1989
55School of Law (13 folders)1977-1989
55Speakers 1976-1989n.d.
55Communications Study (3 folders)1977, 1982-1985
New England Scholastic Press Association Conference1986
56World Conference on Cooperative Education1978-1987
56Yankee Conferencen.d., 1978-1979, 1981-1985
99Cooperative Education Employment Act1983
56Crotty, Philip T.: Discussions1984
56-60Curry, John A.: Discussions (22 folders)1976-1989
64Diller, Phyllis1988
60Ell, Carl S.: Death1978, 1981-1982
60General (6 folders)1975-1989
6075th Anniversary of Cooperative Education1985
Christmas Parties:
60Junior Administration1982-1986
60Senior Administration1976-1986
60Balerna Football Locker Room1980
60Barletta Hall1988
60Bulfinch Mall1977
60Burstein Hall1986
61Cargill Hall, School of Law1983
61Cullinane Hall1985
61Friedman Baseball Diamond1988
61Herbert W. Gallagher Lobby in Matthews Arena1983
61Hall of Fame1980
61Henderson Boathouse1989
61Kariotis Hall1982, 1984
61Lake, Holmes, Meserve, and Nightingale Halls1978, 1980, 1985
61Lane Health Centern.d.
61George B. LeBeau Park1976
61Matthews Arena1982
61Amelia Peabody Health Professions Center1975-1976
61Snell Engineering Center1984
61Solomon Outdoor Track Facility1983-1986
61Stearns Center1976-1978
62Joseph P. Zabilski Field House1987
62Dinner Cruise1988
62Ell, Carl S.: 90th Birthday Celebration1977
62Fitzgerald, Arthur: Memorial Service1978
62Founder and Donor Recognition Ceremony for the Varsity Club1984-1986
62Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra: A Musical Tribute1979
Ground Breaking:
62Engineering Center1982
62Library-Resource Center1987
62Parking Garage1986
62Holiday Receptions1987-1988
62International Day1980-1981
62Irish Art Exhibitn.d., 1978-1979
62NU Night at the Pops (3 folders)1976-2005
62Opening Week Convocation1986
63Parents' Weekend
63Presidential Annual Recognition Dinner (2 folders)1978-1988
63Presidential Lecture Series: The Black Scholar in American.d.
63President's Convocation1988
63President's Service Recognition Dinner1987-1988
63Second Annual Concert of Unity1981
63Snell Engineering Center Time Capsule: Cornerstone Ceremony1985-1986
63Snyder, Leo: Special Commemorative Concert1984
Ten Year Anniversary (KGR): 
95, 99General1986
63-64Dinner (2 folders)1985-1986
64video cassette recordings1986
921986 (2 folders)1986
64Northeastern Alumni Magazine1986
64Report, “A Decade of Progress: A Future of Promise 1975-1985”1986
96Seating Plan1986
64Terra Cognita Sculpture Unveiling Ceremony1989
64Electric Rates: Referendum1976
64Faculty and Academic Administrative Staff (Additions): List1975
64Faculty Senate1983-1988
64Farrakan, Louis: Visit1985
64General1982-1983, 1988
64Neighborhood Complex1979-1988
64Fenway Community Health Center1976, 1979
64-65Financial Statements and Auditors' Reports (9 folders)1975-1978, 1980-1987
65Four-Day Work Week1980
65Freshmen Academic Monitoring Systemn.d.
65Graduate Education Report1987
65Graphic Standards for NU1987
65-67Government Relations (10 folders)1976-1989
67Hale and Dorr1985
67Hekimian, James S.: Discussions1975-1976
67Higher Education General Survey Report (3 folders)1975-1979
68Honorary Degree Recipientsn.d.
67Honors and Citations (2 folders)1976-1989
Honorary Degrees:
67Boston College1989
67Columbia College1988
95Massachusetts Corporation Educational Telecommunications1992
67University of Massachusetts at Amherst1984-1988
68Housing System Study1984-1985
68, 94Housing and Urban Development Projects (2 folders)
68Huntington Avenue Overpass Proposal1972, 1979-1981
68Huntington Avenue Signage Project1984-1987
68Huntington Place1979-1981
68Huntington Properties1982-1983
68Certificates (of Congratulations) from Colleges and Universities1975
68Congratulation Cards1975
69Institutes/Centers: List1986
69International Delegation1980-1989
69International Encyclopedia of Higher Education1976-1977
69"Dave Finnegan Show," (audio cassette recording)1982
69NU Radio Network1983
69“Today Show”1982
69Job Description (KGR)1985-1986
69-70King, James S.: Discussions (4 folders)1983-1989
70Klein, Robert1976-1977
70Mandela, Nelson: Honorary Degree1987-1988
70-71Mark, Melvin: Discussions (5 folders)n.d., 1976, 1978-1985
71Bay Transit Authority-Green Line1975, 1978-1982, 1987-1988
71Board of Regents of Higher Education: "Shaping the Future of Massachusetts Higher Education: Demographic Change and Enrollment Prospects1984
71Department of Education: "Massachusetts Annual and Five-Year State Plan for Vocational Education 1978-1982” (3 folders)1977-1978
71High Technology Council1980
71-72Technology Park (2 folders)1981-1982, 1986
Master Plan:
72General1982, 1985-1989
72Reports: Sasaki Associates, Inc.1985
72Signage and Environmental Design (2 folders)ca. 1982
72Matthews Arena1976-1979, 1984
72Mission Hill (2 folders)n.d., 1977, 1981-1987
73Network Northeasternn.d., 1983, 1989
73Newspaper and Magazine Clippingsn.d., 1976-1988
73Northeastern University: An Emerging Giant1959-1975, 1977-1984
73Opera Lot Study Site1971
73Painting1978-1979, 1986
73Penna, Anthony: Discussion (4 folders)1985-1988
74Planning Meeting of Vice Presidents and Deans1977
74President's House1964, 1987
74Presidential Searches1973-1975, 1988
74Presidential Succession1973-1975
74Press Releasesn.d., 1984, 1986
100Principal Buildings Picture1960
74Professorships1979-1980, 1982, 1984-1985, 1988
96Publication: "A Tribute to Determination”n.d.
74American Council on Education and the University of California at Los Angeles Corporative Institutional Research Program Report1977
74"An Assessment of NU By Selected Student Groups," First Market Research1984
74"Attitudes Toward NU Among Alumni,” Hollander, Cohen Associates1977
74"Attitudes Toward NU Among Employers,” Hollander, Cohen Associates1977
74"Attitudes Toward NU Among the General Public," Hollander, Cohen Associates1977
74"Building Consensus: Opportunities in Adult and Part-Time Learners Program," Brian Donnelly1987
74"A Communications Appraisal for NU," Barton-Gillet Company1977
74"Economic Impact of NU on Massachusetts,” Lawrence Olson1980
74"Executive Summary Admitted Student Questionnaire,” The Barton-Gillet Company1988
74"Funding Proposal for a Human-Powered Land Speed Record Vehicle," American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Chapter1982
74"Highlights of NU 1976 Freshmen Class,” Admissions Testing Program of the College Entrance Examination Board1976
75"NU 1975-1982: Kenneth G. Ryder: Certain Leadership in Uncertain Timesn.d.
75"NU's Contributions to the City of Boston and Its Residents," Samuel J. Berstein1981
75"NU's 1981 Contributions to the City of Boston and Its Residents”1982
75"Problems for the Handicapped: A Study of Architectural Barriers at NU," Harvey Vetstein and Robert Vozzella1975
75"A Profile of the NU Freshman Class 1988-1989ca. 1989
75"Program Audit Report: Program for the Preparation of the Instructor of School Aged Children with Severe Special Needs Leading to the Master of Education Degree1977
75"Research Projects at NU”1976
75"Review and Reflection Paper for NU," Communicorp1992
75"Strategic Directions for NU”1987
75Strauss Report on Admissions1987
75"Workshop on the Role and Future of Research and Scholarship at NU”1978
75Residence Hall: Speare Lot1989
95Newspaper, Northeastern News1988
Testimonial Dinner:
76Copies of Letters for Memory Book1989
76Correspondence: VideoCraft1990
"Ken Ryder, This is Your Life"
76reel to reel audio recording1989
76-79video cassette recordings (9 folders)1989
79"Speeches," video cassette recording1989
75Resource Center for Science and Engineering Projectn.d., 1978-1979
79Roberts, Daniel J., Discussions1977-1984
79Roxbury Community College1985
94Ruggles Building Renovations1983, 1985-1986
79Ryder-Mann Bill (3 folders)1979-1984, 1986
80Salaries (4 folders)n.d., 1971-1989
80Scondras, Davidn.d., 1980, 1982-1983
80Smith, Margaret Chase: Honorary Degree1982
Software Engineering Institute:
80General (2 folders)1984
81Proposal (3 folders)1984
80Software Systems Technology Research Center1985, 1987
80South African Investments (2 folders)1978-1986
Southwest Corridor:
81-83General (14 folders)1975-1986
Correspondence1976, 1981-1982
83Newspaper Clippings1985
95Highland Park Rap1981-1982
95Southwest Corridor News1977-1987
98Penn Central (2 folders)n.d., 1976-1977
FF#1, Drawer #1Plans and Postersn.d.
83, 94Publications (2 folders)1974-1975, 1979
99General (3 folders)n.d., 1975-1984
831978 (audio cassette recording)1978
84Acceptance Speech, 1975 (audio cassette recording)1975
84Association for Continuing Higher Education1984
84Catholic Alumni Sociality1980
84College Board Regional Meeting1983-1984
84Columbia College, Chicago1988
84Commencement (includes audio-visual material)n.d., 1974-1977, 1981
84Corporation (includes audio cassette)1975-1979, 1982, 1985-1986
84Dean Junior College1988
84-85(to) Faculty as New President, (video cassette recording and film reel) (2 folders)1975
96General Assembly (Symphony Hall), 1979 (reel to reel audio recording)1979
85Governor's Conference on Community Revitalization1977
85Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical School1978-1979
85Industrial Engineering Conference (audio cassette recording)n.d., 1986
85International Representatives1984
85Maine Chapter of Chartered Life Underwriters1976
85Malden Chamber of Commerce1981
85Massachusetts Municipal Association1984
85Massachusetts Public Health Association1979
85Massasoit Community College1978
85Mount Ida Junior College1976
85National Council1986
85Necomen Society1989
85Northern College of Higher Education, Netherlands1987
85Shippensburg State College1982
95Newspaper Clippings1982
85Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters1982
85Swinburne Institute of Technology (audio cassette recordings)1983
85Western New England College (2 folders)1977-1978, 1987-1988
85World Conference on Cooperative Education1983
85-86Statistics (2 folders)1975-1988
95Freshmen1978, 1983
86Student Federation: Teacher/Course Evaluation1977
Student Government Association:
86"Attitudes Towards NU," Hollander Rohen Associates, Inc.1977
86Student Attrition and Retention1976, 1979, 1982
86-87Student Opinion about NU (2 folders)ca. 1983-1988
87Symphony Tenants Organizing Project1982-1983
87Symposium: "Focus on Freshmen-Planning for Action at NU," Proceedings1987
87Action by the Board of Trustees1975
87, 95Inventory (2 folders)n.d., 1978-1979
87State Legislature1980, 1982
United States:
87Department of Health, Education, and Welfare1979
87-88House of Representatives (5 folders)1981-1983, 1988
88Senate (5 folders)1979, 1985
88Track-Recreational Facility (2 folders)n.d., 1978-1980, 1982-1988
88Transportation Service1984
88Israeln.d., 1979-1980
88Santa Clara, California1985
88West Coast1984
88Tuition Rates1981-1988
88Tutu, Desmond: Convocation1988-1989
89Clerical Workersn.d.
89, 94General (6 folders)n.d., 1967-1978
89Advocates of a Professional Facultyn.d., 1975
89Boston University1975, 1978-1979
96National Labor Relations Board Notice of Election1975
89NU Faculty Organization/American Association of University Professors (NUFO/AAUP)1973, 1976
90Yeshiva University Case1977-1980
90Janitors and Matrons1973
90Transportation Workersn.d., 1981, 1983
90United Nations Global Education Forum1984-1985
United States Department of:
90Education: Application for Work Study Funds1981-1986
90Health, Education, and Welfare: Hearing at NUn.d., 1977
90Labor versus NU (3 folders)1976-1977
90United States Higher Education Act of 19801980
91Wentworth Institute of Technology1982-1983, 1988
91Williams, Raymond: Discussions1979-1989
91Willis, Robert H:
91Agenda and Meetings1977-1978, 1983-1987
91Testimonial Dinner1989
99Generaln.d., 1978
91"College: A Better Way to Pay”1987
91"Cooperative Education in the Nineties: A Quiet Revolution”n.d.
91"Self-Assessment as President of NU, 1975-1982”1982
91"Tradition and the Learning Society: A University Perspective”1985
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