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Title:Huskiana collection
Call Number:A20

Historical Note

Northeastern University first adopted the Husky as its mascot in 1927, when the athletic teams were developing and the students felt the need for a name and a mascot for the teams.  Dr. Carl S. Ell, then Vice President of the University, traveled to Poland Springs, Maine in February 1927 to obtain a Siberian Husky for that purpose.  When King Husky I died in 1941, Northeastern University began a nearly 20 year relationship with Chinook Kennels in Wonalancet, New Hampshire.  Eva Seeley provided the University with Queen Husky I (1941), King Husky II (1942-52),King Husky III (1952-55), Princess Regent Husky I (a temporary mascot used in the 1955-56 and 1956-57 seasons), King Husky IV (1958), and Alyeskas Suggen (father of King Husky IV and temporary mascot in the 1958-59 and 1959-60 seasons).  

In 1958 Eva Seeley suffered a nervous breakdown and Chinook Kennels closed, and King Husky IV was put down for being man shy.  In the wake of these events the administration was reluctant to obtain another dog.  The focus shifted to a husky statue, and the Husky Statue committee was formed in 1960 to commission a statue to replace the live mascot.  The statue was completed in 1962 by the studio of Arcangelo Cascieri and Adio di Biccari.  Anne Philbrick Hall was the sculptor.  Live mascots returned to Northeastern University in 1965, when the class of 1970 bought and trained a husky.  King Husky V reigned until the class graduated in 1970.  Queen Husky II was purchased in 1970 by the Husky Key Society.  She stepped down in 1972 due to constant stage fright and was replaced by her son, King Husky VI.  Husky VI's reign was short lived; he ran away in December of 1972.  Since then, Northeastern University has relied on the statue and Mr. and Mrs. Husky (students elected by the general student body to wear husky costumes to Northeastern University games) to represent school spirit.