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Title:Dept. of History, Oral History Office records
Call Number:A21
List of Contents


1. Oral History Office , n.d., 1975-1986
Volume:.45 cubic ft.


Oral History Office is comprised of records pertaining to the development and organization of the oral history program at Northeastern University.  Records include lecture notes, book lists, curriculum materials, correspondence among Anderson and his peers within the field of oral history, and book reviews authored by Anderson.  These materials are arranged alphabetically.
1Book Reviews1978-1986
1Correspondence A-Z (3 folders)1977-1986
Course Materials
1Articles, Handoutsn.d., ca. 1972-1984
1Bibliography of Oral History Sourcesca. 1975-1982
1Interviewing Anecdotesn.d.
1Processing Guideca. 1980
1Syllabi1980, 1982, 1985
1Future Directions of Oral History (grant ideas)1980-1982
1Grant Planning, NEH Library Proposal1981
1Internship Opportunities1978-1979
1National Council on Public History, Correspondence1987
1New England Association of Oral History, Executive Committee1981-1986
Oral History Association
1Correspondence1978, 1987
2Oral History at Northeastern University1978, 1985
Oral History Office
2Annual Report1980-1986
2Publicityca. 1978-1980
2Services Providedn.d.
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2. Oral History Projects, n.d., 1978-1994
Volume:4.20 cubic ft.


Oral History Projects is arranged alphabetically by project title and then by interviewee name.  This series includes a general index to many of the interviews.  Located in two card file boxes this index contains alphabetical listings by interviewer and narrator name, project name, and subject names.  Additionally, an accession log is located at the start of this series; it presents project descriptions and information on narrators and interviewers.  When available, background and planning materials are located before the narrators' files; these files offer overviews of interview topics.  This series contains support documentation for interviews including correspondence, narrator biographical data, legal releases, copyright information, interview schedules, users' guides to the interviews, and interview outlines.  Many of the narrators' interviews contain partial or complete transcripts of interviews. There is also collateral material for some interviews including reproductions of photographs, maps, brochures, newspaper articles, and personal effects such as photocopied diaries and letters.  In some instances, which are indicated by an asterisk, textual materials do not exist for narrators; the folder list indicates this and directs the researcher to the audiocassettes.  There are also a few cases where audiocassettes do not exist for narrators. When indicated by a double asterisk, please refer to the textual materials.
15-16Index Card Filesca. 1978-1984
2Accession Logca. 1978-1984
2Contents Catalogca. 1979
American China Mission
2Grant Proposal1980
2Missionaries, biographical informationn.d.
2Paper delivered at Oral History Association1985
2-3Research (3 folders)n.d.
3Baker, Gilbert1983
3Bergamin, Clara1982
3Fairfield, Leslie*1981
3Fairfield, Mary*1981
3Falcone, Martha1982
3Gilson, Dorothy1981
3Gosline, Hazel*n.d.
3Hadden, Frances1983
3Huntington, Virginia1981
3Lichtenberger, Florence1981-1982
3Long, Charles1983-1984
3Louise, Reverend Mother Magdalene1983
3Lucy, Sister Caritas1983
3May, Mrs. O1984
3Morrett, John1982
3Nobes, Florence1982
3Ogden, Claire1982
3Pickens, Betty1982
3Pickens, Claude*n.d.
3Pickens, Henri1982
3Pipe, Helen1983
3Putnam, Katherinen.d.
3Roberts, Jack and Lucy1985
3Scott, William H.1983
3Sheets, Margaret1985
3Starratt, Alfred*n.d.
3Starratt, Anne*n.d.
3Swift, Elizabeth*n.d.
3Swift, Ervine1982
3Tomlin, Olive1982
3Tsu, Y.Y.*n.d.
3Walker, Eleanor*n.d.
3Ward, Catherine1983
3Ward, Paul*n.d.
3Wilson, Barron1984
3Wilson, Nancy1982
American Gay Community
3Narrator: Lewis, Jon Carl1991
3Narrator: Gouws, Dennis Sean1990
Cambridge School Crisis
3Background: Planning Materials
3Attles, Henrietta1985
3Brown, Oliver1984
4Bruno, Anthony1984
4Burke, Edwin1984
4Carvello, Pat1983
4Duehay, Francis1984
4Fantini, Donald1984
4Ferzoco, Warren1984
4Ford, Helen1984
4Ford, Maureen1983
4Giroux, Bert1984
4Kimbrough, Les1984
4Koocher, Glenn1984
5Lannon, William1984
5Lukas, Henry 1984
5Mangan, William 1984
5McGrath, Mary Lou 1984
5Morris, William 1984
5Noonan-Foster, Susan 1984
5Rhodes, Deloris 1982
5Sheehan, Helen 1984
5Sullivan, James 1984
5Tabor, Diane1984
5Wolf, Alice 1984
5Woodward, Richard1984
5Wyatt, Carolyn1984
Immigrant Voyages
6Collateral Materialsn.d., 1931, 1980
6Interview Outlinen.d.
6Narrator Selection Datan.d.
6Project Descriptionn.d.
6Referralsca. 1978-1981
6Subject Headingsn.d.
6Adelstein, Hersh1979
6Capuano, Maria 1980
6Emin, Marjorie 1978
6Farris, Elizabeth 1978
6Forini, Cosmo 1979
6Gefner, Abe 1979
6Grizzarelli, John 1981
6Gow, Daniel 1981
6Hemmingson, Gunnar 1981
6Herlan, Alma 1979
6Hewitt, Marjorie1981
6Knight, A.V. 1979
6Lepingwell, Francesca 1990
6Mahaheris, Louis 1978
6Moise, Farid, 19901990
6Murkidjanian, Mark 1990
32Oliveira, Gus* 1993
6Panages, Michaelis 1978
6Reiman, Blanche 1979
6Reiman, Issie1979
6Reiner, Ana1979
6Rhodes, Edith 1979
6Singer, Ethel1978
32Tolubiak, Roman 1992
7Westpheling, Johanna 1980
7Wu, Daxin1990
7Xinidakis, Jimmy1978
7Zenvener, Bertha1979
7Zhukousky, Gene1991
Lynn Shoe Industry
7Bibliography of Interviewsn.d.
7Clippingsn.d., 1979-1980
Collateral Materials
7Lynn Fire1981
7Correspondence, newspapers1981-1982
7Essex Institute1978-1980
7Lectureca. 1980
7Planningca. 1980
7Referralsca. 1979-1980
7Researchn.d., 1979
7Adelstein, Hersh1979
7Ciarletta, James1979
7Gaudreau, Sarah1979
7Jankowski, John1979
7Lefter, Fannie1979
7Lefter, Peter1979
8Manning, Eva1979
8Mishel, Harold1979
8Nomey, Grace1979
8Panagos, Peter1979
8Polo, Anna1979
8Polo, Joseph1979
8Reynolds, Anna1979
8Young, May1979
Massachusetts Port Authority
Capodilup, Edmund1990
Zeo, Frank J.1990
Merchant Marine
8Background: Interview Outlineca. 1979
8Constant, Michael1979
8Herlan, William1979
8Ryan, Maureen1979
8Williams, Prince1980
8Worsley, Edward1979
New England Fisherman
Background: Collateral Material
8Clippingsn.d., 1962, 1979-1982
8Mystic Seaportn.d., 1965-1981
8Correspondencen.d., 1982, 1984
8Interview Outlinesn.d.
9Paper, "A Different Way of Life"n.d.
9Proposalca. 1979
9Researchn.d., 1979-1984
9Amirault, Mark1980, 1984
32Cary, John1993
9Crowley, James1982
9Edmunds, Al1979
9Edmunds, Lill and Family1979
32Favaluo, Salvatore**1993
9Fulham, Gregory**1979-1980
9Furlong, Walter 1980, 1982
32Haskell, Ralph** 1993
9Hayes, Michael 1980
9Hynes, Leo1980
32Lopes, Al**1993
32Louanis, Lorraine**1993
10Magnusson, Thor1980
32Novello, Lena**1993
10O'Brien, Robert1982
10O'Hearn, Michael*n.d.
10O'Neil, Lawrence1982
10Peterson, Uno1980, 1982
32Riberio, Le**1993
10Sampson, Alphonsus1980
10Selig, Morton*n.d.
32Smallidge, David**1993
33Spanks, Anna*1993
32Spurling, Warren**1993
32Stanwood, William**1993
Professions and Society
10Backgroundn.d., 1978-1980
10Baynes, Jack1990
32Cornwell, Marie*1994
10Harris, Ruth Ann1990
32Jacobs, Donald*1994
32Lambert, Eva1990
32McNutty, Tom*1994
10Moles, Mildred T.1991
10Westpheling, Johanna1981
Schwamb Mill
10Background: Planning1979-80
10Cuhn, Marjorie1980
10Schwamb, Elmer1980
Narrator: Lindsay, Bertha1979
The Sixties
10Background: Project Description1982
10Anterni, Beth1982
10Blowney, Karen1982
10Brandwein, Mary Sue1982
10Brandwein, Russell1982
10Detsch, Phillip1982
10Hagadorn, Patricia1982
10Halper, Donna1982
10Lewis, Bruce1982
10Pulito, Ronald1982
10Tillman, Robert1982
Town Histories
Cape Ann Historical Association
11Reportsca. 1982-85
11Narrator: Selig, Morton1985
11Growing Up in Meriden, Kansas: Tillotson, Ethel1982
Lincoln (Massachusetts)
11Book Manuscript1985
11Clippings1902, 1946
11Correspondence: Ragan1982-1983
11Interview Outlinen.d.
11Paper (by Ruth Ragan)1984
11Planningca. 1984
11Ballou, Mildred1981
11Boyer, Maryca. 1980
11Dee, Helena1981
11Donaldson, Malcolm1982
11Dougherty, Allenca. 1980
11Nelson, Newton*n.d.
11Peirce, Isabel1981
11Smith, Sumner1981
11Snelling, Howardca. 1980
11Todd, Evelyn1981
Newton (Massachusetts)
11Biographical Datan.d.
11Correspondence, Newton Libraries1983-1984
11Introductions and Contentsn.d.
11Antonellis, Joseph1981
11Bayer, Elsa*n.d.
11Birrell, Lilian1983
11Blackington, Charles1982
11Bryson, Polly1983
11Burgess, Mary Jane1983
11Burke, Paul1982
11Burke, Paul1981
11Clerk, Norton*n.d.
11Cogswell, Dorothea*n.d.
11Cronin, Eugene1982
11DeVito, Jennie1981
11DiPalma, Joseph1981
11Evans, Helen1982
11Farina, Carmella1981
11Feeley, Charles1982
11Floyd, Malcolm1983
11Fried, Louis1981
11Goldrick, Mabel1983
11Guzzi, Rose and George*n.d.
11Hatch, Alison*n.d.
11Hayden, Thomas*n.d.
11Hendriken, Lawrence*n.d.
11Hickey, Edward*n.d.
11Hiltz, Evelyn*n.d.
11Hinkel, Marion*n.d.
12Jassett, Frederick1981
12Jefferson, Lillie1982
12Kilbin, M. Elizabeth1982
12Larosee, Marie Rose1981
12Magni, Antonio1981
12Rollins, Lena1981
12Romagnoli, Rosetta1981
12Stareuseer, Doris1982
12Stokes, Bridget1981
12Stomberg, Mrs. Arthur*1984
12Sylvester, Arlene1983
12Thompson, Charles*n.d.
12 Webber, Alice1981
12Weden, Hazel1983
12West, Jenny*n.d.
12Whitmore, Howard*n.d.
12Woodland, Mary*1983
12Woodland, William1983
Winchester (Massachusetts)
12Interview Outlineca 1983
12Aiken, Agnes1980
12Bowler, Edward1980
12Chefalo, Harry1980
12Clifton, Richard1980
12Drohan, John1980
12Gilpatric, Carolyn1980
12Hatch, Edna M.1981
12Keyes, Elizabeth1979
12Knoettner, Edith1980
12McCarron, Jeremiah1981
12McLaughlin, Mary1981
12Mason, Marjorie1980
12Masters, Malcolm1981
12O'Conner, Valerie1981
12Parkhurst, Richard1981
12Purrington, Ralph1980
12Randlett, Prescott1987
12Rosa, Nicholas1980
12Sanborn, Robert1981
12Simons, Norman1980
12Smith, Alice1979
12Thompson, Ralph1980
12Wilcox, Leslie1980
12Witham, Mary1980
Winthrop (Massachusetts)
12Narrators: Smith, Margaret1991
Transportation Project
12Slides (carriages)n.d.
12Cunard Steamship Company Informationn.d., 1979
12Anderson, Mildred1978, 1980
12Barnes, Cassius1980
12Herlan, William1979
12MacKnair, Dorothy1978
12Reed, Curlin1978
12Rowse, Edward1991
12Rutherford, William1978
12Worsley, Edward*n.d.
13Yoder, Barbara1978
13Zoukis, Daphne1978
Vietnam War
13Newsweek Articles1969, 1979, 1981
13Time Articles1969
13Feirman, Frank1981
13Gow, Bruce1981
World War I Veterans
13Collateral Material, Mapsn.d.
13Interview Outlinen.d.
13Paper, "Oral History in the Trenches"n.d.
13Project Descriptionca. 1979
13Armour, Charles (CD copy)1979
13Ayer, Lindsay1979
13Beatty, George1980
13Boisvert, Bernard1979
13Carew, John1979
13Cohen, Eli1979
13Flint, Girard1979
13Forbes, Clark1979
13Fralli, Romeo1979
13Hemmingson, Gunnar1979
13Herron, John1979
13Hughes, Albert1979
13Lawrence, Julian1979
13Luken, Catherine1979
13Mackey, Ethel*n.d.
13McKinnon, Leo1979
14Newhall, Allan1979
14O'Brien, William1980
14Russell, William1979
14Ryscavage, Adam1974
14Sampson, Carl1979
14Schneider, James1979
14Stack, John1979
14Warshaw, Nathaniel1979
World War II Veterans
Background: Research1984, 1987
14Anderson, Russell W.n.d.
14Barnes, Cassius1980
14Collins, John1981
32Duncan, Robert*1993
14Macdonald, Donald1991
14Wyka, Joseph1981
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3. Audio Tapes, 1978-1991
Volume:3.00 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by narrator name.

Audio Tapes consists of fifteen boxes of original and duplicate tapes of interviews organized alphabetically by interviewee name. The last two boxes contain duplicate tapes and interviews labeled as "miscellaneous." These tapes are generally unlabeled and not identified.
17-31Audio Tapes1978-1991
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