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Collection Overview
Title:Office of the Provost records
Location Code:26/2-4, 27/1-4, 28/1, 32/1, 36/3, 37/1-2,40/1, 43/1-3, FF1/D1
Reference Code:A22
Extent:259.72 cubic ft. (273) boxes
Scope and Content Abstract:The records of the Northeastern University Office of the Provost document the activities of the provosts, associate and vice-provosts, and certain university academic committees. The first series comprises the subject and departmental records of the provosts, and the strategic planning process coordinated by Marilyn Cairns and completed under Michael Baer's term as provost. The second series contains minutes, agenda, correspondence, and other records of the Academic Council and the Council of Deans. These bodies are chaired by the provost and are responsible for academic matters, including the approval of new programs and review of potential graduates. Institutional and program-specific accreditation materials are located in Series 3. Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6 document activities and programs of associate and vice-provosts in charge of research and graduate education, faculty affairs, and undergraduate education. Series 4. Research and Graduate Education contains the subject files of vice provosts of graduate education and also includes records of the Research and Scholarship Development Fund, the Research Council, Graduate Council, and Division of Research Development. The bulk of Series 5. Faculty Affairs is made up of Executive Vice Provost Daryl Hellman's files but also includes grievance, tenure records, and other faculty affairs information from several provosts and vice provosts including David Hall, Patricia Meservey, and Ahmed Abdelal. Activities of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and records of the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee are included in Series 6. Series 7. Financial includes budgets, enrollment, costs, and salary data. The final series, Sponsored Programs, documents functions and events administered by the Office of the Provost, including Opening Week, Convocation, Major Works by Faculty, Matthews Professors, and the Klein Lecture series (previously named the University Lecture Series).
Historical Abstract:The provost of Northeastern University is the chief academic officer of the university and reports to the president. The provost provides leadership for all curricular, instructional, and faculty development matters and governs the budgeting, administering, evaluating, and planning of the academic aspects of university life. Created in 1948, the Office of the Provost has expanded with the university's size and adapted to its evolving academic priorities. Over the years the office has grown to include associate, assistant, and vice-provosts who are in charge of specific academic areas such as faculty affairs, research, budgeting, graduate education, continuing education, and undergraduate education.
System of Arrangement:This collection is organized into eight series: Series 1. Subject and Department Files; Series 2. Deans Council; Series 3. Accreditation; Series 4. Graduate and Research Programs; Series 5. Faculty Affairs; Series 6. Undergraduate Education; Series 7. Financial; and Series 8. Sponsored Programs and Events.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Abdelal, Ahmed.
  • Adler, Norman.
  • Allan, Harry T.
  • Baer, Michael A.
  • Barabino, Gilda
  • Cairns, Marilyn.
  • Crotty, Phillip.
  • Fitzgerald, Arthur E.
  • Fowler, William M., b. 1934.
  • Hall, David.
  • Hedlund, Ronald
  • Hekimian, James.
  • Hellman, Daryl.
  • Herman, Sidney.
  • Hill, Malcolm
  • Jones, Walter.
  • Kalaghan, Paul.
  • LeQuesne, Philip W.
  • Leskes, Andrea.
  • Lowndes, Robert P.
  • Luttgens, Kathryn.
  • Mark, Melvin.
  • Meachum, Anu
  • Meservey, Patricia
  • Pantalone, Coleen
  • Penna, Anthony N.
  • Smith, Wendy
  • Weiss, Karl.
  • White, William C., 1892-1986?

  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of the Provost.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Academic Council.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Council of Deans.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Council on Research and Scholarship.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Division of Research Development
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Division of Research Management.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Faculty Development Fund.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Graduate Council.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Instructional Development Fund.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Minority Faculty Development Fund.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of the Executive Vice Provost.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Research and Scholarship Development Fund.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Robert D. Klein University Lectureship.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). University Graduate Council. Academic Program Review Committee.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

  • Strategic Planning

Conditions Governing Access:Records are closed for 25 years from the date of their creation, unless researchers have written permission from the creating office. Personnel and student files are closed for 75 years.
Technical Access:There are several 5 ¼ in. floppy disks that the Archives does not have equipment to read. Also a number of floppy disks are marked to indicate if they will not open or if they will only open on a specific processor (i.e. MAC or PC).
Accruals:Further accruals are expected.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Chris Burns and Kelcy Shepherd, January 1998;updated by Hanna Clutterbuck, October 2007; Martha Pearson, June 2014; Kristin Wright, May 2016, May 2016

Scope and Content Note

The Office of the Provost collection comprises approximately 259 cubic feet of records. Original order has been maintained when evident and useful. The collection is organized into eight series: 1. Subject and Department Files, 2. Deans Council, 3. Accreditation, 4. Graduate and Research Programs, 5. Faculty Affairs, 6. Undergraduate Education, 7. Financial, and 8. Sponsored Programs and Events.

The dates listed for a majority of materials could be referring to the fiscal year or academic year. Depending on the document, department, and subject material, creators used different dating procedures. The total box count is higher than the number which appears on the last box in the collection. The reason is that boxes 51, 131,151, and 25 all have additional boxes. 51 has a 51b which does not show up in the finding aid because it is in a range of boxes (49-52). Box 151 has a 151b. Box 131 has a box 131b. Box 25 has a box 25b, 25c, 25d, 25e, 25f, 25g.

Series 1. Subject and Department Files is divided into the following subseries:

Subseries A. William C. White, 1949-68; Subseries B. Arthur E. Fitzgerald, 1956-74; Subseries C. 1970-79 (Fitzgerald, Herman, Hekimian, Allan, and Jones); Subseries D. Melvin Mark, 1979-84; Subseries E. 1980-89 (Mark, Crotty, Penna, Lowndes); Subseries F. Anthony Penna, 1986-88; G. Robert Lowndes, 1987-91; Subseries H. Michael Baer, 1990-94; Subseries I. Strategic Planning/ Marilyn Cairns; Subseries J. David Hall; Subseries K. Ahmed Abdelal, 2002-2008.

All of the activities of the Provost's Office are at least partially represented in the first series, but researchers should also check for materials in other series. Subseries A. through subseries D. are arranged alphabetically, with colleges, departments, and subject files interfiled. Subseries C. 1970-79, includes records created by Arthur E. Fitzgerald, Sidney Herman, James Hekimian, Harry Allan, and Walter Jones. Subseries E. contains the records of Melvin Mark, Philip Crotty, Anthony Penna, and Robert Lowndes, which are arranged in two alphabetical groups: colleges and departments, and subjects.

Subseries F. Contains the files of Anthony Penna. The series begins with Penna's general and personal files, followed by college and department files arranged alphabetically, and alphabetical subject files. Many of Penna's files relate to the study and evaluation of NU's individual health programs that was completed under his direction. Alphabetical subject files created by Robert Lowndes, interim Provost from 1987-91, are contained in Subseries G.

Subseries H. Michael Baer, is subdivided chronologically into four separate groups: 1990-92, 1992-93, 1993-94, and 1994-1998. Each group is further divided into Baer's personal files, college and department files, non-academic units' files, and subject files, arranged alphabetically.

Subseries I documents the strategic planning process, administered by Baer and coordinated by Marilyn Cairns. These records, arranged alphabetically, detail the activities of planning task forces, the steering committee, internal and external reviews, and the implementation process.

Subseries J. David Hall files are arranged into three alphabetical groups: non-academic units, colleges and departments, and subject files. Practice-Oriented Education, an effort spearheaded by Provost Hall can be found in the Subject Files. Subseries K. Ahmed Abdelal's files are alphabetically arranged and organized into four subcategories: Academic Departments and Colleges, Financial, Non-Academic Units, and Subject Files. Most of the materials pertaining to the faculty will be found in series V: Faculty Affairs. Additional materials pertaining to the Klein Lecture series were added to series VIII: Sponsored Programs.

Series 2. Academic Council and Deans Council spans 1952-2002. Arranged alphabetically, then chronologically, the series includes minutes, agenda, attachments, and reports documenting the changing structure and responsibilities of the two councils. Related materials can be found in collection A3 Office of the President (Knowles) box 16 folder 553.

Series 3. Accreditation, includes institutional and program-specific reports, evaluations, and correspondence related to the accreditation process. Each subseries, A. Institutional and B. Program, is arranged alphabetically. Materials related to the review and evaluation of graduate programs are also available in Series IV., Subseries D. For accreditation of specific colleges or departments, researchers should also check the corresponding archival collection (i.e. College of Engineering A15, School of Law A6). Institutional accreditation reports can also be found in the archives' general reference collection.

Series 4. Research and Graduate Education documents NU's increasing commitment to research and graduate programs. The series is divided into five subseries: A. Subject Files, B. Research and Scholarship Development Fund, C. Research Council, D. Graduate Council, and E. Division of Research Development. The bulk of this series is contained in Subseries A. which is arranged by creator(s), then alphabetically. Karl Weiss, Kathryn Luttgens, Paul Kalaghan, Philip LeQuesne, Norman Adler, Steven Morrison, and Ronald Hedlund. Records documenting activities of the Office of Graduate School Operations, Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research Administration, and Division of Research Management are also contained in this subseries.

Records of the administrative councils and funds that guide and support research and graduate activities are found in subseries B. Research and Scholarship Development Fund, subseries C. Research Council, subseries D. Graduate Council, and subseries E. Division of Research Development. New program proposals and review of existing graduate programs are included with the records of the Graduate Council, as are general records of the administration of the graduate programs. Records related to these councils may also be found in Subseries A. Subject Files.

Series 5. Faculty Affairs is divided into the following subseries: A. Subject Files; B. Grievances; C. Tenure. Series 5. covers the years 1979-2008, and largely documents the activities of associate provosts and vice provosts in charge of faculty affairs. Subseries A. documents chair and dean searches, the Excellence in Teaching Award, the Distinguished Professor Award, sabbaticals and leaves of absence, the Minority Faculty and Faculty Development Funds, and the Fulbright Scholar Program. Additionally, subseries A contains the subject files for certain provost and vice provosts, including David Hall, Patricia Meservey, and Ahmed Abdelal. Some materials relating to tenure and grievance case files can also be found in Subseries A., although the majority of this material is in Subseries B. and C. Researchers should note that tenure and Grievance case files are restricted for 75 years from the date of creation.

Series 6 documents the activities and functions of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education. The records span the years 1978-2002, Subseries A. Activities Files and Subseries B. Subject Files were created by a number of vice provosts including Andrea Leskes, Coleen Pantalone, Wendy Smith, Gilda Barabino, and Malcolm Hill. Materials have been kept with their creators when the creator was known. The activities files include records relating to the Academic Common Experience project, NU's colleges, freshman advising and affairs, and the Instructional Development Fund. Subseries B. Subject Files, contains materials about related university offices, centers, and programs, faculty, and external committees and councils. The relatively small volume of records in the activities and subject files (seven cubic feet), reflects the fact that the position was not created until 1988. Subseries C. contains the agenda, minutes, correspondence, and reports of the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Series 7. Financial covers the years 1974-2002. Materials include annual budgetary statistics from 1975-87, other budgetary information, and salary data. Financial materials are restricted for 25 years from the date of creation.

Series 8. Sponsored Programs documents functions and events administered by the office of the Provost, and covers the years 1954-2010. Materials document commencement activities, Opening Week, the President's Convocation, and the Klein Lecture series (formerly the University Lecture series). Series 8. Includes correspondence, invitations, programs, and flyers. Some Klein Lecture programs include the full text of the lecture.

Historical Note

For the first sixty years of NU's history, academic affairs were directed by the president, college deans, and the directors of the Day Colleges and the Evening Division. The Office of the Provost was created in 1948, when the University's growth in enrollment and academic standing prompted administrative expansion. At that time, Dr. William C. White was appointed Vice President and Provost of the University. As Northeastern's first academic administrator, White had official responsibility for the Day Colleges, the Evening Division, the graduate programs, student and faculty affairs, and curriculum. His tenure as provost began at a time when administration of NU was highly centralized, so it was not unusual that one person gained administrative responsibility for 600 faculty members, 1,500 courses, and educational programs serving more than 18,000 students.

White began his NU affiliation in 1911 as an engineering student. Before becoming provost he had been a member of the faculty, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Director of the Day Division. During White's term as provost, NU underwent a number of academic changes, including expansion of its research activities and an increase in new colleges, departments, and programs. In 1950 the Academic Council, comprised of deans and academic administrators, was created to deal with issues pertinent to academic affairs, including the approval of new programs and review of potential graduates. As provost Dr. White chaired this committee. 1950 also saw the integration of the day and evening programs and the creation of University College, an academic reorganization that Dr. White helped to engineer.

When White became Executive Vice President in 1956, the Office of Academic Affairs was created. White's former duties as provost were divided among a Dean of Faculty (Arthur E. Fitzgerald), Dean of Planning, and Dean of Administration. In 1957 “Vice President of Academic Affairs” was added to Dr. Arthur E. Fitzgerald's previous title, and he gained responsibility for all academic and research programs. During the 1970s there was rapid turnover in the position of provost, with Sidney Herman, James Hekimian, Harry Allen, and Walter Jones filling the role between 1974 and 1979.

In general the provost's office is responsible for all academic affairs. This includes administration of new programs and courses, and program and course evaluations. Faculty matters, such as tenure policies and grievance procedures, are managed by the provost. The office of the provost acts as a liaison between the faculty and the rest of the administration. The budget for academic affairs, which is roughly half of the total University budget, is overseen by the provost. The provost is also responsible for the teaching and research activities of the faculty, including managing grant funds that support teaching and research activities. While these responsibilities remain constant, the structure and specific activities of the office of the provost are influenced by academic trends in the University and in the academic community at large.

An example of these changes in academic focus is the shifting emphasis from undergraduate to graduate education, which occurred during the 1950s and 1970s. As early as 1950, a committee on planning had recommended that NU curtail its undergraduate growth and encourage expansion in the graduate programs. Between 1950 and 1975, NU upgraded its existing graduate programs, introduced fourteen new doctoral programs, and added three graduate level professional schools. The University Graduate Council, chaired by the provost or his designee, was formed in 1956 to oversee and coordinate programs. The Council now encompasses three standing committees: the Executive Committee, the New Programs Committee, and the Program Review Committee.

To attract graduate students, NU also needed to expand its research opportunities. In 1978, the University Council on Research and Scholarship was established to develop plans and strategies for improving NU's general intellectual climate and scholarly potential and to move NU toward a new stage in the development of its research and scholarship. The Council on Research and Scholarship suggested establishing a Research and Scholarship Development Fund to provide seed money for research projects, setting up the Distinguished Professor Award to reward the scholarly activities of faculty members, creating the position of Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, and reorganizing and renaming the Office of Research Administration to the Office of Sponsored Research. All of these suggestions were implemented between 1979 and 1981.

While NU improved its research policies, a nationwide elevation in the status of teachers during the early 1950s prompted changes in faculty policies as well. In 1950 and 1951, the Board of Trustees approved tuition benefits for faculty and their immediate family members, a more liberal retirement plan, and the adoption of a standardized tenure policy. NU also began to recognize faculty involvement in professional associations, offer full-time research professorships, and explore the creation of a sabbatical leave program. In addition the faculty began to gain a clearer voice in University matters. The Faculty Senate met for the first time in 1951 and by 1955 took an active role in academic affairs, suggesting the creation of the College of Criminal Justice. In 1975, the bylaws of the Senate were changed to require that the president meet at least quarterly with the Senate Agenda Committee, and annually with the full Senate. This change was designed to foster cooperation between the president's office and the faculty, a collaboration encouraged by new president Kenneth Ryder.

Ryder's tenure, from 1975-1989, saw an increase in faculty involvement at all levels of decision- and policy-making, with faculty participating in committees on university planning, administrative searches, and academic programming. He was also influential in increasing NU's support for the faculty in the form of several new funds and rewards. Among these was the Faculty Development Fund, created in 1987 to support faculty research and teaching initiatives not covered by other University funding.

Ryder's commitment to collegiality included the academic administration of NU. In 1979, he reaffirmed the role of the Academic Council as a vehicle for broader participation in top decision making. At the same time, the Council of Deans was established as a unit of the Academic Council. Made up of the college deans, the provost, and the vice- and associate provosts, the Deans Council advised the larger body on academic matters such as program changes and the review of potential graduates. In 1983 the Academic Council worked in tandem with the Administrative Council, and the two became the University Council in 1984. The Council of Deans continues as an independent body.

The University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UUCC) was formed in 1978. It is composed of one faculty representative from each of the colleges, chosen annually by and from the respective curriculum committees, and three academic deans chosen annually by the provost. The provost or his designee serves as chair, voting only in the instance of a tie. The UUCC is responsible for making recommendations to the Faculty Senate on proposed undergraduate curriculum changes.

Ryder presided over many changes concerning the Office of the Provost. During Ryder's tenure, there was a succession of eight provosts or acting provosts and 33 deans or acting deans in the eight basic colleges. Despite the many changes in personnel, much was accomplished during this period. Duties that were once handled exclusively by the Provost were divided between the Provost and Vice Provosts. The positions of Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies and Vice Provost for Academic Budget were created in 1979, with Karl Weiss and Philip Crotty filling the two positions.

An increased emphasis on research and scholarship during the Ryder administration was complemented by the high priority placed on instruction. The Ryder years saw an increase in recognition for effective teaching, changes in teacher evaluation and instructional development, and the attempt to place teaching on the same level of respect as research and scholarship. In 1979, the Excellence in Teaching Award was instituted, with a $10,000 annual fund. The award is based solely on classroom performance. In 1982 the Instructional Development Fund (IDF) was established with grants of up to $5,000. The IDF was designed to support faculty members exploring new and/or improved methods of instruction. Also during this time, the Faculty Senate passed resolutions formalizing the status of teaching as coequal to that of research and scholarship in respect to tenure, promotion, and merit raises.

Changes in teacher evaluation and instructional development were also implemented during the Ryder years. In 1983 annual written performance reviews were formally established. The Office of Instructional Development and Evaluation was set up in 1984. Kathryn Luttgens, who served in the provost's office from 1981 to 1989, headed an effort by the Graduate Administrative Committee to improve the quality of graduate teaching assistants. The result of this effort, the Handbook for Teaching Assistants 1987/88, was expanded to a manual for all teachers in 1990.

The President's Commission on the Freshman Experience was also influential in helping to improve the quality of teaching at Northeastern. One issue the Commission was especially concerned with was recruitment and retention of undergraduate students. To address the issue, the Commission suggested the appointment of a vice provost for undergraduate affairs. This position was established with the goals of centralizing academic assistance, and overseeing and coordinating undergraduate curriculum and teaching. In 1988 Professor William Fowler became the first vice provost for undergraduate affairs. The Ryder years also saw an expansion of the remedial programs NUPRIME, Project Ujima, and The Alternative Freshman Year, designed to support educationally disadvantaged students.

The Office of the Provost went through major changes from 1979-89 in terms of personnel and structure. The position of provost was held by Melvin Mark (1979-84), Philip Crotty (Acting Provost, 1984-85), Anthony Penna (1985-88), and Robert Lowndes (Interim Provost, 1988-90). The organization of the Provost's Office became less centralized with the addition of four vice provost positions. The titles, individual responsibilities, and personnel have changed for these positions over the years, but the overall responsibilities of the Office of the Provost have remained the same: faculty affairs, undergraduate affairs, enrollment management, research, graduate education, student relations, and budget management. In 1989, the Office of Sponsored Research, which is overseen by the vice provost for Research and Graduate Education, became the Division of Research Management, and Donald Helmuth was chosen to head the Division.

From 1990-98, Michael Baer was provost. Baer became provost at a time when enrollment was declining and NU was downsizing. Baer's office was responsible for overseeing budgetary cutbacks relating to academic programs, including mid-year budget cuts and hiring freezes. In addition new spending initiatives were generally tabled until NU could put itself back on track. The goal of NU during these difficult years was to decrease in size and increase in quality. Capitalizing on the existing enrollment decline, NU implemented an enrollment cap in fall 1991 and increased its admission requirements to systematically reduce the size of NU's student body. Enrollment dropped from 17,500 full-time undergraduates in 1980 to 11,500 in 1992. In a simultaneous effort to improve the quality of the institution, Baer's office oversaw improvements in both student and faculty quality, the undergraduate curriculum, enrollment management, and an expanded emphasis on research and scholarship.

NU's Strategic Plan was also developed during Baer's tenure, under the direction of Marilyn Cairns. The Strategic Plan outlined the academic direction and shared goals of NU, and led to a Strategic Initiatives Fund administered by the provost. To be eligible for funding, an initiative needed to address the goals of creating a student-centered learning environment, enhancing co-op and academic connections, diversifying the campus, improving student services, creating new or restructured programs, and implementing research or instructional projects.

Another objective of the provost's office during this period was to increase effort in the recruitment and retention of minority faculty members for tenure and tenure track positions. To enable this work the Minority Recruitment and Retention Fund was set up in 1989, with an initial budget of $350,000. The fund was set up for recruiting activities, a visiting scholar's program, and a research support program. The research support program was an extension of the already existing Minority Support Fund which served as a complement to the general Faculty Development Fund. Evidence of this effort can be seen in the difference in the number of African American and Latino tenure and tenure track faculty members from 1987 to 1990. In 1987 there were 29 African American and Latino faculty members, and in 1990 this number grew to 46. Administration of faculty affairs during Baer's tenure was handled by Executive Vice Provost Daryl Hellman.

Another project started during the early 1990's was ACE (Academic Common Experience), which was set up to foster shared educational goals among the different undergraduate programs. The ACE program was started with a $257,000 federal grant. Co-chaired by Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Andrea Leskes, ACE was charged with defining NU's educational philosophy and its implications for undergraduate education.

From 1998-2002, former Law School dean David Hall was provost. During his tenure, he focused his efforts on Practice-Oriented Education, a concept that combined research, cooperative education, traditional classroom formats, experiential learning and service learning. He also was heavily involved in restructuring the COOP program, the school-wide conversion to semesters and President Freeland's plan to be a U.S. News Top 100 school. Hall was also responsible for the school-wide reaccreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges that begun under Baer, which involved every department and college creating unit plans. Following student protest and conversation on campus surrounding diversity at Northeastern, the position of Vice Provost for Academic Opportunity was created, a role initially filled by Music Professor Leonard Brown.

Dr. Ahmed T. Abdelal was appointed provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Northeastern University in August 2002, and held that position along with a tenured faculty position in the biology department, until 2008. Dr. Abdelal received his B.Sc. from Cairo University and his Ph.D. from the University of California at Davis. During his years as Northeastern's provost, Abdelal led major initiatives including the switch to a semester calendar and the development of a 5-year, $75 million Academic Investment Plan, the largest academic initiative in the university's history at the time. He also was focused on improving Northeastern's position and rank, and invested a good amount into moving the university higher on lists of national rankings.

Chronology of Provosts
1947-1955William C. White (Executive Vice President and Provost)
1956-1974Arthur E. Fitzgerald (Vice President of Academic Provost)
1974-1975Sidney Herman (acting Provost)
1975-1976James Hekimian (acting Provost)
1976-1978Harry Allen (Provost)
1978-1979Walter Jones (acting Provost)
1979-1984Melvin Mark (Provost)
1984-1985Philip Crotty (acting Provost)
1985-1988Anthony Penna (Provost)
1988-1990Robert Lowndes (acting Provost)
1990-1998Michael A. Baer (Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs)
1998-2002David Hall (Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs)
2002-2008Ahmed Abdelal (Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Chronology of Vice Provosts
1979-1987Karl Weiss (Vice Provosts of Research and Graduate Education)
1979-1984Philip Crotty (Vice Provost for Academic Budget)
1983-1988Kathryn Luttgens (Associate Provost for Graduate Education)
1983-1988Arthur Smith (Associate Provost )
1986-1990Ronald Geason (Associate Provost of Budget and Planning)
1988-1991Paul Kalaghan (Vice Provosts of Research and Graduate Education)
1989-1991Daryl Hellman (Vice Prost of Faculty and Student Relations)
1991-1998Daryl Hellman (Executive Vice Provost of Academic Affairs)
1989-1991William Fowler (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
1992-1993Philip LeQuesne (Vice Provosts of Research and Graduate Education)
1992-1995Andrea Leskes (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
1993-1995Norman Adler (Vice Provosts of Research and Graduate Education)
1996-1999Coleen Pantalone (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
1999-2004Patricia Meservey (Vice Provost for Budget and Faculty)
1996-2004Ronald Hedlund (Vice Provosts of Research and Graduate Education)
2004-2008Srinivas Sridhar (Vice Provosts of Research)
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1. Subject and Department Files, n.d., 1937-2008
Volume:88.50 cubic ft.

Chronological and Alphabetical

A. William C. White, 1949-1958Records from this period are incomplete, consisting mainly of correspondence, memoranda, and reports. Early NU policies and research activities are well-represented. Comprised primarily of records from his years as Provost, White's files also contain some material from his tenure as Executive Vice President.

B. Arthur E. Fitzgerald, 1956-1974

These records are sparse, comprising only .5 cubic feet, though material created by Fitzgerald can also be found in Subseries C. The records include correspondence, reports, policies, and minutes. Documentation of the founding and early years of the African American Institute may be of particular interest.

C. 1970-1979 (Fitzgerald, Herman, Hekimian, Allan, and Jones).

Files from this decade, containing correspondence, reports, minutes, and publications, are more complete than those of previous years. All NU colleges and most departments are represented, as are the growing number of research centers established during this time. Changes in faculty status and an increase in international programs are also documented.

D. Melvin Mark, 1979-1984

The bulk of these records document NU colleges, departments, and programs. Additional records created by Mark are found in Subseries E.

E. 1980-1989 (Mark, Crotty, Penna, Lowndes)

Arranged in two alphabetical groups: colleges and subjects.

This subseries includes a thorough and well-organized record of NU colleges and departments, comprised of correspondence, memoranda, reports, publications, and program descriptions. Subject files from this period primarily cover NU offices and programs not under the Provost's administration. These records also reflect the decentralization of the Office, with limited materials documenting research activities and faculty affairs.

F. Anthony Penna, 1986-1988

Arranged in four alphabetical groups: personal, colleges, correspondence, and subjects. Penna's records, maintained in their original order, include college and department files, and incoming and outgoing correspondence (arranged alphabetically by correspondent). The bulk of Penna's subject files contain committee records, program profiles, and reports that reflect the study of NU's health programs and the attempt to reorganize them. Records created by Penna are also included in Subseries E.

G. Robert Lowndes, 1987-1991

This subseries, which is arranged alphabetically, comprises Lowndes's subject file, which documents the interaction between the Provost's office and other campus administrators and committees. Records relating to events are also included. Program and department records created by Lowndes are located in Subseries E.

H. Michael Baer, 1990-1998

Divided into four chronological groups, each arranged in four alphabetical groups: personal, colleges, non-academic units, and subjects. Baer's records represent the bulk of this series, and document University colleges and departments, special academic programs, research centers, and relations with national and international academic organizations and institutions. Though these files contain some records of faculty and student affairs, the office was highly decentralized by this time and most of these activities were administered by vice or associate provosts.

I. Strategic Planning/Marilyn Cairns, 1990-1996

This subseries, which is arranged alphabetically, includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, and minutes which were generated during the university-wide strategic planning process. All stages, from initial evaluation to implementation, are documented.

J. David Hall, 1998-2002

Arranged into three alphabetical groups: non-academic units, colleges and departments, individuals and subject files. Practice-Oriented Education, an effort spearheaded by Provost Hall can be found in the Subject Files.

K. Ahmed Abdelal, 2002-2008

Alphabetically arranged and organized into four subcategories: Academic Departments and Colleges, Financial, Non-Academic Units, and Subject Files. Due to the nature of the documents, the dates in the date column may be referring to a fiscal year, academic year, or calendar year depending on the documents themselves. The folder pertaining to Sichuan and Xiamen Universities in China contains an envelope of photographs. The Nanotechnology folder 3 in subseries A contains a CD, and implementation folder 2 under the School of Technological Entrepreneurship contains a floppy disk which contains documents that are in the folders in print format.
A. William C. White, 1949-1958
1American Council on Pharmaceutical Education1957
1Board of Registration in Nursing1950-1953
1Engineers' Council for Professional Development1943
1National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education1957-1958
1New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools1953-1958
1Administrative Committee1955-1956
1American Council on Education1953-1954
1American Society for Engineering Education1953-1954
1Board of Education of the State of Massachusetts1957
1Center for Continuing Education1956
1Class Solicitation List of Attendees1956
1Community Organizations: Action for Boston Community Development (4 folders)1953-1958
1Congressional Legislation1955
1Coop Assistants1946-1949
1Cost, Space, and Land Calculations1949
1Day Colleges: Tuition and Refund Policy1945-1946
1“Description of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Transportation” n.d.
1Dormitory Statistics1954
1Enrollment Estimates1945, 1955
1Faculty Forms and Reports1952-1970
1Faculty Senate1951-1956
1Fair Labor Standards Act1958
1Freshman Theme1950-1951
1General Committee and Executive Committee1952
1Glass Blowing1958
1Government Fellowshipsca. 1955
1Government Regulations and University Personnel Policies 1958
1Graphic Science1951
1Integration of Day and Evening Undergraduate Degree Granting Programs1949
1Interdisciplinary Committee on the Allied Medical Sciences1956
1Marine Science Institute1957
1Margolin, Dr. Reuben1957
1Masters' Degree in Research Administration1955
1Museum Motors Garage1951
1National Council1955-1956
1Negro Youth Opportunity Program1957
1New Quarter Plan1954
1Nursing Program, Associate Degree1957
1Physical Therapy Program1957
1Policies and Procedures (2 folders)1956-1973
1Reorganization of Basic College Committee and Executive Committee1952
1Reports, Proposals and Policies1952-1958
1“Research Activities at Northeastern University”1945-1956
Research Administration
1Annual Reports1950-1951
1Atomic Energy Commission1953-1956
1Dean of Research (Essigmann)1955-1957
Health, Education and Welfare, U.S. Dept. Of
1Ammer, Dr. Dean S.1953-1956
1“Center for Computer Technology in Biomedical Sciences”1953
1“Hazards and Measurements in Laser Radiation”1954
1Research Involving Human Subjects1956
2Vocational Rehabilitation Administration1955-1956
2“A Manual of Information for Principal Investigators”1956
2Military Research1951-1956
2Mott Foundation1957-1958
National Science Foundation
2Dana Building1957-1958
2“Proposal for a Science Facilities Grant”1957
2Economic Opportunity, Office of 1955-1958
2Newsletter 1949-1950
2Research Corporation 1956-1958
2Rockefeller Foundation 1957
2Research Proposals, Notification of Submission1955-1957
2Russell B. Stearns Study 1956-1957
2Washington Trips 1953-1957
Research Briefs
2Building Proposals1955
2Contracts and Grants (7 folders)1953-1972
2Ryder, Kenneth G.: Memoranda1952-1970
2Subjects Bindern.d.
2Suburban Campus1953-1957
2Tau Beta Pi1923,1958
2Tenure Lists1955-1958
2Tufts-New England Medical Center1956-1958
2University Cabinet1952-1956
2University Calendar1955-1958
2University College1956-1957
2University Committee on Teacher Education1957
2University Council1957-1958
3University Faculty1955,1970
3University Graduate Council1956-1957
3University Policies 1937-1947
3University Sabbatical Leave Committee1958
3Upward Bound Program1957-1959
3“What is Happening in 42 Senior High Schools Near Boston”1953
3Women's Housing1954-1955
3Whitla John B.: Federal Government Relations1955-1956
148Additional Subject Files (12 folders)n.d.
B. Arthur E. Fitzgerald, 1956-19741956-1974
3Academic Policies1970
3Administrative Position Descriptions1954-1956
3Afro-American Institute (3 folders)1957-1959
3Black Community Concerns Committee1958-1959
3College Programs, Proposed Revision of1948
3Computer Services1957-1959
3Curricula of the Basic Colleges1956
165Executive Committee1953
3Knowles Asa S.: Correspondence1957-1975
3Personnel Rosters (3 folders)1958-1974
3ROTC Study Committee1970
3Rosenblatt, Norman1958-1959
3Security Manual1953
3Student Court1971
3Undergraduate Issues1958-1970
3University Disciplinary Committee: Student Case1958
165University Personnel1953
3Veteran's Administration1956-1976
C. 1970-79
4Affirmative Action1977-1979
4Affirmative Action Handbook (draft)n.d.
4African American Institute (4 folders)1970-1980
4African American Studies (3 folders)1976-1978
4Allan, Harry T.1976-1978
4Animal Care1977-1978
4Arts and Sciences, College of (5 folders)1977-1981
5Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts1978-1980
5Biomedical Sciences1978-1979
5Blake, David1982
5Boston-Bouvé (3 folders)1977-1979
5Boston-Bouvé/Education Merger1979-1980
Business Administration, College of :
5General (5 folders)1977-1980
5Dean Search1980
5Center for the Advancement of Minorities and Women1978-1979
5Center for Applied Social Research1977-1979
5Center for Continuing Education1978-1979
5Center for Electromagnetics Research1983-1985
5Center for International Higher Education Documentation1976-1980
5Center for Secondary School Work Experience Education1977-1978
5Clarkson, Geoffrey1979
6Clinical Chemistry1978
6Collective Bargaining1977-1979
6College Venture Program1974-1977
6Cooperative Education, Division of (2 folders)1975-1980
6Correspondence Internal1976
6Criminal Justice (3 folders)1973-1979
6Curriculum and Instruction1977-1979
6Curry, John1974-1980
6Dean of Students1977-1980
6Department of Labor, U.S. (2 folders)1976-1981
6General (4 folders)1973-1979
6Faculty Recordsca. 1975
6Special Education1977-1979
6Speech, Pathology, and Audiology1976-1978
7Engineering (2 folders)1976-1980
7English Publications1976-1978
7Enrollment (2 folders1976-1982
7ERCO Proposal (2 folders)1979
7Evaluation Teams1976
7Faculty Booklets1976
7Faculty Colloquia (2 folders)1979-1981
7Faculty Development (2 folders)1975-1978
7Faculty Lecturers1971-1979
7Faculty Participation in Governance Committee1973-1977
7Faculty Salaries1977-1978
7Faculty Self-Review1976-1977
7Faculty Senate1979-1980
7Favat Chair1976-1977
7Federation of World Health Foundations1980
8Feldman, Herman1977-1978
8Financial Exigency1976-78
8Financial Statements1975-77
8Five Year Plans1979
8Ford Hall Forum1978
8Foreign Student Impact1979-80
8Forte, George1976
8Foundations of Education Salary Review1976
8Freshman Year Committee (6 folders)1976-82
8Goals Committee (6 folders)1976-1978
8Graduate Affairs1978-80
9Graduate and Professional Opportunities Program (3 folders)1977-79
9Grantsmanship Workshops1977-78
9Gross, Franz1977-78
9Guggenheim Foundation1979
9Handbook of Instructional Techniquesn.d.
9Handicapped Services1977-79
9Health, Education, and Welfare1976-77
9Herman, Sydney: Correspondence1975-76
9Higher and Professional Education1976
9Hinton Medical Group1980
9Human Services Programs1973-78
9Human Values and the Professions1979-80
9Immigration and Naturalization Services (6 folders)1983-84
9Imperial Medical Center of Iran1976-77
9Institute for Chemical Analysis1977-80
9-10Institute for Interdisciplinary Study of Education (6 folders)1978-82
10Insurance Institute (2 folders)1977-79
10Institutional Self Study1976-80
10Interdisciplinary Faculty Colloquia1978-79
10International Affairs (2 folders)1979-81
10International Communication Agency1980
10International Coordinating Board (2 folders)1977-79
10International Students1977-80
10Inter-College Courses1980
10Inter-University Exchange1979
10Jones, Walter S.1978-79
10Kellogg Project1976-78
10Klein, Robert1974-1977
10Lahey Clinic Foundation1979
10Law School (4 folders)1970-1980
11Leaves of Absence (3 folders)1977-1984
11Legal Files (3 folders)1976-1979
11Liberal Arts, Dean Search1977-1978
11Lifelong Learning Project1977
11Lincoln College1977-1980
11Lufkin Memorial Fund1977
165Manual of Information for Principal Investigators1978
11Marine Science Institute (3 folders)1974-1980
11Marine Report1980
11Memorandan.d. 1970-1979
11Morrison, Richard1982-1983
11Nadeau, Roland1979-1980
11National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education1978-1979
11National Education Policy1978
11National Labor Relations Board1974-1976
11National Safety Council1977
11National Science Foundation (2 folders)1979-1980
11New England Association of Schools and Colleges1977
11New England Cooperative Coastal Research Facility1979
12New England Council of Latin American Studies1979-1980
12New England Nuclear1980
12New Programs1976-1977
12North College (Greece)1979
12Northeastern in London1979-1980
12Nurse Practitioner1978-1979
12Nursing (5 folders)1976-1980
12Office of Learning Resources1977-1980
12Opening Week1975-1979
12Oregon State1978
12Organizational Effectiveness in Colleges and Universities1979
12Overseas Study Program1979
12Part-Time Salaries1974-1980
Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
12General (4 folders)1976-1979
12Massachusetts College of Pharmacy1978
12Massachusetts Prison System1977-78
12Phi Beta Kappa1976-77
12Physical Plant Improvements1977-78
12Physician Assistant1979
13Provost (2 folders)1976-78
13Provost's Office, Open Positions1976-78
13Public Affairs1979
13Public Service Education Committee1978
13Radcliffe Fellowship Program1978-79
13General (8 folders)1950-1978
13Report (2 folders)1978
13Task Force1978
13Remedial Courses1976
13Research (2 folders)1977-79
13Research Administration (4 folders)
13Research and Scholarship Council on (3 folders)1980-84
13Reserve Officer Training Corps1972-81
13Scholarship Day1979-80
13Scriblerian (Studies in American Fiction)1977-78
13Sea Grant Program1979
13Seed Grants (3 folders)1979-80
13Shell Fund1977-79
13Sigma Epsilon Rho1976
13Smith, Kenneth1977-78
13Soloway, Albert1979
13Space Allocation1976-78
13Sperry and Hutchinson Foundation1978
13Sponsored Programs Office of (2 folders)1981-83
13Staff Meetings1971-1983
14Student Federation1976-78
14Suburban Campus1978-79
14Treisman, Uri1980
15Turner, Robert E. Memorial Scholarship Fund1978
15Union United Methodist Church1979
15United States International Communication Agency1980
15University Coal Research Consortium1978-79
15University College (2 folders)1978-80
15University Press (2 folders)1978-80
15University Vacancy Listings (2 folders)1980-81
15Von Goeler, E.1981
15Warner, Victor1980-81
15Williams, Senator Harrison1979
15Women's Career Program1980
15Worth, Steve1982
15Yerganian, George1978
15D. Melvin Mark1979-1984
15Academic Affairs: Memoranda1979-1984
15Academic Advisory Committee for International Affairs1981-1982
15Chair Search1980
15Bouvé (2 folders)1980-1981
15Business Administration (2 folders)1980-1981
15Center for Applied Social Research (2 folders)1980-1984
16Chemistry (2 folders)1980-1981
16Cooperative Education Division of1980-1981
16Creative Arts Committee1978-1980
16Criminal Justice (2 folders)1979-1983
16Earth Science1980-1981
16Dean's Office1980
165Excellence in Teaching1980-1984
165Fulbright Program1980-1984
16International Year of the Child1979-1980
16Law (2 folders)1980-1983
16Liberal Arts1979-1980
16Lincoln College1982-1983
16“Making it at Northeastern”1980
16Modern Languages1980-1981
16Northeastern in London1979
16, 165Nursing (5 folders)1979-1982
16Nursing Budget Proposal1981
16Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions (4 folders)1979-1983
16Philosophy and Religion1980-1981
17Physics (2 folders)1980-1981
17Political Science1979-1981
17Psychology (2 folders)1980-1981
17Research Administration (2 folders)1979-1980
17Scholarship Days1982
17Smith, Arthur1981
17Speech Communication1979-1981
17University College1980-1981
E. 1980-1989
Colleges and Departments
Arts and Sciences
17Arts and Sciences Dean1984-1987
17Arts and Sciences Restructuring1983-1984
17African American Studies1980-1989
17Art and Architecture1980-1988
17Drama and Speech1980-1984
17Earth Science1986
17Fine Arts1981-1985
17Irish Studies1981-1985
17Law Policy and Society1986
18Marine Science Institute: Karl Weiss1984-1986
18Marine Studies1981-1986
18Marine Diving Policy1982-1984
18Math/Writing Center1985
18Modern Languages1984-1985
18Next Move Theater1982
18New England Quarterly1982-1985
18Oxford Program1985-1987
18Physics (2 folders)1981-1987
18Political Science1982-1986
18Proposed Center for Theoretical Studies1985
18Sign Language Programs1984-1986
18Sociology and Anthropology1981-1987
18Speech Communications1986
18Theater and Dance1984-1986
18Women's Studies1985-1986
18Cardiovascular Exercise and Health Center1978-1980
18Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation and Special Education1983-1987
18Counselor Education1981-1983
18Curriculum and Instruction1981-1983
18Education Administration1980-1986
18Foundations of Education1979-1982
18Health Education1981-1982
18Health Sport and Leisure Studies1984-1985
18Physical Education1978-1982
18Physical Therapy (2 folders)1978-1986
19Recreation and Leisure Studies1978-1981
19Rehabilitation and Special Education1981-1982
19Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology1981-1986
19Sports Intramurals1979-1980
165Undergraduate Advisor's Guidebook1985
Business Administration
19Group Coordinators1984-1987
Computer Science
Cooperative Education
19Faculty Coordinators1984-1988
19Student Wage Analysis1983-1986
19Task Force on Reappointment1985-1986
19Criminal Justice1983-1986
19Department Chairs1983-1987
19Center for Electromagnetics Research1986
19Geothermal Energy Project1986-1987
19NU Prime1985-1986
19Engineering Technology1985-1987
Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences
20Biomedical Sciences1985-1986
20Health Records Administration1978,1984-1985
20Medical Laboratory Science1981-1987
20Medical Records Administration1977-1978
20Medicinal Chemistry1984-1986
20Physician's Assistant1984
20Respiratory Therapy1976-1981
University College
20Student Appeals1986-1987
Subject Files
20Actuarial Science1980
20Center for Applied Social Research1985-1987
20Center for the Study of Sport and Society1984-1987
20Community Affairs, Office of1987
20Data General1987
20Degrees Diploma Certificates1958-1982
20Development Office1987-1989
20Department Chair Workshop1987
20Distinguished Professor Program
20Environmental Health1977-1986
165Excellence in Teaching1984-1985
20Exxon Grant1981-1984
20Faculty Colloquia1985-1988
20Faculty Contracts1982-1986
20Faculty Data1983, 1986
20Faculty Evaluation Guidelines1986
20Faculty Loan Fund1976-1987
165Fulbright Program1985
20General Electric1981
165Graduate Admissions1984
20Graduate School Directors1982
20Graduate School Operations1986-1987
20Health College Consolidation1987-1988
Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)1987-1988
20Immigration: Preference Petitions1987
20Instructional Development Fund1987
20Internal Revenue Servicen.d.
20Libel Policy1976
20Life-Long Learning1985-1986
20Media Services1988
20Minority Summer Fellowship Research Fund1987-1988
20Northeastern University Press: Editorial Board (2 folders)1986-1988
Opening Week
20Major Events/Activities Coordinators1988
20New Faculty Invitation List1988
20Permanent File1988
20“Patents and Copyright Policies at 13 Universities Including Northeastern”1978
20Phi Beta Kappa1989
20Patent Policy1982
20-21Provost Office: Staff Meetings (10 folders)1981-1988
21Provost Search1984
21Prudential Company1980
21Public Affairs1979-2987
21Public Safety1988
21Public Information1979-1985
21Publications Coordinators1988
21Publications Group1979-1988
21Radcliffe Fellowship Program1977-1979
21Radiologic Technology (2 folders)1976-1981
21Registered Programs1980 1983
21Reidlich, Mark: Law Offices of1984
21Research and Scholarship Development1987
21Research Corporation1977-1984
21Research Personnel Training1982
21Reservation Forms1976-1982
21Residential Life1988
21Resource Allocation1981
21Resource Center for Engineering and Science1980-1981
21Retiring Employees (3 folders)1982-1984
Reserve Officer Training Corps
21General (2 folders)1975-1987
21Air Force1981-1986
21Appointments (A-Z) (2 folders)1981-1987
21Rustad, Michael (Special Assistant to the Provost)1987-1988
21Computer Science Dean1989
21Division of Research Management, Director1989
21Special Education Administration1979-1985
21Sponsored Programs, Office of1987-1988
21Warren Center1977-1980
21Yerganian, George (3 folders)1978-1982
F. Anthony Penna, 1986-1988
21Letters of Recommendation1985-1987
22Tierno, Mark1985
Provost's Office
22General (2 folders)1985-1988
22Staff Meetings (2 folders)1986-1988
22Ryder President Kenneth G.1987-1988
Colleges and Departments
22Arts and Sciences
165 Chemistry
22Lowndes Robert (Dean) (2 folders)1986-1988
22McAllister Ron (Associate Dean)1987
22Business Administration1986-1990
165Experimental Program to Reduce Attrition1985-1986
22, 165Computer Science (2 folders)1986-1990
22Cooperative Education1987-1990
22Criminal Justice1987-1988
22Wang Professor (Tenure)1989
22Engineering Technology1985-1986
22General 1986-1988
22Monks John C. (Associate Dean)1987-1988
22Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences1987-1990
Health Colleges Consolidation (3 folders)1986-1988
22University College1986-1989
22Bowers, Bill1987-1988
22Coffin, Charles1987-1988
22Devlin, Charles1987-1988
23Faculty Senate (2 folders)1984-1987
23Faissler, William1987-1988
23Helmuth, Don: Program Resources1986-1988
23Karger, Barry1987-1988
23King, James1987-1988
23Lembo, Vincent1987-1988
23Lipton, Michael1987-1988
23McCabe, Phil1987-1990
23Repucci, Gene1986-1989
23Roberts, Daniel 1987-1988
23Robinson, Ed1987
23Sawhney, Pawan1986-1987
23Smith, Arthur1979-1987
23Woolridge, Roy1986-1988
165Academic Plan1985-1986
23Accreditation Clearance1987
23Background Reports1978-1986
23Comments on Reorganization1986-1987
23Blue Ribbon Panel (2 folders)1986-1987
23Commission on the Health Programs1986-1987
23Health Professions Advisory Committee1986
165Excellence in Teaching Awards1985-1986
165Fulbright Program1985-1987
23Health Related Colleges, Strategic Plans1981-1986
165National Association of Schools for Public Affairs and Administration1987
Nursing, College of:
23Courses (9 folders)1986-1987
23Profile Summaries1987
Program Profile
24Athletic Training1986
24Biology: Master of Science in Health Science1986
24Biomedical Science, Graduate School of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions1986
24Cardiovascular Health and Exercise1986
24Counseling Psychology1986-1987
24Exercise Science1986
24Health Care Management Area (MBA)1986
24Health Record Administration1986
24Hospital Pharmacy, Master of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy1986
24Human Services1986
24Master of Health Professions1986
24Medical Laboratory Science (2 folders)1986
24Movement Behavior1986
24Perfusion Technology1986
24Pharmacy Undergraduate1986-1987
24Physical Education1986
24Physical Therapy1986
24Physician Assistant1986
24Recreation Management1986
24Rehabilitation/Special Education1986
24Respiratory Therapy1986
24School and Community Health1986
24School, College and Industrial Counseling1986-1987
24Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology1986
24Therapeutic Recreation1986
University College
24Health Management1986
24Health Record Administration1986
24Health Science1986
24Medical Laboratory Science1986
24Nursing (Part-Time Evening Division)1986
24Radiologic Technology1986
24Therapeutic Recreation1986
24Proposal for Consolidation of the Health Colleges1987-1988
24-25Blue Ribbon Panel1987
25Commission on Health Professions (4 folders)1986
25Curriculum Committee Commission on the Health Professions1986-1987
25Health Professions, Recruitment Committee1988
25“A Study of the Organization of Curricula for the Health Professions”1958
165Report on the Proposal for a Master of Science Degree Program in Recreation, Sport, and Fitness Management1986
165Special Assistant for Academic Affairs1988
165Tuition and Fee Schedule1987-1988
165University-Wide Honors Program1986
G. Robert Lowndes1987-1991
25Academic Computing Division1988
25Academic Development Committee1989
25Academic Standards1989
25, 165Administrative Operations Committee (2 folders)1988-1990
25Board of Overseers1989
25, 165Board of Trustees (2 folders)1988-1990
25Budget (6 folders)n.d., 1986-1990
25Campus Property Usage Committee1990
165Capital Development Plan (3 folders)1990
Capital Equipment1990-1992
25Improvement Funds1989-1992
165Capital Planning Reports (3 folders)1989
25Center for African-American Studies Proposal1990
25Center for Effective Teaching1989
25Center for Electromagnetic Research1989
25Center for Professions1989
25Chairs Meetings1988-1989
25Arts and Sciences1989-1994
Business Administration
25Associates' Programs1988-1990
166Admitted Students Questionnaire1988
25David Boyd (Dean)1988-1990
Computer Science
25Cynthia Brown (Acting Dean)1989
25Bruce Shriver1989
25Criminal Justice1988-1989
25General (3 folders)1989-1990
25Center for Biotechnology Engineering1989
25Center for Digital Signal Processing1989
25Zipporah Wiseman1989
25bNursing Accreditation Visit1991
25bAccreditation1989, 1990
166Commission on For Profit Research Corporations1989
165Committee On Academic Computing1990
25bCommon Undergraduate Experience1992
25bComputer Task Force1989
25bContinuing Education1987-1989
25bCooperative Education1988-1989
25bCoop Wage Survey1988-1989
25bCorporation Meeting1988
25bCost Per Credit Hour Study1989
Development Office
25bTohuku Delegation1989, 1990
25bDivisional Libraries Meetingn.d.
25bEnvironmental Health and Safety1988
25bFaculty Advisory Council1989-1990
25bAnnual Evaluations1989
25bCommunity Service Faculty Collaborative1989
25cDepartment Requests for Faculty Hires1990
25cDevelopment Fund (2 folders)n.d., 1989-1994
25cEquity Adjustments1988-1990
25c, 166Excellence in Teaching Awards (4 folders)1988-1990
25cInstructional Development Fund1989
25cLoan Fund1989-1991
25cMinority Recruitment1988-1990
25cResearch and Scholarship Development Fund “Japan's Foreign Policy: The 1980s and Beyond”1989
25cSalary Matchmate Data199-1992
25cSenate Agenda Committee1986-1988
25cSenate Trimester Committee1980-1982
25dStudent Government Association Teacher-Course Evaluations Reports1986-1989
25dChartn.d., 1988
25dMatchmate Institutions1990
25dFinal Examination Regulations1989
25dFord Hall Forum1990
25dFor Profit Research Corporation (CERA)1988
25dFounders' Day1989
25dFulbright Scholar1989-1991
25dGraduate Council1989
25dGraduate Grievance Procedures1991
25dStephen Hawking1990
25dHigher Education Research Institute Survey1989
25dHonorary Degree Candidates1990
25dHonors Program1988-1989
166Housing Assistance1989
25dHuman Resources Management1988-1989
25dImmigration Reform and Control Act1989
25dInstitutional Research and Planning1987-1990
25dInternational Center for Science and Technology1989
25dInternational Cooperative Education Departmentn.d.,
International Programs
25d-eAlexandria University, Egypt (3 folders)n.d., 1989-1990
25eInternational Alliance of Universitiesn.d., 1993-1994
25eMoscow State University1990
25eNova Scotia Exchangen.d., 1988-1992
25eRangsit College, Thailand1989-1990
25eUeno College System, Hiroshima Japann.d., 1990
25eUniversity of Ulster1989
25eInternational Symposium1989
25eJames Jones University Lecture1989
25eLong Range Planning Committee (2 folders)1989-1990
25eManagement Institute for Women in Higher Educationn.d.
25eMeeting Schedules and Agendas1988
25eRobert Monson (Superintendent of Schools)1989
25fNational Council1988-1989
25fNational Science and Technology Week1989
25fOffice of Effective Teaching1990
25fOpening Week / Orientation (Faculty and Staff)1988-1989
166Organization Chart1988
25fOrientation Committee1988-1991
25fOrientation (Student)1989-1991
25fParents' Weekend (2 folders)1988-1990
25fPARS Reports1989
25fPeterson's Survey1991
25fPhi Beta Delta1988
25fPhysician Assistant Program1989
25gPlant Improvement Fund and Space Requests (3 folders)1988-1989
25gPosition Review1990-1991
25gPresident Correspondence, Meetings and Memoranda (2 folders)1988-1990
25gPresidential Commission (Policy on Classified Research)1989
25gPresidential Search1988-1989
25gProvostial Commission (For-Profit Research Corporation)1989-1990
26Provostial Committee on Academic Computing Report1990
Provost's Cabinet
26Provost's Funded Programs1989
166Regularly Scheduled Meetings1988-1989
26Relocation Assistance1989
26Research Council Permanent Filen.d., 1987-1988
26Scholar's Days1989-1990
166Science and Engineering Building (2 folders)1987-1990
26Agenda Committee1986-1988
26Trimester Committee1980-1982
26Social Science Faculty Computer Committee1989
26Sample Letters1984-1989
26Research and Graduate1989-1990
26Support and Technical1988-1990
26Strategic Directions1987
166Strategic Planning Profiles1986
26Student Affairs1988-1989
26Tenure Chartn.d. 1988
26Teaching at Northeasternn.d.
26Trustees Meetings1987-1990
26Universities Research Association1988-1989
26University Council1987-1988
26University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee1988-1989
26Vice President's Council1989
26Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education1985
H. Michael Baer, 1990-1994
Personal, 1990-1992
26Generaln.d. 1992
26Correspondence (2 folders)1990-1997
26President Curry1991-1992
26Presidential Appropriations1990-1991
Colleges, 1990-1992
Arts and Sciences
26Annual Report1991-1992
26Dean Lowndes1990-1992
26New Faculty1991-1992
26African American Master Artist in Residence1988-1991
26African American Studies1991-1992
26American Sign Language1991-1992
26Art and Architecture1991-1992
26Economics (2 folders)1989-1991
27English (2 folders)1990-1992
27Graduate Summer School in Black Studies1992
27Irish Studies1992
27Journalism 1990-1992
27Law, Policy, and Society1990-1992
27Marine Science1990-1992
27Modern Languages1991-1992
27Performing Arts1989-1991
27Philosophy and Religion (2 folders)1990-1991
27Physics (2 folders)1998-1992
27Political Science1990-1992
27Sociology and Anthropology1990-1992
27Speech Communication1991-1992
27Women's Studies1990-1991
27General (2 folders)1990-1992
27Dean Search1992
27Legal Files1987-1991
27New Faculty Positions1991-1992
27Physical Therapy1991-1992
Business Administration
27Annual Report (3 folders)1991-1993
27Dean Boyd1990-1991
27Faculty Positions1991-1992
27Professional Accounting1991-1992
Computer Science
28Report of Establishment1991
28Report of the Committee on the Future of the College of Computer Science1991
Cooperative Education
28Dean Pratt1990-1991
28Work and the Workplace, Center on1992
Criminal Justice
28Dean Fox (interim)1991-1992
28Dean Rosenblatt1991
28Dean Search1991
28University of Bocconi1990-1992
28Dean King1991-1992
28Electrical and Computer1990-1991
28Engineering Technology1990-1991
28Industrial and Information Systems1991
28General (2 folders)1988-1992
28Dean Givelber1991-1992
28Faculty Promotions1991
28Nursing (3 folders)1990-1992
28Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences (2 folders)1990-1991
28University College1988-1992
Non-Academic Units, 1990-1992
28Academic Assistance Center1991
28Academic Computing1990-1992
28Academic Roundtable1991-1992
28Administrative Computing Services1991
28Administrator Evaluation Committee1992
29General (3 folders)1990-1992
Enrollment Management
29General (2 folders)1991-1992
29Affirmative Action1991-1992
29Alumni Relations1991
29Barnett Institute1990-1992
29Budget Matters1988-1990
29Career Development and Placement1991
29Center for Applied Social Research1990-1992
29Center for Electromagnetic Research1990-1992
29Century Fund Communications1991
29Computer Store1992
Continuing Education
29Telecommunications Advisory Committee1990
29Dean of Students1990-1992
29General (2 folders)1986-1992
29Mellon Foundation1991-1992
29Pew Foundation1992
29Task Force1992
29Disability Resource Center1991-1992
Division of Research Management
29General (3 folders)1991-1992
29Technology Transfer Committee1991
29Ell Student Center1992
29English Language Center1991-1992
30Financial Aid1991-1992
30Graduate Schools1987
30Honors Program1991-1992
30Human Resources Management1990-1992
30International Education1990-1991
30International Student Office1990-1992
30Marketing and Institutional Research1990-1992
30Military Science1990-1991
30Public Relations1991
30Student Activities1991
30Student Government Association1990-1992
30Support of Effective Teaching Office for the1990-1991
30Treasurer-Vice President1990-1992
30University Counsel1990-1991
30University Press1989-1992
30University Publications1991
30Urban Schools Collaborative1990-1991
Subject Files, 1990-1992
302.8P Lectureship (2 folders)1986-1992
Academic Affairs
30Committee for Priorities on1990
30Academic Policy Committee1990-1991
30Academic Priorities Committee1991-1992
30Academic Specialist Proposal1990
30Academic Support Service1991
30Acknowledgment Letters1991
30Administrative Operations Committee1991
30Admissions Operations Committee1991
30Advanced Materials Research Center1991-1992
30Advertising and Printing Committee1991
30AIDS Education Task Force1992
30Alcohol Policies Committee1992
30Alexandria University1990 1992
30Alternative Freshman Year1990
30American Association for the Advancement of Science1992-1993
30American Association of Higher Education1990
30American Association of University Professors1991
30American Association of University Women Educational Foundation1992
30American Council on Education1991-1992
30Amsterdam, University of1990 1992
30Apple Executive Meeting1990-1991
30Appointment Lettersn.d., 1992
30Association of American Colleges1991
30Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts1990-1992
30AT&T Computer Competition1990
30Auerbach and Associates1991-1992
30Bay Area Regional Technology Center1986
30Balfour Academy1990 1992
30Banner Publications1991
30Base Budgets1991
30Black Faculty Luncheon1991
30Black Faculty Reception1990
30Black Issues1991-1992
31Board of Trustees1991
31Boston Conservatory1990-1991
31Boston University1991
31General (2 folders)1990-1992
31Graduate Student Stipends1990-1991
31Bunker Hill Community College1990
31Cable News Network (CNN)1992
31Campaign Task Force (2 folders)1991-1992
31Center for Advanced Materials Research and Development1991
31Center for Applied Social Research1991-1992
31Center for Asian Studies1991
31Center for Corporate Relations1991-1992
31Center for Electromagnetics Research1991
31Center for Family Business1991
31Center for Innovation in Urban Education1991-1992
31Center for Judaic Studies1992
31Center for Labor Market Studies1991
31Center for Planning Information1991
31Center for Research and Graduate Studies1991
31Center for the Study of State and Local Budgeting1992
31Century Fund1991
31Charitable Funds Campaign1991
31College Board1991-1992
31Complaint Resolution Committee1991-1992
Computer and Information Science and Engineering
31Resource Center1991
31Connections Program1991
31Congressional Fellowship Program1990-1991
31Copyright Clearance Center Survey1991-1992
31Core Curriculum1988-1991
31Course Evaluations1992
31Credit Union1991
31Dean Search Committee1992
31Dean's Evaluations1992
31Digital Equipment Corporation1992
31Dining Services1991-1992
31Distinguished Professor Program1991-1992
31Diversity, Tolerance, and Community1992
31Division of Research Management1989
31Doremus and Company1991
31Dual Career Couples1992
31Education Development Center1990
31Education Teacher1990-1992
31Employee Analysis and Statistics1991
31Endowed Professorships1990-1991
31Engaging Cultural Legacies1991
31Engineering Science Center1991-1992
31Equipment Requests1990-1991
31Evaluation Oversight Committee1992
31Excellence in Teaching Awards1991-1992
31Faculty Associate Program1991
31Faculty Contracts1992
31Faculty Development Fund1990-1992
31Faculty Dinners1991
31Faculty Evaluations1991
31Faculty Handbook1990
31Faculty Hiring Forms1992
31Faculty Internship Program1992
31Faculty Load Survey1991-1992
31Faculty Positions1991
31Faculty Promotions1992
31Faculty Termination1991
31Faculty Salary Survey1991-1992
31Faculty Senate1991-1992
31Fenway Project1992
31Field Studies, School for1991
31Forsyth Dental School1991
32Four Day Work Week1990-1992
32Freshman Affairs1989 1991
32Freshman Awards1991
32Freshman Friends1990-1992
32Freshman Retention1991
32Freshman Programs1991
32Freshman Year1990-1991
32Government Relations1991-1992
32Graduate Assistantships1991
32Graduate Board of Inquiry1990-1991
32Graduate Schools1991-1992
32Graduate Tuition Stipends1990-1992
32Greek Activities1991
32Health Information Administration1992
32HEFA Equipment (2 folders)1989-1990
32Henderson House1990
32Higher Education and National Affairs1991-1992
32Hiring Freeze1990-1991
32Honorary Degree Nominations1991
32Humboldt Research Fellowships1992
32IBM Math Sessions1990
32Industrial Security Procedures1991
32Insite, Office of1990-1991
32Institute of International Education1991
32Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research1991
32Japanese Liaison Proposal1991
32Joint Advisory Council1991-1992
32Judicial Affairs1991-1992
32Kellogg Foundation1991-1992
32Ketchum Inc. 1991
32Klein University Lecturer1992
32Kuwait Project1991
32Latino, Latin American and Caribbean Program Development1991-1992
32Lecture Series1988-1991
32Long Range Planning committee1991-1992
32Major Works Project1991-1992
32Management Institute for Women1991
32Massachusetts Board of Education1991-1992
32Master Plan1987
32Microcomputing Initiative1991-1992
32Minorities Northeastern Region, Center for1990-1992
32Minority Faculty Recruiting and Retention1990-1992
32Minority Issues1991
32Minority Status Committee1991
32NACUBO Workshop1991
32National Academy of Engineering1991
32National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)1990-1992
32National Center for Academic Achievement and Transfer1992
32National Center for Education Statistics1990-1991
32National Council1989-1992
32National Merit Scholarships1992
32National Research Council1991-1992
32National Science Foundation1990-1992
32New England Association of Schools and Colleges1991-1992
32Northeastern News1990 1992
32Office Parties1991-1992
32Official Representatives Meeting1991
32Oklahoma State University1991
32Opinion Research Corporation; “A Proposal to Conduct a Quantitative” Image Study of Key-Publics1990
32Overseas Study Program1991
32Phi Beta Kappa1991
32Phi Kappa Phi1991-1992
32Physician Assistant Program1991
32Plant Improvement Fund1991-1992
32Planning for the Future1991
32Position Review Committee1990-1991
32Presidential Scholar Awards1991-1992
32President's Commission on the Freshman Year1991
32Print and Advertising Committee1991
32Printing Services/Reprographics1991-1992
32Priorities for Academic Affairs, Committee on1990
32Proposals external1992
32Provost's Tea1991-1992
32Provostial Committee on Academic Computing1990
32Public Safety Division1991
33Purchasing Administrator1991
33Recruitment/Retention (Student)1991
33Religious Life Office1991
33Research Council1991-1992
33Residential Life1991-1992
33Restructuring (Bouvé/Pharmacy Merger)1991-1992
33Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act1991
33Roxbury Community College/NU Partnership Grant1991
33Sabbatical Planning Workshop1982-84
33Scholarship and Development Fund1991
33Senate Agenda Committee1991-1992
33Sexual Harassment Workshop1990
33Social Science Computer Facilities1990
33Society Organized Against Racism (SOAR)1991
33Space Allocations1991-1992
33Special Events, Office of1991
33Speech Materials1992
33Split Summer Sections1991
33Sponsored Programs (2 folders)1990-1992
33State House1991
33Strategic Initiatives (2 folders)1991-1992
33Strategic Planning1990-1991
33Student Affairs1992
33Student Analysis/Statisticsca. 1990
33Student Handbook1990
33Student Opinion1988
33Student Services Steering Committee1992
33Students at Risk1990
33Summer Operations Committee1988
33Summer Retreat1992
33Sun Workstation1992
33Syllabus Standards1987
33Technology Transfer Committee1990-1991
33Telecommunications Advisory Committee1991-1992
33Total Quality Management1992
33Trustees, Board of1990-1992
33Trustees Newsletters (2 folders)1991-1992
34Undergraduate Bulletin1991
34Undergraduate Enrollment Projections1991
34Undergraduate Studies1992
34UMASS at Amherst1991-1992
34University Council on Research and Scholarship1992
34University Counsel1991-1992
34University Membership1992
34University Research Associates1991
34University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee1990-1992
34Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education1992
34Voice, The1991
34Volunteer Projects1992
34Warren Center1991
34Work Study1991
Personal, 1992-19931992-1993
President Curry
34Meetings with1993
34Annual Evaluation1993
34Budget Information1993
34Office Staff1992-1993
34Provost Grant Programs1992
34Provost's Retreat1992
Colleges, 1992-1993
Arts and Sciences
34Dean Lowndes1992-93
34New Faculty1992-93
34African-American Master Artist in Residence Program1993
34African-American Studies1992-1993
34Art and Architecture1992-1993
34Communication Studies1993
34Davis Endowed Chair1990
34Field Studies1992
34Jewish Studies1993
34Law, Policy, and Society1992-1993
34Marine Science Center1993
34Modern Language1992-1993
34NU ARTS and Division of Fine Arts1993
34Performing and Visual Arts: Boston Conservatory1992-1993
34Political Science1992-1993
34Slotsky Professorship1992-1993
34Women's Studies1992-1993
34Chair Search Committee (Pharmacy)1993
34Dean Gozzo1992
34New Faculty1992
34Athletic Training Program1992
34Clinical Specialist1993
34Counseling Psychology1992-1993
34Medical Lab Sciences1993
34Pharmaceutical Sciences1993
34Physical Therapy1992
34Recreation, Sport and Fitness Management1992
34Respiratory Therapy1993
34Speech Pathology1992-1993
Business Administration
35Boston College1993
35Center for Corporate Relations1993
35Dean Boyd1992-1993
35Extra Compensation1992
35International Business1993
35New Faculty1992
Computer Science
35Dean Brown1992
35Strategic Plan 1991-1992
Criminal Justice
35Generaln.d., 1992-1993
35Dean Fox1992-1993
35Dean King1992-1993
35Engineering Technology1992-1993
35Industrial Engineering and Information Systems1993
35Mechanical Engineering1992-1993
35Dean Givelber1992
35Dean Hall1993
35Dean Zungolo1992-1993
35New Faculty Positions1992
35Professional Accounting, Graduate School of1992-1993
University College
35Dean Jordan1992-1993
35Alternative Freshman Year1992-1993
Non-Academic Units, 1992-1993
Academic Computing
35Telecommunications Advisory Committee1992
35Administrative Computer Services1992
35Community Scholarships1993
35Enrollment Management (3 folders)1992-1993
35Affirmative Action1992
35Alumni Records and Gift Information Systems1992
35Alumni Relations1993
35Barnett Institute1992-1993
35Building Services1993
35Bursar's Office1992
35Conference and Event Planning1992
35Continuing Education1992-1993
Cooperative Education
35Dean Vozella1992-1993
35Employment Analysis (2 folders)1992-1993
36Institute of Work and the Workplace1992-1993
36International Coop1992-1993
36American Jewish Committee1993
36Campaign Cabinet1993
36Centennial Campaign1992-1993
36Kozd, Harry1993
36Mellon Foundation1993
36Disability Resource Center1992
36Division of Research Management (2 folders)1992-1993
36Ell Student Center1992
36Financial Aid1991-1992
36Honors Program1992-1993
36Human Resources Management1992-1993
36International Student Office1992
36Marketing and Institutional Research1992-1993
36Military Science1992
36NUPRIME Office1992
36Reserve Officers' Training Corp1992-1993
36Treasurer-Vice President1992-1993
36University Counsel1993
36University Press (2 folders)1992-1993
36Urban Schools Collaborative1992
Subject Files, 1992-1993
362.8B Lectureship Awards1992
36Academic Affairs Roundtable1992-1993
36Academic Concept1992
36Academic Fiscal Affairs1992
36Academic Priorities Committee1992
36Administrator Evaluation Oversight Committee1992
36AIDS Education Task Force1993
36Alexandria University1992
36American Association for Higher Education1993
36American Association of University Professors1992
36American Association of University Women1992
36American Junior Academy of Science (2 folders)1992-1993
36Americans with Disabilities Act Training1993
36Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Massachusetts1993
36Budget Forum1993
36Budget Reduction Plan (3 folders)1992
36Bureau of Teacher Preparation and Program Approval1992
36Capital Campaign1991
36Center for Applied Social Research1992
36Center for Asian Studies1991
36Center for Electromagnetics Research1992-1993
36Center for Innovation in Urban Education1992-1993
36Center for Labor Market Studies1992
36Charitable Funds Campaign1991-1993
36Clinton Steering Committee1993
36College Board1992
37Complaints and Complaint Log (2 folders)1992-1993
37Community Affairs1992
37Contributions Committee1992-1993
37Core Curriculum1992
37Crisis Team1990
37Course Registry Forms (2 folders)1991-1993
37Dean Search Committee1992
37Dean's Evaluations1992
37Dean's Retreat1992
37Defense Department Appropriations1992
37Digital Equipment Corporation1992
37Distinguished Professor1992-1993
37Diversity, Tolerance, and Community1992-1993
37East Coast Academic Officers1992-1993
37Education Center1992-1993
37Educational Resources Institute1991
37Engineering Science Center Building1989, 1992-1993
37Enrollment Management Committee1992-1993
37Equipment Requests1992
37Evaluation Oversight Committee1993
37Examination Policy1993
37Faculty Contracts1992-1993
37Faculty Development Fund1993
37Faculty Fellowships1992
37Faculty Handbook1992-1992
37Faculty Loan Fund1992-1993
Faculty Senate
37Academic Policy Committee1993
37Admissions Policy Committee1992
37Agenda Committee1992-1993
37Financial Affairs Committee1992-1993
37Resolutions (2 folders)1992-1993
37Four Day Work Week1992-1993
37Genocide Center1990-1992
37Government Relations1993
38Graduate Assistantships1992-1993
38Graduate Council1993
38Graduate Education1992-1993
38Graduate Schools1992
38Graduate Student Group1993
38Graduate Student Stipendsn.d.
38Graduate Tuition Fellowships/Waivers1992-1993
38Health Care1993
38Hebrew College1993
38Higher Education and National Affairs1993
38Instructional Development Fund1992-1993
38Image Study1991
38Institute for the Study of Academia1993
38International Institutional Agreementsca. 1990-1992
38International Programs1993
38Joint Advisory Council1992-1993
38Judicial Affairs1993
38Klein University Lecturer1993
38Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Program Development1992-1993
38Mail Service1992
38Master Plan1993
38Media Training1993
38Mexican Initiative1993
38Minority Faculty Recruiting and Retention1989, 1992
38Minority Graduate Fellowship1993
38National and Community Service (2 folders)1992-1993
38National Association of the Academies of Science1993
38National Council1992-1993
38National Education and Research Center for Outcome Assessment in Health Care1992
38National Science Foundation1992-1993
38New England Association of Schools and Colleges1992-1993
38New England Board of Higher Education1993
38New England Resource Center for Higher Education1993
38No Smoking Implementation Committee1992
38Office for the Support of Effective Teachingn.d.
38Organizational Charts1992
38Overseas Study Program1992
38Pew Foundation1993
38Phi Delta Kappa1993
38Phi Kappa Phi1992
38Plant Improvement Fund1992-1993
38President's Advisory Council1992
38President's Cabinet1992-1993
38Project Seed1993
38Project Vote Smart1993
38Provost's Tea1990-1993
38Religious Life Office1993
38Research Council1992
38Residential Life1992-1993
38Sexual Assault Network1992
38Sexual Harassmentn.d., 1990
38Strategic Initiatives1992
38Strategic Planning (2 folders)1992-1993
38Student Affairs and Services (2 folders)1992-1993
38Student Orientation1992-1993
38Student Center Renovation1992
38Student Government Association1992-1993
39Teaching Dossiern.d.
39Term Appointments1992
39TOEFL and GRE1992-1993
Trustees, Board of
39 General1992-1993
39 Academic Affairs Committee1992-1993
39 Budget and Finance Committee1992-1993
39 Executive Committee1993
39 Long Range Planning Committee1992
39 Overseers1992
Undergraduate Education
39 General1992-1993
39 Advocates for a Common Experience1992-1993
39University Membership1992
39University of Amsterdam1993
39University of Massachusetts at Amherst1993
39Venture Capital1992
39Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education1992-1993
39Video Debates1992
39Work Study Program1993
Personal, 1993-1994
President Curry
39General 1993-1994
39Meetings with1993-1994
39Cabinet (6 folders)1993-1994
39Leskes, Andrea1993
39Adler, Dr. Norman1993-1994
39Hellman, Daryl1993
39Staff Retreat1993
39American Political Science Association1994
39Office Staff1993-1994
39Provost's Retreat1993
39Office Event1993
Colleges, 1993-1994
Arts and Sciences
39Robert Lowndes (Dean)1994
39African American Master Artists in Residency Program1993-1994
39African American Studies1993-1994
39American Sign Language1993-1994
39Art and Architecture1993-1994
39Human Services1993-1994
39Jewish Studies1993-1994
39Latino Studies1993-1994
39Media Lab1992-1993
39Modern Languages1993-1994
39Performing Arts1993-1994
39Philosophy and Religion1993-1994
40Political Science1993-1994
40Psychology (3 folders)1993-1994
40Theatre and Dance1993
40Women's Studies1993-1994
40General (2 folders)1993-1994
40James J. Gozzo (Dean)1993-1994
Business Administration
40General (2 folders)1993-1994
40David P. Boyd (Dean)1993-1994
40Dean Search (2 folders)1993-1994
40MBA Fast-track1993-1994
40General (2 folders)1993
40Computer Science
40Dean Search1993-1994
40Electrical and Computer1993
40Engineering Technology1994
40Industrial Engineering1994
40General (2 folders)1993-1994
40Eileen Zungolo (Dean)1993-1994
University College
40Alternative Freshman Year Program1993
Non-Academic Departments, 1993-1994
40Academic Computing1993-1994
40Administrative Computer Services1994
40General (2 folders)1993-1994
41Enrollment Management (4 folders)1993-1994
41Affirmative Action1993
41Alumni Relations1994
41Barnett Institute1993-1994
41Continuing Education (2 folders)1993-1994
Cooperative Education
41General (3 folders)1993-1994
41Institute of Work and the Workplace (2 folders)1993-1994
41General (3 folders)1993-1994
41Routing Forms1994
41Division of Research Management1985-1994
41Faculty Senate (2 folders)1993-1994
41Honors Program1993-1994
41Human Resources Management1993-1994
41Institutional Research, Office of (2 folders)n.d.
41Marine Science Center (2 folders)1993-1994
41Marketing and Institutional Research1993
41Religious Life1993-1994
41Residential Life1993-1994
41Student Affairs/Services (2 folders)1993-1994
41Student Affairs
41Student Government Association1993-1994
41Support of Effective Teaching Office of1993-1994
41Teacher Course Evaluations1993-1994
41Treasurer-Vice President1994
Trustees, Board of
41Academic Affairs Committee1993-1994
41Financial Affairs Committee1994
41Long Range Planning Committee1993
42University Communications1993-1994
42University Counsel1993-1994
42University Press1993-1994
Subject Files, 1993-1994
422.8B Lectureship Awards1993
42ACE Fellows Program1993-1994
42Administrative Evaluations (2 folders)1993-1994
42AIDS Awareness Week1994
42American Association for Higher Education1993-1994
42Boston Ballet, City Dance Summer1993-1994
42Boston Tomorrow Conference (3 folders)1993-1994
42Calendar Change1994
42Campus Police1993-1994
42Career Services1993-1994
42Centennial Committee1993
42Center for Applied Social Research1994
42Center for Innovation in Urban Education (2 folders)1993-1994
42Charitable Funds Campaign1993
42Charter School1994
42City Year1993
42Classroom Building1993-1994
42Columbus Place1993-1994
42Community Affairs1993
42Comprehensive Regional Center for Minorities1994
42Computer Initiative1993
42Contributions Committee1993-1994
42Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Grant Proposals1994
Course Number Registry Form
42Daniel Webster College1993
42Distinguished Professors (2 folders)1993-1994
42Diversity, Tolerance, and Community1993-1994
42Eastern States Chief Academic Officer1993-1994
42Education Center1994
42Engineering Science Center (2 folders)1993-1994
43Equipment Requests1993-1994
43Faculty Consulting1993
43Faculty Development Fund1993-1994
43Faculty Equity1993-1994
43Faculty Handbook Revisions1992-1993
43Faculty Loan Fund1993
43Faculty, New1993-1994
43Ford Hall Forum1993-1994
43Four Day Work Week1993-1994
43Freshman Advising1993-1994
43Fulbright Scholars1994
43General Electric Foundation Faculty of the Future Fellowship1993-1994
43Graduate Assistantships1993
43Graduate Schools (4 folders)1993-1994
43Health Care1993
43Hebrew College1993-1994
43Hodgkinson Visit1993
43John Cabot University1993
43Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Program Development1993
43Lydian Quartet1993-1994
Leave of Absence
Arts and Sciences
43Political Science1993
43Computer Science1993
43Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences1994
43Minority Faculty Recruiting and Retention1993-1994
43Minority Issues1993
43National Council1993-1994
43National Science Foundation1993-1994
43National Service1993
43New England Association of Schools and Colleges1992-1993
43New England Resource Center for Higher Education1993-1994
43Northeastern University's Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Association (NUBiLAGA)1994
43Opening Week1993
43Patent Policy1994
43Pew Foundation1993-1994
43Plant Improvement Fund1993-1994
43Professor Emeritus Appointments1993
43Research and Graduate Education, Vice Provost1993-1994
43Robinson Group1993
43Salary Equity1993-1994
43School to Work Initiative1993
43Society for College and University Planning1994
43Simplicity Committeen.d.
43Snow Days1994
43Space Training and Analysis1994
43State Postsecondary Review Entity (SPRE)1993-1994
43-44Strategic Plan (6 folders)1993-1994
44Teaching Portfolios1994
44Technology Expenditure and Management1994
44Tenure Appeals Committee1993
44Think Tank Membership, Academic Affairs1993-1994
44Telephone Services1993
44Undergraduate Education1993-1994
44The Voice1993
44Vote Smart Project1993-1994
Personal, 1994-1998
167American Political Science Association1994-1998
Chronological File
167Baer, Michael (13 folders)1994-1998
167-168Burg, Halee (4 folders)1991-1998
168 Correspondence1994-1998
168Joint Advisory Council1995-1997
168Office Staff1994-1996
President John A. Curry
168General 1994-1997
168Meetings (3 folders) 1994-1997
President Richard M. Freeland
168General (2 folders)1996-1998
168Meetings (3 folders)1996-1998
168President's Cabinet1994-1998
168President's Retreats1997-1998
168Presidential Search1995-1996
168Provost Grant Program1995
169Provost's Retreat (2 folders)1992-1997
169General (3 folders)1990-1998
169Strategic Advisory Group1997
Colleges, 1994-1998
Arts and Sciences
169General (2 folders)1994-1998
169African American Master Artists in Residency Program1994-1998
African American Studies
197Stormy Monday VHS1995
169American Sign Language1995-1997
169Armenian Studies1994-1995
169Art and Architecture1993-1998
169Biomedical Physics1997
169Center for Innovation in Urban Education (2 folders)1994-1998
169Center for Interdisciplinary Studies1995
169Chemistry 1994-1998
169Communications Studies1996
169Environmental Studies1997
169Jewish Studies1995-1998
169Latino Studies1994-1997
169Lowndes, Robert (Dean)1994-1997
169Marine Biology1997
169Marine Science Center1994-1995
169Media Laboratory 1994-1995
170Modern Languages1994-1997
170Multimedia Studies1996-1997
170Philosophy and Religion1994-1996
170Political Science1994-1997
170Sociology and Anthropology1994-1998
170Theatre and Dance1995-1997
170Women's Studies1994-1997
170General (2 folders)1994-1998
170Cardiopulmonary Sciences1994-1997
170Counseling Psychology1995-1997
170Gozzo, James J. (Dean)1995-1998
197Human Development Professions VHS1990
170Iorio, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Proposal1994
170Medical Laboratory Science 1994-1995
170Merger with Nursing School (2 folders)1997-1998
170Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology1994-1995
170Physical Therapy1993-1997
170Physician's Assistant Program1995-1997
170Transition Team1997-1998
Business Administration
170General (2 folders)1994-1998
170Finance Group1993-1997
170Weiss, Ira (Dean)1995-1998
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
171Center for Applied Social Research1994-1995
171Fox, James (Dean)1994-1998
171Chemical Engineering1994-1995
171Civil Engineering1994-1996
197Civil Engineering Students VHSn.d.
171Electrical and Computer Engineering1994-1998
171Engineering Technology, School of1993-1996
171Industrial Engineering1994-1997
171King, Paul H. (Dean)1995-1996
171Mechanical Engineering1994
171Soyster, Al (Dean)1997-1998
171General Studies, School of1996-1997
171Human Services Program1994
171General (3 folders)1994-1998
171Financial Aid1997
171Hall, David (Dean)1994-1997
171Urban Law Institute1994-1997
171General (3 folders)1994-1998
171Center for Community Health and Education1994-1996
171Zungolo, Eileen (Dean)1995-1998
University College
171-172General (2 folders)1994-1998
172Adult and Continuing Education1994-1997
172Alternative Freshman Year Program1994-1997
172Egypt Program1997
172English Language Center1994-1997
197English Language Center VHSn.d.
172Greenstein, Arlene (Interim Dean)1997
172Jordan, John (Dean)1994-1997
172Organizational Structure Committee1991
Non-Academic Departments, 1994-1998
172Academic Computing (2 folders)1994-1997
Affirmative Action
172Departmental Workforce Records (5 folders)1995
172Plans (2 folders)1995
172Alumni Relations1994-1995
172Athletics Department1995-1997
172-173Barnett Institute (2 folders)1994-1998
173Budget Office1997-1998
173Career Services1995-1997
173Center for Effective University Teaching/ Office for Support of Effective Teaching1994-1997
Cooperative Education
173General (3 folders)1994-1998
173Consultant 1997
173Institute of Work and the Workplace 1994-1997
173International Coop Education1995-1997
173Organization and Bylaws1995-1997
173Vozella, Robert E. (Dean)1994-1998
173Working Group (3 folders)1997
173Workload Study1997-1998
173General (3 folders)1994-1998
173Case Statements1995
174Equipment Requests1994-1995
174Routing Forms1994-1998
174Disability Resource Center1994-1997
Enrollment Management
174General (4 folders)1992-1998
174Financial Aid1995-1997
174The Robinson Group1995-1997
Honors Program1995
174Human Resources Management1994-1998
174Information Services1997
Institutional Research
174General (3 folders)1994-1998
174Key Indices (2 folders1994-1997
174Internal Audit1995-1998
175Military Science and ROTC1995-1997
Student Affairs
175General (4 folders)1994-1998
175Counseling Center1994-1996
175International Student Office1994-1997
175Latino/a Student Center1995-1997
175Residential Life1995-1997
175Spiritual Life1995-1997
175Staff Budget1997
175Student Government Association1994-1997
175Treasurer, Vice President1995-1997
Trustees, Board of
175General (2 folders)1994-1998
175Academic Affairs Committee (3 folders)1994-1998
175Executive Committee1995-1996
175Long Range Planning Committee1994-1998
175Student Affairs and Commencement1996-1997
176University Communications and Relations1994-1998
176University Counsel1994-1998
176University Planning Council (3 folders)1997-1998
176University Press1994-1998
Subject Files, 1994-1998
A Note to You audiocassette tape s
198June Foray, Which Way's Which: Halloween Spelln.d.
198Gershwin by Gershwin; Prof Roland Nadeaun.d.
198Stanley Yerlown.d.
198Program Samplern.d.
176Academic Affairs Think Tank1994-1998
176Academic Common Experience (2 folders)1994-1998
176Administrative Advisory Committee1995
176American Association for Higher Education1995-1998
176American Association of University Administrators1996
198American Council on Education
176Kellogg Foundation (2 folders)1994-1998
Session with Roger Wilkins on Race audiocassette tape n.d.
198Andrew Jones/Mid East Crisis, All Things Considered audiocassette tape1991
176Animal Care1996-1998
176Annenberg Contract1996
176Apex Enterprises1996
176Appointments and Promotions1997-1998
176Art Policy1994
176Association of American Colleges & Universities1996-1998
176Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts1994-1998
176Association of Yale Alumni 1994
176Balfour Academy1996-1997
197Boston-Area Universities VHS (2 tapes) 1989
177Boston Children and Families Database1997
177Calendar Changes1994-1996
177Campus Environment for Diversity1996-1997
177Campus Police1994-1997
177Cape Cod Community College1997
197CBS This Morning” Job Market VHS1994
177Centennial Committee 1995-1998
177Center for Detector Science1998
177Center for Electromagnetic Research1997
177Center for Innovation in Urban Education1997
177Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Complex Systems 1995-1997
Center for the Arts
197The Changing Face of Education VHS1994
177Center for the Study of Democracy1997
177Center for Women and Enterprises1995
197Channel 7 story “Student Bodies” VHS1995
177Charitable Funds Campaign1994
177Charter School1998
177Code of Ethics1994
177Coltrane Concert1996
177Committee Tracking System1997
177Community Affairs1995
177Cost per Credit Hour1995
177Covenant Award1994-1998
177Deans' Activities and Goals1996-1997
177Dean's Evaluations1996
177Deans' Retreat1995-1997
177Degree Candidates (4 folders)1991-1998
177Distance Learning (2 folders)1994-1998
177Diversity, Tolerance, & Community (2 folders)1994-1998
197Diversity? We've Only Just Begun, Harold Hodgkinson VHS1991
177Dockser Hall1995
198Does College Make a Difference? Pascarellis and Terremzini audiocassette tape 1991
177Drucker Award1996-1997
177East Boston Neighborhood Health Center1998
177Eastern States Chief Academic Officers1995-1997
177Education Council1997-1998
177Egan Center1995-1998
177Electronic Journal Committee1995
197Emperor of Atlantis Northeastern University Opera Theatre VHS1994
177Endicott College1996
177-178Engineering Science Building (8 folders)1985-1994
178Entrepreneur Instituten.d.
178Environmental Health & Safety1994-1998
178Faculty Classifications1994-1996
178Faculty Mentoringn.d.
178Faculty Roles and Rewards1995
178Fellowship Programs1996
178Flood Damage1996
178Focus Magazine1997-1998
178Ford Foundation1997
178Ford Hall Forum1994-1998
178Forsyth Dental Program1995
178Freshman Advisingn.d.
178Fulbright Program1995-1998
178Fund for the Improvement of Post-secondary Education1996
178Gorbachev, Mikhail1998
178Government Relations1996-1997
178Graduate and Professional Student Association1997-1998
178Graduate Student Association1995-1997
178Graduate Student Teaching Awards1997-1998
178Grievance Pools1996
178Hawking Visit1997
178Health and Life Sciences1996-1997
178Health Care Academy1995-1997
178Hebrew College1994-1998
178High School Summer Program1997
178-179Higher Education Data Sharing (3 folders)1995-1998
179Higher Education Reauthorization1996
179Higher Education Research and Development Unit1997
179Hillel1995 -1997
179HIV/AIDS Awareness Committee 1995
179Honor Society1996
179Honorary Degreesn.d.
198Dr. Dorett Hope- Chronicle VHS1991
179Howard Foundation1996
179IBM Global1997
179Implementation Advisory Committee (2 folders)1995-1997
179Information Request1995-1996
198Information Technology and Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century audiocassette tape n.d.
179Institute in Hearing, Speech, & Language1996
179Intensification Initiatives (5 folders) 1996-1998
179International Alliance for Higher Education1994
179International Education1995-1998
179International Exchanges1997
179Internet II1996
179Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research1995-1996
179Israel College1996-1997
179Italy 1996
179Knight Collaborative1997
198Kuwait VHS1991
179Learning from American.d.
198Leonard Jeffries at Northeastern University VHS1995
179Lingua Franca 1994-1997
179Lowell Institute1995-1998
179Maguire Associates1998
179Management Institute for Women in Higher Education (HERS)1994-1997
179Massachusetts Board of Higher Education1998
179Massachusetts Technology Collaborative1996
179Master Plan (2 folders)1996-1999
180Matthews Distinguished Professors (2 folders)1994-1998
180May Institute1997
180Mellon Foundation1994
180Merit Procedures and Evaluations1998
180Middle East University1997
180Minority Faculty1993-1997
180Mission Statements1996
180Morehouse College1996
180Mott Foundation1997
180Museum of Science1996
180National Collegiate Athletic Association1995-1996
180National Conference Dinner1996-1997
180National Council 1995-1997
180National Institute for Organizational Research1996
198National Public Radio report on Marquette audiocassette tape n.d.
180National Space Environmental Simulation Laboratory1996
180Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration1996
180New England Board of Higher Education1996
198New England Cable News: Story on Housing “Shortage” VHS1995
180New Faculty 1994-1995
180New Programs (2 folders)1994-1998
198Northeastern University Spots audiocassette tape 1992
180NU Deaf Awareness Week1996
180NUWay Project1998
180Olin Foundation1996
180Opening Week1998
180Oral History Center1995
180Pass/Fail Guidelines1997
180Patent Policy1995-1996
180Pew Foundation1994-1997
180Pew Leadership Awards Portfolio (2 folders)1995
180Pew Report (3 folders)c. 1996
180Phi Beta Delta1996
180Phi Kappa Phi1996
180Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research 1994
180Planning and Research1997-1998
180Plant Fund1993-1997
180Presidential Recognition Dinner1996
180Presidential Scholars1997
180Professor of the Year1997
180Project PALMS1996
180Project Vote Smart1996-1998
180Puerto Rico Project1998
180Quality Improvement1995
198Race: An American Struggle Through Centuries audiocassette tape n.d.
180Rajac Institution1996
198Rebuilding the Fiscal Bridges to the Twenty-First Century audiocassette tape n.d.
181Restructuring Committee (4 folders)1995-1997
181Salary Equity Survey1997-1998
181Scholarship Program1995-1997
181Science Engineering Center1994-1996
181Adult and Continuing Education Dean1996-1997
181Bouvé College Dean1998
181College of Arts and Sciences Dean1998
181Division of Sponsored Programs Administration Director1998
181Institute of Living, Work and the Workplace Director1994-1995
181Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance1997
181Snow Days1995-1995
181Space Planning1995-1997
181Sport in Society1995-1997
181Start-Up Fundsn.d.
181Strategic Plan (4 folders)1994-1997
181Student Access Project1994-1997
181Student Complaints [RESTRICTED]1996
181Student Indebtedness1997
181Student Information Systems1996-1997
198Studying in Amsterdam VHSn.d.
181Submillimeter Wave Technology Center1996
181Summer Programs1996-1997
181Summer Utilization Working Group1996
181Teacher Innovation Program1997
182Teaching Laboratory Initiative1994-1996
182Technology Expenditure and Management1994-1998
182Technology Reports by Colleges1997
182Technology Retreat 1996-1997
182Technology Task Force1997
182Technology Transfer1995-1997
182Technology Use (4 folders)1997-1998
182Telecommunications Advisory Committee1994-1997
198Tobin School Contract Signings VHS1992
182Travel Committee1994
182Truman Scholarship1997
182Trustee Professorship1997-1998
182Undergraduate Education1994-1997
182Unit Goals and Awards (2 folders)1996-1998
182University Gifts1995
182University Information Systems1997
182University of Rhode Island Contribution Analysis1996-1997
182University Planning Office1997
182University Research Association1995
182University Technology Council1998
198US News Rankings audiocassette tape 1995
182Visitors (2 folders) 1995-1997
Working Groups
182Adult and Continuing Education1997
182Educational Technology1995-1998
182Master Plan1998
182World Wide Web1995-1996
182Year 2000 Symposium1997
I. Strategic Planning/ Marilyn Cairns1990-1996
44Advocates for a Common Experience1992
44American Council on Education: Kellogg Project (3 folders)1995
44Blue Ribbon Commission1992
Cairns, Marilyn
44General (3 folders)1991-1993
44Cardiopulmonary Physiology1996
44Cardiopulmonary Science (2 folders)1993-1995
44Correspondence (2 folders)1992-1993
44Teaching Materials1993
44Chair's Roundtable (2 folders)1996
44"A Concept Plan for the Year 2010”1992
44Connected Learning Community (2 folders)1993
44Cooperative Institutional Research Program (2 folders)1990-1992
44Deans' Council Retreat1995
44Deans' Goals1995-1996
44Diversity Bibliographyn.d.
44Diversity: Lane Commissionn.d.
44Document Directoryn.d.
44Enrollment Management1992
44Executive Summaries (3 folders)1992-1993
44Orientation (2 folders)1993-1995
44Roles and Rewards (2 folders)1995
44Salary Report1993
44Senate (2 folders)1992-1995
44Focus Groups (2 folders)1993
44-45General (15 folders)1989-1996
45Advisory Committee (2 folders)1994-1996
45Initiatives (7 folders)1994
45Plans: Format1994
45Summer Orientation1994
45Interim Report (3 folders)n.d.
45Long Range Planning Committee (2 folders)1993
45New England Resource Center for Higher Education Workshop for Deans1994
45New Research1992-1993
45Northeastern Alumni Association Strategic Plan1991
45Northeastern News and Voice1992-1993
45Operating Principles (2 folders)1992
45Overview of Strategic Planning1992
45Pew Higher Education Roundtable (3 folders)1993-1995
45"Predicting Academic Performance and Persistence at Northeastern: A Specialized Validity Study”1991
45Presentation Materials (3 folders)1992-1993
45Provost's Communication1992-1993
45Provost's Office1993-1995
45Provost's Staff Retreat1992
45Raphael, Ellen (Strategic Planning Consultant)1992
45Report Card1994
45Report Formatsn.d.
45Review and Reflection Paper1992
45-46Scans (7 folders)1992-1993
46"The Size and Age Distribution of the Teen and Pre-Teen Population of Massachusetts and New”
46Society for College and University Planning1994
46Staff Council1993
46State of the Faculty1990
46Steering Committee (9 folders)1992-1993
46"A Strategic Analysis of Image and Marketing Opportunities" Volumes III and IV (5 folders)1993
46Strategic Issues (4 folders)1992-1993
182-183Strategic Planning Binder: Marilyn Cairns (3 folders)1993-1994, 2001-2002
64Strategic Planning Forum1992-1993
46Student Surveys1991
Task Forces
46-47Adult and Continuing Education (5 folders)1992-1993
47Arts and Sciences (8 folders)1992-1994
47Business Administration (4 folders)1992-1993
47Computer Science (5 folders)1992-1993
47Criminal Justice (5 folders)1992-1993
47Engineering (4 folders)1992-1993
47Law School (4 folders)1992-1993
47Nursing (6 folders)1992-1993
47Pharmacy and Health Sciences (6 folders)1992-1993
47Cooperative and Experiential Education (8 folders)1992-1993
47Coordinating Committee (2 folders)1992-1993
47General (9 folders)1992-1995
47Graduate Education (5 folders)1992-1993
47Image, Marketing, and Enrollment (5 folders)1992-1993
47Information Services (4 folders)1992-1993
47Membership Charges1992
47Quality/Composition of Undergraduate Education1992-1994
47Quality of Student Life (7 folders)1992-1993
47Research (6 folders)1992-1993
47University Organization and Governance (5 folders)1992-1993
47University College Overview1992-1993
47Weisman, Michael1994
J. David Hall
Non-Academic Units
Administration and Finance, Office of
149Unit Goals2000-2001
Affirmative Action and Diversity, Office of
149General (2 folders)2000-2002
149Leadership Diversity and Executive Board (2 folders)1999-2002
149President's Advisory Groups2000-2002
Athletics, Department of
149Unit Goals2001
149Career Services Office of1998-2001
Center for Effective University Teaching
149New Faculty Orientation1998-2000
Cooperative Education, Division of
149, 247General (3 folders) 1998-2002
149Budget 2001
Call to Action
149General (3 folders)1998-2000
149Colocation (2 folders)1999-2001
149Curriculum Committee2000
149Employer Advisory Group1998-2000
149Group Leader Meetings1997-2002
149Implementation Task Force1998-1999
150Integrated Learning Models 1999-2002
150Principles & Guidelines2000
150Student Advisory Board2000
150Cooperative Education and Career Services2001
150Dean, Kristen Woolever1996-2000
150Employer Center2001
150Graduation Requirement2002
150International Coop1999-2000
150Mission Statement1999
150Online Survey2000
150Research and Data (2 folders)1998-2001
150Unit Goals2000-2002
150Vice President, Richard Porter1998-2001
Development, Office of
Capital Campaign
150Case Statements (3 folders)1998-2000
150Ketchum Study and Report on Fundraising Potential1999
150Proposals (5 folders)1998-2001
150Distributed Learning, Division of2001-2002
Enrollment Management
151BProfile Reports1997-2001
151Class Sizes1999-2001
151Community Scholarships1998
151Enrollment Consultant2000-2001
151Enrollment Data1998-2001
151Enrollment Monitor1999-2002
151Financial Aid, Office of2000-2002
151Graduate Enrollment1999-2002
151Senior Vice President, Philomena Mantella2001-2002
151BUnit Goals2001-2002
151Government Relations and Community Affairs, Office ofn.d.
151Human Resources Management, Office of1999-2002
151Information Services1998-2001
151Institutional Research, Office of1999-2002
151Judicial Affairs, Office Of2001
151Unit Goals2000
151New Student Orientation and Parent Programs, Office of1999-2001
151Planning and Research, Office of2000-2001
President's Office, Richard M. Freeland
151President's Cabinet1998-2002
151Special Assistant to the President, Patricia Meservey (2 folders)2000-2002
151-152Weekly Meetings (4 folders)1998-2002
Registrar, Office of
152Quarterly Reports1999-2002
Student Affairs/Services, Division of
152Counseling Center1999-2002
152Disability Resource Center1998-2002
152International Student Office2001-2002
John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute
152Protest and Sit-In (2 folders)2001
Latino/a Student Cultural Center
152National Association for Ethnic Studies Conference1999-2000
152Residential Life 1998-2001
152Spiritual Life2000-2001
152Student Government Association2000-2002
152Unit Goals1999-2001
152Vice President, Karen Rigg1998-2002
Trustees, Board of
152Academic Affairs Committee (2 folders)1999-2002
152Cooperative Education, Subcommittee on1998-1999
152Long Range Planning Committee1999-2002
153Monthly Reports from Division of Sponsored Programs (6 folders)1999-2002
153University Counsel, Office of2000
153University Planning Council1998-2002
153University Press2000
153University Relations2000-2002
153Academic Units
153Arts and Sciences, College of
153African American Studies2000-2002
153American Sign Language2002
153Art & Architecture1999-2002
153Biology 1999-2002
153Center for Urban and Regional Policy1999
153Communication Studies1998-2001
153Dean, James Stellar2000-2002
153Education, School of
153Kellogg Initiative2000
153Tuition for Boston Public Schools Teachers2000
153English (2 folders)1998-2002
153World History Center2000-2001
153Jewish Studies1999-2000
153Journalism, School of1998-1999
153Latino Studies1998
153Law, Policy, and Society Program2001
153Liberal Arts Major Preference2001
153Modern Languages1999-2000
153Philosophy & Religion2001
153Political Science2000-2001
153Sociology and Anthropology1998-2000
153Theater and Dance1999-2001
153Unit Goals2000-2001
153Urban Studies2001
153Women's Studies
153Radcliffe Graduate Consortium1998-2000
153Bouvé College
153Acting Dean, Patrick Plunkett2000
153Candidates for Degrees1999
153Cardiopulmonary Studies2000
153Counseling & Applied Psychology1998-2002
153Dean, Stephen Zoloth2000-2002
154Nursing, College of
154Dean, Eileen Zungolo1999-2000
154Pharmacy, School of2000-2001
154Physical Education1998
154Physician Assistant Program1998-2000
154Unit Goals2000-2002
154Business Administration, College of
154Dean, Ira Weiss2001
154Entrepreneurship, School of2000-2002
154External Corporate Relations2000-2001
154EMC Corporation1999-2000
154Finance & Insurance2001
154General Management1999-2002
154Supply Chain Management1999-2001
154Trustee Professorship2001
154Unit Goals1999-2002
154Computer Science, College of
154Dean, Larry Finkelstein1999-2001
154Trustee Professor1998-2000
154Unit Goals2000-2002
154Criminal Justice, College of
154Brooks Chair Position2000
154Dean, Jack Greene1999-2001
154Dean, James A. Fox1998
154Unit Goals2000-2002
154Engineering, College of
154Center for Sub-Surface and Imaging Systems
154Chemical Engineering1998-2001
154Civil and Environmental Engineering1999-2002
154Dean, Allen Soyster1999-2002
154Electrical & Computer Engineering1999-2001
154Engineering Technology1998-1999
154Lowell Institute1998
154Mechanical, Industrial and Material Engineering1998-2002
154Trustee Professorship1999-2000
154Unit Goals2000-2002
154Honors Program1999-2002
154Law, School of
154Dean, Roger Abrams2000-2001
154Facilities and Space1999-2002
154Merit Policies and Proceduresn.d.
154Sizing Report1998
155Unit Goals2000-2002
155Urban Law and Public Policy Institute1999
155University College
155Adult and Continuing Education2001
155Corporate Education2000
155Dean, Leon Zaborowski1998-2001
155English Language Center1998-2002
155Graduate Studies, School of2001
155Unit Goals1999-2000
155Subject Files
155Academic Common Experience Goals1999
155Academic Deans Retreats1999-2001
155Academic Goals2000
155Activities Period2000
155Adult Learner Strategy2000
155Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention Initiative1998-2000
155American Council on Education2001
155American University of Middle East1999
155Annual Report Card1999-2002
155Applied Research Center2000
155Association of American Colleges & Universities2001
155Balfour Academy1999-2002
155Bard College Clemente Course in the Humanities2001
155Bell Foundation1999
155Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Technology2001
155Black Pages1999
155Calendar Change and Semester Conversion
155General (2 folders)1999-2002
155Faculty Policies Transition Committee 2001
155Routing Forms2000-2001
155Campus Abroad1999
155Carnegie Foundation2000
155Coltrane Concert2000
155Cornell Higher Education Research Institute2001
155, 211, 247Chronological File (11 folders)1998
155Department Chairs1998
155Distance Learning
155General (2 folders)1999-2001
155Diversity, Tolerance and Community1998
155Dorchester Community Foundation2000
155Dynamic Organization Team2000
155Education Alliance2001
155Environmental Health & Safety1999-2001
155First Year Experience2000-2002
155Five Year Planning Committee2000-2001
155Focus on Faculty Initiative2000
155Fulbright Scholarships2001
156Gay/Lesbian Youth2000
156Graduate and Professional Student Association1998-2001
156Graduate Fellowship1999
156Greater Opportunities for Adolescent Lives Art Exhibit2002
156Health Career Academy2000-2002
156Hershbarger, Scottn.d.
156Higher Education Data Sharing1999
156Holocaust Awareness Committee2001-2002
156Honor Code2001
156Image Study2000
156Intellectual Property2000-2001
156International Education1999-2002
156International Visitors2000-2002
156Kane Parsons Survey on Undergraduate Marketing2000-2001
156Knight Collaborative1999-2002
246Knowles Chair Presentation (VHS)17 June 2001
156Kostas, George2000
156Lawyers for Progress2000
156Leadership Retreats (3 folders)1999-2001
156Learning, Work, and the Workplace Committee2000
156Legacy 20002001-2002
156Lilly Conference2001
156Lingua Franca1998
156Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Professions1999
156Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency2000
156Master Plan1998
156Maternity Leave Policy1999-2000
156Matthews Distinguished Professors 1999-2002
156Mentor Training
156General (2 folders)1998-2002
156Evaluation Forms2000
156Mission Statementsn.d.
156Money Means Conference2001-2002
156Museum of Science2001
156National Center for Afro-American Artists, Incorporated2000-2002
156National Science Foundation2002
156National Urban Violence Training Workshop for Churches Conference2000
156New Course Evaluations2002
156New England Board of Higher Education1999-2001
156New England Resource Center for Higher Education1999-2001
156-157New Programs (3 folders)1998-2002
157Northeastern University Center for the Advancement of Science Education1999-2002
157Northeastern University Charter High School2000
157The Partnership2000
157Association of American Law Schools1998-2000
157Boards, Committees and Associations1999
157Phi Kappa Phi1999
157Practice Oriented Education
157Activities of Colleges2000
157Conference Planning Committee2000-2001
157Keynote Speakers and Panelists2000-2001
157Marketing and Outreach2001
157Paper Proposals2000-2001
157Faculty Learning Communities
157General (2 folders)2000-2001
157Mini Conferences2000-2002
157Nonnie Burns2000-2001
157President's Excellence Fund2001-2002
157 Private Industry Council Summer Jobs Program1998
157Professional Standards and Business Conduct2001
157Project Vote Smart1999
158Provost, Office Of
158Full Staff Meetings1998-2001
158Provost Advisory Group2000-2002
158Small Staff Meetings1998-2002
158Special Assistant to the Provost, Patrick Plunkett2001-2002
158Support Staff Meetings1999-2000
158Retention (2 folders)1999-2002
158Retirement Policy1999
158Roxbury Community College [RESTRICTED]2000-2001
158Admissions Dean2001
158Bouvé Dean2000
158Bradstreet Chair, Barnett Institute2002
158Commuter Student Services Director2001
158Criminal Justice Dean1998-1999
158Executive Vice Provost1999
158Health Professions Dean2001
158Honors Program Director2001
158Judicial Affairs Director 2000
158Law School Dean1998-2002
158Nursing Dean1998-2000
158Pharmacy Dean2000-2001
158Practice Oriented Education Center Knowles Chair2001-2002
158Senior Vice President Development2000
158Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement2001
158Student Financial Services Director2001
158University Libraries Director2000
158University Planning and Research Director2000
158University Relations Director2000
158Vice President Enrollment2000
158Vice Provost of Adult and Continuing Education1998
158-159Senior Vice Presidents Meetings (8 folders)1999-2002
159Space and Planning
159Space Use and Allocation Advisory Committee2000-2002
159Strategic Communications1999-2000
159Strategic Marketing Plan2001
159Strategic Planning Committee2001
159Complaints (2 folders)1998-2002
159Law School Complaints1999-2001
159Student Firstn.d.
159Student Systems Enhancement Project 2000-2002
159Sudan Refugee Program2001
159Super Retreat1999
159Teaching with Technology (2 folders)2000-2002
159Tobin Scholars Program1998-1999
159Trustee Challenge2000-2001
159U.S. News Rankings1999-2001
159Ujima Scholars Program2001-2002
159Unit Plan Achievement Awards2001-2002
159Unit Plans and Goals1999-2002
159Universal Human Rights International1999-2002
160University Access Task Force (3 folders)1999-2001
160University Retreat2000-2001
160University Technology Council
160Urban Outreach Council2000
160Vice Provosts
160Associate Vice Provost for Academic Opportunity, Leonard Brown2000-2002
160Executive Vice Provost, Coleen Pantalone1999-2002
160Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education, Ron Hedlund (2 folders)1998-2002
160Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Gilda Barabino2000-2002
160YMCA Black Achievers2001
K. Ahmed Abdelal, 2002-2008
Academic Departments and Colleges
Bouvé College of Health Sciences
200General2002-2003, 2007
200Brigham and Women's Hospital partnership2006-2007
200Nursing (2 folders)2003-2006
200Speech Language Pathology2002-2003
College of Arts and Sciences
200African American Studies2003-2005
200Communications (2 folders)2005-2006
200Earth and Environmental Science 2003, 2006
200Education (2 folders)2002-2006
200History (2 folders)2002-2005
200Jewish Studies2002
200Middle East Studiesn.d., 2003
200Modern Languages2002, 2006
200Philosophy 2003-2004
200Physics 2002-2004
200Political Science2003-2005
200Sociology and Anthropology2003
200Visual Arts2003-2005
200Women's Studies2004
200College of Computer and Information Science2002-2007
200College of Criminal Justice2002, 2006
Cooperative Education and Career Development (CO-OP)
200General (4 folders)2002-2007
200Call to Action1998
200Corporate Partnershipsn.d., 2004, 2006
200, 211Evaluations (8 FOLDERS)2004-2006
200Experiential Learning (3 folders)n.d., 2006, 2007
200Integrated Learning Modeln.d., 2004
200International CO-OP (2 folders)n.d., 2006-2007
200Service Learningn.d.
200Departments-Unit Goals (2 folders)2003-2005
Graduate Programs
200Generaln.d., 2003-2004
200Appeals2005, 2006
200Doctoral History Program2002
200Doctoral Programs Assessment2004
200Financial Aid2003-2004
200Joint Undergraduate/Graduate Programs (2 folders)2005
200Majors and Programs 2005
200Revenue (2 folders)2003-2007
200Strategic Research and Graduate Program Development Report1999
200Strategy and Appraisal2003-2004
200Honors Program (2 folders)2002-2006
Interdisciplinary Programs
200Contribution Analysis1997
200Law, Policy, & Society n.d.
200, 210Nanomedicine Science and Technology (2 folders)n.d.
201Policy Proposaln.d.
International Partnerships and Education
201General (3 folders)n.d., 2003-2006
201Association of International Educators Symposium2005
201Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel2003-2005
201Connecting with Indian.d.
201Cultural Middle Ground Statuten.d.
201Egyptn.d., 2004
201Greece (2 folders)n.d., 2004, 2007
201Gulf American University, Kuwait2004
201Inje University, South Korean.d.
201Institute for International Education(IIE)2003
201Institute for Strategic and International Studies(ISIS)n.d.
201International Affairs Programn.d.
201International College Proposal2006
201International Educational Taskforce2003
201International Scholars Policy2002
201International Student and Scholar Institute (ISSI)(2 folders)2002-2003
201Kaplan International-NU Collaboration Contract2003-2006
201MercyCorps- Israeli Palestinian Negotiation Partners Report2005-2006
201Sichuan University and Xiamen University Chinan.d., 2004
201Study Abroad Scholarshipsn.d.
201Wroclaw University, Poland2003-2005
201General (4 folders)2002-2007
201Burlington Campus Libraryn.d., 2005
School of Business Administration
201General (2 folders)2003, 2005-2008
201Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA)2002
201International Business BS2004
201Salary Report (2 folders)2003-2006
School of Engineering
201General (2 folders)2003-2007
201Administrator Evaluation: Hameed Metghalchi [RESTRICTED]2006
201Center for Subsurface Sensing & Imaging Systems (CenSSIS)n.d.
201Civil and Environmental Engineering2003
201Faculty Market Adjustments2005
201Gateway Courses2001-2003
201Mechanical Industrial Manufacturing Engineering (MIME)2003
201Nanotechnology (3 folders)n.d., 2004-2007
201Phase-Out Plan2006
201Research Centersca. 2000
201Strategic Plan2001-2003
201Trustee Professorship2003
201School of General Studiesn.d., 2005
School of Law
201, 202General (3 folders)2002-2007
202Association of American Law Schools2006-2007
202School of Professional and Continuing Studies (6 folders)2002-2007
202School of Social Science, Urban Affairs, and Public Policy2006
School of Technological Entrepreneurship
202General (3 folders)n.d., 2003-2006
202Implementation (2 folders)n.d., 2004
202Positioning Audit2006
202Academic Investment Plans (AIP) (2 folders)n.d., 2004, 2006
202Audits (2 folders)2004-2005
202Benchmarks (2 folders)n.d., 2006
202Branding Campaign2004
202Academic Budget Distribution2005
202Budget Committee 2003-2004
202College of Business Administration (CBA) Line of Credit 2005
202Contribution Analysis 1995-2006
202Cost per Credit Hour (2 folders)1992-2007
202, 203Fiscal Year (FY) Budget (13 folders)n.d., 2002-2008
203Indirect Costs (2 folders)1990, 2003, 2004
203Projectionsn.d., 2006
203Sources and Uses2002-2007
203Spending Guidelines2004
203Carryover Balances and Surpluses 2001-2004
203Committee on Funding Priorities (5 folders)n.d., 2002-2004
203Financial Aid and Work Study (2 folders)n.d., 2001-2005
203Financial Statements2002-2005
203Fiscal Advisory Committee (2 folders)2005-2006
203Fiscal Misconduct Protocols2003
203Fundraising Reports (2 folders)2006-2007
203Minority Fundsn.d., 2005
Provost Funds
203Flexible Funds2002
203Requests (2 folders)2002-2004
203Revenue Sharing2002
203Renovations and Start-Ups (2 folders)2002-2008
203Royalty Income2001-2002
Non-Academic Units
Admissions and Enrollment
203General (4 folders)n.d., 2000-2006
203Early Warning System Initiativen.d., 2004-2005
Peer University Statistics2002, 2004
203Retention (7 folders)n.d., 2002-2006
Board of Trustees
203General2002, 2003
203General (2 folders)2002-2003, 2005
203Academic Affairs Committee2002-2004
203Compensation Committee (2 folders)n.d., 2003, 2006
203Executive Committee (2 folders)n.d., 2002-2003, 2006,
203Financial Affairs Committee (2 folders)2002-2007
203Graduate Committee (3 folders)n.d., 2002-2005
203Long Range Planning Committee (2 folders)2001, 2003, 2006, 2007
203Long Range Planning Committee: Highway Project2006
204Special Trustee Committee (6 folders)n.d., 2002-2005
204, 211Reports (4 folders)2002-2003
204Research2001, 2003
204Risk Assessment Project2002
204Signature Authorizations for Grants and Contracts2004
204University Bylaws2007
204University Corporation Annual Meeting2005
Centers and Institutes
204Barnett Institute2002, 2005-2006
204Center for Communication and Information Securityn.d.
204Center for Drug Discovery and Development: General (2 folders)2004, 2005
204Center for Drug Discovery and Development: George Beharkis' Analysisn.d.
204Center for Effective University Teachingn.d., 2000, 2002
204Center for Urban Environmental Studiesn.d.
204EdTech Center2002-2004
204Forsyth Institute: Building Project2007
204Forsyth Institute: Research2006-2009
204Howard Hughes Medical Institute2004
204Institute on Race and Justice2002-2003
204Institute on Urban Health and Research (2 folders)2003
204Lowell Institute1995
204Marine Science Center (2 folders)2002-2004
204New England Inflammation and Tissue Protection Institute2005
204Northeastern University Ethics Education Center (NUCASE)2003-2004
204Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine Center Proposaln.d.
204Public Health Advocacy Institute2003
204Research Institutes and Research Educational Centersn.d., 2003-2006
204World History Centerca. 2002
204University Planning and Research Council (2 folders)2000-2004, 2006
204University Technology Council 2002-2003
204Academic Deans Council Meetings2002-2003
204Academic Deans Council Retreat2004
204Annual Reports (2 folders)2004-2008
204College of Business Administration Dean's Incentives 2004
204Evaluations (4 folders)n.d., 2003-2007
204Department of Career Servicesn.d., 2003
204Department of Residence Life-Living Learning Communities 2005-2006
204Division of Sponsored Programs Administrative Report2006
204Eduventures-Higher education Advisory Services Reports (3 folders)2005-2006
204Holocaust Awareness Committee2004
Human Resources
204Management Training Orientation n.d., 2003, 2004
204Open Requisition Reports 2006
Information Technology Services
204General (2 folders)n.d., 2002-2003
204Business and IT Processesn.d.
204, 205Division of Technology Transfer (4 folders)2002-2006
205Faculty Roundtable2002
205NU Technology Business Incubator Plan2003-2004
Office of Institutional Research
205Delaware Data2005
205Graduating Senior Employment Surveys2003, 2004
205American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows Program2005
205Leadership Retreat2002
205Transition Team Reports (2 folders)2006
205General (4 folders)2002-2005
205Annual Reports (3 folders)2002-2007
205Biographical Sketchesn.d.
205Boston Provost Dinner2003
205Carnegie Doctoral Research- Extensive Universities Meeting2002, 2003
205Chronological Files (10 folders)2002-2007
205Colonial Group-Provost Meeting2005, 2007
205Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements2005
205Correspondence (3 folders)2002-2005
205Evaluation Committee2005
205Financial Summaries2006, 2007
205Goals (2 folders)2002-2007
205NU Fifth Year Report2003
205Presentations (2 folders)n.d., 2002, 2006
205Strategic Planningn.d., 2007
205Vice Provosts2001-2004
205World Association for Cooperative Education Conference2005
205Academic Majors Data (2 folders)2003, 2004
205Course Section Sizes n.d., 2004
Searches-Administrative and Chair Positions
205General (2 folders)n.d., 2002-2004
205Associate Vice Provost for Academic Opportunity2003
205George D. Behrakis Chair in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologyn.d.
205Presidential Search Committee2005
205Provost Search Committee2002
206Vice President of Adult and Continuing Education2002-2003
206Vice President of Public Affairs2007
206Vice President of Student Affairs2003
206Vice Provost for Graduate Education2003
206Visual Arts Chair2003-2004
206, 210Senior Team Meetings (6 folders) 2006-2007
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis (SWOT)
206Bouvé College of Health Sciences2006
206College of Arts and Sciences2006
206College of Computer and Information Science2006
206College of Criminal Justice2006
206College of Engineering2006
206Enrollment Management and Student Affairs2006
206Finance and Administration2006
206Institutional Advancement2006
206School of Business Administration2006
206School of Law2006
206School of Professional and Continuing Studies (SPCS)2006
206University Council and Board of Trustees2006
206University and Departmental Organization Structures n.d., 2002
206University Diversity Taskforce Report1999-2002
206University Press2004
206Urban Steering Committeen.d.
206Urban Mission Action Plan2004
Subject Files
206American Council on Education (ACE) Annual Conference2004
Annual reports
206Institutional Assessment n.d., 2002
206Report Card2004, 2006
206Boston Conservatory [RESTRICTED]2003-2005
206Breaking Bread Meetings2005
206Calendars (2 folders)n.d., 2003-2004
206Chemical Hygiene Committee2004, 2006
206Convocation and Welcome Weekn.d., 2004
206Core Curriculum (3 folders)2004-2006
206Department of Homeland Security-Research Partnership2004
206Education for Employment Foundation2004
206Federal Demonstration Partnership Conference2002-2003
206Fulbright Scholars2003-2004
206Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA)2004
206Hanscom Air Force Base Nanotechnology Laboratoryn.d., 2007
High School, Middle School, and Grade School Programs
206Boston Public Schools Report1999-2000
206EMC Corporation: Attracting and Educating Math and Science Students2005
206Health Care Academy2004
206LEAD (Linking Education and Diversity) Mentoring Program2002
206Respect, Integrity, and Success through Education (RISE)n.d., 2004-2006
206Roxbury Preparatory: PCI (Pre-College Initiative) Planning Meeting2002
206Higher Education Resource Services for Academic Women2005
206“Identifying the Bottlenecks to Northeastern's Development” Report2004
206Israeli Consulate [RESTRICTED]2004
206Jobs for Massachusetts2004
206Martha's Vineyard Writing Program2003
206Massachusetts Life Science Collaborative2007
206National Committee on American Foreign Policy(2 folders)2002-2004
206New England Association of Schools and Colleges Inc.2003-2006
206New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE)1995-2005
206Notes (2 folders)n.d.
206NU Innovation Series (11 folders)2003-2006
207CEO's for Cities Dinner2002-2003
207Employment (2 folders)n.d., 2002, 2004
207Georgia State University Evaluation1988
207Full Time Visiting Faculty Article2002
207Harvard Project on Faculty Appointmentsn.d.
207International Conference on Arginine and Pyrimidines2002
207Journal Reviews2002
207Reference Letters2003
207Society of Industrial Microbiology2004
Physical Plant
207, 210General (4 folders)n.d., 2003-2006
207Building F (West Village Living Learning Studies) Options2002
207Building Service Master Agreement2007
207Classroom Utilization (3 folders)n.d., 2003-2004, 2006
207Capital Projects Space and Renovationsn.d., 2006
207Core Facilities- Fusion Microscope2004
207Egan Research Center Plans2002
207, 210George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security (2 folders)2007
207Law Facilities and Architecture Plans (2 folders)2004, 2006
207Parcel 18 Hotel Plans2007
207Unmet Demand (2 folders)2002-2004
207Practice Oriented Education (POE) (2 folders)2002-2005
207Project for Prevention & Community Safety Initiative2005
207, 210Chronicle of Higher Education (2 folders)2003-2005
207NU Voice Readership Survey2004
207, 210General (6 folders)2002-2006
207Academic Analysis2007
207Action and Assessment Plan2002-2004
207Graduate Programs (2 folders)2003-2004, 2007
207Kane, Parsons, & Associates Undergraduate Marketing Study2004
207Professional and Undergraduate Schools2004-2005
207National Research Council Taxonomy Ranking2004
207General (2 folders)n.d., 1997, 2002-2005
207Awards (2 folders)n.d., 2001-2005
207Compared with Peer Universities2002-2003
207Division of Research Integrity2004
207Facultyn.d., 2003
207Funding and Expenditures (6 folders)1998-2006
207Human Subject Research Review Committee (HSRRC)2002-2003
207Multi-University Consortium Proposal2005
207National Research Council Review2006
207Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) Conference2006
207Risk Assessment2002
207School of Creative Industries Proposal n.d.
Semester Conversion
207, 208General (3 folders)2002-2003
208Budget (2 folders)2002-2003
208Cross Functional Team2003
208Peer Review Report2002
208Timelinen.d., 2002
208General 2004
208Lansing & Associatesn.d.
Student Population
208Freshman Applicants (2 folders)1998-2002, 2006
208SAT Scoresn.d.
208Social Security Number Use2005
208Student Government Association (SGA)2005
208Transfer Requirements 2003
208Teaching with Technology Fundn.d.
208Tuitionn.d., 2003
208The Writing on the Wall Project Proposal 2003
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2. Academic Council and Deans Council, n.d., 1952-2002
Volume:7.15 cubic ft.



This series contains the correspondence, minutes, and reports of the Academic and Deans Councils, whose activities include approval of new programs and program changes and review of potential graduates. Box 51 has a corresponding box 51b.

48-49Academic Council (47 folders)1952-1986
49-52, 160-161, 183, 247Deans Council (185 folders)n.d., 1979-2002
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3. Accreditation , 1957-2002
Volume:4.43 cubic ft.

Organized into 2 subseries: A. Institutional and B. Colleges and Programs


A. Institutional

The bulk of this series spans the years 1977-79 and comprises reports written for University accreditation. Also included is correspondence between NU Administrators and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Other accreditation records can be found in the Archives' NU Publications Collection.

B. Colleges and Programs

These records include correspondence and reports which document the accreditation of specific colleges and programs, both graduate and undergraduate. Detailed program and course descriptions and student and faculty data are often part of these reports.

A. Institutional
52Accreditation Standards1976
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
52, 161, 183General (6 folders)1979-2002
161Action and Assessment Plan1999-2002
Reaccreditation Self Study
183General (3 folders)1996-1998
52Characteristics of Faculty1978
52Evaluation Team1978
52Goals Committee1978
52Institutional Forms Summary1977
53Materials for Final Report (2 folders)1977-1978
53NEASC Visit1978
53Report (3 folders)1978
53Report Drafts (2 folders)1978
53Task Forces1978
53Reevaluation Committee, report1957
166Student Assessment at Northeastern1988
53"Student Services at Northeastern University: A Survey and Analysis” (2 folders)1988
166Student Task Forces #1-#4 (5 folders)1987-1990
B. Programs
53, 184(General) (3 folders)1971, 1981-1988, 1996
53, 184Arts and Sciences, Master of Public Affairsn.d., 1986-1988, 1994-1996
184Athletic Training1997-1998
53Counseling Psychology, Report on the Graduate Programn.d.
53, 162, 184Physical Therapy (4 folders)1990-2001
53-54Accreditation Report (6 folders)1989
54Biennial Accreditation Report1994
Business Administration
54, 184American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (2 folders)1981-1983, 1994-1996
54Revisitation- Report1983
54Re-visitation Report (3 folders)1993
54, 162, 184Computer Science (4 folders)n.d., 1986-1995
184Counseling Center1996-1997
162, 184Engineering (2 folders)1994-2002
54, 184Engineering Technology (2 folders)1982-1998
184Health Information Administration1994-1996
54, 162, 184Law (6 folders)1981-2001
1841996-1998 (2 folders)1996-1998
54Self-Study Report1991
Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
551980-1991 (3 folders)1980-1991
55Master of Health Professions Program, Self-Study Report (2 folders)1990
162, 184Pharmacy (3 folders)1994-2000
55Pharmacy Program, Self-Study (4 folders)1988-1989
55Physician Assistant Program, Self-Study (2 folders)1991
Radiology Technology Program
55Reaccreditation Application1989
55Respiratory Therapy1983-1990
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4. Graduate and Research Programs, 1956-2002
Volume:85.19 cubic ft.

Organized into 4 subseries: A. Subject Files, B. Research and Scholarship Development Fund, C. Research Council, D. Graduate Council, E. Division of Research Development.


A. Subject Files

Arranged by creator(s), alphabetically within.

This subseries is comprised of the records of the Vice Provosts of Research and Graduate Education (Karl Weiss, Paul Kalaghan, Philip LeQuesne, Norman Adler, Steven Morrison, and Ronald Hedlund) and the Associate Provost for Graduate Education (Kathryn Luttgens). In addition to documenting the funding, administration, and promotion of NU's research and graduate programs, these records contain information on NU research centers, the Office of Graduate School Operations, and the Division of Research Management. Included are records for 'LSAMP' (Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation) also called 'AMP' (Alliance for Minority Participation), a National Science Foundation program established in 1991 to increase the number of minority students completing bachelor degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The papers created by Anu Meachum during her tenure as the coordinator of Northeastern's LSAMP program are under Ronald Hedlund. Many of her records dealt with LSAMP, the LEAD (Linking Education and Diversity Mentoring Program) program, and the NU-Prime-Summer Bridge Program. The 'reference materials' filed under Hedlund were created prior to Hedlund's tenure, but were kept for reference purposes for ongoing projects and future plans.

B. Research and Scholarship Development Fund

Arranged alphabetically. This subseries contains correspondence, proposals, and reports supporting the function of the Research and Scholarship Development Fund: to provide seed money for the exploration of research ideas in their early stages. Minutes of the Advisory and the Evaluation Committees are included here, as are guidelines for funding, and research proposals and reports.

C. Research Council

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains the minutes, membership records, and reports of the University Council on Research and Scholarship. Task force and subcommittee reports focus on the evaluation, planning, and direction of research activities at NU.

D. Graduate Council

Arranged alphabetically, then chronologically.

These files contain the bylaws, policies, minutes, memoranda, correspondence, proposals, and reports of the Graduate Council, including the Executive Committee, New Program Committee, and the Program Review Committee. These records offer detailed descriptions of specific graduate programs including requirements, courses, and faculty.

E. Division of Research Development

Arranged alphabetically. The university created the Division of Research Development during the reorganization of the research administration department in 1999. At this time the research administration department was split into four divisions: The Division of Research Development (DRD), The Division of Sponsored Projects Administration (DSPA), the Division of Institutional Compliance (DIC), and the Division of Technology Transfer (DTT).This subseries consists of the DRD's records including Provost grant applications and proposals for external funding. In addition, the papers document interactions between DRD and a number of groups, including: University departments and Colleges, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education, the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP or LSAMP), and the Division of Sponsored Project Administration.

A. Subject Files
Karl Weiss, 1979-19871979-1987
55Academic Computer Center, Director Search1980
55Academic Computer Policy Committee (2 folders)1981-1986
55Allied Corporation1982
55American Council on Education1982
55Animal Care (3 folders)1984-1987
56Association of Urban Universities1983
Bay Area Regional Technology Center
56General (3 folders)1984-1987
56Trips (2 folders)1985-1986
56California Trip1985
56Chairs Meetings1986-1987
56Chemical Engineering1983
Civil Engineering
56Chair Search1984
56Codman and Shurtleff1981
56Computer Center1980-1987
56Computer Charge System1983
56Control Data Corporation1983
56Coop Training Program1981-1986
56Criminal Justice1981-1983
Data General Corporation
Deans Council
56General (2 folders)1986-1987
56Task Force on Computer Issues1983-1985
56Development Office1982-1987
56Digital Equipment Corporation1982
56-57Electromagnetics Research Center (3 folders)1985-1987
57Engineering Education Conference1982
57Findley Research1981-1983
57Fund Raising1986
57Graduate Schools (2 folders)1984-1987
57GTE Grant1982
57Hermann, Robert1983
High Technology Council
57General (2 folders)1980-1982
57High Tech Manpower Studies (4 folders)1981-1984
57Information Systems Technology Research Center1986
57Institute of Chemical Analysis (3 folders)1979-1983
57Intel Corporation1984
57ITFS (Instructional Television)1983
57-58Kalaghan, Paul/Pyramid Technology Corporation (2 folders)1985-1986
58Law School1979-1983
58Lufkin Fund1984
58Massachusetts Computer Software Council1985-1986
58Massachusetts High Technology Council, Proposal1980
58National Council Symposium (2 folders)1979
58NU Press Fund Raising1986-1987
58Office of Sponsored Programs (2 folders)1983-1987
58Personal Computers1983-1984
58Arts and Sciences (2 folders)1985-1986
58Business Administration (2 folders)1985
58Computer Science1985
58Cooperative Education1984
58Criminal Justice1985
58Engineering (2 folders)1984
58University College1984
59University Plan1986-1987
59University Planning Committee (6 folders)1977-1986
59Prime Computer Meeting1982
59Provost's Office Meetings (3 folders)1986-1987
59Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute1978-1982
59Re: Search1981-1982
59Research and Scholarship Development Fund (6 folders)1979-1987
59Research Review1982-1983
59Simpson, John1986
Software Engineering Institute
60General (5 folders)1983-1984
60Negotiations (3 folders)1984-1985
60Presentation (3 folders)1984
60Report, vols. I-V (3 folders)ca. 1984
60Thermos, Angelos1983-1984
60Wegner, Peter1985
60Williams, Ray (4 folders)1983-1987
Karl Weiss/Kathryn Luttgens, 1979-19891979-1989
61Accreditation of Graduate Education1983
61African Ambassadors Reception1984
61Allocation of NU Teaching Assistants: Historical Data1982
61Annual Enrollment Prediction1987-1988
61Annual Graduate Demographics1980-1987
61Application/Enrollment Charts and Graphs1977-1984
61Application Materials for All NU Graduate Schools1984-1985
Arts and Sciences
61Full Time Equivalents by Department1984-1986
61Tuition Assistantships1982-1984
61Tuition Budget Estimates1984-1985
61Brochure, Lightweight1986
61Brochure Mailing, Libraries and Placement1985
61Correspondence, Academic1984-1989
61Bylaws vs. Catalog Requirements1985
61Catalog Boilerplates1983
61Communications Audit1985
61Contacts, External Units1986, 1988
61Continuation Fee1982-1987
61Coop Workshop1984-1985
61Correspondence (3 folders)1986-1987
61Basic Models1983
61CAGS (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study) at NU1984-1986
61Doctorate at NU, (2 folders)1983-1985
61Graduate Education at NU1984-1985
61Hiring a Graduate Student1986-1989
61Engineer's Degree at NU1984-1985
61Master's at NU1984-1985
61Supporting Graduate Students1985-1988
61Council of Graduate Schools1982-1988
61Course Description Booklets1984
61Credential Appropriation1986-1988
61Credit Hour Reports1983-1987
62Database, Graduate School Inquiry (Presentation)1985
62Definition, Full Time Graduate Student1984-1989
62Definition, Quarter Hour1985
62Doctorates Awarded1975-1985
62Doremus and Company1982
62Embassies, Consulates, etc.1984
62Enquiries and Application Information1987
62Enrollment by Major and by Gender1986-1987
62Enrollments, National1984
62Fair, NU Graduate1984
62Fairs, New England Consortium1984-1985
62Fellowship Information1985-1987
Financial Aid
62Black South African students1984
62Graduate Students1984-1987
62Information Booklet1984-1986
62Five-Year Enrollment Projections1984
62Conference (2 folders)1982
62Reception (2 folders)1986-1987
62Scholarships (3 folders)1986-1990
Full-Time Equivalents
62Correspondence with Dean Billington1987
Graduate Administrative Committee
62General (3 folders)1981-1988
62Minutes (9 folders)1979-1989
62White Paper Meeting1986-1987
62Graduate Alumni Fund Raising1985
62Graduate Assistant Policies1982-1986
62Graduate Assistants, Terms of Employment1982-1987
62Graduate Assistants, Tuition Waivers1979-1987
62Graduate Brochure1984-1987
63Graduate Directors Committee1978-1980
63Graduate Education Costs (4 folders)1986
63Graduate Information Forum1985-1987
63Graduate Information, Requests for1986
63Graduate Programs at NU, Lists1984-1985
63Graduate Programs, Expenses1982
Graduate Record Examination
63Test Scores1986-1988
63Graduate School Organizational Report (Moore-Billington Report)1979-1981
Graduate School Operations
63Office Definition1978-1983
63Graduate Student Board of Inquiry1984-1988
63Graduate Student Handbook (5 folders)1983-1988
63Graduate Writing Courses1982-1983
63Hariri Foundation1987-1988
63Hispanic Times Magazine1985-1988
63Housing, Graduate1983-1985
63Innovative Graduate Programs1985
63International Educational Opportunities, Conference on1983
63International Graduate Students1986-1988
63International Labor Office1986
63International Mailing Lists1985
63International Recruiting1983-1988
63International Student Office, Student Forum1983-1988
63International Students1983-1988
63International Teaching Assistant Orientation1985-1988
Management Information Systems (MIS)
64Business Presentation1984
64Fisher, Larry1984
64Manuals for Thesis/Dissertation1985
64Marketing: Advertising and Recruiting Seminar1982
64Marketing: Information, University1984
64Marketing: Research Seminar1984
64Minority Fellowships1984, 1987
64Minority GRE Locator List1988-1989
64Minority Recruiting1983-1988
64National Association of Schools of Public Affairs Administration1990
64National Research Council1983-1984
64National Science Foundation1985
64New England Association of Schools and Colleges1985
64Non-Academic Units, College Profiles1983-1988
64Non-Academic Units, Tuition Expenditures1983-1988
64Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools1984-1988
64Northeastern International1985
64Northeastern University Minority Fellowships1982-1988
64NU Edition1985-1987
64NU News1984-1985
64Office Space1985-1987
64Open House1984-1986
Opening Week
64Teaching Assistants Symposium1983-1984
64Overview Brochure1984
64Percentage Change in Stipend Rates1984-1988
64Post-Doctoral Personnel1980
64Publications Seminar1983
64Questionnaire, Graduate Exist1984
64Residency Requirement1985
64Shared Material, Graduate Catalogs1984
Stipended Graduate Assistants & NU Teaching Assistants
64Academic Departments1984-1985
64-65Stipended Graduate Assistantships, Non-Academic Departments (3 folders)1983-1986
65Supplementary Advertising Materials1985-1987
65Support, Pre-Doctoral and Doctoral1988
65AACRAO/AID Personneln.d.
65Cost Benefit Analysis, Graduate Assistants (2 folders)1984-1987
65Directory of Graduate Programs1986-1987
65External Graduate Programs, Non-Tradition1984
65Graduate Directors' Responsibilities1986
65Graduate Directors, U Mass.1986
65Graduate Satisfaction Survey (2 folders)1987
65GRE Validity1983-1987
65Guide to American Graduate Schools1985
65Minority Ph.D.1984-1985
65Minority Recruiting1983-1984
65State University of New York, Humanities1983-1984
65National (3 folders)1981-1985
65Student Satisfaction, NU Graduate Programs1986-1987
65TSC/Houghton Mifflin, Guidance Information Database1983-1984
65Use of Computers1986
65Task Force on Graduate Education, Position Paper1986-1987
Teaching Assistants
65Ten Year Credit Hour and Enrollment Projections (4 folders)1984-1988
65Theses and Dissertations1986
65Time Allowed for Completion of Graduate Degree1984
66Tuition Stipend Rates and Fees (2 folders)1984-1988
Tuition Waivers
66Allowance As Per Each Graduate School1988
66Budget Transfers1983-1988
66Corrections (2 folders)1986-1987
66Flow Charts, Academic1983-1988
66Flow Charts, Non-Academic Units1984-1988
66Processing, Fifth Week Memos1987-1989
66Processing Seminar1982-1984
66Staff and Dependents1983
66Undergraduate Bulletin1988
66Undergraduate Course Costs for Graduate Students1985-1986
66Undergraduate Credit Accepted for Graduate School1984
Paul Kalaghan, 1988-19911988-1991
Academic Computing
66General (2 folders)1990-1992
66Advisory Committee1988
66Budget, Access1990
66Digital Equipment Corporation Proposal (2 folders)1990
66Five Year Plan1985-1990
66Interactive Technologies for Distance Educationn.d.
66Lister, Brad (3 folders)1986-1987
66Stuckey, John (5 folders)1988-1990
66Adhesive and Sealant Council Graduate Fellowships1982-1983
66Aerospace Instrumentation1986-1987
66African American Studies: Bailey, Ronald (2 folders)1988-1989
66Air Force Tuition1991
66Apple Computer1988-1989
66Average Credit Hours by College1985-1990
66Barnett Institute Advisory Council1989
66Bay State Skills Corporation, Printing and Publishing Initiative1989
67Boston Harbor1986-1987
67Bouvé College1982
67General (2 folders)1986-1989
67Expenditure Projections1981-1989
67Business, Student File1991
Capital Equipment
67General (3 folders)1990-1991
67Center for Applied Social Research (3 folders)1989-1990
67Center for Substance Abuse1986
67Student File1991
67Warner, Philip1989
67Computer Commission1990
67Computer Committee1989
67Computer Ethics Research Proposal1990
67Computer Science1989
67Computervision Proposal1981-1985
Continuing Education
67General (2 folders)1989-1989
67Adult Education1988-1989
67Life Long Learning1985-1986
67State of the Art1989
67Williams, Ray1989
67Cooperative Education: Conley, Mark1988-1989
67Correspondence (3 folders)1988-1991
67Criminal Justice: Ehrmann Center Proposal1991
67Department of Defense University Research Initiative1985-1986
67Division of Research Management1984-1990
67Dove Mass1991-1992
67Educational Computing1988
67Career Changes1992
67Hefei University of Technology1986
67Student File1991
67External Scholarship and Research Funding1991
67Faculty Collaborative: Warren, Joe1989
67Faculty Collaborative: Grievance1988
67Faculty Collaborative: Housing Assistance1990
67First International Symposium on Particles, Strings, and Cosmology1989
67For-Profit Commission1988-1989
68For-Profit Corporation1988-1989
68Freshman Honors: Final Report1987
68General Electric Foundation Proposal1990-1991
68Genetic Counseling1991
68German Higher Education Administration Delegation1990
68Graduate Administrative Committee (2 folders)1988-1989
68Graduate Business School Report1989
Graduate Council
68General (10 folders)1988-1991
68Executive Committee (3 folders)1986-1991
New Programs Committee
68Nursing Proposal1986
68Operating Guidelines1988
68Program Review Committee1986-1989
68Graduate Directors1988
68Graduate Education Report1987
68Graduate Housing1988
68Graduate Office1988
68Graduate School Administrators1988
68Graduate School Arts and Sciences: Departmental Directory1988
68Graduate School Budgets1991-1992
68Graduate School Deans of the Basic Colleges1988-1989
68Graduate School Operations1988-1989
68Graduate School Projections1987-1989
68Graduate Student Council1988-1989
68Graduate Student Enrollment Projections1990
68Graduate Student Evaluations1986-1988
68Graduate Student Letters1988-1989
68Graduate Student Status1990-1991
68Graduate Student Stipends1988-1989
68Graduate Support1990
68Grant Awards1991
Hariri Foundation
68Health Professions Review1991
68Health Sciences Review1986-1987
68Hellman, Daryl1989
68"The Impact of the New Tax Law on Graduate Tuition Fringe Benefits" Seminar1988
68Institutes and Centers1983-1985
68Insurance Institute1988
International Business Machines Corporation
68Grant Proposal1983
68Materials Research1985
69International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics1988-1989
69International Student Office, VISA Information1991-1992
69La Paz1990
69Life Crisis Institute1990
69Management Information System Project1986-1987
Marine Science Center
69General (2 folders)1988-1990
69Buonopane, Ralph A.1992
69Median SAT Report for Class of 19921987
69Medical Laboratory Science Program, Student File1991
69Mellon Foundation1981-1984
69Minority Development Grants1990
69Minority Enrollments1988
Minority Fellowships
69General (2 folders)1990-1991
69Law, Policy, and Society1991
69Minority Graduate Students1989-1990
69Minority Graduate Support1990-1991
69Minority Locator List1989
69Minority Recruitment1989
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
69Kerry Material1990
New Program Proposals
69Applied Behavioral Analysis1991
69Nursing Degree program1986
69Teaching Proposals1988-1990
69Nursing, Market Surveys1984
69Orientation Subcommittee1988
69Performance Reviews1990-1991
69Personnel Evaluations1985-1991
69Phi Kappa Phi1988
Physical Therapy Curriculum Proposal
69General (2 folders)1988
69Physician Assistant Program1990
69Plant Improvement Fund1990-1991
69Problems and Issues (2 folders)1986-1989
Program Reviews
70Masters and CAGS Programs1988-1990
70Mechanical Engineering1989
70Public Relations1988
70Recruiting Calendar Distribution List1988
Research and Scholarship Development Fund
70General (6 folders)1988-1991
70Final Reports1989-1990
70Research Centers1989-1990
70Residency Requirements, Ph.D. Program1989
70Schacter, Gustav, Recruitment Officer1989-1990
70Science and Engineering Building1989
70Software Engineering Institute Agreement1989
70Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, FlorentineMay 1990
70Stolen Equipment1989-1991
70"Strategic Directions for Northeastern University”1987
Student Complaints
70General (26 folders)1984-1991
70Resolution Committee1989-1990
70Sup De Co Agreementn.d.
70Teacher Certification Regulations1988
70Technology Transfer Committee1990-1991
71Transfer Agreements
71Tuition Assistant Positions1989
Tuition Assistants
71International TA Orientation Report1990
71International TA English as a Second Language1989-1990
71Tuition Assistantships1989
Tuition Waivers
711987-90 (5 folders)1987-1990
71Academic Units1988
71Budget (2 folders)1980-1990
71Eighth Week1988
71Eighth Week and Bursars1989
71External Units (3 folders)1983-1989
71Fifth Week (7 folders)1986-1989
71Fifth Week and External1988
71Non-Academic Units1988
71Requests (2 folders)1988-1990
71Weiss, Karl1987
71Women's Studies Proposal1990-1991
Paul Kalaghan/Philip Lequesne, 1988-19931988-1993
71Academic Computing1992
71Alexandria University, Egypt1989-1992
71Center for Applied Social Research1991
71Computer Initiatives1991-1992
71Computing Meeting1991-1992
71Connexion, Recruitment1992
71Course Registry Forms1992-1993
71Division of Research Management1988-1992
71Engineering Science Center1992
71Enrollment Statistics1992
71External Scholarship and Research Funding1992
71Extra Compensation for Graduate Assistants (2 folders)1988-1991
72Fermilab Users Executive Committee1992
72Funded Research1987-1989
72Giese, Rogerca. 1990
Graduate Council
72General (5 folders)1990-1994
72Disciplinary Action1991-1992
HEFA Capital Equipment
72History of Black Writing1991-1992
72Indirect Costs1998-1990
72Industrial Engineering and Information Systems Review1991-1992
72Michael, Dr. Gerald J., Report1992
72Mugar Lab Explosion1990
72National Educational and Research Center for Outcome Assessment of Allied Health Practices (NERCOA)1991-1992
72National Science Foundation1991
72Patent Committee1987-1988
72Plant Improvement Fund (4 folders)1989-1991
72Proposal, Grant, and Contract Procedures (2 folders)1992, 1994
72Research Activity Report1992
Research and Scholarship Development Fund
72Decision Appeal1991
Research Council
72-73General (6 folders)1986-1992
73Nomination Ballots1990
73Restructuring Proposal1991
73Strategic Planning1992
73Student Complaints1991-1992
73Student Housing1991
73Tuition Waivers (4 folders)1989-1993
73Universities Research Association1991-1992
Norman Adler/Steven Morrison, 1993-19971993-1997
73Correspondence (17 folders)1993-1995
73-74Academic Computing (4 folders)1989-1997
74Academic Research Infrastructure: Instrumentation1996
74Administration Overhead and Slides for Presentation1993
74American Council on Education: Entering Class Survey1995
74Animal Care1990, 1995-1996
74Annenberg/CPB Grant1996
74Arts and Sciences: Computer Technology1996
74Association of American Colleges1994
74Barnett Institute (3 folders)1987-1996
74Brag File1996
74Boston University Computer Collaborative1996-1997
74General (3 folders)1992-1996
74Balances: Academic Affairs1996
74Business Administration1993
74Contact List: Academic Area1996-1997
74Cuts (4 folders)1993-1995
74Division of Research Management1994-1995
74Dues and Societies1993
74Enrollment Estimates1994
74Equity and Raises1993-1994
74Extra Compensation1994-1995
74Graduate Application Fees1993
74Graduate Student Ell Center Fees1993
74Northeastern University Teaching Assistantships/Minority Fellowships (7 folders)1993-1995
74Northeastern University Teaching Assistantships/Stipend Graduate Assistantships (13 folders)1991-1996
74Pharmacy Funding1994
74Preparing Future Faculty1995
74Provost Minority Supplement1994-1995
74Research Funding (3 folders)1991-1994
74Research and Scholarship Development Fund1993-1994
74Tuition Waiver Requests (2 folders)1990-1992
74University (2 folders)1993-1995
75Centennial Celebration1993-1994
75Communications and Digital Signal Processing Center1990
75Center for Applied Social Research1991-1995
75Center for Effective University Teaching1996
75Center for Electromagnetic Research1993
75Center for Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education1993
75Center for Innovation in Urban Education1991-1993
75Center for Labor Market Studies1993
75Center for Outcome Assessment/Healthcaren.d.
75Center for Technology Commercialization1996
75Center for World History1996
75Centers: General Education1993-1996
75Centers: Non-Northeastern University1993
75Cheating Cases1990-1991
75Classroom Committee1993
75College/Department Data Profiles1996
Arts and Sciences
75Art and Architecture1993
75College Council1993
75Dean Lowndes1996
75General Correspondence1992-1994
75Law, Policy, and Society1991-1993
75Mathematics Department1992-1995
75New Programs, Documentary Videon.d.
75Physics1993, 1996
75Political Science1995
75Women's Studies1993
75Budget Requests1993
75Computer Needs1993
75Laboratory Renovations1996
75Pharmaceutical Science1992
75Physician Assistant Program1993
75Recreation, Sport and Fitness Management, (M.S.)1993
75Speech, Language Pathology, and Audiology1993
75Stipended Graduate Assistantships and Minority Assistantships1993
75Strategic Planning1992-1993
Business Administration
75Fact Book1991-1992
75Fast Track M.B.A.1993
75Finance Department, Master of Finance1992-1993
75Finance Department, Master of Finance Comments1993
75Finance Department, Master of Finance General Correspondence1992, 1994
75Minority Fellowships1993
Business Administration and Computer Science
75Information Resources Management Program Proposal1995
Computer Science
75Computer Literacy Course1993-1994
75Teaching Assistants1993-1994
Criminal Justice
75Catalogueca. 1991
75Dean Fox1996
75Strategic Planning1993
75Chemical Engineering1993
75Civil Engineering1993-1995
75Council for Chemical Research1993
75General Correspondence1993
75R.N. to M.S. Program1994
75Communication and Physical Access1996
75Community Service1994
75Computer Initiative1993
76Conflict of Interest1994-1996
76Contribution Analysis1991-1995
Cooperative Education
76National Commission for1993-1994
76Cost Per Quarter Hour1991-1996
76Cost Sharing1996
76Council for Chemical Research1993-1995
76Council of Graduate Schools1989-1997
76Dalton Center1993
76Deans Council1992-1996
76Dana Foundation1993
76Howard Hughes Foundation1993
76Lists Foundation1994
76Pew Foundation1993-1994
76Grants, H.F. Guggenheimn.d.
76International 1993
76Distance Education1995-1996
76Distinguished Professors1993-1995
76Diving Control Board1994-1995
Division of Research Management
76General (2 folders)1985-1993
76Assessment Study1994
76Conflict of Interest, Sponsored Research Policy1983-1984
76Cost Sharing for Equipment1991
76Equipment Machining1994
76Office of Sponsored Programs1985-1988
76Program Resources1987-1988
Research Funding
76-77Summaries (2 folders)1992-1996
Search for Director
77Current Position Content Description and Job Material1994-1995
77External Reviews1994
77Egan Center1993-1997
77Egypt Project1996
77Electron Microscopy1993
77Enrollment Statistics1994-1997
77Environmental Health and Safety (2 folders)1991-1995
77Arts and Sciences1994
77Barnett Institute1994
77Business Administration1994
77Computer Science1994
77Cooperative Education (2 folders)1994
77Criminal Justice1994
77Division of Research Management1994
77Enrollment Management1994
77Law School1994
77Military Science – Air Force1994
77Military Science – Navy1994
77Student Affairs1994
77University College1994
77University Libraries1994
77University Press1994
77Computer Initiative Phase II1993
77Computer Requests1994
77Fund Allocations1996-1997
77Letters and Forms1994
Long-Range Planning
77Arts and Sciences1994
77Continuing Education1994
77University College1994
77Long-Range Summaries and Correspondence1994
Non-Computing Lab
77Arts and Sciences1993-1994
77University College1993
77Overhead Return Distribution1993-1995
77Plant Improvement Fund1993-1994
77Plant Improvement Requests1994-1995
77-78Requests (2 folders)1994-1997
78Faculty Academic Unit, Expectations and Accountability1995
78Fellowship Committeen.d., 1994
78Fellowship Opportunities1992-1995
78Engineering (Minority)ca. 1994
78General Electric1994-1996
78Minority Candidates1993-1994
78National Research Council1993-1996
78National Science Foundation1994-1996
78Northeastern University Teaching Assistantship, Minority1996
78Provost's Minority1993-1996
78Financial Priorities Committee1994-1995
78Funding Levels, Other Universities1996
78General Administrationn.d., 1993
78Government Relations1993
78Council (2 folders)1989, 1994-1995
Director's Committee
78Meetings (3 folders)1993-1995
78Subcommittee of Diversity1993-1994
78Subcommittee of Orientation1993-1994
78Subcommittee of Program Review1994
78Subcommittee of Registration1993
78Directors, Letters to1994
78Other Schools1994
78Enrollment Reports1996
78Teaching Assistant Budget1992
78Student Advisory Council1993-1994
79Student Affairs1986-1995
Student Association
79General (2 folders)1989-1997
79Student Court1990
79Student Database (2 folders)1993-1994
79Student Fairs1993-1994
79Student Guide1996
79Student Orientation1993-1996
79Student Salaries1993
79Student Support1995-1996
79Student Teaching Assistant Training1993-1996
79Workshops and Orientation1996-1997
79Graduates, National Institutes of Health Guidelines for Training Programsca. 1990
79Grant Funds and Guidelines, Provost's Office1992, 1996
79Grant Matching1996
79Grant Proposals1996
79Howard Hughes Undergraduate1992-1994
79Kellogg Nursing1994
79New Commonwealth1993
79High Speed Networks1996
79Housing and Economic Development Law Center1996
79Human Resources Management1994-1995
79Independent Consultant Agreementn.d.
79Indiana University1996
79Indirect Cost1994
79Intellectual Property1996
79Internet II Participation1997
Institute on Work and the Workplace
79Planning Committee1993
79School to Work Transition1993
79Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee1996
79Institutional Biosafety Committee1994-1995
Institutional Research
79Degree/Program Listing1993-1994
79Fall Enrollments1992-1994
79Graduate Student Database1993-1994
79Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium1993-1994
79International Students1993
79Key Indices Report (2 folders)1993
79National Research Council1994
79Nebraska Study1993-1994
79New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Fifth-Year Report1993
79Report Card1994
79The Robinson Group (2 folders)1994-1995
79Salary Date1993
79Summary Data1993
79Teaching Effort1993
International Programs
79General (2 folders)1993
79Mexico Fellowships1993
79Teaching Assistant Evaluations1996
79Institutional Review Board1994-1997
79Jewish Music1993-1995
80Graduate Assistantship1994
80Supervisor of Grant and Contract Accountingn.d.
80Division of Research Management1994
80Posting Requirements1996
80Joint Advisory Council1993-1996
80Joint Undergraduate-Graduate Program Review Committee1992-1995
80Judicial Affairs1994
80Keck Foundation1996
80Kellogg Foundation (2 folders)1994-1996
80Language Certification: Graduate Students (2 folders)1994-1995
80Law Schooln.d.
80Legal Issues (2 folders)1993
80Library Overview1996
80Licensing NU, Intellectual Properties1996
80Lists (2 folders)1991-1995
80Long Range Housing Planning Committee1996
80Machine Shop Committee1994
80Magnetic Resonance Imaging1993
80Major Research Instrumentation Program1996
80Marine Science Center1983
80Marketing on Research Proposals1995-1996
80Matching Requests1996
80Massachusetts Technology Collaborative1996-1997
80Matthews, Distinguished Professor1996-1997
80Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Institute1997
80McNair Scholars Program1996
80Minority Faculty Hiring and Attrition Report1993
80Morrison, Steven: Chronological File (4 folders)1995-1996
80National Council1994
80National Science Foundation (3 folders)1992-1996
80New Buildings: Health-related Science Building1996
80New Course Forms: Approved1996
80New Courses: Proceduresn.d.
80New England Board of Higher Education1993-1994
80New Faculty Orientation1996
80New Graduate Program Review Process1996
New Programs
80Approval Process1994-1996
80Behavioral Neuroscience1994
80Public Policy and International Affairs (2 folders)1995-1996
Graduate Certificate
80Cinema Studies1996
80Early Intervention1996
80Human Resources Management1995
80Information Resources Management1995
80Logistics and Transportation Management1996
80Service Industry Security1996
80Women's Studies1994-1996
80Business Administration, Revision in Part-Time Curriculum1995-1996
80Nursing and Business Administration1996
80Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology1994
80Physical Therapy (2 folders)1994
80Neuroscience Training1993
80Newsweek Story1997
80Non-recurring Funding1996
80North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Programs1994
80NU. Comprehensive Regional Center for Minorities (NUCRM)1993
80Graduate Programn.d.
80Research Developmentn.d.
80Graduate Engineering1996
80Return Analysis1989-1995
80Issues: Law Firmsn.d.
81Sort by Profit1994
81Status Report1995
81PEW Charitable Trusts1991-1993
81-82People Files: A-Z (151 folders)1989-1996
Division of Research Management
82Animal Care1994
82Grant Processing1994
82Program Review Procedures1990
82Political Science, PHD Proposal1994
82Preparing Future Facultyn.d.
82President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology1993
82President's Joint Advisory Council1996
82Program Contribution Analysis1996
Program Review
82General (2 folders)1994-1995
82Computer Systems Engineering1995
82Counseling Psychology1996
82Electronic Computer Engineering1996
82Mathematics (2 folders)1995
82Mechanical Engineering1995
82Political Science PHD1995
82Tracking Out1993
82Women's Studiesn.d.
82Project Expenditures1996
82Project Initiatives1996
83Sponsored Programs1993-1994
Public Relations
83Boston Globe Article on Graduate Student Salaries1994
83Radiation Safety Committee (2 folders)1992-1996
83Radiation Waste Storage1993-1994
83Administration: Animal Care Problems1993
Scholarship Development Fund
83General (5 folders)1993-1997
83Awarded Proposals1992-1995
83Baby Blanketn.d.
83Dual-Use Technology1993
83Social Science Database1994
83Bouvé College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory1994
83Centers (4 folders)1996-1997
83General (6 folders)1993-1995
83Biosafety Committee1993
83Center Analysis1993
83Centers Committee1995-1996
83Humanities Subcommittee1994
83Life Science and Laboratory Infrastructure Subcommittee (2 folders)1993-1995
83Machine Shop Subcommittee1993-1994
83Research and Scholarship Development Fund1993-1994
83Experience for Undergraduates1993
83National Science Foundation1994
83Office of Naval Research1994
83New Award Letters1996
83Behavioral Science1994
83Proposals: Submitted1994-1996
83Student Posters Exhibit1997
83Topics, National Service1994
83Role of Research1996
83Cooperative Education Dean1996
83Director of Institute for Learning, Work, and the Workplace1996
83Stipended Graduate Assistantships1996
83Stipended Graduate Assistants and NU Teaching Assistants1989-1990
83Sigma Xi1994
83Signature Authorization1996
83716 Columbus Place1993
83Staff Meetings1996
83Startup Fundsn.d.
Strategic Planning
83Graduate Education Report1987
83Action Plan, Research and Graduate Education (versions 1 and 2) (2 folders)1994
83Council of Deans1994
83Graduate Education1993-1994
84Research and Graduate Education1994-1995
84Research Centers1994-1995
84Research Task Force1993
84Student Housing1994
Student Judicial Affairs
84Cases (12 folders)1987-1996
Graduate Board of Inquiry
84General (2 folders)1990-1994
84Graduate Student Court1994-1995
84New Regulations1994
84Student Recruitment1996
84Student Tracking Systems1996
84Subcontract Template1996
84Submillimeter-Wave technology1996
84Tax Laws Applicable to SGA and NUTA1996
84Teaching Dossiersca. 1994, 1996
84Teaching Seminarn.d.
84Technology Expenditure and Management (TEAM) Committee1994
Technology Transfer
84And Marketing of Patents1995
84Tuition Requests1996
84Tuition Waivers1983-1996
84Universities Research Association1993-1996
84University College, Part Time Programs1993
84University Planning and Research1996
84Urban Community service Program1993
84Urban Law and Public Policy Institute1994
84Work Plan by Areas of Responsibility1996
84Women's Studies1993-1996
84Women's Studies Consortium1991-1993
184Bouvé College1997-1998
184Capital Equipment 1997
184Computer Requests1997-1998
Conflict of Interest
184General 1997-1998
184Certificate of Compliance1997-1998
184Council of Graduate Schools1998
Division of Research Management
184-185General (5 folders)1994-1998
185Funding Reports (4 folders)1994-1998
185Egan Conference Rooms1997
185Engineering Research Center (2 folders)1997
185Environmental Cancer Research Program1998
185Equipment Freeze1995
185Equipment Requests (4 folders)1994-1998
186Future of Graduate Education at Northeastern 1997
186General Electric Foundation Faculty1997
186Graduate Certificate Program1995
186Graduate Database1997
186Graduate Directors (2 folders)1994-1998
186Graduate Enrollment1995-1996
186Graduate Minority Fellowships1994
Graduate Programs
186Doctor of Pharmacy1992-1999
186Education Masters1994-1995
186Indonesian Law and Public Policy1998
186Joint Nursing & Business Administration1995-1996
186Nursing 1988-1993
186-187Reviews (12 folders)1997-1998
187Suspension and Elimination1997-1998
187Graduate Schools1994-1997
187Graduate Student Fair1997
187Graduate Student Research1996-1997
Graduate Students
187Backstop on Grants1997
187Disciplinary Actions1995-1998
187Extra Compensation [RESTRICTED]1995-1996
187Full Time Equivalent Measurementn.d.
187Grievance Policies1997-1998
187Make-Up Exams1997
187Placement in Non-Northeastern Labs1997
187Residential Life1997
187Retention Report1997
187Satisfaction Survey1996
187Teacher Training1997-1998
187Teaching Awards1997-1998
187Workload for Faculty1998
Ron Hedlund, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education 1996-2004
187, 211General (3 folders)1996-1998, 2000
3-1/2 in. Floppy Disks and Zip Drives
246“1999-CGS.ppt” 1999
246American Association of University Women (AAUW) Emerging Scholar Nomination 1994
246Division of Research Management Documentn.d.
246“Forsyth Labels” n.d.
246“Francesca Santamaria Northeastern University” PowerPoints1998
246“Graduate Evaluation Materials for Working Group 1996”1996
246“Graduate Evaluation Materials Working Group Overview”1996
246Human Resources Evaluations [Restricted 75 years]1997
246Leadership Retreats and Retention 1999
246Letter from President Freeland to Mr. Alan Freemann.d.
246Miscellaneous Documents and Forms (Zip Drive 100) 1999
246Office Organization and Filing System (unknown creator)1995-1996
246“PFF Letter- Bob Guertin, Dean @Tufts ARC report” n.d.
246“Professor List”1997
246Subcontract Agreement1997
246Untitled (2 disks)n.d.
211American Association for Higher Education 2001
American Council on Education
211Meetings 2003-2004
211Northeastern Involvement 2003-2004
162, 211, 212Annual Report on External Support for Research and Research-Related Activities (7 folders)1999-2001, 2002-2003
Board of Trustees
212General (3 folders) 2000-2003
212Presentations and Materials (29 folders) n.d., 2001-2003
212Signature Authority (4 folders) 1999-2005
212Trustee Challenge 2001
212Boston Fire Department [RESTRCITED]2001
212Brochures, Booklets, Invitations2004, 2007
212General (6 folders) n.d., 1996-1999, 2003-2004
212Additional Funding 1999
212Audits (3 folders) 2002-2004
212Committee on Funding Priorities (4 folders) 2002-2003
212Cost Accounting Standards Board 2000
213Estimated Costs for Initiatives n.d.
213Financial Affairs Committee 1999
213Fiscal Year Budgets (4 folders)2001, 2002, 2004
213Five Year Budget Model-Research2001
213Graduate Programming 2002
213Indirect Costs (2 folders) 1994, 1997-1998
213Insurance Coverage 2001
213Library (3 folders) 2000-2003
213Returns (4 folders)
213Waivers (3 folders) 2001-2002
213Project Funding Data 1999
213Projections 2003
213Provost Allocations 2001-2003
213Provost's Area 2001-2002
213Research Centers 2000
Start-up Funds
246College of Computer Science1997
213College of Engineering 2004-2005
213Lists 2001
213Overview 2004
213Process (3 folders)n.d., 2002-2004
213Requests (2 folders)2003-2004
213Summary 2004
213Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning 2001-2002
213Campus Security: Clery Act 2000
213Capital Campaign 1999-2001
187,213, 214,215Chronological File (47) 1996-2001
215Combined BS-BA/MS n.d., 2002-2003
215Committees (2 folders)1997, 2002
215Consortium on Nanomedicine 2004
215Corporate Outreach Advisory Board (2 folders)2001-2004
215Abdelal, Ahmed 2003
215Brandeis University: Kornfeld, Milton 1998
215Children's Hospital: Shea, Carole 1998
215Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Board Letter 2002
215University Policy: Memos2002-2004
215Council of Graduate Schools 2001
Deans Council
215General (7 folders) 1998-2004
215Integrated Learning Presentations 2001
215Transfer Committee Report 1999
215Department of Health and Human Services 1995
215Commission on Diversity 1997
215Diversity Action Plan 2000-2001
215Diversity Leadership Seminar 2000
215Study of the Campus Environment for Diversity 2001
Division of Research Development
215General (2 folders) 2002, n.d.
215Acknowledgements 2002
215Activity Report 2001
215Correspondence 2003
246PowerPoint on Research Development n.d., 1999
215Service Principles n.d.
Division of Research Management
215General 1996-1998
215Accounts 1997
215Affirmative Action 1998
215Cost Sharing 1996-1997
215Hirsch Hills Consulting 1997
215Massachusetts Campus Compact: Learn and Serve Program 1997
215Phone Directory Listings 1997
215Position Elimination Plan 1998
215Policy and Procedures 1998
215Proposal Processing Form 1997
215Purchasing 1998
215Salaries 1998
Division of Sponsored Program Administration (DSPA)
162, 215, 216General (10 folders)n.d., 1989,1997-2004
162Awards and Proposals1998-2001
216Carter and Kellogg Proposal Form 1998
216CENSSIS Mercury Funding 2002
216Division Budgets 2002
216Faculty Security Clearance (2 folders)2003-2004
216Micro Optical Agreement 1999, 2000
216Private Source Funding 1998
216Proposal, Grant, and Contract Procedures n.d.
216Review of Salary Expenditures2000
216University of New Orleans Conflict 2001
216Division of Student Affairs1998
216Divisional Customer Satisfaction Surveysn.d.
Equipment Allocations
162, 216General (8) 1998-2004
216Budget (2 folders) 2000-2003
216Requests (3 folders) 1998-2000, 2002
Exeter Educational Management Systems 2001
162Extramural Revenue-Granting Activities1999
216General 2001-2002
216Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 1998
216Copyright Policies 2002
216Extra Compensation (3 folders)n.d., 2002-2003
216“Focus on Faculty” Initiative 1998-2000
216Fringe Benefits 2001
216Major Works 1999-2000
216Market Adjustments 2004
216Maternity/Paternity Leave 2000
216Mentoring (3 folders)2000
216New Faculty (2 folders) 1991-1992, 1995-1996, 2003
216Orientation1998, 2001-2002
216Problems [RESTRICTED]2002
216Resignations [RESTRICTED]2001
216Retroactive Appointments [RESTRICTED]2001
216General [RESTRICTED]n.d., 2000
216Faculty Salary Incentive (8 folders) 1999-2003
246Income and Match Spreadsheets 1999
216Summer Salaries (3 folders)2002-2004
216Statusn.d., 1998
216Strategic Analysisn.d., 2002-2003
216Summer Four Day Workweek 1999
216Summit 2000
Tenure and Promotion
216General (4 folders) [2 folders RESTRICTED]n.d.,1993-2002
216Full Time Tenure and Tenure Track Faculty 2001
216Workload (2 folders)1991, 1999-2000, 2002-2004
216, 217Faculty Senate (4 folders) 1999, 2002-2003
217Federal Funding Opportunities (4 folders)1997-1998, 2001-2002
217Goals and Objectives (10 folders) n.d., 1998-2003
162Government Research and Funding1998
Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA)
217General (2 folders) n.d., 1999-2004
217Competitive Stipends 2001
217Constitution 1998-1999
217Financial Aid: Law Students Stipends 1998
217Law School Commencement 1999
217Officers Pay [RESTRICTED]1999-2002
217President's Forum 2000
217Resignation Letter and Emails [RESTRICTED]2000
217Travel Funds 1999
162Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships1999
217Graduate Certificate Programs (3 folders) 1997-2003
162, 217Graduate Directors (9 folders)n.d., 1998-2003
217Graduate Open House2000
Graduate Programs
217Academic Appeals Resolution Committee (5 folders) [RESTRICTED]1994-1995
Academic Initiatives
217General (3 folders) n.d., 2001, 2003-2004
217Drafts and Correspondence 2003
218Graduate Enrollment Project n.d., 2003
218Space and Start-up Initiatives2003
218Academic Integrity 1997
218Academic Program Analysis n.d.
Bouvé College of Health Sciences
218General (2 folders) n.d. 1997-2003
218Masters in Clinical Research and PhD Degree in Community-Based Health Research and Evaluation2001
218Neuroscience 1999-2000
218Nursing (3 folders) 1997-2002
218Pharmaceutical Sciences 1999, 2002
218Rehabilitation Counseling 2003
218Collaborative Agreements 1993, 1996
College of Arts and Sciences
218General 1990, 1997-1998, 2000
218Arts and Architecture (2 folders) 2000-2002
218Biology 2000-2001
218Chemistry 1996-1997, 2002
218Economics 1998, 2001-2002
218Education 1998-1999, 2002
218English 2000-2001
218Graduate Coordinators 2001
218History (2 folders)1997-2001
218Journalism1998, 2001-2002
218Marine Science Center2001-2002
218Physics n.d., 2002
218Political Science 1998
218Psychology 2000, 2002
218Sociology and Anthropology 1997
College of Business Administration
218General 1996-1998, 2000
218Accomplishments 1999
218Accounting Masters 2001
218Center for International Business Education (CIBER) Proposal 2001
218Corporate Relations 2001
218Entrepreneurial Lab 1997
218Graduate Assistantships Restoration Request 2002
218Initiatives 1999
College of Computer Science
218Information Sciencen.d., 1998
218Trustee Professorship Proposal 1998-1999
218College of Criminal Justicen.d., 1996-1999, 2002-2003
College of Engineering
218General 1997-2003
218Accreditation 2001-2002
218Annual Report on Faculty Scholarship 1998-2000
218Applied Physics and Engineering Program (2 folders)1999, 2000
218Dean Allen Soyster Evaluation 2001
218Electrical and Computer Engineering: Faculty Buyout (2 folders)2000-2001
218Electrical and Computer Engineering: Faculty Concerns 2000
218Electrical and Computer Engineering: Incentive Program 2000-2001
218Enterprise Program 1998
218NUPRIME Summer Bridge Program (2 folders)n.d., 2003-2004
218Student Presentations 2002-2003
218Venezuelan Agreement 1997
218Walden University 1999
Cooperative Education and Career Development (CO-OP)
218, 219Administrative Presentations and Notes (6 folders)n.d., 1999-2002
219Analog Devices CO-OP 2001
219Call to Action Plan (3 folders) 1997-1999, 2003
219Communication-Rich and Effective Assessment Training Program (CREAT) n.d.
246CO-OP Goals PowerPoint n.d.
219CO-OP Pay Rates2001
219Corporate Partnerships Office 2004
219iCO-Op Business Incubator 2000
219Partners Awards Dinner 2002
219Course Evaluations 2002
219Distributed Learning Program (3 folders)1998-1999, 2002
Interdisciplinary Programs
219Bioinformatics (2 folders) n.d., 2000-2002
219Molecular Biotechnology Initiative (6 folders) 1999-2004
219Telecommunications Systems Management (2 folders)1997-2003
219Online Admissions Services 1999-2000
219Practice Oriented Education (2 folders) 1998-2002
219Practice Oriented Education Conferences (3 folder)2000-2003
219Public Relations 1998
219Publicity 1997
219General (4 folders) n.d., 1998-2002
219Carnegie Classification 2000-2001
219U.S. News World Report 2001
School of Law
219General 1996-1999
219Law, Policy, and Society Program 2001-2002
School of Professional Continued Studies (University College)
219Generaln.d., 2003
220Five year Plan 1999-2004 1999
220Self-Study and Accreditation 1997
220Technology Use Reports (By Department) (2 folders)1997
220Graduate School Fair2000-2001
220Health Care Academy 1998
220Human Resources Management (4 folders) [3 folders RESTRICTED]1999-2001
220Humic Substances Seminar 1998
220Implementing 'Strategic' Directions for Research at Northeastern (4 folders)n.d., 2000-2001
220Information Services 1999-2002
220International Biotech & InfoTech Summit 1999
187, 220 International Programs and Students (11folders)n.d., 1996-1998, 2001-2002, 2004
220International Student Office 1998-1999
220Internet Issues 2001
220Institutional Biosafety Committee (2 folders) 1998-2001
Institutional Compliance Division/Division of Research Integrity
162, 220General (7 folders) 1996-2004
Animal Research
220General (3 folders) n.d., 1988, 1990-1991, 1996-2002, 2004
220Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) Site Visit 1998
220Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 2003-2004
220IACUC: Members (2 folders) 2001-2003
220, FF1/D1Animal Research Space Renovations (2 folders) 1996-1998
220Division of Research Integrity Annual Report 2000
220Division of Research Integrity Presentation 2003
220Dr. Gabriele's Visit 2002
Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRRC)/ Institutional Review Board (IRB)
221General (8 folders) 1998-2002
221Administrative (2 folders)2002-2004
221Agendas (2 folders) 1999-2002
221Approved Protocols 2004
221Board Studies n.d., 2004
221Compliance (3 folders) 1997, 1999, 2002
221Guidebook 2004
221Hazardous Waste 1998-2003
221HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) 2002
221Leventman Proposal [RESTRICTED] 2001
221Members (3 folders)1999-2003
221Procedures 1998
221Review Committee n.d., 1979, 1999
221Senior Questionnaire 2001
221Name Change 2002
221Job Descriptions and Applications (3 folders) [2 folders RESTRICTED]2002
221Recommendations n.d.
221Researchers List 2001
221Schumacher, Jerry: Resignation [RESTRICTED]2002
162, 210, 221Lowndes Report: Strategic Research and Graduate Program Development (7 folders)1999-2000
221Abdelal, Ahmed n.d.
221Hall, David1999-2001
221, 222Minority Faculty and Students Policies and Programs (7 folders) 1997-2003
222American Political Science Association 2000, 2002
222Biographical Information: Hedlund [RESTRICTED]n.d., 1998
246Provost Position Offer n.d.
222Center for Advanced Microgravity Materials Processing (CAMMP) and NASA 1999-2001
222Graduate Student Researchers Program1998
222International Symposium and Career Fair of the Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists 2004
222Match (Sacco's Center)1996-1998
246NASA CAMMP Documents n.d.
222Overhead Backup Materials 1997
222Research at NUn.d.
187National Council1996
222National Research Council-Doctoral Studies Survey 2002-2003
National Science Foundation
222General (2 folders) 1998-2001
222Assessment of Student Achievement in Undergraduate Education 2001
222Career Awards 2000
222CISE Research Infrastructure [RESTRICTED]1996-1997
222Colleges and Universities 2000 2003
222Conference Materials 2003
222Expenditures Study2001
222Funding Patterns 1990-1991, 1996-1998
222Funds Matching 2004
222Graduate Fellowship Program n.d., 2004
187Institutional Profile1997
Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Program (LSAMP)
187,210, 222General (7 folders) n.d., 1996-1998, 2004
222Summer Program Surveys2004
187-188General (3 folders) 1996-1998
188Academic Research Institute1996
222Connection to the Internet 1997
222Connections Program 1997-1998
222Course , Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvements 2002
222Embedded Learning Modules (ELMO'S) [RESTRICTED]1997
222Interagency Education Research Initiative 1999
188, 222Major Research Instrumentation and Science Technology Center (2 folders)1996-1998
188Research Experiences for Undergraduates1997
222Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program (STEP) Proposal (4 folders) 2002-2004
222Vertical Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences (VIGRE) 2003
222XYZ on a Chip 1998
188, 222Site Visits (2 folders)1997, 2004
222Network Design Review-IBM 1998
222New England Board of Higher Education (2 folders) n.d., 1997-1998, 2003-2005
New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Accreditation
222General (2 folders) n.d., 1998
222Chronicle Articles (2 folders) 1998, 2002
222Faculty Survey Responses 1998
223Research Committee (2 folders)1996-1998
223Timeline 1998
223Northeast Association of Graduate Schools 1997, 2000-2001
223Northeastern Scholarship and Technology Expo (6 folders) 1998-2004
223Office of Enrollment Management (2 folders)2000, 2002
223Office of Environmental Health and Safety (5 folders) 1996-2003
223Office of the Registrar (3 folders)n.d., 1998-1999
223Office of Undergraduate Admissions [1 folder with 2 CDs]2004-2005
223Office of University Planning and Research 1997-1998
223Partnering for Prevention (3 folders)2003-2004
PeopleSoft Inc. (Nuway Project)
223General (3 folders)1997-1999
223Applications 1997
223Graduates Student Database 1997
223Grant Management n.d.,1997
223Undergraduate Admission 1997
223Peterson's Consultation Evaluation (7 folders) n.d., 2002-2004
223Post Award Study Team(PAST)(2 folders) 1998-2000
223Presidential Review 1998
188Program Contribution Analysis1997-1998
Provost's Office
223General n.d., 1990-1991, 1996, 2000,
223Academic Deans Retreats (2 folders)2003-2004
223Biology Autoclave Incidents 2000
223Budget Requests (3 folders)1999-2000
223Community Teacher-Community Schools Project2003
223Computer Acquisition 1999
223Coordinating Council 2003
223Educational Technology Working Group Report 1997
223Forum 11/20/2003
223, 224Government Relations (19 folders) n.d.,1998, 2003
224NU National Council Annual Meeting June 7, 1989
224Preparing Future Faculty Conference 1998
224Presidential Leadership Retreats (6 folders) 1997-2003
224Proposal-Support for a Democratic Transition for Cuba 1998
224Provost's Office Retreats 2001
224Research Analyst Position 1999
224Research and Educational Initiatives Proposals Request (2 folders)2003
224Turkey Visit 1997
224University-Wide Reporting 1998
224Visas 2001
Reference Materials
224General 1989, 1993-1994
224Board of Trustees Long Range Planning Committee 1993-1994
224Office of Research Operations 1989-1991
224Post-Doctoral Education Resources 1998
224Restructuring Proposals (6 folders)n.d., 1991
224Senate Committee on a Two Year College 1991
224Strategic Plans (18 folders)n.d., 1988-1989
224, 225Executive Summaries (4 folders)n.d., 1992-1993
225Implementation (5 folders) n.d., 1993-1995
225Internal Scans 1992
225Task Forces (11 folders)1993
Research Administration Division
225General (7 folders) n.d., 1997-2001
225Academic Computing Advisory Committee (ACAC) (3 folders) n.d., 1997-2000, 2003-2004
225Bonuses 2003
225Budget (4 folders)2002
225COEUS Meeting 2000
225Faculty Senate Briefing 2000
225, 226Faculty Senate Investigations (5 folders) 1993-2003
226Goals and Action Plans (3 folders) 1999-2004
Guide for Principal Investigators
226Managing Your Award (2 folders) n.d., 2001
226Preparing Budgets n.d., 2000
226Preparing Proposals n.d., 2000
226Procedures 2000-2001
226Indirect Costs 1990, 1997
226Institutional Management Practices Committee Report 2003
KPMG Evaluation
226General (3 folders)2002
226Name Change-Bearing Point 2002
226Policies and Procedures (2 folders) 1997-1998
226Position Openings 1997
226, 247Reorganization (5 folders) n.d., 1997-2001
226Research Clusters- Grant and Contract Specialists (2 folders)n.d., 2003-2004
226Retreat 2000
226Service Policies 2000
226Society of Research Administrators 1998-2003
226Unit Goals n.d., 2000
Research and Proposals
226General (7 folders) n.d., 1998-2001, 2003
226Accomplishments (3 folders)1997-2003
226Air Force/CCIS Partnership 2003
226Anti-Terrorism Legislation Compliance2001
226Awards (2 folders) 2000-2009
226 Celera Genome Database Agreement 2001
227Center for Technology Commercialization Contract 1996-1997
Conflict of Interest
227General 2000-2001
227Cases [RESTRICTED] (2 folders) 2000
227Compliance Certification 1999-2000
227Policy and Procedures 1998-2001
227Corporate Proposal Budget Plans 2000
227Department of Defense Security Clearance 2003
External Funding
227General (2 folders)1997-2000
227Agreement Policies and Proceduresn.d., 2001
227Alion Contract 2003-2004
227Beckman Foundation Scholars Program 1999
227Casey Foundation (2 folders) 2002-2003
227Department of Health and Human Services Audit (3 folders)1993-1994, 1996, 2002-2004
227DIA (Develop Innovate Advance) Foundation Proposal 2003
227Luftkin Foundation 2004
227Massachusetts Technology Collaborative: Fund Matching 2004
227National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH): Summer Stipends Program 2004
227National Institute of Health (NIH) (2 folders) n.d., 2002-2004
227Nellie Mae Education Foundation n.d.
227Sun Microsystems Grant Program 2002
227Undergraduate Research n.d., 2001-2002
227United Technologies Corporation 2002
227Financial Management System 2002, 2004
227Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 1999
227Inertial Optical Technology Applications Inc. (IOTA) Partnership (3 folders)1998
227Intellectual Infrastructure: The Research Universities' Role in the Development of the Boston Area (3 folders)2001-2003
Intellectual Property
227Patents (2 folders)1999
227Law School Proposal 2002
Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
227General 2004
227Technology Road Map and Strategic Alliances Study Work Group 2003
227Matchmates 2002
227Minority Access Inc. 2003
Misconduct in Scholarship and Research
227Policy (2 folders)2000-2002
227Regulations and Ethics 2002-2004
227Responsible Conduct 2000-2002
227Scientific Misconduct (2 folders)1991-1995, 1997-2000
227Nanotechnology Research Brochure 2004
227National Conference on the Advancement of Research 1996
227National Council for Science and the Environment 1999, 2003
227National Council of University Research Administrators1997-1998, 2002
227National Industrial Security Program 2001
227Peterson's Award for Innovation in Promoting an Inclusive Graduate Community 2005
227Physical Sciences Incorporated Visit 1997
227Proposals Match Cost Sharing 2001
227Proposals Submitted 2001-2002
228REALAN Group 1998-1999
228Research and Scholarship Development Fund 2002
228Research Communications Plans2003-2004
228Research Notice Newsletters 1998-2002
228Royalties 2000-2001
228Spectroscopies in Novel Superconductors Conference 1997
228Stem Cell Research Support 2003
228Strategic Directions for Research at Northeastern (5 folders)2002
228Strategic Taskforce on Research 1993, 1997, 1998
228University-Industry Cooperative Research License Agreements (2 folders) 1988, 1998
228Universities Research Association, Inc. (2 folders)1997-2002
162Research Centers and Institutes
162,188, 228General (13 folders)n.d., 1996-2002
162Advanced Scientific Computation Center2001
162, 228Barnett Institute (3 folders)1997-2004
162Biotechnology Initiative1999-2002
228Bouvé Health Data Analysis Research Center 2004
228Budgets (3 folders)n.d., 2001-2003
228Center Descriptions n.d.
228Center for Community Health, Education, Research and Service 2003-2004
228Center for Comparative Democracy (3 folders) 1996-2002
228Center for Drug Discovery 2002
228Center for Effective University Teaching (CEUT)1997-2000
228Center for Information Engineering n.d., 1997
228Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Complex Systems (2 folders) 1996-1998
228, 229Center for Nanomanufacturing and Microcontamination (3 folders)2001-2004
229Center for Labor Market Studies (2 folders)2002-2003
162, 229Center for the Study of Sport in Society (2 folders)1998-1999
Center for Sub-Surface Sensing and Imaging Systems (CenSSIS)
229General (8 folders) 1999-2004
229Agreements 2000-2001
229Cost Match 1999-2000
229Site Visits (6 folders) 2000-2005
229Space 2001
229Support 1998-1999
229Center in Hearing, Speech, and Language 1985-1986, 1997
229Communication and Digital Signaling Processing (CDSP) Center for Research and Graduate Studies (2 folders) 1997-2004
229Community Outreach Partnership Center 1997-1999
229Cultural and Arts Policy Research Institute2000
229Disability Resource Center n.d.
Egan Research Center
229General 1999-2001
229Final Project Impact Report (3 folders)1994
Engineering Research Centers
229General (4 folders) n.d., 1997-1999, 2002
229“A Project History of the Engineering Science Center” (2 folders)1993
230Cost Match 1998-1999
230Partner Agreements (2 folders)1997
162External Review of Proposals2002
230Faculty Hiring Policies 2004
162, 230Institute on Race and Justice (3 folders) 2000-2004
230Institution on Civic Education 2003
230Marine Science Center (2 folders) n.d., 2001-2004
230Membership Fees 2001
230NASA: University Research, Engineering, and Technology Institutes2001
230Policies and Procedures (4 folders) 1996-2001
230Interdisciplinary Programs and Centers (2 folders)n.d., 2001-2002
162, 230General(3 folders) 2000-2002
230Advanced Scientific Computation Center 2000-2004
230Center for Detector Sciences (CDS) (2 folders) n.d., 1996-1998
230Center for Innovation in Urban Education 1997
230Center for the Protection for the Built Environment 2000
230Center for the Study of Conflict and Violence 1998
230Center for Urban and Regional Policy1999, 2004
230Center for Urban Environmental Studies 2003
230Domestic Violence Institute (3 folders) 1996-1999
230Ferrite Center 2004
230Geographic Information Systems Research Facility 2003
230High Performance Computing Center at Northeastern University 1999
230Homeland Security Investigation Resma Center 2003
230Institute for Complex Scientific Software 2001-2002
230Institute for Critical Gender and Ethnic Studies 2003-2004
230Institute for Global Innovation Management 2002-2003
230Institute for Security and Public Policy2003
230Institute on Network and Pervasive Computing n.d., 2001
230Institute on Urban Health Research n.d., 2001-2004
230International Human Rights Center2001
230Pre-proposals 2001-2002
230T3 Multi-Media Training Center n.d., 1993-1996
230Technology Application Center 1996
230Publicity 2003
Research Funding Proposals
230General (3 folders) n.d., 1998-2001
231College of Business Administration: Institute for Global Competitiveness in the Innovation Economy (2 folders)2001
231College of Criminal Justice: Race and Justice Institute 2001
231College of Engineering: Electronic Materials Research (2 folders) n.d., 2001-2003
231College of Engineering: NanoManufacturing Research Institute (2 folders)2001
Research Institute Proposals
231Burroughs-Wellcome 2000
231Deans Comments 2001
231Entrepreneurship Institute 2000
231External Reviews (2 folders) n.d., 2000-2002
231Materials Research Institute Proposal n.d., 2001
231Practical Particle Physics Institute 2000
231Proposal Requests 2002
231Public Health Advocacy Institute 2001
231Research Council Reviews (2 folders)n.d., 2001-2002
231Research Council Summaries 2001
231Reviews, Recommendations, Comments 2000-2002
231Whittier Street Neighborhood Health Center 1999
231World History Center 1996-2000
Research Directors
231General (2 folders) 2001-2002
231Meetings (4 folders) n.d., 2001- 2003
Research Faculty
162, 231General (2 folders)n.d.
231Distinguished Research Fellow Program 2003
231Faculty Grant Awards: Comparative Summary 1993-2003
231Policy Proposals (2 folders) n.d., 2001-2004
231Principle Investigators Booklet 2003
231Research Reports Publication n.d., 2003-2004
162Research Summit1999
162, 231Research Support (2 folders)1999, 2001
231Risk Assessment 2001
231Roxbury Community College Partnership 1998
231Science and Technology Initiative Advisory Committee 2004
231Appointment Letters Policies 2001
231Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education 2002
188Contract and Licensing Specialist1997-1998
231Dean of Libraries 2000
231Director of International Programs1997
Division of Research Development Director
231General 1999
246Director Search Letters 1999
188Division of Sponsored Programs Administration Director1997-1998
231Grant and Contract Specialists 2003
231Industrial Relations Director-Position Content Document 1997
246“PCD Form Templates” (Position Content Document) 1996-1997
246PCD's (Position Content Documents) (2 disks) n.d.
231Position Content Document n.d.
231Provost 2002
188Technology Transfer Director1997
231Board Materials 1996-1999
231Candidates (3 folders)1997-1998
246Discussion Notes on Addendum and Offer Letter [RESTRICTED] 1999
246Offer and Addendum (2 disks) [RESTRICTED]1999
246Offer Letter [RESTRICTED]1998
231Pay Incentives (2 folders)n.d., 1998-1999
231, 232Tony Pirri: Compensation (2 folders) [RESTRICTED]n.d., 1999
232Tony Pirri: Materials (3 folders) [RESTRICTED]1998-1999
232Tony Pirri: Offer Letter and Addendum [RESTRICTED]1999
232Vice Provost for Distributed Learning and International Initiatives n.d.
232Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education 2003
232Vice President of Co-operative Education (2 folders) 2003
Semester Conversion
232General n.d., 1998, 2002
232Academic Policies2001-2003
232Adviser's Handbook 2002
232Student Handbook 2000
232Student Response Form 1998
Space Allocations, Planning, Utilization
210, 232General (4 folders)n.d., 1997-2004
210, 232Backfill (2 folders) 2002
232Behrakis Building 2001
232Bonds 2001
210, 232Bouvé (2 folders) n.d., 2003
232Building F2002-2003
232Classrooms 2003
232College of Arts and Sciences (8 folders)2002-2004
232College of Engineering (3 folders)2002-2004
232Computer Science Building n.d., 2001
232Criminal Justice 2002-2003
232Egan Building 1998-2002
232Lake Hall 2000
210, 232Law School (3 Folders)2001-2004
210Master Plans 1998
232Mugar Building 2002
232Nightingale Hall 2001
232Policies and Procedures (3 folders) 2001-2003
210, 232Research Administration Requests (2 folders)2001-2002
232, 233Space Committee (6 folders) 2000-2003
233Utilization Audits Results 2002
233Spam Filtering Focus Group 2003
Strategic Planning
233Implementation 1996-1997
233Strategic Planning for Research Institutes 2002
233General n.d.
233Alumni Survey 2002-2003
233Department of Residence Life 1998
233McNair Scholars Program (2 folders)1999-2003
233Mentoring n.d., 2000, 2003
233Parents and Family Advisory Board 1997
233Perceptions of Course Difficulty 1999
233Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 1996-2002
233Workload and Demands 2000
Technology Transfer
162,188, 233General (13 folders)n.d., 1996-2004
233Beckman Coulter Audit 2002
233CereMedix Correspondence 2001
233Company Presentation n.d., 1997
233Data n.d., 1998
233Incentive Agreements (2 folders) n.d.1997-2002
233Jarg Corporation 1998
233Massa Products Corporation [RESTRICTED]2003
233President's Task Force on Technology Transfer Report (3 folders)1997
233Problems (2 folders)1998, 2000
233Reimbursements 2001
233Six Month Report 2000
233Space 1998
233Sunkyong Company 1997
233Taskforce (2 folders)n.d., 1989, 1996
233Technology Incubator Plan (2 folders) 2002-2003
233Website 2000
Telecommunications Advisory Committee
233General 1997
233Telecom City University Consortium 1997-1999
Tuition, Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships
233General (4 folders) 1996-2005
233Assistantship Award Letter [RESTRICTED]2001
234Externally Funded Graduate Assistantships2000
234Fulbright Scholars 2000
234General Electric Fellowship Recipient [Restricted] 1998
234Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) (3 folders)1999-2004
234Graduate Assistants Unionization n.d.
234Graduate Student Assistantship Handbook (2 folders)1998-1999
234Northeastern University Teaching Assistantships (NUTAs) (5 folders) 1997-2003
234PhD. Student Financial Services 2002
234Physics Students Pay Raise Request 2001
234Presidential Response to Student Government Resolution 2000
234Presidents Excellence Fund 2002
234Provost's Graduate Fellowship to Enhance Diversity 1998
234Quarter Hours Budgeted 1998
234Stipended Graduate Assistantships (2 folders) 1999-2002
234Tuition Remission 2002
234Tuition Support Proposals 2001
234Tuition Waiver Usage 2000
162, 234Undergraduate Research (2 folders)1998-1999, 2004
162Unit Goals2000
188Universities Research Association1997-1998
234University Parent Organization Three Year Plann.d.
University Planning Council Committee
234General 1998-1999
234Enrollment and Resource Plan (3 folders) 1997, 1998
234University Goals Assessment 2002
234University Relations Organizational Chart 2001
234University Retreat 2000
234University Technology Council (2 folders)2003-2004
234Urban Outreach Council: “UrbaNPartners” 2004
234U.S. Department of Energy Vice President/Vice Provost Meeting 2002
234U.S. General Services Administration Application 2004
188Vice Provost1993-1996
234Group Meetings (2 folders) 2002-2003
B. Research and Scholarship Development Fund
84-85, 166General (8 folders)1979-1991
Advisory Committee
85, 235General (5 folders)1985-1988, 2004
85Permanent File1986-1987
85Type B Reports for Review1987-1988
85Evaluation Committee1989-1990
85Guidelines1980, 1987-1988
85Response Letters (2 folders)1984-1991
85Permanent File1981-1989
235Programs (4 folders)2000-2003
85Alphabetical (88 folders)1983-1985
86, 235, 236Chronological (34 folders)1981-1991, 2004, 2006
C. Research Council
86-87, 162, 166, 188, 236General (25folders)1978-2003
87, 188, 236Membership (10 folders)1984-2002
236Reorganization 2003
87Reports (3 folders)1978-1983
236Research and Sponsored Projects Enhancements Committee1997
236Special Committee on Y2K Problems1999
D. Graduate Council
87-88, 188, 236, 247General (34 folders)n.d., 1956-2003
Ad Hoc Committee
88on the Establishment of a University Graduate Curriculum Committee1987
88on Graduate Degree Designations1983-1986
88on Undergraduate Course Content of Graduate Programs1988
88on a Uniform Credit System1984
88Annual Reports (2 folders)1982-1988
88Budget Reports (3 folders)1985-1988
88-89, 188, 237, 247-248Bylaws (16 folders)n.d., 1985,1994-1998, 2000-2004
Certificate Programs
237, 248General (6 folders)1994-1999, 2001-2002
248Advanced Graduate Study in Writing 1984
248Bio-Informatics 2000
248Cinema Studies 1994-1996
248College of Business Administration 1995
248Early Intervention 1996-1998
248Human Resource Management and Banking 1995
248Information Resource Management 1995
248Knowledge Management 2000
248Logistics and Transportation Management1996
248Non-Profit Management 1999
248School Reform1997-1999
248Service Industry Security 1999
248Sports Management 1998
248Strategic Internet Management1999
248University College (2 folders)1999, 2003-2004
248Women's Studies 1997
248Correspondence (2 folders)1992-1994
Executive Committee
89, 237, 248General (6 folders)1972, 1988-1989, 1997-2002
248Annual Reports 1987-1997
89, 188, 237, 248-249Minutes and Agendas (28 folders)1983-1989, 1993-1999, 2001-2004
Faculty Senate
249Graduate Admissions Resolution 1997
237Graduate and Professional Research Programs 1998
249Graduate Council: History 1966, 1985, 1992, 1995
249Graduate Curriculum and Academic Policies Transition Committee (2 folders) 2000-2003
249Graduate Program Evaluation Working Group (4 folders)1993-1998
237Graduate Student Database n.d., 1999-2001
237Graduate Student Services 1998-1999
89Guidelines for Self-Study Reportsn.d.
237Health Insurance for Graduates 2001
249Joint Undergraduate-Graduate Review Committee 1992-1993
89M.S./CAGS Committee1977-1979
89, 249Members (7 folders)1979-2000
89, 188, 249-250Minutes and Agenda (34 folders)1980-2005
New Programs Committee (NPC)
89, 188, 237, 250General (12 folders)1984-2005
89Activity Charts1985-1990
89Annual Report1980
237Applied Economics 2001-2002
237Biochemistry 1990
89Biomedical Science M.S.1982-1983
89Board of Trustees, Program Proposals1985-1986
90, 250Cardiopulmonary Science, Perfusion Technology (3 folders)1994
College of Business
90Business Administration1992-1993
250Fast Track MBA 1993-1994
250Part Time MBA 1995-1996
92, 250Taxation M.S. (3 folders)n.d., 1992-1993
90Computer Education CAGS1983
90Computer Science M.S.
90, 250General (4 folders)1984, 1986-1987, 1997-1999
90Imaging Concentration1992
90, 250Computer Science Ph.D. (3 folders)1985-1987
90, 250Computer Systems Engineering M.S. (2 folders)n.d., 1985-1986
Counseling Psychology
90, 250Ph.D. (3 folders)1985-1989
90Applied Behavioral Analysis Program Transfer1991
90College Student Personnel Work and Counseling1992
90Human Resource Counseling1987-1988
90School Psychology (2 folders)1989-1993
250Applied Physics and Engineering 1999-2000
90Civil Engineering, Changes in Environmental Engineering Curriculum1987-1988
90Civil Engineering Name Change1982-1983
91Industrial Engineering and Information Systems Ph.D.1984
91Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics and Design M.S.1987-1988
90, 237, 250English, Ph.D. (6 folders) [2 folders Restricted]1988-1998
90, 250Finance, Master of Science (4 folders)1992-1995
251Health Policy and Management Programs1996-1997
90Health Professions, Master of (3 folders)1983
90High Technology Master of Business Administration1981
90-91, 251History Ph.D. (6 folders) [1 folder Restricted]1990-1998
91Human Services Specialist CAGS1987-1988
91Industrial Engineering and Information Systems Ph.D.1984
91Information Systems 1982
251Interdisciplinary Programs1997
91, 251Journalism (M.A. Journalism) (2 folders)1984-1985, 1999-2000
91Language Acquisition and Language Disorder CAGS1983
Law, Policy, and Society Ph.D.
91, 251General (2 folders)1981-1989
251Indonesian 1998
251Information Technology1999
91Minutes (2 folders)1986-1989
251Neuroscience (3 folders)1998-2000
91, 251Administration Specialization M.S. (3 folders)1990, 1995
91, 251Anesthesia Program M.S. (2 folders)n.d., 1992
91M.S. (4 folders)1986-1988
91New Courses1993
91R.N. to M.S. Program (2 folders)1992-1994
91, 251Operations Research M.S. (2 folders)1993-1994
91Pharmacology Ph.D.1977
91Pharmacy B.S./Pharm.D. Tracking Program1991-1993
Physical Therapy
91-92Proposal (4 folders)1988
92Proposed Curriculum (2 folders)1988
251Physician Assistant Program1984-1987, 1995-1998
251Political Science, Ph.D.1993-1994
251Public and International Affairs: PhD.1994
92Public Works M.S.1987
92Recreation, Sport, and Fitness Management M.S. (4 folders)1986
92Rehabilitation Administration1988-1990
92Rehabilitation Counseling M.S.1986-1987
92School Adjustment Counseling, M.Ed.1987-1988
251School Counseling and Psychology (3 folders) [1 folder Restricted]1989-1993
251Special Education: Master's Degree1992
92, 251Speech, Language, Pathology, and Audiology(2 folders)1981-1992, 1996
Teaching Masters Programs
251General (2 folders)1987-1989
92Teaching, Middle School and High School1994
92Technical and Professional Writing, Master of 1984
251Telecommunications Systems Management (2 folders)1999-2000
251Transportation Program n.d.
92Writing M.A.1987
92Outline for Proposals to Establish a New Graduate Program1988
246“Pres. Memo to Graduate Council” 1998
251Program Issues1999-2000
Program Review Committee (PRC)
92, 237, 251General (13 folders)1990-2005
92, 237Accreditation Materials (4 folders)1983-1987, 1998
93Activity Charts1985-1991
251Adult and Continuing Education1997
93Annual Reports1983-1987
251Approved Program Reviews2000-2004
93, 251Biology (5 folders)1983, 1989-1992
93, 251-252Biomedical Science (6 folders)1986-1988, 1990-1996
93Boston Bouvé1992
252Pharmacy Plan1993-1994
93, 252Chemistry (5 folders)1986-1990, 1995-1997
94, 252Clinical Exercises (3 folders)1993-1995
College of Arts and Sciences
252Five Year Plan1990
College of Business
93, 237, 252Business Administration (5 folders)1993,1995-1996, 2004
252Professional Accounting (2 folders)n.d., 1998-1999
252Self-Study Report (3 folders)1997
94, 252Computer Science (2 folders)1991-1993
237, 252Computer Systems Engineering (2 folders)1996, 2004
94, 237, 252Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation, and Special Education (8 folders)n.d.,1986-1991, 1996, 1990-2000, 2003-2004
94, 252Criminal Justice (4 folders)1985-1990, 1996
94, 237, 252Economics (14 folders)1983, 1985-1995, 2001-2002
94, 252Education (5 folders)1987-1996
Eliminating Programs
237, 252Anthropology (2 folders)1997
252News Media Management1997
93, 237, 252Chemical Engineering (7 folders)1986-1992, 2004
93, 252-253Civil Engineering (10 folders)1985-1987, 1993-1995
94, 253Electrical and Computer Engineering (6 folders)1988-1991, 1993-1996
94Electrical Engineering1974
95, 237, 253Industrial Engineering and Information Systems (3 folders)1991-1993, 2004
253Lowell Institute
96, 237, 253Mechanical Engineering (9 folders)1986-1990, 1994-1996, 2004
253Research Centers Reports 2000
94-95, 237, 253English (10 folders)n.d., 1984-1992, 1994, 1998-1999, 2003
95, 253Health Professions (3 folders) 1990-1992, 1994
95Health, Sport, and Leisure Studies (3 folders)1985-1987
95, 237, 253History (11 folders)1986-1992, 1995-1996, 2004
95, 253Hospital Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy (4 folders)1986-1991
253Hospital Planning1990
95, 237Industrial Engineering and Information Systems (2 folders)1991-1993, 2004
237Interdisciplinary Programs Review n.d., 2001
95, 237, 253Journalism (5 folders)1989-1992, 19942001-2002
95, 253Law, Policy, and Society (7 folders)1988-1994
95-96, 253Mathematics (9 folders)1980-1996
96Minutes (2 folders)1981-1989
96, 253Nursing (3 folders)1989-1992, 1998-1999
96, 253Pharmacy (2 folders) 1986, 1995-1996
96Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions1991
96Physical Therapy (4 folders)1985-1986
237, 253Physician Assistant Program (2 folders)1998, 2002
96, 253-254Physics (7 folders)1980-1989, 1991, 1995-1998
97, 254Political Science (4 folders)1985-1996
97, 254Psychology (7 folders)1983, 1985-1991
237Public and International Affairs 1999, 2002
97Recreation, Sport, and Fitness, Program Elimination1993
97, 254Schedule (2 folders)1985, 1993-1997
97, 254Sociology/Anthropology (6 folders)1983-1984, 1989-1992
97Speech, Language, Pathology, and Audiology1991-1992
97Suspension Procedure1987
Task Force
97on Graduate Curriculum Committee1982-1988
97on Graduate Education1987
97on Graduate Faculty Classification1983-1984
97on New Venture in Graduate Education1982-1984
254Teaching Masters Programs (4 folders)1994-1998
92, 237, 254Proposal Forms and Guidelines (4 folders) 1987-1990, 1998-2002
E. Division of Research Development
238General (4 folders)n.d., 1998-2004
Academic Departments Subject Files
Bouvé College of Health and Sciences
238General 2001-2003
238Counseling and Applied Education Psychology Department 2001
238Faculty n.d.
238Nursing 2003-2004
238Pharmacy and Speech Language Pathology 2001-2004
College of Arts and Sciences
238Biology 2005
238Chemistry n.d., 2004
238Education (2 folders) n.d., 2000-2002
238History 1999
238Interdisciplinary Programs: Biotechnology 1998-1999
238Math 2004-2005
238Physics n.d., 2000
238College of Business Administration 1999-2000
238College of Computer and Information Science 2001-2003
College of Engineering
238General (2 folders)n.d., 1998-1999
238Civil and Environmental Engineering 2004
238Electrical and Computer Engineering (2 folders)n.d., 1999-2004
238Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering 1998-1999, 2001-2003
238School of Engineering Technology 2000-2004
238Department of Cooperative Education 2003
238Activity Report 2000
238Benchmarking (5 folders) n.d., 1998-2002
238Cost Sharing 2000
238Fiscal Year 2005 Report 2005
238Five Year Budget Model 2001
238Invoice Correspondence 2000-2001
238Justification and Funding 2000-2003
238Year One Proposal Budget 1998
238Council of Graduate Schools: Academic Review of Graduate Programsn.d., 1993-1996
238Division of Research Management Procedure Manual1991
Division of Sponsored Project Administration (DSPA)
238American Association for the Advancement of Science Research (AAAS) and Development 2000
238Budget Appropriation1998
238Monthly Proposals and Projects Exceeding One Year Duration (3 folders)1999-2000
238Semi-Annual Summary Report of Sponsored Projects (2 folders) 2000-2001
External Funding
238Analysis of Academic Year 1999-2000 1999-2000
238Annual Report on External Support for Research and Research-Related Activities (4 folders) 1998-2003
239Presidential Presentation on External Funding2000-2001
239Strategies for Increasing Programmatic External Support n.d.
239Faculty Salary Incentive (18 folders) n.d., 1993, 2002-2005
239Funded Research Presentation 2001
239Handbook 1999-2000
239Sabbaticals 1989
239Senate Committee on Support Services1999
239Summer Pay Request [RESTRICTED]2004
239Works by NU Faculty 2010
Federal Earmarks
239General 2003
239Congressional 2002-2003
239Enhancing Federal Funding2003
239Process 2003
239Proposals (4 folders)2003
239Security and Public Policy 2003
239Goals and Action Plans (3 folders) n.d.,1999-2004
239Human Resources Department (HRD) n.d., 1999
239Imeh D. Ebong-Division of Research Development Director 1999
239Correspondence and Memos (3 folders)1999-2005
239Institutional Research: Departmental Profiles (2 folders) 1997-1998
Institutional Self-Study
239General 1998
239Annualized Research Funding 1998
239Carnegie Classification 1998
239The Connected Community: A Strategic Plan for Northeastern's Second Century 1994
239Facts and Figures Report1998
239Faculty and Staff Funding Summary1998
239Implementation Advisory Committee for the Strategic Plan 1996
239Report Chapters1998
239Laurence Mucciolo, Senior Vice President Administration and Finance 1999-2000, 2003-2004
239Library 2000
Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
239, 240General (5 folders) n.d.,1997-2000
240Advisory Committee n.d., 2005
240External Correspondence 1998-1999
240Participation Retention Plan n.d.
240Review 2000
240Northeastern University Scholarship & Technology Expo (2 folders) 2000, 2002
240NSF/NIH Day-Federal Funding Conference (2 folders)2002
240Presidential Initiatives 1999-2000
240Reception Honoring Principle Investigators 2003
240Research Administration n.d., 1998-2001
240Research Council Correspondence 1999
240Research Director Meetings 2001
Research Grants, Proposals, and Reports
240General (2 folders)1999,2005
240Awards Reports (5 folders) n.d., 1996-2002
240Biology Funded Research Report 1998-2001
240Principle Investigatorsn.d.
240General n.d., 2001-2002, 2004
240Advanced Training for Minorities in Science (ATOMS) 1999-2000
240Breast Cancer & Cardiovascular Disease, William Hancock 2005
240Collaborative Research: Robust Interactive Web Services, Matthias Felleisen 2003
240Dopamine Effects on Substantia Nigra Neurons, Barbara Waszczak 2002
240Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) (2 folders) 1999-2003
240Initiative on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, Martha Davis2005
240Instantaneous Bio-Aerosol Detector Systems, Roger Giese n.d., 2005
240Investigating Word of Mouth and Buzz marketing Communication Practices-Walter J Carl n.d., 2004
240Molecular Analysis of Neuronal Death- Ya Fang Liu2000
National Science Foundation (NSF)
240Advanced Technology Education2000
240Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate 2000
240Graduate Department Statistical Tables for NSF Grant n.d.
240Human and Social Dynamics, Marcus Breen 2005
240Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship 1999-2003
240International Research and Education 2004-2005
240Limited Submissions (3 folders) 2003-2005
240Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) (2 folders) n.d., 2001-2003
240Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams (NIRT) 2005-2006
240Research Expenditures 2003, 2005
241Vertical Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences (VIGRE) 2002
241Nativity Status and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Access to Quality Housing, Samantha Friedman n.d., 2004-2005
241Preventative Maintenance Scheduling for Critical Parts of Aircrafts-E. Melachrinoudis 1999
241Research on Education Finance, Leadership, and Management, Ralph Edwards n.d., 2004
241Roxbury Community College: The Boston Empowerment Zone Bio-Technology Project n.d., 2000
241Safer Oxygen Therapy for Irradiated Lung, Jon Buras 2004
241Proposal Processing Forms1999-2000
Proposal Requests
241Department of Defense: Autism 2004
241Department of Education: Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE)2002
241Department of Health and Human Services: Public Health Tracking 2005
241National Institute of Justice: Data Analysis 2005
241Peterson's Award for Innovation2005
Research Centers and Institutes
241General (2 folders) 2002
241Biotechnology Center (2 folders) n.d., 2004
241Centers for Medical Countermeasures Against Radiation- Michail Sitkovsky2005
241Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) Proposal: Center for Practice Oriented Education2003
National Institute for Health (NIH)
241EXPORT Center n.d., 2005
National Science Foundation (NSF)
241Center for Microcontamination Control (CMC)2001-2003
241Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems (CenSSIS) (5 folders) 1998-2000
241Engineering Research Centers (5 folders) n.d., 1999-2000
241Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRC) 2004
Research Scholarship and Development Funds
Provost Grant Applications
241General (9 folders) 1998-2005
241Arts and Humanities (2 folders) 1998-1999, 2005
241, 242Professional and Clinical (6 folders) 1998-1999, 2004-2005
242Science and Engineering (4 folders) 1998-1999, 2004-2005
242Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 folders) 2000-2003, 2005
242Unsuccessful Applications (2 folders) 1999-2002
242Research and Scholarship Expo 2008
242Table of Contents Grant Form2004
242Roxbury Preparatory Pathway to Math and Science 2002
242Cooperative Senior Director of Strategy and Research 2005
242Sponsored Projects-Post Award Study Team (PAST) 1999
242Steinberg, Howard, Research and Development Officer (Zip Disk)n.d., 2000-2003
242Strategic Plans 2000-2001
242Technology Transfer Projections n.d.
242Unit Evaluation Forms 2000
242University Access Taskforce Final Report1999
242University of Rhode Island Partnership (3 folders) n.d., 1994, 1998-1999
242Washington D.C. Trips (DRD and College of Engineering) (7 folders) 2000-2005
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5. Faculty Affairs, 1955-2008
Volume:50.20 cubic ft.

Organized into 3 subseries: A. Subject Files, B. Grievances, and C. Tenure. Subseries A is divided into 6 groups that reflect an original order. Subseries B is arranged alphabetically, then chronologically. Subseries C is arranged alphabetically.


Subseries A. Subject Files consist of 10 sub-groups organized either by time period or creator. For the first 6 groups (Section 1: 1979-1986; Section 2: 1985-1993; Section 3: Daryl Hellman, Colleges and Departments 1988-1992; Section 4: Daryl Hellman, Colleges and Departments 1992-1993; Section 5: Daryl Hellman, Colleges and Departments 1993-1994; and Section 6: Daryl Hellman, Subjects), the original order of the documents has been preserved. Faculty Affairs materials from David Hall's tenure (1998-2000), Patricia Meservey's tenure (1998-2004), and Ahmed Abdelal's tenure (2002-2008) are included after Hellman's files. They are organized under each respective creator and then alphabetically. Due to the nature of the documents, the dates in the date column may be referring to a fiscal year, academic year, or calendar year depending on the documents themselves.

Subseries A also includes records relating to the administration of faculty matters, including leaves of absence, sabbaticals, evaluation and merit policies, and dean and chair searches. Programs such as the Instructional Development Fund, the Excellence in Teaching Awards, Distinguished Professor Awards, Faculty Development Fund, and Minority Faculty Development Fund are also documented here. Hellman's files also contain documentation of the minority recruitment and retention efforts of the late 1980s and 1990s. In addition to faculty related records, Patricia Meservey's files include non-faculty budgetary, enrollment, and subject files.

Subseries B: Grievances include correspondence, memoranda, and minutes contained in this subseries that record individual faculty grievance cases. These files are restricted for 75 years from the date of creation.

Subseries C: Tenure records include the correspondence and minutes of the Tenure and Promotions Committee and the Board of Trustees Committee on Academic Affairs. Evaluations and tenure dossiers are also included here. These records are restricted for 75 years from the date of creation.

A. Subject Files
97Academic Computer Center Search Committee1980
97African American Studies: Chair Search1979-1980
97Arts and Sciences1982-1983
97Biology Department: Chair Search1979-1980
97Program Evaluation Task Force1981
97Reorganization Committee1982-1983
Business Administration
97Dean Search (2 folders)1980-1983
Chemical Engineering
97Chair Search1980-1981
Civil Engineering
98Chair Search1980-1981
Computer Science
98Faculty (2 folders)1982-1983
98Faculty Hiring (2 folders)1986
98Kallaghan, Dean Paul M.1982-1983
98Cooperative Education (2 folders)1982-1983
98Criminal Justice: Dean Search1980-1981
98Day Care: Director Search1978
188Early Retirement1983-1986
98Education Administration1978-1980
98Electrical Engineering1982-1983
98Dean Search Committee (2 folders)1979-1980
98Graduate School1982-1983
98English Department: Chair Search1981
166Equity Adjustment1989-1990
Excellence in Teaching
98General (4 folders)1982-1985
98Deans' Letters1984
98Judging Committee1983-1984
98Letters from the President1984
98Nominations (4 folders)1983-1985
98Not Awarded1983-1984
98Yes Awards1983-1984
98Faculty Development1981-1982
98Faculty Senate1984
98Fine Arts Director Search1981-1982
98Industrial Engineering1983
Instructional Development Fund
98General (4 folders)1983-1985
98-99Proposals (52 folders)1983-1984
99Chair Search1978-1981
99Leaves of Absence (3 folders)1980-1985
99Lincoln College1982
Mechanical Engineering
99Chair Search (2 folders)1980-1981
99Medical Laboratory Science Program: Director Search1980-1981
99Merit Distribution Procedures1979
99Music Department: Chair Search1978-1979
99Pharmacy: Director Search1980-1982
99Philosophy and Religion Department: Chair Search1980
99Physical Therapy Department: Chair Search1978-1980
99Physics Department: Chair Search1981
99-100Promotions (12 folders)1982-1984
100Psychology: Chair Search1979-1982
100Computer Science1984
100Leave (10 folders)1979-1984
100Scholarships: Harry S. Truman (5 folders)1979-1986
100Speech Communications: Chair Search1980-1981
100Sponsored Programs: Director Search1980-1982
100Student Affairs: Dean Search1980
188Tenure Guidelines1975-1980
University College
100Dean Search1979-1980
100Dental Assistant Program1981-1983
100University Planning Committee1981-1986
188Visiting Faculty1979-1985
100-101Distinguished Professor (23 folders)1981-1994
101Distinguished Visitors1986
101Ell Scholars: Faculty Advisor 1985-1989
101-102Excellence in Teaching (21 folders)1981-1988
102Faculty Merit and Evaluation Policies1986-1991
102Faculty Titles and Position Descriptions1985
102Leaves of Absence (11 folders)1980-1993
102Memoranda (Originals)1987-1989
102Opening Week/Orientation1988
102Arts and Sciences (3 folders)1991
102Boston Bouvé1991
102Business Administration1991
102Computer Science1991
103Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences1991
103Leaves (68 folders)1985-1993
103Leaves of Absence Logs (3 folders)1987-1992
103Planning Workshop (2 folders)1989, 1992
103Scholarship Days1987-1988
Daryl Hellman, Colleges and Departments 1988-1992
Arts and Sciences
103Bailey, Ron (2 folders)n.d., 1988
African American Studies
103General (2 folders)1989-1992
103American Sign Language Program1989-1992
104Art and Architecture1988-1992
104Barnett Institute1989, 1992
104Krull, Ira1988-1989
104Viola Grievance1989-1991
104Chair Search1989-1990
104Chair Search1990
104Graham, Maryemma1991-1992
104Lee, Constance1991
104Westlund, Joseph1990-1991
104Director Search1991-1992
104Ferrarini, Elizabeth1990-1991
104Law, Policy, and Society1989-1991
104Marine Science Center1990-1991
104Chair Search1989
104Modern Languages1988-1989
104General (2 folders)1988-1992
104Chair Search1992
104Performing and Visual Arts, Division of1991
Philosophy and Religion
104Chair Search1990-1991
Political Science
104Chair Search1989-1991
104Dickson Grievance1991
104Mahut, Helen1990-1991
Sociology and Anthropology
104Chair Search1989-1990
Speech Communication
104Chair Search1989-1990
Theatre and Dance
104Moran, James1991
Women's Studies
104Center for the Study of Gender and Social Change1990
104-105General (3 folders)1988-1992
105Chair Search1988
105Human Services1989
Physical Therapy
105Chair Search1988-1990
105Hantzis, Peter1991
105Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Chair Search1988-1990
105Bouvé /Pharmacy Merger (2 folders)1991-1992
Business Administration
105General (2 folders)1989-1992
105Greenwood, Allen1992-1993
105Klein, Saul1992
105Ruland, Robert1991-1992
105Saunders, Edward, M.1991
Computer Science
105Dean Search1988-1991
Continuing Education
105Center for Family Business1991-1992
Cooperative Education
105General (8 folders)1989-1992
105Dean Search1992
105Vice President Search1990
Criminal Justice
105Dean Search1991-1992
106General (3 folders)1989-1992
106Gregory, Constantine1989-1990
106Mourant, Ronald R.1991-1992
106Staknis, Mark1991
106Wang, Wego1988-1990
106Engineering, Industrial: Chair Search1988-1990
106Engineering, Mechanical: Chair Search1989-1990
106Law (3 folders)1989-1992
106General (3 folders)1989-1992
106Dean Search1988-1989
Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
106General (3 folders)1989-1992
106Acting Dean1988
106Dean Search1989
106Full Professor Promotion Committee1991-1992
106Medical Laboratory Science: Director Search1988-1989
106Pharmacy: Director Search1988-1989
University College
106General (3 folders)1988-1992
106Committee to Assess the Organizational Structure of University College/Division of Continuing Education1991
106“Write Place”1991
Daryl Hellman, Colleges and Departments 1992-1993
Arts and Sciences
107African American Studies1992-1993
107American Sign Language1992
107Art and Architecture1993
107Barnett Institute1991-1993
107English (2 folders)1992-1993
107Fine Arts1993
107History (2 folders)1992-1993
107Performing and Visual Arts1993
107Philosophy and Religion1992-1993
107Sociology and Anthropology1992-1993
107Speech Communication1993
107Women's Studies1992-1993
107General (2 folders)1992-1993
107Tenure Contracts1991-1992
107Pharmaceutical Sciences1992-1993
107Pharmacy Practice1993
107Psychology, Counseling and Rehabilitation1992-1993
107Physical Therapy1992-1993
107Speech, Language, Pathology, and Audiology1992-1993
Business Administration
107Grievances (2 folders)1991-1993
107Human Resources Group1991-1993
107Computer Science1992-1993
Continuing Education
107General (3 folders)1992-1993
Cooperative Education
107Ad Hoc Tenure Committee1992-1993
107Criminal Justice (2 folders)1991-1993
Electrical and Computer
Industrial and Info Systems
107Grievance (7 folders)1992-1993
108Engineering Technology1993
108Tenure Review (2 folders)1990-1992
University College
108General (3 folders)1992-1993
108Continuing Education1991-1992
108University Libraries1992-1993
Daryl Hellman, Colleges and Departments 1993-1994
Arts and Sciences
108African American Studies1993
108Art and Architecture1993
108Barnett Institute1993-1994
108Center for Innovation in Urban Education1993
108Fine Arts1993
108Human Services1993-1994
108Law, Policy, and Society1993
108Marine Sciences Center1993-1994
108Modern Languages1994
108Philosophy and Religion1993-1994
108Political Sciencesn.d., 1994
108Speech Communication1994
108Women's Studies and Related Issues1992-1994
108Cardiopulmonary Services1994
108Pharmaceutical Sciences1993-1994
108Pharmacy Practice Department1994
108Physical Therapy1993-1994
108Proposed Merger1991-1992
108Psychology, Counseling and Rehabilitation1993-1994
108Quill Grievance1990-1994
Business Administration
109Finance and Insurance Group1993
109Human Resources Group1994
109Management Services Group1992-1994
109Professional Accounting1994
109Computer Science1993
Continuing Education
109Three Year Strategic Plan1993
109Cooperative Education1993-1994
109Criminal Justice1993-1994
109Industrial and Information Systems1993-1994
109University College1993-1994
109University Libraries1993-1994
Daryl Hellman, Subjects1988-1994
109Academic Advisory Committee1992-1993
109Academic Priorities Committee1991-1992
109Academic Specialist1990-1992
109New England Association of Schools and Colleges1992-1993
109Adler, Norm1993-1994
109Advisory Committee (AAC) (2 folders)1993-1994
109Oversight Committee1994
Operations Committee
109-110General (4 folders)1987-1990
110Meeting Minutes1992-1993
110Student Services Task Force1991-1992
110Staff Equity1993-1994
110Affirmative Action Institute1992-1993
110Alternative Freshman Year (AFY)/Development Unit1993
110African American Institute1992-1993
110AIDS Awareness Week1994
110American Association for Higher Education Luncheon1993-1994
110American Association of University Professors (AAUP)1992-1993
110American Council on Education/National Identification Program (ACE/NIP)1991-1992
110Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Accommodation Committee1992-1994
110Appointment Letters1993-1994
110Bellance, Diane1988-1991
110Assessment Teachingn.d.
110Atlantic Union1994
110Black Faculty and Staff Association1991
Board of Trustees
110New Degree Analyses1992
110General (5 folders)1991-1994
110Adjustments (4 folders)1990-1991
110Reduction Plan1993-1994
111Capital Budget/HEFA1990-1991
111Capital Equipment Requests1989-1990
111Celebration of Black Scholarship in New England1992-1993
111Applied Social Research1989-1993
111Electromagnetic Research1989
111College Board Proposal1992
111Columbus Avenue1993-1994
111Community Service/Service Learning1993-1994
111Contributing Committee1987-1992
111Corporate Education Resource1992-1993
111Cost Per Credit Hour1987-1989
111Cultural Diversity Courses/Programs1991
111Deans' Council1991-1994
111Deans' Merit Review1991
111Deans' Strategic Plan Priorities1994
111Disability Resource Center1989-1994
111Dismissal Proceedings1990
111Distinguished Professor Program (12 folders)1991-1994
111Diversity Commission1992
111Diversity Training1992-1994
111Division of Academic Computing1992-1993
111Division of Research Management1989-1994
Early Retirement
111Phase II1990-1993
111Economic Impact of NU. On the Community1987-1991
112Employment Briefings1992
112Endowed Chairs1987-1988
112Enrollment Management1993-1994
112Equity/Salaries (9 folders)1988-1994
112External Programs1992
112Facilities Planning1993
Development Fund
112-114Budget (14 folders)1989-1994
113-114Budget Proposals (38 folders)1879-1994
114Handbook (5 folders)1979-1992
114Professional Activity1993
114Roles and Rewards Conference1993
114Second Mortgage Report1991-1993
114Analysis: New Programs1992
114-115Fulbright Scholar Program (8 folders)1987-1996
115Girl Scout's Leading Women Award1993-1994
115Graduate Student Database1993
115Grievance Procedure Review Committee1991-1992
115Higher Education Data Sharing1993-1994
115HERI Faculty Survey (2 folders)1990-1992
115Hiring Commitments1990-1994
115Holocaust Awareness Week1994
115Housing Proposals (2 folders)1989-1994
115Immigration: VISA's1991-1992
115Implementation Initiatives1994
115Institutional Research (2 folders)1990-1994
115Institutional Audit Department1993
115Student Advisors1990-1991
115Student Office (2 folders)1991-1992
115James Jones Visit1986-1989
115Joint Advisory Board1989-1991
115Joint Advisory Committee1991-1992
115Joint Advisory Council1993-1994
115Kellogg Foundation1994
115Klein Lecture (2 folders)1991-1994
115Labor Certification1989-1992
115Latino Studies1992-1993
116Lesbian/Gay Issues1993-1994
116Lesbian/Gay Symposium, University of Delaware1994
116Management Institute for Women in Higher Education (4 folders)1989-1993
116Manual of Policy and Procedures for Selection Committees1988
116Master Plan1993
116Matthews Distinguished Professor Program Fund1994-1995
116Mathematics (3 folders)1986-1990
116Match Mates (2 folders)1989
116Mellon Foundation1991, 1994
116Memorandum (8 folders)1991-1992
116Merit Procedures1990-1994
116Advisory Group (2 folders)1988-1990
116And Women Doctoral Directories1993-1994
116-117Articles/Data (2 folders)1989-1992
117Faculty Candidates1989
117Faculty Development Fund
117General (3 folders)1989-1990
117-118Proposals (53 folders)1989-1994
118Faculty Recruitment and Retention Committee1989-1993
118Focus Groups1990
118Fund Proposals1988
118Graduate Student Recruitment1989-1994
118Hiring Reports1989-1993
118Advisory Committee (2 folders)1991-1993
118Recruitment and Retention (3 folders)1988-1992
118Registry Distribution Directories1989
118Summer Fellowship Program (2 folders)1986-1988
119Support Review Committee1989-1992
119Multicultural Centers1993-1995
119National Academy of Sciences1991
119National Council1991-1992
119Off-Campus Usage, Burlington1993
119Office of Support of Effective Teaching1991-1994
119Orientation (Student)1993-1994
119Partnership Program1993
119Patent Policy1994
119Patriot's Trail/Girl Scout Council1992-1993
119"The Pattern of Violence in Urban Public Schools: The Influence of School and Community”1986-1990
119PEW Charitable Trusts1993-1994
119Phi Beta Delta1988
119Phi Beta Kappa1988-1992
119Phi Kappa Phi1989-1993
119Plant Improvement Fund (2 folders)1992-1994
119Position Review Committee (8 folders)1990-1992
119Position Review Subcommittee1991-1992
119President Curry1990-1993
119Presidential Faculty Fellows Program1993
119President's Cabinet1992-1994
120Priorities for University Strategic Plan1994
120Program Reviews Procedures1990
120Promotion Pool1993
120Provost Budget Area1993
120Provost's Office (4 folders)1988-1994
120"Recent Trends in the Boston Area Economy and the Role of Planning”1989-1990
120Religious Life1992-1994
120Residential Life (3 folders)1991-1994
120Review Committee1988
120Revenue Sharing1988
120Rustad, Michael1989-1991
120Planning Workshop1989-1992
120Salary Committee (2 folders)1989
120Salary Guidelines1989-1992
120Sandler Booklet Responses1993
120School to Work Transition1993
120Science and Engineering Building1993-1994
120Search Committee Changes: "Models”1989
120Second Mortgage Program1990-1992
120Faculty Development committee1990-1991
120Financial Affairs1990-1991
120Sexual Assault1991-1992
120Sexual Harassment Training Workshop1990-1992
120Sexual Harassment Network1990-1992
120Sexual Preference Luncheon1994
120Simplicity Committee1993
120"The State of the Faculty”1990
120State Postsecondary Review Entity (SPRE)1994
121Strategic Initiative Program (11 folders)1990-1994
121Strategic Planning1992-1994
Student Affairs
121General (7 folders)1988-1994
121Vice President Search1992
121Student Faculty Ratio1993
121Summer Teaching1989-1990
121Teacher Course Evaluation1993-1994
121Telecommunications Advisory Committee1992
Tenure and Promotion
144Appeals Committee1993-1994
144Review Summaries1993
144Tenure Project1990
122Trimester Plan1989-1990
122University Council1992-1993
122University Court (2 folders)1992-1994
122University Ombudsman1993-1994
122University Press (3 folders)1989-1994
122Vote Smart1993
122White House Fellowships1991
122Women's Concerns1990
122Women's Programs1989-1992
122Woodson, Carter G., Lecture Series1989-1990
188Faculty Classification System1996
Faculty Development Fund
188-189Funded Proposals (7 folders)1991-1997
189Unfunded Proposals (9 folders)1993-1997
189Faculty Development and Mentoring1990-1993
189Faculty Handbook1994-1996
Faculty Senate
189-190General (2 folders)1994-1998
190Academic Policy Committee1994-1996
190Ad Hoc Committee on Academic 2nd Tier Establishment1994
190Administrative Evaluation Oversight Committee1994-1998
190Admissions Policy Committee1995-1997
190Agenda and Minutes (3 folders)1994-1998
190Committee Appointments1994-1998
190Financial Affairs Committee1994-1995
190Resolutions (3 folders)1995-1998
190Senate Agenda Committee1994-1998
190Faculty Outside Professions1994-1995
190Faculty Recruiting1997
190Faculty Slots1998
190Faculty Workload Study1990
190Daryl Hellman Chronological Files (5 folders)1994-1997
191Hiring Freezes (8 folders)1990-1995
Instructional Development Fund
191General 1994-1996
191Alumni Award (2 folders)1996-1998
191Final Reports (3 folders)1996-1998
191-192Accepted (3 folders)1995-1997
192Rejected (2 folders)1995-1996
192Leave of Absence1993-1996
192Minority Faculty Development Find1993
192Minority Faculty Hiring and Recruitment Fund1996-1998
Minority Faculty Support Fund
192Awarded (3 folders)1995-1997
192New Faculty1996
192Retirement and Buyouts1997
192-193Sabbaticals (6 folders)1993-1998
193Salary Equity1996-1997
193Teaching Evaluations1994
David Hall, 1998-2002
163Disciplinary [RESTRICTED]2000-2001
163Faculty Senate
163Administrative Evaluation Oversight Committee1998
163Agenda and Minutes (3 folders)1998-2002
163Faculty Handbook1999-2001
163Financial Affairs Committee 2000-2002
163Resolutions (2 folders)1998-2002
163Senate Agenda Committee1998-2002
163Hiring Commitment 1999
163Market/Salary Adjustments (4 folders)2000-2002
163Merit Raises2001
163Merit Review (3 folders)2001-2002
163Minority Faculty1999-2001
163Payroll [RESTRICTED]1999-2000
163Rewards and Recognition1998
163-164Sabbaticals (2 folders)1998-2001
164Salary Equity1998-1999
Patricia Meservey, Vice Provost for Budget and Faculty, 1999-2004
254Academic Initiative (5 folders) [1 folder Restricted]n.d., 2001-2004
254Budget Committee (3 folders)1998, 2002-2004
254Committee on Funding Priorities (2 folders)1999-2001, 2004
Departmental Budgets
254Adult and Continuing Education (2 folders)1999-2004
254Arts and Sciences (7 folders) [4 folders Restricted]1998-2004
254Bouvé (4 folders) [3 folders Restricted]1997-2004
254-255Business (2 folders) [1 folder Restricted] 2001-2004
255Computer Science (3 folders) [1 folder Restricted]1998, 2001-2004
255CO-OP Education [Restricted]2000-2002, 2004
255Criminal Justice (2 folders) [1 folder Restricted]2001-2004
255Engineering (4 folders) [1 folder Restricted]1999, 2001-2004
255Law (3 folders) [1 folder Restricted]1997-2004
255Library (2 folders)2001-2004
255Pharmacy [Restricted]2003-2004
255Physical Therapy 2004
255Provost Office (3 folders) [1 folder Restricted]2002-2004
255School of Professional and Continuing Education [Restricted]2001-2004
255School of Technological Entrepreneurship (2 folders)2001-2004
255Chair Compensation [Restricted]2003
255Dean's Bonus [Restricted]2003-2004
255Faculty Market Prices (5 folders) [1 folder Restricted]n.d., 1998-2004
255Faculty Study 2003
255Matchmates (2 folders)2002, 2004
255Part-Time Faculty Pay 2002-2003
255Searches and Positions (2 folders) [1 folder Restricted]2003-2004
255Graduate Assistants 2003-2004
New Graduate Program
256General1997, 2002-2004
256Accounting (Masters of Science) 2001, 2003-2004
256Architecture 2003
256Bioinformaticsn.d., 2000, 2003
256Biotechnology (Masters of Science)2003-2004
256Criminal Justice (Ph.D.)2003
256Direct Entry Nursing 2001-2004
256Telecommunications 2000, 2003-2004
256Overhead Returns Policy 2003
256Requests (3 folders)2002-2004
256Retention Incentive Performance Review 1999-2003
256Tuition 2003-2004
256Alumni Surveys 2000-2004
256Enrollment Management 2003-2004
Graduate Programs
256Competitors 2001
256Enrollment (3 folders)2000, 2003-2004
256Enrollment Projections (6 folders)1999-2003
256Expenses and Overhead2000?
256Funding and Tuition (8 folders)n.d., 2000-2003
256Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs 2000-2001
256Marketing and Recruitment1999
256New Programs (2 folders)2000, 2003-2004
256Northeastern University Tuition Assistance (NUTA)Allocations2004
256Northeastern University Tuition Assistance (NUTA) Policies 2000
256Program Changes 1999
256Program Reviews 2000-2001
256Rankings (2 folders) n.d., 2001-2003
256Stipended Graduate Assistantships (SGA) (14 folders)1997-2004
256Student Appeals Process 1999-2001
256Student Queries [Restricted]1999
256Trustee Presentation (2 folders)2001
256Graduating Seniors Employment Survey2001-2003
256Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) Reports2001-2003
256Kane Parsons: Analysis of the Decline in Applications in 1999-20002000
256National Survey of Student Engagement 2002
256Northeastern University Annual Report Card 1999, 2004
256Northeastern University Common Data Set 2002-2003
256Transfer Data2003
256Academic Calendar Considerations 2002
256Academic Common Experience (ACE) 1995-1998
257Academic Deans Retreats n.d., 2003-2004
257Action and Assessment Plan n.d.
257Administrators Meeting: Budget and Personnel 2003-2004
257African American Master Artists-in-Residence Program (AAMARP): Fire Safety Report2003
257Board of Trustees 2004
257Boston Associates Program 1996, 2004
257Center for Community Service: University of Promise Proposal1999-2003
257Center for Labor Market Studies [Restricted]2004
257Communication and Physical Access Report 1996
257Criminal Justice Programs: Quinn Bill 2001-2002
257Criminal Record Offender Inquiries System 1999
257Diversity Data (2 folders)n.d., 1999, 2002
Division of Cooperative (CO-OP) Education
257General (3 folders) 2003-2004
257Calendar Proposals 2004
257Call to Action (5 folders)1997-2001
257Freeland, Richard: Discussion2004
257Group Leaders 2000-2004
257Organization n.d.
257Organization Team (2 folders)2004
257Partners Dinner 2004
257Personnel [Restricted]2000-2003
257Placement Counts 2004
257Proposal Requests 2004
257Reports 1998-1999
257Research and Surveys 1997-2000, 2003
257Strategy Discussion2004
257Student and Employer Focus Groups 2002
257Unpaid CO-OP Opportunities 2004
257Wellspring Consulting (7 folders)n.d., 2004
257Emergency Medical Services Institute (4 folders)2000-2003
257Enterprise Reporting Project2002-2003
257Academic and Clinical Specialist Position (2 folders)1992, 1997-1998, 2001-2004
257Affirmative Action Policy: Workforce and Hiringn.d., 1999, 2004
258Association of American Colleges and Universities: Faculty Representatives2003
258City on Hill School Partnership Adjuncts 2000
258Department Chairs n.d.
Development Fund (6 folders)n.d., 1998-2004
258Emereti Retirement Solutions2003-2005
258Employee Retirement Income Security Act [Restricted]2001-2002
258Equity 1998-1999
258Extra Compensation (2 folders)2003-2004
258Fulbright (2 folders)1998-2000
258Grievance Procedures 2001-2002
258Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Survey 2001
258Housing Assistance (2 folders) [1 folder Restricted]n.d., 2001
258Joint Promotion Review2000-2003
258Knowles Chair Project 2002-2003
258Lecturers Guidebook (2 folders)2001-2003
258Mellon Retirement Project: Winter Workshop2000-2003
258Mentoring Program2001-2003
258Orientation 1998-2004
258Part-Time Faculty Handbook n.d.
258The Partnership Inc. 2002-2003
258Practitioner Residence 2001-2002
258ProCard Issues 2002-2003
258Professional Standards and Business Conduct Policy 2002-2003
258Professorships: Named 2002, 2004
258Provost Grant Applications: Faculty Development (2 folders)2001-2004
258Quality Study 2002-2003
258Recruitment 2004
258Research Faculty: Non-Tenure Track n.d.
258Research Faculty Salary Incentive 2003-2004
258Retirement (3 folders)n.d., 1998-2000, 2004, 2006
258Salary Reports (2 folders)2001-2004
258Teaching and Advising Policies 2003
258Tenure and Promotions: Issues [Restricted]1998-1999, 2001-2003
258Tenure and Promotions: Workshops (3 folders)1999-2006
258Transitions Project (2 folders)2004-2006
258Unions 2000
258University Contracts 2003-2005
258Visiting Faculty Rules 1993, 2000
258Workloads [Restricted]2001-2003
259Forsyth Dental1985-2001
Graduate Programs
259Certificate Programs (2 folders)n.d., 2002
259Enrollments n.d., 2001, 2003
259Presentations 2002-2003
259Revenue Sharing2002
259Health Careers Academy 2000-2004
259Health Center Grant [Restricted]1999-2002
259Information Services Office 2003
259IT Providers Tech Group2002-2004
259Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) 2001, 2004
259Lowndes Report1999, 2001
259New England Association of Schools and Colleges Inc. 2003
259New England Consortium Scholars 2002, 2004, 2006-2007
Practice Oriented Education (POE)
259General 2000-2001
259Advisory Board 2002-2003
259Center for Work and Learning (3 folders)2002-2004
259Learning Community Applications 2002
259Learning Community Retreat 2002
259Mini Conferences 2001-2002
259National Conference (3 folders)2001-2005
259Project Rise 2003-2004
259Provost Office (2 folders)1991, 1999-2002
259Research Institutes 1997-1998, 2003
259Student Issues [Restricted]1999-2003
259Unit Plans (5 folders)2000-2003
260University Access Taskforce 1997-1999, 2001
University Planning Council
260General (5 folders)1998-2004
260Reports 2002-2004
260University Press 2000-2002
260University Technology Council 1998, 2002-2003
260U.S. News Rankings (2 folders)1999-2004
Ahmed Abdelal, 2002-2008
208, 210General (2 folders)2002-2008
208Collaborative on Academic Careers in High Education (COACHE)n.d., 2004, 2006
208Course and Teacher Evaluations (2 folders)2004-2006
208Employee Assistance Program 2004
Faculty Senate
208, 210General (4 folders)n.d., 2003-2006
208Agenda Committee: Agendas (3 Folders)2002-2005
208Annual Reports2002, 2004
208Appointments and Charges 2002-2003
208Bylaws2004, 2005
208Financial Affairs Committee2003
Handbook discussionsn.d., 2002-2004
208Institutional Management Reports2003
208, 210Resolutions (3 folders)2002-2006
208Search Procedures 2004
208Special Committees (2 folders)2003, 2005
208Interdisciplinary Faculty Initiative2006
208Market Equity2003-2004
208Orientationn.d., 2002, 2003
208Procard (2 folders)n.d., 2002-2003, 2005
208Professional Standards and Business Conduct Policy 2002
208Promotions [RESTRICTED]2004-2005
208Resignations [RESTRICTED]2005
208Resumes and New Hires (7 folders) [RESTRICTED]n.d., 2002-2007
208Retirement (3 folders) [RESTRICTED]n.d., 2000, 2004, 2006
208Sabbaticals2005, 2006
208, 210Salary (6 folders)2002-2006
208Transition Project 2005
208Trustee Professorship 2004
208Visa Application (Dr. Tongming Liu) [RESTRICTED]2002
208, 209Workload Policies and Comparisons (5 folders)2001-2005
B. Grievances
137, 164, 209General (12 folders) 1963-1980, 2000-2007
137A to Z (10 folders)1962-1985
260Grievances Procedures n.d., 1999-2002
137-142Individual Case Files (Alphabetical) (190 folders)1958-1985
142-143Individual Case Files (Alphabetical) (85 folders)1965-1994
C. Tenure
144-146, 164, 193, 209General (48 folders)n.d., 1955-2005
146ACE Survey1969
146Department of Foundations: Tenure and Promotion Committee (2 folders)1964-1966
146Immigration and Naturalization (2 folders)1984-1985
146Performance Evaluations1981
147, 199Tenure Dossiers on Microfilm1987-1997
146, 193-194Committee on Academic Affairs (34 folders)1964-1980, 1990-1997
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6. Undergraduate Education, 1968-1995
Volume:16.78 cubic ft.

Organized into 3 subseries: A. Activities Files, B. Subject Files, and C. University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Subseries A and B are arranged alphabetically and subseries C is arranged chronologically.


The activities files (Series A) document programs of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, including the Academic Common Experience and the Instructional Development Fund. Offices reporting to the Vice Provost, such as Freshman Advising and Freshman Affairs, are also represented here.

The subject files (Series B) include information on NU programs and departments which impact undergraduate education, but are not directly responsible to the Vice Provost. Topics covered include admissions, cooperative education, and enrollment. Both the activities and the subject files were created primarily by Andrea Leskes; however, materials from other Undergraduate Education Vice Provosts and personnel are also found throughout the series. Certain programs such as the ACE program and FIPSE program spanned the tenures of multiple Vice Provosts. ACE and FIPSE folders contain materials from Andrea Leskes, Coleen Pantalone, and Wendy Smith. In these cases, the materials have been organized together by subject, and are not all attributed to one staff member. Where possible documents and folders will be attributed to the proper creator, though because of the overlap in years and documents this is not always possible. Coleen Pantalone was the Executive Vice Provost from 1998-2000 [interim 1998-1999; 1999-2000 full] and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education 1996-1999. Wendy Smith was Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education from 1998-1999. The records for Gilda Barabino and Malcolm Hill were intermixed and it was not possible to separate the records by specific creator, and for this reason the records are filed under the heading of “Barabino, Gilda and Malcolm Hill.” Their records contain a large amount of material on the semester conversion process, Integrated Learning Model (ILM), Academic Common Experience (ACE), and Student First! Initiative.

Series C contains the agenda, minutes, correspondence, and reports of the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. These materials are related to the evaluation and approval of new and changing courses, majors, and minors at the undergraduate level. Enrollment statistics and course outlines are also included in these materials.
A. Activities
3 ½ in. Floppy Disks
246“2TRY.xls” [RESTRICTED]1997
246“CBA Honors” 1996
246“Colleges Workbook” 1996
246“Co-op Working Group”n.d.
246“CV-Boston Address” 1996
246“David Lynn's IBM Files”1996
246Excel Sheets on Professors [RESTRICTED]1997
246“File Listings-40 Richards”1994-1995
246“Pres. App. Scholarship text”n.d.
246“UCORG.doc” (University College Restructuring Proposal)1997
Academic Common Experience (ACE)
123, 242General (5 folders)1990-1995, 1998
Audio Cassette Tapes
246“ACE Kellogg 3/5/96” 3/5/96
246“ACE/Kellogg 4/5/96” 4/5/96
246“ACE/Kellogg – Shoenberg 4/10/96”4/10/96
246“ACE/Kellogg Meeting 4/16/96”4/16/96
246“Kellogg Community Partnership”n.d.
123Committee Correspondence (2 folders)1992-1994
123Committee Handouts (2 folders)1992-1994
123Committee Mailing List1993-1994
123Committee Minutes (2 folders)1992-1994
123Funding Possibilities1993-1994
242, 243Kellogg Partnerships in Education Program (3 folders)1996-1999
123Business Administration1993-1994
National Science Foundation
243Award Notification Materials 1996
243Correspondence 1996-1997
243Final Project Report 1996-1999
243Proposals [RESTRICTED]1995
243Publicity 1996
243Shaping the Future Conference 1996-1998
123Shared Goals Course1993-1994
Audio Cassette Tapes
246“Tape #2”n.d.
246 “University Planning Meeting??” (Untitled Mini Tape) n.d.
123Budget (2 folders)1993-1995
123Center for Instructional Technology1988-1989
Arts and Sciences
123American Sign Language1992
123Modern Languages1991-1993
123Orientation Course1987-1988
123Women's Studies1993-1994
123Accreditation (2 folders)1983-1992
123Athletic Trainer1983, 1990
124Athletics (2 folders)1989-1990
124Physical Therapy (2 folders)1983-1993
124Recreation and Leisure1988-1990
124Regents Study1988
124Rehabilitation Counseling1984-1988
124Speech, Pathology, and Audiology1982-1991
Bouvé College Consolidation
124Proposalca. 1988
124University College1988-1989
Freshman Advising
124Correspondence (2 folders)1993-1995
243Handbook (2 folders)1985-1986
124Planning Meeting for Decentralization of Freshman Affairsn.d.
Freshman Affairs
124Associate Deans Reports (2 folders)1986-1994
124Departmental Surveys1995
124Reports (Closing)1992-1994
124Sample Lettersn.d.
124Surveys of College-Based Retention1990-1991
124Freshman Year, Alternative1988-1991
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)
243General1996, 1998
243Award Notification 1995
243CO-OP Integration n.d.
243Correspondence 1995-1997
243Directors Meetings (2 folders)1995-1997
Embedded Learning Modules (ELMO)
243General (4 folders)1997-2000
243Building and Architecture Space (2 folders) 2000
243Proposals 1997-1999
243Final Report and Visit: Robert Shoenberg (2 folders)1996-1999
243Grant Performance Report (3 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
243Pre-Application 1994
243Project Abstracts1996-1997
129, 243Proposals (4 folders) [RESTRICTED]1995, 1998-2000
243Rejections 1995, 1999
124Health Programs1989
Instructional Development Fund
125General (12 folders)1982-1994
125Advisory Committee (2 folders)1983-1988
125Award Lists1989-1992
125Final Reports (4 folders)1985, 1991-1994
125Funded Proposals (5 folders)1991-1994
125Master Copies1980s
125Proposal Guidelines1992-1993
125-126Proposals (61 folders)1984-1987
126Rejected Proposals (3 folders)1992-1994
126International Activities (3 folders)1990-1994
126International Studies (2 folders)1993-1995
126Life Crisis Institute1988
126Minority Faculty Recruiting and Retention Proposaln.d.
126Northeastern University Academy1989
126University of Nottingham1996-1997
126Waiver of University-Wide Undergraduate Requirements1992-1996
B. Subject Files
Academic Assistance Center
127Tutor Evaluations1993-1994
127Administration Evaluation1991-1994
127General (2 folders)1988-1992
127Dean of Admissions Search1992
127Summer Melt Committee1990-1991
127Transfer Students1992
127American Council on Education, “Spreading the Word”1993-1994
127Anderson Medal1992
Barabino, Gilda and Malcolm Hill
Academic Common Experience
260Dean's Presentations 2000, 2001
Hewlett General Education in Research Universities Program
260General [includes a floppy disk] 1999, 2000
260Award Notification 1999
260Grant (3 folders)1998-2002
260Summer Institute Report 2001
National Science Foundation
260Conference 1997-1998
260Evaluation 1995-1999
Summer Institute
260General (2 folders)1999-2001
260Correspondence 2000
260Participants 2000
260Beyond the Green Line Project 2003
260Center for Counseling: Name Change 1999
Center for Effective University Teaching
260Instructor/Student Ratings Data Report (5 folders)2003
College of Arts and Science
260Part-Time Lecturer Stipends 2000
260Complaints [Restricted] (4 folders)1999-2001
261Curriculum Issues 1998-1999
261“Decision Support for Student Success” 2000
261Disability Resource Center (2 folders)n.d., 1997-2000
261General 2000-2001
261Classroom and Class Sizes 2000
261Enrollment Management2000-2001
261Registrar (3 folders)2000-2004
261Retention Reports (3 folders)n.d., 1996-2000
261Roxbury Community College Summer Program [Restricted]2000
261Special Project to Enhance Summer 1997 Enrollments Report 1997
261Transfer Committee Reports 1999
261Final Exams 1999-2000
261First Year Experience Appreciation Dinner Photographs2001
261Forsyth Dental 2000
261Freshman Seminars 1993-1999
261Graduate Council 1999-2000
261Information Technology on Campus n.d.
Instructional Development Fund (IDF)
261General (4 folders)1999-2000
261The Critical Writing CD Final Report 2000
261Physical Therapy Final Report 2000
Integrated Learning Model (ILM)
261General (9 folders)n.d., 2002-2004
261Backcasting 2004
261Best Practices Database 2004
261College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) CO-OP Online Performance Evaluations (4 folders)n.d., 2001-2003
261Departmental Surveys Data 2003
261Developing Intellectual Capital: Does the Co-op Experience Impact Learning Strategies Draft 2003
261Engineering Council 2004
261ILM in the Visual Arts 2004
261Implementation Plans (2 folders)n.d., 2003
261Integrating CO-OP, the Classroom, and Experiential Learning: A Resource Guide n.d.
Learning Objectives and Goals
261Arts and Sciences (2 folders)n.d., 2004
261Athletic Training n.d.
261Bouvé n.d.
261Business 2003-2005
261Criminal Justice n.d., 2008
261Lowell Instituten.d.
261Letter to Freshman 2004
262Major Based ILM Assessment: Summary 2004
262Meta-Analysis 2003
262Peer Mentoring (2 folders)ca. 2003-2005
Practice Oriented Education (POE)
262General 2003-2004
262Faculty Research Fellow Applicants 2003
262Presentation: Center for Applied Research 2004
262Project Summary 2002
262Taskforce on Experiential Education 1995-1997
262“The Third Way” by Richard Freeland 2004
262Updates (2 folders)2003
262International Model Arab League Cairo Conference 2000
262Legacy 2000 News2000
262Living Learning Center 2000
262Math Excel Program 1999-2000
Middler Year Writing Requirements
262A Common Academic Continuum of Learning Middler Year Writing Requirement and Students' Overall Writing Development 1999-2001
262English Language Center 2000
262National Survey of Student Engagement 2000
262New Program Proposals (3 folders)1999-2000
262Pew Grant (2 folders)1998-1999
262Scholarship Taskforce 2001
262Self-Study Report Mechanical Engineering 2001
Semester Conversion
262General (2 folders)1990, 1993-2003
Arts and Sciences
262General 2001
262African American Studies 2001, 2002
262American Sign Language 2001
262Applied Physics 2002-2003
262Art and Architecture (2 folders)n.d., 2001-2002
262Behavioral Neuroscience2001-2002
262Bio-Chemistry 2001
262Biology 2001
262Biomedical Physics 2001
262Chemistry n.d., 2001
262Communications Studies2001
262Core Curriculum 2001
262Cultural Anthropology 2001
262English 2001-2002
262Geology and Environmental Studies (2 folders)2001
262History 2001
262Human Services 2001-2002
262International Affairs 2001
262Jewish Studies n.d.
262Journalism 2001
262Linguistics 2001-2002
262Math 2001
262Modern Languages 2001
262Music (2 folders)1984, 2001, 2004
262Philosophy and Religion 2002
262Political Science 2001
262Psychology 2001
262Sociology 2001
262Theater 2001
262General 2001
262Athletic Training 2001
262Cardiopulmonary and Exercise Sciences2001-2002
262Medical Laboratory Science 2001
263Nursing 2001-2004
263Pharmacy 2001-2003
263Physical Therapy (2 folders)2001-2003
263Speech Language Pathology and Audiology2001-2003
263Toxicology 2001
Business Administration
263General (2 folders)2001-2002
263International Business2001
263Registration Dates2000
Computer and Information Science
263General (3 folders)2000-2003
263Information Science 2001
263Criminal Justice 2001-2002
263Dual Major Programs 2001-2002
263General (2 folders)2001-2002
263Biomedical 2001
263Chemical 2001-2002
263Civil 2001
263Computer (2 folders) 2001
263Electrical (2 folders)2001
263Electrical and Computer 2001
263Industrial 2002
263Lowell Institute -General2002
263Lowell Institute-C++/UNIX Specialist 2001
263Lowell Institute- Computer Engineering Technology (2 folders)2001
263Lowell Institute- Electrical Engineering Technology 2001
263Lowell Institute- Electronics Technology 2001
263Lowell Institute- Graphics Technology 2001
263Lowell Institute- Mechanical Engineering Technology 2001
263Mechanical (2 folders)2001-2002
263Independent Majors and Minors n.d.
Student First! Initiative
263General (2 folders)1998-2000
263Mini-conference 2000
263TA(Teaching Assistant) Training 1999
263TA Mentoring Reports 1999-2000
263Ujima Scholars Program 1994-1999
263Undergraduate Education Survey (2 folders) [Restricted]n.d., 2003
University College
263Bouvé Students 1999
263Day Student Enrollments 1998-1999
263Distance Learning 1999
263Enrollments 1997
263Medical and Clinical Coding Certificate 1999
263Summer Courses 2004
263Summary of Major Program Initiatives 1999-2000
University Planning Council
263Sizing Reports 1999-2000
127Cambridge Decision Dynamics1994
Center for International Business Education and Research
127, 245General (4 folders)1991-1994
245Proposal 1991-1992
127Chemical Manufacturer's Association Award1993
127College Guides1992-1993
127Commuter Students1993
Cooperative Education
127Course Committee1992-1994
127Integration of Co-op and Classroom Learning1995
127International Cooperative Educationn.d.
127Core Curriculum (3 folders)1986-1993
127-128Correspondence: Chronological File (5 folders)1993-1995
128Developmental Education1992
128Discretionary Account1993
128Enrollment Management (2 folders)1991-1992
128Bergman, Kostia1994-1996
128Davies, Geoffrey1992
128Kindelan, Nancy1996
128Rafter, Nicole1995-1997
128Rose, Constanceca. 1993
128Schram, Barbara1997
128Scranton, Richard Johnca. 1992
128Sullivan, Denis1995-1996
128Tusmith, Bonnie1996
128Voland, Gerard1996
128Faculty Senate Memoranda1990-1994
128Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists1990-1991
128Freshman Friends Program1991-1992
128Freshman Year1990-1992
Grants and Funding
245General 1989-1996
245Davis Educational Fund 2001
245Dreyfus Foundation 1994
245F.W. Olin Foundation 1995
245GE Fund 1996-1999
245Hewlett-Packard Foundation 1995-2000
245Hiatt-Stride Rite Foundation1998
245Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant Program 1997
245Kauffman Foundation 1996-1997
245Lilly Endowment Inc. 1995
245Sloan Foundation-Bioinformatics 2000
128Hebrew College1991-1996
128Higher Education Data Sharing1993-1994
128Honors Program1986-1991
128Institute for Living Learning and the Workplace1995
128Interdisciplinary Activities1993
128International Business (2 folders)1990-1991
128International Policy Committee1980, 1988
128Letters of Recommendation1994
128National Center for Academic Achievement1992
245National Science Foundation: Institution-Wide Reform Awardee n.d.
128New England Board of Higher Education1991
128New York State Education Department1993
128NUCASE (Northeastern University Center for the Advancement of Science Education)1990-1992
128-129Office for the Support of Effective Teaching (3 folders)1988-1993
129Outcome Measurements1992
Pantalone, Coleen (1996-2000)
243, 244American Council on Education Binder (4 folders) 1995-1997
244Chronological File (15 folders)1996-1997
Connections Program
244General 1998-1999
244Annual Reports (2 folders)1999, 2000
244Planning 1997-1998
244Proposal [RESTRICTED]1998
244Reference Materials 1997-1998
Cooperative Education Working Group
244, 263Final Report (4 folders)1997
244Initiative for Minority Students: Bridges to the Baccalaureate Degree 1999
National Science Foundation
244High Resolution Sensing and Imaging Center Proposal (3 folders)1997
244High Resolution Sensing and Imaging Center Review 1998
244National Security Education Program 1996-1997
129Personnel Issues1992
129, 245National Science Foundation (2 folders) [RESTRICTED]1995, 1996
129Renovation of Student Center1991
129The Academic Common Experience: Shared General Education Goals for Northeastern University1995
129Student Services1989
129Task Force on the Quality/Composition of Undergraduate Education1993
129ROTC (Army)1989-1993
129ROTC (Navy)1987-1992
129Service Learning1993-1995
Smith, Wendy (1998-1999)
244, 245Chronological File (20 folders) 1998-1999
129SOAR (Society Organized Against Racism)1991-1992
Strategic Planning
129General (4 folders)1992-1994
129Implementation Items1994-1995
129Student Problems (2 folders)1990-1994
129Summer Term1990
129Surveys1988, 1994
130Teacher Preparation (2 folders)1988-1992
130Telecommunications (4 folders)1989-1993
130Total Quality Management (2 folders)1992-1994
130Trimester Proposal1988-1990
Undergraduate Research Grant
264Index of Proposals (1 folder)2002, 2005-2008
264Proposals A-Z (10 folders) 2002, 2005-2008
130University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate Correspondence1991-1993
130Upward America1989
130Urban College of Boston1993
130Visiting Committees1986, 1988, 1997
C. University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
130-131b, 264General (34 folders)1968-1993, 2002
Audio Cassette Tapes
246 University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UUCC) Meetings (8 tapes)n.d., 1995-1996
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7. Financial, 1964-1991
Volume:5.00 cubic ft.



This series consists of annual budget statistics, cost, salary, and enrollment data, and some departmental budget information.

194Administrative Salary Information1994
134, 164, 194General (18 folders)1965-1968, 1988-2002
132-134Annual Statistics (39 folders)1965-1987
194Contact Lists1995-1997
134Contingency Plan1983-1985
Programs and Departments
134Animal Care1967-1980
134Afro-American Studies (2 folders)1968-1980
134Bouvé (3 folders)1967-1981
134Business Administration1967-1981
134Continuing Education (2 folders)1969
134Criminal Justice1980
134International Year of the Child1969-1980
134Liberal Arts1968-1981
134Provost's Office1968-1969, 1989
134Reserve Officer Training Corps1967
134Teaching Assistants1981
164Over enrollment Requests2000
194Priorities (2 folders)1997
164Requests (2 folders)1999-2002
164Sophomore Budget2000-2002
134Cost Per Credit Hour (2 folders)1966-1969
194Deans Council Budget Retreat1993
134Enrollment Forecasting1968-1969
164Federal Funding Opportunities1998
194Financial Affairs and Priorities1995-1996
164, 195Funding Priorities Committee (5 folders)1994-2002
164Plant Fund1998-1999
135, 195-196Reduction Plans (12 folders)1990-1998
196Revenue Projections1992
135Review of Accounts Payable Invoices1968
135Salary Information (6 folders)1965-1981
135Tuition and Fees1964-1967
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8. Sponsored Programs, 1954-2014
Volume:2.47 cubic ft.



Ongoing programs sponsored by the provost are documented in this series. Opening Week activities, the President's Convocation, and the Klein (formerly University) Lecture are particularly well-documented. The event logistics folders under the Klein Lecture Series include documents pertaining to planning the lecture, picking a speaker, and the event programs from specific years. These programs were not added to the other program folders to preserve the original order of the documents. Evaluation and approval of all graduates are also included for the years 1982-94.

135-136Commencement (24 folders)1982-1994
136, 196Excellence in Teaching (2 folders)1993-1995
136Fulbright Scholar Program1994
136Interdisciplinary Faculty Colloquia1987
136Invitations to Programs and Events1995-1997
164Law School Commencement1999-2000
136, 164, 264Major Works by Faculty (12 folders) [2 zipdrives in folders]1991-2010
Matthews Professorship
234, 264General (16 folders) 1996-2006
234, 235Applications (27 folders) [Restricted 75 years] 2005-2006
136, 245Opening Week (14 folders)1987-1997
136, 264President's Convocation (9 folders)1988-1997, 2009
136Scholarship Days/Scholars Days: Programs1980-1982
University Lecture/Klein Lecture
136, 196, 245General (15 folders) 1955-1997
209Event Logistics (12 folders)1998-2013
136, 264Programs (4 folders)1954-1997, 2014
136University Environmental Seminar Series1994-1995
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