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Title:Office of the Provost records
Call Number:A22

Scope and Content Note

The Office of the Provost collection comprises approximately 259 cubic feet of records. Original order has been maintained when evident and useful. The collection is organized into eight series: 1. Subject and Department Files, 2. Deans Council, 3. Accreditation, 4. Graduate and Research Programs, 5. Faculty Affairs, 6. Undergraduate Education, 7. Financial, and 8. Sponsored Programs and Events.

The dates listed for a majority of materials could be referring to the fiscal year or academic year. Depending on the document, department, and subject material, creators used different dating procedures. The total box count is higher than the number which appears on the last box in the collection. The reason is that boxes 51, 131,151, and 25 all have additional boxes. 51 has a 51b which does not show up in the finding aid because it is in a range of boxes (49-52). Box 151 has a 151b. Box 131 has a box 131b. Box 25 has a box 25b, 25c, 25d, 25e, 25f, 25g.

Series 1. Subject and Department Files is divided into the following subseries:

Subseries A. William C. White, 1949-68; Subseries B. Arthur E. Fitzgerald, 1956-74; Subseries C. 1970-79 (Fitzgerald, Herman, Hekimian, Allan, and Jones); Subseries D. Melvin Mark, 1979-84; Subseries E. 1980-89 (Mark, Crotty, Penna, Lowndes); Subseries F. Anthony Penna, 1986-88; G. Robert Lowndes, 1987-91; Subseries H. Michael Baer, 1990-94; Subseries I. Strategic Planning/ Marilyn Cairns; Subseries J. David Hall; Subseries K. Ahmed Abdelal, 2002-2008.

All of the activities of the Provost's Office are at least partially represented in the first series, but researchers should also check for materials in other series. Subseries A. through subseries D. are arranged alphabetically, with colleges, departments, and subject files interfiled. Subseries C. 1970-79, includes records created by Arthur E. Fitzgerald, Sidney Herman, James Hekimian, Harry Allan, and Walter Jones. Subseries E. contains the records of Melvin Mark, Philip Crotty, Anthony Penna, and Robert Lowndes, which are arranged in two alphabetical groups: colleges and departments, and subjects.

Subseries F. Contains the files of Anthony Penna. The series begins with Penna's general and personal files, followed by college and department files arranged alphabetically, and alphabetical subject files. Many of Penna's files relate to the study and evaluation of NU's individual health programs that was completed under his direction. Alphabetical subject files created by Robert Lowndes, interim Provost from 1987-91, are contained in Subseries G.

Subseries H. Michael Baer, is subdivided chronologically into four separate groups: 1990-92, 1992-93, 1993-94, and 1994-1998. Each group is further divided into Baer's personal files, college and department files, non-academic units' files, and subject files, arranged alphabetically.

Subseries I documents the strategic planning process, administered by Baer and coordinated by Marilyn Cairns. These records, arranged alphabetically, detail the activities of planning task forces, the steering committee, internal and external reviews, and the implementation process.

Subseries J. David Hall files are arranged into three alphabetical groups: non-academic units, colleges and departments, and subject files. Practice-Oriented Education, an effort spearheaded by Provost Hall can be found in the Subject Files. Subseries K. Ahmed Abdelal's files are alphabetically arranged and organized into four subcategories: Academic Departments and Colleges, Financial, Non-Academic Units, and Subject Files. Most of the materials pertaining to the faculty will be found in series V: Faculty Affairs. Additional materials pertaining to the Klein Lecture series were added to series VIII: Sponsored Programs.

Series 2. Academic Council and Deans Council spans 1952-2002. Arranged alphabetically, then chronologically, the series includes minutes, agenda, attachments, and reports documenting the changing structure and responsibilities of the two councils. Related materials can be found in collection A3 Office of the President (Knowles) box 16 folder 553.

Series 3. Accreditation, includes institutional and program-specific reports, evaluations, and correspondence related to the accreditation process. Each subseries, A. Institutional and B. Program, is arranged alphabetically. Materials related to the review and evaluation of graduate programs are also available in Series IV., Subseries D. For accreditation of specific colleges or departments, researchers should also check the corresponding archival collection (i.e. College of Engineering A15, School of Law A6). Institutional accreditation reports can also be found in the archives' general reference collection.

Series 4. Research and Graduate Education documents NU's increasing commitment to research and graduate programs. The series is divided into five subseries: A. Subject Files, B. Research and Scholarship Development Fund, C. Research Council, D. Graduate Council, and E. Division of Research Development. The bulk of this series is contained in Subseries A. which is arranged by creator(s), then alphabetically. Karl Weiss, Kathryn Luttgens, Paul Kalaghan, Philip LeQuesne, Norman Adler, Steven Morrison, and Ronald Hedlund. Records documenting activities of the Office of Graduate School Operations, Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research Administration, and Division of Research Management are also contained in this subseries.

Records of the administrative councils and funds that guide and support research and graduate activities are found in subseries B. Research and Scholarship Development Fund, subseries C. Research Council, subseries D. Graduate Council, and subseries E. Division of Research Development. New program proposals and review of existing graduate programs are included with the records of the Graduate Council, as are general records of the administration of the graduate programs. Records related to these councils may also be found in Subseries A. Subject Files.

Series 5. Faculty Affairs is divided into the following subseries: A. Subject Files; B. Grievances; C. Tenure. Series 5. covers the years 1979-2008, and largely documents the activities of associate provosts and vice provosts in charge of faculty affairs.

Subseries A. documents chair and dean searches, the Excellence in Teaching Award, the Distinguished Professor Award, sabbaticals and leaves of absence, the Minority Faculty and Faculty Development Funds, and the Fulbright Scholar Program. Additionally, subseries A contains the subject files for certain provost and vice provosts, including David Hall, Patricia Meservey, and Ahmed Abdelal. Some materials relating to tenure and grievance case files can also be found in Subseries A., although the majority of this material is in Subseries B. and C. Researchers should note that tenure and Grievance case files are restricted for 75 years from the date of creation.

Series 6 documents the activities and functions of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education. The records span the years 1978-2002, Subseries A. Activities Files and Subseries B. Subject Files were created by a number of vice provosts including Andrea Leskes, Coleen Pantalone, Wendy Smith, Gilda Barabino, and Malcolm Hill. Materials have been kept with their creators when the creator was known. The activities files include records relating to the Academic Common Experience project, NU's colleges, freshman advising and affairs, and the Instructional Development Fund. Subseries B. Subject Files, contains materials about related university offices, centers, and programs, faculty, and external committees and councils. The relatively small volume of records in the activities and subject files (seven cubic feet), reflects the fact that the position was not created until 1988. Subseries C. contains the agenda, minutes, correspondence, and reports of the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Series 7. Financial covers the years 1974-2002. Materials include annual budgetary statistics from 1975-87, other budgetary information, and salary data. Financial materials are restricted for 25 years from the date of creation.

Series 8. Sponsored Programs documents functions and events administered by the office of the Provost, and covers the years 1954-2010. Materials document commencement activities, Opening Week, the President's Convocation, and the Klein Lecture series (formerly the University Lecture series). Series 8. Includes correspondence, invitations, programs, and flyers. Some Klein Lecture programs include the full text of the lecture.