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Title:College of Business Administration records
Call Number:A25
List of Contents


1. Administrative Records, 1927-2011
Volume:4.0 cubic ft.
Summary:This series documents the administrative activities of the CBA, including its history, expansion, and future plans. Included are Annual Reports (Box 1, Folders 2-23), Masters and Undergraduate Accreditation Questionnaire Responses (Boxes 1-2, Folders 37-47, 63-68), and Admissions Publications (Box 3). The accreditation material provides information concerning the history of the college, program offerings, faculty background, and the administrative direction in which the college was headed. The histories describe the growth of the college but do not highlight the work of faculty and administrators.
1Annual Reports (22 folders)1962-1990
1Associates Program and Board of Visitorsn.d., 1988
1Beta Gamma Sigma1963
1Center For Management Development Library Collection (3 folders)1972-1978
2Curriculum Revision1975
2Evening School of Business Student Council (2 folders)1939-1941
1Executive Management Seminar Prospectus1967
6Faculty Meetings2004-2008
6Faculty Policy Committee2005-2008
Fiftieth Anniversary
5Convocation (audio)1960
1Finance and Investment Clubn.d.
1Five-Year Accreditation Resurvey1978
1Graduate Assistance1981-1986
6Graduate Programs and Assessment Committee2005-2009
7High School Speaker Series1996-2000
7Investing in a Global Economy: the Role of U.S. Corporations1994
1-2Masters Accreditation (11 folders)1966-1973
2M.B.A. Alumni Association1981
2McDonald Professorshipn.d.
2Memoranda (2 folders)1941-1991
7Moore, Thomas E.2011
7Ad Hoc Academic Advising Committee Report1997
7CBA Admissions Committee Final Report1990
7Freshmen Retention Report: Fall 19961996
7Grade Inflation at Northeastern University1980
7Human Resource Management Self-Study Report1997-1998
7Integration of Communication Skills Development into Core Business Courses, Report on1995
2Long-Range Planning Committee, Report of1968
7Preliminary Status Report of Academic Advising1997
7Proposal to Create an Institute for Global Competitiveness in the Innovation Economy2001
7A Proposal to the GE Fund Learning Excellence Initiative1996
7Recruitment and Retention Reports1996-1997
2Reorganization of CBA, Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on1977
2Revisitation Report (2 folders)1983
7Undergraduate Curriculum Review1988-1996
2Sabbatical Leave Reportsn.d., 1975
7Strategic Planning1993-1994
2CBA Strategy Task Force, Report of1979
2Strategic Issues and Direction: A Planning Document1985
7Strategic Planning Committee: Minutes2002-2008
7Strategic Planning Report1993
2Survey of Upperclass1992
Undergraduate Accreditation
2Data (4 folders)1957-1961
2Progress Report1983
6Undergraduate Programs and Assessment Committee2006-2009
Undergraduate Programs Committee
8Academic Standing Committee (6 folders) [Restricted]1996-2001
8Accounting Area Concentration Review1996-1998
8Closed Course Petitions1997-1998
8Correspondence and Minutes (6 folders)1996-2003
8Notebook (3 folders)2000-2002
2University Lecture1997
7Weiss, Ira R.n.d.
2Wellington Burnham Lecture1965-1968
2Women of Northeastern1981
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2. Publications, 1947-2007
Volume:2.05 cubic ft.
Summary:The publications document the way the CBA responded to changing needs and its interaction with the business world. Included are student handbooks, guidelines, and admissions publications. Also included are newsletters and a collection of newspaper clippings about the CBA and its faculty.
Admissions Publications
8General (2 folders)1992-2007
3Associates Programn.d.
3A Business Perspective1991
3Certificate Programsn.d., 1986
8Chartered Financial Analyst2000
3Cooperative Education MBA1986-1995
3Dodge Hall1993-1994
3Executive M.B.A. (2 folders)1978-1994
8Finance and Insurance200?
3Financial Management Seminar1979
3Full-Time M.B.A.1984-1986
3Full and Part-Time M.B.A.1987
3Graduate Economic Policy and Planning1979-1980
3Graduate School of Professional Accounting (4 folders)n.d., 1965-1983
3Graduate Summer Courses1986, 1993
3High Technology M.B.A.1982-1992
3Human Resources Management1976
3Institute of Taxation1964
3International Business1993
3International M.B.A. Students1986
3Management Development Program (2 folders)1966-1986
8Management Information Systems200?
3Management Intern M.B.A.1967-1982
3Management Workshop1963-1986
3Marketingn.d., 200?
3M.B.A. (5 folders)n.d., 1961-1990
3Minority M.B.A. Students1986
3Open House1985
3Part-Time M.B.A.1984-1986
3Small Business Workshop1961-1986
3Summer Workshop1976
8Supply Chain Managementn.d.
3Technological Forecasting Workshop1981
3Transportation and Physical Distribution Managementn.d.
3Undergraduate (5 folders)n.d., 1973-1994
3University College1965
4Applied Security Analysis: Industrial Approach, Notes on Lectures 1947-1948
4The B-School Beanpot Case Analysis Competition2007
4The Business Report (2 folders)1981-2000
4Business Topics (7 folders)1963-1969
4CBA in the News (3 folders)1990-1991
4CBA Newsletter1989-2001
4Center for Family Business1992
4Center for Management Development (4 folders)1960-1965
4Course Descriptionsn.d.
4Employer's Guide1981
4Fact Book1992
4Faculty Publications (2 folders)1969-1980
4Faculty and Staff Profiles1981-1999
4Family Business Quarterly1992
1Graduate School of Professional Accounting, Annual Report1972
4Guide for Graduate Assistants1983
4Faculty Handbook (2 folders)1989, 2007
4History of CBA1996
4M.B.A. Application and Financial Aid Information1981
4M.B.A. Association Newsletter1977
4The Quarterly Report (2 folders)1977-1980
4Student Guide (2 folders)1984-1986, 1993
4Student Handbook (5 folders)1969-1980
4Student Manual (2 folders)1982-1992
4Teacher/Course Evaluation (2 folders)1973-1981
4What's New1982
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