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Collection Overview
Title: Office of University Administration records
Call Number:A34
Volume:2.70 cubic ft. (4 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:The collection spans 1951-1989 and documents Northeastern University's Office of University Administration through three administrations. The collection includes information on colleges, committees, academic departments, faculty, and students. The bulk of the collection documents Kenneth G. Ryder's tenure. Information regarding the University Libraries appears throughout the collection, including documentation of plans for expanding library facilities and services, and for building a new facility. Also of particular interest is material in Series 1. relating to the student protests of the 1960s in support of civil rights and against the Vietnam conflict.
Historical Abstract:Northeastern University (NU) President Asa S. Knowles created the Office of University Administration in 1960 by merging the Office of Academic Affairs and Dean of Administration in order to manage the growth NU experienced throughout the 1950s. Kenneth G. Ryder, whom Knowles had appointed Dean of Administration two years earlier, headed the new office. University Administration managed academic and administrative support services, including research, admissions, the registrar, and libraries. Academic deans also reported to the dean of university administration. Authority for personnel was added during Rudolph M. Morris' tenure. University Administration originally reported to the provost, but after 1967 reported directly to the president. In 1991, University Administration was dissolved, and its responsibilities were divided between the president and provost.
Arrangement:Organized into 3 series: 1. Kenneth G. Ryder; 2. Rudolph M. Morris; and 3. John A. Curry.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Curry, John A., 1934-
  • Morris, Rudolph M., 1909-1994.
  • Ryder, Kenneth G., 1924-

  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of the Dean of Administrative Services.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.)--Administration.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.)-- Libraries.

  • Student strike--Massachusetts--Boston.
  • Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--Protest movements.

Restrictions:Records are closed for 25 years from the date of their creation, unless researchers have written permission from the creating office.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Alison Brown, August 1999

Historical Note

President Asa S. Knowles created the Office of University Administration in 1960 by merging the Offices of Academic Affairs and Dean of Administration in order to manage the growth that Northeastern University had experienced throughout the 1950s.  Kenneth G. Ryder, whom Knowles had appointed Dean of Administration two years earlier, headed the new office.  Ryder managed academic-administrative support services, including research, admissions, the Registrar's office, and the University Libraries.  Academic deans reported to Ryder as well.  Authority for Personnel was added during Rudolph M. Morris' tenure.  The Office originally reported to the Office of the Provost, but after 1967 University Administration reported directly to the President of the University. 

Over the next 30 years, the head of University Administration's title was changed several times, though he retained much the same responsibilities.  By 1979 University Administration added the Office of Affirmative Action (a new office) and the Urban Schools Collaborative (formerly part of the Phase II desegregation program, now a permanent University office) to its list of responsibilities.  In 1980 Executive Vice President Curry named Patricia Schaen and Christopher Kennedy Deans of Administration.  They oversaw admissions, the Registrar's office, and the Libraries, while Curry retained direct responsibility for all other aspects of the Office, including Personnel, Affirmative Action, and the Urban Schools Collaborative.  In 1991 the Office of University Administration was dissolved and its responsibilities were divided between the offices of the President and the Provost.

1960-1967Dean of Administration – Kenneth G. Ryder
1967-1970Vice President of University Administration – Kenneth G. Ryder
1970-1974Dean of Administration – Rudolph M. Morris
1974-1975Vice President of University Administration – John A. Curry
1975-1989Executive Vice President – John A. Curry
1989-1991Senior Vice President of Administration – Phillip T. Crotty
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1. Kenneth G. Ryder, 1951-1971
Volume:2.00 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by subject

This series documents Ryder's role as both Dean of Administration and Vice President of University Administration.  The collection includes material related to colleges, departments, faculty, committees, and students.  Of particular interest is material relating to the student protests of the 1960s ("African American Students," "ROTC" and "Student Protests") including minutes, correspondence, newsletters, and meeting announcements.  The material pre-dating Ryder's appointment as Dean of Administration relates directly to committee memberships he retained after his appointment.
1Academic Council (3 folders)1960-1969
1Administrative Committee for Part-Time Programsn.d., 1964-1971
1Admissions (4 folders)1959-1971
1Advisory Committee on Research Administration1958-1963
1Basic College Administrative Committee1966-1967
1Basic Faculty Regulations and Operating Procedures1959
1African American Students1968-1972
1Boston Bouveé1963-1971
1Budgetn.d., 1966-1970
1Calendar Planning Committee1964-1966
1College of Business Administration1960-1970
1College of Criminal Justice1966-1970
1College of Education1969-1970
1College of Engineering1961-1968
1College of Liberal Arts1969-1970
1College of Nursingn.d., 1962-1968
1College of Pharmacy1962-1968
1Committee Membership Lists1962-1968
1Committee on Attritionn.d., 1962-1964
1Committee of Health Sciences/Health Sciences Council1965-1968
1Computer Committee (2 folders)n.d., 1965-1969
1Computer Correction of Examinations1962
1Cooperative Education (2 folders)n.d., 1962-1970
1"Data Prepared for the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools"1967
1Department of Drama1967
1Department of History1967
1Department of Music1967
1Department of Sociology-Anthropology1966-1970
1Division of Programmed Instructionn.d., 1964-1966
1Enrollment Data1960-1967
2Generaln.d., 1961-1970
2Coffee Mess1955
2Form Lettersn.d., 1965-1969
2Forsyth-Northeastern Administrative Committee1968
2Frank Palmer Speare Hall1963
2Fraternities and Sororitiesn.d., 1957-1962
2Graduate Administrative Committee1968
2Graduate Council1964-1969
2Graduate Study in Arts and Sciences1960-1962
2Health Servicesn.d., 1960-70
Honor Societies
2Kappa Delta Pin.d., 1963
2Sigma Xi1961-1967
2IFC Basketballn.d.
2Inter-University Communications Council (EDUCOM)1966-1969
2Lowell Technological Institute Research Foundationn.d.
2Marine Science Institute1966(?)
2"Northeastern's Resources and Capabilities for Education of the Mentally Retarded"1966
2Office of Radio and Television1964-1966
2Office of Research Administrationn.d., 1962-1972
2Open Housen.d.
2Part-time Program in Commercial Pilot Technologyn.d.
2Proposal for Science Facilities Grant1967
2ROTC (2 folders)n.d., 1960-1970
2School of Law1963-1971
2Social Activities Committee1956-1960
2Social Research Instituten.d., 1963
2Student Activities1961-1968
2Student Housingn.d., 1965-1969
2Student Protestsn.d., 1965-1970
2Student Union1961
2Suburban Campusn.d., 1963-1970
2"Thorn" Disciplinary Action1968
2University Calendar1966-1971
2University College1966-1971
2University Compendium1968
2University Libraries (3 folders)n.d., 1958-1970
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2. Rudolph M. Morris, 1969-1974
Volume:0.35 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by subject

Under Rudolph Morris, the Office of University Administration focused on student enrollment and retention, adjustment of the academic calendar, and improvement in the use of resources for academic services.  This series includes primarily reports, minutes, statistics related to students and faculty, and proposals to alter the academic calendar and records of discussions regarding these proposals.
3Academic/Executive Councils, Joint Meetings1969-1970
3Administrative Committee for Basic Colleges1969-1973
3Administrative Committee on Part-time Undergraduate Programs1970
3Committee on Transfer Students1969
3Graduate Programs Administrative Committee1969-1971
3"Salary Equity and Promotional and Tenure Study"1974
3Student Statistics1969-1974
3Twelfth Exam Week Structure, Proposed1969
3Trimester Plann.d., 1970
3Utilization of Classroom Hours1969
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3. John A. Curry, 1973-1989
Volume:0.35 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by subject

John Curry focused primarily on the general administration of the University and this series reflects that interest.  It includes primarily memoranda regarding workshops and events, salary scales, changes to personnel policy, plant engineering issues, administrative changes, and research studies.  Also included in this series is material produced by Christopher Kennedy, Dean and Vice President of Administration, and Patricia Schaen, Dean of Administration, who served under Curry's leadership.
4Administrative Committee1973-1975
4 Boston Bouvén.d., 1977-1980
4College and University Committees1976-1980, 1987-1988
4Computersn.d., 1979
4Department of Biology1977
4Dean Kennedy to University Community1982-1989
4to Deans and Department Headsn.d., 1976-1984
4to University Community (3 folders)n.d., 1976-1988
Opening Week
4Report from the Standing Committee on NU's Admissions Policy1980
4Student Material1972-1978
4University Cabinet1976-1977
4University Libraries1974-1975
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