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Collection Overview
Title:Student Activities Office records
Date:1941-2010 (bulk 1980-1995)
Location Code:29/3-4, 31/2, 35/3
Reference Code:A45
Extent:19.55 cubic ft. (24 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:The collection documents over 300 clubs and organizations, providing insight into student life primarily during the 1980s through the 1990s. Records on each organization typically consists of a proposal to start the specific group, a request for provisional status, a request for full recognition, a letter granting full recognition to the organization, program planning guides, and officer rosters. Series 1. Administration contains general information, correspondence, financial reports, and regulations pertaining to all student organizations. Series 2. Student Organizations is organized into 12 categories of clubs and organizations: A) Academic and Departmental, B) All University, C) Art and Music, D) Ethnic and Cultural, E) Fraternities and Sororities, F) Honor Societies, G) Media, H) Political and Social Action, I) Professional Societies, J) Religious Organizations, and K) Special Interest Clubs. Extensive files exist for the Northeastern University Flying Huskies and the Students Aligned for Nuclear Disarmament (SAND). Series 3 contains individual case files on students who sought legal assistance from the Group Legal Services Corporation.
Historical Abstract:Student extracurricular activities at Northeastern University began in 1917 with the publication of the senior yearbook, the Cauldron. The Department of Student Activities was formed in 1921 and was comprised of a publicity division, the athletic association, and miscellaneous divisional activities. The Division of Music was added later, and by 1925 included a Band, Concert Orchestra, Glee Club and Dramatic Club. The Student Council began in the 1920s. By 1959, the Department of Student Activities was responsible for all student activities, with the exception of chapel services. In 1970, the Dean of Students Office changed its name to the Office of Student Affairs.
System of Arrangement:Organized into 3 series: 1. Administration; 2. Student Organizations; and 3. Legal Services Student Case Files.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Student Activities Office.
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Bands
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Societies, etc.
  • Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

  • African American students -- Massachusetts -- Boston.
  • Asian American students -- Massachusetts -- Boston.
  • College radio stations -- Massachusetts -- Boston.
  • College student government -- Massachusetts -- Boston.
  • Greek letter societies--Massachusetts--Boston.
  • Student activities -- Massachusetts -- Boston.
  • Student service -- Massachusetts -- Boston.
  • Students, Foreign -- Massachusetts -- Boston.
  • Students -- Political activity -- Massachusetts -- Boston.
  • Students Recreation -- Massachusetts -- Boston.

Conditions Governing Access:Records are closed for 25 years from the date of their creation, unless researchers have written permission from the creating office. Personnel records (box 1, folder 23) and student records (boxes 11-14) are closed for 75 years from their date of creation.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Linda W. Hom, Katie Geiszler, February 2001, September 2003; updated by Migyeong Geum, October 2012.

Scope and Content Note

The collection documents over 300 clubs and organizations, providing insight into student life primarily during the 1980s through the 1990s. Records on each organization typically consists of: a proposal to start the specific group, a request for provisional status, a request for full recognition, a letter granting full recognition to the organization, program planning guides, and officer rosters.

This collection is organized into three series: 1. Administration; 2. Student Organizations; and 3.Legal Services Student Case Files. Within Series 1 are general information and regulations pertaining to all student organizations. Within Series 2 are 12 categories of clubs and organizations. Extensive files exist for the Northeastern University Flying Huskies, the Students Aligned for Nuclear Disarmament (SAND), and the WRBB radio station. Within Series 3 are individual case files on students who sought legal assistance from the Group Legal Services Corporation.

Historical Note

In 1921 Frank Palmer Speare became the first Director of Student Activities. Before this time there were unorganized, irregular clubs such as the first student newspaper, The Co-op, first published in 1916. Soon thereafter in 1917 the senior yearbook, the Cauldron, had its first publication. It did not reappear again until 1921, along with several other activities such as fraternities and athletics, due to World War I

In 1921 the Department of Student Activities included a publicity division, the athletic association and miscellaneous divisional activities. The Division of Music was later added and by 1925 it included a Band, Concert Orchestra, Glee Club and Dramatic Club all existed on campus.

The Student Council began in the 1920s. In 1924 a revised Student Council merged with student government, and in 1925 a Student Union was formed with Milton J. Schlagenhauf as its first faculty advisor. In 1922 the students of the College of Business Administration formed their own Student Union and Student Council. By 1926, the two unions and councils were combined.

By 1959, the Department of Student Activities was responsible for all student activities, with the exception of chapel services. During the late 1960s, African American student organizations began as students developed a sense of individual and group identity within the larger Northeastern community. Founded in 1969, the Afro-American Institute provided a base for African American student life at the university. By 1975, African American student-led organizations had begun to thrive. Organizations such as The Onyx (newspaper founded in 1972), the Black Engineering Student Society, and the first recognized African American fraternity at the University, the Omicron Chapter of Iota Phi Theta, came into existence during this period.

In 1962, NU started its own radio station, WNEU, which broadcasted only in selected dormitories. In 1970, WNEU became a non-commercial, 10-watt station and was renamed WRBB. The new station reached beyond the NU campus and became an important part of the community. Due to interference from other stations and FCC rulings, in 1982 WRBB moved to the commercial band at 104.9, where it is limited to 10 watts. It plays a wide variety of music and caters to the community around NU and NU students.

In 1970, the Dean of Students Office changed its name to the Office of Student Affairs. During the 1980s, the Student Court was reorganized and improved under the direction of Associate Dean of Students, Harvey Vetstein. Under Vetstein's direction, dorms perceived as problematic due to neighborhood complaints of student rowdiness were reallocated to honor students in an effort to appease the community.

The Student Federation evolved into the Student Government Association (SGA) in 1981 via a new constitution. In comparison to its predecessor, the SGA was considered more inclusive, providing representation to foreign, handicapped, and minority student groups in addition to the well established student groups.

1921-1926Joseph Spear
1926-1929Harold W. Melvin
1929-1953Edward S. Parsons
1953-1960Herbert W. Gallagher
1960-1970Charles E. Kitchin
1970-1985Richard E. Sochacki
1985-1988Mary M. Connelly
1988-1989Sherry Norman
1989-1993Gail Olyha
1993-1997Stephanie T. Palubicki
1997-2004Todd A. Shaver
2004-Brooke Tempesta, Director of Campus Activities and Programs
2004-John Silveria, Director of Student Leadership

Frederick, Antoinette, "Northeastern University, Coming of Age: The Ryder Years 1975-1989". Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1995.

Marston, Everett C., "Origin and Development of Northeastern University 1898-1960". Boston: Cuneo Press of New England, Inc., 1961, p. 116-127.

Northeastern University Student Handbook for the Basic Colleges, [Boston, Massachusetts], 1980-1981, and 1984-1985; p.44 and 59-60, respectively.

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1. Administration, 1967-2001 (bulk 1985-1995)
Volume:1.3 cubic ft.
Summary:This series includes administrative correspondence, budget and finance reports, and information regarding student events held in the Ell Center.
1Advisors, List of (Ethnic and Cultural Student Organizations)n.d.
16All Staff Meeting1994
1Budgets (2 folders)1992
16Budget Review Manualn.d.
1Bulletin Board/Display Case Regulations1975-1986
1Campus Network Affiliation1985-1986
1Campus Outreach1993
1Committee Against Racism1971-1978
1Committee on Minority Programs1980-1981
1Coop Student Advisory Committee1978
1Coordinating Committee on Athletics1977, 1980
1International Coop Exchange Program Advisory Committee (ICEPAC)1983-1989
1Multi Cultural Committee of Educators1978
1Status of Women at Northeastern1986
1Student Center Committee1978
1Wellness Committee1996
1Contract Proceduresn.d.
1Correspondence (2 folders)1967, 1979-1995
16Council of Presidents1991
1Counseling and Testing Center Informationn.d.
1, 16Curry Student Center (2 folders)1995-1999
1Ell Center Regulations1982
1Ell Student Center Survey1985-1988
1Event Manager Reports1994-1995
1Ford and Speare Selection Committee and Recipients (Restricted)1982-1988
1Guidebooks to Northeastern Student Organizations Insurance1988
1International Student Office1985-1996
1Job Description, Assistant Director of Student Activitiesn.d.
1Leadership, Education and Development Seminars (2 folders)1992-1995
16Leadership Education Proposal1994
1Letters of Recommendation1984-1987
1Massachusetts Hazing Statute1990
1New England Area Directors of Student Activitiesn.d.
16New Student Leader Trainingca.1995
1Program Board (3 folders)n.d.
1Program Planning Guide1990
16Activities Insider1998-2000
16Curry Student Center Directory1993-2000
16Husky Pride1989
16Leadership Tracks1997
16Let's Get Organized1981
16Make Your Mark (Student Life)2000
16P.A.W.S. Employee Manualn.d.
16Student Affairsc. 1940
16Student Affairs Resource Guide1999
16Stuff to Do at N.U2000
1Rathskellar Task Force1983-1985
1, 16Reports (2 folders)1980-1994
16Resource Manual (5 folders)1998-1999
1Residents Life Office1985-1988
1Speakers Bureau1990-1992
1Staff Manualn.d.
16Staff Retreat1990
16Student Activities Contract1997-1998
16Student Activities Fee Manualn.d.
1, 16Student Activities Handbook (3 folders)1985-1991, 2001
1Student Activities Resource Listn.d.
16Student Affairs Board1996
Student Events
1Blackman Auditorium1991-1993
1Campus Network1984-1986
1Club Ell1985-1987
1Contract Logs1990-1991
1Creative Targets1985
1Ell Center Anniversary Celebration1995
1Ell Center Events Logbook1992-1995
1International Student Center1997
1National Touring Exhibit of Deaf Culture Art2000
1Student Activities Banquet(s) (2 folders)1982-1995
1Student Activities Office Sponsored Events1971-1981
1Scared Scriptless Improv Comedy Group1995
16Student Fees1996
1Student Leaders1967-1968
1Student Organizations Directory1986-1988
1Student Strike/Student Center1970
1Student Orientation Staff (SOS)1993
1UNICOM Project1984
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2. Student Organizations, 1941-2010 (bulk 1980-1995)
Volume:14.25 cubic ft.
Summary:Divided into 11 sub-series: A) Academic and Departmental, B) All University, C) Art and Music, D) Ethnic and Cultural, E) Fraternities and Sororities, F) Honor Societies, G) Media, H) Political and Social Action, I) Professional Societies, J) Religious Organizations, and K) Special Interest Clubs.
A. Academic and Departmental
2Academy of Arts and Science, The1991-1994
2Accounting Club1980-1990
2Advertising Club1989-1994
2American Society of Personnel Administration1979
2Association for Computing Machinery1979-1993
2Association of Graduate Nursing Students1993-1994
2Association of Law, Policy and Society1996-1997
8Association of the U.S. Army1984-1989
2Beta Biology Club1993-1994
2Biomedical Engineers Society1988-1992
2Business Student Advisory Committee1978-1989
2Criminal Justice Student Advisory Council1977-1996
2Economics Society1968-1990
2Education Club1991
2Education Council1985-1991
2Education Students for Change1979
2English Club1982-1989
2European Club1991-1992
2Evening Student Council1978-1979
2Fenway Project, The1989-1994
2Forensic Scientists at Northeastern1983-1989
2Global Association of Bouve Students1991-1992
2Graduate and Professional Student Association1996-1997
2Graduate Student Advisory Council1993-1995
2Graduate Student Organization Criminal Justice1984-1989
2Life Crisis Institute1987-1988
2Linguistics Club1989-1995
2Manufacturing Club1990-1992
2Marketing Club1984-1996
2Math Club1984-1993
2Medical Lab Science Club1984-1995
2Modern Languages Club1989
2National Science Association1988-1992
2National Student Nurses Association1975-1989
2Naval Science Association1988-1992
2Nurses Pinning Committee1987-1990
2Nursing Student Government1990-1994
2Nursing Student Organization Council1984-1990
2Peer Counseling Program/Peers Reaching Out1983-1994
2Peer Educators in Diversity1995
2Philosophy Club1989-1994
2Physical Education Majors Club1969-1981
2Physical Therapy Club1983-1995
2Physical Therapy Yearbook1987-1994
2Psychology Club1987-1993
2Public Relations Student Society1982-1995
2Respiratory Therapy Club1978-1989
2Society of Physics Students1969-1988
2Sociology/Anthropology Student Association1981-1983
2Student Executive Committee/Graduate School of Business1981
2Student Faculty Relations/Biology Department1978
2Student International Mediation Society1971-1979
2Student National Medical Association1985-1989
2Student Nurses Association1993-1995
2Toxicology Student Association1980-1985
B. All University
2Council for Alternative Programs (2 folders)1980-1984
2CUP: Council for University Programs (7 folders)1989-1995
3International Student Forum (4 folders)1968-1995
3Inter Resident Council1983-1989
3Intramural and Club Sports1987-1990
3Resident Assistant Advisory Board1998
3Resident Student Association1995-1996
3Social Council (5 folders)1980-1983
3Student Alumni Association1981-1991
3Student Council (3 folders)1941-1942, 1968-1978
3Student Court (3 folders)1969, 1989
3Student Federation (4 folders)1975-1978
3, 16Student Government Association (20 folders)1981-1994
3Student Orientation Staff1993
3Student Union (5 folder)1952-1983
3United States National Student Association1954-1958
3University Court1973-1995
C. Art and Music
3Art and Architecture Society1988-1992
3Art Association1985-1989
3Art Club1971-1973
3Bands (2 folders)1965-1995
4Camera Club (2 folders)1970-1990
4Chinese Drama Society1979-1980
4Choral Society1985-1995
4Creative Council on Black Art1975-1978
4Dance Theatre Club1971-1989
4Early Music Players1973-1992
4Folk Club1960-1978
4Jazz Society1977-1980
4MEISA: Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association1990-1996
4Musicians Society1986-1989
8National ROTC Band Association1970-1974
4Silver Masque1951-1994
4Theater Arts1989-1991
4Visual Arts Club1986-1987
D. Ethnic and Cultural
4African American Institute (2 folders)1986-1990
4African Student Organization1989-1995
4Alborz-Iranian Student Organization1991-1995
4Arab Heritage1978-1994
4Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council Student Association1986-1987
4Arabic Students Club1974-1984
4Armenian Club1986-1991
4Asian American Student Organization 1990-1993
4Black Business Student Society1980-1992
4Black Engineering Student Society1980-1994
4Black Student Association (2 folders)1986-1995
4Cambodian Student Association1989-1993
4Cape Verdian Student Association1988-1995
4Caribbean Students Organization (2 folders)1986-1997
4Chinese Student Club (3 folders)1970-1995
4Chinese Student and Scholars Association1992-1994
4General Union of Palestinian Students1983-1987
4Haitian Student Activity1975-1994
4Hellenic Association1984-1994
5Hindu Students Council1991-1995
5Indonesian Student Association1989-1996
5International Students and Scholars1989-1996
5Iranian Student Association1980-1988
5Irish Students Club1981-1986
5Islamic Culture Club1986-1994
5Japanese Student Association1990-1992
5Korean Students Association (3 folders)1987-1989
5Latin American Students Association1978-1996
5Lebanese Social and Cultural Club1980-1995
5Malaysian Student Association1994-1995
5MELUS (Multi-Ethnic Literature in the U.S.) Graduate Student Caucus1996
5Minority MBA Association1987-1989
5Minority Student Affairs Advisory Board1986-1987
5National Association for the Advancement of Colored People1991-1996
5National Black Students Association1977-1985
5Nigerian Students1977-1982
5Organization for National Lebanese Youth1990-1992
5Polish Students Club1989-1995
5Professional Latino Society1996
5Russian Club1991-1992
5Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers1993
5Taiwanese Student Association1989-1995
5Thai Student Club1989
5Turkish Club/Turkish Student Organization1983-1990
5Turkish Student Association1991-1996
5UTSAV (Indian Student Club)1988-1995
5Vietnamese Student Club1984-1994
E. Fraternities and Sororities
6Alpha Phi Omega1987-1988
6Alpha Zeta Omega1985-1988
6Gamma Phi Kappa1969-1987
6Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc.1971-1989
6Phi Beta Alpha Fraternity1958-1980
6Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity1979-1993
6Phi Gamma Delta1986
6Phi Kappa Tau1996
6Phi Sigma Kappa1985-1992
6Pi Sigma Alpha1969-1995
6Sigma Beta Epsilon Sorority1980-1988
6Zeta Phi Beta Sorority1980-1986
F. Honor Societies
6Alpha Delta Omega (National Honor Society)1994
6Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice)1981-1994
6Alpha Pi Mu (Industrial Engineering)1983-1994
6Beta Gamma Sigma (Business Administration)1983-1996
6Chi Epsilon1969-1995
6Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineers)1970-1996
6Eta Sigma Gamma (Health Education)1980-1991
6Golden Key Honor Society1992-1994
6Kappa Delta Phi (Education)1969-1994
8National Honor Society of Scabbard and Blade1965-1995
6Omega Chi Epsilon (Chemical Engineers)1966, 1989-1992
8Pershing Rifles Club (U.S. Army ROTC)1969-1995
6Phi Alpha Theta (History)1980-1989
6Phi Beta Delta (International Honors Society)1998-1999
6Phi Beta Kappan.d.
6Phi Delta Kappa International (Boston Bouvé)n.d., 1987-1990, 2001-2002
6Phi Kappa Phi1977-1984
6Phi Sigma (Biology)1980-1992
6Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering)1970-1994
8Rangers Club (U.S. Army ROTC)1974-1988
6Rho Chi (Pharmacy Honor Society)1970-1995
8Semper Fidelis Society (U.S. Marines)1981-1986
6Sigma Epsilon Rho (University College and School of Engineering Technology)1981-1994
6Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics)1978-1994
6Sigma Theta Tau (Nursing)1975-1994
6Sigma Xi1973-1984
6Society for the Advancement of Communication Studies1980-1981
6Tau Alpha Pi (Lincoln College)1985-1993
6Tau Beta Pi (Engineering)1971-1995
G. Media
6Cauldron (2 folders)1961-1994
Media Board
16Finance Committee1992-1997
16Minutes (2 folders)1993, 1996-1998
16Percentage Split1997
Media groups
16Annual and Quarterly Reports1995-1998
16Budget Appeals1986-1988
16Journalism Credit (NU News and WRBB)1995-1996
16Lock and Key Information1995-1998
16Work Study1956-1999
Northeastern News
16Editorial Board1999
16Ethics Codeca. 1990s
16Hassle of Harassment1994
16Reorganization of the News1983
16State of the News1999
16Style Bookca. 1990s
6, 16NU Times (3 folders)1990-1993
6, 16Onyx Informer (3 folders)1986-1997
24Awards1992, 2008
22 Editorial/Executive Board Manuals (7 folders)2009-2010
22 Financial Information (2 folders)2006-2007
22 Media Board/Media Board Financial Committee (3 folders)2004-2006
23 Notebooks (4 folders)1998-2000
6Programming Council Work Shop1999-2000
20Renovation Inventory1993-1994
6Script (School of Pharmacy Yearbook)1982-1995
6, 16Spectrum1996-1997
Student Media Board
16Budget Allocations (All Groups)1987-1997
16Cauldron Budget1986-1995
16Charter (2 folders)1987-1996
16Employment Notices1989-1995
16Minutes (10 folders)1987-1997
16Office Allocations1995
16Onyx Budget1986-1997
16Northeastern News Budget1989-1993
17NU Times Budget1991-1995
17Raymond Clark Dismissal (Cauldron)1988
17Reserve Media Fund1995-1998
17Reserve Media Fund History1989-1996
17Spectrum Budget1986-1997
17Student Activities Fee Division1994
WRBB Budget
17Requests (2 folders)1986-1989
17Spending Reports1987
17WNEU: Playlist1967
17Antenna, New Tower1974
17Antenna on Prudential Center1986-1989
17Antenna Relocation Schedule1986-1987
17Antenna Upgrade1996
17Application to Increase Power and Change Frequencies1980-1981
17Black History Month Contest (2 folders)1988, 1991
17Broadcast Equal Employment Report1994
17Broadcast Signal Lab1996-1998
17Budget Review Committee1988-1990
17Buenas. Hello. This Is Latin Rhythm.1996
17Carrier Current1989-1991
17Charles River Publishing1992-1993
17Cohent Dippell Engineers1979-1986
17Conrad, Lou1989-1994
17Co-op Positions1989-1996
17Correspondence (4 folders)1964-2000
17Community Leader Survey (Ascertainment)1976
17Constitution (2 folders)1989-1995
17Crotty Committee1988-1991
17Digital Audio Transmission (2 folders)1990
17Disc Jockey Agreementsn.d.
17Employment Reports1983-1995
17Engineering Memorandum1989-1990
17FCC Applications (5 folders)1980-1998
18FCC Deregulation of Radio1979-1980
18FCC Newsletters1979-1980
18FCC Rules and Regulations1978-1979
18Federal Memoranda1977-1983
20Federal Documents on Radio Regulation1969, 1978-1979
18Feed Back1997
20Grier, Robertn.d.
18Grant Applications1987
18Herman, Gerald1989-1991
18Higher Frequency Letters of Support1979
18Issues and Programs Quarterly Report1989-1992
18Journalism Agreement1989-1996
18Letters of Complaint1973-1986
18Letters of Congratulations1973-1983
18Letters of Support (4 folders)1979-1980
18Letters of Thanks1983-1992
20License Renewal1974-1990
18Marketing Audit1991
18Membership List1989-1993
18Memoranda (2 folders)1987-1996
20New England College Radio Overview1986
18New England College Radio Stationsca. 1986
18New Equipment1970-1976
18Newspaper Articles about WRBB1979-1986
18Permits (2 folders)1970-1995
18, 21Petition: More Output for the Station's Continuance (2 folders)1978
21Petition: Increased Power to Keep Frequency (4 folders)1978-1979
18Phone List1993-1994
18Power Increase (2 folders)1979
18Putbrese, Hunsaker and Ruddy Law Officesn.d.
18Renovations Audit1994-1996
18Reports: Quarterly and Annual (2 folders)1984-1993
18Robinson, Dean Edward1986, 1989
18Security List and Issues (4 folders)1986-1997
18Security Survey1996
18Sockaki and Olyha, Deans1985-1992
18Speech Communications Involvement1989
18 The Spice (2 folders)1991-1997
18Survey (2 folders)1989, 1993
21Swartz, Wood and Miller (2 folder)1984-1986
18Tavner, Charles (2 folders)1978-1985
18Training Workshop1988
18Training Handbook1987
18Transaction List1997
19U Mass Boston Frequency Interference1979-1980
19United Press Contracts1996
19Underwrites (5 folders)1989-1998
19Upgrade and Change to the Station1989
19Use of Station Agreement1989
21Walters, Norby: Contracts1986
19WBOQ Gloucester Mass (104.9) and Possible Station Move1989-1994
19WVCA Interference1986-1988
19Woodhams, Mark1986-1992
H. Political and Social Action
7Amnesty International1989-1996
7Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay Association (Bilaga)1986-1995
7College Democrats1992-1995
7College Republicans of N.U.1989-1995
7Community in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador1981-1995
7Democratic Student Organization1989-1990
7Global Economic and Political Research Association1989-1990
7HELP Plann.d.
7Immigrant Workers Rights Project1997
7International Socialist Club1996-1997
7Masspirg (2 folders) 1972-1975
7Party for Workers Power1971-1974
7Political Science Student Advisory1974-1982
7Socialist Club1996-1997
7, Above Vertical FileStudents Aligned for Nuclear Disarmament (24 folders) (a banner is filed separately)1984-1992
7Students for Animal Rights1987-1992
7Students for a Democratic Society1969-1976
7Students for Environmental Action (2 folders) 1984-1995
7Students for the Exploration and Development of Space1991-1992
7Students for Life1983-1992
7Students for Safe Energy (formerly the Clamshell Alliance)1977-1982
7Students Together Ending Poverty1996-1997
7United Nations Association1982-1994
8Young Democrats1952-1989
8Young Socialist Alliance1970-1977
I. Professional Societies
8Academy of Pharmacy1988-1995
8American Criminal Justice Society1992-1996
8American Institute of Chemical Engineering1986-1995
8American Institute of Industrial Engineers1987-1994
8American Society of Civil Engineering1990-1994
8American Society of Mechanical Engineers1989-1993
8Chemistry Graduate Student Association1986-1988
8College Student Development Club1992-1994
8Council for Exceptional Children1992-1994
8Council on Security Administration and Management 1979-1982
8Engineer's Council1985-1992
8Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers1986-1995
8International Business Organization1981-1990
8Investment Club1985-1996
8National Association of Retail Druggists1994
8National Lawyers Guild1975-1990
8Physician Assistant Student Society1992-1995
8Pre Law Society1994-1995
8Society of Women Engineers1978-1995
8Society of Women in Business1976-1978
J. Religious
8Baha'i Club1975-1998
8Campus Crusaders for Christ1985-1994
8College Association for the Research of Principles (Unification Church) (2 folders)1979-1990
8Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship1980-1987
8Chinese Christian Fellowship1984-1995
8Christian Fellowship1969-1990
8Christian Science Organization1975-1986
8Christian Student Association1981-1988
8Christian Student Union1991-1995
8Marantha Christian Fellowship1982-1987
8Newman Club1982-1987
8Nichiren Shoshu of America1982-1985
8Students for Christ1986-1988
8World Explosion Christian Fellowship1985-1990
K. Special Interest
9Amateur Radio Club1984-1991
9Anglers Society1989-1990
9ASL Deaf Studies Club1987-1988
9Ballroom Dance Club1992-1994
9Bridge Club1985
9Brothers of Apple-Social Interest Group1983-1986
9Cardio Pulmonary Science Club1995
9Chess Club1971-1995
9Circle K1994
9Computer Association1991-1994
9Computer Club1970-1984
9Deaf Club1990-1994
9Disabled Student Organization1975-1986
9Downhillers Ski and Sports Club (2 folders)1966-1996
9Entrepreneur's Club (7 folders) 1978-1990
9Finance and Investment Club1994
9Finance Club1993
9Flying Huskies (13 folders)1973-1990
9GO Society1989
9Health Sports & Leisure Club1985-1989
9Homecoming1985-1994, 2005-2006
9History Club1988-1989
9Human Resources Management Student Association1979-1993
9Human Services Student Organization1978-1997
9Husky Key Society1971-1991
9Huskies Outing Club (5 folders)1942, 1960-1990
9Judo Clubca. 1966
9Juggling Club1980-1983
9MacIntosh User Group1988-1989
9MBA Association1988-1992
9MBA Computer Club1989
9MBA Women of Northeastern1981-1989
9Model Railroad Club1964-1984
10New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association1969-1970
10New Progressive Student Foundationn.d.
10Non-profit Management Club1982-1992
10Paintball Association1994-1995
10PC Users Group1989
8Rifle Team1954-1978
10Sailing Club (2 folders)1952-1995
10Science Fiction Club1977-1978
10Society of Automotive Engineers1991-1993
10Speech and Debate Team1991-1994
10Speech and Hearing Club1981-1993
10Sports Parachute Club1966-1984
10Student Ambassadors Association1991-1994
10Student Athletic Trainers Club1982-1989
10Table Tennis Club1969-1983
10Tactical Society1974-1994
10Terra Society/Geology Club1979-1995
10Transportation and Logistics Club1990-1994
10Underwater Society1960-1987
10Women's Center1978-1997
10Women's Crew1995-1996
10Women's Soccer1993
10Women's Track1990-1991
10Wrestling Clubn.d.
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3. Legal Services Student Case Files, ca. 1980-1995
Volume:4 cubic ft.
Arrangement:Numerical by social security number
11-14000-00-0000 to 999-99-9999ca. 1980-1995
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