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Title: Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Service-Learning records
Dates: 1984-2002
Call Number:A52
List of Contents


1. OEOP/SL, 1984-2002
Volume:1.5 cubic ft.

Alphabetical. Organized into 2 subseries: A. Operational; B. Subject Files

This series documents the non-volunteer activities and policies of the OEOP/SL. It is divided into two subseries. The first documents how the office operated and developed from 1988-1999. It comprises operational files, such as NU guidelines and procedure manuals that relate to the office's day-to-day operations, correspondence, and position descriptions. The second subseries includes records relating to the administrative activities of the OEOP/SL and its relationships to other NU offices and external agencies. It contains correspondence, newsletters, grant proposals, scholarship information, and communications with and information about other organizations and centers on campus. These include the Center for Innovation in Urban Education, the Center for the Study of Sport in Society, and the Community Outreach Partnership Center. Included in this series is information from or about service learning at NU and at other institutions.
A. Operational
1Administrative Manual1996
1Brochureca. 1995
1Contact List1998
1Co-op Employment Procedure and Position Description1996-1997
1Co-op (Robert Vozella)1989, 1996
1Faculty Development Program: Rules and Guidelines for Submission of Proposals1989
1Flynn, David: Director of Space Planning1994-1995
1Fund Raising, Office of Development (3 folders)1994-1996
1General Office Proceduresn.d.
1Job/Internship Descriptions1994-1998
1Outreach to Boston1993-1995
1Renovations for 236 Huntington Avenue1988-1989
1Sabbatical Leaves Document1989
1Semester at Sea1993
1Staff Meetings Agendas Updates1998-1999
B. Subject Files
1American Studies Institute Cultural Diversity in America, Boston Case Study1992
1AmeriCorps National Service: National Direct Application1994-1995
1Boston Grant Programca. 1995
1Boston Higher Education Partnership1994
Boy Scouts of America
1Boston Minuteman Council, Pack 57, Cub Scouts of Whittier Street Housing Development1993-1994
1Partnership Proposal and Review Committee1993
1"Breaking the Silence: Raising Our Voices," Racism in Education Statistics1996
Campus Compact
1Colloquium on National and Community Service1995
1Campus Outreach Opportunity League (COOL)1993-1994
1Carter, Holly: Notesca. 1992
Center for Innovation in Urban Education (CIUE)
1The Boston Group1995
1Correspondence and Overview1994-1998
1Goals 2000 Conference1995
Center for the Study of Sport in Society (CSSS)
Athletes in Service to America
1AmeriCorps National Direct Application1994
1AmeriCorps Proposal and Guidelines1995
1Athletes in Service to American.d., 1996
1Central Planning Committee1994-1995
1Workplan (AmeriCorps) The Corporation for National Service1994
1"Lessons Learned": A FIPSE Proposal1994
1Oxfam America: Retreat Agenda1995
1Project TEAMWORK Human Rights Squad1996-1998
1Community Outreach Partnership Center (6 folders)1995-1998
1Compact for College Success: First Year Evaluation Report1995
Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)
1AmeriCorps Education Awards Program Application Guidelines1996
1Corporation Grants, Programs, and Support and Investment Activities: Proposed Regulations1994
1Correspondence1994, 1997
1Higher Education Videoconference1994
1Learn and Serve America: Higher Education (4 folders)1994-1997
1Massachusetts National and Community Service Commission1997
1National and Community Service Superconference1994
1Principles of High Quality National Service Programs1994
1Summer of Safety (2 folders)1994
1Training and Technical Assistance: Available Funds1994
1Democratic Caucus on Education Budget at NU1996
1Disability Resource Center1997-1998
1Diversity Article and Curriculumca. 1997
1Diversity Education Task Force1994
1Diversity Recognition Awards1998
1Face of Change: Corporate Multicultural Training1992
1Ford Foundation Grant: Doctoral Fellowships for Minority Students List1986
Fund for the Improvement of Post secondary Education
1"Educating Our Youth: A Redefinition of Policy and Process in the Education of Black Youth": Grant Proposal1984
1"Faculty Rewards and Student Learning Outcomes" Proposaln.d.
1Innovative Projects for Community Service: Guidelines for Applicants1993
1Furtado, Alexendre Brito Ribeiro Council of Ministers for Social and Youth Affairs Visit1987
1Greater Boston One-to-One (2 folders)1992-1997
1Hewlett-Packard Site Visit1995-1997
1Innovative Urban Education1994, 1998-1999
1Institute on Learning Work and the Workplace1993
1Instructional Development Fund Proposal Review1993
John D. O'Bryant
1Community Youth Center1993
1Honorary Doctorate Proposal1990-1992
African-American Institute
125th Anniversary1992-1993
130th Anniversary1998
1Learning Through Community Service1994
1Lynn Classical High School GE Grant1993-1994
1Massachusetts Summit: The Promise of Our Youth1997
1Master of Arts in Teaching Information and Course Syllabus1996
1MIT Workplace Demographics Questionnaireca. 1993
1Mobilization for Academic Excellence Notes1997
1National and Community Service Trust Act1993
1National Society for Internships and Experiential Educationca. 1992
1National Youth Leadership Council Call for Presenters 9th Annual National Service-Learning Conference1998
1Nellie Mae Transition Plan Letter of Support1997
1New England Regional Institute: Northeastern University Team Plan and Information1994-1995
2Newspaper Clippings (Youth)1993-1996
2Non-profit Co-op Positions at NUca. 1995
2Northeastern University – An Urban University Reaching Out to its Community: A Presentation1994
2Northeastern University National Service Day Abstractca. 1995
2Northeastern University Outward Bound and Harvard Outward Bound Proposed Collaboration1993
2Northeastern University Reaching Other Worlds1989-1991
2Northeastern University Youth Programs: Summary of Funds Allocated1993-1994
2Office of Affirmative Action1993-1997
2The One Hundred Fund Grant Proposals1995-1996
2Otto Snowden Community Fellowship Applications1996
2Planning Social and Recreational Activitiesn.d.
2Presidential Lecture Series1986
2Public Conversations Project in Cambridge1994-1996
2Robert W. Consalvo: Boston Public Schools, Superintendent Candidate1995
2Boston Housing Authority Grant Program1984-1995
2MacFarland Memorial Scholarship1995
2NYNEX Diversity Scholarship Program1997
2Ruth M. Sullivan Award1996
Service Learning at NU
2Contact List1994
2Information Fair1997
2Public Relationsn.d.
2Service-Learning Advisory Committee (SLAC) (4 folders)1994-1997
Service-Learning at Other Institutions
2Bentley College1992
2Brookdale Community College (NJ)ca. 1992
2Boston University Community Service Center: Wizards1994
2Brown University Swearer Center for Public Service: New England Group Correspondence1995-1997
2Harvard School of Public Health Community Partnerships1993
2Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, Office of Service-Learning1995
Service-Learning Courses at NU
2"Approaches to History" Course Evaluations1995
2"Community Service-Learning: A Course on Values Clarification"1994
2"Learning in Action Through Community Service" ED18001996-1998
2"Human Services Research and Evaluation" 2 Team Projects1995
2"Teaching Service-Learning: The Community as Classroom" Course Evaluations1995
2SIETAR: Industry Education Connection Enterprises Survey1992
2Staff Retreat1997
2Stand for Children1997
2"A Task Force on Multi-Cultural Education in the Humanities at Northeastern University" Proposal1992
2University Ombudsman and Advisory Panel on Diversity1994-1995
2University Wide Coordinating Committee on Community Service and Education1993-1994
Urban Community Service Program
2Partnerships in Community Application1995
2Urban Institution Application for Designation and Correspondence1995
2Urban Outreach Council 1997-2002
2VISIONS, INC., Information and Workshops1990-1992
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2. Service-Learning Programs, 1990-2000
Volume:3.00 cubic ft.

Alphabetical. Organized into 2 subseries: A) Youth; B) Elders

This series consists of records concerning community programs in which NU is involved. It contains correspondence, brochures, notes, grant proposals, and reports pertaining to service-learning programs focusing on youths and programs and services designed for the elderly. The first subseries, Youth, includes materials about America Reads, Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME), City Year, The Fenway Project (including the After School Program), Massachusetts Campus Compact, Northeastern University Partners in After School Scholastics (NU PASS), Partners in Reading, Tobin Scholars, and the W. F. Kellogg Foundation's Partners in Education. The second subseries contains information about The Fenway Project Seniors Program, Our Elders Our Roots (OEOR), and Students Helping in the Naturalization of Elders (SHINE).

Documentation of youth programs in subseries A include correspondence, volunteer and/or coordinator reports, and evaluations. In addition, the America Reads project contains training materials and evaluations. The City Year folders include newspaper clippings and application and organizational information. The Fenway Project records include volunteer agency listings. NU PASS records include program manuals. The Partners in Reading Program records contain a literacy tutor information packet and end of quarter questionnaires.

There a few requests for proposals in the Massachusetts Campus Compact folders.

In the second subseries, both SHINE and OEOR contain information about or from Temple University. The OEOR section also contains a file about suggested activities and oral history questions.
A. Youth
2Action for Boston Community Development: Summer Works1997
2Adopt-a-School Project1997
America Reads
2Book List2000
2Contracting Worksheet Potential Incorporation of America Reads and Read Bostonn.d.
2End of Quarter Evaluations (5 folders)1998-2000
2Meeting Notes1999
2Site Information, Work-Study Tally Sheets, Tutor Meeting Agendas and Notes (2 folders)1998-1999
2Training Materials1998
2Training Meeting Evaluations1999
2Tutor Update Sheets1999
2Weekly Reports (2 folders)1998-2000
2Weekly Tutor Reports (5 folders)1998-1999
2Work-Study Tally Sheets and Tutor Meeting Notes1999
2Arts and Crafts Idea Book Presented to Boston Parks and Recreation Department by Bouve College1972
2Balfour Academy1993-1998
2Boston Do Something1994-1997
2"Building Cultural Bridges" Information and Press Release1997
Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME) at NU
2Grant Applications1998-1999
2IMPACT: A Regional Curriculum Implementation Effort1997
2National Science Foundation Young Scholars Program1994
2Teacher Enhancement Effectiveness Review Report1997
2Teacher Innovation Program and Statewide Implementation Program: Request for Proposals1995-1996
City Year
2Application and Organizational Information1992-1997
2Correspondence (4 folders)1993-1998
2CYZYGY Annual Convention of Idealism1995
3"Daily Briefing"1994-1995
3National Expansionca. 1993
3Newspaper Clippings1992-1997
3NU-City Year Partnership Planning Committee1993-1994
3Post-Service Benefits (2 folders) (Restricted)1993-1995
3Rhode Island Violence Prevention Project1994
3Sponsors and Supporters1992-1994
3Summer Academy Accommodations Correspondence1993-1995
Summer of Service (SOS)
3Commission on National and Community Service Request for Proposal1993
3Corps Member Applications (Restricted)1993
3"Daily Briefing"1993
3NU-Summer of Service Partnership Proposal Draft and Correspondence1993
3Progress Report to the Commission on National and Community Service1993
3Public Relations (Corporation Sponsors)1993
3Service-Learning Committee1993
3Team Site Description1993
3Young Heroes Commemorates Iqbal Masih1995
3Community Based African Centered Rites of Passage Programsn.d.
Community Service-Learning Project (CSLP)
3Partnership Among Bank of Boston, City of Boston and NU: Draft1994
3Reports, Application and Correspondence1993-1996
3U.S. Department of Education Grant Proposal1993
3Echoing Green Foundationca. 1996
3Echoing Green Public Service Fellowships (4 folders)1993-1997
The Fenway Project
3Administrative Manual1995-1996
After School Program
3Administrative (3 folders)1997-1998
3Applicationsca. 1998
3Certificates to Counselors1998
3Child Evaluations1995-1996
3Computer Education for Camfield Adultsca. 1997
3Coordinator Reports (2 folders)1997-1998
3Correspondence (2 folders)1996-1998
3Counselor Assessments of the After School Program1998
3Counselor Manuals1997-1998
3Daily Reports1997-1998
3Department of Psychology Research Project1996
3Evaluations by Staff1997
3Evaluations by Volunteers and Supervisors (Restricted)1995-1996
3Evaluations of Counselors (Restricted)1996-1997
3Game Ideasca. 1998
3Incident Reports (Restricted)1995-1998
3Information about Possible Outings and Activities1997-1998
3Inventory of Food and Supplies1998
3Kids' Writings1997-1998
3Mentee Information1996-1998
3Performance Evaluations by Supervisors (Restricted)1998
3Programmingn.d., 1995-1997
3Recommendations Report1998
3"The Spirit of Excellence: Each One Teach One" Mentoring and Tutoring African American Youth1991
3Suggestions for Improving the Monday After-School Programn.d.
3Weekly Activities1998
3Worksheetsca. 1997
3Agency Listing (3 folders)1993-1996
3Corporation for National and Community Service Grant Application Materials1993
3Evaluations (Blank)n.d.
3The Fenway Book: Volunteer Opportunities1997-1998
3Flyers Advertising Co-op and Work Study Positions1995-1998
3Graduate Administrative Assistant1995-1998
3Graduate Coordinator Correspondence and Staff Meeting Agendas1994-1995
3Incident Report (Restricted)1998
3Job Descriptionsn.d.
3Mission Statement and Overviewn.d.
3New Agency Affiliationsn.d., 1994, 1997
3Project Evaluation1995-1997
3Project Vote Smart1997-1998
3Proposed Agendas1994
3Response to Recommendations for Improvementn.d.
3Short Update and Staff Names1997
3Staff Reports1997-1998
3Staff Schedule1995, 1997
3Towards Independent Living and Learning Meeting1996
I Have A Dream Foundation
3MLK Day Mini-Grant Proposal1995
3IHAD/Tobin Scholars Computer Lab1997
Massachusetts Campus Compact (MACC)
3"Community Exploration After-School Program" Grant Proposal1996
3Community Involvement Week1995
3Grant Information1996-1998
3Three Year Plan for the Development of a Massachusetts Campus Compact: Proposal1995
4Massachusetts Youth Service Alliance1995-1996
4Mayor's Youth Council Information and Application1998
Northeastern University Partners in After School Scholastics (NU PASS)
4Boston Programs for Youth1999
4Children's Files (2 folders)1998-1999
4Counselor Applications (2 folders)1998-1999
4Counselor Performance Evaluations (Restricted)1998
4Evaluations of Programs1998
4Game and Fieldtrip Ideasn.d., 1998
4Meeting Notes and Agendasn.d., 1998-1999
4Program Manuals1998-1999
4Staff Development Ideas for Counselorsn.d., 1999
4Student and Counselor Information1998-1999
4Weekly Reports1998-1999
4Youth Services and Activities1998-1999
4Northeastern University School of Journalism Junior Scholars Program: Proposal1995-1996
Partners in Reading
4Administrativeca. 1998
4All About Us by the Children at the After School Program at Tobin Community School1997
4Coordinator Reports1997-1998
4End-of-Quarter Questionnairen.d., 1998
4Guide for Reading Tutorsca. 1998
4Literacy Tutor Information Packet and Program Information1998
4Notes and Correspondenceca. 1997
4Notes and Schedulesn.d., 1998
4Program Coordinator Position1997-1998
4Site Information1997-1998
4Tutors Update Sheets and Weekly Reports1998
4Volunteer Work Schedule and Check-In List1997
4Work-Study/Volunteer Agreement1998
4The Partnership for Service-Learning1993-1995
4Partnership in Community Studies: NU and Roxbury Community College: Minor and Certificate in Community Studies1994
4Project #83-7D-007: Prepared by the Teachers from the Hurley and Blackstone Schools and the Urban Schools Collaborative (3 folders)n.d.
4Project SEED: Science Education through Experiments and Demonstrations1994
4Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education (SCALE): Program Needs Assessment Survey1997
Tobin Scholars Program
4Account Statement1993
4Annual Budget1993-1996
4Ceremony Invitation1996, 2000
4Correspondence (2 folders) (Restricted)1991-2000
4Disney Trip Contract and Permission Slip1998
4The Family Exchange Newsletter1994
4Fund Raising1995
4Graduate Assistant and Student Outreach Coordinators' Quarterly Reports1997
4Mentee Service Reports1999-2000
4Applications (Restricted)ca. 1999
4Weekly Service Reports (2 folders)1994-2000
4Mentors and Cohorts Tutoring Needs (Restricted)1997-1998
4Peer Mentor Program Component Information (Restricted)ca. 1997
4Philanthropic Initiative1996
4Presidential Tuition Waivers (Restricted)1996-1997
4Press Coverageca. 1991-1994
4Program Description and Backgroundca. 1994
4Pupil-Mentor Match1992-1998
4Scholars and Mentors Award Receptions1995-1999
4Staff Contact Listca. 1993
4Status Reports (5 folders)1997-2000
4Tobin Scholarship1998
4University Partnership Recognition Program: HUD Nomination Form1996
4Weekly Proceduresca. 1996
4Volunteer Opportunitiesn.d., 1998
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Partners in Education
4Brochuresca. 1998
Center for Community Health Education Research and Service (CCHERS)
4Brochure (2 folders)n.d.
4Codman Square Health Center1995
4College of Nursing Correspondence1997
4Fifth Annual Community Meeting Program1996
4Health Careers Academy1997
4HUD Grant Information1995
4Learn and Serve America: Higher Education Renewal Requestca. 1995
4Mission Statement and Executive Summary1994
4University Partnership Recognition Program: HUD Nomination Form1996
4Contact Peopleca. 1998
National Dialogue
4Conference at NU1999
4Memoranda and Faxes1998-1999
4Possible West Coast Affiliates1999
4Progress Notes1998-1999
4Regional Breakdownca. 1998-1999
5Partnerships in Education1998-1999
5Research on U.S. Urban and Innovative Education Programs1998
5Youth Build Boston1993-1996
Youth Service America
5Annual Reports1993-1995
5Information from YSA1995-1996
5The National Service Briefing1994-1996
5Programs Information and Correspondence1995-1996
5Working Group on National and Community Service Policy1995-1996
B. Elders
The Fenway Project Seniors Program
5Coordinator Reports1998
5Planned Trips1995-1996
5Senior Citizen Upcoming Eventsca. 1992
5Staff Reports1997
Our Elders Our Roots (OEOR)
5Articles and Short Story1992-1996
5Charles H. Fransworth Trust Grant Proposal1996
5Council of Eldersca. 1996
5Forms, Evaluations and Interviews1996
5Haitian Communityn.d.
5Information for Seniorsn.d., 1994-1997
5Information and 1997 Final Report1996-1997
5Iniquilinos Boricuas En Accion (IBA)ca. 1996
5Massachusetts Association for the Blindca. 1996
5Massachusetts Department of Education: Grant Application1995
5Site Informationn.d.
5Suggested Activities and Oral History Questionsn.d.
5Survey Forms1996
5Temple University (2 folders)1993-1997
Students Helping in the Naturalization of Elders (SHINE)
5All-Site Meeting Agenda San Francisco1998
5Cost Share Report1997-1998
5Evaluation Formsca. 1998
5Office for Refugees and Immigrants1998
5Program Information and Coordinator Responsibilitiesca. 1998
5Program Manual1998
5Recognition Event1999
5Site Placements1998
5Status Reports1997-1998
Temple University
5Center for Intergenerational Learning Corporation for National Service Grant1998-1999
5Program Narrative and Progress Report1997-1998
5Student Survey and Manuals1998
5Subcontract and Proposal1997-1998
5Subcontract Correspondence1998-1999
5Training Agenda1998
5Weekly Briefs1998-1999
5Winter Course Listings1998
5Volunteer Opportunities1997
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3. International Education, 1985-1997
Volume:0.6 cubic ft.


This series documents HMC's participation in various international education and educator organizations. It also includes information about international education at NU and the International Student Center, Forum, and Office at NU. Documentation includes correspondence, brochures, information about study abroad programs offered by NU, other universities' international studies programs, and some documentation of HMC's involvement with three professional organizations: the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA), and the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA).

HMC, in addition to being on the CIEE board, also co-chaired the 47th International Conference on Educational Exchange in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1994.
5 Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) (3 folders)1990-1994
5American Council on Education: "Council of Fellows Day"1993
5Correspondence (2 folders)1989-1997
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
5"Black Students and Overseas Programs: Broadening the Base of Participation"1991
5Alliance Policy Symposium: "International Exchanges: Empowering America" (Washington, D.C.)1995
5International Conferences on Educational Exchange (3 folders)1990-1994
5Correspondence (8 folders)1989-1998
5Underrepresented Student Groups in Overseas Programs Committee1989-1994
5Work Abroad1990
5Dean's Council Presentation1990
5German Delegation and in Singapore1990-1992
5International Boston1992
5International Competence Strategies Draftca. 1991
5International Conferences1985, 1993-1995
International Education at NU
5Budget (Restricted)1990-1992
5Programs and Services1990-1991
5International Exchange Programs at NU1989-1991
5International Student Center1994-1997
5International Student Forumn.d., 1995
5International Student Office1992, 1998
5Kansai University of Foreign Studies, Japan1990
5Law, Policy and Society Program1989
5National Association for Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA)1984
5NCSPOD Conference: Keynote Address1995
5"Northeastern, An International University"1989
5"Political Risk/Market Analysis for International Students at Northeastern University"1990
5Proposal to Establish the Office of International Educationn.d.
5Strategic Planning Financials1989-1991
5Study Abroad in Australia and Ireland1989-1990, 1997
5The Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication1993-1994
5Travel and International Scientific Study Grants Available1990
5Tunghai University, Taiwan: Exchange Agreement1991
6Volunteer Opportunities on International Issues1991
6Wuhan University, China1993-1995
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4. Holly M. Carter, 1987-1998
Volume:0.7 cubic ft.


This series includes information about NU activities and external organizations in which HMC participated. Of special interest are six folders of correspondence with Society Organized Against Racism (SOAR). HMC was also a part of the Northeastern University Black Faculty and Staff Association and the Sexual Harassment Network at NU. Folders of correspondence with NU President John Curry relate to HMC's previous position as Special Assistant to the President. Also documented are the workshops HMC facilitated and attended.
6African American Community Leaders Luncheon at NU1994-1995
6African American Faculty and Staff: Letters to President Freeland1996-1997
6African American Faculty: Issues of Concern and Position Paper1991
6Boatman, C and C. Peek Case: The Counseling Center1993-1996
6Carter, Holly: Curriculum Vitae1995
6Children's Museum Board of Trustees1995, 1998
Curry, John
6Community Meeting with African-American Representatives1995
6Correspondence (6 folders)1989-1995
6Honorary Degree Nomination: Howard M. Haywood1996
Keynote Addresses
6"Helping Across Cultures: Understanding the Role of Culture in Health Care Service Delivery"1994
6Massachusetts National and Community Service1995
6National Association of Negro Business and Professionals Women's Club Boston and Vicinity1990
6Northeastern University Black Faculty Association (NUBFA)1986, 1992-1998
6Pathfinder International1995, 1998
6Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society1990-1998
6Sexual Harassment Hearing (2 folders) (Restricted)1987-1988
Sexual Harassment Network
7Letter to the NU News Editor1994
7Training Information1992, 1995
Society Organized Against Racism (SOAR)
7Correspondence, Memoranda, Agendas (2 folders)1987-1994
7Goals, History, Brochureca. 1992
7"NU SOAR News" vol. 11996
7Support Fund for Black and Hispanic Faculty1989
7Women and Public Policy: Course Proposal Informationca. 1994
Women's Studies Program
7Event Calendars1993-1997
7Executive and Advisory Board1989-1996
7Major/Dual Major Proposal1997
7Working Group on Women's Studies Issues at NU1994
7Conflict Resolutionca. 1994
7Cross-Cultural Communication1987-1992
7Cultural Diversity1991-1994
7Diversity Training1995
7Fee Schedule and Informationn.d.
7"Managing Diversity: The Cutting Edge"1993
7Managing in a Multicultural Environment1993
7Untitled Workshops for Childrenn.d.
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5. Audio Cassettes, n.d., 1981, 1990
Volume:0.2 cubic ft.


This series contains fifteen audio cassettes concerning African American Issues, presentations by HMC's students, and International Education. In International Education, four of the seven cassettes concern strategic planning workshops at NU.
African American Issues
8Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts: Paul Robeson, Institute for Positive Self Developmentn.d.
8Construction in the South End Southwest Corridor: Interview/Discussionn.d.
8Discussion about Black Studiesn.d.
8Immigration into the South End: Interview/Discussionn.d.
International Education
8International Educationn.d.
8International Education WorkshopMarch 1990
8Presentations [International?]n.d.
8Strategic Planning (4 tapesn.d.
8Student Presentations (4 tapes)1981
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