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Collection Overview
Title:Northeastern University concert recordings
Call Number:A53
Volume:8 cubic ft.
Scope and Content Note:The bulk of this collection is composed of audio reel-to-reel recordings of the Music at Noon Concert Series, which includes performances by student and professional bands. There are also several recordings of the Northeastern University Band, Symphony Orchestra, and Choral Society. Recordings from the Concert Arts Orchestra of Boston are also present, along with various other concerts held in or around Northeastern University. The Music at Northeastern University Series and the Northeastern University Concert Series are also represented here, with a number of recordings from 1979-1981.
Historical Note:The Music at Noon Concert Series at Northeastern University began in 1962 to allow students to perform music informally in front of an audience. It was initiated by Professor Roland Nadeau, then Chairman of the Music Department. In 1964, Professor Tesson took over the program and expanded it to include a wide variety of music. In 1968, Northeastern University formally adopted a budget for the Music at Noon program, thus allowing it to host concerts by professional musicians as well as student bands. There have been three orchestras over the course of Northeastern University's history. The first one began in 1914 and continued to perform until the 1940s. The orchestra represented in this collection began in ca. 1965, under the direction of Professor William Tesson. Although Tesson resigned in 1977, the orchestra continued to play until the 1980s when it was disbanded. The third orchestra was formed in the 1990s under the leadership of Allen Feinstein.
Arrangement:Arranged alphabetically then chronologically.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Bands
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Choral Organizations
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Orchestras
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Songs and Music

  • Music -- Massachusetts -- Boston

Restrictions:The collection is unrestricted.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by John Fienberg, October 2004

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Concert Arts Orchestra of Boston
1A-BUntitled – Master – Live (2 tapes)5/27/1982
2A-BSamuel Barber (2 tapes)12/9/1982
3A-BDavid Sonnenschien (2 tapes)3/13/1983
4Second Season5/26/1983
5A-BSundays at Stillington (2 tapes)6/5/1983
6Music of Bach and Handel1/27/1985
7A-BSanders Theater Master (2 tapes)3/27/1985
8A-BSanders Theater (2 tapes)5/15/1985
Music at Noon
9J.R. Mitchell4/?/1972
10J.R. Mitchell7/29/1972
11J.R. Mitchell4/17/1975
12Church of Covenant Jazz12/5/1975
13J.R. Mitchell3/4/1976
14R. Hendrich9/8/1976
15R. Hendrich9/17/1976
16R. Hendrich9/21/1976
17Kaleidoscope for Trombone1/17/1980
18Four Hand Music for One or Two Pianos10/6/1980
19A-BMichael Williams – Spectrum of the Double Bass (2 tapes)2/5/1981
20Mozart for Winds4/16/1981
21Folk Music5/7/1981
22Northeastern University Early Music5/14/1981
23Gray Sergeant Trio – Jazz6/4/1981
24Brass Music10/15/1981
25"Coloratura Cocktail"11/19/1981
26Sandy and Caroline Paton12/3/1981
27Fantasy Pieces of Schumann1/14/1982
28Sal Spicola and the Jazz Ensemble2/11/1982
29Music for Two Pianos – Hache/Nadeau2/16/1982
30A-BMusic of Women Composers (2 folders)3/4/1982
31Music for Flute and Piano4/22/1982
32A-BOpera as Theatre (2 tapes)8/18/1982
33The Beethoven Bridge11/18/1982
34Mendelssohn, the Romantic2/3/1983
35Brahms' 150th Birthday5/19/1983
36Twentieth Century Music for Flute and Piano10/27/1983
37Grace and Beauty: Classic American Ragtime11/3/1983
38Beethoven's Piano Music11/17/1983
39The Art of Josquin Desprez12/1/1983
40Music of Ives and Bartok1/19/1984
41Traditional Persian Music Workshop2/2/1984
42Baroque Music for Recorder, Viol, and Harpsichord2/9/1984
44Italian Music Tradition3/8/1984
45Music of Reginald Hache5/3/1984
46Northeastern University Baroque Ensemble5/24/1984
47Music for Violin, Cello, and Piano5/31/1984
48Dvorak: Trio in E Minor, Op. 905/31/1984
49French Music for Flute and Piano10/11/1984
50The Many Faces of the Viol10/25/1984
51Women Composers of Song11/8/1984
52Festive Music of Renaissance and Baroque Germany11/29/1984
53Bach's 300th Birthday, Baroque Ensemble2/14/1985
54Linda Ott, piano2/28/1985
55Music of Byrd, diLasso, Dufay, and DesPrez3/7/1985
56The Tamarack Trio – Tchaikovsky: Trio, Opus 50, for Piano3/14/1985
57Charles Moketoff, Guitarist4/18/1985
58Adrienne Sirken, piano5/2/1985
59Northeastern University Early Music Players – "Love's Labours Found"5/30/1985
60Music of French Baroque10/3/1985
61Piano Music of Bach, Schubert, and Liszt10/10/1985
62Four Hand Piano Music of Debussy & Ravel10/17/1985
63Japanese Shakuhachi Virtuoso10/24/1985
64Kenneth Finch with the Northeastern University Baroque Ensemble10/31/1985
65With Sounds of Flute and Psaultery11/21/1985
66A Recital of German Lieder12/5/1985
67Duo Recital for Violin and Piano1/16/1986
68Music of Claude Debussy1/30/1986
69The Tamarack Trio2/13/1986
7016th Century Music and Dance3/13/1986
71Music of 18th Century and Germany4/17/1986
72A Nadia Boulanger Legacy5/1/1986
73Songs from Die Fledermaus5/15/1986
74Northeastern University Early Music Players – Untitled5/22/1986
75Contemporary Music for Saxophone6/5/1986
7616th and 17th Century English Music10/2/1986
77Art of Black Music and Dance10/16/1986
79Music of the Italian Renaissance11/20/1986
Music at Northeastern University Series
80A-BFamous Waltzes (2 tapes)4/27/1980
81A-BBach and Beethoven – Burlington (2 tapes)2/13/1981
82Famous Trios – Burlington4/24/1981
Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra
83Music of Beethoven6/8/1978
84Offenbach, Hache, and MozartSpring 1979
85Annual Gala Family Holiday Concert (2 tapes) – Mozart, Viotti, and Beethoven12/2/1979
86Unspecified PerformanceWinter 1979
87Unspecified Performance3/3/1980
88Unspecified Performance5/18/1980
89Unspecified Performance12/8/1980
90Mendelssohn and Beethoven2/8/1981
91Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert3/18/1984
92Unspecified Performance6/10/1984
93Handel, Mendelssohn, and Mozart3/10/1985
94An Evening of Thelonious Monk's Compositionsn.d.
95Music of Reginald Hache2/10/1977
96Jack Bradley: Lecture, Film Clips, Discussion on Louis Armstrong: The Man and His Music4/26/1977
97A-BMiklos Schwalb (2 tapes)5/20/1977
98J.R. Mitchell – Music of Duke Ellington5/24/1977
99J.R. Mitchell – Thelonious Monk's Compositions8/16/1977
100J.R. Mitchell11/10/1977
101Multi Arts Exploration of the Romantic Mood2/1/1978
102J.R. Mitchell – Live at the Jazz Museum2/9/1978
103J.R. Mitchell – Live in the Northeastern University Ballroom5/16/1978
104Northeastern University Concert Series – Bates and Swanborn1/18/1979
105Northeastern University Music Department Concert Series – Keith Johnson Jazz2/1/1979
106Huntington Trio: Northeastern University Performance2/9/1979
152Northeastern University Concert Series – A Chamber Music Concert3/8/1979
107Northeastern University Music Department Artists Series – Miklos Schwalb5/4/1979
108Northeastern University Concert Series – The Princess and the Page5/25/1979
109Northeastern University Concert Series – The Art of the Prima Donna11/1/1979
110Northeastern University Concert Series – Goya in Art and Music2/7/1980
111Northeastern University Concert Series – Music of Elizabeth's Day3/3/1980
112Northeastern University Concert Series – Sing We And Chant It: The Madrigal3/6/1980
113Miklos Schwalb, Famous Waltzes4/7/1980
114French Music for Flute and Keyboard5/3/1980
115Courts and Chapels of Renaissance France – The Boston Camerata8/18/1980
116Music on Verses of Norma Farber11/6/1980
117Combined Arts at an Exhibition2/22/1981
118Contemporary Music for Flute and Piano3/5/1981
119Summer Music: New and Old Music for Brass7/8/1981
120Summer Music: French Salon Music8/19/1981
121Ingrid Sonnenshein: "The Water Engine"1982
122Northeastern University Division of Fine Arts: A Celebration of Brahms1/31/1982
123A-BMusic of Women Composers (2 tapes)2/28/1982
124A-BNew Music by Women Composers (2 tapes)5/9/1982
125A-BRachmaninoff Trio Opus 9 (2 tapes)5/13/1982
126A-BMelba Liston Concert (2 tapes)5/20/1982
127A-BNew Music at Northeastern (2 tapes)5/24/1982
128Northeastern University Choral Society6/6/1982
129A-BDowntown Jazz Orchestra (2 tapes)7/28/1982
130A-DChamber Works by 3 New England Composers (4 tapes)11/7/1982
131Early Music Players – Renaissance England Christmas Music12/2/1982
132A-BNew Music Concert (2 tapes)12/4/1982
133Early Music Players – Julie Griffin12/10/1982
134Furqat i Shsharq Arabic Tradition1/20/1983
135New Humor in Music2/17/1893
136A Concert of Chapel Renaissance Music3/10/1983
137Daniel Horne, piano3/13/1983
138A-BHofstra Studio (2 tapes)3/17/1983
139Being Baroque3/17/1983
140Marion Streetpeople / Newton Arts Center3/25/1983
141Music of Beethoven, Bartok, Schumann4/11/1983
142A-BMusic of Danzi, Nielson, Poulenc, and Roussell (2 tapes)4/22/1983
143Division of Fine Arts / Night Concert6/8/1983
144Sundays at Stillington6/12/1983
145A-BSundays at Stillington (2 tapes)6/19/1983
146Reaffirmation of Faith Service10/27/1983
147A-BJudas Maccabeus (2 tapes)12/3/1983
148Traditional Music of Ireland4/19/1984
149Early Music Players6/7/1984
150Ann Karnofsky Concert (reel-to-reel and CD copy)12/19/1984
151A-BNortheastern 25th Anniversary Concert (2 tapes)3/12/1988