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Title:Northeastern University concert recordings
Call Number:A53
List of Contents
Concert Arts Orchestra of Boston
1A-BUntitled – Master – Live (2 tapes)5/27/1982
2A-BSamuel Barber (2 tapes)12/9/1982
3A-BDavid Sonnenschien (2 tapes)3/13/1983
4Second Season5/26/1983
5A-BSundays at Stillington (2 tapes)6/5/1983
6Music of Bach and Handel1/27/1985
7A-BSanders Theater Master (2 tapes)3/27/1985
8A-BSanders Theater (2 tapes)5/15/1985
Music at Noon
9J.R. Mitchell4/?/1972
10J.R. Mitchell7/29/1972
11J.R. Mitchell4/17/1975
12Church of Covenant Jazz12/5/1975
13J.R. Mitchell3/4/1976
14R. Hendrich9/8/1976
15R. Hendrich9/17/1976
16R. Hendrich9/21/1976
17Kaleidoscope for Trombone1/17/1980
18Four Hand Music for One or Two Pianos10/6/1980
19A-BMichael Williams – Spectrum of the Double Bass (2 tapes)2/5/1981
20Mozart for Winds4/16/1981
21Folk Music5/7/1981
22Northeastern University Early Music5/14/1981
23Gray Sergeant Trio – Jazz6/4/1981
24Brass Music10/15/1981
25"Coloratura Cocktail"11/19/1981
26Sandy and Caroline Paton12/3/1981
27Fantasy Pieces of Schumann1/14/1982
28Sal Spicola and the Jazz Ensemble2/11/1982
29Music for Two Pianos – Hache/Nadeau2/16/1982
30A-BMusic of Women Composers (2 folders)3/4/1982
31Music for Flute and Piano4/22/1982
32A-BOpera as Theatre (2 tapes)8/18/1982
33The Beethoven Bridge11/18/1982
34Mendelssohn, the Romantic2/3/1983
35Brahms' 150th Birthday5/19/1983
36Twentieth Century Music for Flute and Piano10/27/1983
37Grace and Beauty: Classic American Ragtime11/3/1983
38Beethoven's Piano Music11/17/1983
39The Art of Josquin Desprez12/1/1983
40Music of Ives and Bartok1/19/1984
41Traditional Persian Music Workshop2/2/1984
42Baroque Music for Recorder, Viol, and Harpsichord2/9/1984
44Italian Music Tradition3/8/1984
45Music of Reginald Hache5/3/1984
46Northeastern University Baroque Ensemble5/24/1984
47Music for Violin, Cello, and Piano5/31/1984
48Dvorak: Trio in E Minor, Op. 905/31/1984
49French Music for Flute and Piano10/11/1984
50The Many Faces of the Viol10/25/1984
51Women Composers of Song11/8/1984
52Festive Music of Renaissance and Baroque Germany11/29/1984
53Bach's 300th Birthday, Baroque Ensemble2/14/1985
54Linda Ott, piano2/28/1985
55Music of Byrd, diLasso, Dufay, and DesPrez3/7/1985
56The Tamarack Trio – Tchaikovsky: Trio, Opus 50, for Piano3/14/1985
57Charles Moketoff, Guitarist4/18/1985
58Adrienne Sirken, piano5/2/1985
59Northeastern University Early Music Players – "Love's Labours Found"5/30/1985
60Music of French Baroque10/3/1985
61Piano Music of Bach, Schubert, and Liszt10/10/1985
62Four Hand Piano Music of Debussy & Ravel10/17/1985
63Japanese Shakuhachi Virtuoso10/24/1985
64Kenneth Finch with the Northeastern University Baroque Ensemble10/31/1985
65With Sounds of Flute and Psaultery11/21/1985
66A Recital of German Lieder12/5/1985
67Duo Recital for Violin and Piano1/16/1986
68Music of Claude Debussy1/30/1986
69The Tamarack Trio2/13/1986
7016th Century Music and Dance3/13/1986
71Music of 18th Century and Germany4/17/1986
72A Nadia Boulanger Legacy5/1/1986
73Songs from Die Fledermaus5/15/1986
74Northeastern University Early Music Players – Untitled5/22/1986
75Contemporary Music for Saxophone6/5/1986
7616th and 17th Century English Music10/2/1986
77Art of Black Music and Dance10/16/1986
79Music of the Italian Renaissance11/20/1986
Music at Northeastern University Series
80A-BFamous Waltzes (2 tapes)4/27/1980
81A-BBach and Beethoven – Burlington (2 tapes)2/13/1981
82Famous Trios – Burlington4/24/1981
Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra
83Music of Beethoven6/8/1978
84Offenbach, Hache, and MozartSpring 1979
85Annual Gala Family Holiday Concert (2 tapes) – Mozart, Viotti, and Beethoven12/2/1979
86Unspecified PerformanceWinter 1979
87Unspecified Performance3/3/1980
88Unspecified Performance5/18/1980
89Unspecified Performance12/8/1980
90Mendelssohn and Beethoven2/8/1981
91Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert3/18/1984
92Unspecified Performance6/10/1984
93Handel, Mendelssohn, and Mozart3/10/1985
94An Evening of Thelonious Monk's Compositionsn.d.
95Music of Reginald Hache2/10/1977
96Jack Bradley: Lecture, Film Clips, Discussion on Louis Armstrong: The Man and His Music4/26/1977
97A-BMiklos Schwalb (2 tapes)5/20/1977
98J.R. Mitchell – Music of Duke Ellington5/24/1977
99J.R. Mitchell – Thelonious Monk's Compositions8/16/1977
100J.R. Mitchell11/10/1977
101Multi Arts Exploration of the Romantic Mood2/1/1978
102J.R. Mitchell – Live at the Jazz Museum2/9/1978
103J.R. Mitchell – Live in the Northeastern University Ballroom5/16/1978
104Northeastern University Concert Series – Bates and Swanborn1/18/1979
105Northeastern University Music Department Concert Series – Keith Johnson Jazz2/1/1979
106Huntington Trio: Northeastern University Performance2/9/1979
152Northeastern University Concert Series – A Chamber Music Concert3/8/1979
107Northeastern University Music Department Artists Series – Miklos Schwalb5/4/1979
108Northeastern University Concert Series – The Princess and the Page5/25/1979
109Northeastern University Concert Series – The Art of the Prima Donna11/1/1979
110Northeastern University Concert Series – Goya in Art and Music2/7/1980
111Northeastern University Concert Series – Music of Elizabeth's Day3/3/1980
112Northeastern University Concert Series – Sing We And Chant It: The Madrigal3/6/1980
113Miklos Schwalb, Famous Waltzes4/7/1980
114French Music for Flute and Keyboard5/3/1980
115Courts and Chapels of Renaissance France – The Boston Camerata8/18/1980
116Music on Verses of Norma Farber11/6/1980
117Combined Arts at an Exhibition2/22/1981
118Contemporary Music for Flute and Piano3/5/1981
119Summer Music: New and Old Music for Brass7/8/1981
120Summer Music: French Salon Music8/19/1981
121Ingrid Sonnenshein: "The Water Engine"1982
122Northeastern University Division of Fine Arts: A Celebration of Brahms1/31/1982
123A-BMusic of Women Composers (2 tapes)2/28/1982
124A-BNew Music by Women Composers (2 tapes)5/9/1982
125A-BRachmaninoff Trio Opus 9 (2 tapes)5/13/1982
126A-BMelba Liston Concert (2 tapes)5/20/1982
127A-BNew Music at Northeastern (2 tapes)5/24/1982
128Northeastern University Choral Society6/6/1982
129A-BDowntown Jazz Orchestra (2 tapes)7/28/1982
130A-DChamber Works by 3 New England Composers (4 tapes)11/7/1982
131Early Music Players – Renaissance England Christmas Music12/2/1982
132A-BNew Music Concert (2 tapes)12/4/1982
133Early Music Players – Julie Griffin12/10/1982
134Furqat i Shsharq Arabic Tradition1/20/1983
135New Humor in Music2/17/1893
136A Concert of Chapel Renaissance Music3/10/1983
137Daniel Horne, piano3/13/1983
138A-BHofstra Studio (2 tapes)3/17/1983
139Being Baroque3/17/1983
140Marion Streetpeople / Newton Arts Center3/25/1983
141Music of Beethoven, Bartok, Schumann4/11/1983
142A-BMusic of Danzi, Nielson, Poulenc, and Roussell (2 tapes)4/22/1983
143Division of Fine Arts / Night Concert6/8/1983
144Sundays at Stillington6/12/1983
145A-BSundays at Stillington (2 tapes)6/19/1983
146Reaffirmation of Faith Service10/27/1983
147A-BJudas Maccabeus (2 tapes)12/3/1983
148Traditional Music of Ireland4/19/1984
149Early Music Players6/7/1984
150Ann Karnofsky Concert (reel-to-reel and CD copy)12/19/1984
151A-BNortheastern 25th Anniversary Concert (2 tapes)3/12/1988