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Collection Overview
Title:Corporations and Foundations records
Location Code:30/2-3, 32/4, 33/2, 34/4, 35/1, 35/3
Reference Code:A55
Extent:53 cubic ft. (59 boxes)
Scope and Content Note:The collection not only documents the activities of the office, such as the solicitation, negotiation, and receipt of gifts, but also illuminates the Northeastern University programs, buildings, and funds that the gifts established or benefited. Of note are records relating to Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sports in Society, the School of Law, the Snell Library building, Bouvé College, the Cabot Athletics Cage, the College of Nursing, the College of Business Administration, and the College of Engineering. Also of special interest are personalized notes scattered throughout the collection that testify to the beneficial impact Northeastern University had on donors' lives. Records include correspondence, memoranda, donor agreements, wills, bequests, newspaper clippings, and building plans.
Historical Note:Northeastern University's Office of University Advancement was established in 1959 and includes the division of Corporations and Foundations, which promotes capital gifts and grants from corporations, foundations, and other organizations. Its efforts have resulted in funding for new buildings, expanded academic offerings, professorships, and scholarships at Northeastern University.
Language and Scripts:
System of Arrangement:The collection is arranged in one alphabetical sequence by donor name or Northeastern University program.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Endowments
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Funds and Scholarships
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of Advancement. Corporations and Foundations
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Benefactors
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.) -- Buildings

Conditions Governing Access:Records are closed for 25 years from the date of their creation, unless researchers have written permission from the creating office.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Maureen Mahoney and Archives Staff August 2002. Updated by Ellen Lassiter March 2006, May 2006, July 2006, May 2007. Updated by Abigail Cramer May 2011. Updated by Migyeong Geum October 2012.

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532006 Women's Final Four2005-2006
53300 Turnpike Realty Partners2005
22A.F. Peaslee, Inc.1969-1982
24A.H. Robbins Company, Inc.1974-1980
2, 53AT&T (2 folders)1964-1988, 2000-2005
7A.T. Cross Company1981-1990
53A.W. Chesterton Co.2004
1, 57Abbott Laboratories (2 folders)1985-1989, 2007
44Abell Foundation2007
53ACAD Corporation2004
31, 38Academic Common Experience (2 folders)1993-1995
38Accounting Firms1984-1995
57Accounting Management Solutions Inc.2006-2007
1, 38Accrediting Reports (2 folders)1979-1983
53ACS Defense, Inc.2000-2001
53ACT Medical, Inc.2000
53Acton Associates1997-2000
1, 53Acushnet Company Foundation (2 folders)1962-1999, 2004
57Ad Tech Systems2007
1Adams, Russell1966-1999
53Adaptive Instruments Corporation1999-2002
53Adcare Educational Institute, Inc.2003
51Adelson Family Charitable Foundation2007
1The Adhesive and Sealant Council1981-1984
38Administrative Advisory Committee1998-1999
53Advanced Management Associates2000
53Advanced Micro Devices2005-2008
1, 53Aetna Life and Casualty Company (2 folders)1964-1990, 2001-2002
31, 38Affirmative Action Institute (2 folders)1991-2000
1, 38African American Institute (2 folders)1974-1994
17, 44Agnes M. Lindsay Trust (3 folders)1964-2007
51Aid for Cancer Research2007
53AIM Chemical Enterprises2005
52AIR Research Grant2004-2005
53Akamai Technologies, Inc.1999-2000
53Akorri Networks, Inc.2006-2007
51Alan D. and Judith Tobin Charitable Fund2004
53Albany International Research Co.2005
18Albert A. List Foundation, Inc.1952-1973
1, 36Alcoa Foundation (2 folders) 1963-1996
35Alden Electronics1984-1991
44Alden Trust1999-2006
22Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation1988-1999
53Alfieri Proctor Associates, Inc.2006
51Alfred Mann Foundation2007
38, 44Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation (3 folders)1988-2008
51Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy2007
1Allied Health Programs1972-1978
1Allied Signal1959-1993
1Allis-Chalmes Manufacturing Company1956-1969
1, 53Alpha Industries, Inc. (2 folders)1977-1990, 1998-2000
53Altran Corporation2000-2001
1Alumni Auditorium1981-1985
27Alumni Trustee Giving1961
51Alzheimer's Association2003-2007
51Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation2008
44Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award for Women1999-2003
22, 49Amelia Peabody Charitable Trust (3 folders)1964-1990, 1999-2004
22Amelia Peabody Foundation1985-1990
53America East2000
38America Reads Program1998-1999
1American Airlines, Inc.1965-1975, 1996
51American Association for Cancer Research2007
44American Association of Colleges of Nursing2002-2004
44American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy2005-2008
1American Association of Cost Engineers1978-1985
1, 44American Association of University Women (2 folders)1974-1975, 2005
1American Biltrite Rubber Company1963-1982
1American Can Company Foundation1962-1987
44American Cancer Society (2 folders)2004-2008
44American Chemical Society (2 folders)2005-2007
51American College of Clinical Pharmacy1982-2002
1American College Public Relations Association1964-1967
1American Cynamid Company1958-1992
44American Diabetic Association2002
1American Electronics Association1979-1990
1, 53American Express (2 folders)1976-1999
52American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)2007
52American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education2005-2006
44American Foundation for Suicide Prevention2006
51American Hearing Research Foundation2006-2007
44American Heart Association (4 folders)2003-2009
1American Hoechst Corporation1958-1987
51, 58American Institute of Chemical Engineers (2 folders)1999-2006
1American Mutual Insurance1960-1989
1American Newspaper Publishers Association (Journalism Scholarship)1968
44American Nurses Foundation (2 folders)2004-2007
1American Optical Company1978-1991
44American Parkinson's Disease Association, Inc.2005
51American Physical Therapy Association2007
51American Psychiatric Foundation2006
44American Public Power Association2006
53American Science and Engineering, Inc.2005-2008
38American Sign Language Grant1999
53American Society for Engineering Education2000
44American Society for Plant Biologists2006
44American Statistical Association2004-2005
1American Trucking Association Foundation1963
53AMETEK Aerospace2004-2007
1Amstar Corporation1959-1979
1, 53Analog Devices (2 folders)1976-1990, 2000-2006
1, 53Analogic Corporation (2 folders)1981-1988, 2000-2008
19Andrew W. Mellon Foundation1975-1989
52Anna Reppucci Memorial Trust2008
44Annenberg Foundation1998-2007
44Annie E. Casey Foundation1995-2005
57Anox Kaldnes2006
53Aon Risk Services2000-2003
1Apollo Computers1980-1989
58Apollo Health2006
53Applied Biosystems2000-2001
31The Arca Foundation1993-1999
1ARCO1961-1984, 1994
53Arctech, Inc.2000-2006
2Arena, Donor Letters1982-1986
44Argosy Foundation2001-2005
57Arizona State University2008
2Arkwright Boston Insurance1961-1991
2Armstrong Cork1963-1977
51Arnold Foundation2007
57ArQule, Inc.2004-2006
2, 38Art and Architecture Department (2 folders)1988-1989, 1999
58Art Institute of New York & New Jersey Inc.1998-2000
53Art Institute of Washington2000
57Art Recherches et Technologies Avancées2002-2003
44Arthritis Foundation2004-2006
2, 53Arthur Andersen and Company (2 folders)1985-1992, 2000
8, 44Arthur Vining Davis Foundation (2 folders)1963-1982, 1995-2005
29Arthur Young and Company1964-1970
2, 53Artisan Industries, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1990, 2002
2Arts and Sciences, English - Hemingway (2 folders)1989
44ASHP Foundation2004
2Asner Event1988-1989
53Aspect Medical Systems, Inc.2002-2008
45Aspen Institute2001-2002
2Associated Grantmakers of Massachusetts1980-1989
2ASTRA Pharmaceutical Products1971-1973
53Athena Diagnostics, Inc.2000-2008
2Athletics - Artificial Turf and Cabot Cage (4 folders)1969-1976
2Athletic Department Committee1978-1990
53Atlantic Associates2004
45Atlantic Philanthropies2001-2006
2Augat, Inc.1981-1991
45Autism Research Institute2003-2008
45Autism Speaks2001-2007
53Autodesk, Inc.2003
53Averstar, Inc.1998-2000
2, 36Avery Dennison (2 folders)1953-1994
36Avid Technology1993-1995
51, 53Avon Foundation (2 folders)2005-2007
45Ayco Charitable Foundation2007
2, 31, 35, 36A Miscellaneous (7 folders)1959-1999
13B.F. Goodrich1957-1972
51B.J.'s Charitable Foundation2007
19B.L. Makepeace, Inc.1963-1981
2Babcock and Wilcox Company1969-1976
2Back Bay Executive Club1984-1986
53Back Bay Restaurant Group, Inc.2002
2The Badger Company, Inc.1965-1978
2Baird Corporation1962-1983
56Baker O'Connor and Co.2000-2005
2Balfour Academy1989-1990
2, 45Balfour Foundation (2 folders)1968-1989, 1999-2007
2Baltimore Gas and Electric Company1964-1976
45, 53Bank of America (2 folders)2005-2008
2-3, 36, 53Bank of Boston (6 folders)1961-1996
3Bank of New England (2 folders)1962-1991
58Bantam Group2000-2004
36Banyan Systems1995-1997
53Barnes and Noble1988-2007
51Barnett Family Foundation2007
3, 38Barnett Institute (8 folders)1973-2005
51Baromedical Research Foundation2001-2007
45Barr Foundation2000-2006
3, 35, 58Barry Controls (3 folders)1961-1999, 2008
53Baseball Office Commissioner2000-2001
3BASF System Corporation1971-1982
53Battalia Winston International2000-2002
53Batterymarch Financial Management2002-2008
58Baxter-Epic Therapeutics2007-2008
3Bay Area Regional Technology Center1985
35Bay Networks1994-1998
3Bay State Abrasives1958-1988
53Bay State Gas Company2000
3, 35Bay State Skills Group (2 folders)1980-1995
53BBNT Solutions2000-2005
58Beacon Electric Distributors2007
3Bear Stearns Company1990
53Bechtel BWXT Idaho LLC2001-2004
3Bechtel - Parsons1972-1985
53Beckman Coulter, Inc.2004
3Beckman Instruments1985-1990
45Beckman Scholars (3 folders)2003-2007
52Beef Cattle Research Foundation2003
45Behrakis Fund2000
36Bell Atlantic (3 folders)1983-1998
3Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.1962-1984
25Benjamin Schulman Family1987-1988
45Bently College2006
51Benton Foundation2001
53Berenson, Peter2004
58Bergmeyer Associates2007
45Berklee College2006
3, 36Berkshire Hathaway (2 folders)1987-1996
45Bernard Harris Foundation2007
31Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc.1996
58Best Buy2008
45Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center2002-2008
3Bethlehem Steel Company1945-1982
53Bicon Dental Implants2001
3, 36Bioanalytical Systems (2 folders)1987-1995
53Biogen, Inc.2000-2007
53Biological Services, Inc.2001-2002
58BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2008
3Bird Companies1958-1990
36BISYS Networking Services1995-1998
53BKR International Mergers & Acquisitions2000
3Black and Decker, Inc.1963-1981
51Black Ministerial Alliance2007
53Blakeley Investment Co.2000-2005
3Blanchard Foundation1962-1991
53Blue Cross Blue Shield2000-2008
58Bluefin Robotics Corporation2008
53B'nai B'rith New England2001
22Board of Overseers1979-1987
53Bodine Electric Company2001
58Body Worksn.d.
3Boeing Company1989-1990
3Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc.1965-1985
58Bond Brothers2007
51Bonner Foundation2007
38, 45, 58Book Builders of Boston, Inc. Scholarship (3 folders)1983-2000, 2006-2007
3Booth Ferris Foundation1963-1978
53Bose Corporation1995-2008
45, 53Boston Athletic Association (2 folders)2000-2005
53Boston Bruins2004-2005
53Boston Capital Securities, Inc.2000-2007
53Boston Carmens Union Local 5892002
45Boston Celtics2004
36, 45, 58Boston College (3 folders)1996-2007
53Boston College Athletics2005
3Boston Company1962-1990
53Boston Consulting Group, Inc.2001
53Boston Duck Tours, LP2006
3, 36Boston Edison Company (4 folders)1951-1994
45Boston Evening Clinic Foundation2006
3, 45Boston Foundation (3 folders)1983-1988, 2006-2008
3Boston Foundation and Sonnabend Foundation1963-1986
57Boston Gas Co.2000
4Boston Gear1960-1984
4, 36, 53Boston Globe Foundation (3 folders)1963-1990, 1999-2006
58Boston Groundwater Trust2007
45Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing2004-2007
53Boston Herald2000-2001
38Boston History Collaborative2000
4Boston Insulated Wire and Cable Company1952-1982
45, 57Boston Latin School (2 folders)2001-2003
52Boston Medical Center2000-2006
38Boston Outreach1993-1995
57Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society2002
57Boston Public Health Commission2001
45Boston Public Library2004-2006
4, 57Boston Red Sox (2 folders)1963-1977, 2003-2007
58Boston Redevelopment Authority2007
38Boston Retail Grocers Association Scholarship1980-1989
53Boston Scientific2000
58Boston Society of Civil Engineering2006
45Boston University2006
58Bottomline Marketing Consulting2000
Bouvé College
4, 31General (2 folders)1990-1997
4Building and Swimming Pool1965-1969
4Correspondence (3 folders)1960-1988
53Bozell Worldwide, Inc.2000
51Brain Tumor Society2005-2006
4, 45The Braitmayer Foundation (2 folders)1966-1972, 2004-2005
51Breast Cancer Research Foundation2007
54Brewster Company2002
45Bridgewater State College2006
45Brigham & Women's Hospital2002-2007
4Bristol - Myers Company1963-1974
58British Consulate2000-2001
45Broad Foundation2003-2006
57Brock Rogers Surgical Inc.2001
4Brockway Smith Company1958-1987
38Brookline Hospital Women's Auxiliary Scholarship1965-1988
54Brookline Lodge Elks 8862005
54Brooks Drug2002-2006
45Brown, Donna P.2005-2006
54Brown, Rudnick, Freed, & Gesmer1994-2002
58Brown Sugar Café2007
51Browne Fund2007-2008
54Bruker Biosciences2000-2005
4Brunswick Corporation1972
4Bryant Chucking Grinder Company1964-1984
4BTU Engineering1963-1983
54Bubble Technologies2004-2006
36Building #19 Foundation1191-1993
4, 35Bull HN (2 folders)1980-1994
4Bullard Company Charity Foundation1955-1970
4Bulova Watch Company1961-1973
45Burke Medical Research Institute2006
4Burlington Industries Foundation1955-1982
4Burroughs - Welcome Company1963-1993
58Busek Company, Inc.2000-2002
4Business and Industry Council1948-1968
4Business and Industry Program - Lists1964-1965
4Business Equipment Corporation1965-1981
38Business Plan (8 folders)1995-2002
4Business Research Group1979-1981
58BzzAgent Inc.2007
4, 31, 38B Miscellaneous (9 folders)1952-1999
58C.E. Resources Pte. Ltd.2004
51C.S. Fund2000
4Cabot - Cabot and Forbes Company1977-1983
4, 54Cabot Corporation (2 folders)1958-1987, 1994, 2000-2005
4Cabot Trust1969-1984
45California Community Foundation2002-2004
45, 54Cambridge Market Analysis Group1997-2001, 2004-2006
51Cambridge Mustard Seed Foundation2001
8-9Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1992
4, 54Camp, Dresser, & McKee, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1990, 2000-2007
4Camp ECHO1984-1990
45Campbell and Hall Foundation1999-2003
5Campus Campaign1987-1990
51Canadian Association for Co-Operative Education2007
51Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies2005
51Canary Foundation2007
45Cancer Research Foundation of America1995-2001
51CaP CURE: Prostate Cancer Foundation2005
54CAP Enterprises2005
38Cardinal Cushing Scholarships (2 folders)1978-2002
54Cardinal Health2003-2006
54Cardiomag Imaging, Inc.2003-2006
58Carl Zeiss Inc.2002
45Carlisle Foundation2001-2002
5Carlson Corporation1976-1989
45Carnegie Corporation of New York2000-2007
54Carney Hospital2002
38Carson Scholarship1983-1993
5Carter's Ink Company1963-1976
5Casavant Family Charitable Trust1980-1985
5, 38CASE (6 folders)1973-2001
54Casella Waste Systems2004
54Caterpillar, Inc.2002-2003
58Catholic Memorial School2008
5, 54CBS Foundation (2 folders)1959-1985, 2000-2007
19CE Maguire, Inc.1977-1984
54CEM Corporation2002
51Center for Community Health Education Research and Service2007
9Center for Electromagnetic Research1983-1989
51Center for Health Transformation Foundation (CHT Foundation)2007
19, 30Center for Management Development (2 folders)1987-1990
58Center for the Development of Human Services2001
6Center for the Study of Computer - Human Interaction1985
5-6Center for the Study of Sports in Society (17 folders)1982-1998
45Center for the Study of the Presidency2000
6, 45Century Fund (2 folders)1970-1987, 2000-2001
Centennial Campaign
38Naming Opportunities1995-1999
38Prospects (3 folders) (Restricted)1993-2000
39Victory Celebration1977-1998
30Century Fund – Faculty Equipment Requests (2 folders)1982
54Ceredo Liquid Terminals, LLC2005
54CereMedix, Inc.2002
54CETEK Corp.2001
58Chair 5 Restaurant2007
6Champion International Corporation1971-1981
8, 45Charles A. Dana Foundation (2 folders)1962-1987, 1994-2000
11, 52Charles A. Frueauff Foundation (2 folders)1963-1974, 1994-2003
9Charles C. Ely Trust1973-1990
7Charles E. Culpeper Foundation, Inc.1979-1991
19Charles E. Merril Trust1960-1974
7Charles H. Cross Charitable Foundation1981-1985
46Charles H. Farnsworth Trust2002-2007
14Charles H. Hood Dairy Foundation1960-1979
14, 47Charles Hayden Foundation (5 folders)1940-1988, 2008
27, 39, 51Charles Irwin Travelli Foundation (4 folders)1983-1999, 2000-2008
46Charles River Charitable Foundation2001-2006
54Charles River Labs2001-2008
54Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.2006
54Charles Stark Draper Laboratory2003
20Charles Stewart Mott Foundation1963-1980
52Charlotte Geyer Foundation2004-2007
6Chase Manhattan Bank1963-1985
54ChemFirst, Inc.2005
6Chemical Bank1974-1988
6Chemical Engineering1964-1990
6Chemistry Building1965-1970
6Chemistry Building Dedication1968
54Chestnut Hill Partners2000-2004
54Chicken Lou's, Inc.2006
46Chicken Soup Plus Charitable Foundation2004
46, 54Children's Hospital Fund (2 folders)2003-2007
46, 54Choate, Hall and Stewart (2 folders)2002-2008
6Christian Science Monitor1974-1978
50Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation2004-2007
33-34, 39, 59Chronological Files (56 folders)2000-2008
6Ciba-Geigy Corporation1976-1990
6Cincinnati Milacron-Heald1965-1991
54Cisco Systems2000-2004
6Cities Service Company1966-1975
54Citigroup, Inc.n.d.
51, 54Citizens Bank Foundation (2 folders)2000-2007
46Citizens Housing and Planning Association2002
46City of Attleboro2004-2005
51City of Boston Treasury Department2007
46City of Brockton2004-2005
46City of Chelsea2004-2005
46City of Lawrence2004-2005
39City on a Hill Teachers' Institute (2 folders)2002
31City Year1993-1995
58Civilized Solutions2007-2008
6Clark-Franklin Press1968-1972
54Cleary Elevator Co.2004
58Client Business Services2005-2006
25, 30, 31Clinton H. Scovall Fund (3 folders)1925-1995
54CMG Environmental2006
54CMP Media LLC2004
46Coalition for Safe Minds2007-2008
6, 58Coca-Cola1963-1987, 2000-2006
6Codex Corporation1980-1988
54Cole Hersee Co.1999-2008
46Coleman Foundation2000-2002
6Colgate-Palmolive Company1963-1985
31College of Arts and Sciences1989-1998
College of Business Administration
4, 5General (3 folders)1969-1982, 1990
4, 5Associates Programs (11 folders)1983-1992
5Center for Corporate Relations1985-1990
5Dodge Renovation (2 folders)1989-1990
31Lieb Professorship1989-1993
5, 19Philip R. McDonald Professorship (4 folders)1987-1990
6College of Computer Science1989-1990
1, 31College of Criminal Justice1972-1986, 1995
College of Engineering
10Buildings and Programs1986-1989
10Center for Integration Manufacturing and Engineering1983-1988
10Center for Research and Graduate Studies1988-1990
10Engineering Industrial Advisory Council1982-1990
10Fund Raising Corporations and Alumnus1982-1989
10Minority Program (2 folders)1968-1991
10Staff and Student Informationn.d.
10Summer Institute Minority Programs (6 folders)1978-1980
10Miscellaneous Proposals1968-1986
College of Nursing
21General (3 folders)1964-1988
21Correspondence (3 folders)1964-1969
22College of Pharmacy (2 folders)1962-1989
54Collegiate Press Co.2000
6Colt Industries1955-1974
54Columbia Tech2004
46Combined Jewish Philanthropies2003-2008
58CombiSep, Inc.2004
6Combustion Engineering1958-1991
51, 54Comcast Foundation (2 folders)2006-2008
6Commercial Union Insurance1951-1994
22Committee of the Permanent Charity Fund (3 folders)1963-1988
54Commonwealth Development LLC2004
6Commonwealth Electric1981-1987
6Community Reinvestment Act1981
6Community Service, Continuing Education1965-1977
54Compass Group2001-2007
6, 35, 39Compugraphic Corporation (5 folders)1968-1995
6, 35Computervision Corporation (3 folders)1979-1985, 1991-1994
54Conant Controls, Inc.1995-2004
58Concordant Inc.2006-2007
54Cone Communications, Inc.1996-2007
6Conference Board1970-1974
39Connected Campus1993-1995
6Connecticut General Life Insurance Company1959-1971
6Connecticut Natural Gas1968-1991
58Connecticut Sub-division of the DEC2001
54Connell Ltd. Partnership2000-2008
6Connor Foundation, Inc.1979-1987
58Consentini Associates, Inc.2005
31Conservation Food and Health Foundation, Inc.1988
58Consolidated Edison Co.2006-2008
54Construction Inspection Services2006
54Consumer Value Stores2002-2006
6The Continental Group, Inc.1967-1984
6Control Data Corporation1970-1982
54Controller Service & Sales Co., Inc.2002-2003
6Converse Rubber Company1966-1985
Cooperative Education
6Building (2 folders)1968-1990
7National Commission1986-1990
7Research Center1975-1977
7World Council1988-1989
7Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries1969-1972
7, 36Coopers and Lybrand (2 folders)1962-1998
35Copeland Corporation1996-1998
7Copley Pharmaceutical, Inc.1979-1989
7Coppus Engineering1987
36Corning Glass Works1958-1994
7Corporate Leadership Committee (2 folders)1986-1990
7, 30Corporators (3 folders)1980-1987
39Correspondence, General (2 folders)1998-2005
54Costello Contracting2000
7Council for Financial Aid to Education1964-1981
7Council on Foundations, Inc.1972-1990
54Coutu Foundation2005-2006
54Covalent Associates, Inc.2005-2006
7, 31Cowen Foundation (2 folders)1972-2001
46Cox Trust2001-2006
7Craig Systems Corporation1963-1984
57Creative Office Pavilion2007
36Credence Systems1996
54Crest Ultrasonics2000-2007
46Cricket Island Family Foundation1994-2003
7Crystal Trust1971-1980
46, 54Cullinane Group (2 folders)2000-2007
7Cullinet Software1983-1987
7Cultivation Events1988-1989
7Cultivation Events - Henderson House1988
46Cummings Foundation1994-1997
54Curry College2002
58Custom Glass & Aluminum2007
54Cutler-Hammer Foundation2000-2001
30 Cynthia and Clara H. Hollis Foundation 1981
58Cypress Tree Investment Management2007
54CYTYC Corp.2004-2008
7-8, 31, 35, 36, 39C Miscellaneous (11 folders)1951-2001
57D. Schumacher Landscaping2007
8Damon Corporation1969-1987
46Dana Farber Cancer Institute2005
39Dargavel Foundation1975-1977, 1998
51Dartmouth College2007
8Data General1980-1988
8Dataproducts Corporation1984
46David and Lucille Packard Foundation2004-2005
46Davis Educational Foundation2001-2007
46Day, Berry and Howard LLP2000-2001
58Dayco Cytomation California, Inc.2004
46Daymarc Foundation2002-2006
58De Nora North2007-2008
39Deaf Cohort1993-1994
51Deafness Research Foundation2006
46Decatur City Board of Education Group1999
54Decker Machinery Co.2004
8Dedham Track1983-1986
54Delaney Associates, Inc.2005
8Delmed, Inc.1983-1989
54Deloitte & Touche2000-2007
58Delta Dental2000-2001
54Demco and Associates PC2005
54Denta Quest Ventures, Inc.2002-2005
3, 31Department of Biology (2 folders)1982-1994
6Department of Chemistry1965-1988
19Department of Mechanical Engineering1963-1987
8, 59Development Office (University) (4 folders)1985-1998
8Development Storyboard1981-1988
51Deveraux Foundation2001
54Devine & Pearson, Inc.1997-2004
8Diamond Anniversary Celebration1972-1975
Diamond Anniversary Development Program
8Conclusion Dinner1975
8First Phase1964-1976
8Second Phase1961-1963
8Second Phase Inauguration Dinner1965
8Faculty Solicitation - Third Phase (2 folders)1971-1976
8Digital Equipment Corporation (4 folders)1963-1990
54Digitome Co.2005
39Dockser/Robinson Renovation1995-1997
17Dodge Library1963-1975
54Domain Pharma Co.2000
58Donadio Environmental Associates2007
8, 31Donaldson Charitable Trust (2 folders)1983-1996
54Donovan Electric2003-2007
54Doran Family Foundation2005
9Doris Duke Foundation, Inc.1963-1972
54Dorner Manufacturing Corp.2006
46Dorr and Decrow Foundation2000-2007
46Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism2003
8DOW (2 folders)1957-1989
54Dow Chemical2001
56Drew Pearson Marketing2000
46Dreyfus Foundation1994-2008
9, 59DRM (4 folders)1983-1997
9DRM - Helmuth (2 folders)1984-1989
9Drop-out School1967
31Drucker Foundation1993-1997
58Dual Align LLC2008
54Dunkin' Brands2005
9, 54DuPont de Nemours and Company (5 folders)1951-1990, 2000
9DuPont Foundation Proposals1962-1990
54Durgin Park, Inc.n.d.
46Dwyer and Collora LLP2007
9Dynamics Research1962-1990
9Dynatech Corporation1962-1990
9, 31, 35, 36D Miscellaneous (5 folders)1958-1999
9EG&G, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1988
54E. J. Footwear LLC2001
51E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation2004-2006
58East Elite Cheer Gym, Inc.2007
58East Side Entrees, Inc.2005
51Eastern Athletic Trainers Association2003
54Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation2000
9Eastern Enterprises1958-1988
9Eastern Utilities1977-1990
9, 54Eastman Kodak Company (3 folders)1955-1990, 2001-2007
9, 46Eaton Foundation (Eaton and Howard, Inc.) (2 folders)1961-1990, 2000-2006
51Eccles Foundation2003
51Ecological Society of America2005
54Editorial Projects in Education2003-2004
9Education Facilities Laboratories, Inc.1964-1972
46Education Resource Institute2001-2003
51Educational Foundation of America2003
39Educational Opportunity Programs and Service Learning1995-1996
3Edward L. Bernays Foundation1962-1993
24Edward and Beetha C. Rose Charitable Fund1980-1983
39Edward T. Rigney Memorial Scholarship Fund1978-1979
58Edwards, Angell, Palmer, & Dodge2007
46Edwards H. Mank Foundation2004-2006
29, 51Edwin S. Webster Foundation (2 folders)1957-1990, 2008
46Egan Family Foundation2001-2004
54Eisai Research Institute2002
9Electrical Manufacturer's Representatives Club of New England1963-1980
9Electronic Institute1987-1989
54Electronic Maintenance Association2002
51Electronic Materials Research Institute2002
54Electronics Workbench2004
17, 54Eli Lilly and Company (2 folders)1980, 1986-1995, 2002-2008
18, 30Elizabeth Lufkin Trust (11 folders)1937, 1958-1990
9Ell, Carl S. Prospects1964-1989
9Ell Student Center1965-1966
22Ellis L. Phillips Foundation1961-1986
46Ellison Foundation2004
46Ellison Medical Foundation2004-2008
19Elmer Duncan Mackenzie Athletic Fund1969-1970
22Elmer Perkin Company1986
46Elno Family Foundation2003-2005
46Elsa V. Pardee Foundation2001-2007
58Elsevier Foundation2007
46Ely Trust2000-2008
54EMC Corporation2000-2008
54EMD Biosciences Inc.2004-2005
57Emerald Plumbing2007
46Emerson College2006
9Emhart Corporation1953-1984
57Endo Pharmaceuticals2006
58Enfer Scientific Limited2004
46Engineering Information Foundation1982-2005
39Engineering Resource Center1994-2000
54Engineers without Borders2005-2007
54Enjay Productions2005
58Enterprise Equipment2007
57Entrepreneurs Organization2007-2008
54Environ International Co.2007-2008
54Environmental Operating Solutions2006-2007
46Environmental Research and Educational Foundation 2000
10Equitable Life Assurance Society1962-1981
46Erdle Foundation 2004
39Erland Construction: Froeberg Scholarship1984-1987
46Ernest and Elfriede Frank Foundation2002
46Ernst and Young Foundation2000
54Erving Industries Inc.1998-2005
10Esso Education Foundation (2 folders)1951-1972
51Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation2002
51Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation2006
54Eurologic Systems Inc.1999
46Ewing Kauffman Foundation2005
51, 57EyeIC (2 folders)2007-2008
54Exclara In.2006
10Executive Club of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce1967-1975
54Explore Anywhere Softwaren.d.
10Exxon Education Foundation (4 folders)1960-1990
55ExxonMobil Foundation2000-2008
11, 31, 35E Miscellaneous (4 folders)1961-1999
58F.A. Davis Company2003
57F.M. Global2005-2006
21F.W. Olin Foundation, Inc.1957-1988
11Faculty and Staff Solicitation, Century Fund1985
11Faculty Solicitation Program, Diamond Anniversary Development Program (3 folders)1967-1974
11Faculty Solicitations, Inquiries1972
11Faculty Solicitation Program, First and Second Phases1962-1971
11Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation1965-1985
52Fannie E. Rippel Foundation2004
55Fannie Mae1997-2006
24Fanny B. Reed Trust1962-1990
11Fay, Spofford and Thorndike, Inc.1959-1987
11Federal Relations, DGP (3 folders)1973-1982
11Fenwal, Inc.1961-1982
11Fenway Project1989
11, 46, 55Fidelity Charitable Gift Foundation (6 folders)1967-1991, 1999-2008
52Fiduciary Trust Co. 2004-2008
11Field Foundations, Inc.1960-1976
11, 36Filene's Basement (2 folders)1950-1999
11Fine Arts Building1968
11, 39Fine Arts Program (3 folders)1973-1994
55Finnegan and Underwood2004
55First Light Capital2000
10First National Stores, Inc.1952-1974
58First Petroleum Corporation2000
55Fisher Scientific2000
57Fission Software Inc.2007
55Flashpoint Technology Inc.2001
36, 55Fleet Bank (2 folders)1988-1994, 2000-2006
55Fleetwing Capital1996-2005
55Flexcon Industries2000
46Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute2005-2007
58Flir Systems2003
46Florence Family Foundation2000-2003
55FMC Corporation2005-2006
47Foley, Hoag, and Elliot Foundation2001-2003
31Football Lockers1991
11Ford Motor Company (3 folders)1962-1991
55Forman, Itzkowitz, Berenson, et al2000-2001
11Foss, Nobel1962-1969
46Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County2001
52Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association2004
11Foundations (General)1974-1985
39Fourier Transformation Mass Spectrometry1993-1994
46Fox Foundation2001-2008
11Foxboro Company (2 folders)1960-1988
55Foxwoods Resort Casino2004
55Fraen Corporation2002
1Frank W. and Carl S. Adams Trust1964
11Franklin Foundation1990
46Fred and Sarah Lipsky Foundation2006
52Fred Daniels Foundation2004
26Frederick A. Stearns Memorial Fund1961-1970
16Frederick J. Kennedy Memorial Foundation (2 folders)1968-1983
31Freedom Forum1985-1998
52Freedom from Fear2005-2006
40Freeland Acknowledgement Letters1996-1999
52Freidland Foundation2007
11Friendly Ice Cream Corporation1963-1977
56Friends of Smitty Pignatelli2005
55, 58Fujisawa Healthcare Inc. (2 folders)2005
58Fukada Metal Foil & Powder Co. Ltd.2005
46Fulbright Commission2003
46Furthermore Grants in Publishing2004-2006
12, 31, 35, 36F Miscellaneous (4 folders)1962-1998
57Gainsboro Restaurant2007
55Gale Associates Inc.2005-2007
25, 47Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation (3 folders)1977-1987, 1999-2002
47Gates Foundation2000-2007
52Gateway Fund2006
55Gatti Associates RD2000-2007
47Gay and Lesbian Medical Association2006-2007
12GCA Corporation1975-1985
55GDS Enterprises2008
47Gene Haas Foundation2002-2003
12, 55General Dynamics C4 Systems (2 folders)1965-1990, 2001-2007
12, 55General Electric Foundation (15 folders)1955-1990, 2004-2007
12General Electric Miscellaneous1964-1969
12General Foods Corporation1957-1988
12, 57General Mills, Inc. (2 folders)1977, 2008
12General Motors Corporation1955-1989
12General Service Foundation1973-1979
31Genetic Counseling1991
12Genmede Trust (2 folders)1963-1979
55Genome Therapeutics Corporation2000-2001
13Genrad Foundation (2 folders)1959-1990
55Genus Resource Consulting 2004
55Geophysical Survey Systems Inc.2006
52George A. and Eliza Howard Foundation2001-2006
52George and Beatrice Sherman Family Charitable Trust2000
12George and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation1962-1990
47George B. Henderson Foundation2006
52George Baker Trust2006
19George C. Marshall Foundation1962-1969
31George Gund Foundation1991
1George I. Alden Trust (2 folders)1961-1989
24George Lewis Ruffin Society (2 folders)1984-1989
47George Mason University2006-2007
57George T. Wilkinson Inc.2000-2007
47Georgetown/Sloan Foundation2006
47Georgetown University2004-2006
47Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation2001-2002
13Germanium Power Devices1983-1991
55Gibson Engineering Co. Inc.2000
47Gicca Family Charitable Trust2004-2008
55Gilbert Tweed Associates2005
57Gilead Sciences Inc.2006
13, 55Gillette Company (5 folders)1950-1990, 2000-2005
4Gladys Brooks Foundation1985-1990
47Gladys Brooks Honors Scholarship Fund2000-2006
51Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation2003
57Glaxo Smith Kline2006
13Glenmede Trust1980-1987
47Glidden Foundation1996-2008
37Global Petroleum1991-1995
13, 36Glynn Electronics, Inc. (2 folders)1988-1995
15Godfrey M. Hyams Trust1962-1988
31Golden, M. Patricia1992
47Goldhirsh Foundation2006
55Goodwin Procter LLP2000-2005
47Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation2001-2004
52Gordon Foundation2007
55Gorton's Seafood2000-2002
13Gould, Inc.1983-1989
55Goulston and Storrs2005-2006
47, 55Grace Foundation (2 folders)2005-2006, 2001-2007
13Grace Specialty Chemical Company1958-1985
13Grace Storrs PC1990-1998
1Graduate School of Actuarial Science1966-1978
1, 31Graduate School of Professional Accounting (3 folders)1973-1988, 1993-1998
40Grant Applications1993-2005
52Grants Management Association2004-2007
13Graphic Arts1984-1989, 1996
40Greater Boston Consumer Credit Association Scholarship1984-1988
1Greater Boston Council on Alcoholism, Inc.1986-1988
47Greater Houston Community Foundation2004
58Green Mountain Antibodies2004
52Gregory C. Carr Foundation2003
55Greylock Management Corporation2004-2005
13Grimes Oil Company, Inc.1989, 1996
52Grinspoon Charitable Foundation2002
13Grossman Family Trust1964-1968
52Grousbeck Family Foundation2008
13, 55GTE Corporation (3 folders)1984-1990, 1997-2000
13, 35GTE Products Corporation (5 folders)1970-1983, 1991-1998
13GTE - Sylvania (2 folders)1950-1969
13Gulf Oil Foundation (2 folders)1958-1983
22Gustavious and Louise Pfeiffer Research Foundation (2 folders)1963-1984, 1991-1995
52Guzior Family Foundation2007
55Gwathmey Inc.2000-2004
55GZA GeoEnvironmentals Inc.2007
13, 31, 35, 37G Miscellaneous (7 folders)1960-1999
55H. D. Chasen Co. Inc.2004-2006
14H. P. Hood, Inc.1979-1991
57H. Wilbur Family LLC2004
55Haese LLC2003
58Haestad Methods2004
55Haley & Aldrich2007
57Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center2007
13Handicapped Services1981-1989
55Hannaford Charitable Foundation2001-2002
13Harcourt General1975-1990
14Hariri Foundation1986-1987
47Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust1992-2008
14Harris, Kerr, Foster and Company1962-1973
47Harry Doehla Foundation2002-2003
47Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation2003
56, 57Harry Miller Company Inc. (2 folders)2000-2008
14Hartford Life Insurance Company1956-1988
55Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation2004-2007
55Harvard Street Neighborhood Health2000-2005
47, 55Harvard University (2 folders)2005-2006
47Harvey C. Krentzman Charitable Trust2005-2006
55Harvey Industries1998-2001
14, 55Hayes Engineering, Inc. (2 folders)1984-1985, 2003-2008
14Hazelting Corporation1970-1989
14, 31Hazen Foundation (2 folders)1973-1996
47Hearst Foundation2004-2007
14Heart Foundation (2 folders)1962-1990
45Helen Brach Fund1999-2000
29, 51Helen Woodman Trust (2 folders)1969-1988, 2002-2004
11-12, 52Helene Fuld Trust (3 folders)1962-1990, 2006
55Helix Technology Corp.2000-2002
14, 30Henderson, Ernest1962, 1966
14Henderson House1988
18, 31Henry Luce Foundation (3 folders)1969-1997
16Henry P. Kendall Foundation1972-1987
14Hercules, Inc.1961-1990
52Herman Frasch Foundation2007
55Herman Miller Inc.2007
47Hermann Foundation2005-2008
47Herrnstadt Living Trust2003-2007
58Heska Corporation2004
14Hess Corporation1982-1984
52Hestia Fund2002-2003
47Hewlett Foundation2002-2004
14, 55Hewlett Packard Company (4 folders)1950-1989, 2000-2006
52High Meadows Foundation2004-2006
14High Technology Council (3 folders)1979-1988
14High Voltage Engineering Corporation1962-1983
57Highland Capital Partners2007
47Highland Street Connection Foundation2000-2006
52Hirschberg Foundation2005-2006
40History Department Proposals1992-1993
14Hitachi Foundation1985-1990
14Hockey Arena1965-1969
47Hoff Foundation2006
14Hoffman La Roche, Inc.1971-1990
55Hollingsworth and Vose Co.2001-2007
47Holocaust Education Foundation2004
14Holtzer-Cabot Corporation1949-1969
14Honeywell Information Systems (2 folders)1962-1989
14Honorary Degrees1983-1989
14Honors Program1986-1989
8The Horace E. Davenport Foundation1966-1981
55Horizon AG Products2007
55Hospira Pharma2007
55Host Communications2000
55Houghton Chemical Company2000
14, 55Houghton Mifflin Company (2 folders)1977-1990, 2000-2002
47House Family Foundation2005-2007
14Household Finance Foundation1958-1990
47Howard Hughes Medical Institute2007
14Howard Johnson1963-1982
25Howard Scripps Foundation1981-1988
55Howland Capital Management2000-2005
31, 52Hudson River Foundation (2 folders)1997-1998, 2004-2006
37Hughes Aircraft1994-1996
47Human Proteome Organization2004
47Humane Society of the United States2005
47Hurdle Hill Foundation2006-2007
15, 30, 31, 35H Miscellaneous (7 folders)1962-2002
52I Have A Dream Foundationn.d.
47Iacocca Foundation2002
35ICI Americas, Inc.1975-1995
15Identification Project, Friends Council (2 folders)1986-1987
55Idex Laboratories Inc.2004
58Immunalysis Corporation2004
55Income Research and Management2002-2005
15Industrial Advisory Board1990
47, 57Inflexxion Inc. (2 folders)2005-2006
15Ingersoll - Rand Company (2 folders)1975-1990
52, 57Innovation Group (2 folders)2008
47Institute for Fraud Prevention2006
55Institute for Integrated Sport2000-2001
15Institute for Off Campus Experience and Cooperative Education1973-1977
47Institute for Training and Development2003
47Institute for the Study of Aging2002-2008
47Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers1996-2004
15, 40Institute on Learning Work and Workplace (2 folders)1993-1997
15Instrom Corp.1969-1990
15Instrumentation LAB, Inc.1980-1983
55Insulet Corporation2008
52Integra Foundation2006
55Integratech Solutions Corp.2000
55Integrated CADD Services2004
15Interactive Donor Recognition System1989
40Interactive Mathematics Program (2 folders)1993-1997
15International Business Machines (10 folders)1951-1987
58International Diagnostic Systems Corporation2004
55International Exposition Co.2000-2007
52International Foundation2007
15International Higher Education Documentation, Center for1977-1985
55International Humic Substance Society2000-2001
57International Microphotonix2006
15International Paper Company Foundation1952-1986
15International Test Foundation1985-1990 Inc.2000
58Invacare Corporation2002
15Irish Studies1982-1986
37ISCO, Inc.1991-1994
55ISO New England2006-2007
15ITEK Corporation1962-1991
52ITI Foundation2004
15ITT Corporation1958-1988
31, 52Ittleson Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1994-1996, 2004
16, 31, 35I Miscellaneous (3 folders)1969-1998
47J.A. & H.G. Woodruff, Jr. Charitable Trust2003-2007
47J.B. Rehabilitation Associates2007
55J.H. Lynch and Sons Inc.2005
58J.K. Blackstone Construction Corporation2007
58J.L. Company2006
47J.M. Long Foundation2001-2005
19J.M. McDonald Foundation1975-1977
57J. Marchese & Sons2007
9Jack Eckerd Corporation (Eckerd Drug Company)1972-1983
29Jacob Ziskind Trust for Charitable Purposes1963-1968
52James and Norma Smith Foundation2002
16James S. Kemper Foundation1962-1985
47James S. McDonnell Foundation2007-2008
47Janey Fund Charitable Trust2006-2007
52Jane's Trust2005
16Japan (3 folders)1988-1990
47Japan Foundation1998-2008
52Jaqua Foundation2005
54Jay Cashman, Inc.2002-2003
57JBC Contracting Corporation2007
50Jean C. Temple Foundation2003
52JEHT Foundation2003-2006
52Jerome Lyle Rappaport Charitable Foundation2003-2005
7Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust (2 folders)1965-1990
21Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation1971-1980
52Jewish Communal Fund2007
47Jewish Community Foundation2002-2008
52Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona2004-2005
52Jewish Federation of Palm Beach2003-2006
52Jewish Federation of Rhode Island2007
17Joan Rockwell Levy Foundation1973-1990
47Jobs for America's Graduates2004-2007
57Jocks Custom Woodworking (Jarica Inc.)2007
31John A. Wenk Foundation1969, 1980-1992
47John A. and Ruth E. Long Foundation2004-2005
45John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum Charitable Fund2003
47John E. and Phyllis Kirkpatrick Foundation2002-2003
53John H. and H. Naomi Tomfohrde Foundation2005
16, 55John Hancock (2 folders)1954-1990, 2005
29John Hay Whitney Foundation1951-1972
17John Lindsay Fund1955-1970
45John W. Boynton Fund2005
16Johns Manville Corporation1958-1971
3Johnson Bird Company1983
16, 55Johnson and Johnson (2 folders)1963-1987, 2003-2007
16, 47Johnson Foundation (2 folders)1963-1987, 2000-2006
16Jones W. Alton Foundation1964-1974
16Jordan Marsh1961-1978
52Joseph and Anna Smith Foundation2000
53Joseph Botti Company, Inc.2004
16Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation1962-1985
40Joseph P. Zabilski Scholarship Fund1983-1984
19, 47Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation (2 folders)1963-1980, 1992-2005
47Joslin Diabetes Center2006-2007
47Joukowsky Family Foundation2002-2006
47Joyce Foundation1999-2004
58Joyce Funeral Home2007
47June Levy Foundation1991-2008
52Just Give, Inc.2008
16, 31, 35J Miscellaneous (4 folders)1959-1998
32Kalmanovitz Foundation1993-1997
52Kargman Charitable and Educational Foundation2001-2003
55Karol Group Inc.2002
55Kayem Foods Inc.2001-2004
48Keel Foundation2002-2008
48Kellogg Foundation2000-2004
55Kelson Physician Partners2001
16Kendall Company1963-1989
16Kenna, E. Douglas1965-1980
48Kennebunk Gymnastic and Sport2007
48Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust2004-2008
48Kenneth B. Schwartz Foundation2005-2006
48Kenwood Foundation2003-2005
55KeySpan Energy Corp.2001-2002
52A Kinder World Foundation2004
55King and Bishop Inc.2001
52Kinship Foundation2001
48Kirby, F. M.2001-2007
52Kohlberg Foundation2007
55Kohn, Kohn, and Colapinto LLP2004
48Knight Foundation1999-2006
16Knowles, Asa S.1975-1990
16Knowles Center for Law and Criminal Justice1968-1990
55KPMG Foundation2004-2006
16KPMG Peat Marwick1984-1990
16-17Kresge Foundation (10 folders)1950-1990
57Kwik-E Sub Shop2007
17, 32, 35K Miscellaneous (4 folders)1964-1999
55Laborers International Unions #3672005
48Lacy Trust2007
17Lahey Clinic Foundation1962-1971
55Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc.2001-2005
40LaVerdiere's Super Drug Store Scholarship1976-1981
17Law Firms1987
17Law School (7 folders)1969-1990
58Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory2000
Leadership Campaign
40Campaign Plan1999-2001
40Corporate Campaign Committee (12 folders)2001-2005
40Structure and Goals1998-2003
17Learning Resource Center (2 folders)1967-1975
55Legg Mason Wood Walker Inc.2003
55Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.2004
55Leisman Insurance Agency Inc.2005-2006
48Lenore and Harold Larkin Philanthropic Foundation2005-2006
55Level 1 Inc.2003
55Lexigen Pharmeceuticals2000-2004
55Lexington Strategic Association2001-2004
17LFE Corporation1962-1985
55Liberty Mutual2000-2007
17Library Building (4 folders)1983-1991
17Life Insurance Medical Research Fund1963-1970
58Lifepoint Inc.2004
48Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation2003-2007
48Lincoln Institute Land Policy2005-2006
55Lincoln Laboratory MIT2003
55Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District2001
18Lindsey, Thayer (2 folders)1950-1990
18Link Foundation1971-1986
18Linsey, Joseph M.1964-1965
58LionGate Management2001
55Lista International Corp.2000-2002
18, 35Little, Arthur D. (3 folders)1954-1998
18Litton Industries1963-1991
57Live Earth Products2007
58Loan Bright2003
18, 55Lockheed (2 folders)1988-1990, 1999-2008
18Lockheed - Sanders (2 folders)1962-1988
55LoJack Corp.2004-2007
18Long Island Lighting Company1964-1974
18Longwood Foundation, Inc.1963-1971
18Loring, Edward1964-1986
32Lotte Kaliski Foundation for Gifted Children1996-1998
18, 55Lotus Development Corporation (2 folders)1986-1990, 2008
40Louis Cashman Memorial Scholarship Fund1968-1976
48Lowell Institute2003-2007
18Lowell, Ralph1964-1987
18, 55LTX Corporation (2 folders)1983-1992, 2000-2006
55Lubrizol Corporations2000
55Lucent Technologies2000-2003
18Ludlow Corporation1962-1977
48Ludwig Foundation2004-2006
48Lufkin Trust2000-2008
48Lumina Foundation2001-2006
55Luscar Ltd.2001
48Lustgarten Foundation2005-2007
52Lymphoma and Leukemia Society 2006
45Lynde and Harry Bradley Fund1997-2001
18, 32, 35L Miscellaneous (4 folders)1957-1997
58M.P. Biomedicals, Inc.2004
52M.V. Philanthropy2003
19M/A - COM Charitable Foundation1966-1987
19, 48Mac Arthur Foundation (2 folders)1972-1990, 2001-2008
55Maguire Company, Inc.2004-2007
48Mailman Family Foundation, Inc.1994-2000
56Major League Baseball (MLB)2002
48, 56Major League Soccer (MLS) (2 folders)2000
19Mansfield Foundation1978-1990
55Manulife Financial2004
52March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation1997-2000
19Marine Science Institute (2 folders)1966-1991
48Marino Charitable Foundation1999-2001
52Markle Foundation2001
19Martin Marietta Corporation1963-1974
55Marsh and McLennan Inc.2004
19Marts and Lundy, Inc.1986-1988
45Mary Byron Foundation Inc.2003-2004
51Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation2008
52Maryland Medical Research Foundation2004
55MASSA Products Corp.2001
48Massachusetts Association of Community Health, Inc.2004
48Massachusetts Bar Association2001-2005
55Massachusetts Biotech Council1996-2001
48Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation2006
48Massachusetts College of Art2006
55Massachusetts College of Pharmacy2005
48Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science2005-2007
55Massachusetts Electric2000-2001
52Massachusetts Environmental Trust1994-2006
52Massachusetts Extended Care2004
19Massachusetts Financial Services, Inc.1968-1981
52Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities2008
48, 58Massachusetts General Hospital (2 folders)2005-2008
52Massachusetts Hospital Research Educational Association2003
48, 57Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2 folders)2005-2006
52Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, Inc.2002-2004
52Massachusetts Municipal Association2007
19Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company1960-1989
48, 57Massachusetts Pharmacists Association (2 folders)2004-2008
52Massachusetts Society for the University Education of Women2000
55Mass-Vac Inc.2005
55Math Works2001-2003
48Mathers Charitable Foundation2007-2008
11Max C. Fleischman Foundation (4 folders)1964-1987
48Max Kade Foundation, Inc.2007
25Max Sontz Company, Inc.1978-1990
55Maxi Drug Inc.2004-2006
58Maxymillian Technologies2001
19, 35Mayor's Youth Leadership Corps (2 folders)1990-1991
55MBIA Insurance Corporation Foundation2003-2008
55McCutchen LLP, Bingham2003-2005
19McDonnell Douglas1983-1994
48McGowan Charitable Foundation2002-2008
19McGraw-Hill1963-1976, 1991
55McKesson HBOC2001-2005
52McKnight Foundation1996-2003
55McLean Consulting Inc.2002
55Meadowlark Village Condo Association2007
55Meco, Inc.2005
19, 48Medical Foundation (3 folders)1961-1963, 2004-2007
19Medical Information Technology1983-1990
19Medical Instrument Research Associates, Inc.1984
55Medical Plastics Laboratory Inc.2003
56Melles Griot Inc.2002
48Mellon Charitable Trust1998-2006
56Mellon Financial Corp.2001
19Melville Corporation1967-1996
48Memorial Sloan Kettering2002-2004
57Mentor Graphics Corporation2001
40Merchants Tire Company Scholarship Fund1972-1992
19, 35, 48, 57Merck Corporation (4 folders)1958-2007
56Mercury Computer2001-2006
57Merit Electric2007
19, 56Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation (2 folders)1951-1989, 2004-2006
56Merrimac Industrial Sales2005-2006
56Merrimack Valley Medical Supply Co.2003
19Metcalf and Eddy1962-1990
19, 57Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (2 folders)1975-1984, 2001
52Metrowest Community Healthcare Foundation2007
57Metrowest Mechanical2007
56Microbrightfield Inc.2002-2004
19Microfab, Inc.1983-1987
56Microsoft Corporation2002-2008
52Microsoft Health Solutions Group2008
58Microsolv Technology Corporation2004
58Microtech Scientific Inc.2004
49Mifflin Fund2002-2008
56Mija Industries2004
32The Milheim Foundation for Cancer Research1996-1997
19Millbank Memorial Fund1964-1972
56Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.2000-2004
19, 56Millipore Corporation (2 folders)1981-1990, 2000-2007
19Milton Bradley Company1972
19Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M)1975-1983
56Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky, and Popeo, PC1996-2001
57Mission Bar and Grill2007
19, 56Mitre Corporation (2 folders)1962-1990, 1999-2003
56Mitsubishi Motors, USA Foundation2001-2006
32Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience1995-1997
20Mobil Oil Corporation (5 folders)1958-1988
56Modern Continental Construction Co.2001
20, 35Monsanto Company (4 folders)1951-1995
56Montgomery Watson1999-2000
57Morgan Stanley2007
52Morris Animal Foundation2003
20Morse Shoe Company1960-1984
20Motorola, Inc.1981-1990, 1996
56Mott's U.S.A.2001
56Mozilla Corp.2006-2008
49Ms. Foundation2000-2007
56Mullin Law Offices2002
40Multi-Media Studies1998
32Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Inc.1996-1997
40Muro Pharmacal Laboratories, Inc. Scholarship Award Fund1970-1971
49Muscular Dystrophy Association2000-2007
20Music Department - A Note to You1985-1990
20Music Management1975-1980
56MyCAD Inc.2003-2005
20, 32, 35M Miscellaneous (7 folders)1957-1998
49, 56NACDS (2 folders)2005-2007
49Nancy Marks Family Foundation2007
56NASCAR Productions2005
20Nashua Corporation1963-1982, 1995
14Nathan Hofheimer Foundation, Inc.1971-1973
49National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression1996-2008
20National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources1982
52National Association of Chain Drug Stores2004
52National Association of Colleges and Employers2007-2008
20National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities1990
49National Association of Industrial and Office Properties2005
49National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) Foundation2007-2008
49National Association of Regional Councils2006-2007
49National Athletic Trainers' Association1997-2007
52National Autism Association2007-2008
57National Auto Dealer Charitable Fund2005
57National Basketball Association (NBA)2000-2005
49National Cattlemen's Association2002-2004
49National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (2 folders)1995-2007
52National Community Pharmacists Association2004-2008
49National Conferences on Undergraduate Research/Lancy Research Institute2006
49National Consortium for Academics and Sports2006
20, 32National Endowment for the Humanities (4 folders)1984-1993
56National Football League (NFL) Charities2000-2005
56National Football League (NFL) Players Association1998-2005
52National Foundation for Cancer Research2007
52National Governors Association2007
52, 56National Grid USA (2 folders)2000-2006, 2008
49National Heart Foundation2006
56National Hockey League (NHL)2000-2001
49National League for Nursing2004-2005
20National Merit Scholarship Corporation1962-1977
52National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation2007
52National Park Foundation2001-2005
49National Parkinson's Foundation2003-2006
52National Patient Safety Foundation2007
49National Philanthropic Trust2005
57National Pipe and Plastics Inc.2007
20, 56National Science Foundation (2 folders)1962-1989, 1997, 2002
56National Society of Black Engineers2006
40National Society of Public Accountants Scholarship Foundation1974-1980
56National Starch and Chemical2001-2007
58National University of Singapore2004
20Negro Youth Fund1964
49Nellie Mae Foundation2003-2007
58Neogen Corporation2004
20, 40Network Northeastern (2 folders)1983-1995
57Neurologica Corporation2007
56New Balance2005-2008
56New Directions Inc.2002-2004
21The New England1962-1990
21New England Association of Schools and Colleges1989-1991
56New England Biolabs2004-2006
56New England Center for Children2000-2001
56New England Coffee Co.2004
40New England Economic Adventure and Resource Center1999-2001
21New England Electric System (2 folders)1944-1990
56New England Financial2002
21New England Foundation for the Arts (2 folders)1984-1989, 1996
21New England Gas and Electric Association System1962-1974
21New England Telephone1960-1988
56New England Patriots2000-2002
21New England Press Association1965-1989
56New England Women's Fund2005
56New Objectives2003-2004
40New Scholarships (2 folders)1988-1994
52New Voices Academy for Educational Development2004
49New York Community Trust2000-2008
21, 56New York Times (2 folders)1977-1990, 2004
56Newbury Piret and Co. Inc.2004-2006
21Newkirk Associates, Inc.1967-1969
52Newman's Own Foundation2007-2008
57Nextant, Inc.2007
56NEXTLINK Communications Inc.2000
57NEXX Systems2006
49Nippon Family Foundation2005
21Nixdorf Computer Corporation1983-1985
56Nixon Peabody LLP2003
56NMS Communications2005
57Noah LLC2007
57Nobis Engineering, Inc.2007
57Nodrog Sales Inc.2007
56Nokia Inc.2004-2005
21Noonan, Deborah Monroe1979-1981
49Nord Family Foundation2007
56Nordblum Management Co.2001-2002
41Norfolk-Bristol-Middlesex Highway Association, Inc.1971-1975
52Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation2007
56North American Hockey Academy2005
57Northbridge Ventures Management Company2007
52Northeast Educational Services/Henry David Thoreau Foundation (2 folders)2005-2008
21Northeast Utilities1967-1990
52, 56Northeastern University Alumni Association (2 folders)2005-2006
41Northeastern University Comprehensive Regional Center for Minorities1993-1994
57Northeastern University College of Arts and Sciences2001
41Northeastern University Center for the Advancement of Science in Education (NUCASE)2003
56Northeastern University Credit Union2007
21Northrop Corporation1961-1990
57Northshore Pharmaceuticals2008
56Northwestern Mutual Financial Net2000-2005
21Norton Company1961-1988
58Nova Biomedical Corporation2008
56Novartis Pharmaceuticals Co.2001-2006
49Noyce Foundation2001-2006
21NTSA Scholarship Award1989-1991
57NxStage Medical2008
21, 32, 35N Miscellaneous (4 folders)1960-2000
52Oak Foundation2007
56Object Technology International2002-2004
52Ochsman Foundation, Inc.2004
56O'Conor Wright Wyman Inc.2000-2001
41Office for Corporate Partnerships: Premier Partnerships Annual Report2002-2003
9Office of Educational Resources1967-1969
58Office of Gift Planningn.d.
19Office of Minority Liaison1989-1990
25Office of Sponsored Programs (2 folders)1964-1986
52O'Halloran Family Fund2004-2005
21Olin Corporation Charitable Trust1961-1983
23Olive Higgins Prouty Foundation1984-1987
32, 49Open Society: Death in America (2 folders)2000, 2002-2007
22Opinion Research Survey1976-1977
49Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation2006
49Oral Vaccine Institute2006
57Orbital BioSciences2004-2006
52Orchard Foundation2006
56Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical2003
35Osco Drug1996-1999
49Otter Foundation2003-2006
56Owens Co. Inc.1999-2007
56Owens Movers2000-2005
22, 32O Miscellaneous (2 folders)1963-1997
13P. Gioiso and Sons, Inc.1983-1985
56Palmer and Dodge2000-2006
22Parents Program1974-1985
56Parker Hannifin Co.2002
49Parkinson's Disease Foundation2003-2008
56Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc.2000-2001
22Parsons Main Corporation1951-1992
57Partitions Inc.2007
22Partners of the Alliance1965-1966
56Partners Healthcare Systems, Inc.2000-2003
57Pasek Corporation2007
49Paul and Edith Babson Fund2005
56PCT Systems Inc.2003-2005
56Peabody Properties Inc.2002-2003
52Peierls Foundation2007
56Pemeas, USA Inc.2003-2006
56Pendergast and Co.2000-2006
56Perceptive Biosystems Inc.2000
56Performance Food2005
22Perini Corporation1961-1990
56Perkin-Elmer Corp.2004
49Perpetual Trust for Charitable Giving2002-2004
22Petralia, Guy A.1962-1975
52Petroleum Research Fund2007
22, 32, 52PEW Charitable Trust (7 folders)1987-2000, 2007
22, 56Pfizer, Inc. (2 folders)1958-1990, 2001-2007
58PGA Tours2000
49, 52Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) (2 folders)1999-2006
56Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Co.2003-2007
52PHF Foundation2007-2008
56Philanthropic Initiative2006
51The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI)2003-2007
22Philanthropy Management, Inc.1980-1986
22Philip Morris, Inc.1963-1984
56Philips Medical Systems2003
23Physics, Electrical Engineering Department Building1964-1986
56Piantedosi Baking Co.2004
23Pierce Charitable Trust1965-1989
23Pilot Project Carriers, Inc.1961-1981
52Pine Street Foundation2001
49Pioneer Valley Plan Commission2004-2005
23Pitney Bowes Company1942-1990
23Pitney Bowes, Inc.1959-1982
56Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 122001
56PNC Bank Foundation2002-2005
23Pneumo Foundation1982-1985
23, 37Polaroid Corporation (4 folders)1958-1998
23Political Science1989
56Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc.2002
23Population Research Foundation, Inc.1976-1978
23Porter, Donald G. (5 folders)1974-1990
58Posse Foundationn.d.
41Position Search: Vice President of Corporate Relations2002
49Potts Foundation, Inc.2002-2003
57Power Film, Inc.2007
23Power System Engineering Program (2 folders)1969-1984
57PPG Industries, Inc.2006
57Prellwitz, Chilinski Associates, Inc.2007
41President's Meetings1998-2001
56Pressley Associates Inc.2000
56Price Waterhouse Coopers2001-2008
23Prime Computers1981-1988
58Prioincs AG2004
57Pro Sports Orthopedics2007
23, 56Proctor and Gamble Fund (2 folders)1962-1990, 2005-2007
56Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts2002
56Progress Materials, Inc.2002-2005
50Project Bread2004
37Proposal Processing Forms1994-2000
57Protein Forest, Inc.2008
23Prudential Insurance Company1967-1982
23Public Service Company of New Hampshire1968-1986
50Public Welfare Foundation2000-2002
57Punter's Pub2007
52Purchasing Management Association of Boston2004
56Pure Hockey2005
56Putnam Companies2003-2006
23, 32, 35P Miscellaneous (5 folders)1963-1999
23Quaker Oats Company1973-1984
57Qualcomm Inc.2007
56Quinn and Morris2002-2004
23Q Miscellaneous1969-1990, 1998
58R.E. Cameron2007
58R.J. Cincotta General Contractors2007
58R.W. Beck Inc.2007-2008
50Rabb Charitable Foundation2007
52Racial Justice Collaborative2003-2004
23Radiologic Technology Program1968-1986
22Ralph A. Parsons Foundation1988-1990
53Ralph Willard Charitable Trust2006
58Rand Corporation2004-2005
58Randox Laboratories Ltd.2004
56Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications2004-2005
23Ratshesky Foundation1964-1989
53Ray Solem Foundation2007
23, 56Raytheon (6 folders)1950-1987, 2000-2008
56RBC Dain Rauscher2004-2005
24RCA (4 folders)1959-1987
58REAL Field Hockey, Inc.2007
50, 53Red Auerbach Youth Foundation (2 folders)2004-2007
24Redstone, Sumner1984-1989
24, 56Reebok International (4 folders)1981-1992, 2000-2003
24REECG Corporation1961-1973
24Reed and Barton Foundation1962-1971
50Regional Plan Association2005
24Religious Center1963-1965
56Rendon Group Inc.2003
58Research & Development Diagnostics Products Corporation2004
35Research Biomedicals, Inc.1991-1996
24, 41Research Council (2 folders)1982-1983, 2000-2003
50Research Foundation2001-2007
58Research Management Group2001-2002
24Research Support1987
24Resource Development, Travel Expense1991-1992
56Resources Connection2000-2002
24Resources for the Future1963-1986
32Retirement Research Group1995-1999
57Reverse Engineering Forum2004
50Rhode Island Foundation2001-2007
57Richard Amico Electrical2007
52Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund2008
24Richard-Merril, Inc.1962-1971
24, 50Ridley Foundation (2 folders)1982-1990, 2000-2008
24, 50Riley Foundation (2 folders)1973-1988, 2004-2006
24, 57Rite Aid Corporation (2 folders)1977-1983, 2002-2008
57Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.1999-2000
57Rizzo Associates2006
50Robert E. and Eileen Davoli Charitable Foundation2000
41Robert G. Keene Memorial Scholarship1979-1984
41Robert Lubets Award1966-1981
50Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (3 folders)1994-2007
50Rochester Area Community Foundation2003-2006
50Rockefeller Brothers Fund1995-2004
24Rockefeller Family Fund1976-1977
50Rockefeller Foundation2000-2006
24, 35Rockwell International (2 folders)1982-1994
57Rodman Ford Sales2002
50Rodman Ride for Kids2006
24Roger Williams Funds1980-1982
57Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials1999-2004
57Rosse Enterprises Ltd.2000-2007
24Rowland Foundation1973-1985, 1996
35Roxanne Laboratories1995-1998
52Roy A. Hunt Foundation2004
57Royal Society of Chemistry2000
58RTE France2006-2007
24, 50Rubenstein Foundation (2 folders)1973-1990, 1992-2004
24, 30Ruggles (2 folders)1986
51Ruth H. and Warren A. Ellsworth Foundation1998
20, 32Ruth Mott Fund (2 folders)1974-1996
51Russell L. Epker Charitable Foundation2001
24Russell Sage Foundation1962-1972
24Ryan Homes, Inc.1979-1990
24, 32, 35R Miscellaneous (5 folders)1959-1999
24S & H Foundation, Inc.1963-1980
58S & T Precision Plate Cutting, Inc.2008
7S. H. Couch Company, Inc.1961-1969
35Saatchi & Saatchi Clients1993-1994
57Sacramento Kings Community Foundation2005
58SAE Enterprises2007
52Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston1994-2004
57Saint Barnabas Medical Center2000-2005
52Samuel Bronfman Foundation2000
17Samuel H. Kress Foundation1949-1972
57Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology1998-2000
52San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SFSPCA)2000-2001
52Sandler Program for Asthma Research (SPAR)2004-2007
50Sarah Scaife Foundation2001
57Sasaki Associates2003-2008
32Sawyer Charitable Foundation1995-1997
25SAY Industries, Inc.1987-1988
25Schering Corporation1970-1981
32Scheuer Family Foundation1991-1995
57Scholastic Inc.2001
50Schrafft Trust1993-2008
50Schwab Fund Charitable Giving2007-2008
57Scrub-a-Dub Auto Wash2004
35Scudder, Stevens and Clark1991-1996
57Scully Signal Co.2000
58SEA Consultants, Inc.2007
57Seagate Technology2002-2003
25Sealantic Fund, Inc.1964-1971
57Seaport Hotel2005
50Searle Scholarship Program2001-2001
25, 37Sears Roebuck Foundation (3 folders)1958-1991
20Seely G. Mudd Foundation1968-1980
57Semiconductor Research Corporation2001-2002
57Senior Aerospace2005-2007
58Senior Flexonics, Inc. (Metal Bellows Corporation)2000
57Seodu Logic Inc.2001
57Shanley Fleming and Associates2002-2004
50Shapiro Foundation1994-2001
25, 35Shawmut Bank (4 folders)1960-1999
58Shawmut Design & Construction2007
57Shelburne Community School Council2005
25, 41Shell Oil Company Foundation (4 folders)1958-1997
25Shepley, Bullfinch, Richardson, and Abbott1962-1977
11, 50Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1971-1988, 2000-2004
57Shields and Co.2001-2002
57Shionogi Bioresearch Corporation2000
25, 50Sholley Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1959-1988, 2000-2008
41Shooshanian Engineering Associates Award Fund1975-1984
57Siemens Corporate Research Inc.2001-2008
25Siemens Medical Foundation1970-1971
25Siemens Medical Systems, Inc.1989-1990
25Sigma Instruments, Inc.1958-1977
52Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society in Nursing2007
57Signal Technology Corporation2000
58Signet Electronics2007
50Simmons College2006
37Simplex Time Recorder Company1987-1992
50Simpson Charitable Trust2001-2007
57Simpson, Gumpertz, and Heger Inc.2000-2005
25Singer Company Foundation1960-1976
25Sippican Ocean Systems, Inc. (2 folders)1964-1994
57Skyworks Solutions, Inc.2002-2006
50Sloan Foundation2002-2007
57Smile-Vision Inc.2004
58Smith & Nephew, Inc.2008
52Smith Richardson Foundation2005-2007
57Smurfit Stone Inc.2006-2007
58Snell Construction2007
53Social Study School of Psychology2004-2008
53Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh2003
53Society for Biomolecular Screening2006
50Society for Conservation Biology2006
50Society for General Microbiology2006
53Society for Technical Communication2000-2003
41Society of American Military Engineers Scholarships (2 folders)1996-2001
50Society of Critical Care Nursing2004-2007
32Society of Manufacturing Engineers1996-1999
58Society of Women Engineers2004
57Solid State Equipment Corporation2003
53Somas Program2004
41Southeastern Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship Fund1980
57Sovereign Bank2004
57Spaulding Brick Company, Inc.2007
25Spaulding-Potter Charitable Trusts1963-1978
25Speech and Audiology Department1971-1984
25Spencer Foundation1970-1990
57Sporting News Publishing Co.2000-2002
57Sports Illustrated2003-2005
57Sportsfuzion Inc.2005
26Sprague Electric Company1959-1984
26Square Companies1967-1988
35Squibb Corporation1971-1991
58SRI International2002
58Standard Electric2007
26Stanley Works1962-1987
57Staples Inc.2003-2004
58Star Electric2008
26Star Market1974-1985, 1997
57Starbucks Foundation2007
26Starr Foundation1983-1990
26, 58State Street Bank and Trust Company (3 folders)1962-1990, 2002-2007
26Statistics - Boston Business Journal1986-1987
26Statistics - Enrollment (6 folders)1979-1989
26Statistics - Miscellaneous, Minority, Financial1961-1983
26Stauffer Chemical Company1961-1983
26, 30Stearns Charitable Trust (2 folders)1980-1990
58Sterling Engineering2007
26Stevens Foundations1950-1983
26Stevenson, Earl P.1962-1978
26, 32Stoddard Charitable Trust (2 folders)1980-1991
32Stone Charitable Foundation1965, 1990-1995
26Stone and Webster (2 folders)1951-1993
26Stone and Webster, Inc. (2 folders)1978-1988
26Stone, W. Clement1963-1976
26, 57Stop and Shop Companies, Inc. (4 folders)1963-1990, 2001-2007
58Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.2004
41“Strategic Research and Graduate Program Development at Northeastern University”1999
26Stratford Foundation1985-1990
26, 57Stride Rite Corporation (3 folders)1976-1990, 2000-2005
27Students House, Inc. (3 folders)1973-1989, 1996
57Suffolk Construction Co.2000-2002
53Sugar Shack on the Roaring Branch2007
58Sullivan, Robert W.2007
58Summit Distributors2007
57Sun Microsystems Inc.1996-2003
27, 50SURDNA Foundation (2 folders)1963-1987, 1993-2008
50Susan G. Komen for the Cure2005-2007
27Symmons Industries1985-1990
58Synbiotics Corporation2004
27, 32, 35S Miscellaneous (6 folders)1956-2005
57T & F Managementn.d.
51, 57T. Rowe Price Charitable Giving (2 folders)2001-2006
57Tabors Caramanis and Associates2000-2001
27Taconic Foundation, Inc.1963-1972
58Takeda Pharmaceuticals2006
57Target Corporation2005-2006
57Taunton High School2001-2005
58Tavern on the Watern.d.
53, 58TDC Medical, Inc. (2 folders)2007
27, 51Teagle Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1963-1975, 2004-2005
27Technical Operations, Inc.1962-1971
53Technical Training Foundation2001
41Technology Expenditure and Management Committee1994
27Tektronix, Inc.1983-1990
Telecommunications Advisory Committee
41General (2 folders)1994-1998
42Academic Computing Advisory Committee (ACAC)1992-1994
42American Honda Foundation Grant1989
42Annual Report1990
42Background Information1981
42Cable Installation Requests1989
42“Campus-Wide Alarm Monitoring System and Communications Network Proposal”1990
42Classroom Technology Task Force Report1997
42Communications Systems Task Forcen.d., 1992
42“Digital Workshop Integrating Photography, Music, and Animation”n.d., 1995
42Distance Learning Task Force1994-1995
42Equipment Task Forcen.d.
42IBM Network Meeting1992
42Integrated Multimedia Planningn.d.
42Law School Network1992
42Long Range Planning Task Forcen.d.
42Master Planning Committee1998
43Meetings (7 folders)n.d., 1991-1994
43Minutes (3 folders)1987-1997
43Mission Statement and Membersn.d., 1992-1997
43Newsletter1994, 1996
43Program Committee1991-1992
43“Request for NUNET, an Integrated Information Network”1992
43Technology Convergence Task Forcen.d., 1997
43TI-IN Corporation1988-1989
27Teledyne, Inc.1983-1990
51Telemachus A. and Irene Demoulas Foundation2005
27, 58Teradyne, Inc. (2 folders)1974-1989, 2000-2007
58Tevan & Tevan LLP2005
27Texas Instruments (2 folders)1962-1988
27, 58Textron (3 folders)1961-1990, 2000-2005
22, 52Theodore Edison Parker Foundation (2 folders)1962-1981, 2005
27, 58Thermo Electron, 2000-20041976-1990
22, 49Thomas A. Pappas Charitable Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1988, 2001-2006
27Thompson and Lichtner Company, Inc.1959-1984
58Thomson Financial2004-2005
57Thousand Chef Food2005
58Three Ts2007
57Tickets for Charity LLC2005
53Tiger Woods Foundation2000
58Tighe & Bond2007-2008
57Time Warner Inc.2000
32Timothy Smith Applied Technology Center1997-1998
53Tinker Foundation2007
57TMP Associates2000-2002
57TOMPAT Technology Inc.2005
27Towle Manufacturing Company1958-1985
57Trans-Atlantic Motors Inc.2001-2004
57TransTech Systems Inc.2003-2008
27Travelers Insurance Companies1962-1984
57Trinity Financial Inc.2000-2005
53Trefler Foundation1999-2004
27Trustee Solicitation, Miscellaneous1972-1990
51Trustees of Boston University1999-2000
27TRW, Inc. (2 folders)1959-1987
51Tufts Associated Health Plans, Inc.2006
51Tufts New England Medical Center2007
57Turner Construction Co.2004-2006
58Tyco's Electronics2007
27, 32, 35T Miscellaneous (6 folders)1950-1999
28Unilever Research US, Inc.1964-1991
58Unimicro Technologies, Inc.2004
28Union Carbide Corporation1953-1979
57Union Pacific2006
28Uniroyal, Inc.1961-1980
28UNISYS Corporation1969-1992
51United Engineering Foundation2001-2002
28United Fruit Company1965-1975
28, 57United Illuminating Company (2 folders)1966-1976, 2006-2007
51United Jewish Federation2000
51United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF)2004-2005
28, 53, 57United Parcel Service (UPS) Foundation (3 folders)1962-1990, 2000-2008
53United States Civilian Research and Development Foundation2003-2008
28United States Government Proposals (2 folders)1973-1978
28United States Steel Corporation (2 folders)1954-1970
57United States Surgical Valley Lab2005
28United Technologies1978-1988
51United Way of Massachusetts Bay2005-2007
51United Way of Miami Dade, Inc.2005
51United Way of North Central Massachusetts2005-2006
51United Way of Orange County2000-2007
51United Way of Rhode Island2007-2008
51United Way of Tri County, Inc.2006-2008
28Unitrode Corporation1977-1990
51University of Massachusetts2007
51University of Massachusetts Foundation2006
51University of Massachusetts Medical School2004
51University of Mississippi2003
58University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill2007
57University of Victoria2005
51University of Virginia2002
28UOP Foundation1977-1983
28Up John Company1971-1990
58Upperdeck Baseball Academy2007
58Urban Engineers2005-2006
51Urban Land Institute2003-2005
28Urban Schools Collaborative1984-1990
57USA Interactive Usability Resources2000
58Usability Resources2004-2006
57USTrust and Support Services Inc.2004-2005
28USX Foundation, Inc.1970-1991
28, 32, 35U Miscellaneous (3 folders)1963-2000
57Vanasse hangen Brustlin2004-2008
41Vanderweil Engineers, Inc. Scholarship1991-1992
51, 57Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program (2 folders)2003-2007
28Varian Associates1966-1990
58Vellano Brothers Inc.2007
58Vent Lab Corporation2006
28Venture Fund1970-1971
51Versal Charities2005
57Vibren Technologies Inc.2002
57Vicor Corporation2002-2006
28Viera, Frank J.1980-1983
2Vincent Astor Foundation1962-1972
51Virginia Cabot Wellington Foundation2001-2004
57Vitale Caturano and Co. Foundation2004
1Vivian B. Allen Foundation, Inc.1963-1970
57Volkswagen of America Inc.2003
28Volpe Construction1962-1972
28Volpe Hall Dedication1968-1978
28Vote Smart1994-1995
28, 32, 35V Miscellaneous (3 folders)1966-1999
21W.H. Nichols Company1959-1984
16, 48W.M. Keck Foundation (3 folders)1986, 2003-2008
13W.R. Grace and Company1958-1985
57Wadsworth Publishing Co.2000
57Walco Electric Co. Inc.2001
51Wallace Global Foundation1995-1996
57Walmart Inc.2001-2008
57Walsh Brothers Inc.1997-2007
28Wang Laboratories (2 folders)1972-1990
28-29Warren Benevolent Fund (3 folders)1952-1988, 1998
29Warren Benevolent Society1979-1980
29Warren Brothers Company1962-1982
29Warren Center Property Development (4 folders)1965-1985
57Warren Conference Center1998-2001
51Wasserman Foundation2000
53Water Environmental Research Foundation2005
29Waters Associates1979-1984
57Waters Corporation2000-2007
51Waters Foundation2006
58Waterworks Consultants LLC2007
57WDC Development2000-2002
29Weekend College1971-1972
57Weingarten, Schurgin, Gagebib, Lebovivi LLP2001-2004
29Weker, Robert A.1968-1970
58Wellesley Congregational Church2007-2008
57Wells Fargo2001-2005
41West Village Buildings G and H2003
29Western Electric Company1957-1984
29Westin Hotels1983
29Westinghouse Electric Corporation1948-1983
57Weston & Sampson Engineers Inc.2001-2007
29Whitaker Foundation1987
57White Associates2004
29White, Catherine A.1987
57White Mountain Dry Goods 2005
51Whitehall Foundation1999-2008
29Wiggins Airways1968-1974
24William A. Sauhering, Jr. (2 folders)1964-1969
52William D. and E. M. Lane Foundation2007-2008
25William E. and Beetha E. Schraft Charitable Trust (2 folders)1951-1987
8William H. Donner Foundation1964-1972, 1996-1997
14William Hale Harkess Foundation, Inc.1951-1966
16William Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust1970-1993
58William Rawn Associates2007
53William T. Grant Foundation2000
58Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale, and Dorr LLP2002
57Windstar Techn.d.
58Winn Companies2002
58Wollaston's Huntington2003
29Women's Career Project (3 folders)1964-1977
51Women's Prison Association2006
51Women's Sports Foundation2004
29Wood, John W.1964-1967
58Woodman's Inc.2004
29, 53Woodrow Wilson National Fellowships (2 folders)1960-1971, 1999, 2003-2004
58Worcester Polytechnic Institute2000-2001
53World Federation of the Deaf2005
58Wright Wyman Inc.2002
58Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals2003-2004
29Wyman-Gordon Company1968-1990, 1998
29, 32, 35W Miscellaneous (4 folders)1959-1999
29, 58Xerox Corporation (2 folders)1966-1989, 2007
29XTRA Corporation1966-1990
29X Miscellaneous1983-1987, 1994-1996
51Yawkey Foundation1992-2007
17, 35Y.T. Li Engineering (2 folders)1988-1996
29Young, Ruth Cary1964-1983
29Y Miscellaneous1963-1989
29Zayre Corporation1974-1988
29Zises, Jery1967-1969
58Zoll Medical2008
29Z Miscellaneous1967