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Title:Corporations and Foundations records
Call Number:A55
List of Contents
532006 Women's Final Four2005-2006
53300 Turnpike Realty Partners2005
22A.F. Peaslee, Inc.1969-1982
24A.H. Robbins Company, Inc.1974-1980
2, 53AT&T (2 folders)1964-1988, 2000-2005
7A.T. Cross Company1981-1990
53A.W. Chesterton Co.2004
1, 57Abbott Laboratories (2 folders)1985-1989, 2007
44Abell Foundation2007
53ACAD Corporation2004
31, 38Academic Common Experience (2 folders)1993-1995
38Accounting Firms1984-1995
57Accounting Management Solutions Inc.2006-2007
1, 38Accrediting Reports (2 folders)1979-1983
53ACS Defense, Inc.2000-2001
53ACT Medical, Inc.2000
53Acton Associates1997-2000
1, 53Acushnet Company Foundation (2 folders)1962-1999, 2004
57Ad Tech Systems2007
1Adams, Russell1966-1999
53Adaptive Instruments Corporation1999-2002
53Adcare Educational Institute, Inc.2003
51Adelson Family Charitable Foundation2007
1The Adhesive and Sealant Council1981-1984
38Administrative Advisory Committee1998-1999
53Advanced Management Associates2000
53Advanced Micro Devices2005-2008
1, 53Aetna Life and Casualty Company (2 folders)1964-1990, 2001-2002
31, 38Affirmative Action Institute (2 folders)1991-2000
1, 38African American Institute (2 folders)1974-1994
17, 44Agnes M. Lindsay Trust (3 folders)1964-2007
51Aid for Cancer Research2007
53AIM Chemical Enterprises2005
52AIR Research Grant2004-2005
53Akamai Technologies, Inc.1999-2000
53Akorri Networks, Inc.2006-2007
51Alan D. and Judith Tobin Charitable Fund2004
53Albany International Research Co.2005
18Albert A. List Foundation, Inc.1952-1973
1, 36Alcoa Foundation (2 folders) 1963-1996
35Alden Electronics1984-1991
44Alden Trust1999-2006
22Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation1988-1999
53Alfieri Proctor Associates, Inc.2006
51Alfred Mann Foundation2007
38, 44Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation (3 folders)1988-2008
51Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy2007
1Allied Health Programs1972-1978
1Allied Signal1959-1993
1Allis-Chalmes Manufacturing Company1956-1969
1, 53Alpha Industries, Inc. (2 folders)1977-1990, 1998-2000
53Altran Corporation2000-2001
1Alumni Auditorium1981-1985
27Alumni Trustee Giving1961
51Alzheimer's Association2003-2007
51Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation2008
44Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award for Women1999-2003
22, 49Amelia Peabody Charitable Trust (3 folders)1964-1990, 1999-2004
22Amelia Peabody Foundation1985-1990
53America East2000
38America Reads Program1998-1999
1American Airlines, Inc.1965-1975, 1996
51American Association for Cancer Research2007
44American Association of Colleges of Nursing2002-2004
44American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy2005-2008
1American Association of Cost Engineers1978-1985
1, 44American Association of University Women (2 folders)1974-1975, 2005
1American Biltrite Rubber Company1963-1982
1American Can Company Foundation1962-1987
44American Cancer Society (2 folders)2004-2008
44American Chemical Society (2 folders)2005-2007
51American College of Clinical Pharmacy1982-2002
1American College Public Relations Association1964-1967
1American Cynamid Company1958-1992
44American Diabetic Association2002
1American Electronics Association1979-1990
1, 53American Express (2 folders)1976-1999
52American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)2007
52American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education2005-2006
44American Foundation for Suicide Prevention2006
51American Hearing Research Foundation2006-2007
44American Heart Association (4 folders)2003-2009
1American Hoechst Corporation1958-1987
51, 58American Institute of Chemical Engineers (2 folders)1999-2006
1American Mutual Insurance1960-1989
1American Newspaper Publishers Association (Journalism Scholarship)1968
44American Nurses Foundation (2 folders)2004-2007
1American Optical Company1978-1991
44American Parkinson's Disease Association, Inc.2005
51American Physical Therapy Association2007
51American Psychiatric Foundation2006
44American Public Power Association2006
53American Science and Engineering, Inc.2005-2008
38American Sign Language Grant1999
53American Society for Engineering Education2000
44American Society for Plant Biologists2006
44American Statistical Association2004-2005
1American Trucking Association Foundation1963
53AMETEK Aerospace2004-2007
1Amstar Corporation1959-1979
1, 53Analog Devices (2 folders)1976-1990, 2000-2006
1, 53Analogic Corporation (2 folders)1981-1988, 2000-2008
19Andrew W. Mellon Foundation1975-1989
52Anna Reppucci Memorial Trust2008
44Annenberg Foundation1998-2007
44Annie E. Casey Foundation1995-2005
57Anox Kaldnes2006
53Aon Risk Services2000-2003
1Apollo Computers1980-1989
58Apollo Health2006
53Applied Biosystems2000-2001
31The Arca Foundation1993-1999
1ARCO1961-1984, 1994
53Arctech, Inc.2000-2006
2Arena, Donor Letters1982-1986
44Argosy Foundation2001-2005
57Arizona State University2008
2Arkwright Boston Insurance1961-1991
2Armstrong Cork1963-1977
51Arnold Foundation2007
57ArQule, Inc.2004-2006
2, 38Art and Architecture Department (2 folders)1988-1989, 1999
58Art Institute of New York & New Jersey Inc.1998-2000
53Art Institute of Washington2000
57Art Recherches et Technologies Avancées2002-2003
44Arthritis Foundation2004-2006
2, 53Arthur Andersen and Company (2 folders)1985-1992, 2000
8, 44Arthur Vining Davis Foundation (2 folders)1963-1982, 1995-2005
29Arthur Young and Company1964-1970
2, 53Artisan Industries, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1990, 2002
2Arts and Sciences, English - Hemingway (2 folders)1989
44ASHP Foundation2004
2Asner Event1988-1989
53Aspect Medical Systems, Inc.2002-2008
45Aspen Institute2001-2002
2Associated Grantmakers of Massachusetts1980-1989
2ASTRA Pharmaceutical Products1971-1973
53Athena Diagnostics, Inc.2000-2008
2Athletics - Artificial Turf and Cabot Cage (4 folders)1969-1976
2Athletic Department Committee1978-1990
53Atlantic Associates2004
45Atlantic Philanthropies2001-2006
2Augat, Inc.1981-1991
45Autism Research Institute2003-2008
45Autism Speaks2001-2007
53Autodesk, Inc.2003
53Averstar, Inc.1998-2000
2, 36Avery Dennison (2 folders)1953-1994
36Avid Technology1993-1995
51, 53Avon Foundation (2 folders)2005-2007
45Ayco Charitable Foundation2007
2, 31, 35, 36A Miscellaneous (7 folders)1959-1999
13B.F. Goodrich1957-1972
51B.J.'s Charitable Foundation2007
19B.L. Makepeace, Inc.1963-1981
2Babcock and Wilcox Company1969-1976
2Back Bay Executive Club1984-1986
53Back Bay Restaurant Group, Inc.2002
2The Badger Company, Inc.1965-1978
2Baird Corporation1962-1983
56Baker O'Connor and Co.2000-2005
2Balfour Academy1989-1990
2, 45Balfour Foundation (2 folders)1968-1989, 1999-2007
2Baltimore Gas and Electric Company1964-1976
45, 53Bank of America (2 folders)2005-2008
2-3, 36, 53Bank of Boston (6 folders)1961-1996
3Bank of New England (2 folders)1962-1991
58Bantam Group2000-2004
36Banyan Systems1995-1997
53Barnes and Noble1988-2007
51Barnett Family Foundation2007
3, 38Barnett Institute (8 folders)1973-2005
51Baromedical Research Foundation2001-2007
45Barr Foundation2000-2006
3, 35, 58Barry Controls (3 folders)1961-1999, 2008
53Baseball Office Commissioner2000-2001
3BASF System Corporation1971-1982
53Battalia Winston International2000-2002
53Batterymarch Financial Management2002-2008
58Baxter-Epic Therapeutics2007-2008
3Bay Area Regional Technology Center1985
35Bay Networks1994-1998
3Bay State Abrasives1958-1988
53Bay State Gas Company2000
3, 35Bay State Skills Group (2 folders)1980-1995
53BBNT Solutions2000-2005
58Beacon Electric Distributors2007
3Bear Stearns Company1990
53Bechtel BWXT Idaho LLC2001-2004
3Bechtel - Parsons1972-1985
53Beckman Coulter, Inc.2004
3Beckman Instruments1985-1990
45Beckman Scholars (3 folders)2003-2007
52Beef Cattle Research Foundation2003
45Behrakis Fund2000
36Bell Atlantic (3 folders)1983-1998
3Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.1962-1984
25Benjamin Schulman Family1987-1988
45Bently College2006
51Benton Foundation2001
53Berenson, Peter2004
58Bergmeyer Associates2007
45Berklee College2006
3, 36Berkshire Hathaway (2 folders)1987-1996
45Bernard Harris Foundation2007
31Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc.1996
58Best Buy2008
45Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center2002-2008
3Bethlehem Steel Company1945-1982
53Bicon Dental Implants2001
3, 36Bioanalytical Systems (2 folders)1987-1995
53Biogen, Inc.2000-2007
53Biological Services, Inc.2001-2002
58BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2008
3Bird Companies1958-1990
36BISYS Networking Services1995-1998
53BKR International Mergers & Acquisitions2000
3Black and Decker, Inc.1963-1981
51Black Ministerial Alliance2007
53Blakeley Investment Co.2000-2005
3Blanchard Foundation1962-1991
53Blue Cross Blue Shield2000-2008
58Bluefin Robotics Corporation2008
53B'nai B'rith New England2001
22Board of Overseers1979-1987
53Bodine Electric Company2001
58Body Worksn.d.
3Boeing Company1989-1990
3Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc.1965-1985
58Bond Brothers2007
51Bonner Foundation2007
38, 45, 58Book Builders of Boston, Inc. Scholarship (3 folders)1983-2000, 2006-2007
3Booth Ferris Foundation1963-1978
53Bose Corporation1995-2008
45, 53Boston Athletic Association (2 folders)2000-2005
53Boston Bruins2004-2005
53Boston Capital Securities, Inc.2000-2007
53Boston Carmens Union Local 5892002
45Boston Celtics2004
36, 45, 58Boston College (3 folders)1996-2007
53Boston College Athletics2005
3Boston Company1962-1990
53Boston Consulting Group, Inc.2001
53Boston Duck Tours, LP2006
3, 36Boston Edison Company (4 folders)1951-1994
45Boston Evening Clinic Foundation2006
3, 45Boston Foundation (3 folders)1983-1988, 2006-2008
3Boston Foundation and Sonnabend Foundation1963-1986
57Boston Gas Co.2000
4Boston Gear1960-1984
4, 36, 53Boston Globe Foundation (3 folders)1963-1990, 1999-2006
58Boston Groundwater Trust2007
45Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing2004-2007
53Boston Herald2000-2001
38Boston History Collaborative2000
4Boston Insulated Wire and Cable Company1952-1982
45, 57Boston Latin School (2 folders)2001-2003
52Boston Medical Center2000-2006
38Boston Outreach1993-1995
57Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society2002
57Boston Public Health Commission2001
45Boston Public Library2004-2006
4, 57Boston Red Sox (2 folders)1963-1977, 2003-2007
58Boston Redevelopment Authority2007
38Boston Retail Grocers Association Scholarship1980-1989
53Boston Scientific2000
58Boston Society of Civil Engineering2006
45Boston University2006
58Bottomline Marketing Consulting2000
Bouvé College
4, 31General (2 folders)1990-1997
4Building and Swimming Pool1965-1969
4Correspondence (3 folders)1960-1988
53Bozell Worldwide, Inc.2000
51Brain Tumor Society2005-2006
4, 45The Braitmayer Foundation (2 folders)1966-1972, 2004-2005
51Breast Cancer Research Foundation2007
54Brewster Company2002
45Bridgewater State College2006
45Brigham & Women's Hospital2002-2007
4Bristol - Myers Company1963-1974
58British Consulate2000-2001
45Broad Foundation2003-2006
57Brock Rogers Surgical Inc.2001
4Brockway Smith Company1958-1987
38Brookline Hospital Women's Auxiliary Scholarship1965-1988
54Brookline Lodge Elks 8862005
54Brooks Drug2002-2006
45Brown, Donna P.2005-2006
54Brown, Rudnick, Freed, & Gesmer1994-2002
58Brown Sugar Café2007
51Browne Fund2007-2008
54Bruker Biosciences2000-2005
4Brunswick Corporation1972
4Bryant Chucking Grinder Company1964-1984
4BTU Engineering1963-1983
54Bubble Technologies2004-2006
36Building #19 Foundation1191-1993
4, 35Bull HN (2 folders)1980-1994
4Bullard Company Charity Foundation1955-1970
4Bulova Watch Company1961-1973
45Burke Medical Research Institute2006
4Burlington Industries Foundation1955-1982
4Burroughs - Welcome Company1963-1993
58Busek Company, Inc.2000-2002
4Business and Industry Council1948-1968
4Business and Industry Program - Lists1964-1965
4Business Equipment Corporation1965-1981
38Business Plan (8 folders)1995-2002
4Business Research Group1979-1981
58BzzAgent Inc.2007
4, 31, 38B Miscellaneous (9 folders)1952-1999
58C.E. Resources Pte. Ltd.2004
51C.S. Fund2000
4Cabot - Cabot and Forbes Company1977-1983
4, 54Cabot Corporation (2 folders)1958-1987, 1994, 2000-2005
4Cabot Trust1969-1984
45California Community Foundation2002-2004
45, 54Cambridge Market Analysis Group1997-2001, 2004-2006
51Cambridge Mustard Seed Foundation2001
8-9Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1992
4, 54Camp, Dresser, & McKee, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1990, 2000-2007
4Camp ECHO1984-1990
45Campbell and Hall Foundation1999-2003
5Campus Campaign1987-1990
51Canadian Association for Co-Operative Education2007
51Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies2005
51Canary Foundation2007
45Cancer Research Foundation of America1995-2001
51CaP CURE: Prostate Cancer Foundation2005
54CAP Enterprises2005
38Cardinal Cushing Scholarships (2 folders)1978-2002
54Cardinal Health2003-2006
54Cardiomag Imaging, Inc.2003-2006
58Carl Zeiss Inc.2002
45Carlisle Foundation2001-2002
5Carlson Corporation1976-1989
45Carnegie Corporation of New York2000-2007
54Carney Hospital2002
38Carson Scholarship1983-1993
5Carter's Ink Company1963-1976
5Casavant Family Charitable Trust1980-1985
5, 38CASE (6 folders)1973-2001
54Casella Waste Systems2004
54Caterpillar, Inc.2002-2003
58Catholic Memorial School2008
5, 54CBS Foundation (2 folders)1959-1985, 2000-2007
19CE Maguire, Inc.1977-1984
54CEM Corporation2002
51Center for Community Health Education Research and Service2007
9Center for Electromagnetic Research1983-1989
51Center for Health Transformation Foundation (CHT Foundation)2007
19, 30Center for Management Development (2 folders)1987-1990
58Center for the Development of Human Services2001
6Center for the Study of Computer - Human Interaction1985
5-6Center for the Study of Sports in Society (17 folders)1982-1998
45Center for the Study of the Presidency2000
6, 45Century Fund (2 folders)1970-1987, 2000-2001
Centennial Campaign
38Naming Opportunities1995-1999
38Prospects (3 folders) (Restricted)1993-2000
39Victory Celebration1977-1998
30Century Fund – Faculty Equipment Requests (2 folders)1982
54Ceredo Liquid Terminals, LLC2005
54CereMedix, Inc.2002
54CETEK Corp.2001
58Chair 5 Restaurant2007
6Champion International Corporation1971-1981
8, 45Charles A. Dana Foundation (2 folders)1962-1987, 1994-2000
11, 52Charles A. Frueauff Foundation (2 folders)1963-1974, 1994-2003
9Charles C. Ely Trust1973-1990
7Charles E. Culpeper Foundation, Inc.1979-1991
19Charles E. Merril Trust1960-1974
7Charles H. Cross Charitable Foundation1981-1985
46Charles H. Farnsworth Trust2002-2007
14Charles H. Hood Dairy Foundation1960-1979
14, 47Charles Hayden Foundation (5 folders)1940-1988, 2008
27, 39, 51Charles Irwin Travelli Foundation (4 folders)1983-1999, 2000-2008
46Charles River Charitable Foundation2001-2006
54Charles River Labs2001-2008
54Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.2006
54Charles Stark Draper Laboratory2003
20Charles Stewart Mott Foundation1963-1980
52Charlotte Geyer Foundation2004-2007
6Chase Manhattan Bank1963-1985
54ChemFirst, Inc.2005
6Chemical Bank1974-1988
6Chemical Engineering1964-1990
6Chemistry Building1965-1970
6Chemistry Building Dedication1968
54Chestnut Hill Partners2000-2004
54Chicken Lou's, Inc.2006
46Chicken Soup Plus Charitable Foundation2004
46, 54Children's Hospital Fund (2 folders)2003-2007
46, 54Choate, Hall and Stewart (2 folders)2002-2008
6Christian Science Monitor1974-1978
50Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation2004-2007
33-34, 39, 59Chronological Files (56 folders)2000-2008
6Ciba-Geigy Corporation1976-1990
6Cincinnati Milacron-Heald1965-1991
54Cisco Systems2000-2004
6Cities Service Company1966-1975
54Citigroup, Inc.n.d.
51, 54Citizens Bank Foundation (2 folders)2000-2007
46Citizens Housing and Planning Association2002
46City of Attleboro2004-2005
51City of Boston Treasury Department2007
46City of Brockton2004-2005
46City of Chelsea2004-2005
46City of Lawrence2004-2005
39City on a Hill Teachers' Institute (2 folders)2002
31City Year1993-1995
58Civilized Solutions2007-2008
6Clark-Franklin Press1968-1972
54Cleary Elevator Co.2004
58Client Business Services2005-2006
25, 30, 31Clinton H. Scovall Fund (3 folders)1925-1995
54CMG Environmental2006
54CMP Media LLC2004
46Coalition for Safe Minds2007-2008
6, 58Coca-Cola1963-1987, 2000-2006
6Codex Corporation1980-1988
54Cole Hersee Co.1999-2008
46Coleman Foundation2000-2002
6Colgate-Palmolive Company1963-1985
31College of Arts and Sciences1989-1998
College of Business Administration
4, 5General (3 folders)1969-1982, 1990
4, 5Associates Programs (11 folders)1983-1992
5Center for Corporate Relations1985-1990
5Dodge Renovation (2 folders)1989-1990
31Lieb Professorship1989-1993
5, 19Philip R. McDonald Professorship (4 folders)1987-1990
6College of Computer Science1989-1990
1, 31College of Criminal Justice1972-1986, 1995
College of Engineering
10Buildings and Programs1986-1989
10Center for Integration Manufacturing and Engineering1983-1988
10Center for Research and Graduate Studies1988-1990
10Engineering Industrial Advisory Council1982-1990
10Fund Raising Corporations and Alumnus1982-1989
10Minority Program (2 folders)1968-1991
10Staff and Student Informationn.d.
10Summer Institute Minority Programs (6 folders)1978-1980
10Miscellaneous Proposals1968-1986
College of Nursing
21General (3 folders)1964-1988
21Correspondence (3 folders)1964-1969
22College of Pharmacy (2 folders)1962-1989
54Collegiate Press Co.2000
6Colt Industries1955-1974
54Columbia Tech2004
46Combined Jewish Philanthropies2003-2008
58CombiSep, Inc.2004
6Combustion Engineering1958-1991
51, 54Comcast Foundation (2 folders)2006-2008
6Commercial Union Insurance1951-1994
22Committee of the Permanent Charity Fund (3 folders)1963-1988
54Commonwealth Development LLC2004
6Commonwealth Electric1981-1987
6Community Reinvestment Act1981
6Community Service, Continuing Education1965-1977
54Compass Group2001-2007
6, 35, 39Compugraphic Corporation (5 folders)1968-1995
6, 35Computervision Corporation (3 folders)1979-1985, 1991-1994
54Conant Controls, Inc.1995-2004
58Concordant Inc.2006-2007
54Cone Communications, Inc.1996-2007
6Conference Board1970-1974
39Connected Campus1993-1995
6Connecticut General Life Insurance Company1959-1971
6Connecticut Natural Gas1968-1991
58Connecticut Sub-division of the DEC2001
54Connell Ltd. Partnership2000-2008
6Connor Foundation, Inc.1979-1987
58Consentini Associates, Inc.2005
31Conservation Food and Health Foundation, Inc.1988
58Consolidated Edison Co.2006-2008
54Construction Inspection Services2006
54Consumer Value Stores2002-2006
6The Continental Group, Inc.1967-1984
6Control Data Corporation1970-1982
54Controller Service & Sales Co., Inc.2002-2003
6Converse Rubber Company1966-1985
Cooperative Education
6Building (2 folders)1968-1990
7National Commission1986-1990
7Research Center1975-1977
7World Council1988-1989
7Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries1969-1972
7, 36Coopers and Lybrand (2 folders)1962-1998
35Copeland Corporation1996-1998
7Copley Pharmaceutical, Inc.1979-1989
7Coppus Engineering1987
36Corning Glass Works1958-1994
7Corporate Leadership Committee (2 folders)1986-1990
7, 30Corporators (3 folders)1980-1987
39Correspondence, General (2 folders)1998-2005
54Costello Contracting2000
7Council for Financial Aid to Education1964-1981
7Council on Foundations, Inc.1972-1990
54Coutu Foundation2005-2006
54Covalent Associates, Inc.2005-2006
7, 31Cowen Foundation (2 folders)1972-2001
46Cox Trust2001-2006
7Craig Systems Corporation1963-1984
57Creative Office Pavilion2007
36Credence Systems1996
54Crest Ultrasonics2000-2007
46Cricket Island Family Foundation1994-2003
7Crystal Trust1971-1980
46, 54Cullinane Group (2 folders)2000-2007
7Cullinet Software1983-1987
7Cultivation Events1988-1989
7Cultivation Events - Henderson House1988
46Cummings Foundation1994-1997
54Curry College2002
58Custom Glass & Aluminum2007
54Cutler-Hammer Foundation2000-2001
30 Cynthia and Clara H. Hollis Foundation 1981
58Cypress Tree Investment Management2007
54CYTYC Corp.2004-2008
7-8, 31, 35, 36, 39C Miscellaneous (11 folders)1951-2001
57D. Schumacher Landscaping2007
8Damon Corporation1969-1987
46Dana Farber Cancer Institute2005
39Dargavel Foundation1975-1977, 1998
51Dartmouth College2007
8Data General1980-1988
8Dataproducts Corporation1984
46David and Lucille Packard Foundation2004-2005
46Davis Educational Foundation2001-2007
46Day, Berry and Howard LLP2000-2001
58Dayco Cytomation California, Inc.2004
46Daymarc Foundation2002-2006
58De Nora North2007-2008
39Deaf Cohort1993-1994
51Deafness Research Foundation2006
46Decatur City Board of Education Group1999
54Decker Machinery Co.2004
8Dedham Track1983-1986
54Delaney Associates, Inc.2005
8Delmed, Inc.1983-1989
54Deloitte & Touche2000-2007
58Delta Dental2000-2001
54Demco and Associates PC2005
54Denta Quest Ventures, Inc.2002-2005
3, 31Department of Biology (2 folders)1982-1994
6Department of Chemistry1965-1988
19Department of Mechanical Engineering1963-1987
8, 59Development Office (University) (4 folders)1985-1998
8Development Storyboard1981-1988
51Deveraux Foundation2001
54Devine & Pearson, Inc.1997-2004
8Diamond Anniversary Celebration1972-1975
Diamond Anniversary Development Program
8Conclusion Dinner1975
8First Phase1964-1976
8Second Phase1961-1963
8Second Phase Inauguration Dinner1965
8Faculty Solicitation - Third Phase (2 folders)1971-1976
8Digital Equipment Corporation (4 folders)1963-1990
54Digitome Co.2005
39Dockser/Robinson Renovation1995-1997
17Dodge Library1963-1975
54Domain Pharma Co.2000
58Donadio Environmental Associates2007
8, 31Donaldson Charitable Trust (2 folders)1983-1996
54Donovan Electric2003-2007
54Doran Family Foundation2005
9Doris Duke Foundation, Inc.1963-1972
54Dorner Manufacturing Corp.2006
46Dorr and Decrow Foundation2000-2007
46Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism2003
8DOW (2 folders)1957-1989
54Dow Chemical2001
56Drew Pearson Marketing2000
46Dreyfus Foundation1994-2008
9, 59DRM (4 folders)1983-1997
9DRM - Helmuth (2 folders)1984-1989
9Drop-out School1967
31Drucker Foundation1993-1997
58Dual Align LLC2008
54Dunkin' Brands2005
9, 54DuPont de Nemours and Company (5 folders)1951-1990, 2000
9DuPont Foundation Proposals1962-1990
54Durgin Park, Inc.n.d.
46Dwyer and Collora LLP2007
9Dynamics Research1962-1990
9Dynatech Corporation1962-1990
9, 31, 35, 36D Miscellaneous (5 folders)1958-1999
9EG&G, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1988
54E. J. Footwear LLC2001
51E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation2004-2006
58East Elite Cheer Gym, Inc.2007
58East Side Entrees, Inc.2005
51Eastern Athletic Trainers Association2003
54Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation2000
9Eastern Enterprises1958-1988
9Eastern Utilities1977-1990
9, 54Eastman Kodak Company (3 folders)1955-1990, 2001-2007
9, 46Eaton Foundation (Eaton and Howard, Inc.) (2 folders)1961-1990, 2000-2006
51Eccles Foundation2003
51Ecological Society of America2005
54Editorial Projects in Education2003-2004
9Education Facilities Laboratories, Inc.1964-1972
46Education Resource Institute2001-2003
51Educational Foundation of America2003
39Educational Opportunity Programs and Service Learning1995-1996
3Edward L. Bernays Foundation1962-1993
24Edward and Beetha C. Rose Charitable Fund1980-1983
39Edward T. Rigney Memorial Scholarship Fund1978-1979
58Edwards, Angell, Palmer, & Dodge2007
46Edwards H. Mank Foundation2004-2006
29, 51Edwin S. Webster Foundation (2 folders)1957-1990, 2008
46Egan Family Foundation2001-2004
54Eisai Research Institute2002
9Electrical Manufacturer's Representatives Club of New England1963-1980
9Electronic Institute1987-1989
54Electronic Maintenance Association2002
51Electronic Materials Research Institute2002
54Electronics Workbench2004
17, 54Eli Lilly and Company (2 folders)1980, 1986-1995, 2002-2008
18, 30Elizabeth Lufkin Trust (11 folders)1937, 1958-1990
9Ell, Carl S. Prospects1964-1989
9Ell Student Center1965-1966
22Ellis L. Phillips Foundation1961-1986
46Ellison Foundation2004
46Ellison Medical Foundation2004-2008
19Elmer Duncan Mackenzie Athletic Fund1969-1970
22Elmer Perkin Company1986
46Elno Family Foundation2003-2005
46Elsa V. Pardee Foundation2001-2007
58Elsevier Foundation2007
46Ely Trust2000-2008
54EMC Corporation2000-2008
54EMD Biosciences Inc.2004-2005
57Emerald Plumbing2007
46Emerson College2006
9Emhart Corporation1953-1984
57Endo Pharmaceuticals2006
58Enfer Scientific Limited2004
46Engineering Information Foundation1982-2005
39Engineering Resource Center1994-2000
54Engineers without Borders2005-2007
54Enjay Productions2005
58Enterprise Equipment2007
57Entrepreneurs Organization2007-2008
54Environ International Co.2007-2008
54Environmental Operating Solutions2006-2007
46Environmental Research and Educational Foundation 2000
10Equitable Life Assurance Society1962-1981
46Erdle Foundation 2004
39Erland Construction: Froeberg Scholarship1984-1987
46Ernest and Elfriede Frank Foundation2002
46Ernst and Young Foundation2000
54Erving Industries Inc.1998-2005
10Esso Education Foundation (2 folders)1951-1972
51Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation2002
51Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation2006
54Eurologic Systems Inc.1999
46Ewing Kauffman Foundation2005
51, 57EyeIC (2 folders)2007-2008
54Exclara In.2006
10Executive Club of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce1967-1975
54Explore Anywhere Softwaren.d.
10Exxon Education Foundation (4 folders)1960-1990
55ExxonMobil Foundation2000-2008
11, 31, 35E Miscellaneous (4 folders)1961-1999
58F.A. Davis Company2003
57F.M. Global2005-2006
21F.W. Olin Foundation, Inc.1957-1988
11Faculty and Staff Solicitation, Century Fund1985
11Faculty Solicitation Program, Diamond Anniversary Development Program (3 folders)1967-1974
11Faculty Solicitations, Inquiries1972
11Faculty Solicitation Program, First and Second Phases1962-1971
11Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation1965-1985
52Fannie E. Rippel Foundation2004
55Fannie Mae1997-2006
24Fanny B. Reed Trust1962-1990
11Fay, Spofford and Thorndike, Inc.1959-1987
11Federal Relations, DGP (3 folders)1973-1982
11Fenwal, Inc.1961-1982
11Fenway Project1989
11, 46, 55Fidelity Charitable Gift Foundation (6 folders)1967-1991, 1999-2008
52Fiduciary Trust Co. 2004-2008
11Field Foundations, Inc.1960-1976
11, 36Filene's Basement (2 folders)1950-1999
11Fine Arts Building1968
11, 39Fine Arts Program (3 folders)1973-1994
55Finnegan and Underwood2004
55First Light Capital2000
10First National Stores, Inc.1952-1974
58First Petroleum Corporation2000
55Fisher Scientific2000
57Fission Software Inc.2007
55Flashpoint Technology Inc.2001
36, 55Fleet Bank (2 folders)1988-1994, 2000-2006
55Fleetwing Capital1996-2005
55Flexcon Industries2000
46Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute2005-2007
58Flir Systems2003
46Florence Family Foundation2000-2003
55FMC Corporation2005-2006
47Foley, Hoag, and Elliot Foundation2001-2003
31Football Lockers1991
11Ford Motor Company (3 folders)1962-1991
55Forman, Itzkowitz, Berenson, et al2000-2001
11Foss, Nobel1962-1969
46Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County2001
52Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association2004
11Foundations (General)1974-1985
39Fourier Transformation Mass Spectrometry1993-1994
46Fox Foundation2001-2008
11Foxboro Company (2 folders)1960-1988
55Foxwoods Resort Casino2004
55Fraen Corporation2002
1Frank W. and Carl S. Adams Trust1964
11Franklin Foundation1990
46Fred and Sarah Lipsky Foundation2006
52Fred Daniels Foundation2004
26Frederick A. Stearns Memorial Fund1961-1970
16Frederick J. Kennedy Memorial Foundation (2 folders)1968-1983
31Freedom Forum1985-1998
52Freedom from Fear2005-2006
40Freeland Acknowledgement Letters1996-1999
52Freidland Foundation2007
11Friendly Ice Cream Corporation1963-1977
56Friends of Smitty Pignatelli2005
55, 58Fujisawa Healthcare Inc. (2 folders)2005
58Fukada Metal Foil & Powder Co. Ltd.2005
46Fulbright Commission2003
46Furthermore Grants in Publishing2004-2006
12, 31, 35, 36F Miscellaneous (4 folders)1962-1998
57Gainsboro Restaurant2007
55Gale Associates Inc.2005-2007
25, 47Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation (3 folders)1977-1987, 1999-2002
47Gates Foundation2000-2007
52Gateway Fund2006
55Gatti Associates RD2000-2007
47Gay and Lesbian Medical Association2006-2007
12GCA Corporation1975-1985
55GDS Enterprises2008
47Gene Haas Foundation2002-2003
12, 55General Dynamics C4 Systems (2 folders)1965-1990, 2001-2007
12, 55General Electric Foundation (15 folders)1955-1990, 2004-2007
12General Electric Miscellaneous1964-1969
12General Foods Corporation1957-1988
12, 57General Mills, Inc. (2 folders)1977, 2008
12General Motors Corporation1955-1989
12General Service Foundation1973-1979
31Genetic Counseling1991
12Genmede Trust (2 folders)1963-1979
55Genome Therapeutics Corporation2000-2001
13Genrad Foundation (2 folders)1959-1990
55Genus Resource Consulting 2004
55Geophysical Survey Systems Inc.2006
52George A. and Eliza Howard Foundation2001-2006
52George and Beatrice Sherman Family Charitable Trust2000
12George and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation1962-1990
47George B. Henderson Foundation2006
52George Baker Trust2006
19George C. Marshall Foundation1962-1969
31George Gund Foundation1991
1George I. Alden Trust (2 folders)1961-1989
24George Lewis Ruffin Society (2 folders)1984-1989
47George Mason University2006-2007
57George T. Wilkinson Inc.2000-2007
47Georgetown/Sloan Foundation2006
47Georgetown University2004-2006
47Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation2001-2002
13Germanium Power Devices1983-1991
55Gibson Engineering Co. Inc.2000
47Gicca Family Charitable Trust2004-2008
55Gilbert Tweed Associates2005
57Gilead Sciences Inc.2006
13, 55Gillette Company (5 folders)1950-1990, 2000-2005
4Gladys Brooks Foundation1985-1990
47Gladys Brooks Honors Scholarship Fund2000-2006
51Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation2003
57Glaxo Smith Kline2006
13Glenmede Trust1980-1987
47Glidden Foundation1996-2008
37Global Petroleum1991-1995
13, 36Glynn Electronics, Inc. (2 folders)1988-1995
15Godfrey M. Hyams Trust1962-1988
31Golden, M. Patricia1992
47Goldhirsh Foundation2006
55Goodwin Procter LLP2000-2005
47Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation2001-2004
52Gordon Foundation2007
55Gorton's Seafood2000-2002
13Gould, Inc.1983-1989
55Goulston and Storrs2005-2006
47, 55Grace Foundation (2 folders)2005-2006, 2001-2007
13Grace Specialty Chemical Company1958-1985
13Grace Storrs PC1990-1998
1Graduate School of Actuarial Science1966-1978
1, 31Graduate School of Professional Accounting (3 folders)1973-1988, 1993-1998
40Grant Applications1993-2005
52Grants Management Association2004-2007
13Graphic Arts1984-1989, 1996
40Greater Boston Consumer Credit Association Scholarship1984-1988
1Greater Boston Council on Alcoholism, Inc.1986-1988
47Greater Houston Community Foundation2004
58Green Mountain Antibodies2004
52Gregory C. Carr Foundation2003
55Greylock Management Corporation2004-2005
13Grimes Oil Company, Inc.1989, 1996
52Grinspoon Charitable Foundation2002
13Grossman Family Trust1964-1968
52Grousbeck Family Foundation2008
13, 55GTE Corporation (3 folders)1984-1990, 1997-2000
13, 35GTE Products Corporation (5 folders)1970-1983, 1991-1998
13GTE - Sylvania (2 folders)1950-1969
13Gulf Oil Foundation (2 folders)1958-1983
22Gustavious and Louise Pfeiffer Research Foundation (2 folders)1963-1984, 1991-1995
52Guzior Family Foundation2007
55Gwathmey Inc.2000-2004
55GZA GeoEnvironmentals Inc.2007
13, 31, 35, 37G Miscellaneous (7 folders)1960-1999
55H. D. Chasen Co. Inc.2004-2006
14H. P. Hood, Inc.1979-1991
57H. Wilbur Family LLC2004
55Haese LLC2003
58Haestad Methods2004
55Haley & Aldrich2007
57Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center2007
13Handicapped Services1981-1989
55Hannaford Charitable Foundation2001-2002
13Harcourt General1975-1990
14Hariri Foundation1986-1987
47Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust1992-2008
14Harris, Kerr, Foster and Company1962-1973
47Harry Doehla Foundation2002-2003
47Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation2003
56, 57Harry Miller Company Inc. (2 folders)2000-2008
14Hartford Life Insurance Company1956-1988
55Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation2004-2007
55Harvard Street Neighborhood Health2000-2005
47, 55Harvard University (2 folders)2005-2006
47Harvey C. Krentzman Charitable Trust2005-2006
55Harvey Industries1998-2001
14, 55Hayes Engineering, Inc. (2 folders)1984-1985, 2003-2008
14Hazelting Corporation1970-1989
14, 31Hazen Foundation (2 folders)1973-1996
47Hearst Foundation2004-2007
14Heart Foundation (2 folders)1962-1990
45Helen Brach Fund1999-2000
29, 51Helen Woodman Trust (2 folders)1969-1988, 2002-2004
11-12, 52Helene Fuld Trust (3 folders)1962-1990, 2006
55Helix Technology Corp.2000-2002
14, 30Henderson, Ernest1962, 1966
14Henderson House1988
18, 31Henry Luce Foundation (3 folders)1969-1997
16Henry P. Kendall Foundation1972-1987
14Hercules, Inc.1961-1990
52Herman Frasch Foundation2007
55Herman Miller Inc.2007
47Hermann Foundation2005-2008
47Herrnstadt Living Trust2003-2007
58Heska Corporation2004
14Hess Corporation1982-1984
52Hestia Fund2002-2003
47Hewlett Foundation2002-2004
14, 55Hewlett Packard Company (4 folders)1950-1989, 2000-2006
52High Meadows Foundation2004-2006
14High Technology Council (3 folders)1979-1988
14High Voltage Engineering Corporation1962-1983
57Highland Capital Partners2007
47Highland Street Connection Foundation2000-2006
52Hirschberg Foundation2005-2006
40History Department Proposals1992-1993
14Hitachi Foundation1985-1990
14Hockey Arena1965-1969
47Hoff Foundation2006
14Hoffman La Roche, Inc.1971-1990
55Hollingsworth and Vose Co.2001-2007
47Holocaust Education Foundation2004
14Holtzer-Cabot Corporation1949-1969
14Honeywell Information Systems (2 folders)1962-1989
14Honorary Degrees1983-1989
14Honors Program1986-1989
8The Horace E. Davenport Foundation1966-1981
55Horizon AG Products2007
55Hospira Pharma2007
55Host Communications2000
55Houghton Chemical Company2000
14, 55Houghton Mifflin Company (2 folders)1977-1990, 2000-2002
47House Family Foundation2005-2007
14Household Finance Foundation1958-1990
47Howard Hughes Medical Institute2007
14Howard Johnson1963-1982
25Howard Scripps Foundation1981-1988
55Howland Capital Management2000-2005
31, 52Hudson River Foundation (2 folders)1997-1998, 2004-2006
37Hughes Aircraft1994-1996
47Human Proteome Organization2004
47Humane Society of the United States2005
47Hurdle Hill Foundation2006-2007
15, 30, 31, 35H Miscellaneous (7 folders)1962-2002
52I Have A Dream Foundationn.d.
47Iacocca Foundation2002
35ICI Americas, Inc.1975-1995
15Identification Project, Friends Council (2 folders)1986-1987
55Idex Laboratories Inc.2004
58Immunalysis Corporation2004
55Income Research and Management2002-2005
15Industrial Advisory Board1990
47, 57Inflexxion Inc. (2 folders)2005-2006
15Ingersoll - Rand Company (2 folders)1975-1990
52, 57Innovation Group (2 folders)2008
47Institute for Fraud Prevention2006
55Institute for Integrated Sport2000-2001
15Institute for Off Campus Experience and Cooperative Education1973-1977
47Institute for Training and Development2003
47Institute for the Study of Aging2002-2008
47Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers1996-2004
15, 40Institute on Learning Work and Workplace (2 folders)1993-1997
15Instrom Corp.1969-1990
15Instrumentation LAB, Inc.1980-1983
55Insulet Corporation2008
52Integra Foundation2006
55Integratech Solutions Corp.2000
55Integrated CADD Services2004
15Interactive Donor Recognition System1989
40Interactive Mathematics Program (2 folders)1993-1997
15International Business Machines (10 folders)1951-1987
58International Diagnostic Systems Corporation2004
55International Exposition Co.2000-2007
52International Foundation2007
15International Higher Education Documentation, Center for1977-1985
55International Humic Substance Society2000-2001
57International Microphotonix2006
15International Paper Company Foundation1952-1986
15International Test Foundation1985-1990 Inc.2000
58Invacare Corporation2002
15Irish Studies1982-1986
37ISCO, Inc.1991-1994
55ISO New England2006-2007
15ITEK Corporation1962-1991
52ITI Foundation2004
15ITT Corporation1958-1988
31, 52Ittleson Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1994-1996, 2004
16, 31, 35I Miscellaneous (3 folders)1969-1998
47J.A. & H.G. Woodruff, Jr. Charitable Trust2003-2007
47J.B. Rehabilitation Associates2007
55J.H. Lynch and Sons Inc.2005
58J.K. Blackstone Construction Corporation2007
58J.L. Company2006
47J.M. Long Foundation2001-2005
19J.M. McDonald Foundation1975-1977
57J. Marchese & Sons2007
9Jack Eckerd Corporation (Eckerd Drug Company)1972-1983
29Jacob Ziskind Trust for Charitable Purposes1963-1968
52James and Norma Smith Foundation2002
16James S. Kemper Foundation1962-1985
47James S. McDonnell Foundation2007-2008
47Janey Fund Charitable Trust2006-2007
52Jane's Trust2005
16Japan (3 folders)1988-1990
47Japan Foundation1998-2008
52Jaqua Foundation2005
54Jay Cashman, Inc.2002-2003
57JBC Contracting Corporation2007
50Jean C. Temple Foundation2003
52JEHT Foundation2003-2006
52Jerome Lyle Rappaport Charitable Foundation2003-2005
7Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust (2 folders)1965-1990
21Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation1971-1980
52Jewish Communal Fund2007
47Jewish Community Foundation2002-2008
52Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona2004-2005
52Jewish Federation of Palm Beach2003-2006
52Jewish Federation of Rhode Island2007
17Joan Rockwell Levy Foundation1973-1990
47Jobs for America's Graduates2004-2007
57Jocks Custom Woodworking (Jarica Inc.)2007
31John A. Wenk Foundation1969, 1980-1992
47John A. and Ruth E. Long Foundation2004-2005
45John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum Charitable Fund2003
47John E. and Phyllis Kirkpatrick Foundation2002-2003
53John H. and H. Naomi Tomfohrde Foundation2005
16, 55John Hancock (2 folders)1954-1990, 2005
29John Hay Whitney Foundation1951-1972
17John Lindsay Fund1955-1970
45John W. Boynton Fund2005
16Johns Manville Corporation1958-1971
3Johnson Bird Company1983
16, 55Johnson and Johnson (2 folders)1963-1987, 2003-2007
16, 47Johnson Foundation (2 folders)1963-1987, 2000-2006
16Jones W. Alton Foundation1964-1974
16Jordan Marsh1961-1978
52Joseph and Anna Smith Foundation2000
53Joseph Botti Company, Inc.2004
16Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation1962-1985
40Joseph P. Zabilski Scholarship Fund1983-1984
19, 47Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation (2 folders)1963-1980, 1992-2005
47Joslin Diabetes Center2006-2007
47Joukowsky Family Foundation2002-2006
47Joyce Foundation1999-2004
58Joyce Funeral Home2007
47June Levy Foundation1991-2008
52Just Give, Inc.2008
16, 31, 35J Miscellaneous (4 folders)1959-1998
32Kalmanovitz Foundation1993-1997
52Kargman Charitable and Educational Foundation2001-2003
55Karol Group Inc.2002
55Kayem Foods Inc.2001-2004
48Keel Foundation2002-2008
48Kellogg Foundation2000-2004
55Kelson Physician Partners2001
16Kendall Company1963-1989
16Kenna, E. Douglas1965-1980
48Kennebunk Gymnastic and Sport2007
48Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust2004-2008
48Kenneth B. Schwartz Foundation2005-2006
48Kenwood Foundation2003-2005
55KeySpan Energy Corp.2001-2002
52A Kinder World Foundation2004
55King and Bishop Inc.2001
52Kinship Foundation2001
48Kirby, F. M.2001-2007
52Kohlberg Foundation2007
55Kohn, Kohn, and Colapinto LLP2004
48Knight Foundation1999-2006
16Knowles, Asa S.1975-1990
16Knowles Center for Law and Criminal Justice1968-1990
55KPMG Foundation2004-2006
16KPMG Peat Marwick1984-1990
16-17Kresge Foundation (10 folders)1950-1990
57Kwik-E Sub Shop2007
17, 32, 35K Miscellaneous (4 folders)1964-1999
55Laborers International Unions #3672005
48Lacy Trust2007
17Lahey Clinic Foundation1962-1971
55Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc.2001-2005
40LaVerdiere's Super Drug Store Scholarship1976-1981
17Law Firms1987
17Law School (7 folders)1969-1990
58Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory2000
Leadership Campaign
40Campaign Plan1999-2001
40Corporate Campaign Committee (12 folders)2001-2005
40Structure and Goals1998-2003
17Learning Resource Center (2 folders)1967-1975
55Legg Mason Wood Walker Inc.2003
55Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.2004
55Leisman Insurance Agency Inc.2005-2006
48Lenore and Harold Larkin Philanthropic Foundation2005-2006
55Level 1 Inc.2003
55Lexigen Pharmeceuticals2000-2004
55Lexington Strategic Association2001-2004
17LFE Corporation1962-1985
55Liberty Mutual2000-2007
17Library Building (4 folders)1983-1991
17Life Insurance Medical Research Fund1963-1970
58Lifepoint Inc.2004
48Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation2003-2007
48Lincoln Institute Land Policy2005-2006
55Lincoln Laboratory MIT2003
55Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District2001
18Lindsey, Thayer (2 folders)1950-1990
18Link Foundation1971-1986
18Linsey, Joseph M.1964-1965
58LionGate Management2001
55Lista International Corp.2000-2002
18, 35Little, Arthur D. (3 folders)1954-1998
18Litton Industries1963-1991
57Live Earth Products2007
58Loan Bright2003
18, 55Lockheed (2 folders)1988-1990, 1999-2008
18Lockheed - Sanders (2 folders)1962-1988
55LoJack Corp.2004-2007
18Long Island Lighting Company1964-1974
18Longwood Foundation, Inc.1963-1971
18Loring, Edward1964-1986
32Lotte Kaliski Foundation for Gifted Children1996-1998
18, 55Lotus Development Corporation (2 folders)1986-1990, 2008
40Louis Cashman Memorial Scholarship Fund1968-1976
48Lowell Institute2003-2007
18Lowell, Ralph1964-1987
18, 55LTX Corporation (2 folders)1983-1992, 2000-2006
55Lubrizol Corporations2000
55Lucent Technologies2000-2003
18Ludlow Corporation1962-1977
48Ludwig Foundation2004-2006
48Lufkin Trust2000-2008
48Lumina Foundation2001-2006
55Luscar Ltd.2001
48Lustgarten Foundation2005-2007
52Lymphoma and Leukemia Society 2006
45Lynde and Harry Bradley Fund1997-2001
18, 32, 35L Miscellaneous (4 folders)1957-1997
58M.P. Biomedicals, Inc.2004
52M.V. Philanthropy2003
19M/A - COM Charitable Foundation1966-1987
19, 48Mac Arthur Foundation (2 folders)1972-1990, 2001-2008
55Maguire Company, Inc.2004-2007
48Mailman Family Foundation, Inc.1994-2000
56Major League Baseball (MLB)2002
48, 56Major League Soccer (MLS) (2 folders)2000
19Mansfield Foundation1978-1990
55Manulife Financial2004
52March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation1997-2000
19Marine Science Institute (2 folders)1966-1991
48Marino Charitable Foundation1999-2001
52Markle Foundation2001
19Martin Marietta Corporation1963-1974
55Marsh and McLennan Inc.2004
19Marts and Lundy, Inc.1986-1988
45Mary Byron Foundation Inc.2003-2004
51Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation2008
52Maryland Medical Research Foundation2004
55MASSA Products Corp.2001
48Massachusetts Association of Community Health, Inc.2004
48Massachusetts Bar Association2001-2005
55Massachusetts Biotech Council1996-2001
48Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation2006
48Massachusetts College of Art2006
55Massachusetts College of Pharmacy2005
48Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science2005-2007
55Massachusetts Electric2000-2001
52Massachusetts Environmental Trust1994-2006
52Massachusetts Extended Care2004
19Massachusetts Financial Services, Inc.1968-1981
52Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities2008
48, 58Massachusetts General Hospital (2 folders)2005-2008
52Massachusetts Hospital Research Educational Association2003
48, 57Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2 folders)2005-2006
52Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, Inc.2002-2004
52Massachusetts Municipal Association2007
19Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company1960-1989
48, 57Massachusetts Pharmacists Association (2 folders)2004-2008
52Massachusetts Society for the University Education of Women2000
55Mass-Vac Inc.2005
55Math Works2001-2003
48Mathers Charitable Foundation2007-2008
11Max C. Fleischman Foundation (4 folders)1964-1987
48Max Kade Foundation, Inc.2007
25Max Sontz Company, Inc.1978-1990
55Maxi Drug Inc.2004-2006
58Maxymillian Technologies2001
19, 35Mayor's Youth Leadership Corps (2 folders)1990-1991
55MBIA Insurance Corporation Foundation2003-2008
55McCutchen LLP, Bingham2003-2005
19McDonnell Douglas1983-1994
48McGowan Charitable Foundation2002-2008
19McGraw-Hill1963-1976, 1991
55McKesson HBOC2001-2005
52McKnight Foundation1996-2003
55McLean Consulting Inc.2002
55Meadowlark Village Condo Association2007
55Meco, Inc.2005
19, 48Medical Foundation (3 folders)1961-1963, 2004-2007
19Medical Information Technology1983-1990
19Medical Instrument Research Associates, Inc.1984
55Medical Plastics Laboratory Inc.2003
56Melles Griot Inc.2002
48Mellon Charitable Trust1998-2006
56Mellon Financial Corp.2001
19Melville Corporation1967-1996
48Memorial Sloan Kettering2002-2004
57Mentor Graphics Corporation2001
40Merchants Tire Company Scholarship Fund1972-1992
19, 35, 48, 57Merck Corporation (4 folders)1958-2007
56Mercury Computer2001-2006
57Merit Electric2007
19, 56Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation (2 folders)1951-1989, 2004-2006
56Merrimac Industrial Sales2005-2006
56Merrimack Valley Medical Supply Co.2003
19Metcalf and Eddy1962-1990
19, 57Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (2 folders)1975-1984, 2001
52Metrowest Community Healthcare Foundation2007
57Metrowest Mechanical2007
56Microbrightfield Inc.2002-2004
19Microfab, Inc.1983-1987
56Microsoft Corporation2002-2008
52Microsoft Health Solutions Group2008
58Microsolv Technology Corporation2004
58Microtech Scientific Inc.2004
49Mifflin Fund2002-2008
56Mija Industries2004
32The Milheim Foundation for Cancer Research1996-1997
19Millbank Memorial Fund1964-1972
56Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.2000-2004
19, 56Millipore Corporation (2 folders)1981-1990, 2000-2007
19Milton Bradley Company1972
19Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M)1975-1983
56Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky, and Popeo, PC1996-2001
57Mission Bar and Grill2007
19, 56Mitre Corporation (2 folders)1962-1990, 1999-2003
56Mitsubishi Motors, USA Foundation2001-2006
32Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience1995-1997
20Mobil Oil Corporation (5 folders)1958-1988
56Modern Continental Construction Co.2001
20, 35Monsanto Company (4 folders)1951-1995
56Montgomery Watson1999-2000
57Morgan Stanley2007
52Morris Animal Foundation2003
20Morse Shoe Company1960-1984
20Motorola, Inc.1981-1990, 1996
56Mott's U.S.A.2001
56Mozilla Corp.2006-2008
49Ms. Foundation2000-2007
56Mullin Law Offices2002
40Multi-Media Studies1998
32Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Inc.1996-1997
40Muro Pharmacal Laboratories, Inc. Scholarship Award Fund1970-1971
49Muscular Dystrophy Association2000-2007
20Music Department - A Note to You1985-1990
20Music Management1975-1980
56MyCAD Inc.2003-2005
20, 32, 35M Miscellaneous (7 folders)1957-1998
49, 56NACDS (2 folders)2005-2007
49Nancy Marks Family Foundation2007
56NASCAR Productions2005
20Nashua Corporation1963-1982, 1995
14Nathan Hofheimer Foundation, Inc.1971-1973
49National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression1996-2008
20National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources1982
52National Association of Chain Drug Stores2004
52National Association of Colleges and Employers2007-2008
20National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities1990
49National Association of Industrial and Office Properties2005
49National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) Foundation2007-2008
49National Association of Regional Councils2006-2007
49National Athletic Trainers' Association1997-2007
52National Autism Association2007-2008
57National Auto Dealer Charitable Fund2005
57National Basketball Association (NBA)2000-2005
49National Cattlemen's Association2002-2004
49National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (2 folders)1995-2007
52National Community Pharmacists Association2004-2008
49National Conferences on Undergraduate Research/Lancy Research Institute2006
49National Consortium for Academics and Sports2006
20, 32National Endowment for the Humanities (4 folders)1984-1993
56National Football League (NFL) Charities2000-2005
56National Football League (NFL) Players Association1998-2005
52National Foundation for Cancer Research2007
52National Governors Association2007
52, 56National Grid USA (2 folders)2000-2006, 2008
49National Heart Foundation2006
56National Hockey League (NHL)2000-2001
49National League for Nursing2004-2005
20National Merit Scholarship Corporation1962-1977
52National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation2007
52National Park Foundation2001-2005
49National Parkinson's Foundation2003-2006
52National Patient Safety Foundation2007
49National Philanthropic Trust2005
57National Pipe and Plastics Inc.2007
20, 56National Science Foundation (2 folders)1962-1989, 1997, 2002
56National Society of Black Engineers2006
40National Society of Public Accountants Scholarship Foundation1974-1980
56National Starch and Chemical2001-2007
58National University of Singapore2004
20Negro Youth Fund1964
49Nellie Mae Foundation2003-2007
58Neogen Corporation2004
20, 40Network Northeastern (2 folders)1983-1995
57Neurologica Corporation2007
56New Balance2005-2008
56New Directions Inc.2002-2004
21The New England1962-1990
21New England Association of Schools and Colleges1989-1991
56New England Biolabs2004-2006
56New England Center for Children2000-2001
56New England Coffee Co.2004
40New England Economic Adventure and Resource Center1999-2001
21New England Electric System (2 folders)1944-1990
56New England Financial2002
21New England Foundation for the Arts (2 folders)1984-1989, 1996
21New England Gas and Electric Association System1962-1974
21New England Telephone1960-1988
56New England Patriots2000-2002
21New England Press Association1965-1989
56New England Women's Fund2005
56New Objectives2003-2004
40New Scholarships (2 folders)1988-1994
52New Voices Academy for Educational Development2004
49New York Community Trust2000-2008
21, 56New York Times (2 folders)1977-1990, 2004
56Newbury Piret and Co. Inc.2004-2006
21Newkirk Associates, Inc.1967-1969
52Newman's Own Foundation2007-2008
57Nextant, Inc.2007
56NEXTLINK Communications Inc.2000
57NEXX Systems2006
49Nippon Family Foundation2005
21Nixdorf Computer Corporation1983-1985
56Nixon Peabody LLP2003
56NMS Communications2005
57Noah LLC2007
57Nobis Engineering, Inc.2007
57Nodrog Sales Inc.2007
56Nokia Inc.2004-2005
21Noonan, Deborah Monroe1979-1981
49Nord Family Foundation2007
56Nordblum Management Co.2001-2002
41Norfolk-Bristol-Middlesex Highway Association, Inc.1971-1975
52Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation2007
56North American Hockey Academy2005
57Northbridge Ventures Management Company2007
52Northeast Educational Services/Henry David Thoreau Foundation (2 folders)2005-2008
21Northeast Utilities1967-1990
52, 56Northeastern University Alumni Association (2 folders)2005-2006
41Northeastern University Comprehensive Regional Center for Minorities1993-1994
57Northeastern University College of Arts and Sciences2001
41Northeastern University Center for the Advancement of Science in Education (NUCASE)2003
56Northeastern University Credit Union2007
21Northrop Corporation1961-1990
57Northshore Pharmaceuticals2008
56Northwestern Mutual Financial Net2000-2005
21Norton Company1961-1988
58Nova Biomedical Corporation2008
56Novartis Pharmaceuticals Co.2001-2006
49Noyce Foundation2001-2006
21NTSA Scholarship Award1989-1991
57NxStage Medical2008
21, 32, 35N Miscellaneous (4 folders)1960-2000
52Oak Foundation2007
56Object Technology International2002-2004
52Ochsman Foundation, Inc.2004
56O'Conor Wright Wyman Inc.2000-2001
41Office for Corporate Partnerships: Premier Partnerships Annual Report2002-2003
9Office of Educational Resources1967-1969
58Office of Gift Planningn.d.
19Office of Minority Liaison1989-1990
25Office of Sponsored Programs (2 folders)1964-1986
52O'Halloran Family Fund2004-2005
21Olin Corporation Charitable Trust1961-1983
23Olive Higgins Prouty Foundation1984-1987
32, 49Open Society: Death in America (2 folders)2000, 2002-2007
22Opinion Research Survey1976-1977
49Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation2006
49Oral Vaccine Institute2006
57Orbital BioSciences2004-2006
52Orchard Foundation2006
56Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical2003
35Osco Drug1996-1999
49Otter Foundation2003-2006
56Owens Co. Inc.1999-2007
56Owens Movers2000-2005
22, 32O Miscellaneous (2 folders)1963-1997
13P. Gioiso and Sons, Inc.1983-1985
56Palmer and Dodge2000-2006
22Parents Program1974-1985
56Parker Hannifin Co.2002
49Parkinson's Disease Foundation2003-2008
56Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc.2000-2001
22Parsons Main Corporation1951-1992
57Partitions Inc.2007
22Partners of the Alliance1965-1966
56Partners Healthcare Systems, Inc.2000-2003
57Pasek Corporation2007
49Paul and Edith Babson Fund2005
56PCT Systems Inc.2003-2005
56Peabody Properties Inc.2002-2003
52Peierls Foundation2007
56Pemeas, USA Inc.2003-2006
56Pendergast and Co.2000-2006
56Perceptive Biosystems Inc.2000
56Performance Food2005
22Perini Corporation1961-1990
56Perkin-Elmer Corp.2004
49Perpetual Trust for Charitable Giving2002-2004
22Petralia, Guy A.1962-1975
52Petroleum Research Fund2007
22, 32, 52PEW Charitable Trust (7 folders)1987-2000, 2007
22, 56Pfizer, Inc. (2 folders)1958-1990, 2001-2007
58PGA Tours2000
49, 52Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) (2 folders)1999-2006
56Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Co.2003-2007
52PHF Foundation2007-2008
56Philanthropic Initiative2006
51The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI)2003-2007
22Philanthropy Management, Inc.1980-1986
22Philip Morris, Inc.1963-1984
56Philips Medical Systems2003
23Physics, Electrical Engineering Department Building1964-1986
56Piantedosi Baking Co.2004
23Pierce Charitable Trust1965-1989
23Pilot Project Carriers, Inc.1961-1981
52Pine Street Foundation2001
49Pioneer Valley Plan Commission2004-2005
23Pitney Bowes Company1942-1990
23Pitney Bowes, Inc.1959-1982
56Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 122001
56PNC Bank Foundation2002-2005
23Pneumo Foundation1982-1985
23, 37Polaroid Corporation (4 folders)1958-1998
23Political Science1989
56Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc.2002
23Population Research Foundation, Inc.1976-1978
23Porter, Donald G. (5 folders)1974-1990
58Posse Foundationn.d.
41Position Search: Vice President of Corporate Relations2002
49Potts Foundation, Inc.2002-2003
57Power Film, Inc.2007
23Power System Engineering Program (2 folders)1969-1984
57PPG Industries, Inc.2006
57Prellwitz, Chilinski Associates, Inc.2007
41President's Meetings1998-2001
56Pressley Associates Inc.2000
56Price Waterhouse Coopers2001-2008
23Prime Computers1981-1988
58Prioincs AG2004
57Pro Sports Orthopedics2007
23, 56Proctor and Gamble Fund (2 folders)1962-1990, 2005-2007
56Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts2002
56Progress Materials, Inc.2002-2005
50Project Bread2004
37Proposal Processing Forms1994-2000
57Protein Forest, Inc.2008
23Prudential Insurance Company1967-1982
23Public Service Company of New Hampshire1968-1986
50Public Welfare Foundation2000-2002
57Punter's Pub2007
52Purchasing Management Association of Boston2004
56Pure Hockey2005
56Putnam Companies2003-2006
23, 32, 35P Miscellaneous (5 folders)1963-1999
23Quaker Oats Company1973-1984
57Qualcomm Inc.2007
56Quinn and Morris2002-2004
23Q Miscellaneous1969-1990, 1998
58R.E. Cameron2007
58R.J. Cincotta General Contractors2007
58R.W. Beck Inc.2007-2008
50Rabb Charitable Foundation2007
52Racial Justice Collaborative2003-2004
23Radiologic Technology Program1968-1986
22Ralph A. Parsons Foundation1988-1990
53Ralph Willard Charitable Trust2006
58Rand Corporation2004-2005
58Randox Laboratories Ltd.2004
56Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications2004-2005
23Ratshesky Foundation1964-1989
53Ray Solem Foundation2007
23, 56Raytheon (6 folders)1950-1987, 2000-2008
56RBC Dain Rauscher2004-2005
24RCA (4 folders)1959-1987
58REAL Field Hockey, Inc.2007
50, 53Red Auerbach Youth Foundation (2 folders)2004-2007
24Redstone, Sumner1984-1989
24, 56Reebok International (4 folders)1981-1992, 2000-2003
24REECG Corporation1961-1973
24Reed and Barton Foundation1962-1971
50Regional Plan Association2005
24Religious Center1963-1965
56Rendon Group Inc.2003
58Research & Development Diagnostics Products Corporation2004
35Research Biomedicals, Inc.1991-1996
24, 41Research Council (2 folders)1982-1983, 2000-2003
50Research Foundation2001-2007
58Research Management Group2001-2002
24Research Support1987
24Resource Development, Travel Expense1991-1992
56Resources Connection2000-2002
24Resources for the Future1963-1986
32Retirement Research Group1995-1999
57Reverse Engineering Forum2004
50Rhode Island Foundation2001-2007
57Richard Amico Electrical2007
52Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund2008
24Richard-Merril, Inc.1962-1971
24, 50Ridley Foundation (2 folders)1982-1990, 2000-2008
24, 50Riley Foundation (2 folders)1973-1988, 2004-2006
24, 57Rite Aid Corporation (2 folders)1977-1983, 2002-2008
57Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.1999-2000
57Rizzo Associates2006
50Robert E. and Eileen Davoli Charitable Foundation2000
41Robert G. Keene Memorial Scholarship1979-1984
41Robert Lubets Award1966-1981
50Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (3 folders)1994-2007
50Rochester Area Community Foundation2003-2006
50Rockefeller Brothers Fund1995-2004
24Rockefeller Family Fund1976-1977
50Rockefeller Foundation2000-2006
24, 35Rockwell International (2 folders)1982-1994
57Rodman Ford Sales2002
50Rodman Ride for Kids2006
24Roger Williams Funds1980-1982
57Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials1999-2004
57Rosse Enterprises Ltd.2000-2007
24Rowland Foundation1973-1985, 1996
35Roxanne Laboratories1995-1998
52Roy A. Hunt Foundation2004
57Royal Society of Chemistry2000
58RTE France2006-2007
24, 50Rubenstein Foundation (2 folders)1973-1990, 1992-2004
24, 30Ruggles (2 folders)1986
51Ruth H. and Warren A. Ellsworth Foundation1998
20, 32Ruth Mott Fund (2 folders)1974-1996
51Russell L. Epker Charitable Foundation2001
24Russell Sage Foundation1962-1972
24Ryan Homes, Inc.1979-1990
24, 32, 35R Miscellaneous (5 folders)1959-1999
24S & H Foundation, Inc.1963-1980
58S & T Precision Plate Cutting, Inc.2008
7S. H. Couch Company, Inc.1961-1969
35Saatchi & Saatchi Clients1993-1994
57Sacramento Kings Community Foundation2005
58SAE Enterprises2007
52Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston1994-2004
57Saint Barnabas Medical Center2000-2005
52Samuel Bronfman Foundation2000
17Samuel H. Kress Foundation1949-1972
57Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology1998-2000
52San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SFSPCA)2000-2001
52Sandler Program for Asthma Research (SPAR)2004-2007
50Sarah Scaife Foundation2001
57Sasaki Associates2003-2008
32Sawyer Charitable Foundation1995-1997
25SAY Industries, Inc.1987-1988
25Schering Corporation1970-1981
32Scheuer Family Foundation1991-1995
57Scholastic Inc.2001
50Schrafft Trust1993-2008
50Schwab Fund Charitable Giving2007-2008
57Scrub-a-Dub Auto Wash2004
35Scudder, Stevens and Clark1991-1996
57Scully Signal Co.2000
58SEA Consultants, Inc.2007
57Seagate Technology2002-2003
25Sealantic Fund, Inc.1964-1971
57Seaport Hotel2005
50Searle Scholarship Program2001-2001
25, 37Sears Roebuck Foundation (3 folders)1958-1991
20Seely G. Mudd Foundation1968-1980
57Semiconductor Research Corporation2001-2002
57Senior Aerospace2005-2007
58Senior Flexonics, Inc. (Metal Bellows Corporation)2000
57Seodu Logic Inc.2001
57Shanley Fleming and Associates2002-2004
50Shapiro Foundation1994-2001
25, 35Shawmut Bank (4 folders)1960-1999
58Shawmut Design & Construction2007
57Shelburne Community School Council2005
25, 41Shell Oil Company Foundation (4 folders)1958-1997
25Shepley, Bullfinch, Richardson, and Abbott1962-1977
11, 50Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1971-1988, 2000-2004
57Shields and Co.2001-2002
57Shionogi Bioresearch Corporation2000
25, 50Sholley Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1959-1988, 2000-2008
41Shooshanian Engineering Associates Award Fund1975-1984
57Siemens Corporate Research Inc.2001-2008
25Siemens Medical Foundation1970-1971
25Siemens Medical Systems, Inc.1989-1990
25Sigma Instruments, Inc.1958-1977
52Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society in Nursing2007
57Signal Technology Corporation2000
58Signet Electronics2007
50Simmons College2006
37Simplex Time Recorder Company1987-1992
50Simpson Charitable Trust2001-2007
57Simpson, Gumpertz, and Heger Inc.2000-2005
25Singer Company Foundation1960-1976
25Sippican Ocean Systems, Inc. (2 folders)1964-1994
57Skyworks Solutions, Inc.2002-2006
50Sloan Foundation2002-2007
57Smile-Vision Inc.2004
58Smith & Nephew, Inc.2008
52Smith Richardson Foundation2005-2007
57Smurfit Stone Inc.2006-2007
58Snell Construction2007
53Social Study School of Psychology2004-2008
53Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh2003
53Society for Biomolecular Screening2006
50Society for Conservation Biology2006
50Society for General Microbiology2006
53Society for Technical Communication2000-2003
41Society of American Military Engineers Scholarships (2 folders)1996-2001
50Society of Critical Care Nursing2004-2007
32Society of Manufacturing Engineers1996-1999
58Society of Women Engineers2004
57Solid State Equipment Corporation2003
53Somas Program2004
41Southeastern Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship Fund1980
57Sovereign Bank2004
57Spaulding Brick Company, Inc.2007
25Spaulding-Potter Charitable Trusts1963-1978
25Speech and Audiology Department1971-1984
25Spencer Foundation1970-1990
57Sporting News Publishing Co.2000-2002
57Sports Illustrated2003-2005
57Sportsfuzion Inc.2005
26Sprague Electric Company1959-1984
26Square Companies1967-1988
35Squibb Corporation1971-1991
58SRI International2002
58Standard Electric2007
26Stanley Works1962-1987
57Staples Inc.2003-2004
58Star Electric2008
26Star Market1974-1985, 1997
57Starbucks Foundation2007
26Starr Foundation1983-1990
26, 58State Street Bank and Trust Company (3 folders)1962-1990, 2002-2007
26Statistics - Boston Business Journal1986-1987
26Statistics - Enrollment (6 folders)1979-1989
26Statistics - Miscellaneous, Minority, Financial1961-1983
26Stauffer Chemical Company1961-1983
26, 30Stearns Charitable Trust (2 folders)1980-1990
58Sterling Engineering2007
26Stevens Foundations1950-1983
26Stevenson, Earl P.1962-1978
26, 32Stoddard Charitable Trust (2 folders)1980-1991
32Stone Charitable Foundation1965, 1990-1995
26Stone and Webster (2 folders)1951-1993
26Stone and Webster, Inc. (2 folders)1978-1988
26Stone, W. Clement1963-1976
26, 57Stop and Shop Companies, Inc. (4 folders)1963-1990, 2001-2007
58Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.2004
41“Strategic Research and Graduate Program Development at Northeastern University”1999
26Stratford Foundation1985-1990
26, 57Stride Rite Corporation (3 folders)1976-1990, 2000-2005
27Students House, Inc. (3 folders)1973-1989, 1996
57Suffolk Construction Co.2000-2002
53Sugar Shack on the Roaring Branch2007
58Sullivan, Robert W.2007
58Summit Distributors2007
57Sun Microsystems Inc.1996-2003
27, 50SURDNA Foundation (2 folders)1963-1987, 1993-2008
50Susan G. Komen for the Cure2005-2007
27Symmons Industries1985-1990
58Synbiotics Corporation2004
27, 32, 35S Miscellaneous (6 folders)1956-2005
57T & F Managementn.d.
51, 57T. Rowe Price Charitable Giving (2 folders)2001-2006
57Tabors Caramanis and Associates2000-2001
27Taconic Foundation, Inc.1963-1972
58Takeda Pharmaceuticals2006
57Target Corporation2005-2006
57Taunton High School2001-2005
58Tavern on the Watern.d.
53, 58TDC Medical, Inc. (2 folders)2007
27, 51Teagle Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1963-1975, 2004-2005
27Technical Operations, Inc.1962-1971
53Technical Training Foundation2001
41Technology Expenditure and Management Committee1994
27Tektronix, Inc.1983-1990
Telecommunications Advisory Committee
41General (2 folders)1994-1998
42Academic Computing Advisory Committee (ACAC)1992-1994
42American Honda Foundation Grant1989
42Annual Report1990
42Background Information1981
42Cable Installation Requests1989
42“Campus-Wide Alarm Monitoring System and Communications Network Proposal”1990
42Classroom Technology Task Force Report1997
42Communications Systems Task Forcen.d., 1992
42“Digital Workshop Integrating Photography, Music, and Animation”n.d., 1995
42Distance Learning Task Force1994-1995
42Equipment Task Forcen.d.
42IBM Network Meeting1992
42Integrated Multimedia Planningn.d.
42Law School Network1992
42Long Range Planning Task Forcen.d.
42Master Planning Committee1998
43Meetings (7 folders)n.d., 1991-1994
43Minutes (3 folders)1987-1997
43Mission Statement and Membersn.d., 1992-1997
43Newsletter1994, 1996
43Program Committee1991-1992
43“Request for NUNET, an Integrated Information Network”1992
43Technology Convergence Task Forcen.d., 1997
43TI-IN Corporation1988-1989
27Teledyne, Inc.1983-1990
51Telemachus A. and Irene Demoulas Foundation2005
27, 58Teradyne, Inc. (2 folders)1974-1989, 2000-2007
58Tevan & Tevan LLP2005
27Texas Instruments (2 folders)1962-1988
27, 58Textron (3 folders)1961-1990, 2000-2005
22, 52Theodore Edison Parker Foundation (2 folders)1962-1981, 2005
27, 58Thermo Electron, 2000-20041976-1990
22, 49Thomas A. Pappas Charitable Foundation, Inc. (2 folders)1962-1988, 2001-2006
27Thompson and Lichtner Company, Inc.1959-1984
58Thomson Financial2004-2005
57Thousand Chef Food2005
58Three Ts2007
57Tickets for Charity LLC2005
53Tiger Woods Foundation2000
58Tighe & Bond2007-2008
57Time Warner Inc.2000
32Timothy Smith Applied Technology Center1997-1998
53Tinker Foundation2007
57TMP Associates2000-2002
57TOMPAT Technology Inc.2005
27Towle Manufacturing Company1958-1985
57Trans-Atlantic Motors Inc.2001-2004
57TransTech Systems Inc.2003-2008
27Travelers Insurance Companies1962-1984
57Trinity Financial Inc.2000-2005
53Trefler Foundation1999-2004
27Trustee Solicitation, Miscellaneous1972-1990
51Trustees of Boston University1999-2000
27TRW, Inc. (2 folders)1959-1987
51Tufts Associated Health Plans, Inc.2006
51Tufts New England Medical Center2007
57Turner Construction Co.2004-2006
58Tyco's Electronics2007
27, 32, 35T Miscellaneous (6 folders)1950-1999
28Unilever Research US, Inc.1964-1991
58Unimicro Technologies, Inc.2004
28Union Carbide Corporation1953-1979
57Union Pacific2006
28Uniroyal, Inc.1961-1980
28UNISYS Corporation1969-1992
51United Engineering Foundation2001-2002
28United Fruit Company1965-1975
28, 57United Illuminating Company (2 folders)1966-1976, 2006-2007
51United Jewish Federation2000
51United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF)2004-2005
28, 53, 57United Parcel Service (UPS) Foundation (3 folders)1962-1990, 2000-2008
53United States Civilian Research and Development Foundation2003-2008
28United States Government Proposals (2 folders)1973-1978
28United States Steel Corporation (2 folders)1954-1970
57United States Surgical Valley Lab2005
28United Technologies1978-1988
51United Way of Massachusetts Bay2005-2007
51United Way of Miami Dade, Inc.2005
51United Way of North Central Massachusetts2005-2006
51United Way of Orange County2000-2007
51United Way of Rhode Island2007-2008
51United Way of Tri County, Inc.2006-2008
28Unitrode Corporation1977-1990
51University of Massachusetts2007
51University of Massachusetts Foundation2006
51University of Massachusetts Medical School2004
51University of Mississippi2003
58University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill2007
57University of Victoria2005
51University of Virginia2002
28UOP Foundation1977-1983
28Up John Company1971-1990
58Upperdeck Baseball Academy2007
58Urban Engineers2005-2006
51Urban Land Institute2003-2005
28Urban Schools Collaborative1984-1990
57USA Interactive Usability Resources2000
58Usability Resources2004-2006
57USTrust and Support Services Inc.2004-2005
28USX Foundation, Inc.1970-1991
28, 32, 35U Miscellaneous (3 folders)1963-2000
57Vanasse hangen Brustlin2004-2008
41Vanderweil Engineers, Inc. Scholarship1991-1992
51, 57Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program (2 folders)2003-2007
28Varian Associates1966-1990
58Vellano Brothers Inc.2007
58Vent Lab Corporation2006
28Venture Fund1970-1971
51Versal Charities2005
57Vibren Technologies Inc.2002
57Vicor Corporation2002-2006
28Viera, Frank J.1980-1983
2Vincent Astor Foundation1962-1972
51Virginia Cabot Wellington Foundation2001-2004
57Vitale Caturano and Co. Foundation2004
1Vivian B. Allen Foundation, Inc.1963-1970
57Volkswagen of America Inc.2003
28Volpe Construction1962-1972
28Volpe Hall Dedication1968-1978
28Vote Smart1994-1995
28, 32, 35V Miscellaneous (3 folders)1966-1999
21W.H. Nichols Company1959-1984
16, 48W.M. Keck Foundation (3 folders)1986, 2003-2008
13W.R. Grace and Company1958-1985
57Wadsworth Publishing Co.2000
57Walco Electric Co. Inc.2001
51Wallace Global Foundation1995-1996
57Walmart Inc.2001-2008
57Walsh Brothers Inc.1997-2007
28Wang Laboratories (2 folders)1972-1990
28-29Warren Benevolent Fund (3 folders)1952-1988, 1998
29Warren Benevolent Society1979-1980
29Warren Brothers Company1962-1982
29Warren Center Property Development (4 folders)1965-1985
57Warren Conference Center1998-2001
51Wasserman Foundation2000
53Water Environmental Research Foundation2005
29Waters Associates1979-1984
57Waters Corporation2000-2007
51Waters Foundation2006
58Waterworks Consultants LLC2007
57WDC Development2000-2002
29Weekend College1971-1972
57Weingarten, Schurgin, Gagebib, Lebovivi LLP2001-2004
29Weker, Robert A.1968-1970
58Wellesley Congregational Church2007-2008
57Wells Fargo2001-2005
41West Village Buildings G and H2003
29Western Electric Company1957-1984
29Westin Hotels1983
29Westinghouse Electric Corporation1948-1983
57Weston & Sampson Engineers Inc.2001-2007
29Whitaker Foundation1987
57White Associates2004
29White, Catherine A.1987
57White Mountain Dry Goods 2005
51Whitehall Foundation1999-2008
29Wiggins Airways1968-1974
24William A. Sauhering, Jr. (2 folders)1964-1969
52William D. and E. M. Lane Foundation2007-2008
25William E. and Beetha E. Schraft Charitable Trust (2 folders)1951-1987
8William H. Donner Foundation1964-1972, 1996-1997
14William Hale Harkess Foundation, Inc.1951-1966
16William Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust1970-1993
58William Rawn Associates2007
53William T. Grant Foundation2000
58Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale, and Dorr LLP2002
57Windstar Techn.d.
58Winn Companies2002
58Wollaston's Huntington2003
29Women's Career Project (3 folders)1964-1977
51Women's Prison Association2006
51Women's Sports Foundation2004
29Wood, John W.1964-1967
58Woodman's Inc.2004
29, 53Woodrow Wilson National Fellowships (2 folders)1960-1971, 1999, 2003-2004
58Worcester Polytechnic Institute2000-2001
53World Federation of the Deaf2005
58Wright Wyman Inc.2002
58Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals2003-2004
29Wyman-Gordon Company1968-1990, 1998
29, 32, 35W Miscellaneous (4 folders)1959-1999
29, 58Xerox Corporation (2 folders)1966-1989, 2007
29XTRA Corporation1966-1990
29X Miscellaneous1983-1987, 1994-1996
51Yawkey Foundation1992-2007
17, 35Y.T. Li Engineering (2 folders)1988-1996
29Young, Ruth Cary1964-1983
29Y Miscellaneous1963-1989
29Zayre Corporation1974-1988
29Zises, Jery1967-1969
58Zoll Medical2008
29Z Miscellaneous1967