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Title:Northeastern University Memorabilia
Call Number:A58
List of Contents
Academic Regalia
8Robe Worn by Asa S. Knowlesn.d.
8Honorary Ph.D. Robe Worn by Reuben Gryzmishca. 1969
7Robe Worn by Frank Palmer Spearen.d.
7LL.M. Robe worn by Udell Redmond Whiteca. 1942
1, 10, FF4/D1Academicn.d.
1Charitable Givingn.d.
1, FF4/D1Community Servicen.d.
14“Co-op Education Employer Award” Co-op Centennial 2009
1Honorary Degreesn.d.
FF4/D1Landscaping and Physical Plantn.d.
1Professional Organizationsn.d.
14Senior Week Award: Corinne Cianci 1964
11College of Educationn.d.
11College of Liberal Artsn.d.
15NU Academy 1937
14Bookends: 100 Year of Cooperative Education n.d.
12“Be Well-Connected” From Wellness Week1995
17“Boston Garden Farewell: Northeastern University Commencement '95”1995
17“Huskies Alumni: NU” (2 copies)n.d.
17“I Love my Arena Seat” (2 copies)n.d.
17“I Love to Beat BU”n.d.
17“I Love to Beat Harvard”n.d.
17“Inauguration of John A. Curry Fifth President”1989 Dec. 1
17“Northeastern University Boston” (2 copies)n.d.
17“NU” (2 copies)n.d.
17“N.U. HUSKIES”n.d
17“When You Say Northeastern You've Said It All” (2 copies)n.d.
17Chip Clipn.d.
14Cigar Box: Waitt and Bond Blackstone Cigars n.d.
14Class Plates: Golden Reunion Class of 1941 (2 copies)1991 Jun.
10Class Rings (2 rings)1966, 1976
Clothing and Accessories
14“Arts in the Park” Hatn.d.
6Bowler Hat (Donated by Harland P. Newton, Class of 1934)ca. 1934
17Bracelet: Rubber “Husky Pride”n.d.
15Freshman Class Beanie (Donated by Irving Shulman)1936
12Freshman Class Beanieca. 1941
14“Huskies Baseball” Hatn.d.
16Necklaces: Junior Dinner Dance (4 copies)1959
15Polo Shirt “Snell Family Visit”2003 Oct.
15Purse with Gold NU Sealn.d.
12Shirts, “Celebrate Northeastern Day”2002, 2003
5Sweater, Class of 1926ca. 1922
15Sweatshirt (Donated by Rhoda Freedman)ca. 1949
15Tie: Black with Red Torchesn.d.
11, 15Tie: NU Red and Black Striped (2 copies)n.d.
14“College of Engineering 100 Centennial 1909-2009”2009
14Northeastern Pictures (2 sets)n.d.
14“Northeastern University 1898-1998 Centennial” 1998
17Commencement: Invitation1920
17Commencement: Program1926
11Cup: Celebrate Northeastern Day2002 May 1
14DVD “Transforming Northeastern” WCVB 52004 Dec. 13
14Engineering Drafting Tools: Black Leather Case Donated by Kenneth Huntca. 1937
14Engineering Drafting Tools: Felt Sleeve with Grey Casen.d.
11Fall Handicap Medallions1931, 1932
11Felt Signs: “Northeastern University Vocational School” (2 copies)n.d.
17Figurine: Huskyn.d.
4Flag, Class of 19241924
Founders Day
13Award Nominees1987
10, 13, 17Buttons1987-1989
10Key with NU Sealn.d.
17Keychain: Davenport Opening NU Residence Hall2001 Sept. 24
17Lawn Ornament: Centennial Campaign (2 copies)n.d.
17License Plate: Northeastern Huskies n.d.
17License Plate: Northeastern University Boston n.d.
17Luggage Tagn.d.
9School of Law, Alumni Associationca. 1974
9University of Alexandrian.d.
17Mousepad: “'Barnetter' Alumni Reunion”2004 May 6-7
14Mug: John D. O'Bryant African American Institute 25th n.d.
16The Barnett Institute of Chemical Analysis and Materials Science: Celebrating Twenty-five Yearsca. 1998
10Center for Management Developmentn.d.
14Davenport Commons/Shawmut Estates Groundbreaking1999 Nov 16
16A Decade of Progress (2 copies)2006
16Diamond Anniversary Fund Alumni Program 1961-19631963
9Gorbachev Foundation of North American.d.
9, 16Krentzman Quadrangle Dedication (2 copies)1996 May 16
16Maureen and Richard J. Egan Engineering/Science Research Center Groundbreaking1994 Sept. 26
16Northeastern University Bay Area Regional Technology Center Grand Opening1985 Oct. 23
14“Northeastern University” Large Clear Rectanglen.d.
14“Northeastern University” Small Glass Circle (2 copies)n.d.
16NU Crystal Baseball: Huskies vs. Red Sox Spring Training 2005 Mar 3-4
9Robert J. Shillman Hall Dedication1999 Oct 8
16Roger and Michelle S. Marino Recreation Center Groundbreaking 1995 Apr. 13
10Solomon Indoor Track Dedicationca. 1971
11, 17Pennant: “Northeastern” (2 copies)n.d.
Picture Frames
17Gold 3x3n.d.
17Silver 4x6n.d.
10American Institute of Electrical Engineers (2 pins)n.d.
10Boston YMCA, Cooperative Engineering School (Donated by William J. Lambert, Class of 1914)1914
17Husky Athleten.d.
17Husky Football Playern.d.
10, 17Husky Head (2 copies)n.d.
17Husky Hockey Playern.d.
17Husk Paw (2 copies)n.d.
17Husky Runnern.d.
17“I Love NU”n.d.
10Mechanic Arts Clubn.d.
17Northeastern Alumni (2 copies)n.d.
17“Northeastern Engineering”n.d.
17“Northeastern Hockey”n.d.
17“Northeastern University Centennial Campaign”n.d.
17Northeastern University Seals (4 types)n.d.
10NU Flagn.d.
17“NU: National Council”n.d.
17“NU: Northeastern”n.d.
17Freshman Daily Planner1989-1990
17Undergraduate Student Planner 2009-2010
17Big Dog Bites Little Dogn.d.
17Inauguration of John A. Curry Fifth President1989 Dec 1
17Inauguration of John A. Curry Fifth President: Committee1989 Dec 1
17Northeastern Vs. Harvard (2 copies)n.d.
11Static Sticker, “Northeastern University Boston”ca. 1989
17Stickers: Northeastern University n.d.
16Stone: U.S. News Top Tier Commemoration (2 copies)2005
17Tie Clip NU Hockey Huskyn.d.
10Tie Clip NU Musical Clubsn.d.
17Money Clip: Tip Clipn.d.
12Travel Mug, NU Commuter Student Services and Off Campus Resourcesn.d.
11Umbrella, “Celebrating 30 Years/Center for Continuing Education”ca. 1993
University Seals
10Cast Metalca. 1949
2, 3Plaque Mountsn.d.
10Printing Blockn.d.
17Wallet n.d.
10Wooden Token, Quad Day1997 Jun 10
16Yo-Yo: Senior Challenge1991