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Title:Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service records
Dates:1961-2012 (bulk 1977-2010)
Call Number:A64
List of Contents
8Generaln.d., 2001-2002
1Computing Needs1992
1General 1976-1990, 2010-20012
1Goals1989-1990, 2011
1, 8Policies and Procedures (2 folders)n.d., 1996-2012
1Work Study Coordination and Positions1980-1988
1Annual Report1992-1993
RS11/S3Architectural Plans: Spiritual Life Center1997-1998
1Ash Wednesday and Good Friday Services1989-1991
Associated Religious Organizations
8General (3 folders)1987-1994
8Arabic Bible Study Group1997-1998
8Baha'i Club1985-1993
8Baptist (Southern)1990-1993
8Bhakti Yoga Club of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness1994-1995
8Boston Temple (Seventh-Day Adventist Church)1993-1994
1, 8Campus Crusade for Christ (2 folders)1984-2001
1Canterbury Club1962
1Catholic Ministries1978-1991
1, 8Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (2 folders)1980-1994
1, 8Chinese Christian Fellowship (2 folders)1983-1994
1, 8Christian Science Organization (2 folders)1985-1988
8Christian Student Union1995-1997
8Collegiate Association for the Research of Principals (CARP) of the Unification Movement1979-1994
1, 8Episcopal Ministry (2 folders)n.d., 1975-1990
8Forms and Procedures1998
8Greek Orthodox Diocese of Boston1993-1994
1, 8HILLEL Foundation (2 folders)n.d., 1980, 1985-1996
8Hindu Student Council (2 folders)1993-1995
1, 8Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (2 folders)1992-1993
1, 8Islamic Society (2 folders)1981-2001
8Korean Christian Fellowship1995-1996
1, 8Lutheran Ministry (2 folders)1975-1998
1, 8Maranatha Ministries (2 folders)1982-1987
8 Mormon Fellowship1996-1997
1The Navigators 1982
8 Newman Club1993-1997
1Nichiren Shoshu of America 1982-1984
8 Orthodox Christian Fellowship1995-1997
1Pentecostal Student Christian Fellowship1983
1Phanar Orthodox Fellowship1981
1Procedures, Process, Communication and Rosters 1985-1997
8 Quaker1987-1992
8Reigning in Christ Christian Fellowship Bible Study1994-1995
1, 8Seeker Christian Fellowship (2 folders)1982-1990
1Student Christian Association1985-1986
8Spiritual Development Group1996
2, 8Students for Christ (Boston Church of Christ) n.d., 1980-1999
8Tremont Temple Baptist Church1988
8Unitarian Universalist2002
2The Way International 1985
8Women's Spirituality Group1995-1998
2, 8World Explosion Christian Fellowship (2 folders)1986-1988
8Bernard Stotsky Scholarship Award2003
2, 8Budget (6 folders)1980-2004
2, 8The (Richard) Cardinal Cushing Scholarship (24 folders) [Restricted]n.d.,1982-2002
Chapel (Bacon Memorial)
2Art Work Projects and Commissions 1983-1984
Reaffirmation of Faith Service Following Completion of Renovations
7Audio Tapes: Service and "The Three Angels" Rehearsal1983
FF1/D2Architectural Sketches of Chapel1976
2Reservation Memos to Security and Procedures1987-1991
2Speaker Lists 1961-1964, 1970
2Use Regulations and Suggestions1972-1975
8Chaplain ID's [Restricted]2000-2002
Chaplain's Association
2Afternoon Planning Sessions and Brainstorming1973-1974
2Brainstorming for Mission Statement 1990
2Correspondence (3 folders)n.d., 1974-1994
2Generaln.d., 1965- [198?]
2-4, 8-9Meeting Agendas and Minutes (28 folders)1971-1994
9Planning Day1996-1997
9Standing Rules1976-1985
4Chaplain's Breakfast (2 folders)1985-1994
9Chronicle of Higher Education Discussion Group (4 folders)1994-2000
4Coalition for Divestment in South Africa: Meeting Notes and Correspondence1985-1986
9Combating Discrimination Committee1997-2000
4Commencement Activities 1985-1991
9 Community Building Task Force2004
4Computer Technology1985-1988
4Creative Lunch Breaks 1978-1990
9Cult Awareness (4 folders)1982-2001
4Cult Awareness and American Family Foundation1988-2000
9Cult Brochuren.d.
9Director's Office Files (Shelli Jankowski–Smith) (CD)2004-2009
9 Diversity Education Committee (2 folders)1997-1999
9Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (EMSA)
9Co-op Presentation2005
9Diversity Committee2008-2009
4Food for Thought: Lunch and Conversation1991-1992
4Free University of the Fenway n.d., [197?]
4Freshmen Orientation1991
4General Information1967-2001
9Colin Gracey2003-2004
9-10Holocaust Awareness Committee
10General (13 folders)n.d., 1989-2011
10Financial (4 folders)2001-2005
10Northeastern University Holocaust Link Project1997
4-5 Holocaust Remembrance Week (5 folders)1977-2000
10Husky Health and Wellness Committee1996-1997
10International Students, Inc. (2 folders)1993-1997
5Library 1985
10Marriage Education Program2007-2008
10Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi: A Peoples Day of Peace2007-2008
5Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocations
5Records1985-1986, 1994
7Video Recording of Tony Brown, Key Note Speaker1985
5Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast1987
5Memorial Service Sub-Committee: Draft Protocol for Death Notifications1993
10-11Memorial Services (42 folders)1992-2002
5Minority Student Affairs1987-1992
11Multicultural Collaborative2007-2008
5National Association of College and University Chaplains1987-1990
5Religious Life Office1978
5, 11Spiritual Life Office: "The Spiritual Connection"2000
11Newspaper Clippings and Articles1993-2002
11NUCASE (Northeastern University Center for the Advancement of Science Education)2000
5NU News: Publication Requests and Letters to the Editor1987-1988
5NU Voice Calendar1989-1990
11 “On the Essential Role of the Spiritual Life Office for the Northeastern Community”1996-1999
5Oxfam Fast 1985, 1987
5Pamphlets and Flyers (2 folders)n.d., 1970-2000, 2009-2011
11Peace Week2007
5 Planning Day (4 folders)1988-1993
11Plant Improvement Fund1994
11Position Descriptions1993-2002
11President Joseph E. Aoun2006
5Program Calendars1991-2001, 2008-2012
5Christian Views on Nuclear Policies at Northeastern and Simmons College: Underwood Fellowship1975
5Religious Pluralism by Michael Thomas1993-1994
11Protocol on Death Notification1993
5Quest For Peace1985-1987
5-6, 11Religious Advisory Board (7 folders)1976-1994
6Religious Awareness Week1987, 1991
11 Religious Life Council1988-1992
11Religious Life Office1988-1989
11Religious Life Offices at Other Universities2001-2003
11Religious Program Self-Assessment Guide1998
11Risk Assessment Process2006
6“Roomers” and Joint Programs with Residence Life1988-1990
6, 11, FF1/D2Sacred Space1996-2002
11Sample Brochures (Floppy Disk)1992-1993
11Sand Mandala2004-2005
6Scholarships and Awards1978, 2006-2012
11Services (Religious) (3 folders)n.d., 1988-1998
11Sex Week1997-1998
6SOAR: Society Against Racism 1992-1993
6South Africa and Apartheid: Correspondence, Flyers, and Articles1985-1986
6, 11-12Spiritual Life Advisory Board (29 folders)1994-2006
12Spiritual Life Center Orientation PowerPoint Presentations2005-2009
12Spiritual Life Center Programs (13 folders)2003-2012
12Spiritual Life Center Weekly Reports2010-2012
12Spiritual Life Office Annual Reports (7 folders)1992-2003
12Spiritual Life Office Brochures (2 folders) (Floppy Disk)1997-2002
13Spiritual Life Office Quarterly Reports (2 folders)1995-2001
13“Spiritual Reflection in Service-Learning”2003
13Spirituality and the Arts Week2005-2006
13Spirituality, Ethics, and Leadership Class2006-2007
13Spirituality Questionnairen.d.
6Student Government Representative1986-1990
13Student Religious Counciln.d.
6Student Service Task Force: Recommendations1990-1991
13Trolley Tours2001-2002
13Tsunami Prayer Service and Relief Fund2004-2005
6Urban University Ministry Programsn.d., [198?]
6University Chaplains2006-2012
13University Planning Steering Committee2006-2007
6, 13-14Wellness Committee (12 folders)1985-1991