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Collection Overview
Title:Northeastern Records phonograph records and compact discs
Location Code: 30/2
Reference Code:A66
Extent:1 cubic ft. (2 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:The collection is comprised of phonographic records, compact discs, and publications issued by Northeastern Records between 1979 and 1989 when it was part of Northeastern University.
Historical Abstract:Northeastern Records was founded in 1979 and remained at Northeastern University until 1988. The classical music label focused on producing recordings by women and New England composers, and on utilizing musicians and singers from the Boston area. The ownership of Northeastern Records was transferred to its director, Lynn Joiner, in 1988.
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Arrangement:Arranged chronologically by format.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Northeastern Records

  • Music -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Music by women composers

Processor:Finding aid prepared by April Hagins, May 2003; updated by Caitlin Birch, February 2014

Scope and Content Note

The collection is comprised of phonographic records, compact discs, catalogs, and promotional materials issued by Northeastern Records, between 1979 and 1989, when it was at Northeastern University. The recordings feature women and New England composers, and include the talents of musicians and singers in the Boston area. Composers include Amy Beach, Aaron Copland, and Arthur Foote. Musicians include Virginia Eskin, D'Anna Fortunato, Roland Nadeau, and The Boston Muscia Viva. Especially noteworthy is the album “Amy Beach: Songs and Violin Pieces,” that was named one of the best albums of the year by the Boston Globe, the New York Times, and the New York Magazine in 1981. Phonographic (LP) records have been digitized and are now available on compact discs (CDs).

Historical Note

Northeastern Records was founded in 1979 when William Frohlich, the director of the Northeastern University Publishing Group, agreed to assist Professor of Music Roland Nadeau in making two albums. Lynn Joiner, who worked part–time at the University Publishing Group, assisted in the creation of the second album, and later became the director of Northeastern Records.

From the start, Joiner decided that Northeastern Records would focus on recordings that were ignored by larger companies. “We endeavored to concentrate on music that would fill in the gaps in the recorded literature,” said Joiner. (Abrahams, 19) During the eight years that Northeastern Records was at NU, Northeastern Records created high quality, classical recordings that focused on women and composers in New England. Northeastern Records also used musicians and singers from the Boston area for production. Between 1979 and 1988, Northeastern Records produced over 30 different recordings.

In 1988 NU discontinued funding Northeastern Records. Although the company had started producing recordings in compact disc format, it had not been able to break even and had accumulated a $500,000 operating loss. Instead of shutting down completely, a deal was signed that transferred ownership of the company to the director, Lynn Joiner. The company's offices remained at Northeastern for one more year and then were moved to Framingham, where it is still located as of May 2003.


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1Catalogues and Promotional Materials1983–1987
1Clippings and Histories1983–1988
1Phonograph Records Inserts1979–1987
Phonograph Records
1Grace and Beauty: Classic American Ragtime / Roland Nadeau 1979
1The Road Not Taken: Twentieth Century American Choral Music / The Northeastern University Choral Society1980
1The Peripatetic Debussy: Music of Paris and the World / Roland Nadeau.1980
1Four American Women / Virginia Eskin1981
1Amy Beach: Songs and Violin Pieces / D'Anna Fortunato, Joseph Silverstein, and Virginia Eskin1981
1Alarums and Excursions / Joyce Mekeel, William Thomas McKinley, and The Boston Muscia Viva1982
1Boismortier: Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord; and Suites for Harpsichord / Philip Kraft and Robin Hendrich1982
1Daniel Pinkham: Proverbs for Organ; Miracles for Flute and Organ; Diversions for Harp and Organ / James David Christie, Doriot Anthony Dwyer, and Carol Baum1982
1Walter Piston: String Quartet No. 5; Quintet for Flute and String Quartet / Doriot Anthony Dwyer, The Portland String Quartet1982
1Charles Martin Loeffler: Songs / D'Anna Fortunato, Patricia McCarty, and Virginia Eskin1983
1Arthur Foote: Chamber Music / Joseph Silverstein, Jules Eskin, and Virginia Eskin1983
1Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: Rediscovered / Susan Larson, Virginia Eskin, Victoria Sirota, and The Lederkreis Ensemble1984
1Ellen Taaffe: Zwilich / Janice Felty, Richard Pittman, and The Boston Musica Viva1984
1Composers in Red Sneakers / Roger Bourland, Michael Carnes, Richard Cornell, Christopher Stowens, Robert Aldridge, Thomas Oboe Lee, and Herman Weiss1984
1Music of Marion Bauer, Amy Beach, Lili Boulanger, Cecile Chaminade, Germiaine Tailleferre / Arnold Steinharvdt and Virginia Eskin1984
1Rebecca Clarke: Music for Viola / Patricia McCarty, Martha Babcock, Peter Hadcock, and Virginia Eskin1985
1Contrast in New Music / Ann Silsbee, Elizabeth Vercoe, Elsa Charlston, and The Boston Music Viva1985
1Alexander Von Zemlinsky: Trio, Op. 3 and Twelve Songs, Op. 27 / Beverly Morgan, Chester Brezniak, Richard Sher, and Christopher O'Riley1985
1Sweethearts: Songs of Sir Arthur Sullivan / Jeanne Ommerle, Sanford Sylvan, and Gary Wedow1985
1Christmas Antiphonies: Music of Schutz, Praetorius, Bax, Scheidt, Pinkham / The John Oliver Chorale1985
1All Done From Memory and Other Works / The Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble1985
1Walter Piston: String Quartet No. 1 and No. 2. / The Portland String Quartet1985
1Pickles and Peppers: and Other Rags by Women / Virginia Eskin1987
Compact Discs
2John Knowles Paine: Chamber Music / Joseph Silverstein, Jules Eskin, and Virginia Eskin1986
2Johann Ludwig Krebs: Chorale Preludes and Fantasias / Edwin Swanborn, Timothy Valentine and James Tinsley1986
2Harp Sounds and Interludes / D'Anna Fortunato, Susan Miron, and The Melisande Trio1986
2Youthful Rapture: Chamber Music of Percy Grainger / Joel Smirnoff, Joel Moerschel, and Stephan Drury 1986
2The Young Schubert / Leonard Hokanson 1986
2The Celestial Country / The John Oliver Chorale and Orchestra1987
2Aaron Copland and Arthur Foote: Chamber Music With Flute / Fenwick Smith and members of the Boston Chamber Music Society1987
2John Harbison: Mirabai Songs and Variations / Janice Felty, Rose Mary Harbison, David Satz and Ursula Oppens 1987
2Amy Beach and Arthur Foote: Music for Piano / Virginia Eskin1987