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Title:Office of the President (Curry) records
Dates:1967-2002 (bulk 1989-1995)
Call Number:A72
List of Contents


Colleges, Departments and Other Units, n.d., 1977-2000 (bulk 1989-1995)
Volume:8.80 cubic ft.


This series consists of reports, pamphlets, proposals, memoranda, and agendas and minutes of meetings relating to colleges, departments, and other administrative and academic units at NU. There is also some correspondence between JAC and college/department members and individuals outside the NU community. JAC's efforts to improve NU's academic standing are documented in the reports, surveys, and promotional materials produced by the Office of Enrollment Management, the Department of Undergraduate Admissions, and the materials created by the Department of English for its proposal to develop a Ph.D. program. Correspondence, memoranda, reports analyzing data on students, and a few press clippings from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business Administration also document JAC's concerns with enrollment. The Office of Government Relations and Community Affairs records include primarily requests for funding academic research, buildings, and students at NU as well as letters to government officials lobbying in support of education-related issues. Most significant was a $15 million federal grant in 1993 to build the Egan Engineering/Science Research Center.
1Administrative Computer Services (2 folders) 1986-1991
1Barnett Institute of Chemical Analysis and Materials Science (3 folders) 1987-1993
1Bouvé College of Health Sciences (12 folders) 1984-1995
1Center for Asian Studies 1984-1986
1Center for Electromagnetics Research (2 folders)1985-1993
Center for Labor Market Studies:
1General (6 folders)1987-1993
1Proposal for Environmental Technology Curriculum1993
2Reports (4 folders)1988-1992
Center for the Study of Sport in Society
2General (9 folders)1988-1993
2Project Teamwork (3 folders)1989-1992
2, 3College of Arts and Sciences (15 folders)1983-1995
College of Business Administration
3, 4General (14 folders)1989-1993
4Hyde Park Collaborative1992
4Satisfaction Survey of Upperclass Students1992
College of Computer Science
4General (3 folders)1982-1992
4National Science Foundation Grant Proposal1990
4College of Criminal Justice (3 folders)1989-1994
College of Engineering:
4General (5 folders)1988-1993
50NU Comprehensive Regional Centers for Minorities Program (CRCM)/National Science Foundationn.d., 1992-1993
4College of General Studies1988
College of Nursing
4Accreditation (3 folders)1991
4General (5 folders)1978-1993
50 Life Crisis Center1989
5College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions (4 folders) 1985-1993
50Department of Athletics (7 folders)1995-2000
Department of Cooperative Education:
5Employment Analysis (3 folders)1989-1992
5Meetings (2 folders)1989-1991
Department of English: PhD Program Proposal
5Faculty Curriculum Vitaen.d.
5Letters of Interest1987
5Questionnaires (2 folders)1987
5Sample Syllabi1987-1988
5Department of Men's Athletics (2 folders)1989-1990
5, 6, 50Department of Undergraduate Admissions (12 folders)n.d., 1980-1996
6Department of Women's Athletics (5 folders)1984-1991
6Division of Continuing Education (2 folders)1989-1993
6, 50Division of Research Management (4 folders)1989-1993
6International Student Office (4 folders)1981, 1989-1992
6Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies Program (2 folders)1991-1993
6Marine Science Center (2 folders)1987-1991
6NU Academy (Balfour)1985-1988
50Office of Educational Program Opportunities and Service Learning (4 folders)1992-1996
Office of Enrollment Management:
61991 Cooperative Institutional Research Program Data (Communicorp Report)1992
6Admissions Issues (Communicorp Report)1992
6Focus Group Impressions (Communicorp Report)1992
7Student Recruiting Booklets, Drafts (2 folders)1992
7University Prospectus, Draft1992
7, 57Office of Government Relations and Community Affairs (16 folders)1985-1995
7Office of Institutional Research1994-1996
7Office of International Affairs1988
7Office of Marketing and Institutional Research and Planning (2 folders)1990-1993
7Office of Physical Planning: Signage Request Forms1989
7Office of the University Registrar1984-1997
School of Law:
8Commencement (4 folders)1990-1993
8General (11 folders)1977-1993
8Insurance Coverage of Abortions1993
8Strategic Plans1978, 1993
9University College (4 folders)1986-1992
50University Libraries1993
9WRBB Radio1987-1989
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Committees, Councils, and Organizations, n.d., 1967-1997 (bulk 1989-1995)
Volume:17.50 cubic ft.

Divided into two alphabetical subseries: A. Internal and B. External.

The first subseries covers NU committees not related to any specific college or department and contains correspondence, memoranda, notes, agendas and minutes of meetings. The file on committees in box 9 includes lists of committees from 1982 to 1991. The records of the Enrollment Management Committee and Special Committee on Enrollment document the emphasis during JAC's tenure on stabilizing student enrollment. The Student Government Association files includes correspondence and meeting minutes that indicate JAC's active involvement with addressing the concerns of students. Along with the strategic planning files in Series 3, the University Long-Range Planning Committee records document NU's planning process before and during JAC's administration. The Southwest Corridor Group records shed light on NU's participation in planning Boston's Southwest Corridor.

Subseries B includes material relating to committees, groups, and universities outside NU with which JAC was involved and, in some cases, on whose board JAC served. Especially significant are the organizations concerned with higher education, public schools, cooperative education, and other education-related issues at the local, state, national, and international levels. These records contain correspondence, agendas and minutes of meetings, reports, and pamphlets. JAC was involved with several national and state academic associations including the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts. Records include minutes, correspondence, reports, and publications. For information regarding JAC's involvement in fostering cooperative education in higher education, see files on the World Association for Cooperative Education. Researchers should note that the National Commission for Cooperative Education, although located at NU, has no administrative affiliation with NU and, therefore, is located in Subseries B.

The collection holds abundant information about NU's involvement with community affairs, particularly with the Boston Public Schools. JAC was an active trustee of the Boston Plan for Excellence in the Public Schools, a foundation that supported the city's public schools and provided mini-grants to teachers and college scholarships to graduates. Also of note are the records of the Boston-Fenway Program (later renamed the Fenway Alliance), which is a consortium of academic, cultural, and arts organizations working collaboratively to enhance the cultural, environmental, and economic vitality of the Fenway area.

Subseries B also includes proposals and other material relating to grants for which NU applied. These are organized according to the foundation or granting agency.
A. Internal
5725 Year Associates1989-1995
Ad Hoc Committee on Athletics
9General (4 folders)1988-1990
9Title IX Self Evaluation1989
9Administrative Operations Committee (2 folders)1990-1992
9African-American Master Artists in Residence Program (2 folders)1989-1993
9Alumni Association1990-1992
9Audit Committee1989
9Audit Team1987-1988
9Black Student Association1987
9Calendar Advisory Committee (4 folders)1986-1990
9Commission on the Freshman Year Experience (4 folders)1987-1990
9Committee on Development1980-1982
9Committee on the Status of Women (2 folders)1986-1991
9Committees at NU1982-1991
9Community Service Faculty Collaborative1987
10Coordination Group (3 folders) 1987
10Deans Council (3 folders)1984-1987
10Enrollment Management Committee (7 folders)1987-1988
10Faculty Collaborative1988-1989
10Faculty Governance Committee: Collegial Governance Plan1977
10Faculty Senate (7 folders) 1989-1994
11Faculty Senate Committee to Review Support Services1989
50Ford Hall Forum1992
50Institute on Work and the Workforce1993
50Institutional Animal Care and Use 1995
50Interactive Technology, Committee on1989
11International Policy Committee1980-1988
11John D. O'Bryant Community Youth Center (2 folders)1992-1994
11Management Planning Committees and Task Forces: Activity Report 1992 Feb
11Matthews Distinguished University Professors (3 folders)1991-1995
50Media Committee (2 folders)1990
11National Council (Alumni)1985-1989
11National Space Simulation Lab: NASA Project Proposal1992
11Presidential Commission on Classified Research1989
11Presidential Commission on Diversity, Tolerance and Community (2 folders)1992
11Provostial Committee on Academic Computing1990
11Purchasing Task Force (2 folders)1989-1990
11Research Council (7 folders)1989-1997
11ROTC: Reserve Officer Training Corps (2 folders)1990-1994
11Sexual Harassment Review Committee1987-1989
11Southwest Corridor Group (2 folders)1985-1988
11Special Committee on Admissions (2 folders)1990
12Special Committee on Enrollment (Board of Trustees) (6 folders)1990-1991
12Steering Committee on Athletics (3 folders)1976-1990
Student Government Association:
12General (7 folders)1985-1994
12, 50-51Budget (6 folders)1987-1998
12Bylaws and Constitution n.d., 1994-1996
51Faculty Evaluations1990
12Meetings: Agendas, Minutes1989-1994
12Resolutions n.d., c.1990-1994
12Student Senate Minutes1990-1994
13Task Force on Advertising (2 folders) 1982-1983
13Task Force on Purchasing: Report1990
13Telecommunications Advisory Committee (5 folders)1989-1994
13University Council1989-1990
University Long-Range Planning Committee
13General (3 folders)1987-1991
13University Plan1986
13Visual Identity Committee (2 folders)1986-1989
B. External:
51Aetnea Foundation1993
51Alfred P. Sloan Foundation1993
14Alden Seminar: Massachusetts Higher Education1988
14Alden, George I., Trust1990-1991
14American Association of University Women1975-1983
14American Council on Education1990-1992
57American Ireland Fund1993-1996
57American Jewish Committee1993
51Arca Foundation1993
14-15Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (7 folders) 1985-1995
15Association of Urban Universities (2 folders) 1989-1992
51Avery Dennison Foundation1994
15Ruth M. Batson Educational Foundation1989-1991
15Bay State Investors (Tom O'Neill)1990-1994
15The Boston Coalition (2 folders) 1992-1996
15Boston Conservatory (4 folders)1989-1990
15-16, 57Boston-Fenway Program Inc. (11 folders) 1989-1995
16Boston Higher Education Partnership (2 folders) 1989-1994
Boston Plan for Excellence in the Public Schools:
16Generaln.d., 1991-1995
16ACCESS (3 folders)1991-1995
16Annual Reports1989-1994
16Bank of Boston School Initiatives Grants Program (7 folders)1992-1995
16Board of Trustees Minutes (8 folders) 1990-1996
16Committeesn.d., 1990-1996
16Correspondence (2 folders)1990-1996
16Education Action Grants for Learning Excellence (EAGLE) Programn.d., 1994-1995
17Events (2 folders)1993-1996
17Financial (2 folders)1990-1995
17Other Programs1990, 1993
17Project ACTION1990-1995
17Reports and Proposals (2 folders)1991-1995
17Boston Private Industry Council (2 folders)1990-1994
17Boston Redevelopment Authority 1987
17Boston School Committee Nominating Panel (3 folders)1991-1993
Boston University
17Convocation of Presidents1989
17General (4 folders)1982-1993
17Nursing (2 folders)1988
17Boy Scouts of America (3 folders)1990-1996
17Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston 1984-1996
17Cabot Corporation Scholarship Selection Committee (2 folders)1977-1988
51Carnegie Corporation of New York1995
17Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education: Summary of Proposed and Current Projects1992
17Central New England College1988
51Charles Hayden Foundation1995
17, 18City Year (2 folders)1989-1993
18Civil Rights Project, Inc.1990
18College Board (2 folders) 1989-1994
18College Entrance Examination Board1988-1990
51Commonwealth Fund1993
57Consul General of Ireland1992-1994
18Copyright Clearance Center: Photocopying1988-1990
51Davis Educational Foundation1993-1995
51Dennison Manufacturing Company1990
18Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)1990
51Dow Chemical Corporation1989-1995
18Eastern Bank: Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes (7 folders)1991-1992
51Edna McConnell Clark Foundation1993-1994
18Education Reform Review Commission 1993-1994
51Exxon Foundation1995-1996
51F.W. Olin Foundation1996
18Fenway Project Area Committee1979-1981
18, 51Ford Foundation (2 folders)1967-1987, 1993-1994
19, 51Forsyth Dental Center (23 folders) 1984-1996
19Fort Devens (2 folders)1992
51Freedom Forum1993
51Fulbright Scholars1995
51Fund Raising, General (2 folders)1994-1996
51General Electric Company1990
51Global Petroleum Corporation1993
19Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce1991-1994
19Hariri Foundation1975-1977, 1985-1987
19Hawthorne College1987-1988
19Hebrew College 1993
19Horace Mann Foundation1991-1992
51I Have a Dreamn.d., 1989-1993
51International Alliance for Higher Education1994
19Joey Fournier Services, Inc. (2 folders)1990-1994
20John Cabot University1993
51John Hancock1989
20Junior Achievement1991-1992
51Kellogg Foundation1995- 1996
51Ketchum, Inc.1996
20Kresge Foundation: Library Grant Proposal (2 folders)1989-1991
20Lena Park Community Development Corporation, Hecht-Shaw Award: Recipient1992
20Massachusetts Business Roundtable (2 folders)1993-1994
51Massachusetts Commission on the Common Core of Learning (2 folders)1993-1994
20Massachusetts Congressional Delegation (2 folders) 1989-1994
Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority:
20, 21General (13 folders) 1993-1995
21Planning Committee1994-1995
21Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority (HEFA) (6 folders)1988-1992
21Massachusetts Pre-Engineering Program (Mass PEP) (2 folders)1989-1996
21Mayor's Youth Leadership Corps (3 folders)1990-1996
21Middlesex Community College 1989-1991
21Minority Council1990-1993
51Mission Hill Coalition1993
21, 40Moscow State University (Russia)1990-1992
21Museum of Science 1990-1994
National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU)
21, 51Board of Directors (3 folders)1994-1995
21-23, 51General (25 folders)1989-1996
51National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)Ca. 1990
23, 51National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) (13 folders)1987-1997
23National Commission for Cooperative Education n.d.
23Board of Directors1992-1993
23, 24General (15 folders)1990-1994
25National Labor Relations Board (7 folders)1975-1984
51National Physical Science Consortium1990
51National Technical University1992
51Nativity Prepatory School1992
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
25Accreditation Report1989
25General1978-1982, 1989-1993
25New England Board of Higher Education1990-1993
51New England Defense Conversion Advisory Committee1994
25North Atlantic Conference (2 folders)1991-1995
51Northrup Grumman Corporation1994
51Nynex Foundation1995
51Pew Charitable Trusts: Programsn.d., 1993-1996
25Pace University1986
51Pupil Servicesca. 1971
51Reader's Digest Foundation1995
51Reebok Foundation1995
51Sherman Fairchild Foundation 1994
25Systems & Computer Technology Corporation1980-1983
25Szczecin University (Poland)1990-1991
51Total Quality Management1992-1993
25Tianjin University (China)1989
51Training and Development Corporation1993
26, 57United Way (7 folders)1990-1995
26University of Waterloo1991
26Wang Institute of Graduate Studies1986-1987
26Wentworth Institute of Technology Study1983, 1989
26WGBH 1987-1991
26, 51World Association for Cooperative Education (5 folders)1989-1996
26World Conference on Cooperative Education1989
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Subject Files, n.d., 1975-2002 (bulk 1989-1995)
Volume:26.40 cubic ft.


This series, which comprises the bulk of the collection, documents the professional interests and activities of JAC before and during his tenure. The mail log and correspondence files document the daily operations of the President's Office. Included are memoranda, research reports, notes, publications, agreements, budgets, newspaper clippings, artifacts, cards, programs, certificates, flyers, proposals, articles, forms, and surveys.

Biographical information about JAC includes his resume, inauguration as NU president (including the invitation and program), speeches he made as president, and videotapes of the testimonial dinner held in his honor at NU in 1996. The series also includes certificates, plaques, and medallions JAC received.

Of special interest in this series are records documenting JAC's efforts to address declining student enrollment. These include correspondence with and reports by Peter Stace, Vice President for Enrollment Management, and the subject files on enrollments and retention, which include surveys and reports. Several analyses of student attrition conducted by Professor Frederick Wiseman of the College of Business Administration are in this series. Files that document JAC's work to stabilize NU's finances between 1988 and 1991 include budget analyses and reports.

Series 3 also documents NU's various long-range planning initiatives relating to the university in general and different aspects of its operations, in particular the facilities and the campus. These planning files include memoranda, reports, and meeting minutes. Information about NU's actions to comply with Title IX legislation and the reorganization of the Athletics Department are contained in subject files in this series and in files relating to Irwin Cohen, Dean of Men's Athletics, and Barry Gallup, Athletic Director.

There are several files about the search and hiring process for high-level administrative positions at NU such as provost, senior vice president/treasurer, and vice president for cooperative education. Other personnel records include files on faculty who were awarded tenure. All of these personnel records (Boxes 41-44) are restricted for 75 years. Also contained in this series are files named for specific NU administrators such as Anthony Bajdek, Ellen Jackson, Walter Jones, and Joseph Warren. These files contain reports, correspondence, memoranda, proposals for a children's day care facility in Mission Hill (unrealized), and statements of strategy regarding NU's role in urban redevelopment of Boston.

Also contained in series 3 are records that document JAC's interactions with external entities such as the 1991 report by NU that assessed the governance, operations, and finances of Boston Public Schools.
57Academic Common Experience1995
27Academic and Administrative Collaboratives1987
27Accreditation (4 folders)1978-1994
27Advanced Placement1989
27Administrative Manual1989
27Administrative Studies 1979
Affirmative Action
27Conciliation Agreement with U.S. Department of Labor1984
27African American Faculty (2 folders)1985-1989
27African American Students (3 folders)1985-1993
27Alumni Relations (2 folders)1989-1993
27Area Administrators 1985-1989
27Aristide, Jean-Bertrand (President of Haiti)1994
57Athletic Cuts: Response Letters (2 folders)1995
27Athletic Development Fund 1985-1988
27Athletics 1984-1990
27Bajdek, Anthony (Associate Dean of Student Affairs)1990, 1992
28Beanpot Tournament (5 folders)1982-1995
28Bernays, Edward (Honorary Degree Recipient)1992
28Bicentennial of the Constitution Celebration1987
28Billington Report1984
28The Boston Conference1994
28General (9 folders)1987-1995
28NU's Contributions 1981
28"NU's Outreach to Boston:" Report1993
28Boston Housing Authority Grant Program (2 folders)1985-1992
28-29, 57Boston Public Schools: NU Study (9 folders)1990-1992
29Brown, Susan M. (Student)1989
29Dorms: Proposed 1989-1991 (5 folders)1989-1991
29FY 1989 (3 folders) 1988-1991
29FY 1990 (5 folders)1989
29FY 19921988
29Supplements (7 folders)1991-1992
29Bush, James L.: Correspondence
30Campus Master Plan (6 folders)1985-1987
30, 51Carter, Holly (Associate Dean for International Education) (7 folders)1989-1997
51Carter, Holly (Special Assistant to the President) (3 folders)1993
30Century Fund1984-1985
30Charitable Funds Campaign1989-1990
30China (2 folders) 1984-1989
30Citizens for Limited Taxation 1990
30Citizenship Certification1989
30Clambake Cruise (NU Event)1989?
30Cohen, Irwin (Dean of Men's Athletics) (3 folders)1989-1992
52Cohen, Irwin (Special Assistant to the President)ca. 1993-1995
30Bush, Barbara 1990-1991
30Congressman Barney Frank1993
30Employee Degrees1989
31General (3 folders)1984-1992
31June (5 folders) 1991-1993
31Law School 1991
31September (4 folders) 1990-1992
31Committee for the 21st Century1995
31Community Affairs (3 folders)1989
52Complaints (4 folders)1993-1995
31Conference on Lifelong Learning1984
31Continuing Education1988-1989
31Auxiliary Services1988
31General Services 1987, 1989
31Minority Vendor Purchases1990
31Control Data Corporation 1980
Cooperative Education :
31, 32General (9 folders)1988-1995
32International (3 folders)1989-1994
32Core Curriculum Project1990
32, 33, 57Correspondence (28 folders)n.d., 1983-1996
Curry, John A.: Biographical
33Generaln.d., 1984-2002
33, 40Awards, Honors, and Tributes (2 folders) n.d., 1967-1996
33Doctor of Education Degree1979-1980
33Executive Vice President Appointment1984
33Curry Testimonial (2 VHS videotapes)1996
33Davis, Arline (Special Assistant to the Vice President for Administration)1987
33Davis, Arthur (Student)1986
52Defense Conversion (3 folders)1994
52Dobinsky, Frank1993
33Fund-Raising Report1986
33General (2 folders)1979-1985, 1994
33Dodge, Sally (Donor)1992
33Donnelly, Brian (Consultant to President Curry) (2 folders)1987-1995
33Downtown Campus1985
33Drug Testing of Athletes1986-1990
33Education Reform Act: Massachusetts1993
57Egan Research Center Groundbreaking1994
43Ell Scholarships (Restricted Student Records)1984-1988
33Emergency Plans1991-1992
33Encyclopedia Britannica Young Achiever of the Year Award1991-1992
33Engineering Science Research Center (4 folders)1989-1993
34Enrollments (5 folders)1989-1995
34, 52Events1994-1996
General (3 folders)n.d., 1994-1996
Freedom House Archives Reception, NU Library Archives and Special Collections1995
53Everett Town Meeting1998
34Facilities Strategic Plan1992
34Farinella, Frank (2 folders) (Office of University Housing)1979-1986
34Farrakhan, Louis1985
34Feldscher, Karen (University Communications)1988-1989
34Final Stage: Representatives at Presidential Inaugurals (5 folders)1994-1995
34Budget Cuts (2 folders) 1986-1994
34Budget Retrenchment1980-1982
34Cost Containment (2 folders)1985-1986
34, 35Financial Aid (10 folders)1989-1994
35Fireman, Paul (Chairman of Reebok)1989-1993
35Fire Alarm (2 folders)1988-1992
35Flexible Compensation1984
53Ford Hall Forum1987
35Founders Day1987-1990
35Frederick, Antoinette (Author)1990-1992
35Frohlich, William (NU Press) (2 folders)1986-1988
35Fuchs, Dr. Job (Health Services)1976-1987
35Gallup, Barry (Athletic Director) (2 folders)1993-1994
35Gehrung Associates (University Relations)1979-1981
35Global Newslink, World Association for Cooperative Education Newsletter1994
35Goncalves, Karen (NU alumna)1987-1990
35Griffin, Joseph (Director of Public Safety)1988
35Hallenborg Way 1991-1992
35Handbook Preamble1990-1991
36Health Professions Consolidation1986-1987
36Henderson Boathouse Dedication1989-1990
36Herman, Dean Sidney: Memorial Scholarship1990-1993
36Higher Education Reauthorization Act (3 folders)1989-1994
53Hodgkinson, Harold1993
36Holiday Cards and Receptions1990-1994
36Homosexuality (3 folders)1994
Honorary Degree Recipients
36Allen, William F., Jr. 1989-1990
36Angelou, Maya 1991-1992
36Ashe, Arthur 1990, 1993
36Auger, Diana 1991
36Bateman, Robert 1991
36Bell, Derrick 1991
36Bellow, Saul 1989
36Black, Cathleen 1991
36Brazelton, T. Berry 1990-1991
36Briscoe, Benjamin 1992
36Brutus, Dennis 1990-1991
36Buffet, Warren 1990
36Carter, President Jimmy 1990
36Cobb, Jewel Plummer 1990
36Cooney, Joan1991
36Coppersmith, James1990
36Cronkite, Walter1991
36Ehrmann, Sara 1992
36Ferguson, Vernice1989-1990
36Goldberg, Whoopi1991
36Henderson, Ernest1991-1992
36Heney, Joseph E. 1989-1990
36Hepburn, Katherine 1989
36Hogan, William 1991
36Horowitz, Dr. Morris 1990
36Jennings, Peter 1992
36Krentzman, Harvey 1991-1992
36Kushner, Rabbi Harold 1991
36LaWare, John P. 1989
36Lemmon, Jack 1990
36Liacos, Paul 1992
36Loftman, Kenneth 1986-1990
36Love, Dr. Susan 1991
36Lowell, John1988-1989
36MacMillan, Whitney1992
36Mandela, Nelson1990
36Mavroules, Nicholas 1992
36Mulroney, Brian 1991
36Murtha, John P. 1991
36Neal, Richard 1991
36Norris, William1988-1989
36Powell, Colin1990
36Roosevelt, Anna 1991-1992
36Rosenblatt, Norman 1991
36Rowlands, Jeanne1992
36Silber, John 1991
36Solomon, Bernard 1991
36Tagliabue, Paul 1990
36Tauro, Judge Joseph 1990
36Tiernan, Kip 1989
36Tomlin, Lily 1991
36Trump, Donald 1989
36Walsh, Martin 1991
36Walters, Barbara 1992
36Walton, Sam 1991
36Wattleton, Faye1990
36Weld, William1991
36White, William 1991
36Wolfe, Thomas 1991
36Wooden, Ruth1992
36Young, Andrew 1991-1992
36, 40Honors, Awards, and Tributes1994, 1996
36, 37, 53Housing (20 folders)1987-1995
37Housing Agreements (2 folders)1990
37Image of NU: Meeting1991
37, 57Inauguration of John A. Curry as President (4 folders)1989
37Inauguration Representatives1991
37Instructional Television Fixed Service1981-1988
53Institutional Television1996
37International Advisory Board1990, 1994
37Intramural Athletics1988-1989
37Intramural and Club Sports1989-1993
53International Co-op1996
37International Students1993-1995
37Jackson, Ellen (Dean, Director of Affirmative Action)1984-1989
57Jefferies, Leonard1995
37Johnston, Phil (Executive Director of C.A.R.E.)1988
37Jones, Walter (Provost)1978-1979
37Kansai University (Japan)1990
37Kellogg Project1995
37Kennedy, Senator Edward1992-1993
37Kennedy, Maureen (Student)1981, 1988-1989
38Kennedy/O'Neill Reception1991
38Kerrigan, Nancy: Ice Show1994
38Kramer, Bob (Photographer)1993
53Kuwait Proposal1992
57Lewis, Reggie and Donna Harris (2 folders)1993-1996
38Library-Resource Center (Snell)1986
38Life Crisis Center (2 folders)1987-1989
57Longanecker, David1994
38Luttgens, Kathryn (Associate Provost)1990
54Lynn (Mass.) Public Schools (2 folders)1993-1994
38Mail Log (3 folders)1990-1991
38Major Medical Insurance1990
57Marino Recreation and Fitness Center (3 folders)1994-1995
38Marple, Wesley (Chair, Faculty Senate Agenda Committee) (2 folders)1989-1991
54Massachusetts State Science Fair Scholarship1992
38Medalie, Jerome (NU Legal Counsel) (2 folders)1976-1984
38Memoranda (2 folders)1989-1993
Memorial Services:
38Golemme, Joseph1993
38Keith, Lyman1992
38Knowles, Asa1990
38O'Bryant, John1992
38Rosenblatt, Norman1992
38Toebes, Roy1994
38Walden, Nancy1994
38Mexico-Massachusetts Scholarship Program1993
58Minority Faculty Recruiting Efforts1989-1995
38Minority Programs1990-1994
38Minority Student Enrollment in New England Higher Education1988
38Mission Hill Summer Program1991-1992
38Mobil Desert Storm Scholarship Agreement1991
38National Community Service Commission (4 folders)1993-1996
38NCAA Peer Review Team Chair Satellite Conference, Kansas City, Mo. (videotape)1994
38Northeastern Edition1979-1985
38Northeastern Night at the Pops1990, 1994
38Northeastern Research Institute (NRI)1987-1988
39NU Charitable Funds Campaign1990-1991
39Northeastern News1986-1988
39Opening Week Procedures1982-1983
58"Operational Goals of the University: Progress Report"1990
39Opinion Research (3 folders)1977
39Oxford University Affiliations1988-1989
39Parents' Weekend1989-1992
39, 40Parsons Field1990-1992
Personnel (Partially Restricted)
Administrator Searches
41Ombudsperson (Diversity) 1992
41Provost Search (6 folders)1984-1990
41, 58Senior Vice President/Treasurer (4 folders) 1990-1994
41Vice President for Cooperative Education (3 folders) 1990-1991
41Appointment Letters1990-1991
41Bowers, William J.1987
41Chase-Dillon, June1979-1991
41Comparable Worth1984-1986
41Compensation Casesn.d.
41Continuing People1982-1985
41De Seife, Alix1991
41Early Retirement 1982-1988
41Employee Benefit Plans1989
41Executive Position Review Committee1986-1988
39Definition 1975
39Faculty Handbook (Revised)1989
41Salaries and Equity Study (2 folders)1985-1991
42, 58-59General (31 folders)1989-1996
43Herman, Gerald1987-1989
43Latham, Roland (3 folders)1977-1987
43Lister, Bradford C. 1987-1988
43Position Review Committee1990-1991
43Quill, William G.1994
43Recommendations (6 folders)1978-1991
43Retirees (3 folders)1980-1993
43Salary Administration: Report by the Hay Group (2 folders)1986
43Salary Administration Guide for Administrative and Professional Employees (2 folders)1986
43Study of Compensation Practices for Administrative and Professional Employees (3 folders)1986
43Vice Presidents: Evaluations1988
Plant Improvement Fund
39General (4 folders)1987-1993
39Summer Dorm Renovations1990
39Power Outage1989
39President's Recognition Events1989-1996
39Presidential Lecture Series1986
Presidential Lectures
39Cisneros, Henry1990
39Kalb, Marvin1989
39Levine, Irving R.1992
39Sills, Beverly1991
39Proclamation: Undergraduate Women at NU Month1993
39Public Safety1985-1991
39Reception: Karen Rigg and George Harris1992
39Recreation Complex (4 folders)1987-1988
54, 59Reports: "A Strategic Analysis of Image and Marketing Opportunities" (5 folders)1993
39Residential Life (2 folders)1986-1987
44Resource Program1987-1988
44General (14 folders)1977-1990
44Longitudinal Analysis of the Class of 19821983
44Student Opinion Survey (4 folders)1986-1988
44Tracking Report1975-1985
44Ricks, Gregory: Dean, Office of Community Development (2 folders)1980-1982
45Rigg, Karen: Dean of Students1989-1992
45Robinson, Mary (Mrs. Dwight)1990
45Robinson, Mary (President of Republic of Ireland) Convocation (2 folders)1994
54Rodriguez, William (Special Assistant to the President on Latino Affairs) (2 folders)1996
45Role of Executive Vice President in Higher Education1980
45Romania Democracy Project (2 folders)1990-1995
59Rosenblatt, Norman (Seminar Room Dedication)1995
45Rossano, Ken (includes Boston Plan for Excellence in the Public Schools material)1989-1990
45Roxbury Community College1984-1987
45Russian Delegation Luncheon1991
45Ryder, Kenneth: "10 Year University Report"1985-1989
45Samels, James (Attorney)1989
45SAT Study1980-1989
45Schaen, Phyllis (Dean of University Administration)1990-1992
45Scholars Day1990
45School to Work Transition (4 folders)1993-1994
45Sears B. Condit Award1993
54Sherwood, Wally (Associate Professor of Criminal Justice)1989
45Smith, Arthur D. (Director of Operations)1987-1990
45Smith, Prof. Wendy (Biology)1989
45South Africa1985-1991
45Spring Closing1989
45Stace, Peter (Vice Provost for Enrollment Management) (9 folders) 1992-1995
46State Financial Aid: Report1988
Strategic Planning
46, 47General (27 folders)1978-1995
47Implementation (7 folders)1987-1988
47Review of Implementation1988
47Strategic Directions for NU (3 folders)1987
47Straughn, William (Office of the Registrar)1990
55Student Affairs (3 folders)1992-1996
59Student Complaint Letters (5 folders) (Restricted)1995-1996
47Student Survey (2 folders)1987-1988
Study Abroad:
55Agreements1965, 1981-1992
55China 1980, 1992
55Egypt (4 folders)1990-1996
55Naples Institute
47Summer Enrollments1989-1990
56Summer of Opportunity Program1994
47Sweeney, Steve: Recognition1991
47"Talking Stick" Magazine1992
47Tax Exemption1990-1991
56Taxation Testimony1993
56Tennant, Alexander (Sandy)1993
47Testimonials: Kenneth Ryder and Robert Willis1989
48Thissen, Richard (Architect)1985
Title IX
48Athletic Scholarships1978-1990
48Forms and Instructions1989
48General (2 folders)1985-1993
48Part I Athletic Financial Assistance 1989
48Part II Accommodation of Student Interests and Abilities1989?
48Part III Program Components1988-1989
48Preliminary Audit1983-1984
48Self Evaluation1989
48Surveys (3 folders)1984
48Tocco, Greg1991
48Transitional Team1989
48, 56Trimester (3 folders)1988-1990
48Newsletters (October 1989-June 1991)1989-1991
48, 49Tuition (9 folders)1986-1991
49University Distinguished Professors1989-1991
49University Distinguished Service Professor1993
University Planning Goals
49Vice Presidents' Objectives (2 folders)1988
49Veterans Administration1992
59Vozzella, Dean Robert1992-1995
49Walesa, Lech1989
49Warner, Prof. Carol (Biology)1988
49Warren, Joseph D. (Director, Office of Community Affairs; Prof, African American Studies) (2 folders)1989-1993
49Watertown Arsenal1989
49Weld, William (Governor of Massachusetts) (3 folders) 1991-1996
49Wiseman, Prof. Frederick: Reports1985-1987
49Wiseman, Prof. Zipporah (School of Law)1990
49WMB Consulting: Communications Survey1984-1985
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