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Title:Dept. of Rehabilitation and Special Education records
Dates:1956-1977 (bulk 1967-1976)
Call Number:A76
List of Contents


1. Administration, 1964-1977 (bulk 1967-1972)
Volume:1 cubic ft.


This series contains information about the establishment and administration of the department, the development of its curricula, characteristics of its students, and research interests of its faculty members. It includes papers written by faculty members, budgets, annual reports, committee minutes, faculty vitae, degree proposals, newsletters, and class listings.
1Academic Program Structuren.d.
1Ad Hoc Committeesn.d., 1971
1Affirmative Action1974, 1976
1Annual Report (2 folders)1967-1969
1Architectural Plansn.d., 1964-1965
1Center for Educational Developmentn.d., 1967
1Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study Proposal1976
1Class Schedulesn.d., 1976-1977
1College and University Committees1976-1977
College of Education Graduate Committee
1Correspondencen.d., 1968-1972
1Minutes1968-1972, 1975
1College of Education Graduate Council1970
1College of Education Undergraduate and Curriculum Committee (2 folders)1969-1972
1Concentration in Special Education Summary1970
1Co-op Placements1972-1973
1Core Curriculum Committeen.d., 1967-1968
1Course Offerings1968, 1975-1976
1Curriculum Committee Meetingsn.d., 1969-1970
1Department of Counselor Education1969, 1971
1Departmental Objectivesn.d., 1970-1971
1Departmental Staff Meeting Minutes1975
1Doctoral Degree (2 folders)n.d., 1967, 1971-1972
1Faculty Development Study1974
1Faculty Rostersn.d., 1967
1Faculty Vitae (4 folders)n.d., 1966-1973
1Fellowships and Graduate Assistant Positions1968
1Film List 1976
Graduate School of Education
1Faculty Meetings Minutes1971, 1976
1Grant Expenditures: Department of Health, Education, and Welfare1974
1Henderson House Programsn.d., 1968, 1970
1Margolin, Dr. Reuben Joeln.d., 1972
1Memorandan.d., 1965-1977
1Organizational Chartn.d.
1"Partnership Teaching Proposal in Special Education"n.d.
1Position Appointments1974-1976
Program Audit Reports
1 "School Aged Children With Moderate Special Needs"1977
1 "School Aged Children With Severe Special Needs"1977
1"Programs in Educational Administration"1968
1 "Bachelor's Degree Program for the Preparation of Rehabilitation Technicians"n.d.
1 "Changes in Master's Degree Program in Educational Research"1969
1 Commonwealth Foundation: "Allied Medical Programs"1967
1 "Master's Degree Program in Rehabilitation Counseling"n.d.
1 "Master's Degree Program in Special Education Administration"n.d.
1Public Relationsn.d., 1975
1"Psychiatric Aspects of Maintenance Care of the Aged Patient"n.d.
1Rehabilitation Administration Programsn.d.
1Stipend Awardsn.d., 1967-1970
1Student Census: College of Education1966
1Student Enrollment1969-1970
1Student Lists1975
1Student Teaching Evaluation Formsn.d.
1Tenure Policyn.d., 1968-1975
Undergraduate Programs
1 Human Servicesn.d., 1973
1 Social Welfaren.d.
1 Special Educationn.d., 1969-1970
1 Teacher Educationn.d., 1971
1Urban Education Majorn.d., 1968-1970
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2. Subject Files, 1956-1977 (bulk 1967-1975)
Volume:1.35 cubic ft.


This series documents the relationship between the Department of Rehabilitation and Special Education and outside organizations. Mostly consisting of correspondence, the information is limited to the interactions between the department and other organizations. The majority of the papers refer to Dr. Margolin's research, the development of the department in conjunction with national rehabilitation groups, and the Vocational Rehabilitation Administration Regional Research Institute housed at Northeastern. Included are papers concerning public schools, the Massachusetts Federation of Nursing Homes, the International Textbook Company, the State of Vermont, and the National Rehabilitation Administration. Of special interest are multiple proposals to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and national organizations for research projects and funding.
1Action for Mental Health1962
1Basic Bibliography for Special Education1975
1Bridgewater Public Schools1966
1Center for Community Health Innovation1967-1968
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
1Advisory Council on Vocational-Technical Education1969-1970
Department of Education
1Division of Occupational Educationn.d., 1970-1972
1Northeastern University Master's Program for Teachers of the Handicapped1969-1971
1"Proposal for College Level Instruction at MCI-Norfolk"1968
2Department of Mental Health1966-1971
2Governor's Commission on Rehabilitation1970
2Vocational Rehabilitation Planning Commission1967
2Contact Lists1975
2Correspondence (13 folders)n.d., 1964-1977
2Counseling Center to Train Parents to Become Assertive and Active in Urban Schools1967
2D.C. Heath1970-1972
2Diagnostic Thinking in the Classroomn.d.
2Evaluation Unit Projectn.d.
2First Annual Legislative Conference1972
2Health Related Professions and Programs1967-1968
2Intern Training Boardn.d., 1966-1968
2International Association of Rehabilitation Facilities Volunteer Program1971-1972
2International Textbook Company1968-1969
2Maryland State Department of Education: Department of Vocational Rehabilitation1968-1969
3Massachusetts Committee for Comprehensive Children's Services1969
2Massachusetts Federation of Nursing Homes (3 folders)n.d., 1965-1967
2Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (2 folders)n.d., 1956, 1965, 1970, 1971-1972
2Mayor's Committee for the Employment of the Handicappedn.d., 1961-1962, 1966
2Medicaren.d., 1966
2"Medicare" Newsletter1966
2Mental Retardation Nursery1968-1969
2Miller Analogies Test Centers in Massachusettsn.d.
2Morgan Memorial1967-1969
2Nashville Mental Health Center1968
2National Iranian Society for Rehabilitation of the Disabled1970-1972
2National Rehabilitation Administration1968
2National Rehabilitation Training Institute, Inc.n.d., 1968-1976
2New England Board of Higher Education1965-1966
2New England Rehabilitation Research Instituten.d., 1971-1974
2Normative Aging Study1966
Nursing Homes
2"Data Processing Support for Nursing Homes"n.d.
2"Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients"n.d., 1966
2Transfer Agreement and Referral Formsn.d., 1965-1966
2"Preparation of Personnel in the Education of the Handicapped"1969-1970
2"Preparation of Professional Personnel in the Education of Handicapped Children"1968
2"Programs for the Handicapped" Newsletter1970-1971
2Project Second Start1968-1969
2Proposed Amendments to the Regulations for Chapter 7661975
2Rehabilitation Administration Newsletter1968-1969, 1974
2Rehabilitation in Poverty Settings1968
2Rehabilitation Management Developmentn.d., 1965
2Research and Development Center on Vocational Education for the Handicapped1969
2Research Proposal for Working With Secondary Schools1968
2Sharon Public Schools1966, 1968
2Short Term Training Institutes1970-1972
2Special Education Administration Degreesn.d., 1967
2State and Local Resources for the Mentally Retarded1969-1970
2State of Connecticut: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation1966-1972
2Support of Professional Manpower Development: Grant Proposal1967, 1974
3Traineeships in Rehabilitation Counselingn.d.
Training Programs
3 Emotionally Disturbed Studentsn.d., 1967
3 Gifted Childrenn.d., 1961, 1965
3 Human Services1975
3 In-Services Training at State Hospitals1963-1964
3 Social Securityn.d., 1967
3 The Secretary as Administrative Assistant1967
3 Veterans' Administration1964
3University of North Carolina1968
3University of Virginia1969
United States Office of Education
3 Bureau of Education for the Handicappedn.d., 1967-1969
3 Department of Health, Education, and Welfare1963-1971
3Workshops1969-1970, 1972
3Workshop for Nursing Home Administratorsn.d., 1960-1961
3Writings by Margolinn.d., 1971
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