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Collection Overview
Title: Office of the Registrar records
Dates: 1920-2005 (bulk 1950-1975)
Call Number:A89
Volume:2.55 cubic ft. (4 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:The collection is comprised of records detailing Office of the Registrar activities across the University, mostly pertaining to enrollment figures and administration of final examinations. Memoranda, committee minutes, class schedules, academic calendars, curriculum plans, Registrar's reports, and enrollment reports are included. Information about the formation of the Honors Program and its requirements can be found in Box 2. The University's efforts to change the academic calendar are well documented through proposals, correspondence, and sample calendars. Of special interest are documents relating to grade analysis and final examinations.
Historical Abstract:Prior to 1960, Northeastern University was divided into separate schools, each with its own Office of the Registrar. In 1960, the Office of the Registrar of the Basic Colleges introduced a data processing system and began to look at the possibility of bringing together all of the registrars. Merging of these individual offices began in 1963 with Lincoln College and continued through the 1960s with the addition of four new basic colleges between 1960 and 1966. By 1978 all sections of Northeastern University were under the direction of the combined Office of the Registrar.
Arrangement:Organized alphabetically by subject.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass) -- Administration
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass) -- Curricula
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass) -- Enrollment
  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.). Office of the Registrar

  • Universities and colleges -- Administration
  • Universities and colleges -- Enrollment

Restrictions:Administrative records are closed for 25 years from their date of creation and student records are close for 75 years, unless researchers have written permission from the creating office.
Processor: Finding aid prepared by Ellen Lassiter, November 2005; updated by Anna J. Cook, May 2010.

Historical Note

Before 1960, Northeastern University was divided into separate schools, each with its own Office of the Registrar. The School of Law, Evening Programs which developed into University College, Lincoln Institute, and the Basic Day Colleges each operated independently. The University's schools of Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Education, and Engineering were divided between the day and evening programs. The Office of the Registrar in each of these entities was a small operation responsible for overseeing and coordinating student registration, scheduling classes, and assuring that all academic records were properly maintained and updated. In 1960 two major changes occurred. First, University College, the newly founded branch of Northeastern that served as the overlying body for Evening Programs, was established. Second, a data processing system was introduced that allowed for more easily accessible records.

Beginning in the 1960s, the individual registrars began to converge. Lincoln Institute, which offered technology programs, changed its name to Lincoln College and joined the university wide registrar in 1963, while University College remained its own entity. In 1966, reorganization of the day college registrars was undertaken due to the founding of four new colleges since 1960: Boston-Bouvé College, College of Criminal Justice, College of Nursing, and College of Pharmacy. With the growth of elective programs in the late 1960s, the previously used method of automatic registration had to be abandoned and a new keypunch card system was implemented. 1969 saw the merging of the Day Colleges and their graduate counterparts into the same office under Rudolph H. Morris. In 1973, the Office of the Registrar microfilmed all of its records up to 1972. As a result, the amount of storage space was decreased, the records more usable, and they were less vulnerable to misplacement. The merger of university registrar offices was completed in 1978 when the School of Law and Continuing Education were absorbed.

Office of the Registrar, Day CollegesJohn B. Pugsley, 1920-1944
Winthrop E. Nightengale, 1944-1946
John B. Pugsley, 1946-1949
Rudolph H. Morris, 1949-1970
Alan A. Mackey, 1970-1975
Office of the Registrar, Evening ProgramsMarie C. Fausel, 1918-1920
John B. Pugsley, 1920-1925
Office of the Registrar, Evening Programs and Lincoln InstituteRoy M. Lawson, 1925-1931
Eben O. Smith, 1931-1944
Helen M. Stoddard, 1944-1948
Carl A. Georgi, 1948-1951
Walter J. Hunt, 1951-1952
Lincoln Bateson, 1952-1953
William M. Stewart, 1953-1957
Office of the Registrar, Evening Programs, Lincoln Institute, and University CollegeWilliam T. Edgett, 1957-1965
Office of the Registrar, University CollegeEdmund J. Mullen, 1965-1970
John L. O'Leary, Jr., 1970-1973
David R. Kane, 1973-1978
Office of the Registrar, Graduate SchoolJanice Walker, 1959-1969
Office of the Registrar, School of LawTurner F. Garner, 1922-1924
Roy M. Lawson, 1924-1931
Eben O. Smith, 1931-1939
Edna E. Rawnsley, 1939-1945
Doris E. Koch, 1945-1948
Carmelita E. Geraci, 1948-1953
Barbra F. Burke, 1966-1969
Denise A. Smith, 1969-1973
Marianne F. Radziewicz, 1973-1978
Office of the University RegistrarEdmund J. Mullen, 1975-1998
Linda D. Allen, 1998-present

Frederick, Antoinette, Northeastern University: An Emerging Giant, 1959-1975 (Boston: Northeastern University Custom Book Program, 1982).
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1Academic Calendars1966-2000
1Academic Council Minutes (2 folders)1951-1968
1Admission of Women1958
1"American Association of University Professors Report on Academic Salary Data and Compensation Indices"1968-1969
1Basic Colleges Administrative Committee (5 folders)1963-1970
1Basic Faculty Regulations and Operating Procedures1947
1Clientele Reports1980-1983
1Correspondence (4 folders)1929-1987
1Course Offerings (2 folders)1958, 1971-1997
1Curriculum (3 folders) 1971, 1974, 2005.
1Dean of Administrative Services1945-1958
1Degree Designations and Counts1961-1970, 1990-1995
1Departmental Bulletins (2 folders)1960-1970
1Department of Cooperative Education1964-1966
4Diploma Plates (10 folders)n.d.
1Diploma Printsn.d.
1-2Enrollment (11 folders)n.d., 1920, 1958-1988
2Grade Analysis (Restricted)1948-1973
2Honors Program Development1950-1959
2Part-time Undergraduate Administrative Committee1966-1971
2Personneln.d., 1932, 1965-1984
2President's Advisory Committee1968-1970
2Proctoring and Final Examinations (2 folders) (Restricted)n.d., 1947-1972
2Proposed Changes to the Academic Calendarn.d., 1962-1967
2Proposed Registration System for Part-time Divisions1967
2"Proposed Steady State Calendar" by R.M. Morris1965
2Publicationsc. 1950-1990
2"A Report on Scheduling"1972
2-3Registrar's Reports (15 folders) (Restricted)1963-1974
3Registration Bulletins1976-1980
3Research Contracts and Grants, October1963
3Research Survey and Statement of Plans1963
3Reserve Officer's Training Corp (ROTC)1969