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Title:Facilities Division records
Dates:1855–2006 (bulk 1955–1970)
Call Number:A94
List of Contents
FF6/D7 81 – 83 St. Stephen Street Plans (Light Hall)1963
FF6/D8106 – 122 St. Stephen Street1972
FF6/D8153 Hemenway Plans1971
4Aluminum Prints1961–1964
FF6/D8Antenna Schemes1958
RollArmy Housing Plans (Army Specialized Training Program Housing): 125, 129, 131 Hemenway1943
FF6/D4Artists' Renderingsn.d., 1945–1966
FF6/D4Assorted Campus Prints1956
3 Behrakis Health Sciences Center 2000
1Proposed Addition1966
Boston Storage Warehouse
1Alterations and Conversion Study (2 folders)1959
1, FF6/D8Preliminary Studies1959, 1960
1Pressn.d., 1958, 1959
1Report: Recommendations by Prof. Charles C. Baird1959
1Requirements and Estimatesn.d., 1959
RollBoston Opera House Blueprints1908
FF6/D3Boston State Highway Takingsn.d.
FF6/D5Boston Water Power Company Land Plans1855
1, FF6/D5Botolph Building Plans1953, 1954
Cabot Physical Education Center
1Cost Estimate1959
4, FF6/D6Plans and Negatives1956–1966
1Plumbing Specificationsn.d., 1967
1Pool and Handball Facilities Specifications (3 folders)1966
RollCampus Expansion Plans1956–1964
4Chemistry Building Plans and Schematics1966, 1967
Civil Defense1961–1963
1Civil Defense Committee (4 folders)n.d., 1961–1963
1Family Fallout Shelter Construction Manual1961
1Information Bulletins: Massachusetts Civil Defense Agency1961, 1962
1John Hancock Defense Planning Symposium: Remarks1961
1John Hancock Employee Preparedness Pamphletn.d.
1“The Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy” Newsletter Article1962
FF6/D4Cushing Hall Layoutn.d.
Dana Research Center
1Bids1965, 1966
1Budget (3 folders)n.d., 1955, 1965–1967
1Building and Program Development1961–1966
1, FF6/D5Dana Memorial Portrait1966, 1967
FF6/D5Landscape Plans1966
1National Science Foundation Grant (4 folders)1962–1967
1Plans and Drawings1963–1965
1Specifications (2 folders)1965
3 Egan Engineering/Science Research Center 1996
1E.L. Lebaron Schematics of Manholes and Grates1947–1966
Ell Student Center
1Building Committeen.d., 1962, 1963
1Building Program1962
1Furnishingsn.d., 1964, 1965
1HHFA (2 folders)1962–1965
1Specifications (3 folders) 1963, 1964
4Ell Student Center and Women's Dorm: Negatives1963, 1964
FF6/D8Engineering Building by YMCA 1934
RollExpansion Plans: Railroads1955–1964
Forsyth Building
RollLand Around Forsyth n.d.
RollUtility and Land Plansn.d.
FF6/D4Forsyth Dental Building: Medical and Dental School Plans1917
4Grant of Easements1965
FF6/D8Hemenway Building Plansn.d.
FF6/D5Henderson Boathouse Blueprints1988
RollHenderson House Blueprints1925
FF6/D5 Ion Physics Building 1970
4Index Plans (3 folders)1961–1964
4Land Grants1958–1963
FF6/D3Land Maps1940–1995
FF6/D6Land Plans around Quad1950, 1952
1Landscaping Services1966
RollLaw School Building Plans: Bipartite Building1966–1968
Marine Science Institute
FF6/D8 Plansn.d.
FF6/D5US Military Nahant Defense Area Plans1942, 1954, 1973, 1983
3 Marino Recreation Center 1996
FF6/D8 Melvin Hall 1965
1Newsletter: NU Recycling News2006
FF6/D6NU Propertiesn.d.
FF6/D7NU Satellite Properties1962–1966
Physical Plant Maintenance and Construction Department
1Bomb Threat Information1970?
1National Fire Protection Association: Safety Brochure1975
1Stevenson, J. Kenneth1953–1965
1Union Agreements1968, 1970
FF6/D6Property Maps: Burlington and Lexington, MAn.d.
Proposed Campus Expansion
1Architect's Renderingn.d.
FF6/D3Proposed Computer Center1967
FF6/D6Proposed New Labs: Plans 1941
FF6/D4President's House 1964
FF6/D8Quad and Surrounding Area1952
FF6/D6Robinson Hall: College of Nursing Blueprints1964
FF6/D7 St. Stephen Street Purchase1966
4School of Law Plans, Elevation, Section: Negatives 1960
FF6/D8Small Land Plans / Lots n.d.
FF6/D7 Smith Hall Plans1943
Speare Hall
1Architect's Analyses and Estimates1962, 1963
1Bids1962, 1963
1Budget and Project Summaries1963–1965
1Housing and Home Financial Agency (2 folders)1962–1966
1Mortgage and Deed of Trust1962
FF6/D3Plans1958, 1959
1Project Revisions1964, 1965
1, 2Specifications (5 folders)1962–1964
Stetson Hall
Contract One
2Bids1964, 1965
FF6/D7 Building Plans1960
2Construction and Budget Estimates1964
2Construction Contracts1965
2Contractor: Jackson Construction Company1965–1967
2Consultants: Wood and Tower, Inc.1964, 1965
2Equipment and Furnishings Agreements1965, 1966
2HHFA / HUD (4 folders)1964–1967
2Preparatory Materialsn.d., 1960–1965
2Specifications (2 folders)1965
2Time Table1964, 1965
Contract Two
RollAddition to Men's Dorm1964–1968
3Bids1965, 1966
3Completion Agreement – Elevators1966
3Construction Schedule1966
3Plans and Drawings1965–1966
3Preparatory Materials1963–1965
3Project Revisions1964–1967
3Specifications for Addition 1966
FF6/D6Land Plan1962
3Publicityn.d., 1965, 1967
FF6/D6Student Center1964
FF6/D6Student Parking Lot n.d.
FF6/D4Tufts Medical and Dental School Plans1967–1972
FF6/D8Warren Center Plans1966
White Hall
3Bids and Contracts1961, 1962
3Cost Estimates1961
3Roosevelt Apartment Acquisitions1960
3Specifications (3 folders)n.d., 1960, 1961
FF6/D6Lot Outline of YMCA Schematic1943
FF6/D6Pipes and Drainage Diagram ca.1960
FF6/D3Room Designations1952