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Collection Overview
Title:Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc. records
Date:1961-2005 (bulk 1966-1995)
Location Code:62/1-61/4, 57/1, FF5/D6-7
Reference Code:M101
Extent:145.5 cubic ft. (144 boxes, 1 flat file drawer)
Scope and Content Abstract:The records of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Incorporated (METCO, Inc.) date from 1961-2005. They document the central administration's efforts to provide the city of Boston and the Boston suburbs with a voluntary school desegregation program. The documentation includes the records of directors and other administrators; Board of Directors correspondence, reports, and meeting minutes; financial material including grant proposals; transportation bids, documentation of vendor activities and relations, and records pertaining to the management of the Transportation Department; public relations material; records relating to school departments and curricula; student records; and audio-visual material.
Historical Abstract:Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Incorporated (METCO, Inc.) is a private nonprofit organization founded in 1966 to eliminate racial imbalance by busing children from Boston and Springfield to suburban public schools in 38 suburban communities. The program was created more than three decades ago by educational collaborators, parents, and suburban citizens from metropolitan Boston and Boston's suburbs as a voluntary desegregation program. Its mission is "to provide, through professional leadership and voluntary citizen action, the development and promotion of quality integrated educational opportunities for urban and suburban students in the greater Boston community and to work toward the expansion of a collaborative education program with the Boston and suburban school systems." As of 2005, the program places more than 3,400 of Boston's minority students (African American, Asian, and Hispanic) into suburban schools. METCO, Inc. is funded by the Massachusetts Legislature as a result of the Racial Imbalance Act. It is the nation's oldest voluntary school desegregation program.
Language and Scripts:
Arrangement:Organized into 6 series: 1. Administration; 2. Placement; 3. Curriculum; 4. Student and Family Support Services; 5. School District Support Services; and 6. Transportation.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (Boston, Mass.)
  • Metco Program (Mass.)

  • African Americans -- Education -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Boston (Mass.) -- Race relations
  • Busing for school integration -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • School integration -- Massachusetts
  • Segregation in education

Restrictions:Files containing student information are restricted for 75 years from the date of their creation. Please contact the University Archivist for more information.
Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the University Archivist.
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Processor:Finding aid prepared by Rachel Chatalbash, August 2005

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Incorporated (METCO, Inc.) date from 1961-2005. They document the central administration's efforts to provide the city of Boston and the Boston suburbs with a voluntary school desegregation program. The documentation includes the records of directors and other administrators; Board of Directors correspondence, reports, and meeting minutes; financial material including grant proposals; transportation bids, documentation of vendor activities and relations, and records pertaining to the management of the Transportation Department; public relations material; records relating to school departments and curricula; student records; and audio-visual material. The bulk of the collection documents the organization's administration and programming. The collection also contains subject files and files on community organizations concerned with desegregation, race relations, and education. Additionally, an extensive collection of newspaper clippings documenting the evolution of the program, student and suburban school district activities, and the Boston metropolitan area's relationship with METCO is present in the Public Relations susbseries. It is important to note that this collection includes only the records of the METCO, Inc. (METCO's central administration) and not the records of staff employed by the school districts. All student records are closed for 75 years from their date of creation.

Historical Note

In 1963, a group of African American parents and community leaders organized to address the poor quality of education for African American students in Boston. Demands were made to the Boston School Committee to recognize and correct trends of de facto segregation in the Boston city schools. When refused, urban and suburban rights groups joined to protest the conditions. The Massachusetts Federation for Fair Housing and Equal Rights took an interest in urban-suburban educational cooperation and sponsored a meeting of more than 12 suburban school districts to explore the further development of such a program in November 1965. This meeting led to several others, and in December 1965, representatives of suburban school districts outlined the basic program that became METCO in 1966, a voluntary desegregation program that enrolls participating students in suburban school districts. It also functions as a service-delivery agency that provides support services to METCO students and their families. The METCO program pre-dates Federal District Judge W. Arthur Garrity Jr.'s court order seeking to end unlawful intentional segregation in the Boston public schools by eight years. The program was an attempt not only to bring educational opportunities to urban minority students but also to start the process of racial integration in suburban schools.

With the initial participation of seven suburban school districts, METCO, Inc. appointed its Board of Directors and central office staff in May 1966. METCO, Inc. offices opened at 178 Humboldt Avenue, Roxbury, with Dr. Joseph Killory as the new organization's Executive Director. On September 6, 1966, 220 METCO students took their first bus ride to 28 schools (K-11) in seven suburban districts. Funding for the program's first years came through grants from the Federal Office of Education and from the Carnegie Corporation. Ruth Batson became the Director of METCO in 1967 and served as such until 1970, when she was succeeded by Robert Hayden. In 1973, Jean M. McGuire became Executive Director, a position which she continues to serve in today (2005). In 1974, METCO, Inc. opened new offices at 40 Dimock Street in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

The Commonwealth became involved in funding the program in the early 1970's. At its peak, METCO was sending more than 3,500 students to suburban schools. However, as of 2005, 20 years of level funding and funding cuts have reduced the number of students enrolled in the program to about 3,330 in 35 school districts in metropolitan Boston and four towns outside Springfield. More than 50 percent of the program's annual 425 placements are in grades kindergarten, one, and two. 60 percent of students are African American, 30 percent are Hispanic, and 10 percent Asian, which is the composition of the Boston Public Schools' non-white student population. Currently, the program's waiting list exceeds 15,500 students.

METCO is governed by a Board of Directors made up of citizens from both Boston and the suburbs. Contracted by the Massachusetts Department of Education as the service provider for the METCO program, METCO, Inc. is reimbursed for services by the cities and towns that participate in its program. Funds are granted by the legislature and allocated to the communities to provide educational services for students who are enrolled in the suburban school districts. These communities then reimburse METCO, Inc. for its administrative expenses.

METCO's mission is "to provide, through professional leadership and voluntary citizen action, the development and promotion of quality integrated educational opportunities for urban and suburban students in the Greater Boston community and to work toward the expansion of a collaborative education program with the Boston and suburban school systems." The program sees itself as having the following purposes:

To provide the opportunity for an integrated public school education for children of color from racially imbalanced schools in Boston by placing them in suburban schools.

To provide a new learning experience for suburban children.

To provide closer understanding and cooperation between urban and suburban parents and other citizens in the Metropolitan Boston area.

METCO is one of three Voluntary Integration Programs in the Northeast and is the nation's oldest voluntary school desegregation program.

Chronology of Boston Metropolitan Area School District Participation
* No longer a METCO District.
** Approved by METCO but never funded.

Parent Handbooks, 1998-2002 (Box 1, folders 45 and 46).

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1. Administration , 1960-2005 (bulk 1966-1990)
Volume:65.5 cubic ft. (63 boxes, 1 flat file drawer)

Alphabetical within series.Organized into 5 subseries: A. General Information; B. Finance; C. Governance; D. Legislative; E. Public Relations.

A. General Information (1.5 cubic ft.), 1965-2002, contains: annual reports (1969-1974, 1976-1989, 1995-1997, and 1999-2000); bylaws and guidelines; student and parent handbooks; and information pertaining to the history of METCO. Early documents such as those of the Lincoln and Newton METCO Coordinating Committees, a proposal by Leon Trilling for the program, and METCO's founding papers are included. Of particular interest is the Carnegie Corporation grant material and the 1975-1976 Massachusetts Department of Education Assessment of Students in METCO Programs.

B. Finance (1.5 cubic ft.), 1967-2000, contains: budget material; year end reports; comparisons of costs by school; financial statements; correspondence with and recommendations from the Massachusetts Department of Education; grant proposals for the general program (grant proposals for programs in individual schools can be found in Series 5. School District Support Services and grant proposals for the both the general program and individual schools can be found in Jean McGuire's files, Series 1C.2); and newspaper clippings on fund raising, the Massachusetts Department of Education, funding for METCO and METCO's use of funds.

C. Governance

1. Board of Directors (4.25 cubic ft.), 1965-2002, contains information relating to the METCO Board of Directors, its committees, and the Board's relationship to other administrative units, staff, schools, and METCO families. Meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, and member lists comprise the majority of material. Information on the Board of Directors organizational structure is included. Records from the Presidents of the Board consist largely of correspondence.

2. Directors/Executive Directors (23 cubic ft.), 1964-2004, is comprised of the records of METCO's four Directors/Executive Directors: Robert Hayden; Ruth Batson; Joseph Killory; and Jean McGuire. This subseries includes: administrative policies and reports; staff meeting minutes; correspondence; financial, grant, and fund-raising information; and documentation of the activities of the main office and the school districts. School files are arranged alphabetically by school district and include correspondence, committee lists and notes, host family information, and material on the schools and surrounding communities. A large number of grant proposals for both METCO Inc.'s main office and the individual school districts are present.

3. Associate Directors (7.25 cubic ft.), 1973-2000, contains the records of four Associate Directors: Stephen E. Shaw; Russell Williams; Sandra Vaughn; and John Shandorf. These records document the relationship between the METCO administration and the Massachusetts Department of Education, community organizations, coordinators, students, and parents. They consist of correspondence, reports, financial material, memoranda, and newspaper clippings. Additionally, the Associate Directors files contain records pertaining to individual school districts. These records include correspondence with school districts, schedules, newsletters, reports, and transportation information. Ruth Batson's files as Associate Director are located with her Director files in Series 1C.2.

4. Parent Council, Inc. (.5 cubic ft.), 1966-1999, contains material created by the METCO Parent Council. The Parent Council served as a liaison between the Board of Directors and all parents involved with METCO. Records consist of correspondence, meeting minutes, public relations material, information and resources for parents, and annual reports.

D. Legislative (1.5 cubic ft), 1966-2002, contains: correspondence, both internal and with government officials; data concerning METCO towns, legislators, and legislation; reports on aspects of METCO by the Massachusetts Department of Education; court cases pertaining to METCO's activities; and information on relevant Massachusetts general laws. One highlight of the subseries includes files on METCO's Lobby Day, 1987-2002. The lobby day records document preparation for lobbying, the day's activities, and community and government support for and opposition to the program.

E. Public Relations (26 cubic ft.), 1960-2005, is comprised of material created by the Public Relations Department. Records include: newspaper clippings and magazine articles; mailing lists; alumni information; newsletters; flyers and posters; student, host family and staff directories; press releases; correspondence; information packets; reports; and audio-visual material. The majority of records in this subseries are PR directors' Marcus Mitchell and Jeannette Sanders files. Their files include large amounts of correspondence, documentation of area organizations, internal and external reports, and information on colleges and universities as well as information regarding METCO sponsored events, legislative issues, and community resources. The audio-visual material documents METCO events, staff, and students. Particularly well-represented are the 10th and 20th anniversary celebrations, METCO proms and fashion shows, and school activities. The audio-visual material is comprised of photographic prints, negatives and slides as well as audio cassettes, reel-to-reel audio tapes, and VHS and Beta video cassettes.
A. General Information
1Agreement for Services1975-1976
1Alumni Association: Articles of Organization1987
110th Anniversary1977
120th Anniversary1987
125th Anniversary1991
130th Anniversary1995
1Annual Reports (with gaps) (20 folders)1967-2000
1Archival Material Located at Other Institutions2000
1Articles of Organization1966
1Bylaws (5 folders)n.d., 1966-1995
1Advisory Boardn.d.
1Boston Communities Interested in Participating in METCO (3 folders)1966-1974
1Host Familiesn.d.
1Rules and Regulations1974-1975
1"METCO Handbook" (2 folders)1976
1Parent (10 folders)1977-2002
1Student (3 folders)1968-1990's
History and Background Information
1General n.d., 1966-1980's
1Agency Overview (2 folders)n.d., 1980's
1Armor Report: Response to (2 folders)1972
1Boston School Committee Proceedings1975
2Carnegie Corporation (2 folders)1968
2Chronology of the Development of METCO (2 folders)n.d., 1966-1975
2Continuing Impact of METCOn.d.
2Fact Sheets1960's-1990's
2Freedom House, Inc. Institute on Schools and Education (4 folders)1974-1978
2"A History of METCO: A Suburban Education for Boston's Urban Students" by Batson and Hayden: Preview Copy and Proposal (2 folders)1982, 1987
2"Lest We Forget: The METCO Story"n.d.
2Lincoln METCO Coordinating Committee (2 folders)1966-1967
2METCO Plan and Plan Review (10 folders)1979-1989
2METCO Program Experience1996
2Metropolitan Education for Boston: A Proposal for a Demonstration Project1966
2Newton METCO Coordinating Committee1967
2Organizational Structure and Chart (2 folders)n.d., 1973, 1994-1996
2Primary Servicesn.d.
2Program Standards (2 folders)ca. 1975
2Proposal for METCO Program by Leon Trilling1966
2Questions and Answers about METCO1960's-1990's
2Role of the Metropolitan Council1974
2School District Participationn.d.
2Statement of Policy1974
2Statement of Problems and Evidence of Needn.d.
Massachusetts Department of Education
2Assessment of Students in Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity Programs1975-1976
2Chapter 636 and METCO Reports1986
2METCO Assessment1975-1976
2Statement of Policy 1982
2Mission Statement1997
2Non-Profit Status1969-1987
2Policies and Procedures (5 folders)1972-1997
2Practices Manual1981
2Job Descriptions (2 folders)n.d., 1970, 1996
Reports, External
2"An Analysis of METCO" by Agatha B. Simmons1984
2"City-Suburban Desegregation: Parent and Student Perspectives in Metropolitan Boston" by Harvard Civil Rights Project1997
2"METCO: Metropolitan Council for Education Opportunities Then and Now" by Marieta Joyner1989
2"METCO: Students' Perspectives and Voices" by Jennifer Arenson, Harvard Civil Rights Projectca. 1996
Reports, Internal
2Communications Group 1978
2METCO Policies and Practices: Recommendations for Changen.d.
2METCO Reorganizationn.d.
2METCO: A Program of Greater Boston Action to Improve Education and Racial Balance in Our Schools1966
2METCO: Suburban Education for Urban Children1966
2On the Importance of the Education of Our Studentsca. 1990
2Presentation on the METCO Program to Massachusetts Board of Education1994
2Responses to Panel Comments and Questions (Massachusetts Department of Education) (2 folders)1978-1979
2Six Month Progress Report of METCO, Inc. to the State Department of Education1995
2A Summary of the Report of the Advisory Committee on Racial Imbalance and Education of Massachusetts State Board of Education1965
2Research and Evaluation (3 folders)n.d.,1966-1972
B. Finance
2-3Budget (19 folders)1967-2000
3Financial Statements (15 folders)1975-1999
3Friends of METCO 1986-1987
3Fund Raising: A Night to Remember1988
3Funding n.d., 1980-2000
3-4Grant Proposals: General Program (24 folders) 1967-1998
4Instructional Costs per Pupiln.d., 1968-1987
4Interdistrict Transfer Program (2 folders)1973-1974
4Level Funding Impact Statement1986
4Massachusetts Department of Education (2 folders)1968-1986
4Newspaper Clippings: Funding and Budget1970's-1980's
Reports, Internal
4Funding of Education Costs for METCO Communitiesn.d.
4"A Good Fiscal System…."n.d.
4Request for Donations1991
4Research and Evaluation Budget 1967-1968
C. Governance
1. Board of Directors
4Board Developmentn.d
4Board/Executive Director Relationshipn.d.
4Board/School Committee Conference 1978-1979
4Board/Staff Relationshipn.d., 1976
4General: Descriptions of Committees, Member Lists, Meeting Schedulesn.d., 1973, 1975, 1982-1986, 1995
410th Anniversary (4 folders)1976-1977
20th Anniversary
4General (2 folders)1986-1987
4Chairperson (Jamila Kenea) Files (3 folders)1986-1987
4Coordinator (Leon Nelson) Files1987
4Correspondence (2 folders)1986-1990
4Exhibitors 1986-1987
4Finance (2 folders)1986-1987
4Key Chainca. 1986
4Lolech Enterprises1987
4Mailing Lists1986-1987
4Members of 20th Anniversary Committees (2 folders)1986-1987
4Newspaper Clippings (2 folders)1986-1987
4Poster Theme Contest1986
4Public Relations1987
4Registration Information1987
4Souvenir Journal (2 folders)1987
4Youth Program1987
425th Anniversary1990
4Advisory (2 folders)1971-1975
4Board Study (2 folders)1994-1995
4-5Budget and Finance (17 folders)1974-2000
5Bylaws (2 folders)n.d.,1988-1993
5Chairpersons/Vice Chairpersons (5 folders)1972-1989
5Community Liaison (2 folders)1978, 1985-1986
5Constructive Change1974
5Executive: Minutes and Correspondence (26 folders)1965-1995
5Facility Concerns1996
5Fund Raising 1988
5Grievance (2 folders)1977-1980
5Legislative (8 folders)ca. 1970-1998
5Long Range Planning1979-1981,1996
5Needs Assessment Task Force1987
5Nominating (8 folders)1966-1999
6Parent Participation 1983-1985
6Personnel and Grievance (6 folders) (1 restricted)1967-1999
6Program Review1978
6Public Relationsn.d.
6Scholarship (13 folders)1976-2002
6Search (Associate Director) (2 folders)1974-1994
6Steering (2 folders)1978-1989
6Conference: "METCO: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?"1976
6Correspondence (3 folders)1972-1999
6Directors' Association (2 folders)1980-1993
6Members: Lists (14 folders)1968-2000
6Membership Application for the Boardn.d.
6Membership Policiesn.d.
6-7Minutes (33 folders)1965-2002
7Organizational Structure of Boardn.d.
7Parent Council (5 folders)1972-1998
Presidents of Board
7Anderson, Leopold 1978-1994
7Boulware, Richard W.1987-1990
7Budd, Patricia1979-1981
7Chandler, Dana C. (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977-1986
7Fernandez, Manuel
7Nangeroni, Mary1977
7Roens, Bert1975
7Seymour, Sapaleto J.1990
7Smith, Irvin (2 folders) 1981-1985
7Stouffer, John1985, 1997-1998
7Taylor, Lynne1995
7Trilling, Leon1968-1970
7Vanderhoop, Arnold1973
7Questionnaire for Membersn.d.
Reports, Internal
7Administration (14 folders)1976-1999
7Annual Committee1996
8Reports to the Board (10 folders)1966-1998
8Suburban Education for Urban Children1967
8Retreat (4 folders)1994-1998
8Transportation (4 folders)n.d., 1977-1998
8Vote of Authorization and Corporate Resolution1977-1988
2. Directors/Executive Directors
Joseph Killory
8Board of Directors1967
8Boston Public Schools1966-1969
8Carnegie Corporation1967-1968
8Communities Involved with METCO1967
8Correspondence 1966-1967
8Council for Public Schools 1966-1968
8Evaluation: Teacher Questionnaire 1966
Grant Proposals
8ESEA Title III1967
8Newtonn.d., 1967
8Operation Challenge METCO1966
8Public Relations1967-1968
8Report, Internal: "METCO: Suburban Education for Urban Children"ca. 1967
8Students: Accident Insurance1966
8Superintendents and Coordinators1967
8Wesleyan University1964-1968
Ruth Batson
Board of Directors
8General n.d., 1966-1969
8President Leon Trilling: Correspondence and Meeting 1966-1969
8Reports to (2 folders)n.d., 1966-1969
Boston Public Schools
8General: Reports, Memos, Eventsn.d., 1967
8School Committee (2 folders)n.d., 1967-1969
8Restricted Information1971
Busing Programs
8Great Neck, NY1968-1969
8Minneapolis, MN1972
8Verona, NJ1968-1969
8Othern.d., 1968-1969
8Calendars: School 1969-1970
8Carnegie Corporation1968-1969
8Community Coordination Committeen.d.
8Community Educational Development Inc.1966-1967
8Focus in Depth Task Force1966-1967
8Long Range Planning Committeeca. 1967
8New Careers Advisory Committee1972-1973
8Steering Committee1966
8Weisner Committee 1966-1967
8Coordinators n.d., 1968
8Correspondence (6 folders) 1966-1969
8Generaln.d., 1974-1975
8Book Listsn.d., 1966
8Proposed Program for High School Girls1969
8Grant Proposals (4 folders)n.d., 1967-1969
8Tuition Reduction1968
8Events 1966-1967
8Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination 1968-1969
8Massachusetts Department of Education (2 folders)1967-1969
8Massachusetts Federation for Fair Housing and Equal Rights1966-1967
8Racial Imbalance Law: Opposition 1966-1968
8Report of the State Task Force on Racial Imbalance1968
8United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare1968
8Notes n.d.
8Association of Afro-American Educators1968
8Association of Urban Sisters1968
8Boston Community Media Committee1968
8Boston Urban Coalition1968
8Center for Opportunity for Progress in Education 1967
8Citizens Committee for the Public Schools, Inc. (NY)1966
8Citizens' Housing and Planning Association of Metropolitan Bostonn.d.
8Council for Public Schools 1966-1968
8Education Development Center 1966-1968
8Ford Foundation1968-1969
8Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra1968
8Highland Park Free School1968
8Human Relations Council of Greater New Haven, Inc.1969
8Institute of Open Education n.d.
9Inter-Agency Luncheon Group1966-1967
9League of Women Voters1966-1967
9Massachusetts Conference on Social Welfare1967
9National Committee for Support of Public Schools1968
9National Training Laboratoriesn.d.
9New England Grass Roots Organizations (NEGRO)1966
9Roxbury Boys' Club1969
9Roxbury Ministerial Allianceca. 1970
9TEAM Associates n.d., 1973
9United Community Services (UCS)1967-1968
9United Front1968-1971
9Urban League of Greater Boston 1969
9Warehouse Co-Operative School1969
9Youth, Inc. 1969
9Parent Council (2 folders)1966-1969
9Parents: Boardman Parents Group 1966
9Placement (Restricted)1966
9Private Schools 1969
Programs and Events
9In-Service Training (2 folders)1965-1968
9Model Cities1967-1969
9New Careers1968-1969
9Upward Boundn.d., 1967
Reports, External
9Archibald Report (2 folders)1966-1968
9Joint Project: Educational Programs for Socially Disadvantaged Populations1968
Reports, Internal
9Building Mutual Respect and Interracial Understanding—Urban-Suburbann.d.
9Evaluation of Staff Organizationn.d.
9Preliminary Planning Report: Program for Advanced Community Excellence and Equality in Education1965
9Report of Opening Phase of METCO Advisory Committee on Evaluation 1966
9Report of School Systems Waiving Tuition and/or Reducing Tuition1967-1968
9Report of Students Graduating from METCO Schools1969
9Report to the Carnegie Corporation 1968
9Students (Restricted)1967-1968
Research and Evaluation
9General (3 folders)n.d., 1966-1969
9Parent Interviews (2 folders)n.d., 1967
9Reports (2 folders)1966-1969
9Sociometric Study (3 folders)n.d., 1966-1967
9Student Interviewsn.d., 1967-1968
9Restricted Informationn.d.
9Schedules, Weekly1970
9-10Schools (32 folders) (6 restricted)1966-1969
10Speaking Engagements (2 folders) 1967-1969
10Special Education n.d., 1968
10'Statement to NBC from Boston's Black Community Regarding the Documentary "Ordeal of the Cities"'n.d.
10Student and Parent Meetings1966-1967
10Conference 1968
10Conflicts: The Bridge, Gibson School, Martin Luther King Middle School (3 folders) (Restricted)1968-1969
10Restricted Information1968-1969
10Superintendents 1966-1969
10Transportation 1966-1968
10Tutoring (Restricted)1968-1969
Universities and Colleges
10General Correspondence 1967-1969
10Boston University1966
10Harvard University 1966-1967
10Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1968
10Simmons College1966
Robert Hayden
10African American Professionals in Boston 1971
10Board of Directors1970-1971
10Community Chairmen1971-1972
10Coordinators 1969-1970
10Correspondence (3 folders) (Restricted)1971-1973
10Finance 1971-1972
10Racial Imbalance Act1970-1972
10Parent Council1971
10Personnel: Meetings1971-1975
10Placement (2 folders) (Restricted)1972
10Reading Scores (Restricted)1971-1972
Reports, External
10Group Consultation Program for Teachers1968-1969
10Psychic Understanding vs. Social Action1970
10Reports, Internal1970-1971
10Lincoln: Sidetrack School 1971
10Student Council 1970
10Student Protest1971
10Student Workshops1972
10Suburban Communities' Support for METCO 1971
10Summer Programs 1971
10Superintendents 1971
10Tutoring 1970-1971
10Ugima, Black Trainers Association, Inc.1971
Jean McGuire
10Administrative Issuesn.d., 1994
10Agency Activities and Background1994
10Agency Meetings1995-1996
10Alumni 1980's-1990's
10Automatic Data Processing Center (12 folders) (2 restricted)1974-1994
10Awards and Certificates n.d., 1970's- 1990's
10Biographical File 1963-1990's
10-11Busing Programs (9 folders)n.d., 1964-1999
11Community Chairmen1975
11Community Liaisons (Restricted)1976-1978
11Conferences and Speaking Engagements (11 folders)1973-2002
11Coordinators (6 folders) (Restricted)n.d., 1969-2000
11Coordinators and Directors Meetings (6 folders)1992-2002
11-12Incoming (34 folders) n.d., 1973-1999
12Outgoing (26 folders)1973-1999
12-13Restricted (7 folders) 1970's-1994
13Curriculum (11 folders)n.d., 1974-1997
13Design of Learning Environment for METCO1973
13Directories (2 folders)n.d., 1974-1975
Directors' Association
13General (9 folders)1977-2001
13Conferences (4 folders)1987-1993
13Newspaper Clippings1991-1992
13Report on the Program to Eliminate Racial Imbalance1991
Directors, Former
13Batson, Ruth 1960's, 2002
13Hayden, Robert 1970's
13Enrollment 1966-1995
13Evaluation of METCO Program1995-1996
13General (2 folders)1975-2000
13Budget (9 folders)n.d., 1972-2000
13Final Financial Report1986
13Fiscal Policies and Procedures1995
13Fund Raisingn.d., 1975, 2004
13-19Grant Proposals: General Program and Schools (147 folders)1973-2001
19Forms (Blank)n.d.
19Goals and Objectives1997
19Governance Committee 1973-1980
19Guidance Office ca. 1996
19Handbooks: Director and Student (8 folders) n.d., 1971-1988
19Historyn.d., ca. 1973
19Kindergarten Screening1990
19Law Firm: Foley, Hoag, and Eliot1989
19Legal Cases (12 folders)n.d., 1975-2000
19General (5 folders)n.d., 1972-2001
19Acts 1968
19Affirmative Action (3 folders)1970's-1999
19Amicus Brief, American Jewish Congress1999
19Bilingual Education 1994
19Black Political Task Force ca. 1978
20Boston 1980's-1990's
20Bus Committee 1986-1987
20Certified Minority Nonprofit Organizations1987
20Congressional Black Caucus1978
20Correspondence (4 folders)1971-2000
20Daly Sullivan Bill1975
20Desegregation 1980's
20Desegregation in Boston Public Schools (3 folders)1982
20Education Reform Bill 1993
20Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) (5 folders)1975-1977
20Finance (2 folders)n.d., 1986-1999
20Flynn-Burger Amendment 1975
20Freedom of Choice Desegregation Plan 1983-1984
20General Lawsca. 1975
20House Ways and Means Committee 1986, 1995
20Legislative Committee 1989-1990
20Legislators n.d., 1973-2000
20Lobby Day 1989-1997
20Lobbying (2 folders)1970's-1990's
20Massachusetts Advisory Council on Vocational-Technical Education (5 folders)1978-1982
20Massachusetts Board of Education 1979-1982
20Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators1991
20Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System2002-2003
20-21Massachusetts Department of Commerce and Development (11 folders)1970's-1990's
21-22Massachusetts Department of Education (43 folders)1970's-1998
22Massachusetts Education Reform Act 1994
22Massachusetts Legislative Black Caucus (2 folders)1973-1980
22Massachusetts Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance1987-1996
22Massachusetts Operational State Plan1974
22Massachusetts Secretary Of Education (Paul Parks)1975
22Metropolitan District Commission 1997
22Norfolk County: School Diversion Program 1980
22Petition for Legislation 1975
22Proposition 1980-1981
22Public Hearing on Racial Discord1979
22Racial Census In Boston 1972-1973
22Racial Imbalance Law (3 folders)1965-1974, 1996
22Special Education 1974-1997
22Suburban Action Committee 1975
22Talent Search Program 1990's
22Transportation (2 folders)1986
22Tuition Tax Credits1982
22United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare1972-1973
22United States Department of the Interior 1995
22Urban Edge, Inc.1982
22Letters to the Editor 1998
22Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Systemn.d., 1999
22Memoranda 1975-1998
22"METCO Bible" (3 folders)1975
23METCO Plan (3 folders)n.d., 1982, 1992
23Minority Non-Profit Organization Status1987
23Mission Statement1993
23Organizational Structure1993
23Lists n.d.
23Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. 1974-1990
23African American Federation of Greater Boston1992-1999
23Afro-American Book Source1980's
23Algebra Project (3 folders)1990's
23La Alianza Hispana 1994
23All Construction, Inc. (2 folders)1980's
23American Friends Service Committee: PeaceWork Newsletter1983-1986
23Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rithn.d., 1984
23Argonaut Press1999
23Artists-in-Residence Program1981
23Association for Progressive Education 1986
23Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Inc.1978-1981
23Aswalos House1987
23Bank of Boston 1987-1988
23The BELL Foundation1992
23Black Agenda Project1988-1992
23Black Ecumenical Commission 1979
23Black Educators Alliance of Massachusetts (6 folders)1973-1999
23Black History Month Committee1982
23Black Political Task Force (2 folders)1979-1991
23Black Women for Policy Action1981-1986
23Boston Afro-American Artists (BAAA)1989-1990
23Boston Black Coalition1988
23Boston Children's Museum1990's
23Boston Community Partners for Student Success1994
23Boston Community School1978
23Boston Congress of Racial Equality 1966
23Boston Cultural Company, Inc.1988
23Boston Empowerment Center2000
23Boston Fair Housing Commission 1992-1993
23Boston Foundation1991
23Boston Freedom Summer1994
23Boston Housing Authority 1985-1989
23Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance 1985
23Boston Museum of Science 1987
23Boston Organizing Committee1994
23Boston Public Library1979
23Boston Redevelopment Authority 1987
23Boston Southern Council for Children 1987
23Boston Teachers Union1982
23Bottom Line1997
23Bridge Over Troubled Waters1986-1987
23Bridges Program 1999
23Building Trades Training Directors Association 1990
23Cambridge School Committee1982
23Casa Del Sol1982-1983
23Center For Law and Education 1980's
23Chinese Progressive Association 1994
23Citizens Committee for NYC, Inc.1980
23Citizens for Participation in Political Action 1988
23Citizens for Public Schools1995-1996
23City Missionary Society 1981-1982
23Citywide Educational Coalition (4 folders)1973-1999
23Citywide Parents Council, Inc. (3 folders)1979-2003
24The College Board1980-1990
24Common Cause1986-1987
24Community Change, Inc. (5 folders)1970-1994
24Community District Advisory Council 1980-1982
24Community for Human Rights1986
24Community Jobs Collaborative (3 folders)1986-1990
24Community Jobs Consortium (2 folders)1985-1986
24Community Research Review Committee 1970's
24Community Training and Assistance Center 1982
24Concerned Minority Employees of the MBTA1998
24Contractors Association of Boston, Inc. 1985
24Creative Input, Inc. 1974
24Creating It Through Productions, Inc.n.d.
24DAC International, Inc.1987
24Dana McLean Greeley Foundation for Peace and Justice, Inc.1986-1988
24Decade of Volunteers in Education of Massachusetts (2 folders)n.d., 1990
24Department of the U.S. Navy1994
24Dimock Community Health Center (8 folders)1979-1996
24Douglas A. Thom Clinic for Children 1974-1981
24Education Collaborative for Greater Boston 1974-1975
24Encampment for Citizenship, Inc. (2 folders)1975-1993
24Environmental Diversity Forumn.d.
24Executive Service Corps of New England, Inc.1991, 2002
24Fair Housing Committee of Ridgewood, Glen Rock and Vicinity 1973
24Family Service of Greater Boston (2 folders)1975, 1998
24Federal Court Public Education Project 1999-2000
24Federation of Black Directors 1982
24Fenway Retention Consortium 1987
24Fort Hill Mental Health Association (4 folders)1960's-1970's
25Framingham Prison Projectn.d.
25Freedom House (3 folders)1975-1995
25Greater Roxbury Development Corporation 1982-1985
25Harvard Civil Rights Project1997
25Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center, Inc. 1991-1992
25Human Resource Center, Inc. 1987-1989
25Inner City Council for Children 1980
25Jackie Robinson Foundation 1990-1991
25Jobs Organization for Boston, Inc.1984
25Jobs with Peace: The Boston Peace Project1980's
25League of Women Voters n.d., 1990
25Lolech Enterprises1987-1993
25Low Income Students for Survival n.d.
25Low Income Welfare Organizing Collaborative 2001-2002
25Making a Way1999
25Massachusetts Advocacy Center (2 folders)1976-1981
25Massachusetts Advocates for the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities1994
25Massachusetts Association for the Advancement of Individual Potential, Inc. 1979-1982
25Massachusetts Association for Women Deans, Administrators and Counselors1986
25Massachusetts Association of School Committees 1991
25Massachusetts Charter School Association 2003-2004
25Massachusetts Choice 1992
25Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination n.d.
25Massachusetts Council for Public Schools, Inc. 1966-1970's
25Massachusetts English Plus Coalition 1994
25Massachusetts Freedom Movement 1964
25Massachusetts Teachers Association 1976-1981
25The Medical Foundation1980-1987
25The Metropolitan Boston Zoos 1985-1989
25Metropolitan Planning Project (17 folders)1974
25Monalisa, Inc.2002
25Museum of Afro-American Ethnohistory, Inc.n.d.
25Museum of Afro-American History1998
25Museum Institute for Teaching Science 1998
26The National Alliance of Black School Educators (2 folders)1976-1999
26National Association of Black Social Workers1985
26National Center of Afro-American Artists 1996
26National Council for Black Family and Child Development1982
26National Education Association1978
26National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students 1977-1978
26Negro Airmen International (5 folders)197o's-1982
26Partners of the Americas1971-1972
26Polaroid Foundation1993-1995
26Police Practices Coalition (2 folders)1993-1996
26Primary Source: Tribute to Dr. John Hope Franklin 2000
26Project Concern 1981-1996
26Project Stepn.d.
26Project YES1979-1980
26Roxbury Action Program 1975
26Roxbury Multi Service Center1992-1996
26Ruth M. Batson Educational Foundation 1981, 1987
26Street Academy System of Springfield, Inc.1971
26Sweet Honey in the Rock1985-1987
26Task Force on Southern Africa (2 folders) 1970's
26Tax Equity Alliance of Massachusetts 1991-1992
26Tchuba: The American Committee for Cape Verde (2 folders)1970's
26Training, Inc. (3 folders)1982-1987
26TransAfrica (2 folders)n.d., 1992
26Trotter Institute (2 folders)1987-1998
26United Methodist Urban Services 1991
26United Wayn.d., 1994
26Unity Boston1994
26Unity Organizing Committee1992
26Urban Edge Housing Corporation 2000
26Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, Inc.1987
26WCVB TV Boston 1987
26W.E.B. Dubois Institute 1977
26WEATOC, Inc. 1986
26Overview of Organization 1974-1975
26General n.d., 1974-1999
26Annual Meeting1996-1997
26Calendar 1994-1997
26Correspondence to Legislators 1995-1996
26Involvement n.d., 1974-1977
26Orientation 1982-2000
26Parent Council n.d., 1974-1998
26African American Staff1979
26Director of Personnel (Arnold Vanderhoop) 1976, 1987
26Goals and Objectives of METCO Secretarial Staff1973
26Human Resources: Workshops1991
26Job Advertisements1993-1995
26Job Descriptions (3 folders)1970's-1998
26Lists (5 folders)n.d., 1970-2000
27Memoranda to Staff1974-1992
27Minority Recruitment 1979-1981
27Policies (3 folders)1972-1998
27Practices Manual 1972, 1981
27Recruitment Office1979-1981
27Retreat (2 folders)1996-1997
27Staff Meetings (2 folders)1973-2000
27Placement (16 folders) (13 restricted)n.d., 1973-1999
Programs and Events
27Clergy Ride1976
27Cook-Dodd Workshops1973
27Milestone Jubilee: Committee1976
27Night to Remember1987
27Operation Integration 1999
27Proposed Activities for FY '851984
27Proposed Study: METCO's Challenge to the Suburbsn.d.
27Public Relations: Editorials, Statements, Presentationsn.d., 1975-2000
Reports, External
27Archibald 1967-1968
27"Blacks and Hispanics Will Not Be Divided: It is the Needs of Our Children Which Count, Not Ethnocentrism" 1985
27Brookline Early Education Project 2002
27Community Research Review Committeen.d.
27Discussion Paper: Issues in Educational Regionalism within New York State1973
27Distribution of White and Non-White Pupils in the (Boston) Public Schools 1972
27A Glimpse into METCO in Concord Massachusettsn.d.
27Heroism or Heresy? A Study of a Controversial Integration Policy Adopted by the West Irondequoit, NY Board of Education 1966
27Increasing Services for High School Students Seeking Guidance and Counseling 1982
27"In Response to the United Plan for Occupational and Vocational Education in the City of Boston" by Council on Minority Vocational Education1976
27Massachusetts Attitudes Concerning School Choice 1996
27Massachusetts Investment in METCO Program Returns Big Dividends n.d.
27METCO, Inc. Asian Outreach Effort, February to May 19961996
27METCO Program Status Report by Massachusetts Department of Education1988-1989
27Metropolitan Desegregation- "An Answer to the Skeptics" by Norman N. Gross1977
27Model of State Statute to Provide Educational Entitlement for At-Risk Students, Council of Chief State School Officers1987
27"Political Discovery in Government Center" by the Education Collaborative of Greater Boston 1974
27School Desegregation Guidelines for Local and State Education Associations1974
27Understanding METCO: Policies, Procedures, Practices, and Issues Affecting the Program to Eliminate Racial Imbalance 1993
Reports, Internal
27Administration (5 folders)1976-2002
27Carnegie Corporation Interim n.d.
27Curriculum ca. 1974
27ETDA 1974
27Evaluation Report: METCO, Springfield Public Schools1978
27Executive Director 1977-1978
27Guidance 1974-1975
27Lynnfield Workshop1974
27METCO Enrollment Increase: Lincoln 1975
27METCO Policies and Practices: Recommendations for Change n.d.
27METCO Report to the Massachusetts Board of Education Meeting1991
27Presentation on the METCO Program 1994
27A Prototype Program for Preparation of Elementary Students (Grades 3-5) for Return to School1978
27Psychology Department Quarterly (Restricted)1976
27Report of the METCO Subcommittee 1990
27Report to Carnegie Corporation 1968
27Sophisticated Parents are Successful Parentsn.d.
27Statement of Policy 1974
27Statement on Qualification1977
27Student Placement Report to Massachusetts Department of Education 1992
27Task Force Report1973
27What Makes Innovation Work in Massachusetts?: Strategies for State and Local Systems 1975
28Research and Evaluation (11 folders) (1 restricted)1966-1970, 1995
28-29Schools (70 folders) (6 restricted)n.d., 1965-2004
29Snow Cancellation Statistics ca. 1986
29Special Education n.d., 1984
29Statement of Alternative Social Service for METCO Students and Familiesn.d.
29Statistics n.d., 1972-1973, 1994
29Student Services Department (2 folders)1972-1993
29Affairs Committee 1975
29Contracts (Blank Forms)n.d.
29Original 2201966, 1980-1984
29Student Council1972-1987
29Termination 1984
29Writings 1976, 1994-1995
29Restricted Information1973-1999
Subject Files
29Adopt-A-School-Project 1995
29Africa (2 folders)1970-1990
29African American Black School Educators1974
29African American Children1970's
29African American Mobilization1970's
29African Americans In Congress1976
29AIDS (2 folders)1986-1992
29Boston 1986-1991
29Boston Vocational Education Revitalization Project 1993
29Churches 1980's
29Community Members 1980
29Correctional Institutions 1979-1987
29Cultural Materials and Resources 1981-1987
29Desegregation (2 folders)1984-1993
29"Dialogue Between Boston Globe and Concerned Black Persons"1980
29Engineering 1978
29Housing and Urban Development (2 folders)1980's, 1999
29Integrated Education 1969
29King, Mel (3 folders)1983-1984
29Kwanza 1992
29Mandela, Nelson1986
29Making School Work: An Education Handbook for Students, Parents and Professionals1975
29Martin Luther King Day n.d.
29Mental Health 1970's
29Middle School Reform Project1994
29Milwaukee 1988-1999
29Preparatory Schools1993
29Southern Africa (2 folders)1973-1975
29Summer Jobs 1977-1978
29Teen Dating Violence 1984
30Urban Recreation 1994
30Vocational Education (2 folders)1987-1988
30Women (2 folders)1976-1990
30Women's Educational Equity Project 1970's
30 Suggestions 1977
30Summer Programs (5 folders)1976-2002
30Superintendents: Correspondence and Memoranda, Minutes, Reports, Lists (10 folders)1967-2002
30Teacher Training Institute 1977-1979
30Transportation (13 folders) (2 restricted)n.d., 1973-1999
30Tutoring (3 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1979-1993
Universities and Colleges
30Bates College 1984-1990
30Boston College 1993-1999
30Boston State College: "White Students Reactions to Token Desegregation"ca. 1972
30Boston University 1978, 1998
30Bowdoin College 1991-1996
30Harvard University 1982-1995
31Lesley College 1980-1996
31Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Architectural Assistance Programn.d.
31Middlebury College 1989-1990
31Northeastern University 1974-1999
31Pine Minor College 1986-1988
31Roxbury Community College1981-1994
31University of Lowell 1987
31University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Thomas Devaney1993
31University of Massachusetts, Boston1995-1997
31University of New Hampshire1994
31Wellesley Collegen.d.
31Vision Statement n.d., 1991
31Vision Task Force1990
31Volunteers n.d.
31Workshops 1986-1987
31Yearbook Project 1995
3. Associate Directors
Stephen E. Shaw
3110th Anniversary Committee 1976-1977
31Automatic Data Processing Center (2 folders)1976-1980
31Attendance Policy n.d.
31Biographical Filen.d.
31Board of Directors (2 folders)1977-1981
31Board-School Committee Conference: Correspondence 1979
31Busing Programs, Other: Urban-Suburban Interdistrict Transfer Program 1977-1978
31Community Meetings Calendar1978
31Coordinators n.d.
31Correspondence (6 folders)1974-1981
31Dimock Community Health Center 1976-1980
31Directors' Association1979-1981
31Finance (7 folders)1974-1981
31Legal Cases1978-1979
31General 1977
31Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination ca. 1977
31Massachusetts Department of Education (5 folders)1975-1981
31Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare1979
31Massachusetts General Laws and Billsn.d.
31METCO Film and Discussion Project (2 folders)1976-1978
31Newspaper Clippings 1980-1981
31Organizational Structuren.d.,1975
31Lists n.d.
31African American Master Artists-in-Residency Program (AAMARP) 1978-1980
31The Benson Ensemble Co. 1977
31Black Educators' Alliance of Massachusetts1973
31Community Change, Inc: Project Proposal 1978
31Community Criminal Justice Forum Committee (4 folders)1980-1981
31Coordinated Social Services Council1977
31Environmental Energy and Nutrition Learning Center, Inc. 1980
31Freedom House1978
31Johnson Enterprises 1981
31Junior Achievement 1980-1981
31Klan Youth Corps n.d.
31Massachusetts Coalition for Human Rights: Proposal 1977
31Mauricio Gaston Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy 1990
31National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students 1980
31Suburban Action Institute n.d.
31Tchuba 1975
31United Church of Christ n.d.
32Placement (3 folders)n.d.,1976,1978-1980
Programs and Events
32Black Respect Day1978
32Lytle Benefit Concert1979
32Milestone Jubilee: Clergy Ride1976
32Project Family1980
32Public Relations 1975-1977
Reports, External
32Boston Population Trends and Shifts by Neighborhood Ward and Precinct 1982
32"Interviews with Persons Working Against Racism"1980
32"School Climate and Racial Attitudes: A Case Study of White Secondary Students' Attitudes Toward a Voluntary Busing Program1976
Reports, Internal
32Community Liaison1976
32Department Activities 1974
32Funding of Education Costs for METCO Communitiesca. 1978
32"METCO and the Energy Crisis" 1980
32METCO Quarterlyn.d.
32"A Statement of Concern to the Legislature Regarding Education" n.d.
32Resignation 1982
32-33Schools (45 folders) (Restricted)1975-1980
33Social Services n.d.,1981
33Students (Restricted) 1975-1981
33Student and Family Support Services Department1973, 1979
Subject Files
33Desegregation 1981
33Fair Housing
33Institutional Racism1981
33Racially Imbalanced Schools in Boston1972
33Summer Program: Roxbury Community College 1977
33Summer School (4 folders) (2 restricted)1979-1981
33Superintendents' Meetings1977-1980
33Teacher Training Institute 1978-1979
33Transportation (3 folders)n.d.,1973-1982
33Tutorial Department 1976-1979
Universities and Colleges
33Northeastern University 1977-1978
33Suffolk University 1976
33Workshops 1978-1979
Russell Williams
33African American College Student Forum1988
33Alumni (2 folders)1987-1989
33Automatic Data Processing Center (6 folders)1985-1991
33Biographical File 1980's
Board of Directors
33Correspondence (4 folders)1982-1988
33Updates to Duane Day1988
33Certificates and Awards 1983
33Contracts 1982-1991
33Correspondence (11 folders)1982-1992
34Dimock Community Health Center 1983-1990
34Directors' Association 1981-1986
34Enrollment 1981
34Evaluation of Program (2 folders)1980-1988
34Finance (16 folders)1969-1991
34Legal Cases1986
34General 1986-1988
34Correspondence 1978-1987
34Legislative Committee1987
34Lobbying (2 folders)1983-1986
34Massachusetts Department of Education (17 folders) n.d., 1968-1990
34Massachusetts General Laws (2 folders)1974, 1985
34-35Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (2 folders)1982-1983
35Massachusetts Legislative Black Caucus 1977
35Massachusetts Secretary of Education (Paul Parks)1975-1976
35Outgoing (3 folders)1983-1991
35To File (2 folders)n.d., 1986-1990
35Mental Health Services1984-1989
35METCO Plan1979-1980
35METCO Planning Team1978-1983
35Newspaper Clippings 1987-1989
35Notes n.d.
35Black Political Task Force1982
35Engineering and Scientific Resources for Advancement (3 folders)ca. 1990
35Executive Service Corps of New England 1991
35Federation of Black Directors 1984
35Freedom House 1984
35Metropolitan Planning Project1975-1976
35Multicultural Project1988-1989
35National School Safety Center 1985
35Urban League of Massachusetts, Inc. 1987
35Coordinatorsn.d., 1987
35Policiesn.d., 1985
35Job Descriptionsn.d., 1987-1988
35Recruitment Office (Restricted)1980-1987
35Staff Meetings1982-1988
35Placement (8 folders)1979-1991
35Public Relations (2 folders) n.d., 1984-1989
Reports, External
35Executive Service Corps of New England, Inc. Computer Systems Project1991
35The Effect of Tuition Tax Credits on Urban School1982
Reports, Internal
35Administration (2 folders)1988-1991
35Funding of Education Costs for METCO Communitiesca. 1980
35METCO Program Standardsn.d.
35Monthly Summaries 1988-1990
35Report of the Committees of the METCO Needs Assessment Task Force 1987
35Report on the METCO Program in Walpole by Munoz-Bennettn.d.
35Schools (17 folders) (2 restricted)1980-1991
35Special Education (3 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1983-1986
35Statistics (4 folders)1978-1992
35Student Handbook: Memoranda1986-1987
35Student and Family Support Services Department (7 folders) (2 restricted)1982-1991
35Matriculation at Four Year Colleges1980's
36Restricted Information (3 folders)1983-1986
36Summer School (4 folders)1984-1991
36Superintendents (2 folders)1982-1985
36General (7 folders)1982-1991
36Finance (2 folders)1990-1991
36Meeting Minutes (2 folders) 1988-1989
36Statistics 1985-1992
36Tutorial Program1988
Universities and Colleges
36Amherst College1987
36Tufts University 1990-1991
36Vision Task Force 1990
36Voter Registration (4 folders)1980's
Sandra Vaughn
36Biographical Filen.d.
36Boston Public Schools: Statistics1993
36Personnel Handbook: Revisions1992
John Shandorf
36Alumni Association 1997
36Biographical Filen.d.
36Board/Executive Director Relationshipn.d.
36Board of Directors (2 folders) 1994, 1998
36Computers 1995-1996
36Conferences (2 folders)n.d., 1993
36Coordinators 1989
36Coordinators/Directors Meetings1994-1995
36Correspondence 1994-2000
36Dimock Community Health Center 1992
36Directors' Association: Correspondence, Minutes, Conferences, Reports (4 folders)1984-1999
36General (6 folders)1974-1999
36Grant Proposals (2 folders)1968
36Internships with METCO 1996
36Legal Cases1986
36Census of Population and Housing 1990
36Department of Social Services 1980-1983
36General Court 1970's
36Legislative Committee Hearings1995
37Legislative Fact Sheets (2 folders)1997
37Legislative Relations Committee (4 folders)1992-1998
37Legislators 1995
37Lobby Day (3 folders)1995-1998
37Massachusetts Board of Education (2 folders)1976, 1996-1997
37Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers: Legislative Tracking 1995
37Massachusetts Department of Education (4 folders)1982-1999
37Massachusetts Department of Public Health 1997
37Massachusetts Secretary of Education (Paul Parks) (8 folders)1974-1976
37Racial Imbalance Law 1972-1975
37Senator John Kerry1987
37United States Department of Education 1983
37Voter Registration and Participation (2 folders)1983-1984
37Newspaper Clippings and Magazine Articles (4 folders)1990's
37African American Artists in Residency Program1980
37Boston Black United Fund n.d.
37Citizens for Public Schools 1994-1995
37City Year 1995
37Community District Advisory Council1977
37Education Collaborative for Greater Boston, Inc. 1984-1985, 1996
37Massachusetts Teachers Association 1981
37Parents and Parent Council (2 folders)1993-1998
37Personnel: Job descriptions, Correspondence, Policies 1995-1997
37Placement (7 folders) (4 restricted)1980-1996
37Public Relations: Brochure n.d.
Reports, External
37"A Developmental Analysis of Black Children's Other Concept"1998
37"METCO Inc. Asian Outreach Effort"1996
37METCO Needs Assessment 1993
37Phase 1: METCO Program Evaluation, Data Collection and Organization 1996
37Study of Attitudes Toward School Integration in the Boston Metropolitan Area1975
Reports, Internal
37Administration (2 folders)1989-1999
37Analyzing Salary Changesn.d.
37Automatic Data Processing Center: Annual Report n.d.
38Enrollment (2 folders)1995-1996
38METCO Report 1991
38"Understanding METCO: Policies, Procedure, Practices, and Issues Affecting the Program to Eliminate Racial Imbalance" 1993
38Samuel Perry Recognition Day2000
38SAT Preparation1995-1998
38Schedule (Shandorf's) 1985
38Schools and School District Profiles (12 folders)1990-1998
38Special Education 1997
38Students: Statistics1994-1996
38Student Services Department 1981
Subject Files
38Charter Schools1996
38Desegregation: Boston Public Schools (2 folders)1974-1976
38Institutional Racism n.d.
38"Resource Manual for Grassroots Advocacy" 1995
38Summary and Evaluation of Activities 1983
38Summer School (2 folders)1983, 1996
38Superintendents 1994-1995
38Termination Procedures for Students 1979
38General (2 folders)1985-1997
38Boston School Committee's Pupil Transportation System 1982
38Contract Rewriter n.d., 1989
38Tutorial Program 1981
4. Parent Council, Inc.
38Annual Reports1973-1974, 1998-1999
38Board of Directors1992-1995
38Bylaws n.d., 1972, 1997
38Directors' Associationca. 1997
38Directors/Coordinators Relationship1996-1997
38Forms (Blank)1977-1978
38Information for Parents (3 folders)1960's-1996
38Legislative1971, 1998
38Meetings (3 folders)1966-1998
38Officers' Manual1998
38Organizational Structuren.d., 1971-1974
38Parent Alerts1997-1998
38Press Releases1972
38"Are We Our Own Worst Enemy"1999
38Massachusetts Advocacy Center: Student Testing1998
38"Parenting Our Schools: A Hands-On Guide to Education Reform"n.d.
38School Parent Council Handbookn.d.
38Workshops1967, 1995-1996
D. Legislative
38Affirmative Action: William O. Douglas Lecture1988-1999
38Blue Hill Redevelopment Corporation (BHRDC) n.d., 1983
38Boston City Mayor (Raymond Flynn)1984
38Boston School Committee1974
38Boston Student Desegregation Plan: Tables1978
38Burgess, John (Rev): Interfaith Memorial Service, Boston Common1963
38Citywide Coordinating Council: Final Report to the United States District Court1978
38Conference: A Report and a Call to Arms 1977
38Budget Analysts1986
Government Officials
38Dukakis, Michael S. (Governor)1977-1986
38Fox, Gloria (Representative)1985-1986
38Indelicato, Gerald T. (Special Assistant to the Governor for Educational Affairs)1985-1986
38Moakley, Joe (Representative)1973-1974
38Paleologos, Nicholas A. (Representative)1986
38Rosen, Emma (Senate Ways and Means Committee)1990
38Rushing, Byron (Representative)1987
38Senate Ways and Means Committee1989
38Democratic Caucus Ratification Ballot2001
38Directors' Association: Legislative Relations Committee (2 folders)1986-1996
38Language (Preferred) for Legislative Documentsn.d., 1986
Legal Cases
38City of Boston v. Massachusetts Board of Education1984
38Douglas v. Autobus, Inc.1990
38Milwaukee Choice1988-1990
39Morgan v. Kerrigan (3 folders)1974-1975
39NAACP et al v. State of Minnesota and Xiong et al v. State of Minnesota1999
39O'Dea v. Massachusetts Board of Education1975
39Special Education1980
39Legislative Alerts1996-2000
39Legislative Directories for Massachusetts1995-2002
39Legislative Fact Sheets (3 folders)1996-1999
39Legislative Packet1994-1995
39Legislators and Communitiesn.d., 1994-1996
39Legislators by METCO Town1995
39Lobby Day (17 folders)1987-2002
39Lobbying Workshop: "The Media and Lobbying"1986
39Massachusetts Black Legislative Caucus1995
39Massachusetts Board of Educationn.d., 1995-1996
39Massachusetts Coalition for Human Rights1975
Massachusetts Department of Education
39General (2 folders)1994-1997
39Annual Report1976-1977
39Candidate for Commissioner1972
39Out-of-State Special Education Programs1997
39Recommendations Pertaining to Access to Equal Educational Opportunity1973
39Student Exclusions in Massachusetts Public Schools1997
39Massachusetts General Court: Education Committee Members1976
Massachusetts General Law
39General (4 folder)1965-2001
39Bill H-30841979
39Chapter 6221971
39Chapter 76, Section 12a (Racial Imbalance) (2 folders)n.d., 1966-1982
Chapter 766 (Special Education)
39General 1977-1985
39Massachusetts Teachers Associationca. 1975
39Second Interim Report of the Special Commission Relative to the Laws of the Commonwealth Pertaining to Elementary and Secondary Education as they Relate to Unequal Educational Opportunity and Services1977
39Third Interim Report of the Special Commission Relative to the Laws of the Commonwealth Pertaining to Elementary and Secondary Education as they Relate to Unequal Educational Opportunity and Services1978
39Daly-Sullivan Bill (4 folders)1974-1975
39METCO Enrollment and Reimbursementn.d.
39Massachusetts Research Center1974
39METCO/Citizens for Participation in Political Action (CPPAX) Workshop1978
39Metropolitan District Commission1976-1977
40Racial Imbalance Law: Statements1974
Reports, External
40The Effects of the Proposed Federal Budget on Blacks in Massachusetts in Light of Stated Policies of the Governor1979
40School Desegregation in Boston, Part II: Desegregation Plan, United States Commission on Civil Rights in Boston1975
40School Choice (7 folders)n.d., 1988-1998
40State House News, Boston (4 folders)2000-2001
40United States Commission on Civil Rights1966-1967
40Voter Registrationn.d., 1981
E. Public Relations
40Alumni Association1987
40Alumni Information: Contact Information, Articles, Lists According to Date, School, and Awards (11 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1970's-1990's
40Alumni Quotesn.d.
4020th Anniversary Celebration
40General (2 folders)n.d., 1987
40, FF5/D6Poster Contest: Announcements and Entries (2 folders)1986
40Marblehead - Newton METCO: 30 Years Later 1997
40Anti-Busing and Busing Newspaper Clippings (Includes ROAR and Operation Exodus) (8 folders)1966-1997
40Bibliographiesn.d., 2000
40Bookmark, Sticker, and Decal Designsn.d.
40Boston Community Activities (5 folders)n.d., 1970-1991
40Brochures (3 folders)n.d., 1970-1991
40, FF5/D6Certificates and Awards for METCO Program and Students (2 folders)n.d., 1976-1987
40Community Information1973, 1990
40Correspondence: Hate Mail (Restricted)1979, 1992
40Crispus Attucks Children's Center 1986
40Department Overviewn.d.
40Directions and Maps (2 folders)n.d.
41Directories: Student, Host Families, Personnel (24 folders)n.d., 1966-1990
Directors and Associate Directors
Associate Directors
41Elizabeth Johnson1980-1984
41Stephen Shaw (2 folders)ca. 1975
41Sandra Vaughnn.d.
41Joseph Killory (2 folders)1966-1986
41Ruth Batson (4 folders)1965-2003
41Robert Hayden (3 folders)1966-1993
41-42Jean McGuire (17 folders)n.d., 1965-1998
42Russell Williams1989-1992
42District Bandsn.d.
42General: Clippings and Articles (7 folders)n.d., 1955, 1965-2000
42-43Segregation and Desegregation in Boston: Clippings (26 folders)1970-1998
43Enrollment 1973-1977
43Flyers (2 folders) n.d., 1970-1997
43Forms (Blank)n.d., 1991-1992
43Information Packets (7 folders)1994-2000
43Alerts 1996-1997
43American Jewish Congress1999
43Congressional Black Caucus (2 folders)n.d., 1976-1983
43Funding: Clippings and Responses to Proposed Cutbacks (7 folders)1966-1998
43General Court: Clippings (2 folders)1975-1979
43Governors: Clippings (3 folders)1969-1994
44Massachusetts Department of Education: Correspondence and Clippings (2 folders)1975-1997
44Organizations (3 folders)1975-1977
44Racial Imbalance Law: Correspondence and Clippings (7 folders)1966-1989, 1999
44Safe Neighborhoods Program: Ted Landomark1993
44School Choice1995
44Letters to the Editor Re: METCO (6 folders)1974-1980
44Mailing Lists (2 folders)n.d., 1972-1977
44-46METCO General Clippings (47 folders)n.d., 1962-2005
46Metronite: A Presentation of Work by EDCO: Metropathways Students1981
46New Images Newsletter (4 folders)1973-1995
46Newspaper Advertisements 1994
46Organizational Structure of METCO (2 folders)n.d., 1975,1983
46Orientation (5 folders)1982-1991
46Parent Meetings: Calendar1996-1998
46Parent Council: Newsletter1966-1967
46, FF5/D6Posters and Poster Designs (7 folders)1970's-1980's, 1995
Press Releases
46General (4 folders)n.d., 1971-2000
46"Boston Jobs": Letter to the Mayor1979
46"Campaign for District Representation"1981
46"METCO's Crisis"1975
46"METCO Plan Becomes Operational"n.d.
Public Relations Directors
Marcus Mitchell1981
4610th Anniversary Celebration (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1977
46Annual Report Suggested Work Time-Linen.d.
46Automatic Data Processing Center 1977
46Advisory Board1981-1987
46Alumni: Statistics 1989
46Biographical Information and Highlights of Activities 1974-1992
Boston Globe
46Book Festival1975-1982
46Dialogue Between Boston Globe and Concerned Black Persons 1980
46Boston School Committee n.d., 1989-1990
Busing Programs
46Hartford, CT: Project Concern (2 folders)1981-1982
46Inter-District Transfer Programn.d.
46Milwaukee, WI Public Schools (6 folders)1975-1990
46Rochester, NY: Urban-Suburban Transfer Program (2 folders)1974-1991
46Seattle, WA1985
46Calendars: Meetings and Events1987-1996
46California State Department of Education: Tinsley Model Schools Feasibility Study1989
46CEDYP (Print-A-Prize T-Shirts)n.d.
46Civil Rights Rap Video: Correspondence and Teacher's Guide1986-1987
46Computers 1992
46Black Urban Child Conference1985-1986
46National Committee for Desegregation 1985
46National Conference on Educating Black Children1987
46Religions and Lay Leaders on School Desegregation 1976
46To Create Quality Integrated Education 1977
46Voluntary Interdistrict Integration Conference: The METCO Story1982
46Wingspread Conference: Panel: "Managing an Interdistrict Desegregation Program"1987
46Continuation Process1980
46Contracts (Blank)n.d.
46-47Correspondence (18 folders)n.d., 1973-1992
47Book List 1976
47Planning Workshopn.d.
47Resources (4 folders)n.d., 1969-1991
47STEPS Program n.d.
47Dimock Community Health Center n.d., 1984-1991
47Directors' Association: Reports, Correspondence, Minutes 1984-1991
47Finance: Grants, Budget Info, Correspondence (9 folders)1966-1993
47Governance Board 1973-1974
47Interviewing Kitn.d., 1973
47Legal Cases (Restricted)1977, 1999
47Generaln.d., 1976
47"An Act Further Regulating the Attendance of Certain Children in Public Schools of Cities or Towns…"ca. 1969
47Boston Hearing on Desegregation1975
47Chapter 622 1975
47Chapter 766 (Special Education)1980, 1984
47Emergency School Aid Assistance Advisory Committee1977-1978
47Ethnic Heritage Studies Program—Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, Title IX1967-1974
47House Bill No. 3084: Education of Non-Resident Students 1979
47Massachusetts Department of Education: Correspondence, Student Advisory Council, Magnet Educational Programs (5 folders)1974-1992
47Massachusetts Legislators 1978
47Massachusetts State Office of Affirmative Actionn.d.
47METCO Working Group1990-1991
47Proposition 2 ½ 1978-1980
47Senator Edward Brooke 1975-1976
47United States Board of Education1971, 1988
47Universal Declaration of Human Rights: United Nations 1988
47Media Listn.d.
47METCO Vision Statement1991
47METCO Vision Task Force 1990
47Metropolitan Planning Project: Design of Learning Environments Components 1973
47Mission of Public Relations Departmentn.d.
47New Images: Correspondence re:1979-1984, 1990
47Action for Black Media 1975
47Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD)1977, 1987
47African American Federation of Greater Boston, Inc.1994
47American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay1991
47Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Inc. (5 folders)1975-1985
47Bedford League of Women Voters 1974
47Black Educators' Alliance of Massachusetts, Inc. 1978
47Boston Afro-American Artistsn.d., 1988
47Boston Center for International Visitors 1988
47The Boston Committee, 1986
47Boston Community Media Council, Inc. 1977
47Boston Indian Council, Inc.: Job Corps1988
47Boston Public Library: Black History Programs 1984-1992
47Citywide Parents' Advisory Council n.d.
47Community Criminal Justice Forum Committee 1980
47Cultural Education Collaborative 1979
47Dudley Street Neighborhood Corporation 1975
47Education Collaborative for Greater Boston (EdCo): Metropolitan Planning Project1980
47Freedom House, Inc. 1982-1985
47Greater Roxbury Chamber of Commerce1991
47Greater Roxbury Development Corporation 1975
47Handel and Haydn Society 1991
47League of Women Voters of Massachusetts1966
47Massachusetts Advocacy Center 1986-1989
47Massachusetts Board of Regional Community Colleges1977
47Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc.1990
47Massachusetts Fair Share 1977
47Massachusetts Federation for Fair Housing and Equal Rights1967
47Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency1990
47Massachusetts Negro Educators Association: Position Paper1970
47Massachusetts Teacher Associationn.d.
47Museum of Afro-American History (2 folders)1975-1991
47National Alliance of Business 1976
47National Association of Black Social Workers, Inc. 1977
47National Center for Afro-American Artists 1977
47Negro Airmen International 1979-1985
47New Urban League of Greater Boston 1969
47Opportunities Industrialization Centers of Greater Boston, Inc.1973
47Outstanding Young Men of America1982
47Project Concern1977, 1991
47Roxbury Multi-Service Center1971-1973
47Ruth M. Baston Educational Foundation1985
48Try-Arts Program 1981
48United Black Appeal1972
48Other (2 folders)1974-1989
48Parent Handbook1978-1980
48Handbook: Suggested Revisions1992
48Job Descriptions n.d., 1981-1990
48Lists 1987-1988
48Policies 1985
48Staff Meeting Minutes (2 folders)1972-1988
48Placement (4 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1975-1991
48Press Conference1989
48Questionnaire re: METCOn.d.
Reports, External
48Black Influentials in Boston 1989
48Early Cognitive Development of Black Children1988
48Harvard University Civil Rights Project1997
48The Impact of Competency Tests on Teacher Education: Ethical and Legal Issues in Selecting and Certifying Teachers1984
48School Climate and Racial Attitudes: A Case Study of White Secondary Students' Attitudes Toward a Voluntary Busing Program1976
48Search for Effective Schools: The Identification and Analysis of City Schools that are Instructionally Effective for Poor Children (by Ronald Edmonds)ca. 1980
48Summary of Community Plan to Decentralize the Boston School Department1973
48Summary of Report on Change in Academic Achievement for a Sample of Elementary School Childrenca. 1970
Reports, Internal
48Administration (4 folders)1988-1992
48Annual 1975-1976, 1984-1989
48End-of-Year 1988
48METCO, Inc. Review Team 1984
48Report on the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History1978-1984
48School Year 1996-1997 Enrollment Audit Preliminary Report to the State Department of Education1997
48Six Month Report of Metco, Inc. to the State Department of Education1995
48Schools: Boston (3 folders)1973-1989
48Student Services Department1990
48Students: Statistics, Graduates, Policies, Enrollment, Activities, Student Council (11 folders) (2 restricted)n.d., 1966-1991
Subject Files
48Affirmative Action1988-2000
48African American Colleges1980-1989
48African American Historical Figuresn.d.
48Black History Month1981
48Desegregationn.d., 1976
48Integrateducation, Newsletter1976
48Ku Klux Klan1981
48Martin Luther King, Jr. (2 folders)ca. 1985
48Minority Contractors n.d.
48White Racismn.d., 1970
48Summer Camp1992
48Summer Program: Exploration1985
48Summer School (2 folders)1971, 1990
48Superintendents and Coordinators Meetings1979
48Television: WBGH, Chicago Public Television, TV Proposals (4 folders)n.d., 1977
48Termination of Students 1984
48Transportation (4 folders)n.d., 1975-1991
48Tutorial Department1991-1992
Universities and Colleges
48Boston University1975
48Bradford College1980-1981
48Fitchburg State College1985
48Harvard University1981
48Lesley College1980
48Pine Manor College1988
48Roxbury Community College1983-1984
48Simmons College1977
48Ethnic Heritage Studies Project Workshop 1980
48METCO/CPPAX Workshop 1978
48Minority Involvement Program1978
48Sudbury Workshop1976
Jeannette Sanders
48Boston Public Schools Three Year Education Plan1992
48Executive Service Corps of New England, Inc.n.d.
48First Night Boston1997
48Steppingstone Foundation1996-1997
48Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, Inc.1993-1997
48Parent Orientation1994
48Parents Meeting (3 folders)1995-1996
48Scholarship Information1997
48Universities and Colleges: Bowdoin College (2 folders)1991-1996
48-49Resources: Community Events, Directories, Subject Clippings, Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorations (8 folders)n.d., 1974-1993
49Roxbury: Newspaper Clippings: Community Events, Resources, and Organizations (3 folders)1970's-1980's
School Department Newspaper Clippings1965-2003
49Acton – Belmont
50Beverly – Boston
51Boston – Chicopee
52Cohasset – Dedham
53Dover/Sherborn – Lexington
54Lexington – Lincoln/Sudbury
55Lincoln/Sudbury – Marblehead
56Marblehead – Needham
58Newton – Sharon
59Springfield – Walpole
60Waltham – Wellesley
61Wellesley – Winchester
62Winchester – Worchester
62School Volunteers for Boston 1982-1986
62Sports, METCO Students: Newspaper Clippings (10 folders)1967-1991
Visual Material and Media
62Parents (Audio Cassette)n.d.
62"Westwood 9th Graders and Weston 6th Graders" (Audio Cassette)n.d.
62Workshop, Walpole (Audio Cassette)n.d.
6210th Anniversary (Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape)1976
62"A Model for Reducing Racial Isolation," METCO Directors' Association (Beta Video Tape)1979
62Miller, Jeanette (Audio Cassette and 45 RPM Record)n.d., 1980
62Roundtree, Camille, Coordinator of the Hingham Racial Awareness Workshop; Parent Questions and Comments (Audio Cassette)1981
62"Operation Big Vote," P.S.A., Andrew Young (Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape and Magnetic Tape) (2 folders)ca. 1982
63Rosa Parks Day Care Center, Graduation (VHS Video Tape)1990
63"Places and Faces: A Catalyst for Community Change," Bedford-Lexington Area Branch (VHS Video Tape)1995
63Art Fairn.d.
63Arts Workshopn.d.
63Awards Ceremonyn.d.
63Black History Month: Kennedy Libraryn.d.
63Dance at Masonic Halln.d.
63Freedom House Workshopn.d.
63Jean Williams (Student) and Othersn.d.
63May Company Presents Afro-American Life and Historyn.d.
63New York Statler Hilton (Hotel)n.d.
63Schools: Dover-Sherbourne, Quincy-Dickeman, and Newtown (2 folders)n.d.
63Seaside Tripn.d.
63Students: Bus Tripn.d.
63Union United Methodist Churchn.d.
63Schools: Dover: Teachers Visiting Trotter School1976
63Christmas Party1977
63Schools: Lexington: Football Game1979
63Hemington, Phil: Studentsca. 1980, 1985
63Vanderhoop's, A. Minority Employment Symposium1980
63Association for the Study of African-American Life and History, Philadelphia1981
63Trip to Thayer Academy1981
63UMASS Boston Commencement1985
6320th Anniversary: Poster Contest1986
63Brookline 20th Anniversary Celebration1986
Photographs (Prints)
63, FF5/D6Events (3 folders)n.d.
63, FF5/D6McGuire, Jean (2 folders)n.d.
63Miller, Jeanetten.d.
63, FF5/D6Schools: Cohasset, Lincoln-Sudbury, Newton, Sudbury (4 folders)n.d.
63South End Youth Trainingn.d.
63, FF5/D7Students (5 folders)n.d.
63Operation Exodusn.d., 1964
63Bay State Banner1966-1968
63METCO and Milton Potluck Supper1969
63Students and Staff1971
63Needham High School Scholarship Benefit Concert1972
63Schools: Brookline and Hingham (2 folders)
63Parent Council1973
63Events: General, Pool Party, Prom (2 folders)1974
63Schools: Bedford, Cohasset1974
63Schools: Bedford, Brookline, Framingham (2 folders)ca.1975
63"Say Brother" Television Program1975
63Students and Parents1975
6310th Anniversary1976
63Boston Globe Book Festival1976
63Boston University Convention1976
63Fashion Show1976
63Freedom House Workshop1976
63, FF5/D7Milestone Jubilee (2 folders)1976
63Parents Council Scholarship Dance1976
63Oblate Center1976
63Schools: Birch and Pearl, Boston, Brookline, Lincoln-Sudbury, Woburn (5 folders)1976
63Beach Day1977
63Christmas Party1977
63Kite Festival1977
63Parents Council Scholarship Dance1977
63Sudbury Teacher Workshop, Tubman House1977
63Urban-Suburban Education1977
63"The Wiz," New York City1977
63Schools: Bedford, Brookline, Lucy Stone, Needham, Wayland (5 folders)1977
63Union-United Methodist Church1977
63Urban-Suburban Interdistrict Transfer Program1977
63Association for the Study of Afro-American History, Inc.1978
63Burke, James (Congressman) with Students1978
63Awards Night1978
63Board of Directors Meeting1978
63Christmas Party1978
63Disco/Fashion Show
63National Achievement Scholarship Award1978
63Parents Council Conference1978
63Wayland Awards Night1978
63Schools: Lincoln1978
63African American Arts in Schools1979
63Association for the Study of African-American Life and History New York Conference1979
63Black History Month, Marblehead and New Dudley Library1979
63Cecil Lytle Concert1979
63Directors' Association Meeting1979
63Easter Egg Hunt1979
63Family Outing1979
63Fashion Show and Disco1979
63Legislative Meetings1979
63Parents Council Christmas Party1979
63Spring Gospel Concert1979
63Student College Interview Session at Northeastern University1979
63Student Orientation1979
63Diakonische Akademie Students1979
63Harriet Tubman Museum: Machu Picchu1979
63Khaliq, Abdus Sami1979
63METCO T-Shirts1979
63School Board Election Party1979
63Schools: Cohasset, Lexington, Roxbury Latin, Sudbury, Trotter, Wayland (6 folders)1979
63Students and Parents1979
63Madison Park, Making Choices1980's
63Students (4 folders)1980's
64Citywide Educational Coalition Conference1980
64Lobby Day1980
64Staff Meeting1980
64Workshop: Minority Employment in Education1980
64Wayland Awards Night1980
64Johnson, Elizabeth1980
64Schools: Cohasset, Lincoln-Sudbury, Natick, Newton, Trotter (5 folders)1980
64Association for the Study of African American Life and History1981
64Events: Visit to Thayer Academy: Music and Dance (2 folders)1981
64Schools: Lincoln-Sudbury1981
64METCO Graduates Ceremony1982
64Student Orientation (2 folders)1982
64McGuire, Jean1982
64National Association for the Advancement of Colored People1982
64School Committee and City Council Inauguration 1982
64Schools: Brookline, Lexington (2 folders)1982
64Board of Directors1982-1983
64Schools: Wayland: Om Lawrence Ceremony1983
64Students and Staff1983
64Harrington, Phil (3 folders)1985
6420th Anniversary (3 folders)1986
64Brookline 20th Anniversary Celebration1986
64"A Night to Remember": Copley Marriott Hotel1988
64Schools: Melrose, Lincoln1991
64Summer School1993
64Town Meeting at Roxbury Community College2001
64Bentley College: McGuire, Jeanca. 2002
64Test Taking Workshopca. 2002
64Gubernatorial Forum (Democrat)2002
64Lobby Day2002
64Studentsn.d., 1975
64Schoolsn.d., 1991
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2. Placement , 1966-1999 (bulk 1975-1995)
Volume:53 cubic ft.

AlphabeticalOrganized into 2 subseries: A. Administrative Files; B. Student Records.

A. Administrative Files (3 cubic ft.), 1966-1999, consists of the records generated by METCO's Placement Department. These records include information on placement procedures and policies, automatic data processing, the continuation process, recruitment of minorities, and statistical data on enrollment and placement, special needs, ethnicity, finance. Also documented in this series is the interaction between the Department and the school districts. Correspondence between the Department and METCO parents and coordinators and information about students are listed alphabetically by school.

B. Student Records (50 cubic ft.) consists of the student records of METCO students, 1966-1999. The records include transcripts, applications for placement, continuation forms, and correspondence. Records for both matriculated and withdrawn students are included in this subseries. All student records are closed for 75 years. Please contact the University Archivist for more information.
A. Administrative Files
64Applicants (Restricted)1974-1976
Automatic Data Processing Center
64Overview of Systemn.d., 1974
64RETRO Transportation System (2 folders)ca. 1980
64Systems Manual Outlinen.d.
64Community Assignments 1976-1995
64Continuation Process (3 folders) (2 restricted)1977-1984
64Correspondence with Parents (Restricted)1980-1999
64Department Activity Time Line1992-1993
64Department Function and Servicesca. 1992
64Directories: Graduates and Students (10 folders)1974-1995
64English as Second Language1995
64Enrollment (2 folders)1966-1994
64Placement Manager (Michael Pleasant) (4 folders) (2 restricted)1989-1995
64Placement Officer (Letha Siggers)1983
64Placement Supervisor (Jacquelyn Moultrie) (2 folders) (Restricted)1975-1990
64Policies and Procedures (3 folders)n.d., 1972-1992
64Principalsn.d., 1968
64Proposals: Request for Proposals (RFP)1993
65Racial Imbalance in Boston Schools: Census1971
65Asian and Latino Population (2 folders)1994
65Minoritiesn.d., 1994
65Recruitment Specialist (Arnold C. Vanderhoop) (2 folders)1975-1980
65Report on Change in Academic Achievement for a Sample of Elementary School Children by Archibaldn.d.
65Referrals (Rstricted)1979-1995
65Rejection of School Districts by Parents1994
Reports, Internal
65Enrollment Audit Preliminary Report (3 folders)1995-1997
65Placement Department (10 folders)1977-1999
Research and Evaluation
65Academic Ability and Achievement of METCO students1966
65Application for Continuation Grant1967
65Director of Research and Evaluation (David Archibald)1968
65Evaluation Plan Objectivesca. 1992
65Grades and Achievement Data (Restricted)1967-1968
65Host Families (2 folders)ca. 1967
65Interviews (5 folders)1966-1967
65Questionnaires (4 folders)n.d., 1967-1968
65Progress Report1966
65Proposal: METCO and White Communities1968
65Results of METCO Service Questionnaire1966
65Sociometric (3 folders)n.d., 1966-1968
65Students (2 folders) (Restricted)n.d., 1967-1969
65-66Schools, A-W (82 folders) (Restricted)1966-1999
66Special Education (Restricted)1983-1987
66-67Statistics: Enrollment and Placement, Special Needs, Ethnicity, Finance (11 folders)1972-1995
67Student Information File Examplen.d.
67Students: Accepted, Not Accepted, Academic Performance (4 folders) (Restricted)1966-1991
67Testing (3 folders) (Restricted)n.d., 1968-1969, 1994
67Transfer Requests (2 folders)n.d., 1973-1995
67Transportation (2 folders)n.d., 1979
67Withdrawn Students (2 folders)1972
B. Student Records (Restricted)
67-68Original 2201966-1973
Matriculated Students
68-69School Districtn.d., 1974-1976, 1991
69-105Student Names1976-1995
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3. Curriculum , 1964-1997
Volume:1 cubic ft.


Series 3. Curriculum documents METCO's efforts to integrate a multi-cultural curricula into the METCO school districts. These efforts included the development of historical resources, studies on multi-cultural education, and workshops for students, staff, teachers and parents. Records include reports, correspondence, and curriculum and workshop materials. This series represents only a portion of the curriculum materials kept by METCO's Curriculum Department. It represents material created by METCO staff or relating to Boston. There is no longer a designated Curriculum Department within METCO, Inc.
117African American Book List for Host Families, Parents, and Students n.d., 1966-1975
African American Curriculum Materials
117African Americans in Congressn.d.
117Bibliographies (2 folders)n.d., 1968-1977
117Circle Associates Curriculum Development Projectn.d.
117Civil Rights Leadersn.d.
117Films and Film Strips1970's
117History Course Outlinen.d.
117Inventors Before 1900n.d.
117Martin Luther King, Jr.1985
117Test on Roxbury and Boston Historyn.d.
117Time Line of African American Historyca. 1970
117American History1973-1974
117Annual Report1974-1975
117Conference on Curriculum Materials for the Study of Black History (3 folders)1968-1969
118Curriculum Forecast: Programs1975-1976
Curriculum Specialist (Alexis Davis)
118Correspondencen.d., 1975
118Avenue Neighborhood Health Centern.d.
118Center for Inner City Studiesn.d.
118Lena Park1974
118Mattapan Housing Commission1974
118Metropolitan Cultural Alliance Education Projectn.d.
118Roxbury Multi-Service Center1974
118Governance Board: Department Representatives1973-1974
118Human Relationsn.d., 1974-1975
118Integrated Education: Report1974
118Lecture Series 1974, 1976
118Local Resourcesn.d., 1974
Massachusetts Department of Education
118Citizenship and Social Studies1975
118Education (2 folders)1975-1976
118Occupational Knowledge 1974
118History and Social Science Curriculum Framework1997
118METCO Celebrates the Arts Event1982
118METCO/ ESRA Collaboration1990-1992
118Minority Recruitment1973
118Mission of Department1974-1975
118Multicultural Education (2 folders)n.d., 1973-1994
118Nursery School: Ilse Mattickca. 1965
118Questionnairesn.d., 1970, 1995
118Self Evaluationn.d.
118Press Release1975
118Project CAM (Comprehensive Achievement Monitoring)1972
118Publishers and Disseminators of African American and Multicultural Educational Resources1974
118Religious Holidays: Meaning and Historyn.d.
Reports, External
118"Black History – Myth and Reality: An Approach to Teaching Black History at the Secondary Level"1978
118"Educators and the Racial Issue in Education" by Benjamin Solomon1968
118"History and Summary to Date of Wayne State University: Training Institute for Desegregated Education" by Annamarie Hayes1975
118"Minorities in the Curriculum: What's Happening Where" by Patricia Allen and Rita Weathersby1969
118"Racism in Education" by Charles Wilsonn.d.
118Resource Guide for Quality Integrated Education in the Greater Boston Area1976
118School Wide Communications Through Student Renewal: Curriculum Handbook1980
118Science Education1991-1993
118Skill Development by Grade Levelca. 1970
118STEPS Program 1991
118Superintendents' Luncheon1988
118Teacher Behavior1968
118Teacher Training Institute, ESAA Project (6 folders)1977-1979
118Universities and Colleges: Boston University and Northeastern University (2 folders)n.d., 1977
118Workshops: Student, Staff, Teacher, and Parent (4 folders)1970's-1989
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4. Student and Family Support Services, 1967-2003 (1974-1990)
Volume:7 cubic ft.


Series 4. Student and Family Support Services consists of materials documenting the services provided by METCO, Inc. to METCO students to support their academic and social needs. The Student and Family Support Services Department creates an academic and social support system for its students through programs aimed at establishing relationships between urban and suburban communities and parents and teachers, and through the provision of additional academic assistance such as summer school and tutoring programs. Among the services provided are career and academic counseling, adjustment counseling, tutorials, SAT and SSAT preparation courses, and financial aid counseling. Of note are the records pertaining to activities for students and families. Records of activities such as workshops, parent education series, and student activities such as student council are included here. Academic calendars, correspondence, summer school enrollment lists, handbooks for students and parents, tutorial reports, memoranda, tutoring and educational guides, tutee evaluations, minutes and agendas, summer school test results and reports comprise the materials. Student files, student tests, scholarship applications, tutoring records, all counseling department materials and select correspondence are restricted.
Activities for Students and Families
118General (2 folders)1976-1998
118Adolescent Girl Groupsn.d., 1976
118Black Respect Day1973-1977
118Family Day1993-1994
118Lecture Series1976
118Lobby Day1994, 1998
118General 1967-1997
118Parent Education Seminar Seriesn.d., 1981-1989
118Meetings and Calendars1968-2000
118Parent Orientation n.d., 1974-1994
118Student Advisory Committee1975
118Student Council1973-1977
118Student Orientation1979
118Trip to Africa1969
118Workshopsn.d., 1981-1989
Career and Academic Counseling
118Alumni: College Attendance1971, 1978-1990
118Barbe Reading Skills Checklist n.d.
118Boston Community Schooln.d.
118Boston High School Counselors1977
118Bridge-Upward Bound1977, 1998
Chapter 766 (Special Education)
118General (3 folders)1974-1987
119Core Evaluation Reviewn.d., 1974
119Regulations for the Approval of Private Special Education Schools to Serve Publicly Funded Studentsn.d.
119Collegen.d., 1977-2003
119Correspondence (3 folders) (Restricted)1975-1989
119Grade Point Average Forms for Boston Public Schools1981, 1989
119Issues with Students (Restricted)1979-1990
119Middle School Entrance Examination (ISEE) Prep Classes1994-1995
119Program of Assistance to Youth in School (P.A.Y.S.)1979
119Progress/Achievement Reports1988
119Standardized Test Preparation (Restricted)1977-1997
119Counseling (Restricted)
119Adjustment Counseling1980-1988
119Adjustment Counselor (Edna Jones)1981-1982
119Community Liaisons1976-1979
119Counseling Day1974
119, FF5/D7Counselors' Assigned Communities (2 folders)1987
119Guidance Counselor (Brenda Franklin)1981-1982
119Guidance Counselor (Carolyn M. Jackman)1981-1983
119Psychologist (Kenneth Boatner)n.d., 1974-1981
119Social Services1981
119Social Worker (Rita Jackson)n.d., 1975, 1979
119Department Functions and Servicesn.d.
119Department Minutes1987
Department Reports
119Annual Reports1978, 1985
119Counseling Department1975, 1979
119Student Services Department1988, 1994
119Tutorial Department1978-1981
119Essay Contest1977
Fund Raising and Scholarships
119Alumni and Scholarship Committees (5 folders)1976-1997
119Board of Directors Scholarship Applications, 1978-1987 (2 folders) (Restricted)1978-1987
119-120Scholarship Applications (200 folders)1976-1991
120Host Families and METCO Families1967-1978
120Job Descriptionsn.d.
120Student Achievements1988
120Student Services Manager (Qasim Abdul-Tawwab) (Restricted)1976-1990
Summer Camps
121Generaln.d., 1980-1990
121Wentworth Institute of Technology1990
Summer School
121General (10 folders)1976-1996
121Acceptance Letters (Restricted)1993
121Applications (non METCO) (Restricted)1993
121Applications for Admission (4 folders) (Restricted)1980, 1983, 1993
121Attendance (Restricted)1993
121Disciplinary Letters (Restricted)1987
121Elementary Summer School1986-1989
121Grades (Restricted)1981
121K-2 Final Tests (Restricted)n.d.
121Memoranda (Restricted)1988-1992
121Metropolitan Achievement Tests (10 folders) (Restricted)1988-1990
121Parent Teacher Association Meeting1988
121Parent Handbook1990, 1994
121Preliminary Design Proposaln.d., 1978
121Registration Information1993-1998
121-122Student Evaluations (by Grade) (7 folders) (Restricted)1990-1993
122Student Evaluations (Individual Students) (11 folders) (Restricted)1983
122-124Student Files (237 folders) (Restricted)1988
124Student List (Restricted)1990
124Summer Review: High School and Middle School (2 folders) 1988-1989
124Test Results (Restricted)1988
124Waiting List Form1993
Tutorial Files
124Final Report Formsn.d.
124Grades 1-3 (3 folders)n.d.
124Staff Memoranda (2 folders)1976-1992
124-125Student Files (189 folders) (Restricted)1988-1989
125Tutee Updates 1988-1989
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5. School District Support Services , 1961-2004 (bulk 1972-1990)
Volume:13.5 cubic ft.


Series 5. School District Support Services consists of records created by the coordinators of the school districts and records created by the individual school districts between 1961-2004.

Coordinators (1.5 cubic ft.) consists of records created by the individual coordinators between 1961-1996. These documents include: meeting information and minutes; surveys; correspondence; job descriptions; policies; and lists of coordinators for each school district. All coordinators' correspondence is restricted.

School Districts (12 cubic ft.), 1965-2004, is organized by school district into eight sections: Community Information/Activities; Correspondence; Curriculum; Meeting Minutes; Newsletters; Proposals; School Audits; and School Records. Community Information/Activities includes newspaper articles, flyers for activities, and information about towns including town meeting minutes and annual reports. Correspondence contains letters to and from METCO staff in individual school districts and also the correspondence of the superintendents. Curriculum includes information on an individual school district's curricula, particularly multicultural education curricula materials. Records concerning METCO's curriculum department's activities can be found in Series 3. Curriculum. Meeting Minutes includes the minutes of school district meetings as well as reports conducted by school boards and addressed during these meetings. Newsletters includes school newsletters. Proposals includes yearly requests for funding (grant proposals) and requests for new staff positions. School Audits contains lists of METCO students in attendance in each school district. School Records contains information about the schools, including: reports, school calendars, snow chains and school handbooks. It is important to note that this series not only documents the school districts where METCO currently operates or has operated; it also documents school districts that considered joining or attempted to join METCO but never became a functioning component of the educational program. At the end of this subseries are school profiles, which give an overview of each school system's operations.
A. Coordinators
125General (3 folders)n.d., 1976-1991
125-126Correspondence (23 folders) (Restricted)n.d., 1973-1996
126Job Descriptionsn.d., 1974-1996
126Lists (3 folders)n.d., 1970-1993
126Meetings: Agendas and Minutes (5 folders)n.d., 1961, 1974-1996
126Parent Contracts1976-1985
126Public Relations1988-1996
126Student Contracts1977-1989
B. School Districts (Some folders restricted)1965-1999
144Arlington – Belmont
126Bedford – Braintree
127Braintree – Concord/Carlisle
128Concord/Carlisle – Foxborough
129Foxbourough – Lexington
130Lexington – Lincoln/Sudbury
131Lincoln/Sudbury – Marblehead
132Marblehead – Needham
133Needham – Reading
134Reading – Wakefield
135Wakefield – Wayland
136Wayland – Weston
137Weston – Woburn
137School Profiles (2 folders)1986
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6. Transportation Department, 1975-2001
Volume:7 cubic ft.


Series 6. Transportation Department documents the internal operations of the department responsible for providing technical assistance and enforcing safety and discipline standards for all of the school districts. The Transportation Department regularly posts invitations to bid in local newspapers, distributes transportation bid packages to eligible vendors, and then awards contracts to the lowest bidder for certain districts. This process is well documented in this series. The majority of material documents the working relationship between the Transportation Department and the coordinators at each of the school districts. School district records document issues with late buses, safety concerns, disciplinary standards, requests for bus route changes, impact of inclement weather, specially chartered trips, and parental involvement. A significant amount of material relates to the internal functions of the department. The majority of these records were generated by the Director of Transportation, Lance Carter, and his staff. Records include monthly reports, transportation reports, memoranda, policies, and financial activities. Also included in the collection are business transactions with bus companies, daily bus operations, and relevant legislation. The vendor records pertain to bus maintenance, late buses, incorrect bus routes, radio upgrades, safety, and contracts. Of special interest is METCO's bidding process contracting transportation services for those districts that chose not to contract services on their own.
137General (7 folders)n.d., 1974-1995
137Bid Terms (3 folders)1982-1990
137Correspondence with Districts1991
137Department of Education1982
Transportation Bid Package
137General (5 folders)1987-1998
137Arlington and Cohasset (2 folders)1993-1999
138Charter Request Forms1988-2002
138Drivers (Restricted)1975-1990
138Inspectionn.d., 1986
138Monitors (2 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1981-1991
138Routes (7 folders)1975-1998
138Safety Resourcesn.d., 1972-1992
138Stop Change Applications1980-1993
138Contracts with Districts (7 folders)n.d., 1977-1992
138Department Organization and Missionn.d., 1988
Director of Transportation (Lance Carter)
138Assistant Director of Transportation (3 folders)1977, 1986-1992
138Correspondence (6 folders)n.d., 1978-1996
138Massachusetts Association for Pupil Transportation1990
138Legislative Committee1997
138Staff1984-1988, 1999
138Memoranda (2 folders)n.d., 1977-1998
138Transportation Study Teamn.d., 1983
138Budget (2 folders)n.d., 1982-1991
139Calculated Transportation Costs by School (8 folders)n.d., 1978-1996
139Contract Community Checklists n.d., 1988-1995
139Expenditure Analysis/Reviews (4 folders)n.d., 1988-1996
139Expenditure Reports to Schools (13 folders)1988-2000
139Gasoline Prices1980
139Late Runsn.d., 1977, 1988
139Douglas Case (2 folders) 1987-1990
139Massachusetts General Lawsn.d., 1977, 1986-1991
139Metropolitan District Commission1982-1985
139Newspaper Clippingsn.d., 1984-1989
139Bus Behaviorn.d., 1975-1977
139Discipline (2 folders) (Restricted)n.d., 1981-1992
139Fiscal Policies and Procedures1995
139"Guidelines to School Transportation Services in Massachusetts (Mass. Dept. of Education)"1975
139Program Regulations for Parents n.d., 1977
139Report Formsn.d.
139Reports (External): "Cost Analysis on the Effect of an Additional $3 Million on Metro-West METCO Communities"2001
Reports (Internal)
139"Centralized Transportation for the METCO Program"1979
139Incident Reports (5 folders) (1 restricted)1982-1995
140"METCO Transportation"ca.1979
140METCO Transportation System at Mid-Year1978
140Monthly Reports (3 folders)n.d., 1977-2000
140Transportation Reports (6 folders)1975-1987
140Calendars and Schedulesn.d., 1980-1991
140Cancellations and Snow Chains (2 folders)n.d., 1984-2000
140Identification Verification Forms (7 folders)1985-1993
140-142Schools (83 folders) (32 restricted)1975-2001
142Staff Car1977-1979
142Transportation Planning Systems Manualn.d., 1980
142Independent Contractingn.d., 1983-1985
142Listsn.d., 1976-1977, 1989-1990
142Performance (2 folders)1988-1990
142Survey (2 folders)n.d., 1987-1989
142AA Transportation1997-2000
142André Motor Coachn.d., 1987-1990
142Arlex Taxin.d., 1989
142Arnold Transportation Inc. 1976-1980
142Auto Bus, Inc. (3 folders)1980-1990
143Boise Bus Companyn.d., 1982-1985
143Bruce Transportation1999
143Commonwealth Coach1981-1983
143Dee Bus Service (2 folders)1992-2003
143Doherty Garage, 1977-1989
143Eastern Bus Company2003
143Laidlaw Transit, Inc.1995-2000
143Michaud Bus Lines, Inc. (6 folders)n.d., 1976-1978, 1987-2000
143M.S. Merritt Transportation1984-1991
143National School Bus Service1987-1990
143Taxi Companiesn.d., 1977-1990
143Totman Enterprises (2 folders)1983-2000
143Vocell Bus Company (3 folders)1995-2003
143W & D Equipment Corporation (6 folders)1987-2001
143Waltham Transit Company1988-1990
143Weagle Bus Companyn.d., 1987-1996
143Zurriyat Transportation1999-2000
143Other (3 folders)n.d., 1976-1996
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