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Collection Overview
Title:Roxbury Multi-Service Center records
Location Code:60/1, 61/4, FF5/D2
Reference Code:M109
Extent:30 cubic ft. (30 boxes and 1 flat file drawer)
Scope and Content Abstract:The Roxbury Multi-Service Center (RMSC) collection documents the center's efforts to make Roxbury an economically viable community and to provide social and mental health services to individuals. Topics include the physical and economic development of the Roxbury neighborhood; neighborhood activism and organization; community relations; anti-crime and violence prevention; affordable housing; youth programs, including summer camp; academic enrichment; employment counseling and training; urban development; public policy formation; and social service delivery. Topics concerning public health issues, such as alcoholism, drug addiction and homelessness; sexual assault awareness; school busing; racial and educational inequality in Boston Public Schools; and the experience of African American children in Boston Public Schools are also covered. This collection includes the records of the executive directors; Board of Directors meeting minutes, committee and program reports and correspondence; grant proposals and contracts; program descriptions, reports and statistical information; organizational charts; development and public relations records; and audio-visual material and memorabilia.
Historical Abstract:RMSC is a social service agency modeled after the 19th century settlement house where all client services were located under one roof. It began as a three-year demonstration project in 1964 to provide services to the Roxbury and North Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston. From its inception, the mission of RMSC has been to offer programs and services designed to empower the residents of Roxbury and North Dorchester to become economically and socially self-sufficient. RMSC was originally funded by government and private sources including the City of Boston, Action for Boston Community Development, the United Way, the Ford Foundation, and the Permanent Charity Fund.
Arrangement:Organized into 7 series: 1. Administration; 2. Board of Directors; 3. Executive Directors; 4. Programs; 5. Grants and Contracts; 6. Outside Organizations; 7. Audio-visual and Memorabilia.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Allen, Zuline Gray
  • Anderson-Chase, Marilyn
  • Bell, Vanessa
  • Carrington, Shirley
  • Cuthbert, Gertrude
  • Folly, Richard
  • Gadson, Brenda
  • Jones, Hubert T.
  • Lovelace-Graham, Valerie
  • Millett, Ricardo
  • Samuels, Milton
  • Swan, Dawn
  • Warren, Joseph
  • Wilson, Percy

  • La Alianza Hispania (Boston, Mass.)
  • Roxbury Multi-Service Center (Boston, Mass.)
  • Action for Boston Community Development

  • Academic achievement -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • African American neighborhoods -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • African American youth -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Busing for school integration -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Community development -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Community mental health services -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Community organization -- Massachusetts – Boston
  • Crime prevention -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Citizen participation
  • Crime prevention -- Massachusetts -- Boston --Youth participation
  • Crisis intervention (Mental health services) -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Emergency housing -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Gang prevention -- Massachusetts -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Housing -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Housing rehabilitation -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Legal assistance to the poor -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Sex instruction -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Social service -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Urban beautification -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Urban homesteading -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Youth development -- Massachusetts -- Boston

Access Restrictions:Files containing client information are restricted for 75 years from the date of their creation. Please contact the University Archivist for more information.
Copyright Restrictions:Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the University Archivist.
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La Alianza Hispana records (M55).

"The Way We Go To School: the Exclusion of Children in Boston," by The Task Force on Children out of School (Snell Archives Faculty and Related Publications LC4093.B6 T3 1971).

The Archives and Special Collections Department capture the website content of the Roxbury Multi Service Center, which is accessible at*/

Processor: This collection was processed with funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Finding aid prepared by Kimberly Reynolds, with the assistance of Zachary Enright and Susan Martin, November 2005. Finding aid updated by Abigail Cramer, October 2012.

Scope and Content Note

The Roxbury Multi-Service Center (RMSC) collection documents the center's efforts to make Roxbury an economically viable community and to provide social and mental health services to individuals. Topics include the physical and economic development of the Roxbury neighborhood; neighborhood activism and organization; community relations; anti-crime and violence prevention; affordable housing; youth programs, including summer camp; academic enrichment; employment counseling and training; urban development; public policy formation; and social service delivery. Topics concerning public health issues; alcoholism and drug addiction; homelessness; sexual assault awareness; school desegregation (Box 3, Folders 1-4); racial and educational inequality in Boston Public Schools (Boxes 2-4, Folders 18-51, 1- 23, and 1- 8); and the experience of African American children in Boston Public Schools (Box 2-4, Folders18-51, 1- 23, and 1- 8) are also covered.

The major types of material are agreements between RMSC and outside organizations; consultant correspondence and reports; grant proposals and contracts; and program descriptions, reports, and statistics.

Materials not found in this collection include the report, "The Way We Go To School: the Exclusion of Children in Boston," by The Task Force on Children out of School. This is, however, located in Snell Archive's faculty and related publications collection (LC4093.B6 T3 1971). Also, Board of Directors minutes from 1985 are missing and minutes from 1992-1998 are incomplete. Other materials not found include annual reports from the years 1967, 1970, 1975-1978, 1983-1984, 1985, and 1987-2001.

Historical Note

Since 1630, the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston has been an integral part of the city, first for its farms, then as a strong hold during the Revolutionary War. In the 18th century, Roxbury was a fashionable suburb, and in the 19th century jobs were created and the economy was strengthened by the mill industry. From the 1920s through the 1940s, Roxbury was a thriving commercial district full of department stores, theaters, and hotels. After World War II, African Americans from the South migrated by the thousands into the urban areas of the North, and Roxbury became the center of the African American community in Boston. By the time Boston began its urban renewal program in the early 1960s, Roxbury's economy had fallen into decline causing high unemployment, inadequate housing, and underperforming schools.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy created the President's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime. Its goal was "to establish a direct link between the Federal Government and city, by-passing the state, to define and relieve urban pathology. The committee sought to work within the context of already established local agencies" ("Natural History of a Professional Reform Organization: Roxbury Multi-Service Center," Box 1, Folder 6). In 1962, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) grew out of Boston's mayor's office specifically to handle the problems encountered by those communities directly affected by the economic and social problems created by the city's urban renewal projects. Concurrently, the Ford Foundation was actively exploring ways in which to improve the social conditions of underprivileged youth by funding numerous social action programs.

These were the conditions under which representatives from ABCD, the United Way, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the City of Boston, and the Roxbury-North Dorchester community, began to develop " a plan for a direct service project which would provide, from a neighborhood base, a multiplicity of health, welfare and related services" ("Natural History of a Professional Reform Organization"). The result of their work, "The Boston Youth Opportunity Project: a report and a proposal," was submitted by ABCD to the President's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime in December 1963. In November 1964, Roxbury Multi-Service Center was incorporated. Original incorporators included Elma Lewis, Harry Elam, Louis White, Lois Clemente, and John D. O'Bryant. In December 1964, RMSC opened on 317 Blue Hill Avenue.

During its first three years of operation, RMSC was devoted to stabilizing families in crisis by providing case-by-case intervention for both families and individuals. The goal in 1964 was to demonstrate " that a variety of services could be integrated and coordinated under one roof and one administrative structure, resulting in the elimination of the fragmentation of individuals and families among a variety of social welfare and mental health agencies" ("Proposal for the Development of the Roxbury Multi-Service Center Over the Next Five Years: 1969-174," Box 1, Folder 68). Initial programs were designed to respond to clients' immediate needs. These core programs were employment counseling and training, home development, neighborhood improvement, and assessment and counseling services. The assessment and counseling program provided individual, group, and family therapy, job counseling and training, and emergency financial assistance. In 1967, Hubert Jones, who replaced the first executive director, Gertrude Cuthbert, believed that the completion of the demonstration phase signaled a significant shift from the center's case-by-case intervention approach. Convinced that poverty was the root of the neighborhood's inability to overcome the social and economic barriers it was confronted with, the next generation of the RMSC's leaders began to create programs that focused on both developing the community of Roxbury and responding to the needs of its residents.

In 1968, RMSC initiated its first community based program, the Sav-More Association. The purpose of this program was to improve the 17 block Savin and Moreland Street neighborhood and its residents by helping them develop the skills to compete for the financial and educational resources to which they had been denied access. By including residents in the problem solving process, a major neighborhood clean-up was accomplished and the Sav-More Teen Council was formed. These teen workers became active in many aspects of their neighborhood, including planning and implementing social activities for the neighborhood's youth. The Teen Council grew into the Teen Educational Center and eventually evolved into the Youth Development Center, which is still in existence.

RMSC's philosophy of community and individual self-determinism was put into action through two types of programs: one aimed at community development and the other focused on individual needs. Community development programs included housing rehabilitation and ownership, tenant advocacy programs, and crime and safety programs. Individual needs programs included assessment and counseling, the Day Activity program for residents with mental health needs, the Reading Skills Lab, and a summer camp program.

From the beginning, RMSC was an advocate for the community and for educational opportunity. Working together with the Sav-More Association, RMSC was successful in preventing the Mobile Gas Company from tearing down a six-family house to replace it with a gas station. Concerned about the reports the staff was hearing from parents about their children's experiences in school, RMSC organized the Task Force on Children. For over two years, this group, lead by Hubert Jones, investigated the performance of the Boston Public Schools, and in 1971, they published the report, "The Way We Go To School: the Exclusion of Children in Boston," (LC4093.B6 T3 1971), which was the catalyst for change in local and national education laws. In 1974, RMSC played an important role in school desegregation when it was called upon to staff school buses and to monitor South Boston High and Hyde Park High, the two most volatile schools.

Throughout the 1980s, RMSC continued to implement programs that responded to the needs of individuals and programs to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. These programs included the Family House Shelter for homeless families (the first shelter of its kind in Massachusetts), the Minority Student Retention Program at Boston Latin and Boston Prep high schools, the Housing Rehabilitation and Sales program, and the Boston Safe Neighborhood program. In 1980, RMSC began to collaborate with the Educational Counseling Committee (EEC), which was begun in 1949 when the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People determined that not enough Black high school graduates were attending college because of the high cost of secondary education. From 1949 to 1980, the EEC provided educational counseling and financial assistance to Black students in the Boston area. In 1989, RMSC assumed management of EEC and the EEC college scholarship program became the Roxbury Multi-Service Scholarship.

By the 1990s, the Blue Hill Ave. beautification project Green on Blue was in operation as were the Housing Counseling Program, and Project R.I.G.H.T. (Rebuild and Improve Grove Hall Together), which focused on the revitalization of the Grove Hall area of Roxbury. The John D. O'Bryant Community Youth Center was established in 1993 to provide educational and job training programs, anti-violence programs, and leadership development programs.

Between 1993 and 1997, RMSC experienced five executive and interim directors. This instability, together with reoccurring administrative weaknesses and a financial deficit, caused the Board and staff of RMSC to examine all aspects of the organization. From December 1997 to May 1998, a management team comprised of staff members and led by Vanessa Bell was responsible for day-to-day operations. With the help of management consultants from CommonGround, a transition plan was developed and Brenda Gadson was chosen to lead RMSC into its 40th decade.

1964RMSC founded as three-year demonstration project funded by the Ford Foundation, the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the United Sates Office of Economic Opportunity, and The Boston Foundation.
1967RMSC staff identifies poverty as a major problem in the Roxbury community.
1971The Task Force on Children report, "The Way We Go To School: the Exclusion of Children in Boston," is published, which results in Massachusetts and the federal government declaring that every child has the right to have educational needs met at public expense.RMSC provides administrative support to the Ecumenical Center of Roxbury.RMSC organizes the Sav-More Association, made up of residents committed to improving the quality of life in their neighborhood.
1972RMSC responds to the problems of the Spanish speaking population of Roxbury by sponsoring La Alianza Hispana, a "one stop" multi-service center located on Dudley Street.
1973RMSC is asked by the City of Boston's Department of Youth Services to begin a Temporary Shelter Program.RMSC is asked by the City of Boston's Department of Public Health to submit a proposal to train minority graduate students in mental health and the Commonwealth Fellows program is developed.
1974RMSC provides support for children and families during desegregation of Boston Public Schools and serves as the City of Boston's liaison to South Boston High School. Staff members provide training for teachers on race relations.RMSC and Lena Park discuss possible joint venture.
1978RMSC's Day Activity Program begins with working agreements between Dorchester Mental Health Clinic and the Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center.
1979The RMSC Reading Skills Laboratory operates out of a firehouse located at 424 WarrenStreet and provides intensive after-school tutorial program for youth grades 4-12.
1982RMSC creates program designed specifically for Viet Nam veterans.
1984RMSC establishes a food pantry where neighborhood youth volunteer.
1987RMSC needs assessment results: services for youth, families and elderly need expansion.
1990RMSC collaborates with Freedom House, Harvard Street Community Health Center, and Lena Park Community Center to form the Boston Youth Development Project aimed at enhancing youth's self-esteem, self-confidence, educational achievements and health.
1991RMSC receives the City of Boston's Public Facilities Department funding to clear vacant lots along Blue Hill Avenue. Youth are hired and trained in landscaping. The Green on Blue projects are launched.
1992RMSC initiates collaborative discussions to organize Project Rebuild and Improve Grove Hall Together (R.I.G.H.T.), a community based initiative to promote safety, community health, and economic programs for children and their families. RMSC commits to rebuilding Roxbury through action with Blue Hill Ave Task Force and Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative.
1994RMSC establishes the Multi-Cultural Institute, a therapeutic model that focuses on providing treatment based on culturally sensitive issues.
1997RMSC Board and staff examine the viability of existing programs and engage in a planning process that will change the strategic direction and structure for RMSC's future.
Chronology of Directors
1964-1965Gertrude Cuthbert
1965-1971Hubert T. Jones
Oct-Sep 1971Florence Gerber (Interim Director)
1971-1978Percy Wilson
1978-1983Marilyn Anderson
Mar-Sep 1983Dawn Swan (Interim Director)
1983-1985Ricardo Millett
Sept-Dec 1985Emerson Davis (Interim Director)
1986-1993Shirley Carrington
Feb-Mar 1993Robert Persley (Interim Director)
1993-1995Valerie Lovelace
Jan-Aug 1995Richard Folly (Interim Director)
1995-1997Zuline Gray Allen
Apr-Dec 1997Milton Samuels (Interim Director)
Dec 1997-May 1998Vanessa Bell (Interim Director)
1998-2005Brenda Gadson
2005 Claudia Smith-Reid

Annual Reports, 1965-1989, Box 2, Folders 1-3.

Board of Director Minutes, Boxes 2-4, Folders 17-32.

Boston Landmarks Commission website:

Brief Report on the Roxbury Multi-Service Center for 1967, Box 1, Folder 2.

Brief Report on the Roxbury Multi-Service Center for 1968, Box 1, Folder 2.

Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Inc., Report of Operations, January 1-December 31, 1965, Box 1, Folder 8.

Roxbury Multi-Service Center, Inc., Overview, 1994, Box 2, Folder 69.

Swan, Dawn. " Natural History of a Professional Reform Organization: Roxbury Multi-Service Center"," (n.d.) Box 2, Folder 6.

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1. Administration, 1965-2000
Volume:1 cubic ft.



This series documents RMSC's founding; development and public relations activities, such as anniversary celebrations and the annual MLK, Jr. breakfast; human resources operations; and renovations of 317 Blue Hill Ave. Records include agency by-laws and articles of incorporation, diversity data, articles about RMSC written by staff members, consultant reports, strategic planning reports, program descriptions, RMSC and staff newsletters, organizational charts, demographic and census information, and needs assessment reports.Of special interest are three reports. Gertrude Cuthbert's "Report of Operations: January 1 1965-December 31, 1965," the first report of its kind, provides more detail than the annual report, including areas of strength, weakness and agency wide strategies. Hubert Jones's "Proposal for the Development of RMSC," identifies poverty as the major problem encountered by the residents of Roxbury and sets forth specific ways in which RMSC and residents can work together to alleviate the problem. The 1998 watershed report, commissioned by the Board of Directors after the agency was restructured, includes the results of consultant's findings based on interviews they conducted of 100 Roxbury residents regarding RMSC's position in the community. Also of interest are recommendations for RMSC's programs, staff and operations, and the executive director's summary of programs.

1Administrative and Service Delivery Assessmentn.d.
1Affirmative Action Plann.d., 1983
1Agency By-Lawsn.d.
1Agency Diversity Datan.d.
Agency History
1General (2 folders)n.d., 1967-1985
1Mission and Philosophyn.d.
1Report of Operations1965-1966
1Articles of Organization1964
1Awards and Certificatesn.d., 1987-1990
1Boston Youth Development Project Staff Training1993
FF5/D2Certificate: Official Citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts1984
1Client Intake Informationn.d., 1970, 1974
1Cabinet Meeting Minutes1981-1982
1Hospitality Committee1987, 1992
1Personnel Committee (3 folders)1965, 1996
1Community Volunteer Office Proposal1997
Common Ground Project
1General (2 folders)1996-1999
1Curriculum (2 folders)1996-1997
1RMSC Workplan1996
1Document Development, Inc. Long Range Strategic Planning1981-1985
1Solutions for the Third Sector: Watershed Report1998
1Training and Organization Development Report1985
1Agency Advertisingn.d., 1988-1990
1Blank Donation Cardsn.d.
1Contributions (2 folders)1977-1998
125th Anniversary Celebration (3 folders)1988-1989
130th Anniversary Gala1993-1994
1Alumni Reception1989
1Annual Awards Banquet1975-1983
1Annual Meetingsn.d., 1993-1997
1Anti-Violence Conference1994
1Gala Planning Committee Minutesn.d., 1989
1John Amos Visit1989
1Kwanzaan.d., 1994
1Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast1986-1990
1Neighborhood Eventsn.d., 1988-1993
1Silent Auctionn.d., 1992
1Tramaine Hawkins Concert1990-1991
1Foundation Information Sheets1989
1Fundraising Outside: Agenciesn.d., 1988-1992
1Fundraising Budgets1987-1989
1New Logon.d.
1Executive Directors' Resumesn.d.
1Job Descriptions (2 folders)n.d., 1978, 1996
1Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, Division of Public Charities, Annual Report1994
1Needs Assessment Reports1982-1995
1New Cases1985
1New Hire Packet1989
1Newsletters (2 folders)1985-1994
1Organizational Charts1983-1996
1Profiles/Census: RMSC Service Areas (3 folders)n.d., 1988-1992
1Program Descriptionsn.d., 1988-1996
1Proposal for the Development of RMSC1969-1974
Public Relations
1Agency Profiles (2 versions)1994
1Newspaper Articles1967, 1988-1992
1Press Releases1988-1994
1Renovations, 317 Blue Hill Avenue1977-1980
1RMSC Central Artery Employment Seminar1989
2Staff Development Training1990-1991
2Staff Handbook (5 folders)1976-1997
2Staff List1985
2Staff Meetings1976-1998
2Staff Retreat1993
2Strategic Planning Reports (2 folders)1983-1995
2Volunteers1981-1982, 1995
2Wang Disk Pack (Unidentified)n.d.
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2. Board of Directors, 1969-2002
Volume:3 cubic ft.



This series consists of annual reports and Board of Directors records. Annual reports are written by the executive director and provide an overview of the agency's programs, funding, special events, and future plans. Annual reports are included for the years 1965-1967, 1970, 1975-1978, 1983-1984. Reports are missing from the years 1967, 1970, 1975-1978, 1983-1984, and 1985. Board records include monthly, special, and annual meeting materials; minutes of board and staff committees; executive director, transition, consultant, and auditor reports; financial, income, and expenditure statements; and balance sheets, budgets, and salary information. By-laws, amendments, certificates, licenses, and the purchase records of RMSC's property are also included. Board of Directors minutes date from 1969-1998. Minutes from 1985 are missing; however, minutes from the June 18th meeting are on audio cassette and can be found in Box 29. Minutes from 1992-1998 are incomplete.

The Board of Directors minutes contain a wealth of information that is not found elsewhere in the collection. The minutes document RMSC's finances, status of grant proposals and programs, personnel issues, development and public relations actions, and RMSC's 1998 reorganization. They also document RMSC relationships with outside agencies, including the African American Federation, ABCD, the Boston Public Schools, Ecumenical Center of Boston, La Alianza Hispania, and the Black United Front. Also covered is RMSC's political and social activism, including its support of the Black Panther Party, participation in the City of Boston's school desegregation effort, role in the development and creation of La Alianza Hispana, possible merger with the Ecumenical Center of Roxbury, and reasons for creating the Task Force on Children out of School. The minutes from 1991-1992 reflect the various funding cutbacks to social service agencies and ways in which RMSC responded to them. Program reports are included throughout the minutes providing a continuous narrative of the evolution of RMSC's programming from 1969-1991, which is not included in Series 4. Programs.

Of special interest is Shirley Carrington's transition report, which provides a concise but thorough overview of the state of the agency in 1992. Also included is Frieda Garcia's testimony in front of the United States Commission on Civil Rights (Box 2, Folders 24 and 41), Ana Maria Diamond's statement before the United States Commission on Civil Rights (Box 2, Folder 42), and testimony given by Hubert Jones to the House Ways and Means Committee on the welfare backlash (Box 2, Folder 43). The center's "Manual for Operations in a Community Crisis," (Box 2, Folder 28) and personnel policy and practice manuals are also located in this series.

2Annual Reports (3 folders)1965-1989
2Attendance Sheets1970
2Board Institute Inside View of RMSC1968
2Committee Rosters1970
2Directorsn.d., 1965-1985
2-4Minutes (78 folders)1969-1998
4Rostersn.d., 1965-1992
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3. Executive Directors, 1970-2000
Volume:13 cubic ft.

Chronological by director; alphabetical within subseries.Organized into 9 subseries: A. Marilyn Anderson-Chase; B. Ricardo Millett; C. Shirley Carrington; D. Valerie Lovelace-Graham; E. Richard Folly; F. Zuline Gray Allen; G. Milton Samuels;H. Vanessa Bell; I. Brenda Gadson.


This series documents the administrative functions of the executive directors, including the implementation of RMSC's programs, its daily operations, and its partnerships and agreements with affiliated organizations, and city, state, and federal government. Also documented are RMSC's various reorganization efforts, program planning and implementation, and development and public relations efforts. This series includes Affirmative Action and diversity reports; consultant correspondence and reports; financial statements and auditors reports; program descriptions, reports, and statistics; and grant proposals and contracts. Included are scattered minutes and newsletters from local and affiliated organizations, such as the Black Political Task Force, the Boston Panel of Agency Executives, and the African American Federation, and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative. The RMSC Board of Directors minutes in this series contain annotations and are incomplete. See Series 2 for complete minutes. Also scattered throughout this series are grant proposals and contracts. See Series 5, Grants and Contracts for a complete set.

A. Marilyn Anderson-Chase (.5 cubic ft.), 1978-1983, includes progress reports; grant proposals and contracts; and development and public relations material. Highlights include campaign material, candidate endorsements, and meeting minutes from the Black Political Task Force; the Freedom House Institute on Schools and Education report entitled, "Capsule History of Legal Matters Connected in Desegregation in the Boston Public Schools, 1961-1982;" and Anderson-Chase's notes from the Joseph Warren Commission. The Joseph Warren Commission was a political advocacy group which sought to improve socio-economic conditions for minorities and to endorse candidates who would focus on minority needs.

B. Ricardo Millett (.5 cubic ft.), 1983-1985, includes correspondence, consultant reports, program proposals, and descriptions.

C. Shirley Carrington (5 cubic ft.), 1986-1993, includes agreements with affiliated organizations, correspondence, grant proposals and contracts, development and public relations material, RMSC newsletters and newsletters from outside organizations, reports from program directors, program descriptions, and statistics. Highlights include records from the Boston Housing Partnership, the Boston Panel of Agency Executives, and Housing Strategies and RMSC, Part II.

D. Valerie Lovelace-Graham (2.5 cubic ft.), 1993-1995, includes correspondence, agreements with affiliated organizations, consultant reports, grant proposals and contracts, development and public relations material, reports from program directors, program descriptions, statistics, and newsletters from outside organizations. Highlights include the Conference on Violence, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, and Freedom House, Inc.

E. Richard Foley (.1 cubic ft), 1995, includes contracts and development material.

F. Zuline Gray Allen (3 cubic ft.), 1995-1997, includes correspondence, consultant reports, grant proposals and contracts, development and public relations material, and newsletters from local social justice organizations. Highlights include documents from the African American Education Committee, the African American Federation, and Dorchester CARES Coalition for Families and Children.

G. Milton Samuels (5 cubic ft.), 1997, includes correspondence, development material, grant proposals, and program reports.

H. Vanessa Bell (.1 cubic ft.), 1997-1998, includes consultant correspondence, development records, and program reports.

I. Brenda Gadson (.5 cubic ft.), 1998-2005, records from 1998-1999 include agreements with affiliated organizations, consultant reports, development material, and program proposals and reports. Highlights include records from Dorchester Community Services Collaborative, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, and Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall.

A. Anderson-Chase, Marilyn, 1978-1983
5Action for Boston Community Development (2 folders)1976-1982
5Black Media Club1978
5Black Political Task Force (2 folders)n.d., 1980-1984
5Board of Directors: Six Month Progress Report1978
5Boston Compactn.d., 1982
5Boston Summer Jobs Collaborative1982
5Cable TV1982
5Community Agency Listingsn.d.
5Consultants: Document Development Inc.1988
5Day Activity Program1978-1980
5Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare1981
5Correspondence (4 folders)1978, 1982
5Development: Report: Fiscal Re-Organization1978
5Freedom House Institute on Schools and Educationn.d.
5Just Housing Resource Center (Josephine/Geneva Receivership)n.d., 1982
5Neighborhood Buildings: Boarded and Demolished1982
5Boston Latin Collaborativen.d.
5Day Activity Program1979
5Monthly Reports1982
5Yes Students1979
5Project Concern1982
5Fast Food Training Program1979-1980
5Jobs for Youthn.d., 1980
5United Way1982
5Public Relations: Media1978-1980
5Replacement/Transit Improvement Study1982
5Warren Commission (Joseph)1982
B. Millett, Ricardo, 1983-1985
520th Anniversary1984
5Action for Boston Community Development (3 folders)1983-1985
5Agreement: Division of Employment Security (Testing Services)1983
5Black Political Task Force1970, 1982-1986
5Board of Directors: Transition Memo1985
FF5/D2Certificate: Appointment to the Massachusetts Affirmative Action Advisory Board1983
5City of Boston (2 folders)1984
5Coalition for Choice1984
5Associated Grantmakers1983-1984
5Strategic Planning1984
5Boston Public Schools1983
5Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (3 folders)1983-1985
5Senior Center1980-1985
5United Way: Special Fund Quarterly Report1984
5Freedom of Choice Desegregation Plan1983
5Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition1984
5Massachusetts Department of Youth Services: Affirmative Action Report1984
5Permanent Charity Fund1983
5Commonwealth Fellows1985
5Computer Camp1983
5Day Activity Program1983-1985
5Family House Shelter1985
5Quincy-Geneva Housing Development Corporation1985-1986
5Monthly Reports1984-1985
5Urban Homesteading Programn.d., 1983
5Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education1984
5Massachusetts Department of Social Services1983-1985
5Riley Foundation1984, 1985
5Summer Programs1984
5Ray Flynn Transition Committeen.d., 1983
5Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan Teen Pregnancy Coalition1985
5St. Joseph Community Schooln.d., 1982-1984
5United Community Planning Corp. (2 folders)1983-1985
5Urban League1984
C. Carrington, Shirley, 1985-1993
525th Anniversaryn.d., 1989
5Action for Boston Community Development (7 folders)n.d., 1986-1993
5Adapt Inc.1986
5Ad Lab: RMSC Campaign Creative Projectn.d., 1990-1991
5Affirmative Fair Market Guidelines (Restricted)n.d., 1988
5Action for Boston Community Development1985-1987
5Dimock Community Health Centern.d., 1985, 1987
5Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Centern.d.
5Group Trainingn.d., 1986
6Metro Boston Community Services Network1992
6Roxbury Community Health Center1991
6Alliance for Young Families1986
6Annual Meeting1990
6Anticrime Plann.d., 1989
6Beauford/Dacia Housing Limited Partnership1990
6Blockwatch Network1987-1990
6Board of Directors (18 folders)n.d., 1984-1992
6Boston Against Drugs1990
6Boston Compactn.d., 1985-1986
6Boston Dropouts, Planning a Community Responsen.d., 1986
6Boston Healthy Start Initiative1991-1992
6Boston Housing Partnership (4 folders)1986-1990
6Boston Neighborhood Ventures1987, 1988
6Boston Panel of Agency Executives (12 folders)n.d., 1985-1992
6Boston Safe Neighborhood1990
6Boston Student Human Services Collaborative1986
6Boston Youth Campaign1990
6-7Boston Youth Development Project (22 folders)n.d., 1987-1992
7Brooks School1986
7Bunker Hill Community College: Central Artery Proposaln.d., 1992
7Citizens for Safety (2 folders)n.d., 1990-1992
City of Boston, Public Facilities Department
7Emergency Service Grant1991
7Housing Counseling: Audit1991
7Columbia Plaza Associates (3 folders)1987-1989
7Commonwealth Futures (2 folders)n.d., 1986-1988
7Community Coalition to Prevent Black Homicide1990
7Community Jobs Collaborative (2 folders)1986-1990
7Community Jobs Consortiumn.d., 1986
7Agee, Ralph1992
7Daniel Dennis and Company1991
7Document Development Inc. (2 folders)n.d., 1984-1986
7Management Consulting Resources1991-1992
7Maxwell, Ann1988
7Social Policy Research Group (2 folders)n.d., 1989-1992
7Strategic Planningn.d., 1989
7Technical Development Corporation1992
7Boston Housing Authority1988
7Boston Public Schools1989
7City of Boston Public Facilities Department1987-1990
7Massachusetts Department of Social Services1987
7Massachusetts Department of Youth Services: Roxbury Youth Works1987-1990
7Neighborhood Rehabilitation1985, 1987
7735 House1989-1990
7Aswalos House YWCA1986
7 Boston Housing Authority1988
7Letters of Support (2 folders)1986-1992
7Massachusetts Department of Mental Health1990-1991
7Thorson v. Boston YWCA1988
7WILD 1090 AM1987
7Council of Elders Inc.n.d., 1987
8Cox, Jackien.d., 1987, 1988
8Design for Reading Excellence and Advanced Math Skillsn.d.
8General (4 folders)1988-1993
8Bank of Boston Charitable Foundationn.d., 1985-1992
8The Boston Foundation1986, 1992
8Corporate Contributions1985-1992
8Events (7 folders)n.d., 1991-1992
8Foundation and Corporation Fundraising Report1992
8Hyams Foundation1980-1991
8United Way (2 folders)n.d., 1986-1992
8United Way of Tri-State1990
8Division Reports1989
8Dorchester for Adult Educationn.d., 1992
8Dorchester Task Force1985-1986
8Drop-a-Dime (2 folders)1989-1990
8Dropout Conferencen.d., 1986
8Dudley Street Job Startn.d., 1987
8Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (4 folders)n.d., 1985-1992
8Educational Counseling Committee of Boston (2 folders)1984-1988
8Employee Newsletter1989-1991
8Executive Director's Report1992
8Executive Office of Human Services1985-1986
8Freedom House Institute on Schools and Education1984-1986
8Governor's Coordinating Youth Counciln.d.
8Non-Governmentaln.d., 1989-1992
8Office of Substance Abuse Prevention1992
8Project Bread1986, 1987
8Special Emergency Fund1993
8United States Department of Agriculture1992
8Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition1987
8Hendricks, Cinderella: Internship Reportsn.d., 1987
8Housing Cooperative Implementation Committee1988
8Housing Strategies and RMSC Part IIn.d.
8Industrial Site Development Authorityn.d., 1987, 1988
8Inner City Task Force1988
8Institute for Community Based Servicesn.d., 1988-1989
8Legal: General1982-1995
8Lena Park (3 folders)1983-1993
8LMHA (Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center) Planning Committeen.d., 1991-1992
8Long Range Plann.d.
8Managed Care Coalitionn.d., 1991
8Martin Luther King Day '921991-1992
8Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providersn.d., 1990-1991
8Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services1989
8Massachusetts Department of Mental Health: Fuller Planning Committee1991-1992
8Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare (3 folders)n.d., 1990-1992
8Massachusetts Department of Social Services1988
8Massachusetts Department of Youth Services: Advisory Council1987
8Metro Boston Community Service Networkn.d., 1990-1993
8Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership Inc.1992
8National Conference of Christians and Jews (2 folders)1986-1987
8Neighborhood Justice Network1989
8Newsletter: Pulling Together1989-1991
735 House
8General (3 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1985-1993
9Department of Education Corrective Action1990
9Rate Setting Commissionn.d.
9Reports (2 folders)1987-1992
9Abandoned Housing (2 folders)1985-1992
9Adult/Family Services Division: Meeting Minutes1988
9Anti-Crime Program (2 folders)1989, 1991
9Blockwatchn.d., 1990, 1991
9Boston Latin Collaborative1984
9Boston Safe Neighborhood1990-1991
9Camp Unity1986-1988
9Commonwealth Fellows1987
9Community Development Division1987-1989
9Family House Shelter1990
9Protective Servicesn.d., 1986-1987
9Reading Skills Lab1988
9General (6 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1984-1992
Day Activity Program
9General (2 folders)n.d., 1989
9Site Visit1979
9Director's Reports1992
9End of Year Reports1986-1987
9Family House Shelter (5 folders) (1 restricted)1989-1992
9Family Life Centern.d., 1990
9Gateway Cities: Performance Report1987-1988
9Green-on-Blue (2 folders)n.d., 1991, 1992
9Monthly Reports (2 folders)1990-1992
9Quincy-Geneva Housing Development Corporation (7 folders)1987-1992
9Summer Camp1986, 1987
9Urban Community Homemakers1986
9Youth Servicesn.d., 1989-1990
9City of Boston (3 folders)1987-1990
9Dean Foundation1980-1991
9Design for Reading Excellence and Advanced Math Skillsn.d., 1989
9Economic Development and Industrial Corporation1992
9Family House Sheltern.d., 1991
9Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)1992
9Frank W. and Carl S. Adams Memorial Fundn.d., 1988
9Governor's Alliance Against Drugs1991
9Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Centern.d., 1990
9Hyams Foundationn.d., 1991-1992
9IBM1986, 1989
9Mabel A. Horne Trust1988
9Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services1989-1992
9Massachusetts Department of Mental Health1985, 1989
9Massachusetts Department of Youth Services: 735 House1983
10Multi-Cultural Family Preservation Collaborativen.d., 1992
10New England Telephone1987
10Office for Substance Abuse Prevention1992
10Office for Substance Abuse Prevention Planningn.d., 1991-1992
10Protective Services (Restricted)n.d., 1992
10Public Relations: Media: Green-on-Blue1992
10RMSC Auditor's Report1992
10RMSC Bulletin Boardn.d.
10RMSC Newsletter1989-1991
10Roxbury Community College1984-1988
10Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, United (2 folders)n.d., 1989-1990
10Rugel, Neale (Restricted)n.d., 1992
10Saucer, Valerien.d., 1990-1991
10Strategic Plan1990
10Support Staff: Training1986-1987
10TDC Management Audit1992
10Unity Groupn.d., 1987
10Urban League1992
10Youth Build Boston1991
10Youth Fundn.d., 1991
10Youth Services1990
10YWCA: Amicus Brief1987-1988
D. Lovelace-Graham, Valerie, 1993-1995
1030th Anniversary Gala (2 folders)n.d., 1994
102/95 Conference on Violence1994
10Action for Boston Community Development (5 folders)n.d., 1992-1994
10Affirmative Action Self Evaluation1994
10Casa Myrna Vasquezn.d., 1993
10Dorchester Counseling Centern.d.
10Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (2 folders)n.d., 1991-1993
10Freedom House1994
10Neighborhood Partnership1993
10Agency Operations Manual1993
10Auditor's Report 19931993
10Beacon Hill Multicultural Psychological Associationn.d., 1993
10The Black Educational Movement in Boston1994
10Black Males Survey (Joint Center)n.d., 1993
10Blue Hill Avenue Task Force1994
Board of Directors
10Generaln.d., 1993-1994
10Development Committee (2 folders)n.d., 1991-1995
10Executive and Finance Committeen.d., 1993-1994
10Finance Committeen.d., 1994
10Meeting Minutes (3 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
10Personnel Committeen.d., 1993-1994
10Program Committeen.d., 1991-1994
10Boston Urban Banker's Forum: Community Service Awardn.d., 1993
10Boston Urban Gardeners1993
10Boston Youth Campaign1994
10Boston Youth Development Project (3 folders)n.d., 1992-1994
10Catch the Visionn.d., 1994
10City of Boston Public Facilities Department: John D. O'Bryant Youth Centern.d., 1993-1994
10City Year: Serv-a-Thonn.d., 1993
10Client Status Update (Restricted)1994
10Communities for People (2 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
10Community Development Building Grant: Human Services Programn.d., 1994
10Community Kwanzaa1994
10Alexander, Aronson, Finning and Co.n.d., 1993
10Correspondence (2 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
10Drake and Associatesn.d., 1992-1994
10Kate Novak and Associates1994
10Martinez, George1993
10Strategic Planning Proposal1994
10Boston Urban Gardeners1993
10Cherry Trees1994
10City of Boston: 735 House1993
10City of Boston Public Facilities Department (2 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
10Housing Counseling Servicen.d., 1992-1994
10Massachusetts Department of Mental Health: Multidisciplinary Trainingn.d.
10Massachusetts Department of Public Healthn.d., 1993-1994
10Massachusetts Department of Social Servicesn.d., 1992, 1993
10Massachusetts Department of Youth Services: 735 House1993
10General (3 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
10Dimock Street Health Center1993
10FY 95 Budget1994
10Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare1992-1994
10General (2 folders)1993-1994
1130th Anniversary Galan.d., 1994-1995
11Development and Public Affairs 1994-1995 Workplann.d., 1994
11Events: Youth Recognition Day '941994
11Family House Shelter Prospectsn.d., 1994
11Foundation/Corporation Prospect Initiatives1994
11Grove Hall Healthy Boston1993
11Hyams Foundation: Project R.I.G.H.T.n.d., 1993-1994
11John D. O'Bryant Centern.d., 1994
11Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare (2 folders)1993-1994
11Prospects, Corporation/Foundation/Individual1994
11Silent Auction1993-1994
11United Way (2 folders)1993-1994
11Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (2 folders)1992-1994
11Economic Office of Community Development: Homeless Statisticsn.d.
11Executive Office of Communities and Development Data Reportingn.d., 1994
11Freedom House Inc.1992-1994
11Emergency Shelter Grants Program1993
11Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare1993-1994
11Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition1993
11Grove Hall Healthy Boston Initiativen.d., 1992-1993
11Holborn, Gannett, Gaston, Otisfield, Ad Hoc Committeen.d., 1994
11John D. O'Bryant Youth Center1993-1994
11Joseph Lee Community Center Proposal1993
11Massachusetts Department of Heath and Human Servicesn.d., 1993-1994
11Massachusetts Department of Public Health1993
11Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare (3 folders)n.d., 1988, 1993-1994
11Massachusetts Department of Social Services (2 folders) (Restricted)n.d., 1993-1994
11Mental Health Management of America1994
11Metro Boston Community Services Network Inc. (4 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
11Multicultural Psychological Associationn.d., 1993
11National Lawyers Guild1993
Needs Assessment
11Grove Hall (Healthy Boston)1994
11MIS Systemn.d., 1993
11Newsletter Concepts1994
11O'Bryant, Richard1993
11Organizational Chart1993
11735 House (2 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1994
11Abandoned Housing Program1993
11CPASA (5 folders)n.d., 1992-1994
11Director's Meetingn.d., 1993-1994
11Family House Shelter (4 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1990-1994
11Gang Peacen.d., 1994
11Green-on-Bluen.d., 1993
11Grove Hall Healthy Boston Coalition (5 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
11Grove Hall Today1994
11Grove Hall Youth Fair Chance Intake/Assessmentn.d.,1994
11Project R.I.G.H.T. (6 folders)n.d., 1992-1994
11Project R.I.G.H.T./Hyams Building Community Initiative Programn.d., 1992-1993
12Protective Services (Restricted)n.d., 1993
12Quincy-Geneva Housing Development Corporation (4 folders)n.d., 1990-1994
12Summer Employment (Restricted)1993
12Project Leadership, Education and Employment Opportunitiesn.d.
12Battered Womenn.d.
12Casa Myrna Vasquezn.d., 1993-1994
12Community Violence, A Strategy for Intervention (2 folders)n.d.
12Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (2 folders)n.d., 1993-1994
12Family House Shelter1991, 1993
12Fidelity Foundationn.d., 1994
12Housing Counseling (2 folders)n.d., 1991-1994
12Housing and Urban Development1993
12Hyams Foundation: Project R.I.G.H.T.n.d., 1993
12John Hancock1994
12John Hancock Mutual Life1993
12Massachusetts Department of Mental Health: Multidisciplinary Training1993
12Open Space Bond Bill1993
12Partners for Non-Profits: John D. O'Bryant Youth Center1993
12Project Breadn.d., 1993-1994
12Putnam Investment1993
12Ramsay Park Summer Program1994
12United Wayn.d., 1993
12Vision Fund1994
Public Relations
12General (2 folders)n.d., 1994-1995
12RMSC Press Releases1994
12Training Materialsn.d.
12Senior Management1993
12Staff (3 folders)n.d., 1993
12Roxbury Action Program1994
12Senior Management Meeting 10/20/93n.d., 1993
12Senior Staff1993
12Special Fund, Emergency Fund Assistance1994
12Spoor Property Group1992
12Staff: Conference Planning Committee Meeting1994
12Staff Meeting Minutesn.d., 1994
12Staff Trainingn.d.
12Transition Report1993
12United Way (2 folders)n.d., 1994
12Urban Artsn.d., 1994
12Urban Initiative Fund: Casa Myrna Vasquezn.d., 1993-1994
12Urban Land Use Task Force1993
12Violence Conference Planningn.d., 1994
12Violence in the Community, Issues for Treatment and Public Policyn.d., 1994
E. Folly, Richard, Jan.-Aug. 1995, Interim Director
12Agreement: Massachusetts Department of Social Services1995
12Massachusetts Department of Mental Health1995
12Massachusetts Department of Youth Services: 735 House1993-1995
12Development: John D. O'Bryant Youth Center1995
F. Allen, Zuline Gray, 1995-1997
12Action for Boston Community Development (2 folders)1995-1996
12African American Education Committee1996
12African American Federation (7 folders)n.d., 1992-1999
12Boston Gas1996
12Whittier Street Neighborhood Health Centern.d., 1997
12Barbara Bullette Calcasa, Conference and Women of Colorn.d., 1996
12Black Educators' Alliance of Massachusetts Inc.n.d., 1995-1996
12Blue Hill Avenue Task Force: Meeting Minutesn.d., 1994-1995
Board of Directors
12General (3 folders)n.d., 1996-1997
12Annual Meeting (2 folders)n.d., 1994-1995
12Committee Meetings (2 folders)1995-1996
12Committee Reports1996
12Development Committeen.d., 1995-1996
12Executive Committee1995, 1996
12-13Finance Committee (6 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
13Financial Statement AY 961997
13Meetings (21 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
13Program Committee (5 folders)n.d., 1994-1997
13Reports (2 folders)1995-1997
13Retreat (2 folders)n.d., 1996
13Strategic Plan 96/971996
13Strategic Planning Committeen.d., 1995-1996
13Boston Panel of Agency Executives1996-1997
13Caribbean Foundation1996
13City of Boston: City Council Election1995
13Concerned Citizens for a Better Communityn.d.
13Alexander, Aronson, Finning and Co. (2 folders)n.d., 1996-1997
13Common Ground (8 folders)n.d., 1995-1998
13Correspondencen.d., 1995
13Jewish Community Relations Counciln.d., 1996-1997
13Levine and Brickman Associates (6 folders)1996
13Management Consulting Services (4 folders)n.d., 1994-1997
14Reginald Cagle: RMSC Community Volunteer Office1996, 1997
14Toney, Pat1996-1997
14City of Boston Public Facilities Department (3 folders)1992-1996
14Commonwealth Fellowsn.d., 1996
14Massachusetts Department of Mental Health: Multidisciplinary Training Programn.d., 1994-1996
14Massachusetts Department of Public Health (2 folders)n.d., 1996
14Massachusetts Department of Social Services (2 folders)n.d., 1995-1996
14Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance: Family House Shelter1995
14Massachusetts Department of Youth Services: 735 Housen.d., 1995-1996
14General (3 folders)n.d., 1995-1996
14Massachusetts Department of Social Services (Restricted)1995-1996
14General (2 folders)n.d., 1997
14John D. O'Bryant Youth Centern.d., 1995-1996
14John Hancockn.d., 1995
14Macy's Benefit Shopping Dayn.d., 1997
14Special Fund1995
14Strategic Planning (2 folders)n.d., 1996
14Strategic Workplan 1996/19971996
14Dorchester CARES Coalition for Families and Children (7 folders)n.d., 1994-1997
14Dorchester Community Services Collaborativen.d., 1996-1997
14Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center1996-1997
14 Dudley Network1996-1997
14Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (6 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
14Executive Office of Health and Human Resourcesn.d., 1995-1996
14Family Self-Sufficiency Collaborative: Minutes1997
14Franklin Park Zoo1997
14Future Search Conference, June 30, July 1 and 2, 1997 n.d., 1997
14Gang Peace1996
14Emergency Shelter Grant: Family House Shelter1995
14Massachusetts Department of Education: 735 House1994-1995
14Massachusetts Department of Social Services: 735 House1994-1995
14Project Breadn.d., 1995
14Special Fund: Emergency Shelter1995-1996
14Holborn, Gannett, Gaston, Otisfield Betterment Association1997
Legaln.d., 1995
14Gaudet v. RMSCn.d., 1995
14Massachusetts Department of Social Services1996
14Llamanos (2 folders)n.d., 1996
14Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership: Needs Assessmentn.d., 1996
14Massachusetts Department of Social Services (9 folders) (3 restricted)n.d., 1996-1998
14Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, Division of Public Charities1996
14Mental Health Services Alert1996
14Metro Boston Community Service Network1994-1996
14Multi-Cultural Coalition on Aging1996
14Ounce of Prevention Grant Programn.d., 1995
14Out of School Youthn.d., 1996
14Plan-It Boston, Systems in Transportation (2 folders)n.d., 1996
14735 House (3 folders)n.d., 1994-1996
14Boston Flyers1996
14Community Organizing Mentoring Program and Career Trainingn.d., 1996
14Computer Aided Drafting Training Center: Statement in Supportn.d., 1996
14CPASA (3 folders)n.d., 1994-1997
14Directors' Meeting (3 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
14Family House Shelter (2 folders)n.d., 1992-1995
14Family Life Center (2 folders)1996
14Job Descriptions1996
15John D. O'Bryant Youth Center (2 folders)n.d., 1996
15Project R.I.G.H.T. (2 folders)n.d., 1994-1996
15Protective Services (3 folders) (1 restricted)1995-1997
15Summary Formn.d., 1993
15Boston Foundation (4 folders)n.d., 1996
15City of Boston Public Facilities Department (4 folders)n.d., 1995-1996
15Common Ground1993-1997
15Economic Development and Industrial Corporation of Boston1994
15Hyams Foundation: General Operating Grantn.d., 1995
15Project Bread FY 97n.d.
15Ratshesky Foundation1996
15United States Environmental Protection Agency: Green-on-Blue1995-1996
15Protective Services: Runaway Children (Restricted)1995
15Public Hearing, Dacia Street1993-1996
15Retreats: Board and Staff 1996-1997n.d., 1996
15Rhode Island Department for Children, Youth and Families (Restricted)1995
15Roxbury Community Alliance for Health1997
15Roxbury Unites for Families and Children Inc.1995
15Roxbury Youthworks1996
15Safe Futures Boston1997
15Samuels, Milton: Meetingn.d.
15Employee Handbook1996
15Retreatn.d., 1996
15Strong People Build Strong Neighborhoods1995
15Transition Report1997
United Way
15Allocation Package FY 971995-1996
15Allocation Package FY 981996
15Site Visit1995
15Volunteer Information1996
15University of Massachusetts: Public Service Endowment Grant Program1996
15YMCA, YWCAn.d., 1996
G. Samuels, Milton, Apr-Dec 1997, Interim Director
15African American Federation1997
15Agreement: Massachusetts Health Research Instituten.d., 1997
15Black History Planning Committeen.d., 1996
Board of Directors
15Finance Committee1997
15Meeting (9 folders)n.d., 1996-1997
15Special Executive Board Meeting 4/10/971995-1997
15Boston Panel of Agency Executives1997-1998
15Consultants: Toney, Pat1996-1997
15Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services: CPASAn.d., 1996-1997
15Massachusetts Department of Social Services1997
15Generaln.d., 1996-1997
15Gillette Company1997
15Macy's Benefit Shopping Dayn.d., 1997
15Family Strengthening Task Force1997
15Legal: Ramos v. RMSC1997
15Massachusetts Department of Social Services1996-1997
15Neighborhood Development Corp. of Grove Hall1997
15Project R.I.G.H.T.1997
15Proposal: Massachusetts Department of Public Health: CPASA1997
H. Bell, Vanessa, Dec 1997-May 1998, Interim Director
Board of Directors
15Meetings (5 folders)n.d., 1997-1998
15Memo: Director of Programs and Organizational Development1998
15Special Board Meetingn.d., 1997-1998
15Common Groundn.d., 1998
15Massachusetts Health Research Institute1998
15Michel and Associates1998
15Boston Foundation1998
15Budget Strategiesn.d.
15Dean Foundation1998
15Emergency Food and Shelter Program1998
15Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center Inc.1998
15Management Transitional Team1997
15Massachusetts Department of Social Services1998
15Programs: Reports (2 folders)n.d., 1996-1998
15Proposal: Massachusetts Department of Mental Healthn.d.
I. Gadson, Brenda, 1998-2005
15Action for Boston Community Development: Annual Report1998
15African American Federationn.d., 1997-1999
15Action for Boston Community Developmentn.d., 1998
15Latino Health Institute1998
15Black Church Capacity Building Program1998
15Blue Hill Task Force: Minutes1998
Board of Directors
15Meetings (5 folders)n.d., 1998-1999
15Memo: Budget FY 981998
16Boston Medical Center: Project Health1999
16Boston Panel of Agency Executivesn.d., 1995-1999
16Boston Vote1999
16Children's League of Massachusetts (2 folders)1998-1999
16Children's Services of Roxbury1998-1999
16City Year: City Year Serv-a-Thon1998
16Alexander, Aronson, Finning and Co. (2 folders)1998
16Common Ground (2 folders)n.d., 1998-1999
16Solutions for the Third Sector1998-1999
16Third Sector New England1998
16Toney, Pat1998
16Commonwealth Fellowsn.d., 1998
16Massachusetts Health Research Instituten.d., 1997-1998
16Hyams Foundation: Black Church Capacity Building Program1998
16John D. O'Bryant Youth Centern.d.
16Mellon Trust1998
16Trefler Foundation1998
16Dorchester Community Services Collaborativen.d., 1997-1998
16Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (5 folders)n.d., 1996-1999
16Franklin Park Coalitionn.d., 1998-1999
16Massachusetts Department of Social Services1998
16Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Halln.d., 1998
16Northeastern University1998-1999
16Commonwealth Fellowsn.d., 1996-1997
16CPASAn.d., 1998
16Family Life Mental Health Center1998
16Intensive Adolescent Services (Restricted)1998
16Project Health1999
16Boston SafeFutures Initiative: CPASAn.d., 1998
16CPASA (Seniors)1998
16Roxbury Heart Center1999
16Save the Harbor/Save the Bay1996-1999
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4. Programs, 1971-1999
Volume:5 cubic ft.



This series documents the programs and services that were administered by RMSC from 1971-1999. Programs include education and job training; anti-crime and violence prevention; housing counseling, development and ownership; emergency and family shelter; community development; minority graduate student training; psychological assessment and counseling; sexual assault and rape awareness; youth development; minority student tutoring; community based correction for criminal offenders; summer camp; residential centers for young women and youth; college scholarship fund; and day treatment and mental health services. Prominent programs include Community Programs Against Sexual Assault and Rape Prevention (CPASA); Commonwealth Fellows; Green-On-Blue; Day Activity; Family House Shelter; Quincy-Geneva Housing Development Corporation; Rebuild and Improve Grove Hall Together (Project R.I.G.H.T.); Reading Skills Lab; 735 House; and the summer camp programs including New Visions Day Camp.

This series is made up of correspondence from funders and consultants; program descriptions, reports and statistics from executive and program directors to funding sources; grant proposals and contracts; educational material used in rape awareness workshops; client activities schedules; program newsletters; newsletters from other social justice organizations; newspaper articles; and site visit reports by government and private funders. Minutes from the Massachusetts Coalition of Rape Services and the Dorchester Counseling Center's Human Rights Committee are also included. Grant proposals found only in this series, such as the Community Based after School Tutorial Program, Elderly and Persons with AIDS Counseling and Placement, and the HUD/RMSC Summer Clean-up were never funded. The grant proposals and contracts scattered throughout this series are incomplete. Series 5 contains grant proposals for both funded and non-funded programs. Also, see Series 2 Board of Director minutes for background on such programs as the Teen Education Center, the South Boston School Enrichment Program, and the Day Treatment program (Box 3, Folders 1-6).

Of special interest is CPASA's relationship to the Derby (England) Rape Crisis Center, the Women's Crisis Center in Manila, Philippines, and the rape crisis center in Belize. Also of interest are the (unpublished?) drafts of the "Violence Against Women" chapter of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

16Action for Boston Community Development: Quarterly Narrative Report1971
16Contract: Healthy Boston1993-1994
16Descriptions (6 folders)n.d., 1982-1990
16Development: Mental Health Management of America Application1994
16Education: Community Based After School Tutorial Program1988
16Elderly and Persons with AIDS Counseling and Placement: Proposaln.d., 1992
16Maintenance and operations of the Programs of RMSC: Proposal1976
16Program Directors Meeting1996
16Program Directory1985
16Project R.I.S.E.n.d.
16Projected Incomen.d.
16Director's Report n.d.
16Final Report1981
16Monthly Reports (3 folders)1977-1982
16Program Reports1985
16Review and Evaluationn.d.
16Statistics n.d., 1980-1982
16Summary of Programsn.d.
16735 House (3 folders)n.d., 1990-1994
16Abandoned Housing Programn.d., 1990
16Achievement Motivation Program: Final Report1978
16Boston Against Drugsn.d.
16Boston Infant Mortality Coalition1986
16Boston Latin/Boston Prep Collaborative1991
16Boston Youth Development Projectn.d., 1994
16Camp Challengen.d., 1990
16Camp Unity Collaborative (2 folders)1987-1990
Commonwealth Fellows
16Contract: Massachusetts Department of Mental Healthn.d., 1996
16Correspondencen.d., 1996-1997
16Meeting: Supervisors1996
16Satisfaction Survey (Blank)1996, 1997
16Community Correction Program1974
17Advisory Council1978-1984
17AIDS Workplace Policy1990
17Black Political Task Force1990
17Boston Health Care Cable Consortium Inc.1981-1982
17Boston Referral Collaborative for Addiction and Health 1993
Boston Safe Neighborhood
17Agreement: City of Boston1992
17Mid-Year Reportn.d., 1992
17Proposaln.d., 1988-1992
17Boston Symposium on Youth Development1999
17Coalition for Women's Safety1979
17Committee on Criminal Justice: Sexual Assault/Interpersonal Violence Planning Committee1993
17Communication Skills Lab1978
17Community March 7/10/941994
17Community Questionnaires1986
17Community Rape Information and Crisis Support Networkn.d.
17Conference: Violence in the Community1994
17Haitian American Public Health Initiativen.d.
17Massachusetts Department of Public Health1988
17Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency1994
17Correspondence (10 folders)n.d., 1978-1999
17Derby Rape Crisis: Annual Reportn.d., 1994
17Project R.I.G.H.T.1996-1997
17Diamond, Marci1996
17Generaln.d., 1982
17Abuse Educationn.d.
17Cable Projectn.d., 1984-1985
17Cable Television Broadcast Schedulen.d.
17Women's Crisis Center Manila, Philippines1994
17Workshopsn.d., 1979-1998
17Employee Handbookn.d.
17Events (3 folders)n.d., 1982-2000
17Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center1980-1987
17Massachusetts Department of Public Health (2 folders)1997
17Hotline Study1986
17Latino-Hispanic Services1997
17Latinos United Against Domestic Violencen.d.
17Management by Objective Plann.d.
17Massachusetts Child Assault Prevention Projectsn.d., 1987-1994
17Massachusetts Coalition of Rape Crisis Services (2 folders)1983-1989
17Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services1995
17Massachusetts Department of Public Health: Site Visit1985-1995
17Materials for Packet (list)n.d.
17Media: Television Appearances1982-1989
17Medical/Hospital Procedure as it Relates to a Rape Victimn.d., 1978
17Newspaper Articles (4 folders)n.d., 1979-1993
17Our Bodies Our Selves Unpublished Chaptersn.d., 1982
17Outreachn.d., 1988-1997
Peer Education Project
17Generaln.d., 1994
17Proposaln.d., 1991-1992
17Planning Consultationsn.d., 1979-1980
17Policies and Principlesn.d., 1985
17Project R.I.G.H.T.n.d.
17-18General (4 folders)n.d., 1976-1990
18Boston Women's Commissionn.d.
18Federal Victims of Crime Act1989
18Massachusetts Department of Public Health1985
18Multicultural AIDS Coalition1989
18Putnam Investment1993
18Safe Futures-At-Risk-Girls Projectn.d., 1997
18Victim Information Technology Access and Linkage1997
18Young Women and Health Education Project1988
18Public Relations: Press Releases 7/9/941994
18Rape Awareness Educational Workshopsn.d.
18Reading Skills Lab1977-1991
18General (3 folders)n.d., 1983-1994
189 Month MIS Report1989-1990
18Five Year Report1981
18Massachusetts Department of Public Health (4 folders)1984-1998
18Monthly Reports (4 folders)1979-1994
18Peer Education Project FY95n.d.
18Quarterly Report (2 folders)1987-1996
18Review and Evaluation1995
18United Way (2 folders)n.d., 1998
18-19Request for Services (14 folders)1980-1998
19Research Surveysn.d., 1980-1988
19RMSC Celebrates "25 Years of Keeping Hope Alive"1989
19RMSC Newslettern.d., 1985-1989
19RMSC Welcomes Belize1989
19Roxbury Subcommittee: Infant Mortality and Low Birth Weight1987
19Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor Services: Proposaln.d.
19Violence Against Women Working Group1988
19Women of Color Coalition for Healthn.d., 1992
Day Activity Program
19Client Data (Restricted)1982
19Client Goal Setting Activities (Restricted)n.d., 1983
19Closing Notificationn.d., 1990
19Correspondence (4 folders)1980-1988
19Daily Schedulen.d.
19Human Rights Committeen.d., 1985-1987
19Program Overviewn.d., 1982-1992
19General (3 folders)n.d., 1975, 1978
19Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare1975-1979
19Volunteers in Service to America1977
19Massachusetts Department of Public Health1980-1983
19Monthly Reports (6 folders)1978-1987
19Rules and Regulationsn.d., 1982
19Emergency Servicesn.d.
Family House Shelter
19Donations1988, 1997
19United Way1995
19Eventsn.d., 2001
19Federal: Site Visit1996
19Grant: Dean Foundation1997
19Historyn.d., 1973, 1994
19Proposal: General Operating Proposaln.d.
19Annual Reportsn.d.
19Monthly Reports (5 folders) (2 restricted)1985-1996
19Resident's Handbookn.d., 1990, 1992
Family Life Center
19Bowman, Joseph (Restricted)1994-1997
19Education: Parenting Groupn.d.
19Federal: Site Visit1993-1996
19Intern Training1995
19Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Trainingn.d., 1992, 1994
Food Cooperative
19Training Budget1982
19Adopt a Lot Programn.d., 1993
19Boston Cherry Tree Planting Proposal1994
19Development: City of Boston: Public Facilities Department1994-1995
19Gateway to Green-on-Bluen.d., 1993
19Meetings: Minutes1993
19Neighborhood Beautification Program (2 folders)1993, 1994
19Planning for Springn.d., 1993-1994
19Program Syllabusn.d.
Public Relations
19-20Reports (2 folders)1993-1994
20Strategyn.d., 1992-1994
20Summer '94n.d., 1994
20Summer '95n.d., 1995
20Toolsn.d., 1992-1993
20Grove Hall Healthy Boston Coalitionn.d.
20Half Day Summer Camp and Residential Camp Placement 1997
20Healthy Boston Coalition (2 folders)n.d., 1992-1997
Homeless Intercept Program
20Housing Services: Proposal: Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare1979
20HUD/RMSC Summer Clean-up Project1977
20Job Collaborative (Restricted)1982-1983
John D. O'Bryant Youth Center
20General (3 folders)1993-1996
201994 Summer Workshops1994
20Ad Hoc Committeen.d., 1993-1994
20Advisory Boardn.d., 1992-1996
20Advisory Committee Minutesn.d., 1993
20Boston Flyersn.d., 1991
20Boston Initiative for Teen Pregnancy Prevention1995
20Boston Urban Youth Foundation1997
20Boston Youth Gang Drug Prevention Project1994
FF5/D2Capital Improvements Proposal and Cost Summary1993
20Career Development Proposal (Draft)n.d.
20Cherry Tree Programn.d., 1993-1995
20Contract: Stull and Lee Inc.1995
20Daily Schedulen.d.
20Development (5 folders)n.d., 1993-1995
20Economic Development and Job Training Programn.d.
20Fleet Bank1996
20John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. (2 folders)1995-1997
20Mellon Trust1998
20Grassroots Program: City of Boston, Public Facilities Departmentn.d.
20Massachusetts Pre-Engineering Programn.d., 1993
20Mo Vaughn Youth Centern.d., 1994-1995
20Mural and Open Space Workshopsn.d., 1994-1995
20Neighborhood Justice Network1993-1994
20Omni Theatern.d.
20Preventing Crime and Drug Abuse Conference1993
20Program Development Sub-Committeen.d., 1992-1994
20Program Outline1996
20Proposal: Riley Foundation1993
20Public Relations: Newspaper Articlesn.d., 1993
20Reports (3 folders)1993-1996
20Revitalizing High Schools, Educating Youth for the Twenty-First Centuryn.d., 1993
20Roxbury Comprehensive Health Care Programn.d., 1995
20Scholarship Fund (3 folders)n.d., 1987-1995
20Today's Youth Tomorrow's Worldn.d., 1994
20Visiting Schools Program1992-1993
20Youth Gang Drug Prevention Conference1993
20Multi Disciplinary Training Program1976-1978
20Occupational Life Skills Program: Proposal1983-1990
Project R.I.G.H.T.
20General (5 folders)1992-1999
20City of Boston Draft Homeownership Zone Application1996-1998
20Five Streets Neighborhood Association1996, 1997
20Grant: City of Boston: Office of Community Partnerships1997
20Grove Hall Governance Board1997
20Grove Hall Safe Neighborhood Initiative (2 folders)n.d., 1998
20HGGO Betterment Association1997
20Hyams Foundation: Site Visit1996
20Generaln.d., 1994-1997
20Annual Meetingn.d., 1996
20Minutes (2 folders)1993-1999
20Newsletter (2 folders)1994-1996
20The District Attorney's Forfeiture Reinvestment Program (2 folders)n.d., 1993, 1994
20Hyams Foundation1991-1993
Public Relations
20Media1996, 1999
20Speakout Publicity Plan1994
20Speakout Release1994
20Reports (3 folders)1994-1995
20RMSC Historyn.d., 1994
20Violence Prevention Week1993
20Protective Services: Statistics1991-1992
Quincy-Geneva Housing Development Corp.
20Articles of Organization1983
20-21Board of Directors (5 folders)n.d., 1988-1998
21Monahan, Julie: Ramos, Maria1994-1998
21New Vision CDC1998-1999
21Proposal: United Wayn.d.
21Urban Recreation Program1984
21Youth Landscape Corp.1993
21Reading Skills Lab Program (2 folders)n.d., 1984
21Roxbury Adventure Club1990
21Roxbury Mattapan Shared Ride Taxi Program1981
21Roxbury Unites for Families and Childrenn.d., 1990-1996
Scholarship Fund
21General (4 folders) (2 restricted)n.d., 1956-1992
21Meetings: Minutes1989, 1990
21Reports: Annual Report1989
21Six-Weeks Summer Camp Program 1977
21South Boston High School Enrichment Program 1977
21Summer Camp: Schedules and Reportsn.d., 1984
21Summer Camp '811981
21Summer Day Camp: New Visions1985
21Summer Enrichment Program1978-1980
21Summer Jobs Program1994
21Summer Programsn.d., 1984
21Summer Teen Time Programn.d., 1988
21Summer Work Program1977
21Summer Works1996-1998
21Trauma Centern.d.
Youth Development Center
21Day Camp Enrichment Program: Proposal1979
21Program of Exposure and Development for Youth: Proposal1979
21Proposal: A Proposal for Academic, Cultural, and Physical Enrichment for Youth1985-1987
21Reportsn.d., 1978
21Youth Programs: Workplan1997
Youth Services
21Descriptionn.d., 1987
21Needs Assessmentn.d., 1978-1988
21Summer Overview1989
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5. Grants and Contracts, 1970-1999
Volume:7 cubic ft.



This series documents the government and private sources from which RMSC sought funding for its programs and operations. Funders include ABCD; the City of Boston, including the Public Facilities Department; The Boston Foundation; United Way; the Hyams Foundation; Boston Private Industry Council; and the State of Massachusetts, including the departments of Education, Youth and Social Services, and the departments of Mental Health and Public Welfare. Records included in this series are audits, budgets, correspondence, program descriptions, reports, statistics, contracts, and grant proposals. The proposals also include supporting material, such as newsletters, progress reports, and program activities. There are grant proposals scattered throughout Series 2 Board of Directors, Series 3 Executive Directors, and Series 4 Programs that do not appear in Series 5. Series 5 contains both funded and non-funded grant proposals.

Also included in this series are the monthly reports to the Massachusetts Department of Pubic Welfare from the Family House Shelter program. These reports include the number of families served, head of household, shelter logs, and meal and placement statistics. Monthly reports to the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services and the Department of Social Services contain gender, age, race, and assessment reports.

Of special interest are the La Alianza Hispana Proposal and the documentation required by ABCD for funding compliance. These records include corrective action plans, compliance reports, diversity data, work plans, progress reports, and client characteristics reports. United Way Allocation Packets generally include information not found in any other grant proposals, such as lists of collaborating agencies; amount of funding from other sources; clients' gender, age, race/ethnicity, demographic and geographic areas; individual program problem response forms; and program description forms including target populations and program methodology.

Action for Boston Community Development
21General (28 folders)1979-1999
21Camp Challengen.d., 1990
21Community Development1990
21Family House Shelter1995
21Housing Search Program1987-1988
21Summary of Work Programs and Budget (3 folders)n.d., 1978-1981
21La Alianza Hispana: Proposal1970
Associated Grantmakers
21Camp Unity (2 folders)n.d., 1987-1989
21Summer Programs1983
22Blockwatch Beautification: Proposal1988
22Blue Cross Blue Shield: Camp Unity (2 folders)1986-1988
22Boston Committeen.d., 1982
22Boston Edison Co.n.d., 1985-1989
Boston Foundation
22General (4 folders)1996-1998
22Family House Shelter (2 folders)1996
22Family Life Centern.d., 1991-1992
22Scholarship Fund1990
22Boston Gas: Housing Counseling Program1982-1986
22Boston Neighborhood Housing Services Inc.1982
22Boston Private Industry Council: Summer Jobs Program1989-1999
22Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co. (2 Folders)1985-1991
22Boston University School of Education: Family Life Center1991
22Boston Women's Fund: CPASAn.d., 1992
22Bureau of Research Planning and Evaluation: Basic Skills Improvement Program1984
22Camp Unity: Proposal1988
22Center for Mental Health Services: Family Life Mental Health Center1996-1997
City of Boston
22Academic Enrichment Program1990
22Boston Housing Authority: Tenant's Handbookn.d.
22Community Based After School Tutorial Program1988
22CPASA (2 folders)1989, 1998
22Remedial and Developmental Reading Program1980
Boston Public Schools
22General (3 folders)1991-1995
22735 House (5 folders)1990-1996
22Boston Latin Collaborative (4 folders)1989-1990
22Drug Free Schools Program1992
Community Development Block Grant
22Abandoned Housing Program1987-1988
22Counseling Support Services1997
22Fair Housing Counseling Project1987
22Gateway Housing Counseling Program1988
22Housing Counseling Program (15 folders) (4 restricted)1986-1997
22Project R.I.G.H.T.1994
Economic Development and Industrial Corporation
22Employment Counseling Program1993
23Work Assisted Placement Program1993
23Partners with Nonprofits Program (3 folders)1993-1997
Public Facilities Department
23Emergency Shelter (6 folders)1990-1997
23Family House Shelter (2 folders) (1 restricted)1993-1998
23Gateway Cities Housing Counseling Program1988
23Grassroots Program (2 folders)1993, 1997
23Green-on-Blue (4 folders)1991-1996
23Housing Counseling Program (2 folders)1993-1996
23John D. O'Bryant Youth Center1995
23Safe Neighborhoods Youth Fund: CPASA (2 folders)1992-1993
23Youth Development Center1982
23City of Gloucester: Gloucester Public Schools (2 folders)1990-1996
23Community Organization and Resource Mobilization1988
23Contracts List1996
23Cooperative Artists Institute Oliver W. Forte Foundation: 735 House1990
23Correspondence1981, 1989
23Day Activity Program: Proposal1975
23Day Treatment Facility: Proposal1975
23Dean Foundation for Little Children: Family House Shelter1992, 1996
23Eastern Enterprises Foundation1994-1995
23Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates: New Visions Summer Program1985-1987
23Employment and Economic Policy Administration: Employment Fairn.d., 1977
23Employment Counseling Program: Proposaln.d.
23Episcopal City Mission: Federation of Black Directors: Grant1982
Executive Office of Communities and Development
23Housing Services Program (Restricted)1989
23Federal Emergency Management Agency: Family House Shelter (6 folders) (1 restricted)1988-1993
23First National Bank of Boston: Youth Services1982
23Globe Foundationn.d., 1985-1988
23Henry P. Kendall Foundation: Proposal1975-1976
23Housing and Youth Development: Proposals1978-1982
23Housing Counseling Program: Proposal1997-1999
Hyams Foundation
23Day Activity Program1980
23Project R.I.G.H.T.1992-1994
23Inner City, Inc.: Proposal1992
23Judge Baker Children's Center: Contract1992
23Latino Health Institute: Agreement1999
23Law Enforcement Assistance Administration: Community Anti-Crime Program1980
23Marketing Mental Health Services: Meeting1994
23Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership: Family Life Mental Health Center1996
23Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination: Fair Housing Counseling1983
Massachusetts Department of Education
23735 House (10 folders)1989-1996
23Comprehensive Student Support Program1987
Massachusetts Department of Mental Health
23Day Activity Program (3 folders)1981-1990
23Disaster Training1997
Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center
23Commonwealth Fellows Training Program (2 folders) (1 restricted)1997-1999
23Community Mental Health Program1996
23-24Day Activity Program (4 folders)1988-1990
24Family Life Mental Health Center1996
24Multidisciplinary Training Program (4 folders) (1 restricted)1988-1995
24Family Life Mental Health Center: Site Visit1996-1998
24Multidisciplinary Training Program (10 folders) (1 restricted)n.d., 1989-1999
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
24Alternatives Program1983
24CPASA (19 folders)1988-1999
Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare
24Day Activity Program1989
24Emergency Shelter1993
24Family House Shelter (13 folders) (4 restricted)1988-1996
24Homeless Shelter: Proposal1983
24Multidisciplinary Training Program (Restricted)1992
24Prequalification Package1995
24Protective Services: Contract1980
24Report: Contract Compliance and Internal Control of the Family House Shelter1989
Massachusetts Department of Social Services
24-25General (5 folders)1985-1999
25735 House: Contract (8 folders)1988-1994
25Assessment and Counseling (2 folders)1981-1990
25Corrective Action1998-1999
25Counseling Services (3 folders)1983-1989
25Family and Individual Counseling (11 folders) (3 restricted)1988-1991
25Housing Counseling Program (6 folders) (3 restricted)1987-1991
25Housing Services1981
25Prequalification (2 folders)1997-2000
25Prequalification Applications1995-1997
25Protective Services (11 folders)1981-1994
25Transition to Independent Living Program: Proposal1988
Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance
25Family House Shelter (4 folders)1996-2001
Massachusetts Department of Youth Services
25-26735 House: Contract (15 folders)1988-1996
26Residential Treatment Program for Young Women: Proposal (3 folders)1977-1979
26Massachusetts Golf Association: Proposal1980
26Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency: CPASA1987
26Model Cities Administration: Teen Education Center: Proposal1983
26Neighborhood Development and Employment Agency: Adult Literacy Initiative: Proposal1983
26Occupational and Life Skills Program: Proposal1983
26Office of Community Partnerships: Peer Education Project: Proposal1997
26Permanent Charity Fund: Neighborhood Centers for Youth: Proposal1982
26Plan for Development and Public Affairs Objectives1994
26Polaroid Foundation: Family House Shelter: Proposal1994
26Polaroid Inner City Inc.1994
Project Bread
26Family House Shelter (2 folders)1992-1997
26Public Relations: Media1978-1982
26Reebok Foundation: Education and Sports Curricula Program1995
26Remmer Family Foundation: Teens Talking to Teens: Proposal1996
26Request for Management Service: Proposal1997
26Roxbury Pride: Proposaln.d.
26Sanders Fund: Family House Shelter: Grant1992
26Schumacher Landscaping Inc.: Cherry Tree Planting Program1994
26Share Our Strength: Family House Shelter: Proposal1996
26Special Fund for Emergency Financial Assistance: Quarterly Summaries (2 folders) (1 restricted)1989-1998
26State Street Bank: Anticrime: Proposal1989
26State Street Foundation: John D. O'Bryant Youth Center: Proposal1994
26Tortuga Foundation: CPASA: Grant1996
United States Department of Agriculture
26Homeless Children Nutrition Program: Grant (2 folders)1996-1999
26Homeless Demonstration Project: Self-prepared Meals: Grant (2 folders)1992-1993
26United States Department of Health: CPASA: Adolescent Male Peer Education Project: Proposal1997
United States Department of Health and Human Services
26Community Coalition to Prevent Black Homicide: Proposal1988
26Family Life Mental Health Center (2 folders)1996-1998
26United States Department of Housing and Urban Development: Housing Counseling Program1988
26United States Department of Justice: Community Anti-Crime Program: Grant1980
26United States Department of Labor: Youth Fair Chance: Grant1994
26United States Environmental Protection Agency: Green-on-Blue: Proposal1995
26United States Office of Human Development Services: Shelburne Center: Proposal1982
United Way
26General (8 folders)n.d., 1982-1999
26735 House1995
26Affiliate Agency Advisory Council (3 folders)1986-1990
26Affirmative Action Report1995
26Allocation (9 folders)1985-2001
26-27Allocation Request (15 folders)1983-2000
27Allocations Subcommittee1996
27Beneficiary Study1986-1988
27Cities in Schools Alternative Education Plan1991
27Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employee Campaign1998
27Community Care1992
27Copley Real Estate Investment1988
27Emergency Family Shelter Program1995
27Executive Summary1989-1990
27Focus Group Results1988
27General Information Report (3 folders)1980-1983
27IBM Grant Application1996
27Management Consultant Servicesn.d., 1987
27Monthly Report1990
27Neighborhood Response Project (4 folders)1988-1990
27Non-Client Diversity Data1996
27Partnership Agreements1982-1987
27Program Descriptions1988
27Program Results and Outcomes Report1995
27Progress Reportn.d.
27Project Advance: Proposal1996-1999
27RMSC Description1991, 1992
27RMSC Presentation1996-1998
27Scholarship Awards1996
27Site Visit (11 folders)1986-1999
27Special Fund (2 folders)1987-1999
27Special Fund for Emergency Assistance1983-1984
27Submission Forms1992
27Volunteer Request Form1986
27Volunteer Six-Month Report1996
27Upward Bound: Proposaln.d.
27Urban Initiative Fund: Domestic Violence Project1993
27WEEI 590 Fund: Family House Shelter1993-1995
27Young Women's Health Education Project: CPASA1988
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6. Outside Organizations, 1977-1999
Volume:1 cubic ft.



This series documents activities, events, and programs of organizations in and around the Roxbury and North Dorchester neighborhood and organizations with which RMSC collaborated. Records include meeting minutes, annual reports, newsletters, grant proposals, and program curricula and descriptions.

27Action for Boston Community Development (2 folders)1979, 1995-1996
27Advent School Corporation1982
27African American Federation of Greater Boston1992
27Agency Collaborativen.d., 1996-1997
27La Alianza Hispana (3 folders)n.d., 1982, 1996
27Alternatives for Community and the Environment1995
27Anthony D. Perkins Community Center1994-1995
27Area Agenciesn.d., 1992
27Arts Programs1993-1996
27Black History Month Quizn.d.
27-28Blue Hill Avenue (7 folders)1995-1999
28Boston Children's Services: Newsletter1989
28Boston Foundation1990
28Boston Inner-City Task Force1995-1997
28Boston Public Schools 1998
28Bullock Brothers Ministry, Mt. Calvary Baptist Churchn.d.
28Caribbean Foundation of Boston1993-1998
28Caribbean Heritage Association1995
28Children's Services of Roxburyn.d.
28City of Bostonn.d., 1990-1993
28City Year1992-1998
28Columbia Plaza Associatesn.d.
28Common Purpose1999
28Community Jobs Collaborative (2 folders)1988-1990
28Drumbeat Inc.1993
28Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (4 folders)1989-1996
28Fair Foods, Inc.1993
28Franklin Park Coalition1982
28Gang Peace1991-1996
28Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition1986
28Grove Hall (3 folders)1993-1997
28Harvard Neighborhood Health Centern.d.
28Hattie B. Cooper Community Center1993-1995
28Interagency Council on the Homeless1996
28Interfaith Alliance1991
28Jobs for Youthn.d.
28Lena Park Community Development Corporation1977, 1998
28Mattapan Family Service Center1994
28Metro Boston Community Service Network1994-1996
28Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership1992, 1997
28Multicultural Coalition on Aging1996
28Neighborhood Centers for Youth1984
28New England Home for Little Wanderers1998-1999
28Northeastern University School of Law1992
28Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation1995-1996
28Paige Academy1993
28Peaceful Movement Committee1993-1994
28Positive Life Unlimitedn.d.
28Project Commitment1982
28Project F.A.T.E.1992
28Project Health1999
28Project Hope1999
28Quincy-Geneva Housing Development Corporation: Annual Report1993
28Roxbury Airplane Pollution Committee1999
28Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center1996
28Roxbury Youthworks (3 folders)1993-1997
28Sobriety Works Drop-In Center1992
28Social Policy Research Group1991-1993
28Sons of Africa1996
28Survivors, Inc.1998
28United South End Settlements (2 folders)1982, 1998
28Urban College of Boston1996
28Urban Land Use Task Force1993-1994
28Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts1993-1996
28William Monroe Trotter Institute: Research Report1988
28Women of Color AIDS Counciln.d.
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7. Audio-visual and Memorabilia, 1971-1995
Volume:1 cubic ft.

Alphabetical. Organized into 3 subseries: A) Audio cassettes; B) Memorabilia; and C) Photographic images


This series consists of audio cassettes, memorabilia, and photographic materials documenting various aspects of RMSC, including staff, facilities, events, and programs. Memorabilia includes banners, buttons, posters, and a t-shirt. Of special interest is the audio cassette of the interview of executive director Ricardo Millett entitled "Boston Neighborhood Forum" and the cassette entitled "Narrative Overview of RMSC's History, Programs, and Progress". Also of interest is the audio cassette of the June 18, 1985 minutes of the Board of Directors meeting, which does not exist in hard copy.

30Annual Meetings (2 audiocassettes)1987-1988
30 Board Meetings (1 audiocassette, 3 microcassettes)1985, 1992
30Finance Committeen.d.
Millett Interviews
30Black Issues with Joe Warren: Howard Thurman1982
30Boston Neighborhood Forumn.d.
30Shelter Review1985
30Slide Presentation: Narrative overview of RMSC's history, programs, and progress1964-1976
29The Commonwealth Fellows Program: Controlled Training in Mental Health and Human Servicesn.d.
29Community Programs Against Sexual Assaultn.d.
29Day Activity Program: Helping People Cope with Stressn.d.
29RMSC Youth Services: 15 Years of Servicen.d.
30AIDS: It's no joke, you don't have to get itn.d.
30It's time we made smoking historyn.d.
30Say YES to the Green on Blue Hill Avenuen.d.
30Violence prevention works
30Guestbooks (2 books)n.d., 1993
29Women of Color United Against Domestic Violence and Rape Rally (2 posters)1995
29T-Shirt: S.A.V. Ourselves, Sisters Against Violence with buttonn.d.
Photographic Images
29Contact Sheetsn.d., 1971-1988
29Negativesn.d., 1990
29Generaln.d., 1990
29The Wall for Our Youthn.d.
2920th Anniversary Celebration1984
2970th Anniversary Concord Baptist Church1986
29Alumni Reception1989
29Annual Awards Banquets (3 folders)1975, 1981-1982
29Annual Meeting1995
29Christmas Partyn.d.
29Farewell Party for Percy Wilson1978
29John D. O'Bryant Youth Center Fundraising Dinner1993
29RMSC Gang Peace House 94n.d.
29RMSC Meetingn.d.
29Generaln.d., 1987
29John D. O'Bryant Youth Center: First Phase Construction1995
29Abandoned Housing: The Marcialsn.d.
29Camp Challengen.d.
29Employment Counselingn.d.
29Family Shelter1990
29Food Drive1987
29John D. O'Bryant Youth Centern.d., 1993
30Summer Day Campn.d.
30Staffn.d., 1965
30Board of Trustees1987
30Field Trips: Summer Camp1980
30Humbolt Friendly Food Mart1978
30Staff Meeting1988
30Unidentifiedn.d., 1977-1986
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