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Collection Overview
Title:Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción records
Date:1967-2004 (bulk 1974-1999)
Location Code:60/1-60/4, FF6/D1
Reference Code:M111
Extent:49.2 cubic ft. (47 boxes and 1 flat file drawer)
Scope and Content Abstract:The Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción collection documents the organization's efforts to empower the residents of the Villa Victoria community by providing them with affordable housing and creating opportunities to have greater control over it. The records date from 1967 to 2004 and cover research topics, such as urban renewal and housing rehabilitation, tenant associations, Puerto Rican social conditions, non-profit social service delivery, and community development. Other topics include ethnic identity through cultural education and awareness, Latino performing arts, services to the elderly, youth leadership skills, and substance abuse prevention. The types of material found in the collection include meeting minutes, photographs, budgets and financial statements, proposals, grants, contracts, property descriptions and appraisals, consultants' assessments, newspaper clippings, program descriptions, progress reports, statistics, and evaluations. Records are in both English and Spanish.
Historical Abstract:Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA) is a community development corporation whose mission is to guarantee residents of the Villa Victoria community long term control over their housing by offering programs in community organizing and development, human services, and art and culture. Located in the South End of Boston, IBA began in 1967 as a grassroots movement against the Boston Redevelopment Authority's urban renewal plan. IBA incorporated in 1968 as the Emergency Tenant's Council of Parcel 19, Inc. (ETC) and successfully designed its own housing development plan. In 1969, the Boston Housing Authority named ETC sponsor-developer of Parcel 19. ETC officially changed its name to Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción in 1974.
Language and Scripts:
Arrangement:Organized into 7 series: 1. Governance; 2. Administration; 3. Executive Staff; 4. ETC Management; 5. Programs; 6. Grants and Contracts; 7. Audio-Visual Material and Memorabilia.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Bradley, Phil C.
  • Morton, Helen
  • Cortiella, David
  • Garcia, Clara
  • Hernandez, Jorge
  • Mahoney, John
  • Merced, Nelson
  • Nieves, Ruben
  • Rodriguez, Reyes
  • Thal, Richard
  • Vasquez, Myrna

  • Emergency Tenant's Council
  • Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción

  • Social Services -- Massachusetts – South End (Boston)
  • Housing -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • Urban Renewal -- Massachusetts --Boston -- History
  • Neighborhood -- Massachusetts --Boston -- History
  • Low income housing -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • Boston Housing Authority -- Public Housing -- Policies
  • Housing -- Massachusetts -- Elderly
  • Social Services -- Massachusetts -- Elderly
  • Housing subsidies -- Massachusetts
  • Tenant's Associations -- Massachusetts -- History
  • Public Housing -- Massachusetts --Boston -- History
  • Puerto Ricans -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Social conditions
  • Hispanic American youth -- Ethnic identity
  • Hispanic American teenage girls
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • South End (Boston, Mass) -- Social conditions
  • Puerto Ricans -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • Crime prevention -- Citizen participation -- Massachusetts --Boston -- History
  • Crime prevention -- Youth participation -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • Community development, Urban -- Massachusetts -- South End (Boston)
  • Community organization -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • Housing rehabilitation -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History
  • Puerto Ricans -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Ethnic identity
  • Puerto Ricans -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Social life and customs
  • Hispanic Americans -- Services for -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Arts, Puerto Rican -- United States
  • Hispanic Americans -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- Economic conditions
  • Limited partnership -- United States
  • Youth and violence -- United States -- Prevention
  • Drop outs -- United States -- Prevention
  • South End (Boston, Mass.) -- Transitional housing
  • Education, Bilingual -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Nonprofit organizations -- Finance

Restrictions:Files containing client information are restricted for 75 years from the date of their creation. Please contact the University Archivist for more information. Restricted material includes social security numbers, legal matters regarding employment status, and client medical histories.
Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the University Archivist.
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The Archives and Special Collections Department capture the website content of the Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, which is accessible at:*/

Processor:Finding aid prepared by Kimberly Reynolds, with assistance from Megan Cox, Rachel Seale, Holly Smith, Zachary Enright, and Susan Martin. Finding aid edited by Tamara Gaydos, March 2007. This collection processed under a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission., July 2006

Scope and Content Note

The Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción collection documents the organization's efforts to empower the residents of the Villa Victoria community by providing them with affordable housing and creating opportunities to have greater control over it. The records date from 1967 to 2004 and cover research topics, such as urban renewal and housing rehabilitation (Boxes 1, 4, 6, 8-9,14-18, 21, and 48), tenant associations (Boxes 1, 8, 21, and 23-26), Puerto Rican social conditions, non-profit social service delivery, and community development. Other topics include ethnic identity through cultural education and awareness, Latino performing arts, services to the elderly, youth leadership skills, and substance abuse prevention. The records specifically document programs that were designed to foster ethnic pride and identity through arts and culture, including community celebrations and festivals (Boxes 19-20); to promote youth leadership skills (Boxes 29-30); to prevent substance abuse ( Box 31); and to increase academic success (Box 29). Also documented are economic opportunities within Villa Victoria (Boxes 22, 23-24, 49 ), IBA's organizational restructuring (Boxes 3, 6, 9-10, 32, and 36-37), HUD's expiring use restrictions (Boxes 2-3, 9,13,15-18, 20-25, 49), IBA's fundraising efforts (Boxes 4-6), property management (Boxes 14-17, 48), and the history of IBA and ETC (Boxes 6, 14-17, 48). The types of material found in the collection include meeting minutes, photographs, budgets and financial statements, proposals, grants, contracts, property descriptions and appraisals, assessments, newspaper clippings, program descriptions, progress reports, statistics, and evaluations. Records are in both English and Spanish.

Historical Note

Built on landfill in the mid-19th century, the South End was developed specifically to attract Boston's growing merchant class. The area was popular at first, but hard economic times, the prohibitively high price of land, and the rise of the Back Bay neighborhood with its proximity to both Beacon Hill and the financial district, discouraged many families from settling there permanently. By the early 20th century, the large single-family homes had been divided into multiple room apartments, and the majority of the neighborhood residents were either working class Americans or immigrants. One of the ethnic groups that migrated to Boston during the 1940s and 50s was Puerto Ricans, many of whom found affordable housing in the South End. By the 1960s, the neighborhood was home to 2,000 Puerto Ricans who lived in the area defined by West Newton, West Dedham, Tremont, and Washington streets.

In 1965, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) adopted the South End Urban Renewal Plan. This plan was intended to revitalize an area called Parcel 19, by tearing down existing housing and replacing it with housing that current residents would be unable to afford. Moreover, the BRA's plan did not include relocation housing for residents who faced displacement. In response to the BRA's plan, several residents and activists, among them Israel Feliciano, Rev. William Dwyer, Helen Morton and Phil Bradley organized the grassroots group called Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, the Puerto Rican Tenants Association. Their motto became "No nos mudaremos de la parcela 19" ("We will not be moved from Parcel 19"). In 1968, the group incorporated under the name Emergency Tenant's Council of Parcel 19, Inc. (ETC) to develop and build affordable housing and to provide services that would give residents the skills to control this housing once the development was completed.

In 1968, ETC administered three divisions: Housing Development, Social Services, and the Executive Office. Housing Development was responsible for managing construction, including relocating residents, demolishing buildings, supervising sites, negotiating contracts, and for securing financing for future housing projects. Social Services was made up of seven units: housing search, consumer education, job development and placement, tenant counseling, translation and advocacy, referrals, and special services to the elderly. The Executive Office oversaw the administrative and financial operations and developed new programs.

In 1969, ETC formed the Emergency Tenant's Council Development Corporation (ETC DC). Incorporated as ETC's non-profit affiliate, ETC DC was eligible to receive money ear-marked by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for building low-income housing. With the assistance of architect John Sharratt and Greater Boston Community Development, ETC appeared before the BRA's South End Site Office with its own redevelopment plan that, unlike the BRA's, addressed both the immediate needs of the residents and the long term goals of the community. The plan was well received by the South End Site Office, and at a meeting in late 1969 the director of the BRA appointed ETC as the sponsor-developer of Parcel 19. In 1970, the Emergency Tenant's Council Developers, Inc. (ETC DI) was formed by ETC as its for profit general partner whose role was to develop, finance, construct, and manage all future housing. ETC DI then established four non-profit limited partnerships to develop Parcel 19. Having limited partnerships as developers made securing federal money easier and allowed community control over the housing. Since the limited partnerships were responsible for developing specific property, each property was named after its limited partnership: ETC and Associates, Victoria Associates, Viviendas Associates, and Borinquen Associates. Development was funded by HUD.

Villa Victoria, the resulting development, was not designed to resemble the institutionalized housing developments that had become ubiquitous across America, nor was it meant only to blend in with the 19th century row houses that remained in the neighborhood. Its design was the result of numerous meetings between residents and community leaders and the architect's trip to Puerto Rico. "The result was beautiful concrete row houses with sloping roofs, medium-high front steps, backyards, and iron railings. Painted in bright and earthy colors—soft yellows, roses, tans, and pastels—the houses gave the once grim area a fresh, clean appearance, appropriate to the community's sense of optimism" (Villa Victoria, 40-41). Included in these homes were "modern kitchens and dining areas, state-of-the-art heating systems, upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms . . . large living room windows facing sidewalks, trees, or parks, and rear doors leading to individual yards and small gardens" (Villa Victoria, 41). The transformation of Parcel 19 was acknowledged by several architectural awards, and Villa Victoria became a model for other housing developments.

Once construction was underway and the social programs were in effect, several changes were made to solidify IBA's cultural identity. In 1974, ETC incorporated as Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción and the property management affiliate of IBA was named ETC Management. Also in 1974, the Arte y Cultura Department was established and Myrna Vasquez, a prominent actress and activist from Puerto Rico, created the Areyto Program. Areyto was based on the philosophy that the arts can empower people by teaching them about their cultural heritage, building community, and providing youth with the opportunity to express themselves through performing and creating. One of its most significant contributions was the organization of celebrations unique to Puerto Rican culture, such as the Three Kings Festival and Festival Betances. In addition to the Areyto program, IBA established three other divisions in 1974: Human Services, Community Organization, and Housing Development. These departments administered programs that focused on employment counseling and job training, elder care and family services, resident leadership development and resident displacement, affordable housing, and community control of housing. Over the next six years, IBA solidified its cultural identity. In 1976, residents voted to rename Parcel 19 Villa Victoria; in 1978, parents living in Villa Victoria opened Escuelita Agüeybana, the first bilingual day care center in Massachusetts; and in 1980, IBA purchased and began rehabilitating All Saints Church into the Villa Victoria Community Center, the first Hispanic community center in New England.

In 1993, the Boards of Directors of IBA and ETC voted to become IBA / ETC. This was done to better serve the residents of the Villa Victoria community and to more clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each entity. The merger, however, did not affect the four original limited partnerships that built Villa Victoria, which continued to own their individual housing developments. ETC and Associates was the first housing built; consequently, it was the first of the limited partnerships to fall under HUD's 20 year expiring use restriction, which permitted it to rent the units out at market rate. In 1989, IBA began to organize the residents of ETC and Associates housing development to inform them of their right to purchase their homes before the HUD expiring use restriction ran out. From 1991 to 1996, IBA and the Shawmut / Tremont Tenant Corporation (STTC) worked together to purchase the property. In 1995, they formed the Phil C. Bradley Housing Partnership / Consorcio de Vivienda Phil C. Bradley Inc. (Bradley Housing), and HUD approved Bradley Housing's purchase and sale agreement in 1997. STTC was the first to accomplish the original goal of IBA, which was for residents to have long-term control over their housing and their community.

From late 1996 through 1997, IBA's leadership was unstable, causing internal strife throughout the organization and between board members. This resulted in hiring a transitional administrator who instituted a series of improvement plans, including more board development. In 1998, a new Board of Directors was elected, which signaled a long period of growth and stability for the organization.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, IBA offered a wide variety of programs and services that addressed both the social and economic needs of Villa Victoria residents. Among them were the Café Teatro Performance Series, Areyto's In-School Cultural Awareness Program, and Teens in Action, a video production training program, all of which were administered by the Arte y Cultura Department. The Café Teatro Performance Series began in 1986 and hosted Latin Jazz and traditional music, dance performances and Latino theater and cinema. In the 1990s, the Areyto Cultural Awareness Program introduced Puerto Rican and Latino American culture to 25-30 Boston public schools through its In-School Cultural Awareness Program and the Young Audiences of Massachusetts Program. Other programs included Canal 6, a video training and production program that was broadcasted throughout Villa Victoria, and after school programs that taught music, dance, and visual arts.

The Community Development Department continued to develop projects that provided residents with greater opportunities for oversight of both their housing and their community. In 1986, the Villa Victoria Community Center opened (renamed the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center later the same year) with the purpose of generating revenue by being rented out for community functions. In addition, it became home to the Café Teatro Performance Series. The Taino Tower complex opened in 1987 and included commercial and condominium space. Housing for families with special needs, Residencia Betances, opened in 1994. From 1989-1996, the Department was very involved with the Shawmut / Tremont Tenant Cooperation and the Phil C. Bradley Housing Corporation (Bradley Housing) buyout of the ETC and Associates housing development, which was owned by the limited partnership of the same name.

The Human Services Department provided a diverse array of programs for youth, elders, and families. Youth programs focused on empowerment, peer leadership, drop-out prevention, job counseling, substance abuse, and AIDS awareness. The Comprehensive Eldercare services program, located in the Unity Tower elderly housing development, included translation, advocacy, and mental health services. Family services included child care certification classes, family day care, and counseling and assistance for residents seeking work, victims of domestic violence, and residents with substance abuse problems.

In 1992, the Community Planning and Organizing Department was established to work with both the residents of Villa Victoria and the South End community on community building strategies. The Department provided a leadership training series for IBA's Board of Directors; published El Correo de la Villa, a Spanish-English newspaper written by residents; organized community safety forums; and provided leadership trainings designed to encourage more resident participation in program planning and implementation. Public Safety Peerleaders and the Public Safety Committee worked with residents and the wider community to end crime and violence. These efforts were all part of the Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative, a multi-year community organizing and planning project designed to ensure IBA's and Villa Victoria's strength in the next millennium. The Department closed in 1999.

Escuelita Boriken, IBA's pre-school, opened in 1996. The bilingual, child-centered curriculum focused on developmental learning with an emphasis on preparing students for elementary school. Located in the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center, Escuelita Boriken was established to continue providing day care services for the children and families of Villa Victoria and the South End after Escuelita Agüeybana closed its doors in 1996.

In 1999, IBA recognized the need for computer literacy in the Villa Victoria community. The El Batey Technology Center was created to provide computer classes, job training, and free Internet access to Villa Victoria residents. Cacique, a youth leadership program that included computer training in its curriculum, was created at the same time. In 2000, the Villa Tech program was established, which installed computers in over 400 housing units. Villa Tech has evolved into Villa Tech, Inc., and IBA serves as its fiscal conduit. Since 2003, Villa Tech, Inc. has maintained a community technical support desk, provided affordable technology for other area non-profit agencies, and partnered with Bunker Hill Community College to establish the Pathway Technology campus at Villa Victoria. The Bunker Hill program consists of career-oriented certificate programs, on-site job training opportunities, and college-level classes. In 2003, IBA renovated the parish house adjacent to the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center and created the Center for Latino Arts / Casa de la Cultura, which includes an art gallery and studios for dance and visual arts.

In 2006, IBA provided services for youth, families, adults, and the elderly through community organizing, educational, civic, cultural, and peer leadership programs. ETC Development Corporation, IBA's for profit affiliate, continued to develop new affordable housing in Boston's neighborhoods.

1965Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) adopts the South End Urban Renewal Plan.
1968Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA), a grassroots organization in the South End, is started by activists and residents.IBA incorporates under the name Emergency Tenants' Council of Parcel 19, Inc. (ETC).ETC establishes Human Services division.
1969ETC is designated by the BRA as sponsor-developer of Parcel 19.
1970Emergency Tenants' Council Developers Incorporated (ETC DI) incorporates as the for profit affiliate of ETC.
1971ETC and Associates housing development is completed.
1974Emergency Tenants' Council legally changes name to Inquilinos Boricaus en Acción (IBA). IBA becomes parent organization.ETC becomes the property management and security affiliate of IBA.Unity Tower elderly housing development is completed.IBA hosts first annual cultural festival, later named Festival Betances.
1975 IBA establishes Arte y Cultura Department and the Areyto program.IBA's public access television channel, Canal 6, begins broadcasting.Plaza Betances housing development is completed.
1976Residents vote to change the name of Parcel 19 to Villa Victoria.Viviendas la Victoria housing development is completed.
1977Casas Borinquen housing development is completed.
1978Escuelita Agüeybana, a bilingual day care center located in Villa Victoria, is established.
1979Betances Mural is completed.
1980IBA establishes Areyto In-School Cultural Awareness program.IBA purchases All Saints Church and begins renovating it into Villa Victoria Cultural Center.
1981Community Development Department starts the South End Credit Union.
1982Viviendas la Victoria II housing development is completed.
1986Renovation of Villa Victoria Community Center is completed and name is changed to the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center.
1989IBA begins working with families living in ETC and Associates housing to apply for Low Income Preservation and Home-ownership loan (LIHPRAH).
1990IBA begins Café Teatro Performance Series.
1991Taino Tower condominiums are completed.
1993IBA and ETC Board of Directors vote to merge.IBA launches the Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative.Residencia Betances, special room housing, opens.
1994IBA and ETC merge and become IBA / ETC.
1995IBA Board of Directors is requested to vote to merge with Escuelita Agüeybana.
1996HUD terminates management contract with IBA / ETC.HUD approves Phil C. Bradley Housing Partnership / Consorico de Vivienda Phil C. Bradley, Inc.'s Plan of Action to purchase, renovate, and permanently preserve ETC and Associates development as affordable housing.Escuelita Agüeybana day care centers close.IBA establishes Escuelita Boriken pre-school.
1998Villa Victoria housing development is managed by Peabody Properties.
1999El Batey Technology Center opens.
2000IBA / ETC resumes management of housing properties.IBA establishes Villa Tech, a community-based nonprofit organization.
2002IBA partners with Strive Inc. and launches IBA Employment Services.
2003IBA opens La Casa de la Cultura / Center.IBA opens the Cacique Youth Learning Center.
2004IBA / Bunker Hill College partner to form the Pathway Technology Campus at Villa Victoria.
1974-1977Luz Caldron, Head of Executive Staff
1977-1986Jorge Hernandez
1986 Clara Garcia, Assistant Director
Jun-Dec 1986Clara Garcia, Acting Director
Jan 1987-Aug 1994Clara Garcia, Executive Director
1983-1996Richard Thal, Assistant Director
Sep 1994-1996Nelson Merced, Chief Executive Officer
Jan-Oct 1997Ruben Nieves, Interim Chief Executive Officer
Oct 1997-Jun1998Reyes Rodriguez, Interim Chief Executive Officer
Jun 1998-Jan 2000David Cortiella, Transitional Administrator
Feb 2000-Oct 2003David Cortiella, Executive Director
Oct 2003-Dec 2004Vanessa Calderón-Rosado, Acting Director
Dec 2004-Vanessa Calderón-Rosado, Chief Executive Officer

I.B.A. Five-Year Report: 1970-1975 (Box 6, Folder 21).

ETC limited partnership organization documents (Box 17 Folders 69-79, Box 48 Folder 1).

IBA Board of Director's Minutes (Box 2, Folders 37-40).

Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción web site, /

Small, Mario. Villa Victoria: the Transformation of Social Capital in a Boston Bario. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, c 2004.

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1. Governance, 1974-2004 (bulk 1980-1999)
Volume:3 cubic ft.


This series consists of annual reports and Board of Directors records. The annual reports document the agency's programs, funding, fundraising, special events, and future plans. Reports are missing for the years 1974-1983, 1994-1997, and 1999-2003. Board of Director's records document program development, strategic planning, community economic development, the transition and merger with ETC, the relationship with Escuelita Agüeybana, IBA's financial restructuring, and community relations. ETC and Associates expiring use restriction, tenant activism, Shawmut / Tremont Tenants Association, and the planning and development of Escuelita Boriken are also documented.

Board records include by-laws; agendas and minutes of monthly, special, and annual meetings; minutes of management and transition team meetings; agendas and minutes of executive, finance, and development committee meetings; and executive director and ETC Managers' reports. Also included are special meeting minutes with ETC, consultant assessments, financial statements, budgets, program director's monthly reports, merger and transition plans, and correspondence to and from board presidents and consultants, architects, funding sources, and HUD.

Board of Directors minutes date from 1986-2001. Minutes are missing from February 1986-October 1987, December 1987, January 1996-March 1996, June 1996-January 1998, April-June 1998, November 1998-December 1998, and November 1999. Minutes are in English and in Spanish. Of special interest is IBA's involvement with ETC and Associates expiring use restriction and the Shawmut / Tremont Tenant Corporation (Boxes 2-3), restructuring with ETC (Box 3), HUD's termination of IBA / ETC's property management contract (Box 3), and IBA / ETC's compliance with HUD (Box 3).
112-Month Action Plan Update1999
112-Month Improvement Plan (2 folders)1998-1999
1Annual Meetings1975-2003
1Annual Reportsn.d., 1984-2004
Board of Directors
1Correspondence 1997
1Members (11 folders)n.d., 1986-1999
1Bosquejo del Taller / Workshop Outlinen.d.
1By-Laws (13 folders)n.d., 1969-2001
1Clerk's Certificate1975, 1984
1Correspondence1995, 1997-1998
1Committees (5 folders)n.d., 1993-1997
1Election Materials (12 folders)n.d., 1977-2000
1-2Fiscal (49 folders)1981-2002
2IBA Membership Listsn.d., 1993
2IBA / ETC Joint Task Force1992
2Incorporation Certificates1987
2Informe Sobre los Reglamentos de IBA1977
2Management Report2001
2-3Meeting Minutes (51 folders)1986-2001
3Nieves, Ruben: Employment Status (2 folders) (Restricted)1997-2001
3Policies and Procedures (6 folders)n.d., 1987-1996
3Resolutionsn.d., 1984
3Restructuring (4 folders)n.d., 1985-1996
3United Way (3 folders)1999-2000
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2. Administration, 1973-2001 (bulk 1975-1998)
Volume:5 cubic ft.


This series documents IBA's founding, fundraising activities, public relations, staff activities, retreats and trainings, restructuring with ETC, resident relations, and Villa Victoria's housing regulations. Also documented are the activities of state and local social service agencies with which IBA collaborated, including the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, The Boston Foundation, Casa Myrna Vasquez, Community Jobs Collaborative, Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation, La Alianza Hispania, Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations, Local Initiatives Support Coalition, and South End Cluster. Also documented are local and national arts organizations with whom IBA collaborated, including the Community Development Corporations Arts Resource Initiative, National Endowment for the Arts, National Theater Task Force, and New England Foundation for the Arts. Records include organizational assessments, correspondence to and from funding sources, historical narratives of IBA written by staff members, statistics and demographics of the South End and Villa Victoria, strategic planning and transition reports, IBA newsletters, resident handbooks, diversity and fundraising committee minutes, and management team meeting minutes. Of special interest are the records documenting the restructuring of IBA and ETC (Box 6); newspaper clippings documenting the history of Villa Victoria (Box 7); IBA's Five-Year Report (Box 6); the article "Villa Victoria, Boston" for its in-depth discussion of IBA's beginning, how Villa Victoria was designed, and the history of the Areyto program (Box 6); Voz De Lucha (Box 8) newsletter; IBA's fundraising history, sources, and strategies (Boxes 4-6); the Pie in the Sky Company (Box 7); and the South End / Lower Roxbury Development Illustrative Site Plan (FF6 / D1).
3Affirmative Action Plansn.d., 1989
4Americans with Disabilities Act Evaluationn.d., 1994-1995
4Americanos: Latino Life in the United States / Bostonianos: Latino Life in Boston: Exhibit2001-2002
4Committees (3 folders)n.d., 1995-1996
4Community Development Corporations: Fact Sheetn.d.
4Consultants (5 folders)1995-2000
4Fiscal (11 folders)1980-1995
4-6Fundraising (147 folders)1980-2001
6Address Filen.d.
6Awardsn.d., 1973-1994
6Community Outreach Strategies1994
6Diversity Initiative (7 folders)n.d., 1992-1995
6IBA Fact Sheetsn.d., 1986-1999
6Five-Year Report1975
6History (4 folders)n.d., 1965-1977
6Newsletters (2 folders)1968-2001
6Organizational Chartsn.d., 1992-1994
6Blueprint for Change: A Puerto Rican Agenda for the Nineties1990
6Mutually Beneficial? Examining Collaboration, Coalition Building and Partnerships Among Boston Area Latino Agencies2000
6The Puerto Rican Agenda1992
6Saving the Parcela: A Short History of Boston's Puerto Rican Communityn.d.
6A Turning Point: Hispanics Have a Key Role to Play1993
6Villa Victoria: A Documentation of the Housing Process1980
6Villa Victoria: A Part of Puerto Rico in Boston1988
6Restructuring (8 folders)n.d., 1991-1995
6Save the Villa Campaign1997
6Directoriesn.d., 1988-1990
6Grievance Process1996-1997
6Job Descriptions (2 folders)n.d., 1972-1997
6Jorge Hernandez Obituariesn.d., 1987
6Meetings (2 folders)1986-1995
6Personnel Policy1995-1999
6Training (3 folders)1988-1996
6Villa Victorianos1995
6Workplace Environment1993-1997
6Transition Reports1986-1988
7Management Team: Meeting Minutesn.d., 1994-1996
7Newspaper Clippings (2 Folders)n.d., 1974-2000
Outside Organizations
7ACCESS NOW Coalition1992
7Adolescent Wellness Program1996
7AIDS Action Committee1995
7La Alianza Hispana (3 folders)n.d., 1990-1996
7Alliance for Community Health1996
7Bank of Boston1985
7Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.1994
7Blossom Station Child Care Centern.d., 1996-1997
7Boston Agenda for Teen Pregnancy Prevention1990
7Boston Affordable Housing Coalition1988
7Boston Aid to the Blindn.d., 1996
7El Centro de Boston para Vivir Independienten.d.
7Boston Community Partnerships1996
7Boston Compact1994
7The Boston Foundation1995
7Boston Healthy Start Initiative1994
7Boston Housing Authorityn.d.
7Boston Inner-City Task Force1997
7Boston Local Initiative Support Corporation1993
7Boston Redevelopment Authority1990
7Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston1995
7Camp Hale1996
7Casa Esperanzan.d.
7Casa Myrna Vasquezn.d., 1996-2001
7CDC / ARI1995-1996
7El Centro Alternative High School Programn.d.
7El Centro Del Cardenal1996
7Chelsea Community Counseling Centern.d.
7Child Care Choices of Bostonn.d
7Citizens for Participation in Political Action2000
7Citizens' Housing and Planning Association1999-2000
7City of Boston Dept. of Health and Hospitals1996
7City Mission Society of Boston1991, 1994
7City Year Boston1998
7Club Career and Life United Bostonn.d.
7Coalition for Community Control of Developmentn.d., 1988
7Committee for Boston Public Housing2000
7Community Change, Inc.1992
7Community Development Corporations and the Arts1994
7Community Development Finance Corporation1986-1989
7Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation1997-1998
7Community Jobs Collaborative (2 folders)1989-1990
7Community Music Center of Boston1998-1997
7Community Services Resource Directoryn.d.
7Community Training and Assistance Centern.d.
7Cooperative Artists Institute1998
7Cooperative Housing Task Force1987-1988
7Department of Neighborhood Development1999
7Dimock Community Health Center1991-1992
7Directorio Latino (Boston)2000
7Dorchester Allied Neighborhood Associations2001
7Dorchester Cares1994-1995
7Dorchester Youth Collaborativen.d.
7Drop-A-Dime / Report Crime1986
7Drug Use Trends in Greater Boston and Massachusetts1997
7Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative1990-1995
7Encuentro Ministerialn.d.
7Entre Familia Programn.d.
7Environmental Justice Network1995
7Festival Puertorriqueño1992-2000
7The Food Project1996
7Greater Boston Community Development, Inc.1970-1988
7Healthy Boston Coalition1995
7Hispanic Agenciesn.d.
7Hispanic Ministry Bulletin1991
7Hispanic of Planning and Evaluation (3 folders)1983-1991
7Hispanic Parents Association of Boston1988
7Housing Opportunities Unlimitedn.d.
7Human Resource Center, Inc.1991
7Instituto de Salud Latinan.d.
7Jewish Community Relations Council1987
7Jobs and Community Servicesn.d.
7Jobs for Youth1998
7Latino Health Institute (2 folders)n.d., 1994
7Latino Health Networkn.d., 1988
7Latino Healthy Staff Initiative1996
7Latino Men's Projectn.d.
7Latino Parents Association1991
7Latino Professional Network1993
7Lena Park1986
7Llámanos y hablemosn.d.
7Local Initiatives Support Coalitionn.d., 1992-2001
7Local Initiatives Support Corporation1982-1996
7Massachusetts Advocacy Center1990
7Massachusetts Association of Community Developmentn.d.
8Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (11 folders)n.d., 1987-2000
8Massachusetts Department Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse1994
8Massachusetts English Plus1990
8Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency2001
8Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation2001
8Massachusetts Housing Partnership Fund1992, 2001
8Massachusetts Office of Human Services1990
8Mauricio Gaston Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy (2 folders)1991, 1994
8Mirror Project1992-1999
8Mujeres Unidas1994
8National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights2000
8National Telecommunications and Information Administration1987
8National Theater Task Force1994-1995
8New England Foundation for the Arts1996
8AIDS Housing News1995
8Boston Healthy Start1995
8Boston Oil Consumers Alliance1995
8Casa Myrna Vasquez, inc.2000
8City Mission Society of Boston1991
8Codman Square Neighbor Development News2000
8Episcopal City Mission1991
8Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation1996
8International Institute of Boston1996
8El Josco1987
8Latino/a Student Cultural Center2000
8Los/las niños/as Saludables Aprenden Más1994
8Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency1998
8Network of Cultural Centers of Color1992
8Northeastern Universityn.d., 1996
8Parents United for Child Care (2 folders)1990-1996
8Patriot's Trail Girl Scout Counciln.d., 1996
8Pie in the Sky Company1992
8Regional Housing Agencies1994-1995
8Rhythm and Voicesn.d.
8St. Mark's Churchn.d.
8Sociedad Latinan.d.
8South End Cluster (2 folders)n.d., 1996-1997
8South End Community Health Centern.d.
8South End Federal Credit Unionn.d.
8South End / Lower Roxbury Health Boston Action Plan1994
8South End / Lower Roxbury Open Space Land Trustn.d.
8South End Neighborhood Service Centern.d., 1991
8South End Neighborhood Action Programn.d., 1991
8Special Adoption Family Services1996
8Teens Up Front1990-1991
8Timothy Smith Fund2000
8United South End Settlements (2 folders)1982, 1991
8Voz De Lucha1976
8Woburn Council of Social Concern, Inc.1992
8Youth Build Bostonn.d.
8Youth Programs Listn.d.
8Program Brochuresn.d., 1984-1998
8Public Relations (2 folders)n.d., 1987-1994
8South End Community Resident Survey1993
Villa Victoria
8Business Survey1996
8Community Survey1980
8Corporation Membersn.d., 1987-1988
8Demographics (3 folders)1990-1995
8Directory of Resident Services2000
8Housing Membershipn.d., 1987-1997
8Operating Procedures1996
8Resident Workshopsn.d., 1994-1996
8Social and Political Development Actorsn.d.
8Tenants (2 folders)n.d., 1986
FF6 / D1South End / Lower Roxbury Development Illustrative Site Plann.d.
8Unity Tower (2 folders)n.d., 1975-1995
8United States Department of Housing and Urban Development: Civil Rights Actn.d.
8West Newton Street Tenant's Council (3 folders)n.d., 1995-1996
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3. Executive Staff, 1977-2001
Volume:6 cubic ft.

Organized into 7 subseries: A. Jorge Hernandez; B. Richard Thal; C. Clara Garcia; D. Nelson Merced; E. Ruben Nieves; F. Reyes Rodriguez; G. David Cortiella.

This series documents the activities of IBA's executive staff, including project and program development, implementation and oversight of internal management systems, fundraising and resource development, external representation, strategic planning, community development, organizational restructuring, property development and management, arts and cultural programming, and budgeting and non-profit financial management. Also documented are tenant activism, including the Shawmut / Tremont Tenant Association, Board of Directors elections and retreats, and community planning and organizing. Records include proposals, grants, and contracts, weekly and monthly program director's meetings and reports, program descriptions and evaluations, and financial statements and budgets. Also included are organizational assessments, personnel policies, Villa Victoria operating procedures, and correspondence from executive staff to consultants, government agencies, funders, engineers and architects, and ETC Board of Directors. The IBA and ETC Board of Directors minutes in this series are incomplete but were retained for their annotations. See Series 1, Governance, and Series 4, ETC Management, for complete minutes. Scattered throughout this series are ETC records, program descriptions, reports and proposals, and grants and contracts. See Series 4, ETC Property Management, Series 5, Programs, and Series 6, Grants and Contracts, for one complete group.

A. Jorge Hernandez (.7 cubic ft.), 1977-1986, includes IBA / ETC restructuring and the creation of the Villa Victoria Community Center.

B. Richard Thal (1.3 cubic ft.), 1983-1996, includes IBA / ETC restructuring, the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center, ETC Property Management, ETC Associates expiring use, and Residencia Betances and Taino Tower.

C. Clara Garcia (1.7 cubic ft.), 1986-1994, includes strategic planning, child care, and fundraising for the Jorge Hernandez Recognition Award. Records include the Casa Myrna Vazquez annual report. Legal issues include the renaming of Villa Victoria to the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center, amendments of articles, Plaza Betances commercial space, and loan information.

D. Nelson Merced (.5 cubic ft.), 1994-1996, includes merger with Escuelita Agüeybana.

E. Ruben Nieves (.2 cubic ft.), 1996-1997, includes correspondence and grants, and contracts.

F. Reyes Rodriguez (.3 cubic ft.), 1997-1998, includes the United Way Improvement plans.

G. David Cortiella (1 cubic ft.), 1999-2001, includes development of Villa Tech and Cacique Leadership Program.
A. Hernandez, Jorge, 1977-1986
8-9Appointment Books (3 folders)1977-1984
9Board of Directors Accountant Correspondence1985
9, 48Community Development Program (7 folders)1979-1984
9Consultants (3 folders)1982-1985
9Elton and Associates: Architects n.d., 1982-1984
9Boston Housing Authority: Correspondence1982-1983
48Property Management1981-1985
9, 48Fiscal (2 folders)1980-1985
9Fundraising (3 folders)1981-1986
9Joint Policy Committee1979-1984
9Planning Session1980-1982
9Restructuringn.d., 1981-1984
9Keylatch Summer Program: Harvard University1985-1986
9Local Initiatives Support Corporation: Grants and Contracts (2 folders)1981-1985
9A Program for Private Support of Community Service and Development Initiatives in Puerto Rico: Presentation1985
9Villa Victoria Community Center1984-1985
B. Thal, Richard, 1983-1996
9Board of Directors: Meeting Notes (3 folders)1994
9Boston Housing Authority 1986
Cathedral Post Office Lease1986
Grants and Contracts (2 folders)1989-1992
9Boston Neighborhood Clusters: Descriptions1995-1996
9Community Builders Workshop1991
9Consultants (6 folders)n.d., 1988-1990
9Diversity Initiative (3 folders)1993-1994
9Employment Law Seminar1988
ETC Property Management
9Board of Directors: Meeting Notes1992
9Eviction Policiesn.d.
9Finance Committee: Meeting Minutes (3 folders)1992-1994
9Property Descriptionsn.d.
ETC and Associates
9Appraisal: Meeting Notes1992
9Expiring Use: Meeting Notesn.d., 1992
9Tremont / Shawmut Resident Council Meetings1988-1994
9Request for Proposals1989
9Financial Restructuring1993
9Fiscal (2 folders)1995
9Fundraising (4 folders)1987-1995
9Grants and Contracts (9 folders)1987-1994
9-10Restructuring (6 folders)1991-1993
10South End Federal Credit Union Office Consolidation Study1987
10Joint Executive Planning Committee1987-1989
Golzio vs. The Howlin' Dogs, Inc.1989-1993
Tenant Evictions1987
10Management Team (2 folders)1990-1994
10Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (5 folders)1986-1996
10National Labor Relations Board Union Election (2 folders)1986
10National Performance Network Conference1993
10Arte y Cultura (12 folders)n.d., 1987-1994
10Human Services (15 folders)n.d., 1987-1994
10Recommendations to Board of Directorsn.d.
10Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative1992-1993
10Neighborhood Development Support Collaborative Property Management Assessment1992
10Personnel Policies (3 folders)n.d., 1987, 1993
10Residencia Betances Development1991
10Successful Companies: Meeting Notesn.d.
10Taino Tower (6 folders)1987-1998
10Tours / Visitors1987-1991
10Villa Victoria Community Center / Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center (3 folders)1983-1989
48Viviendas Associates: Leases1983-1986
10Youth Center / Child Care Center Committee Meeting Minutes1993
10YouthBuild Boston1993
C. Garcia, Clara, 1986-1994
10Board of Directors (2 folders)1986-1991
10Casa Myrna Vazquez: Annual Report1986-1987
10Child Care Committee1992-1993
10Child Care Project: University of Massachusetts - Boston1990
10-11Consultants (9 folders)n.d., 1986-1993
11Correspondence (5 folders)1986-1994
11Council of Administrators of Hispanic Agencies (3 folders)1986-1989
11Board of Directors (2 folders)1986-1987
11United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Lease1986
11ETC Development Corporation (2 folders)1986-1987
11Fundraising (9 folders)1986-1994
11Grants and Contracts (18 folders)1985-1995
11IBA / ETC Tenant Relations Issuesn.d., 1986
11Latino Health Network Agreement1989
11Legal (3 folders)1985-1988
11Massachusetts Department of Revenue1994-1995
11Planning Committee Demographics1996
12Arte y Cultura (8 folders)1986-1995
12Community Development (3 folders)1986-1997
12Human Services (4 folders)n.d., 1985-1988
12South End / Lower Roxbury Healthy Boston Coalition (2 folders)1991-1994
12Staff (2 folders)1987
12Strategic Planning1989-1991
12Taino Tower: Working Committee (3 folders)1987-1989
12Thal, Richard: Meeting Notes1987
12Villa Victoria Property Management Operation Assessment1990-1991
12Women's Enterprise1987
D. Merced, Nelson, 1994-1996
12Agencias Latinas Unidas (2 folders)1994-1996
12Blackstone School Council1995
12Center for Economic Development1996
12Center for Substance Abuse Prevention: Summary Statement1994
12The City School1995
12CommonGround: Consultants1996
12Community Resident Survey: Parish House Youth Centern.d.
12Correspondence (2 folders)1994-1997
12Escuelita Agüeybana (2 folders)1989-1996
12Project Reports1994
12Property Management1994-1995
12United States Department of Housing and Urban Development1996
12Fundraising 1995
12Grant Proposals (6 folders)
12-13Grants and Contracts (7 folders)n.d., 1994-1996
13IBA / ETC Planning and Organizing Concept Papern.d.
13Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination1996
13Meeting Notesn.d.
13Merced Report1995
13Arte y Cultura (2 folders)1995-1996
13Community Development (5 folders)1994-1996
13Community Planning and Organizing (2 folders)1994-1996
13Human Services (2 folders)n.d., 1994
13Latina Girls Substance Abuse Program: Summary Statement1994
13Senior Management Retreat1995-1996
13Staff Meetings1994-1995
United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
13Occupancy Review1996
13South End Apartments1997
13Review of ETC Development Corporation Financial Statements1996
13Unity Tower1994
13University of Massachusetts – Boston / Center for Community Economic Development: Agreement1996-1997
Villa Victoria
13Shawmut / Tremont Tenant Corporation1994
E. Nieves, Ruben, 1996-1997
13Generaln.d., 1997
13Casas Borinquen: ETC Developers: Management Termination1997
13Elton and Associates: Architects1993
13.Employment Status (Restricted)1996-1997
13Grants and Contracts (3 folders)1997-1998
13, 48Legal: ETC Management Contract1997
13Arte y Cultura: Correspondence1997
13Human Services (2 folders)1997
13South End Federal Credit Union1997
13Staff Meeting: Notes1997
F. Rodriguez, Reyes, 1997-1998
130-8 Coalition: Meeting Minutes1997
13Board of Directors1991-1998
13Financial Statements1997-1998
13Grants and Contracts (5 folders)1997-1998
13Keylatch Summer Program: Harvard University1997
13Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation: Article1998
13Massachusetts Housing Partnership: Residencia Betances1998
13Peabody Properties Incorporated: IBA / ETC Contract1998
13Programs: Community Development (4 folders)1997-1998
13Trotter Institute: Consultant1997-1998
13United States Department of Labor Minimum Wage / Overtime Violations1998
13United Way (3 folders)1997
13Urban Edge Housing Corporation1997
13Villa Victoria Safety Committee1997
G. Cortiella, David, 1999-2001
13Board of Directors (13 folders)n.d., 1999-2001
13Boston Community Building Curriculum: Meeting Notes2000
13Boston Community Learning Centers1999-2000
13Boston Foundation (4 folders)1999-2001
13Boston Historical Society: Meeting Notesn.d.
13Casas Borinquen2000-2001
13Centre d'Etude des Politiques Sociales: Questions about Community Development Corporations2000
13Cisco Networking Academies Roundtable Discussion2000
13Citizens Advisory Committee: Meeting Minutes2001
13City Year Service Day Villa Victoria Beautification Kick-Off2000
13Community Technology Initiative: Presentation1998
13Consultants (4 folders)1998-2001
13Cornu Management Company: Consultants(5 folders)2000-2001
13Department of Neighborhood Development: Property Disclosure2000
13Dover Lofts2001
13El Batey Technology Center: Program Description2000
13Elton and Associates (2 folders)1999-2000
13Escuelita Boriken (2 folders)2000
13ETC Development Corporation (9 folders)
13ETC Developers, Incorporated Board of Directors: Agendas2001
14ETC Management: Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency: Items for Scope and Service2000
14Festival de las Madres2001
14Foodies Urban Market1999
14Fundraising (2 folders)1998, 2001
14Grants and Contracts (5 folders)1997-2001
14Juan R. Quintana Memorial2001
14Latino Arts Projectn.d.
14Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (3 folders)1999-2001
14Massachusetts Latino Political Action Committee1998-2000
14Meeting Notesn.d., 2000
14New Economy Technology Training Consortium (2 folders)2000-2001
14Northeastern University: Summer Youth Extravaganza1999
14O'Day Playground Fence Project2000-2001
14Arte y Cultura (4 folders)2000
14Festival Betances2000
14Human Services (3 folders)1999-2001
14Timothy Smith Center2000
14VillaTech (6 folders)2000
14Public Relations: Bostonian Society Plaque2000
14South End Federal Credit Union: Meeting Notes2000
14South End Learning Community: Meeting Agenda2000
South End/Lower Roxbury
14Health Boston Coalition: Meeting Minutes2001
14Housing and Planning Coalition1999-2001
14Youth Workers' Alliance Meeting2000
14Staff Meeting: Agenda1998
14Viviendas Apartments (2 folders)n.d., 2000
14West Dedham Street Meeting (2 folders)2001
14Workforce Investment Act: Year Round Services: Proposaln.d.
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4. ETC Management, 1967-2001 (bulk 1969-1998)
Volume:4 cubic ft.


This series consists of the records of ETC, ETC Development Incorporation (ETC DI) and ETC Development Corporation (ETC DC) Board of Directors, ETC Property Management, and the ETC and Associates, Victoria Associates, Viviendas Associates, and Borinquen Associates limited partnerships.

The ETC Development Incorporation (ETC DI) and ETC Development Corporation (ETC DC) Board of Directors records document both the joint meetings between ETC DI and ETC DC Board of Directors and the individual meetings of the boards. Topics include Villa Victoria security, rent increases and collection, and vacancy issues; the Escuelita Agüeybana building and lease; and financial and management relationships with IBA, the BHA, and HUD. Also documented are ETC and Associates expiring use restriction, community relations, tenant activism and organization, program status, Festival Betances planning, and financial relationships with limited partnerships. Records include by-laws; annual meeting minutes; reports of presidents, general managers, finance committee, tenant committees, and treasurers; tenants' meeting minutes; property descriptions and appraisals; correspondence regarding financial, architectural, and legal matters; affirmative action and vacancy reports; apartment leases; and HUD property management reviews. Board of Directors minutes date from 1970-2001. Minutes are missing from 1982-1983, and 1991. Minutes from 1994-2001 are located in Series 1, Governance (Boxes 2-3).

The ETC Management Board of Directors meetings for the years 1986-1991 are on audio cassettes and are located in Series 7, Audio Visual Material and Memorabilia (Box 45). These recordings are the only version of ETC Management Board of Directors meeting minutes in the collection. In addition, there are recordings of the minutes of Board of Directors of ETC DC, ETC DI, and ETC DC / DI for the years 1987-1990. Hard copies of these minutes are located in this series, ETC Management (Boxes 15-17, 48). Minutes of joint meetings between ETC DC / DI and ETC Security are also included.

The ETC Management records document the business of managing Villa Victoria's housing, including property maintenance; operating procedures; security; rent collection; tenant activism, organization, and selection; merging with IBA; ETC and Associates expiring use; ETC's history and the history of Parcel 19; fundraising, rehabilitation and construction planning; and HUD's oversight of rent increases, rent schedules, and property management. Records include HUD management reviews and correspondence regarding management operation, resident handbooks, property descriptions and appraisals, housing development projects, personnel policies and job descriptions, site maps, architectural plans and drawings, organizational assessments, and meeting minutes. Of special interest are ETC and Associates expiring use project (Box 15), which explains in detail the meaning of expiring use and why this limited partnership's housing development is the first to fall under the restriction; the development of Parcel 19; Rehabilitation I and II (Boxes 17, 48) and Viviendas la Victoria I and II (Boxes 17, 48), which provides the history of the limited partnerships and their housing developments; ETC's history (Box 14); the 1972 General Operations Proposal (Box 15), which provides an early history of ETC; and the Southwest Corridor Project (Box 14), which was important to the physical and economic configuration of the South End. Also of interest are the1971 Housing Report to the Board of Directors (Box 17); the Desperation Budget providing an early account of ETC's finances; (Box 15); the development of Parcel 19 (Boxes 17, 48); and the organization documents of the limited partnerships and affiliates (Boxes 17, 48).

The records for ETC and Associates, Victoria Associates, Viviendas Associates, and Borinquen Associates limited partnerships document expiring use restrictions, ETC and Associates property settlement, security, property development, financial relationships with ETC DI and ETC DC, and legal issues regarding historic preservation. Records include capital needs assessments, property profiles, and task force meeting minutes. Of special interest is the law suit to prevent the construction of Viviendas la Victoria II (Box 48).
14Correspondence (2 folders)1983-1992
14Energy Survey1980
14Eviction Guidelinesn.d.
14Fact Sheet1973
14Fiscal (4 folders)n.d., 1981-1997
14Fundraising (2 folders)1972, 1994
14History (2 folders)n.d., 1973
14Job Descriptions (2 folders)n.d., 1995-1996
14Keylatch Summer Program: Harvard University1985-1988
14ETC v. New England Merchants Bank and Unity Bank and Trust (Restricted)1971-1972
14Tenant Information: Correspondence1987
48Massachusetts Housing Acts1974
14Newspaper Clippingsn.d., 1971, 1993-1994
14O'Day Playground1980
14Operating Procedures (6 folders)n.d., 1975-1997
14Organization Chart1973
14, 48Outside Organizations (7 folders)1972-1994
14Preservation of Housing in Boston1971
14Properties (2 folders)n.d., 1998
14Southwest Corridor Project1977
14St. Stephen's Annual Meeting: Report1974
14, 48Staff (7 folders)n.d., 1972-1996
14Vacancy Reports1989-1993
14Agreements (4 folders)1975, 1985-1996
14, 48Borinquen Associates (2 folders)1976, 1997
Boston Housing Authority 1979, 1995-1996
14Community Initiative Program1996
48Development Management Agreement1979
14Unity Tower: Meeting Notes1995
14Boston Police Department: Strategic Plan for Neighborhood Policing1996
14-15, 48Casas Borinquen (10 folders)n.d., 1985-1998
15CBI Corporation Meeting Dates1973-1975
15Consultants (7 folders) 1975, 1989-1997
ETC and Associates
15Expiring Use (3 folders)1990-1996
15Job Descriptions (2 folders)n.d.
15Properties Fact Sheet1987
15Task Force Reportn.d., 1987
15United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Occupancy Review Meeting1997
15ETC Community Security, Inc.: Contractn.d., 1987
15ETC-Cornu Management Company Management Report2001
15Endowment Fund1988
15Housing Development Project Report1973
ETC Developers Inc.
15Calendar of Events1988
15Capital Improvements1987-1988
15Properties Profilen.d.
15Special Police Guidelinesn.d.
15Tenant Selection (2 folders)1995-1996
15, 48United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (4 folders)1979-1990
15Viviendas Associates (2 folders)1994-1996
15Viviendas Project1987
ETC Development Corporation
15630 Tremont Street (2 folders)2000-2001
15Community Development Finance Corporationn.d., 1983
15Cornu Management Company2000
15Viviendas Apartments Limited Partnership2001
15General Operations: Proposal1972
15Annual Meetings (2 folders)1974, 1987
15Board Members1971-1972
15By-Lawsn.d., 1969-1977
15Committees (3 folders)1980-1993
15Correspondence (2 folders)1978-1995
15 Desperation Budget1972-1973
15ETC Articles of Amendment1974
15ETC Developers Inc. (2 folders)n.d., 1996-1997
15ETC Development Corporation: Incorporation1970
15-17, 48Minutes (78 folders)1970-2001
17Finance and Personnel: Meeting Minutes1973
Financial Statements
17Borinquen Associates (15 folders)1976-1995
17Community Security Services, Inc. (5 folders)1985-1997
17ETC and Associates (3 folders)1975-1978, 1995
17ETC DC / DI 1998
17ETC Developers Inc. (2 folders)1994
17ETC Development Corporation (10 folders)1975-1995
17Rutland / East Springfield Street (2 folders)1990-1996
17South End Apartments (4 folders)1988-1998
17Unity Towers (4 folders)1990, 1996
17Victoria Associates1988
17Viviendas Associates (6 folders)1975-1995
17West Newton Street (2 folders)1990, 1996
17Housing Report1971
17, 48Organization Documents (12 folders)1968-1971, 1987
17Steering Committee (2 folders)n.d., 1969-1970
17Stockholder's Meetings1980, 1987
17Tax Issues: Correspondence1983
17Training Handbook (2 folders)1989
17Unity Tower: Report1973-1980
17Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency Energy Loan1986-1991
17Non-profit versus For Profit Corporation Reportn.d.
Parcel 19
17Development Schedule Report1970
17Limited Partnerships Profilesn.d.
17Notes (2 folders)1967, 1973
17, 48Rehabilitation I (3 folders)n.d., 1969-1972
17, 48Rehabilitation II (7 folders)n.d.,1973-1978
17Traffic Patterns1969-1972
17-18Peabody Properties, Inc. (2 folders)1997-1998
18Plaza Betances (2 folders)1989-1990
18South End Apartments: Correspondence1980-1996
18South End Urban Renewal Board Steering Committee1968-1969
48Taino Tower: Appraisal Update1991
United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (4 folders)
18Capital Needs Assessment1993
18Corrective Action Plan1997
18Data Collection Reports1991
18Fair Market Rentn.d., 1972-1977
18Unity Tower (4 folders)n.d., 1969-1974, 1994-1995
18, 48Victoria Associates (2 folders)1983, 1993-1998
18Viviendas Associates (3 folders)n.d., 1986, 1996-2001
18Viviendas la Victoria I (4 folders)n.d., 1972-1975, 2001
18, 48Viviendas la Victoria II (7 folders)1971-1982
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5. Programs, 1974-2004 (bulk dates 1986-1998)
Volume:14.5 cubic ft.

Organized into 5 subseries: A. Arte y Cultura; B. Community Development; C. Community Planning and Organizing; D. Escuelita Boriken; and E. Human Services.This series documents the planning and implementation of IBA's programs, events, and services.

A. Arte y Cultura subseries documents Café Teatro's Performance Series, Villa Victoria's activities and events (including Festival Betances), Areyto's In and After School Cultural Awareness programs, Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center operations. Also documented are program development, departmental restructuring, and the creation of the Plaza Betances mural. Records include program descriptions and evaluations, the Areyto Cultural Awareness Program curricula, meeting minutes, performance schedules, fact sheets, brochures, events calendars, workplans, and performance reviews. Of special interest are the program activities for the first annual cultural festival (Box 19); the Festival Betances programs; and the Café Teatro Performance series programs (Box19), which provide complete schedules of performers and performances.

B. Community Development subseries documents HUD's expiring use restrictions for ETC and Associates, the Philip C. Bradley Housing Partnership, the Shawmut / Tremont Tenants Council, the history of the Buyers Committee, and the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center. Also documented are Villa Victoria Child Care Project; Taino Tower condominium association meetings; and Villa Victoria resident meetings, property closings, Single Room Occupancy (SRO) requirements, site assessments, and building renovations. Records include property descriptions and appraisals; architect's drawings; correspondence from program directors to IBA's executive staff, ETC Management, ETC and Associates, Escuelita Agüeybana's executive directors, consultants, lawyers, and architects regarding building projects and HUD expiring use restrictions; meeting minutes; and incorporation documents. Of special interest are Bradley Properties (Box 20); Building N and Plaza Betances (Boxes 20, 22), which are IBA's commercial spaces; ETC and Associates (Box 21); Phil C. Bradley Housing Partnership (Box 22); Tremont / Shawmut Resident's Council (Box 24, Folders 40-42); Rehabilitation II (box 21 Folder 60); and Viviendas la Victoria (Box 25).

C. Community Planning and Organizing subseries documents the Villa Victoria Initiative 2000, which includes the publication of Villa Victoria's Spanish / English newspaper El Correo de la Villa and Public Safety Peerleaders program. Records include budgets, program descriptions and evaluations, and reports.

D. Escuelita Boriken subseries documents the beginning of IBA's bilingual pre-school program and staff development. Records include meeting minutes, needs assessment, menus, and parent handbook.

E. Human Services subseries documents youth programs, such as Peerleader, Teen and Kid Empowerment, Latina Girls Substance Abuse Prevention, HIV / AIDS awareness, Drop Out Prevention, and Youth Council. Also documented are elder care family advocacy, and mental health programs. Records include program descriptions, staff meeting minutes, reports, budgets, and workplans. Of special interest is the Teen and Kid Empowerment Program (Boxes 30, 31) especially the student-written scripts for "Respect" month held at Edwards Middle School. Performances of the scripts are located in Series 7, Audio-Visual Material and Memorabilia (Box 45). Also of interest is the Latina Girls Substance Abuse Prevention Program (Box 31).

Documentation of these programs is also scattered throughout Series 1, Governance; Series 2, Administration; Series 3, Executive Staff, and Series 6, Grants and Contracts. Program and property related photographs can be found in Series 7, Audio-Visual Material and Memorabilia (Box 47).
A. Arte y Cultura
18General n.d., 1980-1997
18Advisory Panel1995
18Areyto (29 folders)n.d., 1987-1997
18Arts Are Academic (8 folders)n.d., 1994-1996
18Blackstone Elementary School Art Expo1996
18Board of Directors: Report1997
18Boston MOST Initiative (2 folders)1994-1995
18Boston Neighborhood Network1990, 1996
18-19Café Teatro (28 folders)n.d., 1987-2000
19Canal 61996
19Chiapas Photography Projectn.d., 1993
19Community Arts Plann.d., 1997-1998
19Community Development Corporations / Arts Resource Initiative (6 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
19Co-Arts: Consultants1995
19Contract Reportn.d.
19Cuatro Projectn.d., 1995
19Cultural Resources Program Curriculum Development Projectn.d.
19Dance Umbrella at Villa Victoria1989
19Festival Betances (46 folders)n.d., 1974-2000
19Goals and Objectives[1994?]
19El Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueno 1995
19Job Descriptionsn.d., 1996-1997
19Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center (23 folders)n.d., 1986-2000
20Lincoln Center for Performing Arts1994
20Marketing Survey Researchn.d., 1996
20Membership Drive1993
20Myrna Vasquez Projectn.d., 1993-1996
20National Endowment for the Arts1992
20National Performance Network (2 folders)1992-1993
20New England Foundation for the Arts (2 folders)1991, 1992
20New World Theater (2 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
20Newspaper Clippings1993-1997
20"On the Wall" Mural (2 folders)n.d., 1992-1993
20Peace Party Planningn.d.
20Performance Information Sheet1994
20Planning Strategiesn.d.
20Plaza Betances Mural (2 folders)n.d, 1981-1986, 1997
20Plaza Betances: Site Plann.d.
20Pregones Theater1996
20Presenting History1992-1995
20Press Releasesn.d., 1994-1996
20Program Descriptionsn.d., 1996
20Publicityn.d., 1995
20Review and Assessment 1990, 1994
20La Ruta n.d., 1993-1997
20Staff Meetingsn.d., 1995-1996
20 Teens in Action (8 folders)n.d., 1991-1997
20Three Kings Day (6 folders)n.d., 1987-2001
20Valentine's Day Festival Meeting1995
20Visual Arts Evaluationsn.d.
20Young at Arts (3 folders)n.d., 1994-1995
B. Community Development
20121A Regulations1992
20405 Shawmut Avenue: Appraisal Report1994
20Boston Housing Authority (2 folders)1987-1998
20Boston Housing and Urban Development Tenant Alliance1996
20Boston Redevelopment Authority: Midtown Cultural District Child Care Project1989
20Bradley Properties (3 folders)1996
20Building N (2 folders)1986-1991
20Casa Esperanza: Application for Housing Innovation Funds1990
20Child Care Center Project (5 folders)1986-1994
20Child Care Survey Results1993
20Commercial Development Committee1982
20Community Economic Development: Strategic Planning1995-1996
20Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (2 folders)1992-1995
20, 49Consultants (7 folders)1991-1997
20Escuelita Agüeybana Auditn.d., 1982-1994
21Estoppel Letters1984-1988
ETC and Associates
21Audits (5 folders)1988-1995
21Buy Out1991-1994
21Buyers Committee1994
21Development Committee Meeting1993-1995
21Development Tenant Committee Questionnaires n.d.
21, 49Expiring Use (37 folders)n.d., 1986-1996
21Freedom of Information Request1992-1993
21IBA / ETC Joint Committee Meeting Minutes1990-1994
21Operating Budgetsn.d., 1994
21Predevelopment Budget1994-1995
21Residents Meeting1992-1994
21Task Force (2 folders)1989-1992
21Tremont / Shawmut Resident Council1993
21Working Group Meeting Minutes1989-1990
ETC Developers
21Loan Agreement1986
21Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency: Casas Borinquen2000
21ETC Rehabilitation II: Boston Housing Development Submission1974
21IBA / ETC Community Economic Development Plan1996
21IBA / ETC Joint Executive Committee Meeting Minutes1987-1988
22IBA/Escuelita Agüeybana: Joint Venture Agreement1993-1994
22Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center (10 folders)1987-1995
22Legal Services Centern.d., 1996
22Management Training Seminars 1995
22Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation: Working Capital Fund1995-1996
49Master Appraisal1988
22Meeting Minutes1991-1992
49Midtown Cultural District: Linkage Funding1987-1990
22National Community Reinvestment Coalition: Partnership Best Practices1997
22Neighborhood Development Support Collaborative (2 folders)1994-1996
22Newspaper Clippings1993-1996
22Peabody Properties (3 folders)1996-1999
22Phil C. Bradley Housing Partnership (17 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
22Plaza Betances Commercial Facility1988-1992
22Property Descriptionsn.d.
22Reports1977, 1991-1997
22-23, 49Residencia Betances (37 folders)n.d., 1989- 1994
23Roxbury Empowerment Action Project: Executive Summaryn.d, 1997
23Shawmut / Tremont Tenant Corporation (12 folders)1990-1997
23Single Room Occupancy Special Needs Housing Collaborative (3 folders)n.d., 1990-1993
23, 49South End Apartments (2 folders)1996-1997
23South End Federal Credit Union2000
23South End / Lower Roxbury Development Policy Plan (4 folders)1990-1993
23South End / Lower Roxbury Planning Board (2 folders)1989-1992
23Special Projectsn.d., 1989-1990
23-24, 49Taino Tower (64 folders)n.d., 1987- 1998
24Tenant Selection Guidelinesn.d., 1978-1981
24Tremont / Shawmut Resident's Council (3 folders)1993-1994
24United States Postal Service: Lease1995
24United Way Child Care Initiatives Careers Projectn.d., 1986-1990
24Unity Tower: Boston Housing Authority Management1995
24Victoria Associates: 121A1988-1995
24Villa Victoria Cathedral: Safe Neighborhood Planning Meeting Minutes1998
24Villa Victoria Center Limited Partnership1984
24-25, 49Villa Victoria Community Center (36 folders)n.d., 1980-1996
25Viviendas Associates (6 folders)n.d., 1994-1996
25Viviendas Task Force1996
25Viviendas la Victoria1974
C. Community Planning and Organizing
25Concept Papern.d.
25El Correo de la Villa (9 folders)n.d., 1992-1996
25Correspondence 1995
25Local Initiatives Support Corporation: AmeriCorps1994-1996
25Newspaper Clippings1995-1996
25O'Day Playground (9 folders)n.d., 1991-1996
25Outreach: Flyers n.d., 1995, 1998
25Program Evaluationn.d.
25Public Safety Committee: Meeting Minutes (2 folders)1992-1998
25Public Safety Peerleaders Reports (3 folders) (Restricted)1997-1999
25Reports 1995-1996
25Staff (2 folders)1995
25Villa Power Campaignn.d., 1996
25Villa Pride Campaignn.d., 1996
25Villa Victoria Initiative (4 folders)1991-1994
D. Escuelita Boriken
26Generaln.d., 1996-1997
260-8 Coalition: Program Expansion Survey1997
26Community Partnership to Children: Agreement 1996
26Classroom and Workplace Environment1997
26In-Service Training1997
26Meeting Minutes1998
26Menus / Nutrition Activitiesn.d., 1997
26Needs Assessment1998
26Opening Ceremony2000
26Parent Handbook1996
26Staff Development Plan1996
E. Human Services
260-8 Coalition (4 folders)n.d., 1995-1997
26Action for Boston Community Development1995
26Activitiesn.d., 1994-1997
26Administration: Unity Tower Incident1993
26Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Intervention Network Meeting Minutes1996
26Agreements (2 folders)n.d., 1994
26Annual Plans1996-1997
26Annual Work Plan: Fiscal1996
26Asthma Club1996
26Bay Cove Training1996
26Blackstone Collaborationn.d.
26Block By Block Projectn.d.
26Boston Center for Independent Living1995
26Natality and Infant Mortality Data for Boston Residents1993
26Boston Foundation Study on Latinos and Poverty: Meeting Notes1989
26Boston Healthy Start Initiative (4 folders)n.d., 1995, 1997
26Boston Housing Authority (2 folders)1993-1994
26Boston Parks and Recreation: Boston Youth Clean Up Corps: Summer Jobs1996-1999
26Boston Private Industry Council Job Readiness Meeting1994
26Boston Public Schools (2 folders)1990-1991
26Bridges Collaborative Planningn.d., 1996-1997
26Budgets (3 folders)1994, 1997
26Caciques Leadership1999
26Center for Substance Abuse Prevention: Reports1995
26Child Care Feasibility Studyn.d., 1988, 1993
City of Boston
26Commission on Affairs of the Elderly1997
26Summer Youth Programs (2 folders)1996
26Client Surveys1995-1996
26Community Partnership Collaborative Monthly Reports1995-1997
26Comprehensive Elder Care (11 folders)n.d., 1991-2000
26Consultants (2 folders)1985-1996
26Consumer Contacts1998
26Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center Day Program1993-1994
26Ecologic Development Fundn.d., 1995-1996
26Education Campaign Voter Registration1994
26El Batey Technology Center Descriptionn.d.
26Elders at Risk Work Group1995
26Fiscal Evaluation 1991
26Extended Day Kinder-11995
26Girl Scouts Task Force1997
26Harvard Medical School Project (Restricted)1994
26Health Education Descriptionsn.d.
26Hispanic Students: Boston Public Schools1988-1991
26IBA / ETC Meeting1994
26Intra-Agency Coordination Strategiesn.d.
26-27Juntos Luchamos / Together We Stand Family Support Program (40 folders)n.d., 1988-1998
27Keylatch Summer Program: Harvard University1995-1996
27Leadership Training1997
27Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (2 folders)1992-1994
27Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation (3 folders)1995-1998
27Massachusetts Department of Public Health Youth Program Activity Forms1996
27Meeting Minutes1986-1999
27Meeting Notes (2 folders)1989-1995
27Mental Health Facilities: Referrals1996
27-28Monthly Reports (41 folders) 1994-1997
28Newspaper Clippings1993-1994
28Notes 1995
28Office of Substance Abuse Prevention: Reports1991-1992
28Programs (4 folders)n.d., 1997-1999
28Quarterly Reports1984
28Reports 1994, 1999
28Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center Workshopsn.d., 1996
28South End Community Consortium Project (5 folders)n.d., 1996-1998
28South End Drug Free Committee1995
28South End Latino Mental Health Consortiumn.d., 1988
28South End / Lower Roxbury Healthy Boston Coalition Operating Grantn.d.
28South End / Lower Roxbury Youth Workers Alliance (4 folders)n.d., 1997-1999
28Staff Meetings: Notesn.d., 1992, 1997
28Statistical Report1987
28Blackstone and Hurley Elementary Schools Statistics1986-1990
28Tenant Assistance Programn.d., 1993-1996
28United Way (2 folders)1985-1987
28Unity Tower: Providers Meetings Notes1994
28Venceremos (3 folders) (1 Restricted)n.d., 1995-1997
28Violence Awareness1994
28Workplan (3 folders)1992-1995
28Workshops (3 folders)n.d., 1994-1995
28-31Youth Programs (168 folders)n.d., 1988-1999
31Youth Gang Drug Prevention Conference1993
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6. Grants and Contracts, 1975-2001 (bulk 1987-1999)
Volume:Volume:">Volume13 cubic ft.


This series documents the efforts of IBA to raise funding for its operations and programs from government and private sources. Government sources include the National Endowment for the Arts, and United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. State sources include the Massachusetts Cultural Council (formerly Massachusetts Council on the Arts); the State of Massachusetts, including the departments of Youth and Social Services, Mental and Public Health, Mental Retardation, and Public Welfare; the Massachusetts Executive Office of Communities and Development; and the Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council. Local government sources include the City of Boston's Public Facilities Department, Boston Public Schools, and the Boston Housing Authority. Private sources include The Boston Foundation, the Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation, the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund and the United Way.

Records included in this series are progress, quarterly, and final reports; program audits and budgets; and correspondence to and from funding sources regarding reports and contract amendments. Program descriptions and grant proposals are also included. The proposals include supporting material, such as newsletters, progress reports, and program activities. The Boston Foundation, City of Boston, Lila Wallace-Readers Digest, Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities, Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation, National Endowment for the Arts, New England Foundation for the Arts, and United Way records include comprehensive reports regarding audience profiles, response, and turnout; statistics on support groups, parent-counselor meetings, and training and workshops; publicity material; evaluation of goals; and program successes and failures. Grant proposals and grants are also scattered throughout Series 2, Executive Staff.
310-8 Coalition Facilities Expansion Surveyn.d., 1997
A.C. Ratchesky Foundation
31Comprehensive Elder Care1991-1992
31Teen Empowermentn.d., 1990-1994
31Villa Victoria Child Care Center1995
31Abbott Lawrence Model Lodging Houses Trust: Residencia Betances1991
Action for Boston Community Development
31Boston Early Education and Childcare Collaborative1994-1995
31Community Partnership for Children / 0-8 Coalitionn.d., 1996-1997
31Extended Day Program (4 folders)1994-1996
Agnes M. Lindsay Trust
31Renovation of All Saints Church1981-1984
31AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts: AIDS Education and Prevention (6 folders)1991-1997
Alice Willard Dorr Foundation
31Escuelita Agueybana Relocation1994
31General Renovations1990
31Amelia Peabody Foundation: Renovation of Youth Offices1989-1994
31American Computer Foundation: New Economy Technology Training2000
American Express
31Café Teatro1991
31Dropout Prevention1993-1995
31American Foundation for AIDS Research: AIDS Education and Prevention1993-1994
Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation
31Dropout Prevention1990-1994
31Teen Empowerment1993-1994
31Anonymous Trust: General Operations1991-1992
31AOL Foundation: Digital Divide Grants Initiative1999
31Arts Partners: Arts Integrated Schoolsn.d.
31Associated Grantmakers of Massachusetts: Summer Fund1993
AT&T Foundation
31Computer Training1991-1996
31Festival Betances1995
Bank of Boston
31-32General Operations (3 folders)1991-1995
32Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative (2 folders)1991-1995
32Villa Victoria Child Care Center1992-1995
32Bayley Trust: Renovation of All Saints Church1981
Bessie Pappas Charitable Foundation
32Areyto In-School Cultural Awareness1990-1992
32Dropout Prevention1992-1993
32Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Massachusetts: Health Education and Risk Prevention1993-1995
32Borden Foundation: Health Education and Risk Prevention1991-1993
32Boston City Hospital: Alcohol and Drug Clinic1987
32Boston Commission on Affairs of the Elderly: Comprehensive Elder Care (7 folders)1993-1998
Boston Company
32Dropout Prevention1991-1992
32Expiring Use1994-1996
Boston Foundation
32Areyto (2 folders)1993-1995
32Art and Audience Initiative1999
32Arte y Cultura1999
32Boston Community Building Curriculum2000
32Capacity Building1996
32Health Education and Risk Prevention1994
32Shawmut / Tremont Tenant Corporation1995
32Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative (4 folders)1991-1994
32Youth Leadership Initiative2000
Boston Foundation for Architecture
32Taino Tower Video1991
32Villa Victoria Community Planning Project1992
Boston Gas Company
32Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center: Renovations1994
Boston Globe Foundation
32Café Teatro (2 folders)1991-1992
32Dropout Prevention1993-1995
32Health Education and Risk Prevention1992
32Jorge Hernandez Cultural Centern.d., 1987
32Tradiciones de Puerto Rico Music Series1988
32Villa Victoria Development Project1992-1993
32Boston Globe Foundation / Hyams Foundation: Summer Teen Internship1991-1993
32Boston GreenSpace Alliance: Unity Tower Garden1994
Boston Healthy Start Initiative
32Case Management1995-1997
32Family Advocacy1994-1996
33Infant Mortality Reduction (3 folders)1992-1997
33Women's Health Education1994-1996
Boston Housing Authority
33Elderly / Disabled Housing Development1995
33Resident Initiatives Grant (2 folders)1993-1995
33Resident Services Coordination1996
33Unity Tower (5 folders)1991-1998
33Boston Housing Partnership1989
33Boston Private Industry Council: Summer Jobs Program1990-1996
Boston Redevelopment Authority
33Homes at Peter's Park1997
33South End Neighborhood Housing Initiative1987
33Brown, Rudnick, Freed and Gesmer: Legal Advocacy Services1989-1990
33Browne Fund: IBA Mural1992-1993
33Campaign for Human Development: Comprehensive Elder Care1994
33Campbell and Hall Charity Fund: Comprehensive Elder Care (3 folders)1991-1994
33Center for Latino Artsn.d.
33Central Boston Elder Services: Elders at Risk1989
33Charles Farnsworth Charitable Trust: Comprehensive Elder Care1995-1999
Charles Hayden Foundation
33Renovation of All Saints Church1981-1982
33Renovation of Youth Learning Center1991
33Child Care Capital Investment Fund: Escuelita Agueybanan.d., 1994-1996
33Child Care Careers Institute: Bilingual Day Care1993
33Children's Hospital: El Batey Technology Center Partnership Project 1999
33Church Home Society (2 folders)1991-1995
33Citicorp Massachusetts: Dropout Prevention1991-1992
City of Boston
33405 Shawmut Avenue1996-1998
33Areyto (11 folders)1987-1998
33Boston Police Department (3 folders)1996-1998
33-34Boston Public Schools (10 folders)n.d., 1990-1997
34Boston Safe Neighborhoods Youth Fund: Video Training and Production (2 folders)1992-1996
34Boston Youth Clean Up Corps1996-1997
34Cacique Youth Leadership Development1995-2001
34Café Teatro1991-1994
34Citywide Board of Boston Community Centers, Inc.: Youth1996
34Community Development Building Grant (4 folders)1991-1998
34Community Housing Development Organization Certification1995-1996
34Comprehensive Elder Care (2 folders)1994-1999
34Department of Neighborhood Development: Youth1998
34Dropout Prevention1994-1995
34Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (2 folders)n.d., 1998
34Escuelita Boriken (2 folders)1996-2000
34Gateway Cities (6 folders)1987-1990
34Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center: Renovation of All Saints Church1984-1985
34Office of the Arts and Humanities1992
34Peer Tutoring1990-1993
34Public Facilities (4 folders)1990-1997
34Summer Youth Employment1998
34-35Teen Empowerment (3 folders)1994-1996
35Young Latinas Substance Abuse Prevention (12 folders)1990-1996
35Youth Enrichment (13 folders)1990-1996
35Citywide Board of Boston Community Centers: South End Community Consortium Prevention and Intervention Services (2 folders)1995-1997
35Clipper Ship Foundation: Villa Victoria Youth Development Project1991-1993
Coalition for Human Needs
35Comprehensive Elder Care1991
35Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative1993
36Commission of Affairs of the Elderly: Comprehensive Elder Care 1994
36Committee of the Permanent Charity Fund of Boston: Renovation of All Saints Church1981
Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation
36Capacity Building1995-1996
36Child Care Capital Investment Fund1994
36Expiring Use (2 folders)1989-1994
36Residencia Betances1990-1991
Community Enterprise Economic Development
36Community Development1992-1995
36Proposals (2 folders)1993-1995
36Community Partnership Collaborative: Child Caren.d., 1995
36Community Training and Assistance Center: Shawmut / Tremont Tenants Association1995
Coolidge Family Fund
36Child Care Equipment Lending Library1993-1995
36Video Training and Production1981-1992
36Cooper Productions: Areyto1993
36Cox Charitable Trust: Dropout Prevention (3 folders)1988-1993
36Crabtree Christmas Fund: Three Kings Day1990-1991
36Culpepper Foundation: Arte y Cultura1995
36Digital Equipment Corporation: Festival Betances1991
36District Attorney of Suffolk County: Health Education and Risk Prevention1993-1996
36Drop-a-Dime Crime Watch Fund: Youth Block Clubs1992
36Eastern Enterprises Foundation: Youth Programs 1994
36Episcopal Church Women1993
Episcopal City Mission
36Community Planning and Organizing1996
36St. Stephen's Computer Program1995
36Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative (2 folders)1991, 1993
36Families USA Foundation: Comprehensive Elder Care1990-1993
36Fannie Mae Foundation: Taino Tower1991-1993
36Fidelity Foundation1981-1996
36First Church of Christ, Scientist: Dropout Prevention1992-1993
36First National Bank of Boston: Renovation of All Saints Church1981-1982
Fleet Bank
36Comprehensive Elder Care1992-1994
36Festival Betances1997
36General Operations1992-1993
36Youth Technology Initiative2000
36Foley, Hoag and Eliot Foundation: Areyto In-School Cultural Awareness1991-1992
36Ford Foundation: Child Care1990-1993
Francis R. Dewing Foundation
36Areyto In-School Cultural Awareness: Agassiz School1990-1993
36Dropout Prevention1993-1994
36Fuller Foundation: Health Education and Risk Prevention1994-1995
36General Cinema Charitable Foundation: Dropout Prevention1991-1992
36General Operations Grant Proposals (5 folders)1975, 1988-1996
36George H. and Jane A. Mifflin Memorial Fund: Expiring Use1992-1994
36Gillette Company: General Operations (2 folders)1991-1997
36Goya Foods: Café Teatro1991-1995
36Gulf Oil Corporation: Renovation of All Saints Church1981-1982
36Hacin Family Foundation: Video Training and Production1994
Harcourt General Charitable Foundation
36Dropout Prevention1992-1993
36IBA / ETC Restructuring1994-1996
37Harvard Congregation Fund: Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative1993-1994
Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation
37Dropout Prevention1990
37Latino Youth AIDS/HIV Prevention Intervention1990-1991
37Peer Tutoring (2 folders)1990-1993
37Teen Empowerment1993
37Housing Innovations Fund: Residencia Betances1990-1993
37Human Services Personnel Collaborative: Diversity Initiative1991-1995
Hyams Foundation
37General Operations (3 folders)1991-1993
37IBA / ETC Restructuring1994-1998
37Summer Teen Internship1993
37Hyams Trust: Renovation of All Saints Church1981-1982
37Hyams / Globe Cultural Internship: Evaluation1991
37IBS, Inc.: Teens in Action Video1994-1995
37INSURE: AIDS Education and Prevention (3 folders)1991-1994
37Janie Fund: Dropout Prevention (2 folders)1991-1993
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company
37Areyto Cultural Awareness1994-1995
37General Operations1990-1993
37Keylatch Summer Program Proposal1996
37Kohlberg Foundation1993-1995
37L.G. Balfour Foundation: Dropout Prevention1990-1993
37Latino Arts Academy: Concept Paper2001
37Latino Health Network: HIV / AIDS Education for Latino Youth1991-1992
Lawrence Model Lodging Houses Trust
37Expiring Use1992-1996
37Renovation of All Saints Church1981
37Residencia Betances1991
LEF Foundation
37Liberty Mutual Insurance Company: General Operations (2 folders)1990-1993
Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund
37Arte y Cultura (3 folders)1993-1996
37Arts Partners1994
37Café Teatro1992-1996
37Community Folklife1992-1994
37Festival Betances1995
37Rosa Luisa Marquez and Antonio Martorell1994-1995
37Surveyn.d., 1993-1994
37Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts: Café Teatro1994
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
37Capacity Building1993
37Community Development1995-1998
37General Operations and Technical Assistance1990-1991
37Logan Airport Hilton: Café Teatro1993
37Loomis Sayles and Company: General Operations (2 folders)1990-1996
Lotus Development Corporation
37Areyto In-School Cultural Awareness1990-1992
37Comprehensive Elder Care1994-1995
37Software Donation1988
37Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative1992-1994
Mabel Louise Riley Foundation
37Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center Renovations1982-1987
37Reportsn.d., 1993-1994
38Summer Employmentn.d., 1998
38Villa Victoria 2000 Initiativen.d., 1988-1993
38Manchester Craftsmen's Guild: Arte y Cultura1994
38Marion L. Decrow Foundation: General Renovations1990-1994
Massachusetts Arts Lottery Council
38Afro-Antillean Folk Series1988
38Areyton.d., 1987-1988
38Café Teatro1989-1992
38Festival Betances1990
38Performing Arts Student Series Application1988
38Massachusetts Committee on Criminal Justice: Educational Support1986-1987
Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities
38Areyto (10 folders)1986-1990
38Art Exchange (2 folders)1987-1990
38Astor Piazzela1988
38Café Teatro (2 folders)1989-1990
38Contemporary Art Special1986-1987
38Final Reports1986-1990
38Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center1987-1989
38Latin Innovation Seriesn.d., 1988
38Los Aguinaldos del Infante1989
38New Works (2 folders)1987-1989
38Ritmo y Ritual1987-1989
Massachusetts Cultural Council
38General (2 folders)1990-1997
38Areyto (6 folders)1990-1997
38Café Teatro (3 folders)1990-1996
39Community Operating and Education1991-1992
39Final Reports (2 folders)1990-1994
39Folk Arts Consortium1994-1995
39New World Theater1996
39Operating Support (3 folders)1991-2000
39Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Project: Questionnaire1994-1995
39Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services: Young Latinas Substance Abuse Prevention (2 folders)1992
Massachusetts Department of Mental Health
39Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (2 folders)1990-1997
39Juntos Luchamos Family Support (5 folders)1987-1998
39Venceremosn.d., 1997-1998
Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation
39Family Support Services1994-1996
39Individual and Family Support Services: Vencerrmos1994
39Juntos Luchamos Family Support Services1995
39Venceremos (9 folders) (2 restricted)n.d., 1994-1998
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
39Comprehensive Elder Care1994
39Dropout Prevention1986-1987
39Health Education and Risk Prevention 1992-1995
39Latino AIDS Hotline (2 folders)1988-1990
39-40Youth (10 folders)1992-1997
Massachusetts Department of Social Services
40General (6 folders)1985-1991
40Counseling Services (7 folders)1985-1994
40Escuelita Boriken 1996-1997
40Legal Services1986-1989
Massachusetts Executive Office of Communities and Development
40General (10 folders)1983-1996
40Casa Esperanzan.d., 1991-1994
40, 49Quarterly Reports (3 folders)1991-1995
40Redevelopment of the Church of the Apostolic Faith1987-1988
40Residencia Betances1990
41Special Projects1988-1993
41Training and Technical Assistance: Expiring Use1988-1989
41Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative1991-1992
41Massachusetts Executive Office of Education: Kid Empowerment1994
Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs
41Comprehensive Elder Care (4 folders)1989-1998
41Elders at Risk (3 folders)1986-1990
41Massachusetts Executive Offices of Health and Human Services: Escuelita Boriken1998
41Massachusetts Government Land Bank: Villa Victoria Community Center Child Care Facility1995
41Massachusetts Governor's Alliance Against Drugs: Health Education and Risk Prevention (5 folders)1991-1996
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
41Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants: Citizenship Assistance1997-1998
41Metropolitan Life Insurance: Festival Betancesn.d., 1985
41Millipore Foundation: Youth Learning Center1990-1991
41Mott Foundation: Expiring Use Restriction1995
41Multicultural AIDS Coalition: AIDS Education and Prevention (2 folders)1991-1992
41Nancy Mitchell Fund: El Batey Technology Center1999
41National Cancer Institute: Hispanic Youth Cancer Prevention1993
41National Committee on the Self-Development of People: Renovation of All Saints Church1981-1984
National Endowment for the Arts
41Areyto In-School Cultural Awareness1991
41Arte y Cultura1992-1995
41Astrid Haddad1991-1992
41Café Teatro1992-1994
41Cuatro Project1995
41Cultural Awareness1993-1996
41Domestic Violence Video1988-1989
41Expansion Arts (5 folders)n.d., 1988-1994
41Folk Arts1992-1994
41-42Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center (11 folders)1987-1993
42Music (4 folders)1988-1994
42Planning and Meeting Notes1994
42Presenting and Commissioning1992-1994
42Presenting Development Initiative for Community Based Organizations1992-1993
42Presenting Program1995
42Reports (2 folders)1988-1994
42Un Solo Pueblo1993
42National Institutes of Healthn.d., 1992
National Performance Network
42Felix Dias-Los Pleneros de la 23 Abajo1994
42Residency Agreement1993-1996
42Residency Report1995
42Needmor Fund: Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative1994-1995
Neighborhood Development Support Collaborative
42South End Apartments1996-1997
42Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative1991
Nellie Mae Fund for Education
42Dropout Prevention1992-1994
Network of Cultural Centers of Colors
42Membership Application1992
42New Balance Athletic Shoes1988-1992
New England Financial
42General Operations (2 folders)1991-1995
42Summer Enrichment Day Camp1988
42Three Kings Day1991
New England Foundation for the Arts
42Arte y Cultura (3 folders)1990-1997
42Café Teatro1991-1995
42Celia Ayala y su Ballet1993-1995
42Charlie Sepulveda1993
42Hermeto Pascoal1993
42Jorge Arce1994
42La Primera Orquesta de Cuatros1994-1995
42Los Pleneros del Coco1996
42Mili Bermejo Quartet1994-1996
42Orange Then Blue1993-1994
42Orlando Puntilla Rios1995
42Underground Railway Theater1992
New England Telephone
42, 49General (3 folders)1991-1992
42Renovation of all Saints Church1981
42Teen Empowerment1993-1994
42Next Stage: Myrna Vazquez Play1993
42Nutter, McClennen and Fish: Youth (2 folders)1992-1996
42NYNEX: Areyto1995
42Old South Church: Expiring Use1989-1991
42Orville W. Forte Charitable Foundation: Dropout Prevention1994
42Paine Association: Dropout Prevention1990-1995
42Philanthropic Initiative1991-1993
Polaroid Foundation
42Café Teatro1993-1995
42Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center1991
42Prudential Community: Villa Victoria Community Center Child Care1990-1994
Raytheon Company
42Health Education and Risk Prevention1995
42Jorge Hernandez Cultural Centern.d., 1990-1993
42Juntos Luchamos Family Support1995-1996
42Teen Empowerment1993-1994
Reebok Foundation
43Dropout Preventionn.d., 1990-1994
43Site Visit1995
Ronald McDonald's Charities
43Café Teatro1992-1994
43Health Education and Risk Preventionn.d., 1993-1994
43Video Training Project1992
43Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston: Comprehensive Elder Care (2 folders)1990-1995
43Saint Stephen's: Summer Computer Program1995-1996
43Sallie Mae: Teen Empowerment1993
Shawmut Bank
43Community Workn.d., 1994-1995
43General Operations (2 folders)1980-1993
43South End Community Consortium: Bridges Collaborative1997
South End/Lower Roxbury
43Healthy Boston Coalition1993-1995
43Youth Workers' Alliance2000
State Street Bank
43Child Care1996
43Child Care and Teen Empowerment1993-1995
43Comprehensive Elder Caren.d., 1991-1994
43General Operationsn.d., 1991-1993
43Villa Victoria 2000 Initiative1992-1999
43Stop and Shop Foundation: Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center1991-1994
43Stride Rite Foundation: Child Care1993-1996
43Summer Teen Internshipn.d., 1994
43S.U.R.F.F.: Arte y Cultura1992
43Teen Empowerment, Inc.1991
43Teens as Community Resources: Villa Victoria Youth Counciln.d., 1992-1993
43Tent City Corporation: Youth1997
43TJX Companies1991-1994
43Tomfohrde Foundation: Café Teatro2000
43Trust Family Foundation: Café Teatro1999
43United States Conference of Mayors: AIDS Education and Prevention1990-1991
United States Department of Health and Human Services
43Teen Empowerment (3 folders)1992-1994
43Villa Victoria Community Center Renovations (2 folders)1983-1984
43Young Latinas Substance Abuse Prevention1989-1990
United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
43Bidder's Conference1992
43, 49Child Care (4 folders)1987-1990
43Drug Elimination (2 folders)n.d., 1991-1993
43Expiring Use1992-1993
44Partnership in Safety2000
44Villa Victoria Drug-Related Crime Elimination1992-1994
44Youth (4 folders)1992-1998
44United Thank Offering: Youth Development (2 folders)n.d, 1992-1997
44United Way
44Affiliate Agency Council Meeting Minutes1986-1991
44Affirmative Action Report1987-1988
44Allocation Letters1991-1993
44Allocation Request (11 folders)1986-2000
44Correspondence (2 folders)1986-1998
44Direct Client Services Report1989
44Donor Choice1990-1991
44Massachusetts Child Care Careers Institute1990
44Meeting Notes1987-1989
44Problem Solving Priorities1988
44Program Results/Outcomes Reports1995
44Progress Report1987
44Site Visit (3 folders)1987-1999
44Strategic Focus1994
44Success Stories1996
44Teen Parenting Services1986
44Youth Involvement Committee1987
University Hospital
44Café Teatro1992
44Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center/Muraln.d., 1987
44Urban Initiative Fund1994-1995
44Voter Registration and Education Fund1994
44WCVB / Channel 5: General Operations1991
44WGBH: Los Munequitos de Matanzas1994
44Wide Waters Fund: Youth programs1996
44William E. and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust: Dropout Preventionn.d., 1993-1995
44Woodstock Corporation1994
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7. Audio-Visual Material and Memorabilia, 1976-2000 (bulk 1990-1999)
Volume:2.5 cubic ft.


This series contains audio cassettes, video cassettes, memorabilia, and photographic images that document various aspects of IBA / ETC including IBA events, programs, properties, and IBA / ETC staff members. Included are audio cassettes of ETC Management Board of Director meetings for the years 1986-1991. The recordings of the meetings of ETC Management Board of Directors are the only version of the minutes in the collection. The minutes document the management of Villa Victoria housing and grounds, Villa Victoria security, community relations, tenant activism, project updates, and budget concerns. Also documented are ETC's role and responsibilities; relationships with tenants, Escuelita Agüeybana, and IBA; management and financial problems with the BHA; Villa Victoria events and celebrations, including Festival Betances; and financial relationships with limited partnerships and with ETC DC and ETC DI. The minutes also contain the reports of managers, treasurers, tenants, and finance committee meetings. In addition, there are recordings of the minutes of Board of Directors of ETC DC, ETC DI, and ETC DC / DI for the years 1987-1990. Hard copies of these minutes are located in Series 4, ETC Management (Boxes 15-17). Minutes of joint meetings between ETC DC / DI and ETC Security are included.

Of special interest is the video cassette, "Historia de Villa Victoria, 25 years", which commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Villa Victoria development. This video is a reenactment of the history and the activism of the residents of Parcel 19. Also included in the video are clips of Café Teatro, Festival Betances, and life in Villa Victoria. Also of interest is the Teen Empowerment video documenting the month long "Respect" workshop at Edwards Middle School. Scripts for this video are located in Series 5, Programs (Box 30).
Audio Cassettes
45ETC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
45ETC Management (27 audio cassettes)1986-1991
45ETC DC (7 audio cassettes)1987-1990
45ETC DC / DI (8 audio cassettes)1987-1990
45ETC DC / DI and ETC Security joint meeting (2 audio cassettes)1987, [1989?]
45ETC DI (12 audio cassettes) 1987-1990
45ETC Finance Committee (6 audio cassettes)1987-1988
45ETC DC and ETC DI Stockholders (1 audio cassette)1987
45Historia de Villa Victoria, 25 years (3/4" Umatic video cassette)n.d.
45Teen Empowerment (VHS video cassette)n.d.
45Unidentified (2 audio cassettes)1989-1990
Ephemera and Memorabilia
FF6 / D1Broadsheet: South End News1989
45Bumper Sticker: Villa Pride Drug Free Communityn.d.
45Buttons: Villa Pride Orgullo de La Villan.d.
FF6 / D1Drawings: Three Kings Dayn.d.
45Mouse Pads: El Batey Technology Centern.d.
45Labels: El Batey Technology Centern.d.
Layout Pages
FF6 / D1El Correo: Editorial (2 folders)[1993]
FF6 / D1Festival Betances (2 folders)1993-1994
FF6 / D1 Bomba y Plena n.d.
FF6 / D1Candidates for ETC Steering Committee 1973
FF6 / D1Commemorando el 20th Anniversario de IBA1988
FF6 / D1Elecciones: Concilio de Inquilinosn.d.
FF6 / D1Festival Betances1993
FF6 / D1Festival Betances, Celebrando Tradicion Y Cultura1999
FF6 / D1 Festival Betances 25th Anniversary 1993
FF6 / D1El Dia de Cultura Viva!1988
FF6 / D1Three Kings Day1989
45Celebration de Apetura de El Batey / El Batey Technology Center1999
45Three Kings Day2001
45T-Shirts: Festival Betances (2)1999-2000
Photographic Materials
Contact Sheets
46General (2 sheets)n.d., 1988
46Cultura Viva1993
46Festival Betances (2 Folders)1995, 2000
46Unidentified (3 Folders)n.d.
46Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center Muralsn.d.
46Staffn.d, 1991
46Cultura Vivan.d.
46Ford Foundation Conference, Philadelphia, PA1991
46Board of Directors (2 folders)n.d., 1991
46Executive Directorsn.d.
46Staff (2 Folders) 1991, 1992
46Arte y Cultura: Café Teatro
46Human Services (2 folders)1993
46Properties: Residencia Betances1993
46Unidentified (3 Folders) n.d., 1976
46Basketballn.d., 1980
46Award Ceremonies (3 folders)n.d., 1994
46Bronner Slosberg Service Dayn.d.
46Christmas Celebrations (2 Folders)n.d., 1989
46Community Meetingsn.d.
46Community Service Daysn.d.
46Conferences (2 folders)1991-1992
46Cultura Viva (3 Folders) n.d., 1993
46Family Day1994
46Feliz dia Chico Munozn.d.
46Festival Betances (8 Folders)n.d., 1986-1999
46First Night, Safe Neighborhood Tower1994
46Historic Marker Unveiling Ceremony 2001
46Joe Kennedy Visit1993
46Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center (2 Folders)n.d., 1986, 1989
46May Dayn.d.
46Mother's Dayn.d.
46National Night Outn.d.
46Peace Rock Installationn.d., [1995?]
46Ray Flynn Visitn.d.
46Silent Auctionn.d.
46South End Dayn.d.
46Ted Kennedy Visitn.d.
46Thomas Menino Visit1993
46Three Kings Dayn.d.
46Tree Planting at O'Day Playground[1995]
46Villa Victoria Cultural Center Inauguration[1995]
46Blackstone Elementary School Studentsn.d.
46Board of Directors (5 folders)n.d., 1991
Executive Directors (2 Folders)n.d., 1981-1991
46-47Staff (9 Folders) n.d., 1977, 1981-1992
47Villa Victoria Peoplen.d.
47Villa Victoria Youthn.d.
Arte Y Cultura
47Areyton.d., 1997
After School Programs (2 folders)n.d, 1976
Agua Sol Y Serenon.d.
Children's Performancesn.d.
Cultural Encountersn.d.
Folkloric Dancen.d.
In-School Cultural Awarenessn.d.
Young Audiences of Massachusettsn.d., 1996-1997
47Café Teatro (2 Folders) n.d., 1993-1995
47Cantantes de Areyton.d.
47Chicapas Photography Project1992
47Claudio Ragazzi1992
47Festival Betances: Beauty Pageantn.d.
47Latin Percussionn.d.
47Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble n.d.
47Mercedita Valdez and Youra Andeban.d.,1993
47Teens in Actionn.d., 1994, 1997
47Video Production Training n.d.
47El Batey Technology Center1999
47Human Services
47Adult Educationn.d.
47Boston Harbor Cruisen.d.
47Easter Egg Huntn.d.
47Escuelita Borikenn.d, 1992
47Teen and Kid Empowermentn.d.
47Youth Programs
47Generaln.d., 1993
47Channel 3n.d.
47Field Tripsn.d.
47Ice Skating at Frog Pondn.d.
47Ski Tripn.d.
47Youth Centern.d.
47Youth Council (2 folders)n.d.
47All Saints Church (3 Folders)n.d.
47Betances Mural1986
47ETC Developers, 630 Tremont Streetn.d.
47ETC Rehabilitation II: Market Studyn.d.
47IBA Headquarters, 405 Shawmut Avenue 1991
47Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center (2 Folders)n.d., 1987
47Master Appraisal1988
47O'Day Playgroundn.d.
47On the Wall Mural n.d., 1992-1993
47Parcel 19n.d.
47Residencia Betancesn.d.
47Taino Tower (4 Folders)n.d., 1987, 1990-1991
47Villa Victoria (3 Folders) n.d., 1987
47Unidentifiedn.d., 1990-1992
47Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center Muraln.d.
47Programs: Arte Y Cultura Café Teatron.d.
47Properties: Villa Victoria and Taino Towern.d.
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