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Title:William M. Fowler, Jr. papers
Call Number:M119
List of Contents
1Athletic Advisory Committee1993
Boston 350
1Brochures [1980?]
1Bylaws of the City Conservation League1976
1Desegregation of Public Education1977
1Hattie D. Cooper Community Center1976-1977
1Jubilee Agenda1979
1Meeting Minutes1977-1979
1Newspaper Articles1977-1979
1Century Fund1987-1988
Centennial Celebration Committee
1100 Fund 1997
11998 Commencement Site1996
1Administrator/Staff Advisory Committee1994
1Alumni Advisory Committee1994
1Candidates for Committee1993
1Centennial Athletic Committee1995
1Centennial Path1994
1Chairs of Committees1994, 1997-1998
1Closing Celebration1995-1996
1Commemorative Stamp1992-1997
1Coop Convention1994
1Cultural Activities Subcommittee1995
1Dean Ellen S. Jackson Archive1993-1997
1Exhibits Committee Memos1994-1995
1Exhibits Committee Minutes1994-1995
1Exhibit of Larry Gardner1990
1Freedom House Archive1990
1Graduation Honors1995
1History of Northeastern University1991, 1995
1Honorary Committee1995
1Liaisons with various Colleges1995
1Memorabilia Committee1994-1995
1Meeting Minutes 1995-1996
1Memos 1995
1Northeastern University Calendar for Centennial Year1995
1Opening Convocation1996
1Oral History 1995, 1997
1Organization for Centennial Subcommittees1993
1Post Cards and Banners1994, 1997
1Preliminary Research of Other College Centennial Celebrations1955-1993
1Preliminary Research Memos1992
1Public Relations1995
1Publication Proposals1995
1Report Prepared for Dr. Freeland1996
1Requests for Information1990
1Status ReportJun 22, 1995
1Student Advisory Committee1994
1Unsolicited Celebration Suggestions 1994
1Class of 1902 Research Project Data Sheet[1998?]
1Coop Celebration 75th Anniversary1984
1Frank Palmer Speare's Biographyn.d.
1Law Enforcement Committee (LEN) 1985
National Historic Registry
1Boston Locations1996-1997
1Nominated Property Applicationn.d.
NCAA Steering Committee
1Academic Integrity 1995-1996
1Certification Report Plan1995-1996
1Certification Self-Study ReportMar 1996
2Financial Aid1996
2Fiscal Integrity 1992-1996
2Governance and Compliance Committee1995
2History of Women's Athletics1996
2Meeting Minutes1995-1997
2Northeastern University Review and Evaluation by Bob Marcum, UMASS1994
2Peer Review Team's Report1996
2ReportFeb 19, 1996
2Self-Study Instrument on Fiscal IntegrityJun 1995
2Self-Study Report: Chapter ThreeSep 1995
2Strategic Plan1996-2000
2Northeastern University Student-Athlete Handbook[1996] 1996
2Team Visit1995-1996
3Ryder Ceremonies1986
University Library Planning Committee
3Comparative Library Studiesn.d.
3Library Organization Development Study1981
3Meeting Minutes1981-1982
3Proposal for Phase I1980, 1981
3Request for Proposals1981
3Space Needs Committee1980
3Working Draft1981, 1985