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Collection Overview
Title:Cambridge Eviction Free Zone records
Date:1972–2007 (bulk 1988–2007)
Location Code:55/1–2, FF1/D6
Reference Code:M170
Extent:18.40 cubic ft (21 boxes and 1 flat file)
Scope and Content Abstract:The collection documents Cambridge Eviction Free Zone's (EFZ) work on issues of housing justice and immigrant rights. Records reflect EFZ's organizational structure and operations, its outreach to Cambridge tenants and local social justice organizations, and its programs and campaigns. Topics documented include affordable housing initiatives, rent control, Section 8 and other housing assistance programs, immigrant rights, and tenant organizing. Records include meeting minutes, organizational newsletters, promotional materials, memorabilia, video and audio recordings, photographs, computer disks, and newspaper clippings.
Historical Abstract:Founded in 1988, the Cambridge Eviction Free Zone (EFZ) was a tenant–run community organization that worked for social and economic justice in the areas of housing and tenants' rights, rent control, and immigrant voting rights. It also addressed issues of affordability and conditions in rental housing. Until its disbandment in December 2007, EFZ assisted tenants in exercising their legal rights, providing information and support to tenants facing evictions and rent increases.
Language and Scripts:Materials are in English, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.
System of Arrangement:Organized into 5 series: 1. Organizational Files; 2. Staff Files; 3. Housing Programs; 4. Other Campaigns; and 5. Audio–Visual Material and Memorabilia.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Booth, Laura
  • Cavellini, Bill
  • Lafontant, Ehrl
  • Regan, Mary
  • Smith, Natalie

  • Cambridge Eviction Free Zone (Cambridge, Mass.).
  • Committee for Cambridge Rent Control (Cambridge, Mass.).
  • Cambridge Eviction Free Zone (Cambridge, Mass.).

  • Affordable housing
  • Eviction––Massachusetts
  • Haitian Americans––Massachusetts
  • Housing––Massachusetts.
  • Immigrant families––United States––Economic conditions
  • Rent control––Law and legislation
  • Rent control––Massachusetts
  • Rent strikes
  • Rental housing
  • Rental housing––Law and legislation––Massachusetts
  • Voting––Massachusetts––Boston Metropolitan Area

Conditions Governing Access:Files containing tenant information are restricted. Please contact the University Archivist for more information.
Technical Access:9 computer disks in Box 23, folder 31 cannot be opened.
Custodial History:Cambridge Eviction Free Zone records were donated to the Archives in December 2007 by Bill Cavellini.
Accruals:No further accruals are expected.
Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:Copyright restrictions may apply.
Finding Aids:Committee for Cambridge Rent Control records (M166)
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Dominique Medal, July 2010

Scope and Content Note

The collection documents the internal administration and community organizing work of Cambridge Eviction Free Zone (EFZ), including EFZ's housing–related programs, direct actions, and immigrant advocacy. The Organizational Files series focuses on EFZ's internal operations and outreach programs to immigrant communities. The Staff Files series consists of records created by EFZ staff members Laura Booth, Natalie Smith, and Mary Regan. The Housing Program series documents EFZ's housing justice projects including the $10 Million Plan and the Campaign to Save 2000 Homes. The Other Campaigns Files series contains additional EFZ projects such as the Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights and the Campaign for a Living Wage. The last series contains photographs of EFZ events, videos of staff interviews, audiocassettes of eviction and adjustments hearings, and memorabilia such as buttons and stickers. Some materials, including tenant information resources, building records, and records of EFZ's parent organization, predate the founding of EFZ. Topics documented include tenant organizing, affordable housing, rent control, housing assistance programs, and immigrant rights. Records include meeting minutes, reports, organizational newsletters, newspaper clippings, video and audio recordings of hearings and events, computer disks, promotional materials such as flyers and brochures, photographs, signs, and memorabilia such as buttons and stickers. Case files relating to individual tenants are restricted.

Historical Note

Founded in 1988, the Cambridge Eviction Free Zone (EFZ) was an independent, tenant–run community organization that worked for social and economic justice in the areas of housing and tenants' rights, rent control, and immigrant voting rights. EFZ addressed issues of affordability and conditions in rental housing. It was founded by a coalition of grassroots organizations, including the Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC), Area 4 Neighborhood Coalition, Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services, and Cambridge Tenants Union. Sustained by the support of CEOC, EFZ assisted low and moderate income tenants in exercising their rights under state and local laws, including Cambridge's local rent control ordinance. EFZ aided tenants in fighting eviction cases, petitioning the Rent Control Board for rent decreases, and organizing to resist intimidation by landlords.

EFZ worked with many immigrant populations. One of its most significant early victories, a rent strike at 580 Massachusetts Avenue and 1 Coolidge Place, occupied exclusively by immigrants, forced the landlord to make repairs and grant back rent. EFZ's most significant outreach was to the Haitian community, through the Komite Kreyol (Creole Committee), established in 1988, and Fanm Ayisyen An Aksyon (Haitian Women in Action), established in 2000. EFZ also created a Latino Committee in the mid–1990s. In the early 1990s, the Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights, which sought the right for legal immigrants to vote in local elections, brought EFZ greater notice, leading to increased membership. The Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights was discontinued in 1994 so that EFZ could focus on the fight against Question 9 (Q9), an anti–rent control measure.

Tenant organizations, spearheaded by EFZ, campaigned for rent control by directly opposing Q9 and by seeking reforms to Cambridge's complicated rent control ordinance. Although Q9 failed in the three communities that had local rent control ordinances (Cambridge, Boston, and Brookline), it narrowly passed statewide, banning rent control throughout Massachusetts in 1994. EFZ's focus then shifted to preserving housing affordability in Cambridge.

Beginning in 1995, EFZ designed the $10 Million Plan to increase Cambridge's stock of permanently affordable housing. Drawing on several previous ideas for funding affordable housing, EFZ proposed a variety of funding sources, including state matching funds for affordable housing creation, local money formerly devoted to the enforcement of rent control, and a new transfer fee on large real estate sales. The City Council passed a compromise plan that implemented the City Manager's more modest spending goals.

Inspired by Harvard University's agreement to limit rent increases for its tenants and sell some formerly controlled units as affordable housing, EFZ launched the Campaign to Save 2000 Homes to create and preserve permanently affordable housing without relying on government support. The Campaign took its name from the approximately 2000 Cambridge households granted extensions of rent control protections on the basis of age, disability, or income. EFZ worked to protect these tenants and others as emergency protections ran out. The Campaign encouraged landlords, particularly those poised to make large profits because of the end of rent control, to sell units or buildings as permanently affordable housing. The Campaign helped tenants set up limited equity cooperatives and courted private developers interested in creating affordable housing. Additionally, the Campaign to Save 2000 Homes put pressure on landlords to retain low and moderate income tenants at rents comparable to the maximums allowed under rent control, and to renew the leases of Section 8 tenants. The Campaign called attention to tenants at risk through the issue of “eviction alerts” to EFZ members and local officials. The Campaign also staged fundraising events, including a concert series, and several demonstrations.

Because of their diverging tactics and missions, CEOC decided in 1998 to withdraw its support from EFZ. CEOC offered EFZ continued assistance during its transition: the CEOC staffer who had been assigned to EFZ, the office within CEOC's headquarters, and a one–time grant to seek new sources of funding, employees, and offices. EFZ became an independent nonprofit organization funded by member contributions, donations, and foundation grants.

EFZ worked with the Local 40 Carpenters' Union to secure a living wage for companies with city contracts in 1998 and 1999. The Cambridge City Council passed the second–highest living wage ordinance in the United States. EFZ also worked to maintain or increase funding for federal and state housing assistance programs such as Section 8 and the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program. Additionally, EFZ pushed the owners of expiring–use buildings to keep those units permanently affordable through measures such as selling to limited equity coops. EFZ advocated for inclusionary zoning and a local condominium conversion ordinance with additional tenant protections. EFZ testified every year that permanently affordable housing should receive maximum funding under the Community Preservation Act.

Throughout 2002, EFZ studied the possibility of a new home rule petition that would bypass Q9's ban on rent control, and in early 2003, EFZ set up the Committee for Cambridge Rent Control (CCRC) to raise money for the ballot question that would be the first step in re–establishing rent control. A similar attempt in 1999 had not gathered enough signatures to appear on the ballot; this time, CCRC's petition cleared that hurdle. Due to low turnout and stringent requirements, however, the rent control ballot initiative did not pass.

In May of 2004, EFZ members formed a Section 8 Action Committee to advocate for the Section 8 program and the tenants it assisted. The committee offered informational meetings to its constituents, including a writing workshop to Section 8 tenants who wanted to communicate more effectively with their elected officials, and met with other groups working on similar issues. EFZ closed its office in December 2007 after failing to secure foundation grants to support its activities.

1988Cambridge Eviction Free Zone (EFZ) founded as a project of Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee and other grassroots organizations.
ca. 1988–1990Komite Kreyol established to address the specific needs of Haitian tenants in Cambridge.
1990–1991Rent strike at 580 Massachusetts Avenue and 1 Coolidge Place forces landlord Stu–Lin to make repairs and grant tenants 15 months' rent.
1990EFZ helps four tenants and their families take over neglected and illegally vacant building at 292–298 Broadway.
1992–1994Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights seeks the right of legal immigrants to vote in local elections.
1994EFZ works against the passage of Question 9. Question 9 ends rent control in Massachusetts.
1995January: First issue of EFZ's Community Voice newspaper outlines Housing Justice Program.$10 Million Plan seeks to increase funding for affordable housing in Cambridge to ten million dollars per year, using city income directly related to the end of rent control.April 1: “Our Homes Are No Joke” rally protests cuts in federal housing programs.
ca. 1996Latino Committee established to address the needs of Latino tenants in Cambridge.
1996Campaign to Save 2000 Homes begins to work for permanently affordable housing and long–term rental agreements with landlords, and to assist tenants in immediate danger of eviction.September: Town Meeting outlining EFZ's legislative program draws 200 people.
1997January–March: Series of 8 “Concerts for Housing Justice” raises $7000 for the Campaign to Save 2000 Homes.March 17: “Tent–in” on City Hall lawn. July 26: Caravan for Housing Justice demonstrates at 6 sites throughout Cambridge and suburban areas.December 6: Scrooge Rally distributes flyers and garners press coverage.
1998CEOC separates from EFZ.
1998–1999Along with Local 40 Carpenters' Union, Campaign for a Living Wage secures ordinance passing the second–highest living wage in the United States.
1999Public forum on new rent control legislation held. September: “Ten Most Unwanted Landlords” rally and City Council candidates' forum held.
1999–2003Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights is revived.
2000Haitian Women in Action / Fanm Ayisyen An Aksyon founded as a project of EFZ.
2002EFZ works against Ron Unz's anti–bilingual education ballot initiative.
2003EFZ sets up Committee for Cambridge Rent Control; ballot question to re–establish rent control fails.
2004March to Abolish Poverty visits EFZ offices. EFZ establishes Section 8 Action Committee.

Dickson, Harvey. “Squatters move into Cambridge apartments.” Boston Herald, July 2, 1990.

Gaulkin, Zachary. “Taking action on housing: City inspects two buildings after Haitian tenants complain.” Cambridge Sun, July 12, 1990.

Hall, Nancy. “The 2000 Homes Campaign: Continuing the Fight for Housing Justice.” EFZ Community Voice, Summer, 1998.

Hall, Nancy. “After twenty years, Eviction Free Zone closes the office.” The Bridge, March, 2008.

M170, Box 11, Folder 36, “Events and Decisions of the Campaign to Save 2000 Cambridge Homes.”

M170, Box 1, Folder 29, “Eviction Free Zone First Public Meeting flyer.”

M170, Box 6, Folder 25, “Housing Justice Program (HJP).”

M170, Box 1, Folder 31sar, “Letter to EFZ members and supporters.”

Thibault, Constance. “Living in the Eviction–Free Zone (EFZ).” The Tenant Independent, Spring, 1990.

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1. Organizational Files, 1986–2007 (bulk 1990–2007)
Volume:6.15 cubic ft.


This series documents the internal administration of the Cambridge Eviction Free Zone, particularly its committees, fundraising efforts, interactions with other organizations, and publications. Of particular interest are the files from Komite Kreyol, EFZ's first immigrant outreach committee. The series contains files relating to grant–making organizations, such as The Boston Foundation and Haymarket People's Fund. Included in this series are nine computer disks (one 5 ¼ inch floppy disk and eight 3 ½ inch floppy disks) which could not be opened by Archives staff (Box 1, Folder 5). Some materials, including Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee files, predate the founding of EFZ. Records include meeting minutes and agendas, correspondence, budgets and financial records, grant proposals and reports, membership and volunteer lists, press clippings, newsletters, flyers, and brochures.
1General (5 folders)n.d., 1992– 2007
1Annual Meeting: Minutes, Agendas, and Attachments (3 folders)1992–2005
1Awardsn.d., 1992, 1996
1Cambridge Citizens Opinion Survey2004
1Cambridge Demographic Information2001
1Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (3 folders)n.d., 1986–1999
1Change of Addressn.d.
1City Council1997
1Citywide Initiative on Race and Class1998
1Building Unity and Strength Committee (3 folders)2001–2003
1Fanm Ayisyen An Aksyon / Haitian Women in Action / Haitian Women's Projectn.d., 2000–2003
Komite Kreyol
1General (2 folders)n.d., 1990–1999
1Cambridge Goodwill Delegation to Haiti1991
1Discussion Groupsca. 1990, 2004
1Forum on the Housing Crisisn.d.
1Haitian Tenants at 580 Massachusetts Avenue and 1 Coolidge Place1990
1Haitian Tenants at Rindge Towers1990
1Mayor's Commission on Haitian Issues1994–1995
1Meeting Minutes, Notices, and Agendas1990–1998
1Membership Listn.d., 1996
1Memorial Statement: Jocelyn Vastey1991
1Newspaper Articles: Haiti1990–1996
1Workers' Rights1994
1Latino Committee1996–1997
2Parents for Affordable Housing Committee1997
2Personnel Committeeca. 2005
Steering Committee
2Fundraising1999, 2002
2List of Steering Committee Membersn.d., 1998–2002
2Meeting Minutes and Agendas (16 folders)1991–2007
2–3Tenants Rights, Organizing, and Housing Policy Committee (4 folders)1994–2007
3Conferences and Workshops1993
3Correspondence1999, 2001–2006
3Events: Tabling1994
3Accountant2002, 2005
3Annual Finances1992–1993
3Budgets1993–1995, 1999–2004
3Department of Employment and Training2000–2001
3Department of Revenue2002–2003
3Expense Statements2002
3Financial Management Informationn.d., 2003, 2006
3Non–Profit Status (6 folders)1995–1996, 2000–2001
3Massachusetts Sales Tax Exemption2001
3Pension Plan2004
3Reports n.d., 1992, 2002
3Focus Groups2006
3General (4 folders)1992–2007
3April and May Fundraising Campaign1994
3Community Training and Assistance Center2004
3Correspondence1997–1999, 2002–2007
3Famn Ayisyen An Aksyon / Haitian Women in Action / Haitian Women's Project2000
3–4Foundations and Grant–Making Organizations (44 folders)n.d., 1988, 1992–2007
4Fund the Dreamn.d.
4Fundraising Plan1999
4–5Grant Proposals (6 folders)n.d., 1992–1994, 1999, 2002–2007
5Grant Writer: Judith Wachs2001–2002
5Grassroots Fundraising 2002–2007
5Letters of Supportn.d., 1999–2003, 2006
5Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communitiesn.d.
5Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation2005
5Sware Banboch: Fundraising Event2002
5Yard Sale2003–2004
5Internships: Harvard Students1998, 2002–2003
5“Leadership for a Changing World” Award2003
5Legal Servicesn.d.
5Lesley University: Day of Service2003, 2006
5Lobbyingn.d., 2003, 2006
5Mailing List1997, 2001–2003
5Massachusetts State Budget Cuts1991, 2003
5Media Strategy1991–1993
5Meeting Spaces: Central Squaren.d.
5Member Questionnairesn.d.
5Members and Volunteers (3 folders)n.d., 1992–2002, 2004
5Membership Driven.d., 1993–1994
5Office Sublet2004
5Organizational Assessment2002
5Organizer Trainingn.d., 1990, 1994–1995
Other Groups
5Action for Boston Community Development: The Unspoken Truths2003
5Alewife Study Group1998
5Area 4 Coalition (2 folders)1998, 2003–2006
5Black Radical Congress1998
5Boston Mobilization: SPARK2002
5Boston Urban Institute: Steve Meacham1991
5Cambridge Civic Association1992
5Cambridge Community Television2003
5Cambridge Food Pantries2003
5Cambridge Peace Commissionn.d., 1993–1996
5Cambridge Somerville Welfare Housing Coalition2003
5Cambridge Youth Peace and Justice Corps1993–1994
5Campaign for Immigrant Rights1996
5Center for Community Planning at UMass Boston: MassPraxis1994
5The City School2003
5Community Action Agency of Somerville2004
5Community Legal Services and Counseling Center2002
5Concilio Hispano2004
5Cutting EJn.d., 2004
5Episcopal City Mission2002
5Ethical Society of Boston2006
5Greater Boston Interfaith Organizationca. 2004
5Greater Boston Legal Services2004–2005
5Human Rights Coalition1996
5Immigrant Workers Resource Center: Mayday1996–1998
5Iraq Conflict1997–1998
5Jobs With Justice (2 folders)1994–1997, 2006
5Justice for Janitors2002
5Labor Party1997
Labor Supportn.d., 1994, 1997
5Local 40 Carpenters Union1997–1998
5Low Income Welfare Organizing Collaborative2005
5March on Washington: 30th Anniversary Mobilization1993
5March to Abolish Poverty2004
5Massachusetts Alliance to Save Affirmative Actionn.d.
5National Lawyers Guild1996
5National Organizers Alliance1994
5National People's Campaign1995
5National Training and Information Center2007
5North Cambridge Family Services Alliance1995
5One Family2004
5Organizers' Collaborative2005
5Piedmont Peace Project1993
5Political Research Associates1991–1994
5Poor People's Defense Committee1992–1993
5Program Books1993–1994
5Resist: Newsletters1993–1994
5Resources for Battered Womenn.d.
5Socialist Organizing Network / Freedom Road Socialist Organizationn.d.
5Solutions at Work2003
5State of Women and Girls2007
5Tax Equity Alliance of Massachusetts1992
6Third Sector New England2001–2005
6Toxics Campaign: East Cambridge1990
6Women's Centern.d.
6Peace Development Fund: Exchange Project1996
6Leadership for Change2000
6Staff Meetings2002
Promotional Materials and Publications
6Brochuresn.d., 1999, 2002
6Eviction Free Zone Comic Bookn.d.
6Flyers and Promotional Materials (3 folders)n.d., 1993–2005
6Newsletters (8 folders)n.d., 1990–1995, 1998, 2000–2006
6Press Releases1999?
6Translation Assistancen.d., 1989, 1994–1998
6Radical Organizing Conference2003
6Reading and Discussion Group (3 folders)n.d., 1991–1995
6Cambridge Forum on Race and Class1998
6Cambridge Rental Housing Study1998
6City Council Government Operations Committee1998
6Retreats and Organizational Development (2 folders)n.d., 1991–2003
6Stewards Program1989–1990
6Strategic Planning1993–1994, 2001–2003
7Websiten.d., 2002
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2. Staff Files, 1990–2007
Volume:2.85 cubic ft.


The series contains files created by three members of EFZ's paid staff. Laura Booth worked on the Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights from 1992 to 1994, and Natalie Smith worked on the Campaign from 1999 to 2003. Mary Regan began working as EFZ's Housing Organizer around 1998. The series includes meeting minutes and agendas, press clippings, and materials relating to the campaigns the staff oversaw, such as correspondence, presentations, and flyers. Case files relating to individual tenants are restricted.
Laura Booth
7Bilingual Education: Public School Language Usage1991
Cambridge and Somerville Immigrant Voting Rights Campaign
7Brochures and Flyers (3 folders)n.d., 1993–1994
7Cambridge Convention for Immigrant Rights and Voting Rights1994
7Cambridge River Festival1993
7Canvass Questionnaire1994
7Clergy: Mailing List1993–1994
7Mayor's Resolution in Support of Immigrant Voting Rights1993
7National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rightsn.d.
7New York City Initiative1993
7Newspaper Articles and Press Releases (3 folders)n.d., 1990–1994
7Organizing Packet1994
7Outreach Efforts and Endorsementsn.d., 1993
7Public Forum1994
7School Committee1993–1994
7Strategy Development: Campaign Coordination Committee1993–1994
7Takoma Park, Maryland: Immigrant Voting Rights Legislation1992–1993
7Talking Pointsn.d.
7Voting Registration Reform: Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporationsn.d.
7Housing: 19–25 Market Street1993
7March on Washington: 30th Anniversary Mobilization1993
7Poverty and Race Research Action Council1993
7Steering Committee: Meeting Minutes and Agendas1991–1998
Mary Regan
7General (3 folders)n.d., 1998–2006
7Art and Soul: Studio for Art, Performance, and Yogan.d.
7Brochures and Flyersn.d.
7Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights2001
City Council
7Candidate Forum on Affordable Housingn.d.
7Meeting Minutes and Agendas2002
7Department of Employment and Trainingn.d.
7Domestic Violence Programsn.d.
7Greater Boston Legal Servicesn.d.
7Haiti Intervention Discussion2004
7Harvard University: Meetingn.d.
752 Garden Street: Condominium Conversion and Tenants' Association2002
7Cambridge Affordable Housing Optionsn.d.
7Cambridge Housing Authority2004
7Cambridge Housing Market Information2001–2003
7Cambridge and Somerville Welfare and Housing2002
7Campaign to Save 2000 Homes (3 folders)1996–2001
7Case Files (5 folders) (restricted)1999
7City Life / Vida Urbana2003–2005
7Community Preservation Act2001–2004
7Community Stabilization Act2004
7Condominium Conversion1998
7Eviction Free Zone Christmas Carols1998
7Expiring Contractsn.d.
7Greater Boston Interfaith Organization: Forum on Permanent Affordability2002
7Housing Committees: Joint Meetings2001–2002
7Housing Coordination2002–2003
7Housing Policy Committee (2 folders)n.d., 2002–2004
7Information for Tenantsn.d., 2003
8Kennedy Biscuit Lofts2003
8Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants2001
8Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance2000
8Rent Control1999–2003
8Rent Escrow2001–2004
8Sample Tenant Association Letters1996–1999
Section 8
8Generaln.d., 1998–2007
8Action Committee (5 folders)2004–2007
8Building Organizing2005
8Cambridge Tenant Information Sessions2005
8Citizens' Housing and Planning Association: Section 8 Conference2005
8Expiring Use2007
8Fair Market Rents2004
8Legislative Update2007
8Moving to Work Plan (2 folders)2007
8Reinventing Section 82006–2007
8Rent Adjustment2004
8Rent Simplification2005–2006
8The Section 8 Voucher Program: Dealing with Change2006
8Surveysn.d., 2007
8Somerville Tenants Helper Handbookn.d.
8State and Local Housing Flexibility Act2005
8Tenant Law Workshop: Sign–In Sheets2001
8Tenants Rights (3 folders) ( 1 restricted)2001–2004
8Voter Registration: Housing Providersn.d.
8Waltham Alliance to Create Housing2002
8Living Wage2001
8March to Abolish Poverty2004
8Massachusetts Budget Analysis: Fiscal Year 20052003–2004
8Massachusetts Senior Action Council2001–2004
8Newspaper Articles: Housing, Immigrant Voting Rights, Living Wage (2 folders)1999–2004
Organizational Files
8Foundations and Grant–Making Organizations (3 folders)2003–2004
8National Organizers Alliance: Pension Plan2004
9Organizational Assessment: Interviews2001
9Organizing Committee2001
9Personnel Committeen.d., 2003
9Signs: No Rent Increasen.d.
9Special Meeting: Operating EFZ without Paid Staff2003
9Steering Committee (5 folders)2001–2007
9Taxes1995, 2003
9Work Plans2001–2002
9Work Reports2001–2004
9Public Restrooms2001
9Resist: Newsletter2001
9“Sarah's Journal”: Flyern.d.
9Working Files (2 folders)n.d., 2001–2007
Natalie Smith
9Articlesn.d., 2000
Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights
9Amherst Home Rule1998
9“Bring Voting Rights to Your Community”2003
9Contemporary Example of Immigrant Voting Rights2003
9History of Voting Rights in United Statesn.d., 2003
9Home Rule Petition2003
9Information Packets and Sheets (3 folders)n.d, 2000–2003
9Letters of Support 2000, 2003
9New York City Decentralization Laws1989
9Recent Immigrants and Votingn.d., 2003
9School Committee Order in Support of Immigrant Voting Rights1999
9State House: Hearing on Home Rule Petition2001
9Talking Pointsn.d., 2003
9Testimony for Local Voting Rightsn.d., 2003
9Case File (restricted)2002
9City Council: Hearing and Resolutions2002–2003
9The City School: Summer Leadership Program2002
9Internships: Harvard Students2002
9Mailing List (2 folders)n.d., 1999, 2002–2003
9Other Organizations1991, 2001–2002
9School Demographics1999–2000
9Sign–In Sheets and Volunteer Sheets1999, 2002
9Steering Committee 2003
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3. Housing Programs, 1972–2007 (bulk 1991–2005)
Volume:7.0 cubic ft.


This series documents Cambridge Eviction Free Zone's housing justice work. Its major efforts related to increasing funding for affordable housing creation; supporting tenants facing evictions, large rent increases, and landlord intimidation; preserving expiring–use and decontrolled buildings as affordable housing; assisting tenants with the formation of tenant associations; and campaigning for rent control. Tenant informational resources and records pertaining to buildings and tenant associations may predate the founding of EFZ. Major projects include the $10 Million Plan, Campaign to Save 2000 Homes, and Rent Control Committee / Committee for Cambridge Rent Control, which are documented in this series. Of particular interest is the rent strike at 580 Massachusetts Avenue (Box 19, Folder 30), a significant victory from EFZ's early years. The materials include press clippings, tenants' and building association records, meeting minutes and agendas, City Council meeting records and correspondence, flyers, protest and demonstration planning records, proposed legislation and ordinances, and tenant case files. Case files relating to individual tenants are restricted.
9Generaln.d., 1998–2003
$10 Million Plan
9Affordable Housing Proposals1995
9Cambridge Affordable Housing Activities Report1996
9Cambridge Expiring–Use Tenants Committee: “Save Our Homes”1996
9Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services Order1996
9Chart: Funding Sourcesn.d.
City Council
9Endorsements and Support1995–1996
9Hearings and Meetingsn.d., 1995–1996
9Orders and Resolutions1996
9Condominium Conversion Regulations1995–1996
9Eviction Free Zone Affordable Housing Program Plan1991
9Homeowners' Committee1995
9Housing Buyouts1995–1996
10Latino Committee1994
10Memoranda 1996
10National League of Cities: Councilor Frank Duehay1997
10Newspaper Articles1996
10North Cambridge March1996
10“Our Homes Are No Joke” Rally1995
10Spare Change: Tim Harris1994
10Tenant Brochuresn.d.
10Tenant Organizer1996
10Foreclosure of Rental Buildings1990
10205 and 210 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass.: Development1998
10, FF1 / D6292–298 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass. (4 folders)1986–1994
Affordable Housing
10Affordability Standard Meeting2005
10Affordable Housing Budget1996
10Affordable Housing Groups1994
10Assault on Affordable Housing1995–1996
10Boston Affordable Housing Initiative1995
10Building Acquisition1996–1998
10Cambridge Affordable Housing Locations Lists1999, 2003
10Cambridge Affordable Housing Trust 1998–1999, 2006
10Cambridge Clergy for Affordable Housing: 48 Harvey Street Renovation Project1996
10Cambridge Design and Development: 275 River Street1997
10Homeowners Rehab, Inc.: 77 Elm Street1997–1998
10Inclusionary Zoning and Federal Subsidies2002
10Just a Start: Mullins Court1996
10Limited Equity Cooperatives1993, 2002
10Minutes and Agendas2002
10Park View Coop: Flyer2002
10Boston Tenant Coalitionn.d., 2003–2004
10Bridging the Gap in Housing: Cambridge Fair Housing Forum1999, 2003
10Cambridge Real Estate Transfer Fee (2 folders)1987–1991, 1995–1997
Campaign to Save 2000 Homes
10General (3 folders)1996–2000
10Area 4n.d., 1996
10Art for Social Justice1997
10Building Organizing1996–1997
10Calls and Referrals (restricted)n.d.
10Cambridge Housing Authority1998
10Cambridge Rental Housing Study: Impacts of the Termination of Rent Control on Population, Housing Costs, and Housing Stock1997–1998
10Campaign Chronology1998
10Canvass n.d.
10Caravan for Housing Justice1997
10Case Files (restricted)n.d., 1995–2002
10Central Square: Holmes Trust1997
11Cherry–Pine Work Teamn.d.
11Cherry Street Buyout1991
City Council
11Correspondence 1996–1997
11Resolutions 1997–2000
11Concert Series1997
11Condominium Law1997
11Correspondence 1996–1997
11Direct Action1997
11Elder Affairs Committee1996
11Events: Tabling1996
11Eviction Alerts1997–1999
11Homeowners: Outreach Efforts and Endorsements1997
11Homeowners Rehab, Inc.1998
11Housing Informationn.d.
11Housing Resource Fairn.d.
11Inclusionary Zoning1997
11Information for Reporters: Tenant Contacts and Press Releases1998
11Landlord Profits 1996–1997
11Letters of Support (2 restricted)1998–2005
11Meeting Minutes and Agendas (3 folders)1997–2000
11New Lease Program1997
11Newspaper Articlesn.d., 1994–1998
11Protests: Jean Keldysz1998
11Survey: Effects of End of Rent Control1997
11Town Meeting for Affordable Housing1996
11Weekly Bulletin1996–1998
11Central Square: Rats1993
11City Council 1997, 1999
11City Life / Vida Urbana n.d., 1990, 1997
11City–Wide Tenants Effort1994
11Community Preservation Act (3 folders)1999, 2002–2007
11Community Stabilization Act2004
11Cooperative Housing1992
11Direct Action Committee1995
11Eviction Storage Law2003
Expiring Use
11General 1993–1999
12Building Data 1995–1996
12Endorsements, Background Material, Tenant Profiles and Tenant Testimony1996
12Hearing 1997
12Home Rule and Enabling Act 1996, 1998
12Landlord Profits1996
12Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants 2005
12National Alliance of HUD Tenants: Save Our Homes Conference (2 folders)1997–1998
12Newspaper Articles2002
12Piano Factory1997
12Rent Control Expiring Use Committee (2 folders)1995–1996
12Fair Housing Commission n.d., 2002, 2005
12Federal Housing Budget: Summary and Analysis1995–2006
12Coolidge Place 1992–1993
12Market Street (2 folders)1992
12Greater Boston Housing Report Card2002
12Greater Boston Interfaith Organization: Nehemiah Homes2002
12Harvard University1990–1995
12Health Risks from Housing1988–1992, 1998
12“Housing for All: Keeping the Promise”1995
Housing Assistance Programs
12General1994–1996, 2006
12Cambridge Housing Authority (2 folders)2004–2007
12Chapter 7071991–1992
12Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program2005–2006
12Public Housing Formsn.d.
12Rent Simplification2004–2005
12Section 8 (2 folders)n.d., 1994, 1999–2007
12Housing Brainstormingn.d.
12The Housing Crisis in Cambridge: PowerPoint2002
12Housing Work Plan Meeting2002
Information for Tenants
12Generaln.d., 2003
12Cambridge Census Information1990
12Cambridge Housing Meeting2001
12Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services: Intake Formsn.d.
12City Council: Tenants' Forum on Affordable Housing1999
13Condominium Law1997–1999
13Eviction Free Zone Events2000–2001
13Eviction Proceedingsn.d., 1999, 2002
13Greater Boston Interfaith Organizationn.d., 2002
13Housing Code Checklistsn.d.
13Immigrant Issues1996
13Lead Poisoningn.d.
13Massachusetts Tenants Organizationn.d., 1999
13Social Justice Organizers: List1998
13Tenant Formsn.d.
13Tenant Training and Organizing1994–1995
13“The Tenant's Helper: A Handbook for Tenants”2000
13Yoga for Housing Justice n.d., 1997
13Inspectional Services Department Reform Proposal1990
13Joint Center for Housing Studies2004–2005
13Landlord Financial Investigations (2 folders)1992–1993. 1996–1997, 2005
13Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenantsca. 2005
13Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless2005
13Massachusetts Law Reform Institute: Analysis of State Budget2005–2007
13Massachusetts Tenants' Organization: Testimony on Housing Bills1997 n.d., 2002
13National Alliance of HUD Tenants (2 folders)1992–1998, 2005
13Neighborhood Dolphin Network1996–1996
13Newspaper Articles (5 folders)1996–1999, 2002–2007
13Public Housing1993–1998, 2003, 2006
13Rallies, Protests and Demonstrationsn.d., 1994–1998, 2000
Rent Control
13General n.d., 1992–2004
13Boston Tenant Coalition2002–2003
13Cambridge Rental Housing List (2 folders)1994
13Cambridge Citizens United for Rent Equity (CCURE) Initiative Petition1999
13Cambridge Tenants' Organizing Committee: Defending Yourself at the Rent Board Hearingsca. 1975
13Cambridge Tenants' Organizing Committee: Handbook on the 1975 Rent Increase1975
13–14City Council: Hearings (2 folders)1992
14Eviction Free Zone / WC Rent Control Video1989–1991
14Examples of Rent Control Legislationn.d., 1997, 2005
14General Adjustment1993–1994
14General Tenants Association Rent Control Campaign1994
14Homeowners Committee1987–1994
14Housing Justice Program 1994–1995
14Newspaper Articles 2002–2003
14Proposition 1–2–31989
Question 9
14Elderly Sleep–In1994
14Extension for Protected Status Tenants1995
14March and Rally1994
14Massachusetts Homeowners Against Question 91994
14Newspaper Articles1994–1995
Post–Election Strategy
14City Council Debate: Home Rule1994
14City Council Meeting: Quotes from Campaign Speakers1994
14Tenant Meetings1994
Protected Status
14Section 8 / MRVP1995
14Tenants (restricted)n.d., 1994–1995
14Real Faces of Rent Control: Panel Discussion1994
14Rent Control Campaign Bulletin1994
14Save Our Communities Coalition (2 folders)1994–1995
Rent Control Committee / Committee for Cambridge Rent Control
14Meeting Minutes and Agendas (2 folders)2002–2003
14Surveyn.d., 2001
14Small Property Owners Association1993–1994, 2000, 2002
14Statewide Enabling Act: Hearing2003
14Tenant Tax1991
14Unite to Support Rent Control: March1990
14University–Owned Buildings1991
14Who Does Rent Control Control?: a History of the Passage of Rent Control in Cambridge1975
14Rent Escrow2005
14Residents for Growth Management1997
14“Socialism and the Housing Movement: Lessons from Boston”n.d., 1985
14State House: Tenant Bills1999
Tenant Associations and Organizations
14Generaln.d., 1999–2003
14Building Organizingn.d., 1995
15Central Square World's Fair1995, 1998
15Distribution Routesn.d.
15List of Rent Control / HUD Landlords1993, 1996–1998
15List of Tenantsn.d.
15–16Tenants' Associations and Building Organizations (62 folders)n.d., 1970–1999, 2004–2007
16Tenant Organizingn.d., 2002
16–17Tenant Case Files (44 folders) (restricted)n.d., 1988, 1992–2007
17Tenant Information Formsn.d.
17Tenant Questionnairesn.d.
17Tenants' Rights1994, 2002–2007
17Tenants' Rights Initiative of Massachusetts1997
17Tenants' Town Meeting1999
17WGBH Interview: Kip Tiernan1996
FF1/D6“Where Have All the Voices Gone?”: Postern.d.
17Work Plans2005
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4. Other Campaigns, 1977–2003 (bulk 1990–2002)
Volume:1.70 cubic ft.


This series documents Cambridge Eviction Free Zone (EFZ) projects that did not relate directly to housing: the Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights, the campaign against Ron Unz's ballot question to end bilingual education in Massachusetts, and the Campaign for a Living Wage. Some materials, including Cambridge Bilingual Programs files, predate the founding of EFZ The materials include proposed legislation, flyers, press clippings, correspondence, endorsements and petitions in support of EFZ's campaigns, budgets, grant proposals, meeting minutes and agendas, and newsletters.
Bilingual Education
17General1985, 1990, 1994, 1998–2002
Ron Unz / Question 2
17Alternative Bilingual Bill at State House2002
17Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights: Opposition to Unz2002
17Choices for Our Children: Forum2002
17English Yes! Unz No!2002
17Leave No Child Behind2002
17Massachusetts Coalition for Bilingual Education2002
17Massachusetts English Plus Coalition2002
17Multi–lingual Unz Summaries2002
17Newspaper Articles2002
17School Committee Resolution Against Unz2002
17Ten Reasons to Oppose Unz2002
17Ty dePass and Andy Nash: Anti–Unz Activists2002
Campaign for Immigrant Voting Rights
17Generaln.d., 1989–2003
17Amherst: Home Rule Petition and Information Packet1996
17Articlesn.d., 1977, 1993, 1996–2002
17Bank Bustersn.d., 2001–2002
17Brochures and Flyersn.d., 1999–2002
17Campaign Literaturen.d., 1992, 2002
17City Council: Hearing and Resolution1999–2002
17Common Cause1999
17Correspondence 1999–2001
17Fundraising and Grants (9 folders)n.d., 1996–2003
17Greater Boston Interfaith Organization2002
17Greater Boston Legal Services Immigration Timeline2000
17Information for Election Commission2002
17Informational Sheets and Packets n.d., 2000–2002
17Immigrant Workers Resource Center2002
17Immigrants' Day at the State House2002
17Labor Links to Immigrant Voting Rights 1999
17Latino Committee1992
17Lower the Voting Age2002
17Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition2001–2002
17May Day 2000, 2002
17Meeting Minutes and Agendas1999–2002
17Partnerships in Diversity: Conference2002
17Petition for Immigrant Voting Rights1998
18Refugee and Immigrant Resources1990
18School Committee1999
18Start Your Own Voting Rights Campaignn.d.
18Steering Committee: Meeting Minutes and Reports2001–2002
18Summer Campaign Update2001
18Takoma Park: Information Packet1991–1992
18Voter Registrationn.d., 1994
18Work Plans2002–2003
18Working Committee2002
Campaign for a Living Wage
18General (2 folders)1997–2002
18ACORN Conference1998
18Information Packet1997–1998
19Living Wage Endorsement1998
19National Living Wage Campaign Training Conference1998
19Ordinances and Resolutions1998
19Personal Care Attendants2005–2006
19Working Cambridge Pledgen.d.
Other Programs
19Public Speaking Training1997–1998
19Welfare Rights1995–1996
19Writing Workshop1996, 2003
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5. Audio–visual Materials and Memorabilia, 1989–2007 (bulk 1989–2005)
Volume:.70 cubic ft.


This series documents the work of Cambridge Eviction Free Zone (EFZ) through recordings and photographs of EFZ events, and memorabilia such as posters, signs, and buttons. Of interest are audiocassettes of eviction and adjustments hearings and videocassettes of EFZ staff interviews with local television stations including Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) and WGBH.
Audio and Video
206 Ashton Place, 1R: Removal Permit and Eviction Hearing (2 audiocassettes)1991
2019–25 Market Street: Remand Hearing1990
2025 Wendell Street: Rent Adjustment Hearing (2 audiocassettes)1990
2027 Marney Street, #2: Eviction Hearing1990
20146–146A Huron Avenue: Rent Adjustment Hearing (2 audiocassettes)1991
20218 Western Avenue, #3: Eviction Hearing1989
20225 “R” Western Avenue: Eviction Hearing1990
20National Public Radio: 292–298 Broadway Apartment Occupation, by Margo Melnicove1992
20Ethical Society of Boston2006
20“Help Needed: PCAs and Consumers Uniting for Quality Care in Massachusetts” (2 discs)2005
20CCTV: Women Speak: Section 8, featuring Mary Regan and Nancy Hall of EFZ and Ellen Schechter of Cambridge and Somerville Legal Servicesn.d.
20Mullins Court Rally and Petition at City Hall: “Don't Turn Our Homes into Just Another Real Estate Venture” (2 video cassettes)1993
20“No on 9” Public Service Announcement, Produced at CCTV1994
20“No on 9” Rally1994
19Bumper Sticker: Immigrant Voting Rightsn.d.
19Eviction Free Zone Komite Kreyol Buttons (4 buttons)n.d.
19Eviction Free Zone Portuguese Buttons (4 buttons)n.d.
19Key to City of Cambridgen.d.
FF1/D6Posters and Signsn.d., 1986
19Promotional Materialsn.d.
19Rent Control Buttonsca. 1994
19Rent Escrow Stickersca. 2004
19, FF1/D6General (9 folders)n.d., 1989–2006
2119–25 Market Street1992
21292–298 Broadway1991
21580 Massachusetts Avenue: Conditions in Common Areas1995
21Annual Meetings (2 folders)1992, 2002
21Campaign to Save 2000 Homes: Clergy1996
21, FF1/D6Caravan for Housing Justice (2 folders)1997
21City Council Meeting (3 folders)1994, 1998, 2003
21Committee for Cambridge Rent Control2003
FFDemonstration Outside William Kargman's Office1999
21Expiring Use Home Rule Petitionca. 1998
21Famn Ayisyen An Aksyonn.d.
21Fundraiser: Sware Banboch2002
21Harvard Divestment Campaign1995
21, FF1/D6Letter to the Craigie Circle Landlord (2 folders)1996
21March in Washington D.C.n.d.
21Mayor Ken Reeves and Unidentified Peoplen.d.
21“No on 9” Campaign1994
21Piano Factory (2 folders)1995–1996
21Protest Outside City Halln.d.
21Rally Outside City Hall1999
21Rent Control Forum2003
21Rent Control Fundraiser at the Middle East Restaurant2003
21Scrooge Rally1997
21Stu Lin Protestn.d.
21, FF1/D6Tent–In (2 folders)1997
21Yard Saleca. 2001
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