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Title:Women's Educational Center (Cambridge, Mass.) records
Call Number:M47
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1. Administrative Files, 1971-1997
Volume:6.00 cubic ft.


Series 1 documents the Women's Educational Center's formation, day to day operations, and governance.  Of particular interest are the annual reports and fundraising information, including the Commemorative Tile Campaign. There are also notebooks in which staff entered contact information for individuals in need of referrals so that another staff member could contact them.  These notebooks also contain messages of both support and frustration, written by staff and intended to be read by all staff. The notebooks provide a window into the Women's Educational Center's staff structure and the types of services it provided. The Core Minutes document the activities of the Core Committee, a group of staff members responsible for coordinating the general staff, fundraising, house maintenance, and preserving records that document the history and operations of the Women's Educational Center.
1, 15All Center Meetings (17 folders)1986-1999
1Annual Meetings (26 folders)1971-1997
1Annual Report1993
1, 15Board Meetings (3 folders)1995-2001
1Board of Advisors1975
15Board Resignations1998
1Bookkeeper Resume1993
1Center Proposals, Rough Draftsn.d., 1972-1975
1Contractsn.d., 1983, 1987
1-2, 13Core Minutes (16 folders)1972-1986
2, 15Correspondence (20 folders) n.d., 1972-1998     
8Accounting Ledgers (13 folders)           n.d.
2, 15Budgets (2 folders)n.d. 1996-1999
2Petty Cash Log1983-95
8Projects (17 folders)1975-1985
2Receipts and Disbursements Journal1979
2, 15Reports (2 folders)1981-1998
2Weekly Income Journal1977-1979      
2Fund Raising (8 folders)n.d., 1972-1996
2, 15Historical Information1971-1996
2Information Committee Minutes1972-1973
3Massachusetts Division of Public Charities (4 folders)1975-1986
3Organizational Reportsn.d.
3Outreach (2 folders)1986-1988  
3Questionnaires and Responses1985
3, 15Room Reservations (6 folders) 1976-2002
3Agreements and Contractsn.d.
3Project Notes (5 folders)1973-1984
15Job Descriptionsn.d.
3, 4, 5, 15Logs (44 folders) 1972-2002
5Meetings Notebook1993-1995
5, 15Minutes and Notes1978-1992
5Night Shift1978-1979
5Personnel Policies1983, 1987-1988
5Sign-Up Sheets (2 folders)1977-1980
5, 6, 7Telephone Logs (28 folders)1973-1994     
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2. Subject Files, 1966- 1998 (bulk 1975-1993)
Volume:3.00 cubic ft.


This series includes various promotional materials describing Center-sponsored events, and groups and projects that met at the Women's Educational Center.  Monthly calendars of events detail the frequency with which the groups and projects met.  Conduit forms retained here provide a chronological record of those groups and projects that were legally affiliated with the Women's Educational Center to benefit from its non-profit tax status. Also included is information dealing with forced sterilization of women in the United States. In addition this series contains articles on women's issues, and information relating to other women's groups and organizations.
46 Pleasant St
9Building Proposal1976
9Cambridge Architectural Inventory1966
9Capital Improvements Proposal1986
9Deed and Mortgage1971
9Exterior Renovations1980
9Physical Plantn.d.
9Tax Exemptions (3 folders)1974-1986
9Tooth and Nails Collective1973-1976
Affiliated Organizations
9Alligator Alliance1978
9Americas Women's Video Network1989
9Beginning Again1988-1994
15Birth Control and Abortion Counseling Collective (4 folders)1973-1974
9Black Women Artists Film Series1980-1982
9Boston Area Fat Liberation1989
9Rape Crisis Center1974
9Boston Women's Community Radio1987-1988
9Cambridge Lavender Alliance Parents Teachers and  Allies1995
9Cambridge Women in Cable1989
9Child Abuse and Neglect Program1978
9, 16Conduit Information (3 folders)1981-1994
9Consciousness Raising Groups1972
9Deaf Women's Community Project1988
9Disabled Women's Educational Project1989
9Displaced Homemakers Center1980
9Dykes, Disability and Stuff1988
9Elizabeth Stone House1975, 1980
9Feminist Discussion Groupn.d.
9Feminist Liberation1973
16For Crying Out Loud1996-1998
9Gay and Lesbian Speakers Bureau1983-1990
9Girls Leap1997
9Groups and Events Sponsored by CWC (6 folders)n.d., 1975-1997
9I Am Your Sister1991
9, 16Incest Resources, Incest Survivor's Network (4 folders)n.d. 1988-1989
9, 13International Women's Day Video Festival1987-1991
9Introductory Groups (6 folders)1975-1979
10Jewish Lesbian Daughters of Holocaust Survivors1989
10Jewish Women's Open Discussion Group1977-83
10Lesbian Liberation: Our Bodies Our Selves1974-88
10Lesbian Mothers Group1974-80
10Lesbian Therapy Research Project1973-74
10Lesbian and Children Conference1987-92              
10Mother's Coalition1988-1989
16Moving Out: Ritual Abuse Survivor Support Groupn.d., 1999
10Past Groups and Projects1971-1981
10Pink Patrol of Greater Boston1993
10Progressive Caucus to Defeat The Referendum1990
10Project on Haitian Women1998
10Sister Spirit1980     
10Soviet Feminist Fund1984-1990
10Support Group For Women's Safety1979-1981
10Transition House (2 folders)1976-1978
10Women for Sobrietyn.d.
10Women Seeking Employment Support Groupn.d.
10Women's Arts Project1984-1986
10Women's Counseling and Resource Centern.d.
10Women's Housing Switchboardn.d., 1975-1997
10Women's International Network1987
10Women's Permanent Housing1986-1988
10Women's Political Action Hotline1986
10Women's Survival Network1990
16Anger Workshop1995
9, 16Anniversary: 20th (2 folders)1991
9, 13, 16Anniversary: 25th (13 folders)1996
9Anniversary Celebrations1980-1992
10Anti-Abortion: Reagan Administrationn.d., 1981
16Articlesn.d., 1999
10Battered Women's Directory1977 
10Birth Control and Abortionn.d.
10Susan Bright - Cambridge Arts Council1984-1986
10, 16Brochuresn.d.
10, 16Calendars (8 folders)1987-2002
10Cambridge Chronicle-Letters to the Editorn.d.
10Center-Wide Projects and Proposals1975
16"Clearinghouse on Family Violence Information:" Study, Resources1989
10Committee to End Sterilization Abuse (CESA) (6 folders)1977-1978
10Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) (15 folders)1975-1981
10Child Care Proposal1979
10Computer Donation (2 folders)1983
16Counseling Multiple Personalities1992
10Crisis Counselor and Community Outreach1980
10, 13Domestic Violence1987
10Dooling Decision and Related Court Cases (2 folders)n.d., 1979-1980
10Energy Conservation and Fire Safety Proposal1978
10Ethics Council Task Force1977
10Financial Seminar for Non-Profits1994
10Fire Insurance Adjustments1972
10, 16Flyers (7 folders)n.d., 1992-2002
11Gay Professional Women newslettern.d.
11Glenmede Trust Company1982-1983
11Grants: Astraea, A fund for women1989
11Grants: Fund for the Arts1985
16Group Information Sheets (2 folders)1991-2001
11Handicapped Accessibility1989
11Handicapped Women Questionnaire1982-1988
11Health Day1994
11Heat Conservation Proposals1981
11Human Life Amendment1981
16Information for Groups Meeting at the Women's Educational Centern.d., 1997
11International Women's Day1974-1989
11Interns, Internships (2 folders)1977-1985
11Job Day (2 folders)1985-86
11Counseling Correspondence1984-1986
11Counseling Feedback1986
11Counseling Volunteers1983
11Resume Examplesn.d.
11Support Groupn.d.
11Law Enforcement Assistance Administration1974-1976
11, 16Library Archive Proposal and Policiesn.d., 1977, 2001
11Library Grant (7 folders)1978-1985
11Massachusetts VITA critique1974
11Maternity Rights1979
11Multi-cultural Guidance1988-1989
11National Institute of Mental Health1974
16New Membership Contact Forms1999-2000
11Old Group Contactsn.d.
Outside Organizationsn.d.
11Boston Women's Union1975-1976
16Chicago Women's Liberation Union1973
16Coalition of Feminist Therapy Collectives1976-1978
11Committee for Abortion Rights and Against  Sterilization Abuse           1977-1978
11Lesbian Defense Fundn.d.
11Liberal Alliesn.d., 1978
11Preterm and Red Sun Press Pamphlet: Drafts1976-1978
13, 16National Feminist Therapy Association (3 folders)1976-1980
11Support Center of Massachusetts1991                 
13With the Power of Each Breathn.d
11Women's Community Cancer Project1990
11Women's Funds Conference1986
11Wommonwrites 881988
13Petition and Contact File1976
16Policiesn.d., 1996
11Population Controln.d., 1991
16Presentation: "Group Facilitating Skills"n.d.
11Press Releases1982-1986
11Religious and Philosophical Argumentsn.d.
11Reproduction Referencen.d.
11Retired Senior Volunteer Program Proposal1981
11Senior Aides Proposal1981
13Slide Show Scriptn.d.
11South Shore Bank-Chicago1984 
11Sponsored Activities1972-1980
11Staff: Halloween Party1980 
11, 13Sterilization (5 folders)1977-1981
11Summer Youth Program1978-1985
16Support Group Feedback Questionnaires and Statementsn.d., 1998-1999
16"Surviving Sexual Assault" by Greta Niu1991
11Sarah Sutro painting1989
11Task Force on Women's Health Services1988-1989
11Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion1978
11Tituba (CWC cat)n.d.
16Transgender "Dialog" Public Discussion Journal1999
16Transition House Deed Transfer1997
11United Way Voluntary Action Center1981-1985
11Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA) (7 folders)1977-1978
11Wheelchair Accessibility Proposal1983-1985
13White House Conference on Families1980
11, 12Women's Educational Equity Act (2 folders)1977-1978
12Women's Historyn.d.
12Workboard File (2 folders)1979-1980
13Workfaren.d., 1977
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3. Newsletter, 1971-1996
Volume:1.0 cubic ft.


This series contains the Center's newsletter, "On Our Way." Within each newsletter are articles about women's rights issues, announcements from within the Center and also in the neighborhood, book reviews, women's rights events around Boston, updates on legislation pertaining to women, listings of support groups, and the days and times of groups that meet at the Center.
13, 14, 16"On Our Way" (25 folders)1971-1996
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