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Title:AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, Inc. records
Dates:1975–2007 (bulk 1987–1996)
Call Number:M61
List of Contents


1. Governance, 1982–2000 (bulk dates, 1985–1992)
Volume:5.83 cubic ft.
Arrangement: Alphabetically organized into 6 subseries: A) General; B) Board of Directors, Department Directors, and Committees; C) Correspondence; D) External Organizations; E) Legislative Issues; and F) Subject Files

This series documents the development of the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts and the activities of the Executive Director's office and Board of Directors working together to set goals, objectives, and policies. The series includes the AIDS Action Committee's mission statements, bylaws and articles of organization, annual reports, and organizational charts. The annual reports provide summaries of the Committee's activities in various years, while organizational charts track the Committee's internal development at various stages of the organization's life. Also of note is a history of the AIDS Action Committee from 1982–1984, minutes of the Steering Committee, and AIDS Action Committee's Directories of Services.

The Board of Directors' activities are represented by meeting minutes, lists of Board members from various years, and a description of the Board's purpose and functions. The series also includes internal and external correspondence and office administrative material. Committees and departments are documented by reports and meeting minutes; committees represented here include Personnel, Minority Concerns, Mental Health, and Pastoral Concerns. (For additional material on pastoral concerns, please refer to Series 3, Communications, and Series 5, Client Services.) In addition, this series includes external relations files, including correspondence and conference materials, which document the AIDS Action Committee's involvement with other AIDS organizations and political entities, such as the National AIDS Network and the National Commission on AIDS. The Legislative Issues subseries contains material on a proposed reduction of AIDS funding, and on the controversy surrounding the AIDS Action Committee brochure "Safer Sex Can be Sensuous." (For additional issues files, please refer to Series 3.) Subject files reflect community and political response to HIV/AIDS.

A. General
1“AIDS Action Committee West”1986
1Action Plan for Integrating Public Relations into the Management Structure of the AIDS Action Committee1988
1Affirmative Action Goals and Long–term Disability Policy1988
1Affirmative Action Policy and Plan1993
1“AIDS Action Committee News”1983
44AIDS Action Committee Proposal to Fenway Community Health Center Boardn.d.
1Americans for Democratic Action: 40th Annual Roosevelt Day Dinner Program and Letter Notifying Executive Director of Award1988
1Annual Reports (10 folders)1986–1997
1Directories of Services (4 folders)1988–1994
1E.D.O. Report: Yesterday's Activities, Highlights and News from the Executive Director's Office at the AIDS Action Committee1989
1Executive Department Goals and Objectives: Fiscal Year 19911991
1Executive Director's Administrative File (2 folders)n.d., 1984, 1986
1General Informationn.d.
1Governor's AIDS Recognition Awards1986
1History of the AIDS Action Committee from 1982–1984n.d.
1Human Services Personnel Collaborative's Diversity Initiative: Award to AIDS Action Committee1996
Kessler, Larry
1Testimony of Larry Kessler before the Joint Committee on Health Care, State House1991
1Leadership: Setting the AIDS Agenda for Greater Boston during Fiscal Year 1989 and Beyond: AIDS Action Operational Strategy1988
1Long Term Planningn.d., 1989
1Minority Ads1987
1Minority Outreach Program1987
1Natural Support Systems Team Preliminary Report1990
11989–1990 Annual Report (BBK Submittal)1990
1, 44Organizational Charts (7 folders)1986–2000
1, 44Phone List (2 folders)n.d., 1992
1Photographs (AIDS Action Committee Executive Director and Woman)n.d.
1Report of the Public Policy Task Force of AIDS Action Committee1988
1Research on AIDS Action Committee Educational Programs: Reportn.d.
1Research Policy Statementn.d.
1Resource Development: Art Alliance Groupn.d., 1985–1986
1Role of AIDS Action Committee Coordinating Committee1988–1989
1Staff Listsn.d., 1986–1989
1Staff Meeting Minutes1985–1989
1Strategic Reassessment1990
B. Board of Directors, Department Directors and Committees
1AIDS Action Committee Mission Statements (3 folders)n.d., 1989–1993
1Articles of Organizationn.d.
1Board of Directors (5 folders)1986–1992
Coordinating Committee
1, 44Minutes and Reports (2 folders)n.d., 1983–1989
44Procedures and Orientation Task Force1984–1988
Department Directors' and Middle Managers Reports, 1989–1991
1AIDS Education at Work Monthly Reports wi0th Fiscal Year 1990 Budget Material1989–1990
1Administration and Human Resources Monthly Reports1990–1991
1Client Services Monthly Reports with Fiscal Year 1990 Budget Material (2 folders)1989–1991
1Development Monthly Reports with Fiscal Year 1990 Budget Material (3 folders)1989–1991
1Executive Director Monthly Reports1989
1Finance Monthly Reports1989
1Human Resources Monthly Reports1989
2Policy Education and Planning Monthly Reports (3 folders)1987–1991
2Staff and Volunteer Resources Monthly Reports1988–1990
2Department Directors' Meeting Minutes1988–1989
2Department Directors' Planning Session1989
2Department Directors' Policy/Planning Material (2 folders)n.d., 1991–1993
2Department Reports1989
2Education Committee Meeting Agenda1985
2Executive Director's Midweek Report1988 10 May
2Executive Office Reports1991
41Fiscal Year Pamphlet1994
44Hospital Liaison Committee Proposaln.d.
2Management Team Minutes1988–1990
44Mental Health Committee (4 folders)n.d., 1983–1988
2Middle Managers' Minutes and Reports (3 folders)1989–1990
2Minority Concerns Committee (2 folders)n.d., 1986–1987
2Pastoral Concerns Committee Materialn.d., 1986–1989
2Personnel Committee (2 folders)1987–1989
2, 45Steering Committee Minutes and Memos (4 folders)n.d., 1983–1989
C. Correspondence
2Executive Director's Memosn.d., 1986–1989
2–3General (19 folders)n.d., 1984–1992
3, 41Memos (11 folders)n.d., 1985–1991
3Restrictedn.d., 1982–1995
3Roxbury Lease1985
D. External Organizations
4AIDS Action Council (3 folders)1985–1990
4Blueprint 2000 Human Services Committee1987–1988
4Department of Public Health: AIDS Awareness Week1987
4Governor's Human Resources Forum1987–1988
4Governor's Task Force on AIDS (2 folders)n.d., 1984–1989
4Harvard Medical School: Study Group on AIDS and Public Policy1983–1986
4National AIDS Network (10 folders)n.d., 1986–1990
4National Association of Black Americans: AIDS & Blacks Seminar1987
4National Commission on AIDS (2 folders)1990–1992
4National Leadership Coalition on AIDS (10 folders)1989–1991
4Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight: AIDS Roundtable (2 folders)1987
E. Legislative Issues
4President's Commission on AIDS: AIDS Action Committee Rally1988
Safer Sex Brochure: Controversy RE: Government Funding of AIDS Action Committee Chronology of Events
4Correspondence (2 folders)1987–1988
4Newspaper Clippings and Press Releases1987
4Senate Bill: Proposed Reduction of AIDS Funding, Correspondence1985
F. Subject Files
5AIDS: African.d., 1984–1985
5AIDS and Children1985
5AIDS and Health Care Professionalsn.d., 1984–1985
5AIDS and the Artsn.d., 1985
5AIDS Anxietyn.d., 1985
5AIDS Cases/Statisticsn.d., 1983–1992
5AIDS Conferencesn.d., 1984
5AIDS Epidemicn.d., 1985
5AIDS: Events (non AIDS Action Committee)n.d., 1984–1986
5AIDS: Haitians1985
5AIDS Hospicen.d.
5AIDS in San Francisco: Status Report and Preliminary Plan for 1987–19881986
5AIDS in the Hospital, Home and Community: Conference1986
5AIDS International1983–1985
5AIDS: Low Risk Group1984–1985
5AIDS: Median.d., 1983–1985
5AIDS Project 47 Personal Interview Guiden.d.
5AIDS Related Syndrome (ARC)n.d.
5AIDS: Religion, Morals, Ethics1984–1985
5, 45AIDS Research (2 folders)n.d., 1983–1985
5AIDS Resourcesn.d., 1984
5AIDS Transmissionn.d., 1984–1985
6, 41Announcement of Collaboration with The United Way (2 folders)1987–1992
5Bathhousesn.d., 1984
5The Boston Project Toward and Agenda for Gay and Lesbian Citizens: Executive Summary1983
5Breaking the Silence Overcoming the Fear: Homophobia Educationn.d.
5Department of Health and Human Services: Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Aspects of AIDS1985
5Department of Public Health (2 folders)n.d., 1985–1995
5Drugs – New Developmentsn.d., 1985
5For the Benefit1986
5Government Response to AIDSn.d., 1985
5HTLV III Testn.d., 1984–1985
5Human and Economic Cost of AIDS in the USA, through the Year 20061992
5Initiative 119: Death with Dignity1991
5John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Management Forum on AIDS1987
5Lazzaro Center1987–1988
5Massachusetts AIDS Policiesn.d., 1986
5Massachusetts AIDS Service System1987
5Massachusetts Hospital Association1985–1988
5Massachusetts School Policy for Children with AIDS1985–1986
5Massachusetts Society for Medical Research1984–1985
5National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA) (2 folders)n.d., 1986–1991
5National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)1988
5The 1987 National Gay and Lesbian Conference and 5th Annual AIDS Forum1987
5Other Health Concernsn.d., 1983–1985
5Persons with AIDS: Interviews & Statementn.d., 1983–1985
5Publication/Reportsn.d., 1983–1987
5Related Organizations (2 folders)n.d., 1985–1987
5Remarks of Henry A. Waxman, Chairman, Subcommittee on Health and the Environment, before the American Bar Association1986
5Safe Sex1984–1985
5Senate Subcommittee on Health and the Environment: Public Hearing: Financing AIDS Early Intervention and Treatment Services1990
5Speeches on AIDS–related Topicsn.d., 1987
5–6State/Federal Legislative Issues: Elections, Appropriations, Legislation (6 folders)n.d., 1983–1991
6Surgeon General's Address1987
6Unfunded Agreement with North Charles Foundation: AIDS Education to IV Drug Users1988
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2. Public Policy and Legal Affairs, 1975–2001 (bulk dates, 1992–1996)
Volume:4.5 cubic ft.
Arrangement: Alphabetically organized into 3 subseries: A) General; B) Programs and Campaigns; and C) Subject Files
Summary: This series includes materials on the various programs sponsored by the Office of Public Policy. These include MASS ACTION, the AIDS Policy Institute, and Women of Action. The MASS ACTION material includes issues of Spotlight, the network's newsletter (Box 7), and the Women of Action material includes taped interviews with several members of that group (Box 14). Program files also include correspondence, conference evaluations, questionnaires, reports, and training materials. The series also includes the AIDS Action Committee's survey of the housing needs of people with HIV and AIDS, material pertaining to the administration of the Public Policy office, and approximately two cubic feet of subject files, including legislation regarding health care reform.
A. General
6AIDS Housing: A User Survey: Housing Needs and Preferences among People with HIV and AIDS in Greater Boston, Implications for Policymakers, Planners and Architects1993
6AIDS Values Clarification Exercisen.d.
6“Comments on a Brief History of the AIDS Epidemic:” Robert Greenwald's Comments at Project ABLE Legislative Breakfast1994
6Curricula: AIDS and Legal Issues Courses1991, 1994
6HIV Antibody Testing: Issues and Testing Forum1988–1989
6HIV Testing Statement1989
6HIV/AIDS, The Law, and You: Brochure and Draftsn.d., 1997
6Human Rights Rally1985
6JRI Health v. Donna Shalala: Audit Protocol1996–1997
41Larry Kessler: Letters to the Editor 1992–1995
6Legislative Goals: 101st Congress1988
6Policy Unit/PEP Department Goalsn.d., 1989
6Public Policy Administration: Goals and Objectives, 1992–19931992
6, 41Telephone Survey of Parents and School Aged Children Regarding AIDS–Related Issues and Making Condoms Available to Students: Final Report, Prepared for AIDS Action Committee by Atlantic Marketing Research Co.1991
B. Programs/Campaigns
411992 Congressional Candidate's Questionnaire 1992
6–7AIDS Public Policy Institute (28 folders)1993–1996
7Citizens' Response Network (6 folders)1989–1991
7Federal Response to AIDS: A Look Back and a Vision for the Future1996
7HIV in the Healthcare Workplace Forum1992
7HIV Test Kits Survey (2 folders)n.d., 1994–1997
7HIV Testing of Pregnant Woman Forumn.d., 1994–1995
7Lobby Day (16 folders)1991–1996
7MASS ACTION (18 folders)n.d., 1987–1994
7–8, 41State of AIDS in Massachusetts (18 folders) 1991–1997, 2000
8Teens AIDS Prevention: Fighting for our Lives (8 folders)1992–1993
8“We Can't Live Another Year without Adequate AIDS Funding”1993
8Women of Action (31 folders)n.d., 1992–1998
14Audio Tapes1996
C. Subject Files
8AIDS: An Expanding Tragedy, Final Report of the National Commission on AIDS1993
8AIDS Glossaryn.d.
8America Living with AIDS: Report of the National Commission on AIDS1991
8Building Quality: Indicators for Family Centered Care, Clinical Trials1987, 1989
8Clippings (2 folders)n.d., 1988–1999
8Confidentiality of HIV–Related Informationn.d.
8Fact Sheets News Releases (Other Health Organizations)n.d., 1988–1995
8HIV Safety Guidelines, Priority Care Unit, Tooting Bec Hospital, West Lambeth Health Authorityn.d.
8HIV Seropositivity/CTSS Program1993
8HIV Testingn.d., 1988, 1993
8HIV/AIDS in Massachusetts: Cumulative Totals of Reported AIDS Cases through June 19961996
9The Immune System: HIV and AIDS1991
9Mailing Lists Advocacy Organizationsn.d., 1993–1994
41Mandatory Testing for Healthcare Workers1991
9Newsletters (Other AIDS Organizations)1987–1998
9Overview of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Massachusetts1993
9Social Security Administration/Centers for Disease Control (SSA/CDC) Regulations Guidelinesn.d., 1983–1993
9Teen Issues (Condoms in Schools)1990–1991
9Treatment Access and Expansion (TAEP)n.d.
9Trends in the Epidemiology of AIDS in Massachusetts through September 19911991
9Understanding AIDS: A Message from the Surgeon Generaln.d.
Health Care Reform/Insurance
9AIDS and Health Insurance1990
9Buell Health Care Plan1994
9COBRA Law1986
9, 45Health Care Clippings (2 folders)n.d., 1983–1998
9Health Care Policiesn.d., 1988
9Health Care Reform/Issues (6 folders)n.d., 1990–1998
9Health Workers with AIDS1990–1992
9HIV Confidentiality and the Right to Warn: The Health Care Provider's Dilemman.d.
9Indigent Patient Drug Program1993
9Insurance/Costn.d., 1990–1993
9Journal of the American Medical Association Articles RE: Health Care1991
9John Hancock Mutual Life1997
9Kennedy Health Insurance Bill of Rights1997
9McGann Insurance Issue (and Others)1992–1993
9Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program1997
9Minnesota AIDS Project1996
9New York Insurance Law (Gay Men's Health Crisis)1984–1993
9Non–Group Insurance Proposalca. 1998
9Off–Label, Drug Advisory Panel1993–1997
9Overheads for Medicaid Expansion (photocopies)n.d.
9Policy Guidelines for Managing AIDS and HIV Infection in Social Work Agencies, EAP, and Social Work Educational Settings1989
9Prescriptions, Off–label1991–1996
9Protease Inhibitors (2 folders)n.d., 1995–1998
9Public Assistance Programs (2 folders)n.d., 1988, 1992
10Research on HIV Testing and Insurance Companies1988–1990
10Social Security, Disability1991–1996
10State Insurance Reformn.d., 1996
10Federal/State/City Legislation (6 folders)1975, 1988–1998
10Legal Research: AIDS Dementian.d., 1995
10Legal Research: Business Operations on Sunday (RE: Boomerangs)n.d., 1995–1997
10Massachusetts AIDS Policy Task Force 1999–2000: Legislative Agenda2000
10Massachusetts Legislation and Legislative Lists1993
10Massachusetts Legislative Update1993
10“Statehouse Watch”1993
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3. Communications, 1983–1999 (bulk dates, 1987–1994)
Volume:7.0 cubic ft.
Arrangement: Alphabetically organized into 4 subseries: A) Issues; B) AIDS Action Committee Publications; C) Public Relations and D) Media

This series contains a wide variety of publicity–related material, such as press releases and newspaper clippings documenting the AIDS Action Committee's activities, and material on their print and media campaign using the Norman Rockwell painting "The Facts of Life." Also included are brochures providing information on AIDS and describing available AIDS Action Committee services; Spanish language versions of some of these brochures are included. (Brochures describing AIDS Action Committee's programs remain with the series for the relevant function.)

The series also contains posters providing AIDS and safer sex information, and announcing AIDS Action Committee events. It includes the controversial posters from their MBTA condom campaign and a two part volume entitled “AIDS Action Committee vs. T” consisting of newspaper clippings and news releases documenting the controversy. Also included are video and audio tapes of AIDS Action Committee public service announcements, conferences, educational material, and news spots. In addition, the series includes an issues file, containing material on topics such as the AIDS Action Committee's conflict with the National AIDS Brigade over the From all Walks of Life AIDS walk. (Please refer to Series 1 for issues such as the Safer Sex Brochure controversy, and refer to Series 1 and 5 for additional material on Pastoral Concerns.) Brand redesign materials are found in the public relations section of series 3. Finally, the series contains partial runs of several AIDS Action Committee newsletters. Newsletters for specific programs (such as the Client Services Buddy Program's newsletter SST Express) can be found in the appropriate series.

A. Issues
Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Ad Controversy
41News and Judicial Coverage1992–1994
41AIDS Action Committee vs. T (2 folders)1992–1994
National AIDS Brigade
10AIDS Action Committee Press Contactsn.d., 1995
10, 41AIDS Walk 1994 (2 folders)1993–1994
10Clippings (2 folders)1985–1995
10Evidence/Affidavitsn.d., 1993–1996
10Jail to Yalen.d.
10Legal Documents1990–1993
10Letter to AIDS Action Committee Volunteers/Clients1993
10National AIDS Brigade Literaturen.d., 1988–1993
10Needle Exchange Timelinen.d.
10Press Releases: AIDS Walk Controversyn.d., 1993
Pastoral Concerns
10Bishops/Cardinalsn.d., 1986–1988
10Pastoral Care: Generaln.d., 1983–1989
10Pilot Newspaper: Editorial Controversyn.d., 1987
10Priests with AIDSn.d., 1987–1988
B. AIDS Action Committee Publications
10–11,41Brochures and Flyers (78 folders)n.d., 1983–1996
41“AAC Initiates Family Services Program”1991 Apr
11“AAC Lifelines”1984–1985
41“AIDS Action Committee Recognition Awards”1994
11“AIDS Action Partnership Program”1988 Jan
41“AIDS and Addiction The Twin Epidemics”1991
41“Boomerangs Opens: Let The Shopping Begin”1996
41“Buddies for Life”1996
41“Condom Sense”1992
41“Fighting for Their Lives”1993
41“From All Walks of Life”1986–1992
41“From All Walks of Life '91 Grant Recipients Announced”1991 Mar
41“Let's Dance! Third AIDS Dance–A–Thon to Rock Hynes Convention Center on November 9” 1991
42“MBTA Flip–Flops on Condom Ads”1992
11“No Name News”1989
42“No Place to Call Home”1993
42“Speaking Out … For Themselves and Others”1992
42“The Massachusetts Death Penalty”1993
11“Thousand Team Monthly”1989–1991
42“Time to Act!”1991 Dec
11“Update” Includes Charter (10 folders)n.d., 1985–1997
11“We Need Your Help” Solicitationn.d.
11“World AIDS Day”1993
C. Public Relations
42“A Salute to Our Troops”n.d.
42“A Renewed Call to Action”n.d.
11AIDS Action Committee Birthday and Holiday Cardsn.d.
42AIDS Action Committee March on Washington1993
42Boston Globe: David E. Martin Obituary Controversy 1992
42Boston University: College of Communication Survey1992–1993
42Brand Redesign1992–1993
11Buttonsn.d., 1986–1991
11“Changing Directions” : Resource Guide1999
45K.H. McConville: Film Proposaln.d.
11“On the Front Line: Larry Kessler and the AIDS Action Committee,” Boston Globe Magazine Article1987
11Publications of Other Health Organizations distributed by AIDS Action Committeen.d., 1983–1985
42“Ten Years Ago Today”1991 Aug
11“There's No One Else I Can Talk To,” Boston Globe Magazine Article1991
11Video Listn.d.
11“We're Helping People Live Till They Die,” Boston Globe Magazine Article1985
11–12, 42Newspaper Clippings (18 folders)n.d., 1983–1996
Posters and Banners
40Dance–a–thon Banner with Signaturesn.d.
FF4/D1–2Events and Publicity Posters (10 folders)n.d., 1983–1995
Above FF4Vinyl Pride Bannern.d.
Press Releases and Public Service Announcements
42A Community Responds Documentary: Letter1995
13Ads for AIDS Testingn.d., 1989–1990
13Advertising – Public Service Adsn.d., 1989–1991
42Billboard Campaign Promotes Condoms1992
13Brochure on Drug Addiction and AIDSn.d.
13Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Prevention Marketing Initiative1993–1994
13Centers for Disease Control Sock Adn.d., 1991–1992
13“Checkpoint” TV Newspot1987
13ClarkeGowardFitts Ad Campaign: Norman Rockwell Ad1986–1987
13Fact Sheets (2 folders)n.d., 1995
42First TV Ads Aimed at Men1993
13Marketing Project Teamn.d., 1988
13Media Campaigns1994
13Momentum: AIDS Action Committee Campaign Needsn.d.
13,42Press Releases (2 folders)n.d., 1988–1995
13Public Service Announcementsn.d., 1988–1993
13Publicity regarding Northeastern University Archives' Preservation of the AIDS Action Committee Records1996
42Statewide Prevention Campaign for Gay Men1995
13Subway Adsn.d., 1991–1993
D. Media
Audio Tapes
14AIDS Action Committee: “And it takes all kinds”1987
14AIDS Action Committee HIV Testing Forum1989
14AIDS Action Committee PSA: 1. “Version 1 Water” and 2. “Version 2 Music”1986
14AIDS Action Committee Testing Forum1989
14“Conference Update Louise”1991
14Legal – “Administrator” Robert Greenwald, Paula Kaminon.d.
14Louise's Italy Presentationn.d.
14PSA #1: AIDS–Radio “English Version”1987
14PSA #3: AIDS–Radio “English Version”1987
15ClarkeGowardFitts “AIDS PSA” Outtakes (35 mm)n.d.
15–16Film Reels (35 mm) (7 reels)n.d., 1987
Videotapes (VHS)
15AIDS Action Committee: DM Doing AIDS Ed to HHA1989
15AIDS Action Committee: “Protect Your Lover,” “Mother with Condom” (2 copies)1991
15AIDS Action Committee Public Service Announcements1987
15AIDS Action Committee Training: Active Listeningn.d.
15AIDS Awareness Training: Connie F., Scott C., and Connie A.1991
15AIDS: Dennis James1985
16AIDS Lectures: Winter Hill School (8th grade), Nick DuPont1989
16AIDS Lifeline (3 copies)1987
16AIDS Public Service Announcement: “Dedicated to the One I Love”1989
17AIDS: Youth in Danger (2 copies)n.d.
16Boston University AHEC Health Net “AIDS” Ann Marie Silvia1986
17Chronicle: Against the Odds (Jim Armistead)1989
17A Community Responds: The AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts (2 copies)n.d.
17Condom Ads with AIDS Action Committee Tagn.d.
17From All Walks of Life1986
17From All Walks of Life1987
17From All Walks of Life (2 copies)1988
17From All Walks of Life '901989
17From All Walks of Life '911991
17From All Walks of Life '941994
17[From All Walks of Life] AIDS Walk Boston: “Why We Walk” (2 copies)1997
17Haitians Health Care and AIDS: METE PYE–W LAN DLO “Put Your Feet in Water” (2 copies)n.d.
17Harm Reduction in the 90sn.d.
17Harold Dufourn.d.
17Hat Rap: A Safer Sex Music Video (2 copies)1992
17Maggie, Inc.: “Boston Against AIDS”1985
17Overcoming Irrational Fears of AIDS & From All Walksn.d.
17People Are Talking: AIDS Action Committee Staffn.d.
17People Are Talking: Buddy Program1987
17The Reality of AIDS: Speakers from AIDS Action Committee: Heidi, Health Educator and Dan, Person with AIDS1990
17Respite Workers Dimock St. Scott Chase1991
17Safe Company: AIDS Public Service Announcements (2 copies)n.d.
17Safe Company: Public Service Announcement: “DRESS”n.d.
17Safe Company: Public Service Announcement: “TANGO”n.d.
1720/20 AIDS Benefit Metro1985
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4. Administration and Human Resources, 1984–1998 (bulk dates, 1986–1991)
Volume:1.5 cubic ft.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Summary: This series contains administrative files, including job descriptions, correspondence, employee manuals, and handbooks, and the AIDS Action Committee's sexual harassment policies. Also included are financial files, such as budget planning materials. (For grant records, please refer to Series 6, Development.) The series also documents the AIDS Action Committee's move to 131 Clarendon Street and office space planning at the Boylston Street and Clarendon Street locations; the leases for different locations are included as are floor plans and minutes of space planning committee meetings. Material on the AIDS Action Committee's subsequent reorganizations and rearrangements of office space, volunteer manuals and training materials, and AIDS Action Committee newsletters for volunteers are also included.
18Administration and Human Resources Department: Brochure of Services1992
18Administrative Assistants: Issues1988–1989
42Connie Fitzgerald, Board Member: Obituary1993
18Contract: Larry Killian1985
18Correspondence (2 folders)n.d., 1986–1989
18Employee Personnel Policies and Procedures manualn.d.
18“FYI Newsletter”1996
12Health Insurance Surveysn.d.
18Hiring Manager's Information1990–1992
18Human Resources: Policiesn.d., 1991–1992
18Job Descriptionsn.d., 1986–1989
42Joseph F. McAllester: Dedication1993
18Marketing Project Team Meeting Minutes1988
18Nuts and Joltz (2 folders)n.d., 1988–1989
18Performance Evaluation Materialn.d.
18Personnel Informationn.d., 1987–1988
18Radio Announcementn.d.
18Resource Developmentn.d., 1987
18Salary Administration Policiesn.d., 1987–1988
18Sexual Harassment Policies1992
18Staff Compensation System1994
18Staff Handbookn.d.
42Thomas McNaught: Resume and Promotion Lettern.d.,1992
18Audit: Correspondencen.d., 1988
18Budgets and Supporting Material (12 folders)n.d., 1983–1998
18Cash Flow1989
18Chart of Accounts1987–1988
18Finance Committee (2 folders)n.d., 1983–1987
18Financial Policies1986–1989
18Financial Reports (2 folders)1986–1987
18Financial Statements and Accompanying Schedule1986–1988
18Internal Accounting Control1987
18Internal Revenue Service1986
18Public Charities Forms1984–1987
18Restricted Funds Report: Fiscal Year 19891988
18Tax Exemptions: Federal and State (2 folders)1986
18Uniform Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report (2 folders)1990–1991
Office Services
18Construction Meeting Minutes1988
18Contract: BBK Advertising/Public Relations, RE: Publicity for Move to Clarendon Street1988
18Correspondence: Facilities Manager1987–1989
19Floor Plansn.d.
19Lease: 131 Clarendon Street1988
19Lease: 661 Boylston Street1985–1987
19Meeting Notes: 131 Clarendon Street1988
19Office/Staffing Reorganizationn.d., 1989
19Organizational Space Issues1990
19Potential Furniture Donors1988
19Proposed Reconfiguration of Development Department Workspacen.d., 1989
19Space Planning (6 folders)n.d., 1986–1991
Volunteer Resources
42Call for Volunteers1993
19Facts about Tuberculosis: Volunteer Informationn.d.
19Information for Volunteers (2 folders)1993–1994
19Knowing Ourselves, Knowing Others: A Weekend Workshop for AIDS Action Committee Volunteersn.d.
19Office Services Volunteer Evaluation Formn.d.
19Switchboard and Front Desk (Volunteer) Manual (2 folders)n.d.
19“Volunteer Calendar Newsletter” (4 folders)1988–1994
19“Volunteer Connection Newsletter”1995–1996
19“Volunteer” Newsletter1995
19Volunteer Information (2 folders)n.d., 1988–1989
19Volunteer Projects and Programs at the AIDS Action Committeen.d.
19Volunteer Resources1988–1989
19Volunteer Training Materialsn.d., 1991
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5. Client Services, 1979–2006 (bulk dates, 1987–1994)
Volume:6.0 cubic ft.
Arrangement: Alphabetical

This series documents the AIDS Action Committee's Client Services programs and includes meeting minutes, monthly and quarterly reports, training and procedure manuals, and the Buddy Program's newsletter. The Wellness/Nutrition Works material includes a packet of "Wonder Drug" which was submitted to AIDS Action Committee as a possible cure for AIDS (Box 23).

The series contains issues of additional AIDS Action Committee newsletters, such as Wellspring, which provides health and nutrition information. Also included are correspondence and job descriptions, department meeting minutes and fiscal year reports, and a description of the department's programs. In addition, the series contains subject files dealing with issues such as health care.

Many of Client Services' programs, such as the Housing Program and Financial and Legal Advocacy, were supported by grants; related material can be found in Series 6, Development. Additional material on Pastoral Concerns can be found in Series 1, Governance, and Series 3, Communications.

A. General
19Adult Foster Caren.d., 1986–1988
42AD Club: Teens AIDS Hotline1992–1993
19All Kinds of Families Alliance (AKOFA)n.d., 1988–1990
19American Jewish Congress/Combined Jewish Philanthropiesn.d., 1989
19Audits: Client Privacy1997
19Boston College: AIDS 89: The Social Work Response Conferencen.d., 1988–1989
19Boston College Graduate School of Social Work: Field Instruction Program (2 folders)n.d., 1988–1991
19Boston University School of Social Work: Field Education Department (3 folders)1987–1992
19Burroughs Wellcome Wellness Programn.d., 1989–1992
19Case Management (3 folders)n.d., 1984–1992
19Centers for Disease Control Weekly Surveillance Reports1986
19Chronic Care, Hospital Placementn.d., 1983–1989
19Client Data Collectionn.d., 1987–1988
19Client Eligibility Projectn.d., 1997–1998
20Client Holiday Party1993–1994
20Client Rightsn.d.
20, 42Client Services Brochures: Drafts, etc. and Flyer (2 folders)n.d., 1989–1996
20Client Services Budget (3 folders)1995–1996
20Client Services Fiscal Year Reports (3 folders)1989–1997
20Client Services: General (3 folders)n.d., 1983–1993
20Client Services Handbook (2 folders)1993–1994
20Client Services Organizational Chart1991
20Client Services Profile Report: Community Market Analyses for AIDS Service Delivery1988
20Client Services Retreatn.d., 1991–1992
20Client Services Staff Support Groupsn.d., 1989
20Client Services Statistics (3 folders)1986–1992
20Client Services Voice Mail/Leave Policies1994
20Client Services Volunteer Brochuren.d.
20Client Services Volunteer Program/Volunteer Appreciationn.d., 1992–1994
20Client Services Work Space (2 folders)n.d., 1990–1994
20Client Services: A Year in Review, Fiscal Year 87 Report1987
20Clinical Social Work Conference: Closing the Clinical Gap, Helping Elders and Caregivers Obtain Psychosocial Support in the Communityn.d., 1988
20Come Out/Get Testedn.d.
20Community Service Planning Department (3 folders)n.d., 1988–1989
20Coordinator's Meeting Minutes1995–1998
20Correspondencen.d., 1988–1998
20Customer Service Focus Group1998–1999
20Department and Program Goals for Fiscal Year 19971996
20Drug Task Force and Support Group1986
20ECHO Case Management/Client Information Systemn.d., 1989–1990
20Financial Reports1990–1991
20First Interview Notes: Advocates and Coordinatorsn.d.
20Food Bank for People with AIDSn.d.
20For the Health of It Workshop1989
20Haitian Outreachn.d., 1991
20The HIV Epidemic: It's Everybody's Business1990
42Hill Holliday: Motivating Engagement, Participation and Support2004
20HIV+ Workbook (2 folders)1992–1994
21Homecare Needsn.d., 1988–1989
21Hospice Committee Listn.d.
21Inservice: Workshop Announcementsn.d.
21Internal Referrals to Client Services programsn.d.
21Intravenous Drug Users (IVDU) Planning Group Meeting)1989
21Jeff Barmeyer Memorial1989
21Job Descriptionsn.d., 1988–1994
21Joy Street: Residence Pamphlet and Brochuren.d.
21Lend a Hand1988–1989
21Living with AIDS: Community Service Needs Among Disabled and Non–disabled Person with AIDS and AIDS Related Syndrome (ARC)n.d.
21Malpractice/Liability: Coverage for Volunteers1989
21Managers Material, RE: Staff Burnoutn.d., 1994
21Massachusetts AIDS Resources (Partial Listing)n.d.
21Massachusetts Council on Homemakers: AIDS Task Forcen.d., 1989
21Meeting Minutes1986, 1988
21Minorities: Outreachn.d., 1982, 1988–1989
21Monday Night Dinner: Boston People With AIDS (BPWA) Coalition1990–1993
21Monthly and Quarterly Reports1986–1991
21My Friend Bob1990
21Natural Support Systems Team Preliminary Report1989
21“Networking, Empowering, and Educating: HIV Consumers, Providers, and Funders: Bridging the Gap”1994
21North Shore Beverly Hospital1988
21Nurses Task Force1985–1987
21Quincy AIDS Consortiumn.d., 1988–1990
21Planning Meetings1988–1989
21Policy for Client Mailings1988
21Psychosocial Needs of AIDS Patientsn.d.
42Public Opinion Poll on Condoms in Public Schools1992–1993
21Resource Manual Material: Dentists, Rough Draft1990
21Spanish Formsn.d.
21Strategic Planning Material: Strategic Planning Workgroup1992
21Subcommittee Reports and Meeting Minutes1989
21Wellspring Editorial Board1991
21Wellspring Materialsn.d., 1989
B. Newsletters
21“For Your Information” (2 folders)1986–1988
FF4/D2PWA Coalition Newsletters1987, 1993
21“PWA” Updaten.d., 1984
21, 42Wellspring (8 folders)1988–1996
C. Programs
21Access/Advocacy Program (7 folders)n.d., 1987–1991
21–22Basic Services (11 folders)n.d., 1985–1991
22Buddy Program/Support Services Team (6 folders)n.d., 1985–1989
22Community Lunches2005–2006
22Financial and Legal Advocacy/Services (23 folders)n.d., 1986–1999
22Housing/Residence (6 folders)n.d., 1983–1990
22Mental Health (4 folders)n.d., 1979–1991
22Pastoral Concerns (2 folders)n.d., 1984–1989
22Respite Program (2 folders)n.d., 1989–1992
22Support Groups (4 folders)n.d., 1988–1989
22–23Wellness/Nutrition Works (8 folders)n.d., 1985–1989
D. Subject Files
23AIDS and the Deaf Communityn.d.
23AIDS Preventionn.d., 1988
23AIDS Project, LAn.d., 1988
23AIDS Publications Directoryn.d.
23AIDS Statistics (4 folders)n.d., 1988–1992
23AIDS Support Groups: Canton Meetingsn.d., 1989
23Aging and AIDS1988
23American Hospital Association1987–1988
23Boston Pediatric AIDS Project1991
23City Year Application and Informationn.d., 1989
23Department of Health and Hospitals: Master Plan for Mattapan and Long Islandn.d., 1988–1990
23Existing Adult Day Caren.d., 1988–1989
23Fiscal/Cost Issues: Policy/Healthn.d., 1986–1988
23Guidelines for Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals on HIV Testing, Counseling, and Early Treatment, Issues by Massachusetts Department of Public Health1990
23HIV and Disability Networkn.d., 1990
23Health Issuesn.d., 1986–1988
23Hospicen.d., 1987–1990
23Immigration and AIDS Task Force1988
23IV Drug Use: Issues and Information (2 folders)n.d., 1988–1989
23Knowing my Neighbor: Religious Beliefs and Cultural Traditions at Times of Illness and Death1995
23Language Brochures by Other AIDS Service Providersn.d., 1989
23Legislative Issues (3 folders)n.d., 1986–1992
23–24Long Term Care (8 folders)n.d., 1986–1992
24Massachusetts Rehabilitation Homemaking Programn.d., 1988
24Medicaid (5 folders)n.d., 1987–1992
24Medical Care Advisory Committee (2 folders)n.d., 1989–1992
24Museum of Science Community Advisory Committee1992–1995
24Names Project1988–1989
24New England AIDS Organizations1988–1989
24New York AIDS Information1989
24Newspaper Clippingsn.d., 1988
24Newsletters, Other AIDS Service Providers1989
24North Suffolk Mental Health Association: Personnel Policies and Procedures Manualn.d.
24“Partners in Action” Newsletter1991
24Pediatric AIDS/Adolescentsn.d., 1988–1990
24Positive Directions News1989
24Public Healthn.d., 1992
24People With AIDS (PWA) Coalition1989–1990
24Quilt Projectsn.d., 1989
24Reimbursement/Resources for Home Caren.d., 1987–1988
24Reimbursement Task Forcen.d., 1988–1989
24Resources: Miscellaneousn.d., 1988–1992
24Standards: Case Managementn.d., 1995–1998
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6. Development, 1977–1998 (bulk dates, 1987–1994)
Volume:10.15 cubic ft.
Arrangement: Alphabetically organized into 4 subseries: A) General; B) Events; C) Grants; and D) Donations

This series documents fund raising and promotional events. These include the AIDS walk (From all Walks of Life), the ARTcetera art auction, and the AID & Comfort benefit banquet and concert. The series also documents events such as the Aim for the Heart Radiothon and benefit performances by Whitney Houston and other performers. Materials include correspondence, newspaper clippings on events, events' programs, and other planning and financial materials. Additionally, there is an AIDS Pledge Walk 1996 Messenger Bag. The ARTcetera material also includes photographs of the first ARTcetera auction (Box 25), and slides from the 1990 auction (Box 28). The documentation of the 1988 and 1990 auctions is especially detailed (Boxes 25–28). In addition, the series contains administrative materials, such as correspondence and meeting minutes, and an employee's manual for the AIDS Action Committee's resale store, Boomerangs.

This series also documents the Development Department's involvement in applying for and administering grants to support the AIDS Action Committee's programs. Many of these grants support Education and Client Services programs, and additional grant–related material can be found in those series.

A. General
25AIDS Programs funded by the Department of Public Health, Department of Health and Hospitals, AIDS Action Committee and MAC1989
25, 42Boomerangs Resale Store (4 folders)1996–1998
42City Funding Cuts1991–1993
25Contract Managementn.d., 1990–1993
25Development Action Plan for Fiscal Year 1989, Second Half1989
25Events and Campaigns Reports1990
25Fiscal Year 1990 Planning Process1989
25Meeting Minutes1989
25The Next Decaden.d.
25Responding to Requests for Grant Information1986
25Secretary of State Annual Report1991
25Speaking Presentations for Fiscal Year 19901990
25Survey: Living with AIDS, Community Service Needs Among Disabled and Non–Disabled Persons with AIDS or AIDS Related Syndrome (ARC)1989
B. Events
25Academy Awards Night (17 folders)1990–1992
25AID and Comfort (5 folders)1988
25AIDS: Everyone's Concern, Fact vs. Fictionn.d.
25AIDS 101: AIDS Action Committee Presentation1984
44AIDS Pledge Walk: Messenger Bag1996
25AIDS Update Event1984
25Aim for the Heart (Radiothon with WZLX) (12 folders)n.d., 1987–1991
25–28ARTcetera (44 folders)1985–1998
28Bayard Rustin 7th Annual Community Breakfast1996
45Be An Ace Benefitn.d.
28Boston Against AIDS (4 folders)1985–1988
28Boston Dancers Uniten.d.
28Boston Remembers1998
28Boy Meets Boy Fund Raiser1985
28Bridges (4 folders)1986–1988, 1996
28Buddies Film (2 folders)n.d.
28Christmas Auction (16 folders)1985–1991
28Clergy Walk (8 folders)1988–1993
28Community Recognition Awards (Formerly Massachusetts Recognition Awards)1994
28Dance Benefit1986
28Dance–a–thon: Care to Dance?1995
28Dancing in Time (3 folders)1989–1992
28David Josef Show1987
28Dionne Warwick and Burt Bachrach Benefit1987
28Dionne Warwick, Anita Baker, Whitney Huston Benefitsn.d.
28Drags, Dicks and Dykes 4 Lifen.d.
28Dynasty Ball (5 folders)n.d., 1986–1987
28Emmanuel Music, Mozart's Birthday Concert (3 folders)1989–1991
28Emmanuel Music, The Magic Flute1991
28Everybody's Business: The Balance of Life, AIDS Action Committee Benefit1998
28Festival of Light: Harvard/Radcliffe Benefit Event1986
28Fighting for Our Lives Conference1984
28–29From All Walks of Life: AIDS Walk (27 folders)n.d., 1986–1998
29Gay and Lesbian Alliance Holiday Ball: AIDS Action Committee Benefitn.d.
29Golden Gull Awardsn.d.
29Haymarket/Sam Harrisn.d.
29Heartstrings (4 folders)1989–1992
29Hike for Life: AIDS Action Committee Benefitn.d.
29Immediaid (3 folders)1987–1988
29International AIDS Day/Week1987
29An Italian Wedding/Vinnie and Vita's Wedding1989
29Leather and Lace (3 folders)1988–1990
29Let's Twist Again1987
29Lily Tomlinn.d.
29A Little Sondheim Music1988
29Longy School: Benjamin and the Britons1987
29Love and Intimacy in the AIDS Yearsn.d.
29Love Will Keep Us Together1993
29Mass Recognition Awards (3 folders)1989–1993
29Mixed Messages Community Forumn.d.
29Names Project1988
29National AIDS Vigiln.d.
29Northern Italian Spring Feast1992
29Northern Lights AIDS Mastery Workshop1990
29Pride Dance (7 folders)n.d., 1988–1991
29Pride Day (2 folders)1990–1991
30Project Togetherness1988
30Provincetown Hat Party (2 folders)1990–1992
30Provincetown Return of the Hat Party1991
30Rhythms of Hope1988
30Rock the Block Dance Benefitn.d.
30Seth Kimmelman Music Benefit1986
30Special Appreciation Cruise1987
30Spinoff/AIDS Action Committee Halloween Party1983
30Summer Fun Benefitn.d.
30A Tropical Evening1988
30Warren: Program and Production Agreement1986
30Whitney Houston: Live on the Common1986
30A Winter Evening1988
C. Grants
30–34Client Services (153 folders)n.d., 1977–1996
34–35Client Services/Education (19 folders)1986–1992
35–36Education (43 folders)n.d., 1984–1993
36Executive Director (2 folders)1984–1985
36General (11 folders)1983–1991
D. Donations
36Correspondence: Donations, Grants1984–1989
36Correspondence: Fund Raising1989
36Donations Committee1987
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7. Education, 1982–2007 (bulk dates, 1987–1991)
Volume:1.85 cubic ft.
Arrangement: Alphabetically organized into 2 subseries: A) General and B) Programs
Summary: This series includes meeting notes, correspondence, and job descriptions. The series also contains partial runs of newsletters produced by the Education Department. Program files include material on the AIDS Hotline, including On the Line, the hotline's newsletter. (The AIDS Hotline was supported by grant funding, and some related material can be found in Series 6, Development.) Additional program files include AIDS Education at Work, and Safe Company. The Safe Company material includes a copy of the program for the 1992 Alliance Awards Dinner and drafts of the acceptance speech given by the AIDS Action Committee at that dinner (Box 39). Also included are copies of Hot Off the Streets 1 and 2, collections of explicit safer sex stories (Box 39)
A. General
36–37Administrative (5 folders)n.d., 1986–1991
37“AIDS Education” and “Four Letter Words: Is Explicit Language Necessary?” (AIDS Action Committee Paper)1987
37Articles (Non–AIDS Action Committee)n.d., 1985–1989
37Available AIDS Action Committee Educational Materialsn.d.
37Building Professional Skills to Work with AIDS Patients: A Comprehensive Education Program for Health Care Providers to Address All Aspects of AIDSn.d.
37Care of the HIV–Infected Patient: A Dental Perspective1990
37Caregiver's Manual1992
37City/State Discrimination Agenciesn.d., 1987
37Community Education Unit Meeting Minutes: Addendumn.d.
37Correspondence (3 folders)n.d., 1985–1989
37Department of Public Health: AIDS Action Committee Education Programn.d., 1987–1988
37Education Brochuresn.d.
37Education Department Budget Materialn.d., 1989–1990
37Education Project Management: NIMH Grant1989–1990
37Education Subcommittee: Brochures from Other AIDS Organizationsn.d., 1984
37Ephemera (Instructional Condom Wrappers)n.d.
37Evaluation of Educational Programs for Health Care Providers1985
37Forum Evaluations (2 folders)n.d.
37Forum Planning Materials1982–1985
37Health Care Provider Education and Resource Developmentn.d., 1989–1991
37How to set up an AIDS Education Program in your Schooln.d., 1990–1991
42In Our Own Words: Teens and AIDS Film flyers1995
37Job Descriptionsn.d., 1989
37Meeting Notesn.d., 1986–1990
37Monthly Reportsn.d., 1989
37No Down Payment!1995
37Planning and Professional Education Manager's Reportsn.d., 1989–1991
37Quality Assurance Proposal: Speaker's Bureau and AIDS Action Hotline1988
37Quarterly Reports1986–1989
37Resource Library News1989–1991
37Responding to AIDS: A Report on the Work of the Summer AIDS Project, The University of Massachusettsn.d.
37“SeXtra, the Oral Sex Issue” Premiere Issuen.d.
37“Speakers Bureau Newsletter”1990
37A Survey of AIDS–Related Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors among Gay and Bisexual Men in Greater Boston: A Report to Community Education, With Survey Results1991
37Survey of Gay and Bisexual Men and Men who have had Sex with Other Men in the Past Yearn.d.
37Talking with your Healthcare Provider1998
37Testimony of Director of Policy Education and Planning Department1989
37Voices (Speakers Bureau and Hotline Newsletter)1990
37YOLine (Youth Only Line) Newsletter1994, 1997
37YOLine Pamphletn.d.
B. Programs
37AIDS Action Hotline (11 folders)n.d., 1983–1990
37AIDS Curriculum: Learn and Liven.d.
37AIDS Education: School, Student Leadersn.d.
37–38AIDS Education at Work/AIDS in the Workplace (20 folders)n.d., 1986–1994
38HIV Prevention Art Contest: Letters to Boston Public Schools and High School Educators/Health Care Professionals, RE: “Don't Let AIDS Shatter Your Life” poster1999–2000
38HIV/AIDS Curriculum Survey: Health Educatorsn.d.
39The MALE Centern.d., 2007
39Mobile AIDS Resource Team (MART)n.d., 1984–1990
39ProVisions: New England Community Conference on HIV1990
39Safe Company (13 folders)n.d., 1989–1995
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