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Collection Overview
Title:Bromfield Street Educational Foundation records
Date:1963-2003 (bulk 1985-1993)
Location Code:65/2-4, 55/3, FF4/D1
Reference Code:M64
Extent:23.8 cubic ft. (44 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:The collection documents the activities of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation, a voice for the progressive gay community, both in Boston and nationally, between 1973 and 1999. The collection documents the publication of the Gay Community News, as well as the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's involvement in assisting gay and lesbian prisoners; sponsoring OutWrite, an annual conference for gay and lesbian writers; organizing Off-the-Page, a monthly reading series; and arranging the Queer Progressive Organizing School, a forum to organize the progressive voice in the gay community. Due to an office fire in 1982, substantial documentation pre-dating 1982 is lacking. Records include most issues of the Gay Community News, correspondence, subject files, administrative files, audio cassette tapes, and photographs.
Historical Abstract:The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation was originally established as the Gay Community News in 1973. Until the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation ceased operation in 1999 due to financial difficulties, the Gay Community News was one of the oldest, most progressive, national newspapers in the gay community. Eight Boston gays and lesbians started the newspaper in 1973 to create a community voice for gays and lesbians in the Boston area. In 1978, the Gay Community News became national in scope and distribution. The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation also sponsored other projects, including the Prisoners Project, an effort between 1975 and 1999 to support gays and lesbians in prison; OutWrite, an annual conference between 1990 and 1999 for gay and lesbian writers; Off-the-Page, a monthly reading series between 1993 and 1995 in Boston of gay and lesbian authors; and the Queer Progressive Organizing School, a forum in 1997 to organize progressive gay activists.
System of Arrangement:The collection is organized into five series: Series 1. Administrative Files, Series 2. Gay Community News, Series 3. OutWrite, Series 4. Prisoner Project, and Series 5. Photographs.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Bromfield Street Educational Foundation
  • Gay Community News
  • National Gay News
  • Queer Progressive Organizing School
  • OutWrite

  • Gay activists
  • Gay artists
  • Gay business enterprises -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Gay critics
  • Gay erotic art
  • Gay erotic literature
  • Gay journalists
  • Gay liberation movement -- Massachusetts -- Boston
  • Gay men -- Conduct of life
  • Gay men's writings
  • Gay men -- Legal status, laws, etc.
  • Gay newspapers
  • Gay press publications
  • Lesbians -- Conduct of life
  • Lesbians -- Legal status, laws, etc.
  • Lesbians' writings
  • Newspaper publishing
  • Prisoners -- Civil rights
  • Prisoners -- Sexual behavior

Conditions Governing Access:Personnel records (box 3, folder 25; and box 5, folders 38 and 44) are restricted for 75 years from their date of creation.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Stein Helmrich, October 2001; updated by Migyeong Geum, November 2012.

Scope and Content Note

The collection documents the activities of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation, a voice for the progressive gay community, both in Boston and nationally, between 1973 and 1999. The collection documents not only the publication of the Gay Community News, but also the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's involvement in assisting gay and lesbian prisoners; sponsoring OutWrite, an annual conference for gay and lesbian writers; organizing the Queer Progressive Organizing School; and arranging Off-the-Page, a series of readings by gay and lesbian authors. Due to an office fire in 1982, substantial documentation pre-dating 1982 is lacking. Records include most issues of the Gay Community News, correspondence, subject files, administrative files, audio cassette tapes, and photographs.

Historical Note

Between 1973 and 1999, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation of Boston was one of the oldest and most progressive voices in the gay community. The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation advocated for gay rights and promoted awareness of gay lifestyles, most significantly through the publication of the Gay Community News. The Gay Community News was widely known as the most liberal newspaper in the gay community and often dealt with controversial issues not covered by other publications. The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation also sponsored other projects, including the Prisoner Project, a means to assist gays and lesbians in prison; OutWrite, an annual conference of gay and lesbian writers; the Queer Progressive Organizing School, an attempt to better organize the progressive gay community; and Off-the-Page, a series of readings by gay and lesbian writers.

The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation was originally established as the Gay Community News in 1973. From the Charles Street Meeting House, the first edition of Gay Community News was published on June 17, 1973. The paper was founded by a group of eight Boston gays and lesbians who were looking for a better way to communicate with the local gay community. In less than a year, Gay Community News developed from a two-page mimeograph to an eight-page, tabloid-style newsprint, and moved its office to 22 Bromfield Street. On March 8, 1975, two major changes were made to the paper. First, the newspaper was printed in color. Second, the distribution of Gay Community News expanded, and it became a regional voice for the gay community in the Northeast. In the summer of 1978, the membership of Gay Community News voted to become a national newspaper in both its focus and distribution.

The Prisoner Project began in 1975, as a result of the efforts of staff member Mike Riegle, who responded to letters sent by prisoners to Gay Community News and gave them free subscriptions. The project soon expanded, with the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation F sending prisoners books, providing legal reference, and receiving and publishing letters and writings about homophobia, sexism, and racism in prisons. In 1977, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation and the National Gay Task Force successfully sued the federal prison system and won the right for prisoners to receive gay publications. Despite this verdict in 1980, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation spent subsequent years arguing on behalf of prisoners who were denied copies of the Gay Community News and other gay and lesbian publications. Beginning in 1981, a regular prisoners column was published in the Gay Community News.

In 1979, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation began a five-year battle to gain non-profit status from the IRS. The paper believed that it would not receive non-profit status until it had removed the word 'gay' from its business title. The Foundation changed its business name from the Gay Community News to the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation on July 1, 1982. On March 2, 1984, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation received non-profit status. The Foundation was organized with three decision-making bodies: the board of directors, the paid staff, and the membership, which consisted of the board, staff, and volunteers. On July 7, 1982, the office at 22 Bromfield Street was gutted by a fire. The fire was eventually linked to a string of arsons. On August 11, 1982, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation moved its operations to the fifth floor of 167 Tremont Street, after almost nine years at Bromfield Street. In 1983, the paper acquired its own typesetting machine and began printing the paper in-house. On June 17, 1983, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation celebrated its tenth birthday. The date was preceded by a year filled with events and benefits leading up to the birthday celebration.

By 1991, the Gay Community News was the oldest, continuously published, national gay newspaper. The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation was then operating with a paid staff of ten and publishing the paper in a 20-page format. Despite its popularity, the Gay Community News continuously experienced financial difficulties. On July 3, 1992, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation ceased publication to restructure the organization. As part of the reorganization, the position of foundation director was established, and each of the Foundation's projects was assigned separate personnel with distinct responsibilities. The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation also formulated a new goal to publish the Gay Community News bimonthly as a 28 to 32-page tabloid. In April 1993, a pilot of the new edition was distributed at the Gay Pride March on Washington.

In the 1990s, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation became involved in OutWrite, an annual conference that offered lectures and workshops for gay and lesbian writers and non-writers. It promoted the writings of gays and lesbians, and encouraged other gays and lesbians to write. The first two conferences in 1990 and 1991 were sponsored by OUT/LOOK magazine in San Francisco. In 1992, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation became a co-sponsor with OUT/LOOK. After OUT/LOOK went out of business, the Foundation became the sole sponsor and held the 1993 OutWrite in Boston. When they moved the conference from fall to spring, the fifth annual OutWrite did not take place until 1995. In 1997, OutWrite was cancelled when the scheduled hotel backed out of its agreement. To make up for the cancellation, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation held OutWrite Lite '97, a one-day, regional conference in the fall. OutWrite resumed in 1998 and 1999.

Beginning in the mid-1990s, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation sponsored Off-the-Page, a semi-monthly reading and writing series. They invited gay and lesbian writers to Boston to give readings of their works at local restaurants. The readings were free and open to the public. Believing that the queer movement had become too conservative, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation organized the Queer Progressive Organizing School in order to create a more organized, progressive queer voice. The school took place on July 4-6, 1997 at the Craigville Conference Center in Craigville, Massachusetts. It involved 30-35 grassroots activists from the greater Boston area.

In its last decade, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation moved repeatedly. In 1987, the group moved from their Tremont Street location to Berkeley Street. Five years later on June 30, 1992, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation moved again to 25 West Street. For financial reasons on September 1, 1995, they moved into the Boston Living Center at 29 Stanhope Street. In 1999, the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation ceased operations.

6/17/1973The first edition of the Gay Community News published on a two-page mimeograph sheet.
7/8/1973Gay Community News switches to a four-page, printed format.
10/20/1973Gay Community News becomes eight pages.
3/30/1974Gay Community News moves office to 22 Bromfield Street.
1-1974Gay Community News switches to newsprint and maintains a paid staff.
1975Mike Riegle begins the Prisoner Project.
3/8/1975Gay Community News adds color and expands commercial distribution.
Summer 1978Membership votes to become a national power.
7/10/1979Official business title becomes the National Gay News.
4/20/1982Bromfield Street Educational Foundation is organized under the authority of Massachusetts as a non-profit corporation.
7/1/1982Gay Community News changes its official business name to the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation for federal tax purposes.
7/71982Gay Community News offices at Bromfield Street are destroyed by fire.
8/11/1982Offices are moved to the fifth floor of 167 Tremont Street.
6/17/1983The paper celebrates its tenth birthday.
3/2/1984Bromfield Street Educational Foundation receives tax-exempt status as a non-profit organization from the IRS.
11/17/1986The Commonwealth of Massachusetts dissolves the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's charter for failing to file annual reports.
10/21/1986The Commonwealth of Massachusetts revives Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's charter.
1991Bromfield Street Educational Foundation expands to a 20-page format with a staff of ten paid employees.
6/30/1992Bromfield Street Educational Foundation moves its offices to 25 West Street.
7/3/1992Bromfield Street Educational Foundation temporarily suspends publication of Gay Community News to restructure its administration, with the goal of publishing a bimonthly paper.
Fall 1992Bromfield Street Educational Foundation co-sponsors the OutWrite Conference in San Francisco with Out/Look magazine.
4/1993Gay Community news publishes a pilot issue in its new format for the Gay Pride March on Washington.
Fall 1993Bromfield Street Educational Foundation becomes the sole sponsor of the OutWrite Conference and moves it to Boston.
9/1/1995Bromfield Street Educational Foundation moves into the Boston Living Center at 29 Stanhope Street.
7/1997Bromfield Street Educational Foundation sponsors the Queer Progressive Organizing School.
1999Last issue of Gay Community News is published.
Spring 1999Bromfield Street Educational Foundation sponsors the last OutWrite Conference.
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1. Administrative Files, 1976-1998 (bulk dates, 1984-1994)
Volume:5.5 cubic ft.
Summary:The Administrative Files series documents the everyday operation of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation and is organized alphabetically. Director's files constitute a major portion of the series. There is also significant documentation relating to the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's Board of Directors, finances, fund raising, grants, membership, Queer Progressive Organizing School, personnel, and reorganization. Researchers should note that although the organization legally changed its name to the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation in 1982, it did not begin to use the name in earnest for all operations until almost ten years later; therefore, documents between 1982 and 1992 use the names Bromfield Street Educational Foundation or Gay Community News interchangeably. Ann Holder, foundation Foundation Director from 1996 to 1998, generated the majority of the Director's Files. The Director's Files document many activities and contain the most recent information regarding the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation, including records relating to the Board of Directors, finances, fund raising, the Gay Community News, grants, Queer Progressive Organizing School, and personnel.

Records from the Board of Directors include meeting notes, correspondence, and a staff question notebook. Documentation of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's financial status and development efforts is extensive. Records relating to finances include annual budget reports, general ledger reports, and documentation of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's five-year battle with the IRS for non-profit status. Fund raising records include information about the Sustainers, members who donated the highest amounts of money annually. The Plans and Promotions files cover mailing drives, including subscription and donation requests, and ideas for fund raising. Grant files include proposals and correspondence with granting agencies.

Personnel records include job advertisements and descriptions, employee proposals, lists of interns and volunteers, staff evaluations, and personnel policies. Also included are records of the Hiring and Search Committee and the Personnel Committee. The series also contains documentation concerning the restructuring of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation, including records of the consultants and facilitators used, the Consultant Committee, and the transition team. Most of these records concern the major restructuring in 1993.

The records of Queer Progressive Organizing School are found in two separate areas of this series. The majority of the records, including applications, logistical information, advertisements, and correspondence, are found within the director's files. Eight audio cassettes are arranged separately. Also of note in this series are the records of the Off-the-Page reading series, the correspondence of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation, and the records of the AIDS Committee, the Anti-Racism Committee, the Development Committee, and a few promotional t-shirts.
1AIDS Committeen.d., 1988-1989
1Anti-Racism Committeen.d., 1984-1989
1Board of Directors (9 folders)n.d., 1976-1997
1Business Doing Business with Gaysn.d., 1983-1992
1Donor Bankn.d., 1986-1989
1General Informationn.d., 1984-1994
1PACRAT Software1989-1990
1Correspondence of Related Individualsn.d., 1983-1987
1Desktop Calendar Diaries (3 folders)1994-1996
1Development Committeen.d., 1993-1997
Director's Files
1Annual Report1997
1Board Correspondence and Notesn.d., 1996-1998
1Board Meetings1996-1998
1Board Restructuring1997
1Board Retreat1997
1Community Meeting1998
1Computersn.d., 1990, 1996-1997
1Development Committeen.d., 1993-1996
1Eviction Battle1997
1Finance (14 folders)n.d., 1984-1997
2Fund Raising (18 folders)n.d., 1983-1998
Gay Community News
2Advertising1990, 1996-1997
2Advertising Exchanges1990-1992
2Articles Submittedn.d., 1989, 1996-1998
2Award from the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights1989
2Distributionn.d., 1986-1992
2Distribution of Back Issues1991-1996
2Distribution Reports1989-1991
2Editorial Advisory Boardn.d., 1996
2Endorsementsn.d., 1989-1991
2Fairness Interview1995-1996
2Insert Agreements1990
2Mailing Lists: Coolidge Company1990-1992
2Mailing Lists: Exchanges1990
2National Ad Representativen.d., 1996
2National Advisory Boardn.d., 1996
2New Logo Ideasn.d.
2Readership Survey1989-1991
2Subject Files (9 folders)n.d., 1987-1998
2Subscription Exchangesn.d., 1991-1992
2Grant, Sarah: Correspondence1995-1996
2Grants: Diaries Internal Correspondence Notes1991-1998
3Grants: Individual Funds (22 folders)1984-1998
3Holder, Ann (9 folders)1996-1998
3LifeForce Workplan1997
3Organizational Informationn.d., 1992
3Lite 1997n.d., 1997
31998 (2 folders)n.d., 1996-1998
3Correspondence of Surina Khan1997
3Personnel (3 folders)n.d., 1985-1998
3Pierce, Laura: Correspondence and Notesn.d., 1991-1992
3Queer Progressive Organizing School1997
3Sponsored or Co-Sponsored Eventsn.d., 1997
3Staff Meetings1998
3Vaid, Urvashi: Correspondence and Notes1993-1994
3Files of Ann Holdern.d., 1997
3Files of Laura Piercen.d., 1991-1992
3Budget Numbers (21 folders)n.d., 1977-1997
4Correspondencen.d., 1984-1996
4Financial Advisory Group (FAG)n.d., 1989-1990
4Finance Committeen.d., 1988-1996
4Financial Meetings1982-1996
4General Notesn.d., 1984-1997
4General Ledger Reports (14 folders)1983-1991
4Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (9 folders)n.d., 1980-1995
4Massachusetts Department of Employment1984-1993
4Massachusetts Public Charities Annual Reports1979-1990
4Reports and Proposals1982-1987
4Statements by Sandberg and Gonzalez1987-1989
Fund Raising
4Benefit Events (2 folders)1978-1992
4Donor Correspondencen.d., 1984-1993
4Donor Listsn.d., 1990-1992
4General Promotions Informationn.d., 1988-1990
4Gay Community News House Party Kitn.d., 1991
4How to Articlesn.d., 1978-1991
4New York City Eventsn.d., 1991-1992
4Plans and Promotions (6 folders)n.d., 1978-1997
4Promotional Code Reports1989-1990
4Sustainers (4 folders)n.d., 1981-1992
4General Meeting Notesn.d., 1980-1993
4Correspondencen.d., 1979-1992
4General Informationn.d., 1982-1990
5Individual Funds (27 folders)n.d., 1978-1992
5Harassment (2 folders)n.d., 1982-1984
5List of Progressive Gays in the Community1991
5List of Staff, Volunteers and Othersn.d., 1984-1993
5Membership (4 folders)n.d., 1979-1995
5New York Bureaun.d., 1983
5Off-the-Pagen.d., 1993-1995
5Office Leases and Lease Information1982-1995
5Organizational Information (2 folders)n.d., 1979-1997
5Personnel (10 folders)n.d., 1979-1996
5Queer Progressive Organizing School1997
42Queer Progressive Organizing School: Audio Cassette Tapes (8 tapes)1997
5Restructuring of Organization (5 folders)n.d., 1986-1997
5San Francisco Task Network1981
5Telephone Service and Information1982-1985
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2. Gay Community News, 1970-2003 (bulk dates, 1980-1990)
Volume:10.3 cubic ft.
Arrangement:Organized into 2 subseries: A) Publishing Files and B) Gay Community News
Summary:The Gay Community News series documents the publishing of the newspaper. Subseries A documents the management, research, production, and distribution of the Gay Community News. The managing editor's notebooks contain notes on editions and board and membership meetings between 1982 and 1986. The subseries also includes are article proposals and correspondence about published articles. Advertising records include contracts for ads and correspondence regarding exchanging ads with other publications. Reports from the Ingram Corporation, one of the national distributors used by the Gay Community News, break down the distribution and sales. Subject files form the largest section of this subseries, spanning 1970-1996. They concern topics researched for Gay Community News articles and include notes, publications, interviews, and correspondence. This subseries also contains policies and proposals, outside endorsements and articles about the Gay Community News, and information relating to subscriptions.

Subseries B contains Gay Community News issues between 1973 and 1999. The collection is almost complete, with only a scattered few issues missing. Researchers should be aware that there are errors in the numbering of the paper that do not constitute missing issues.
A. Publishing Files
5, FF4/D1Advertising (5 folders)n.d., 1981-1995
6Articles about Gay Community News in other Publicationsn.d., 1984-1992, 2003
6Articles (6 folders)n.d., 1982-1991
6Bookstoresn.d., 1983-1992
6Desktop Publishingn.d., 1988-1991
6Gay Community News Index: Volumes 6-101978-1984
6Ingram Corporation (4 folders)n.d., 1985-1992
6Librariesn.d., 1977, 1989
6Mailing Lists (2 folders)1988-1991, 199?
6Managing Editors Notebook (3 folders)1982-1986
6Microfilmn.d., 1981-1989
6News Clippings: Gay Clips1984-1985
6News Clippings (7 folders)1983-1991, 1996?
6Paper Policiesn.d., 1988-1992
6Paper Proposalsn.d., 1986-1996
6Paper Related Correspondence1984-1994
6Products and Manuals1977-1979, 1984, 1990
6Quotes and Endorsementsn.d., 1987-1989
6Requests to Reprint1987-1995
7Staff Meetings: Secretary's Notebook (3 folders)1985-1991
Subject Files
71270 Boylstonn.d., 1986-1990
7Abortionn.d., 1989
7Abortion: Self-Help Manualsn.d., 1988
7ACT UP (8 folders)n.d., 1988-1990
7Affirmative Action1989
7AIDS Action Committeen.d., 1989-1992
7Clinical Trial and Information Service1989
7Federal Budget1989
7Files Index1988
7General Notesn.d., 1984-1989
7Isolation and Quarantine Issuesn.d., 1988
7List of Resourcesn.d., 1988
7News Clippingsn.d., 1985-1989
7Public Service Announcementsn.d., 1991
7American Federation of Teachers1990
7Americans with Disabilities Act1989-1990
7Anti-Violence Project1989
7Big Dan's Rape Case1983
7City Council Elections (3 folders)1985-1987
7General Information1984-1986
7Licensing Boardn.d., 1986
7Schools Committee1980-1987
7Boston Living Center1990
7Boston University1988-1990
7Boston YMCAn.d., 1983-1984
7Cambridge City Elections (3 folders)1981-1985
7Cambridge Civic Association1984
7Cambridge Licensing Boardn.d., 1985-1986
7Campaign Against Gay Rights Referendumn.d.
7Canada Censorship1985-1987
7Cardinal Law1990
7Censorshipn.d., 1990
7Chaps Barn.d., 1985
7Charlie Howard Murder1985
7Child Custodyn.d., 1979-1981
7Childrenn.d., 1985-1986
7Chronic Fatigue Syndrome1990
7College and Universitiesn.d., 1985-1990
7Collins v. Connoly and Barret1990
7Community Centersn.d.
7Connecticutn.d., 1988
7Committee of Outraged Lesbians (COOL)n.d.
8Cruising (3 folders)1979-1980
8Cry Outn.d., 1988
8Cuban.d., 1979-1981, 1985
8Dartmouth Universityn.d., 1984
8Dan White Case and Aftermathn.d., 1979-1984
8Dean v. Bowie1987
8Dinknins, David1990
8Domestic Partnership Laws1989-1990
8Duffy, Michaeln.d., 1985, 1991
8Dukakis, Mike1988
8Eastern European Gaysn.d., 1988
8Elections (2 folders)1986-1990
8Fantasy'sn.d., 1986-1987
8Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)n.d., 1980-1982
8Fenway Community Health Center1989-1995
8Florida AIDS Legal Defense and Education Fund1989
8Foster Caren.d., 1989-1990
8Frank Barneyn.d., 1980, 1989-1990
8Freeway Hall Case1989-1990
8Gay and Lesbian Association Political Action Committee (GALAPAC)n.d., 1989-1990
8Gay Black's Resource Listn.d., 1989
8Gay and Lesbian Counseling Servicesn.d.
8Gay Games1986-1987
8Gay Issues1979-1989
8Gay Political Candidatesn.d., 1980, 1989
8Gay Republicansn.d., 1991
8Gay Rights National Lobbyn.d., 1979-1982
8Gays in Ireland1990
8Girth and Mirth of New Englandn.d., 1989
8Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (G.L.A.D.)1979
8Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)1989-1990
8Goodchild and Canney v. Quonsett Restaurant Disco1979
8Govoni, Mark1984
8Green v. Capital Cities/ABC1986
8Harvard University1982-1990
8Hate Crimes1989
8Helms, Jesse1990
8Housingn.d., 1985-1987
8Human Rights Campaign Fundn.d., 1983-1990
8Human Rights Trust/Coorsn.d., 1987-1988
8International Lesbian Information Service (ILIS)1980-1990
8Illinois AIDS Testing Law1988
8Illinois Gay and Lesbian Task Forcen.d., 1990
8International Gay Association (2 folders)1979-1984
8International Gay News Agency1979
8International March and Conference1984
8International Women's Day1990
8Jacques Restaurantn.d., 1987
8Jewish Issuesn.d., 1989
8Lane v. Dukakis, Fair et al.1987
8Legislationn.d., 1985-1990
8Lesbian/Gay Health Awareness Dayn.d., 1984
8Lesbian/Gay in the Militaryn.d., 1989
8Lesbian/Gay Priden.d., 1970-1977, 1985-1990
8Lowell Murder Case1983-1985
9Macauley v. Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)n.d.
9Massachusetts Legislationn.d., 1984-1985
9McDonald, Stuart1989
9Median.d., 1979-1981, 1989
9Men of All Colors Together1988
9Montreal Murders1989
9Morales v. Texas1989
9Movies and Plays in the Newsn.d., 1980-1981
9North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)n.d., 1980-1990
9The Names Projectn.d., 1987-1990
9The National Coalition of Black Gaysn.d., 1981-1985
9National Gay and Lesbian Task Force1986-1995
9National Gay Rights Advocates1988-1989
9National Lesbian Conferencen.d., 1989-1991
9National March on Washingtonn.d., 1987
9Neo-Nazis in Seattlen.d., 1990
9New Alliance Partyn.d., 1988-1990
9News Notes of Ed Boycen.d., 1989-1990
9New York City Health Commissionern.d., 1990
9New York Directory of Lesbian and Gay Services1990
9Noble, Elainen.d., 1977-1980
9Northern Lambda Nord1983-1984
9N.O.W. (National Organization for Women) Boston1989
9Nudityn.d., 1986
9Outdoor Sex1985
9Palm Beach Gay Rights Lawsn.d., 1989-1990
9Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays1989
9Paz y Liberacionn.d., 1988-1990
9Pentagon Report1989
9People with Disabilitiesn.d., 1990
9Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Task Force1989
9Pornography Censorshipn.d., 1983-1986
9Prego v. New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation1990
9Prisonsn.d., 1989-1990
9Provincetownn.d., 1979-1980
9Rape in Allston/Brightonn.d., 1984-1985
9Religious Issuesn.d., 1989-1990
9Reproduction Rights1989-1990
9Rhode Island Gay Rights Bill1984-1985
9ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps)n.d., 1990
9Scondras, Davidn.d.
9Senior Action in a Gay Environment1989
9Sexuality Research1979-1980
9Shanti Projectn.d., 1989
9Shirk, Karen1984
9Silber, Johnn.d., 1988-1990
9Sodomy Laws1988-1990
9Somewhere Else1983-1984
9Sonenschein, David1984
9South Boston Information Centern.d., 1979-1985
9South End Violence1990
9Spence, Craig1989
9Stallings, Reverend George A.1989
9Stonewall Gay Democratic Club1982
9Stonewall Union1989
9Stuart Case1990
9Sudell v. Boston Police Department1980
9Supreme Courtn.d., 1989
9Television Showsn.d., 1980-1981
9Traditional Values Coalition1989-1990
9Umpierre-Herra, Dr. Luzman.d., 1987
9Underground Abortion Contactsn.d.
9Up and Out of Poverty Campaign1989
9Up to Poverty Level Campaign1986-1987
9Voter Registration1990
9Wallace, Terryn.d., 1983-1984
9Wells Maine High School Yearbook1981
9Wesleyan Universityn.d., 1987-1988
9White, Kevinn.d., 1980
9Williams, Reverend J. Robertn.d., 1990
9Winton, Judge Robert Cranen.d., 1983
9Women in Combat1990
9Women's Issuesn.d., 1979-1981
9Yale Universityn.d., 1989
9Youth Suicide1989-1990
10Subscriptions (5 folders)n.d., 1977-1992, 1999
10Typesettingn.d., 1982-1986
B. Gay Community News
15Volumes 1-2 (v.1 no.3 missing; v.1 no.50 is v.1 no.49; v.1 no.50-A is v.1 no.50; v.2 no.19 on 9/7 is v.2 no.11; v.2 no.12 on 9/21 is v.2 no.13; v.2 no.19-A is v.2 no.19)1973-1975
16Volume 3 (second issue of v.3 no.34 is v.3 no.35)1975-1976
17Volume 41976-1977
18Volume 51977-1978
19Volume 6 (v.6 no.6 missing; second issue of v.6 no. 28 is v. 6 no.29; second issue of v.6 no.38 is v.6 no.39; v.6 no.49 missing)1978-1979
20Volume 71979-1980
21Volume 81980-1981
22Volume 91981-1982
23Volume 10 (v.10 no.36 labeled v.1 no.1 of the Gyn/Communist News)1982-1983
24Volume 11 (second issue of v.11 no.2 is v.11 no.3)1983-1984
25Volume 121984-1985
26Volume 13 (first issue of v.13 no.31 is v.13 no.30)1985-1986
27Volume 14 (v.14 no.39 dated 2/15-21, is v.14 no.30)1986-1987
28Volume 151987-1988
29Volume 16 (v.16 no.34 and no.35 missing)1988-1989
30Volume 17 (second issue of v.17 no.31 is v.17 no.32)1989-1990
31Volume 18 (second issue of v.18 no.7 is v.18 no.8; second issue of v.18 no.33 is v.18 no.34; second issue of v.18 no.46 is v.18 no.47)1990-1991
32Volumes 19-24 (v.19 no.26 1/27-2/1 is v.19 no.27; v.21 no.1 missing; v.24 no.1 missing)1991-1999
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3. OutWrite, 1990-1999
Volume:4 cubic ft.
Arrangement:Organized into 2 subseries: A) Documents and B) Audio Cassette Tapes
Summary:The OutWrite series documents the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's involvement in the OutWrite Conferences, as well as the content of OutWrite's sessions and events. Subseries A contains the written records of the OutWrite Conferences. It includes planning documents, correspondence, and other logistical information. OUT/LOOK magazine sponsored the 1990 and 1991 OutWrite Conferences. The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation co-sponsored the conference in 1992 and assumed full control in 1993. OutWrite was not held in 1994 or 1997. Records from 1997 are for the failed conference and OutWrite Lite.

Subseries B contains audio cassette tapes of the conference sessions. The tapes are from the 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, and 1999 conferences. There is a complete set of tapes for the 1995 conference; scattered tapes are missing for the other conferences.
A. Documents
10Coordinator's Files1990
10Press Packet1990
10Program Schedule1990
10Registration Materials1990
10Coordinator's Files1991
10Evaluation Summaries1991
10Exhibitors and Ads1991
10Press Packet1991
10Program Schedule1991
10Registration Materials1991
10Confirmation Packet1992
10Out/Look Contract1992
10Park Plaza Hotel1992
10Planning Committee Notes1992
10Press Releases1992
10Program Advisor Comments1992
10Program Book1992
10Program Correspondence1992
10Program Presenter Proposals1992
10Program Schedule1992
10Program Session Suggestions1992
10Registration Materials1992
10Scholarship Request1992
10Budget and Finances1993
10Conference Recording Service1993
10Coordinators Files1993
10Fund Raising1993
10Mailing List1993
10Out Loud and Proud Poetry Reading1993
10Outspoken Reading Series1993
10Park Plaza Hotel1993
10Planning Committee1993
10Program Ads1993
10Program Book1993
10Program Committee1993
10Program Evaluations1993
10Program Presenters1993
10Program Presenters: Biographical Information1993
10Program Sessions1993
10Registration Materials1993
10Travel and Subsidy Requests1993
10Accessibility and Childcare1995
10Audre Lorde Movie1995
10Coordinator Agreement1995
10, FF4/D1Flyers1995
10Love Makes a Family1995
10Mailing Lists1995
10Marlon Riggs Film1995
10Outspoken Reading Series1995
10Park Plaza Hotel1995
10Performance Agreement: Toshi Reagan1995
11Planning Committee1995
11Poetry Slam1995
11Program Books1995
11Program Book Ads1995
11Program Book Drafts1995
11Program Evaluations1995
11Program Presenters1995
11Program Session Proposals1995
11Registration Log1995
11Registration Materials1995
11Scholarship Requests1995
11Thank-you Correspondence1995
11Visions and Voices Luncheon1995
11Workshop Signup Sheet1995
11Youth Outreach1995
11American Sign Language: Conference Signing1996
11Cambridge Transcriptions1996
11Exchange Ads1996
11Mailing Lists1996
11Park Plaza Hotel1996
11Poetry Slam1996
11Post Conference Party1996
11Program Book1996
11Program Committee1996
11Program Presenter: Clarke, Cheryl1996
11Program Presenter: Hickman, Craig1996
11Program Presenter: Pratt, Minnie Bruce1996
11Program Presenter: White, Edmund1996
11Program Sessions1996
11Reading at Boston Public Library1996
11Registration Packet, History, Project Map, Location1996
11Release Forms1996
11Visions and Voices1996
11Volunteers: Work Exchanges1996
11Mailing Lists1997
11OutWrite Lite1997
11Park Plaza Hotel1997
11Coordinators Correspondence1998
11Exhibitor Letter and Form1998
11Flyers and Posters1998
11Merchandise Sale Forms1998
11Name Tags1998
11Park Plaza Hotel1998
11Program Ad Copy1998
11Program Book1998
11Program Book Drafts1998
11Program Committee1998
11Program Presenters1998
11Program Updates1998
11Reading at Boston Public Library1998
11Registration Materials1998
11Registration Packet1998
11Requests for Press Passes1998
11Speaker Releases1998
11Program Book1999
11Registration Form and Flyer1999
B. Audio Cassette Tapes
1992: 3rd Annual Conference
33-34Opening Plenary (taps 1A-B)1992
33-34Conference Sessions (tapes 2-7, 9-32, 34-39, 41-50, 52)1992
33-34Closing Plenary (tapes 53A-B)1992
33-34Roundtables and Workshops (tapes 54-57)1992
1993: 4th Annual Conference
34-36Opening Plenary (tapes 1A-B)1993
34-36Conference Sessions (tapes 2-23, 25-53)1993
34-36Audre Lord Memorial Lecture (tape 54)1993
34-36Closing Plenary (tapes 55A-B)1993
34-36Workshop (tape 56)1993
34-36James White Review Reading (tape 57)1993
1995: 5th Annual Conference
36-38Opening Plenary (tapes 1A-B)1995
36-38Conference Sessions (tapes 2-62)1995
36-38Alyson Publications (tapes 63A-B)1995
36-38Closing Plenary (tape 64)1995
36-38OutSpoken Literary Series (tapes 65-76)1995
1996: 6th Annual Conference
38-39Opening Plenary (tapes 1A-B)1996
38-39OutWrite Poetry Slam Preliminaries (tapes 2A-C)1996
38-39OutWrite Poetry Slam Semi-Finals (tapes 3A-B)1996
38-39First National Queer Poetry Slam Championships (tapes 4A-B)1996
38-39Conference Sessions (tapes 5-60, 62-76)1996
38-39OutSpoken Reading Series nos. 17, 18, 29, 30, 39, 40, 47, 48, 62, 75, 761996
38-39Audre Lord Memorial Lecture #311996
1998: 7th Annual Conference
39-42Keynote talk (tape 1)1998
39-42Conference Sessions (tapes 2-20, 22-38, 40, 43, 45-52, 55-65, 67-84)1998
39-42Audre Lord Memorial Lecture #241998
39-42Poetry Slam Post-Mortem (tape 85)1998
39-42Workshops (tapes 86-87)1998
39-42Closing Performance (tape 88)1998
39-42OutWrite Poetry Slam Preliminaries (tapes 89A-B)1998
39-42OutWrite Poetry Slam Semi-Finals (tape 90)1998
39-42OutWrite Poetry Slam Championships (tape 91)1998
1999: 8th Annual Conference
42Conference Sessions (tapes 38-52)1999
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4. Prisoner Project, 1968-1995 (bulk dates, 1983-1990)
Volume:3.30 cubic ft.
Summary:The Prisoner Project series documents the efforts, viewpoints, and communications of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's Prisoner Project, which advocated for gay and lesbian prisoners. The majority of the series contains subject files concerning prisons and prisoners, with an emphasis on gay and lesbian prisoners, and legal issues that involve gays and lesbians. The series also includes correspondence with prison authorities in the federal system, thirty-one states, and the District of Columbia, usually regarding censorship issues. Records documenting the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's lawsuit against the federal prison system to allow prisoners to receive gay publications are also present, as well as records documenting other court cases involving a gay defendant or prisoner. Publications from and correspondence with the Department of Justice are also found here. In addition, the series contains correspondence with prisoners and narrative writings by prisoners. The Bromfield Street Educational Foundation's correspondence with and documentation of other prisoner projects are also included.
44Unidentified 3 1/2 Floppy Diskn.d.
12American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (2 folders)n.d., 1972-1992
12American Friends Service Committeen.d., 1987-1989
12Amnesty Internationaln.d., 1981-1990
12Bellotti, Francis X.1982
44The Coalition for the Abolition of Prisons, Inc.1998
12Conference on Social and Criminal Justice1983
12Court Cases (15 folders)n.d., 1974-1993
12Crimen.d., 1977-1988
12Death Penaltyn.d., 1983-1988
Department of Justice
12Bureau of Justice Statistics (2 folders)1981-1988
12National Institute of Justice (2 folders)1982-1989
44Fund Raisingn.d.
12Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (G.L.A.D.)n.d., 1981-1990
12Gay Legal Rightsn.d., 1979-1987
12Gay Sex Lawsn.d., 1978-1989
12Grand Juryn.d., 1972-1977, 1985-1986
44Graphicsn.d., 1985-1987
44The Human Kindness Fundn.d., 1992-1994
12Immigrationn.d., 1987-1989
12Johns Hopkins University: Sex Offender Studyn.d., 1981-1983
12Legal Issuesn.d., 1978-1988
44Mailing Listn.d.
12Meese, Edwin III1986
12Other Prisoner Projectsn.d., 1983-1989
12Political Prisoners: Resistance Conspiracy Case1988-1990
44Prison Book Programn.d., 1998
44AIDS Hospice of California Medical Facility (CMF)1992-1993
44AIDS Manual1992-1996
12AIDS Policiesn.d., 1984-1989
12Alternatives and Reformn.d., 1979-1989
12Censorshipn.d., 1984-1988
12General Informationn.d., 1983-1989
12Overcrowdingn.d., 1987-1990
12Privatization and Run-for-Profitn.d., 1976-1990
13Psychological Effect ofn.d., 1979-1989
13Rape Insiden.d., 1982-1986
13State and Federal Correspondence (33 folders)n.d., 1978-1995
13Prisoner and Legal Related Bibliographiesn.d., 1980-1994
13Prisoner and Legal Related Resource Listsn.d., 1982-1993
13Re-entry into Societyn.d., 1982-1987
13Religionn.d., 1978-1986
13Rightsn.d., 1983-1984
13Prisoner Writings and Correspondencen.d., 1983-1993
44Pen Pal Ads1996-1998
44Requests for Gay Community News and Pen Pals (11 folders)1998-2000
Prisoner Writings
13Gregory, Jayn.d., 1988
13Non-Gay Community Newsn.d., 1978-1989
13Rezabek, David (2 folders)n.d., 1982-1990
13Project Administrative Filesn.d., 1983-1995
13Project Committee1992-1995
13Riegle, Mike: Correspondence and Notesn.d., 1982-1987
13Transsexualsn.d., 1974-1990
13Transsexuals: Legal Issues1968-1979
14United States Department of State1985-1988
14Women in Prisonn.d., 1974-1999
14Adult/Child Sex Issuesn.d., 1980-1986
14Age of Sexual Consentn.d., 1980-1981
14Boston Sex Scandaln.d., 1978
14Child Sex Issuesn.d., 1975, 1981-1988
14Non-Sexual Issuesn.d., 1979-1986
14Pedophilian.d., 1981-1985
14Pornography1978, 1983-1986
14Sexual Abusen.d., 1978-1986
14Sexual and Support Groupsn.d., 1980-1992
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5. Photographs, 1963-1990 (bulk dates, 1983-1989)
Volume:0.70 cubic ft.
Summary:The Photographs series document the activities and interests of the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation staff. The OutWrite Conferences are the most prominent events featured in the photographs. The photographs also show subjects such as benefit events, Gay Community News birthday parties, OutWrite, the Bromfield Street office fire, and local politicians. The series also includes numerous pictures of celebrities who were either gay or had some connection to the gay community.
14Arzner, Dorothyn.d.
14Bailey, Jimn.d.
14Baldwin, James1979
14Bannon, Ann1982
14Benefits (4 folders)1977-1978
14Boston Gay Pride1982
14'The Bostonians'n.d.
14Brooks, Louise1989
14Brown, Rita Mae1986
14Center for Third Worldn.d.
14Davis, Ken: Boston City Council Candidate1985
14Delaria, Lean.d.
14Demonstrations in New York Cityn.d., 1988
14Demonstrations in Washington, D.C.n.d., 1979, 1986-1989
14Fassbinder, R.W. and Brad Davis1983
14Fierstein, Harveyn.d.
14Flynn, Erroln.d.
14Gay Community News 5th Birthday Party1978
14Gay Community News 10th Birthday Party1983
14Gay Community News Public Relations Photosn.d.
14Gay Community News Staff and Volunteers (2 folders)n.d., 1974-1990
14Ginsberg, Allan1963, 1984
14Gomez, Jewellen.d.
14Govoni, Mark: State Senate Candidate1984
14Grier, Barbaran.d.
14Hay, Harryn.d.
14Hickman, Craig1995
14Hockney, Davidn.d.
14James, Jimmyn.d.
14Kennedy, Flon.d.
14Little Richardn.d.
14'Looking for Langston'1989
14Lorde, Audren.d.
14Mains, Tim: Rochester City Council Member1989
14Mapplethorpe, Robert1985
14Martin, Del and Phyllis Lyons1984
14Matlovich, Leonardn.d.
14Maupin, Armistead1987, 1989
14Mercer, Mabeln.d.
14Mew, Charlotten.d.
14Milk, Harvey1979, 1987, 1989
14Monette, Paul1988
14Morales v. State of Texas1989
14OutWrite 1992 (13 folders)1992
14OutWrite 1995 (4 folders)1995
14OutWrite 1996 (3 folders)1996
14OutWrite 1998: Snapshots1998
14Orton, Joen.d.
14Parker, Pat1985
14Perry, Reverend Troyn.d.
14'Pink Triangles'1989
14Preston, Johnn.d.
14Promotional Graphicsn.d., 1975, 1978, 1990
14Protest Against United States Intervention in Central America1983
14Protests and Demonstrationsn.d., 1981
14Queer Progressive Organizing School1997
14Rich, Addriennen.d.
14Russell, Carryn.d.
14Salerno, Robin: Boston City Council Candidate1987
14Savage, Dann.d.
14Shilts, Randy1987
14Smith, Barbara1983, 1985
14Smith, Bessien.d.
14Studds, Gerryn.d.
14Taylor, Elizabeth1987, 1989
14Tomlin, Lillyn.d.
14'Tongues Untied'n.d.
14Tyler, Robin1978, 1980
14University of California at Irvine Protest1990
14Warhol, Andyn.d.
14Waters, Johnn.d.
14White, Edmundn.d.
14Williams, Tennesseen.d.
14Williamson, Crisn.d.
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