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Collection Overview
Title:William J. Canfield papers
Date: 1946–2012 (bulk 1970–1999)
Location Code:65/4, 40/1-2
Reference Code:M69
Extent:12.50 cubic ft. (17 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:This collection was assembled by William J. Canfield II. It documents homophile groups (the Homophile Union of Boston (HUB), Student Homophile League (SHL)), services, and publications (Esplanade, Fag Rag, Gay Community News) in Boston in the late 1960s through the mid–1980s. In addition, the collection includes planning documentation for the Gay Liberation Reunion (GLR) of 1990 and the Boston Gay Reunion (BGR) of 1999.
Historical Abstract:William J. Canfield II was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1946. He was a gay activist in Boston and was involved in the Boston gay liberation movement between 1970 and 1975. In 1971–1972, Canfield was president of Homophile Union of Boston (HUB). The Homophile Union of Boston was founded in 1969 by Frank Morgan in order to broaden awareness of gay lifestyles and seek civil rights for gays and lesbians. Along with John C. Graves (MIT professor, psychologist, and psychotherapist at the Homophile Community Health Services (HCHS), an organization that served Boston's gay population, providing psychological counseling, medical services, draft counseling, and referrals for homeless teens.), Canfield was a primary force behind the second attempt at collecting materials for a Boston Gay and Lesbian Archives.
Language and Scripts:Materials are in English.
System of Arrangement:Organized into 6 series: 1. Boston and Vicinity Gay Movement; 2. National Gay Organizations; 3. Gay Publications; 4. Boston Gay Reunions; 5. Boston Gay Archives Microfilmed Selections; and 6. Personal Papers.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Canfield, William J., 1946–
  • Braun, Rich
  • Graves, John C.
  • Johnson, Lois
  • McCassie, James
  • Mitzell, John
  • Thiersch, Craig
  • Tillotson, Stanley

  • Homophile Union of Boston
  • Student Homophile League (Cambridge, Mass.)

  • Gay activists––Massachusetts –– Boston
  • Gay liberation movement –– Massachusetts –– Boston
  • Gay men –– Identity
  • Gay newspapers –– Massachusetts –– Boston
  • Gay rights –– Massachusetts –– Boston

Conditions Governing Access:The collection is unrestricted.
Technical Access:Ten of the twenty 3.5–inch floppy disks comprising Falinge Farm: Budgets failed to mount on departmental computers.
Processor: Finding aid prepared by Michael Blech, 2002; updated by Dominique Medal, February 2016

Scope and Content Note

This collection was assembled and created by William J. Canfield II. It documents homophile groups (most notably the Homophile Union of Boston and Student Homophile League), services, and publications (such as Esplanade, Fag Rag, and Gay Community News) in Boston from the late 1960s through the mid–1980s (Series 1 and Series 3). There is also collected material relating to gay organizations from around the country (Series 2), including materials gathered by Canfield while he lived in Vermont (Series 6).

In addition, the collection includes planning documentation for the Gay Liberation Reunion of 1990 and the Boston Gay Reunion of 1999 (Series 4). Five rolls of microfilm (Series 5) preserve selections from the second Boston Gay Archives, including portions of this collection and the John C. Graves papers (M83), as well as articles on gay topics. Other contributors to the microfilm include John Mitzell, Craig Thiersch, Stan Tillotson, Rich Braun, Lois Johnson, and Jim McCassie.

Canfield extensively documented his own life, and his personal papers (Series 6) include correspondence, schoolwork mainly from his time at Suffolk University during the early years of gay liberation, and records pertaining to Falinge Farm, his home.

Biographical Note

William J. Canfield was a gay activist in New England, involved in the Boston gay liberation movement between 1970 and 1975. Canfield was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1946 and lived in Reading before attending boarding school and moving to Boston to attend Suffolk University. He later moved to Vermont to work on restoring a property known as Falinge Farm.

In 1971–1972, Canfield was president of the Homophile Union of Boston (HUB), founded in 1969 by Frank Morgan to broaden awareness of gay lifestyles and seek civil rights for gays and lesbians. HUB disbanded in 1975.

Canfield was also co–founder and business manager of Gay Community News (GCN), in 1973–1974. GCN was Boston's first newspaper written and operated by a collective of gay men and lesbians. The first issue of GCN appeared on newsstands in June 1973.

In 1989, Canfield and several Boston acquaintances decided to organize a reunion for gay activists who had been involved in the Boston gay liberation movement in the early 1970s. This 1990 Gay Liberation Reunion, held during Pride Week, was followed by the Boston Gay Reunion in 1999.

Activists involved in homophile organizations in Boston in the 1960s and 1970s privately maintained records created during these groups' operation. A small group of activists sought to establish a gay community archives to permanently preserve these materials. Records were collected from individuals who had participated in Boston's early gay liberation movement, with the agreement that these papers would be transferred to an appropriate archives when it was established. The first attempt to create a Boston Gay and Lesbian Archives failed when the records were inadvertently destroyed in the 1980s.

Along with John C. Graves, Canfield was a primary force behind the second effort to collect materials for a Boston Gay and Lesbian Archives. In 1990, materials brought together by Canfield, Graves, and others were microfilmed as a single collection (Series 5. Boston Gay Archives Microfilmed Selections). A formal archival repository was never formed, and the collected material was later separated. Graves donated his portion to The History Project, a volunteer organization that seeks to document Boston's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) history, and The History Project donated the Graves materials to the Northeastern University Archives and Special Collections Department.

Besides Canfield, contributors to the materials microfilmed in Series 5 include:

John C. Graves, an MIT professor, psychologist, and psychotherapist at Homophile Community Health Services, an organization that provided Boston's gay population with psychological counseling, medical services, draft counseling, and referrals for homeless teens;

Stan Tillotson, who co–founded the Student Homophile League (SHL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1969. SHL adopted its constitution in 1970 and changed its name to Gays at MIT (GAMIT) in 1976;

Rich Braun, who was involved in Gays at MIT (GAMIT);

Lois Johnson, who was involved in Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), an organization that sought to broaden awareness of gay lifestyles and seek civil rights for lesbians. The Boston chapter of DOB was founded in 1969;

Jim McCassie, who was involved in the Homophile Union of Boston; and

John Mitzell and Craig Thiersch, who were part of the Boston area's first Gay Community Center, opened in Cambridge in 1971.


"Multicultural Timeline." The History Project. June 22, 2000. (October 5, 2001)

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1. Boston and Vicinity Gay Movement, ca. 1967–2002 (bulk 1970–1975)
Volume:1.00 cubic ft.



Series 1 contains flyers, programs, newsletters, and administrative files from and about gay issues and organizations in the Boston area. There are several files concerning the Homophile Union of Boston and the Student Homophile League (SHL). There are also two folders with materials from MIT courses on homosexuality precipitated by SHL.

Although most of the material is about gay men, this series also contains a few files about feminism / lesbianism and the Daughters of Bilitis, which was founded in San Francisco in 1955 and whose Boston chapter was formed in 1969.

Also in this series are flyers, correspondence, and schedules regarding the Boston Pride Parade collected from several years between 1970 and 1978. The History Project folder contains a timeline of gay activities in New England from the 1950s through 1979.

11972 Democratic Convention1972
9AIDS Action Committee1990
1Bibliographiesca. 1970–1974
1Boston Gay Male Liberation Statement to Massachusetts Psychological Association1972 Apr
1Boston Gay Men's Chorus1989–1990
1Boston Lesbian and Gay Community Center (The Center)1989–1992
9Boston Unitarian Universalist Gays and Lesbians1990
1Boston University Homophile Club Flyers1970
9Committee for Civil Liberties and Sexual Freedom1987
1Communiversity Catalogue1971
1Council on Religion and the Homosexual Conference File1970 Nov
1Daughters of Bilitis, Focusn.d.
1Entre Nous and the Vikings Motorcycle Club1976
1Feminism/Lesbianismca. 1967–1974
1Gays at MIT: History and Flyersca. 1970
Gay Community Centern.d.
9Ad Hoc Committee1972
1Administrative File197?–1973
1Gay Community News: "The Gay Cruise–Aider Guide to Boston and Cambridge1974
1Gay Community News: Miscellaneous1973–1974
1Gay Growth Centerca. 1971
1Gay Jubilee: A Guidebook to Gay Boston1980
1Gay Legislation '75 and '761975–1976
1Gay Liberation Front Flyer1970
1Gay Liberation: Red Butterfly1970
1A Gay Manifesto: Carl Wittman1970
1Gay Men's Center1975
9Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project: Newsletter2002
1Gay Recreational Activities Committee Brochure and Newsletter1975–1976
1Gay Rights Alliance Massachusetts Legislature Flyerca. 1975
1Gay Study Group Administrative File1970–1971
1Good Gay Poets Broadsideca. 1970
1The Griffin: News of Gay Liberation1970–1971
1Harry Reems Legal Defense Fund Brochure1976
1Hetopathic Terms Explainedca. 1972
1The History Project1969–1999
9The History Project / Northeastern University1989–1990, 1998–2000
1Homophile Community Health Service Brochure and Events1971–1972
1Homophile Organizations of the United Statesca. 1971
1, 9Homophile Union of Boston (7 folders)1970–1973
1The Homosexual in Society Courseworkca. 1970
1Homosexuals Intransigent!1971
1Homosexuality: Generalca. 1967–1975
1Homosexuality and Mental Healthca. 1969–1972
1Homosexuality and Militancyca. 1970–1974
1Homosexuality and the Militaryca. 1970–1974
1Legislationca. 1975–1976 (1972–1983)
1Library Services and Gays American Library Associationca. 1971
1Lost in America: Odyssey of a Radical Lesbian postcard1971
9Memoirs of Gay Liberation: Stan Tillotsonn.d.
9Metropolitan Community Church1976, 1992
1MIT Course on Homosexuality: Stan Tillotson1972
MIT Student Homophile League
1Administrative File1970–1974
9Scrapbook1969–1972, 2002
1North American Man/Boy Love Association Statement1981
1New England Gay Conference (3 folders)1973–1976
1One Institute Quarterlyn.d.
9Our Boston Heritage: "Public Faces / Private Lives" Exhibit1995–1996
1Pride (7 folders)1970–1981
1Pure Thought1971
1Questionnaireca. 1970s
1"Sexual Minorities and Employment," Richard C. Pillard1972
1"Sports and the Macho Male," John Mitzell1973
1, 9Student Homophile League (5 folders)1970–1975
1Venereal Disease Brochuresca. 1971
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2. National Gay Organizations, 1967–1974 (bulk 1970–1973)
Volume:0.35 cubic ft.

Alphabetical by state.


Series 2 comprises flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, and articles relating to gay organizations in the United States and Canada. Included is documentation of events, advertisements, and writings, ca. 1970–1973. Of special interest are newsletters from the Mattachine Society in the New York files.

2California (3 folders)1966–1973
2Canadaca. 1970
2Connecticutca. 1971
2Illinois (2 folders)1970–1973
2Michigan and Minnesotaca. 1972–1973
2New Jersey1971–1973
2New York (5 folders)1970–1974
2Washington, 1971
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3. Gay Publications, 1970–1998
Volume:1.00 cubic ft.



Series 3 comprises scattered issues of seven Boston area publications that focused on gay men and lifestyles. It contains issues of several Boston publications: Old Mole: a Radical Bi–Weekly, Lavender Vision, Hysteria, Fag Rag, Boston Gay Review and Esplanade, as well as 13 rolls of microfilm of the Gay Community News from 1973 to 1987.

Canfield was interviewed in the May 28–June 3, 1998 issue of Bay Windows; a complete original newspaper appears in this series and a photocopy of the interview is located in Series 6.

9The Guide to Gay New Englandn.d.
Old Mole: A Radical Bi–Weekly
3Number 421970 Jun 26–Jul 9
3Week of November 20, 19701970 Nov
3Hysteria1970 Nov 6
Lavender Vision:
3Vol.1 No.1n.d.
3Vol.1 No.21971 May
3September 11, 19761976 Sep
3October 6, 19761976 Oct
3October 13, 19761976 Oct
3October 27, 1976, Issue 81976 Oct
3November 12, 19761976 Nov
3December 24, 19761976 Dec
3January 28, 19771977 Jan
3February 11, 19771977 Feb
3March 25, 1977, Vol.1, Issue 191977 Mar
3October 19, 19781978 Oct
4, 9Fag Rag: June 1971, No.1 – 1987, No.44, with gaps (2 folders)1971–1987
9Gay Community News (4 folders)1973–1974, 1976, 1989
Gay Community News on Microfilm1973–1987
4Boston Gay Review: No.1, Fall 1976 – No.9, Winter 19811976–1981
9Bay Windows (2 folders)1989, 1998
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4. Boston Gay Reunions, 1989–2000 (bulk 1989–1990, 1998–1999)
Volume:1.00 cubic ft.

Arranged in three subseries: A) Gay Liberation Reunion (GLR) 1990, B) Boston Gay Reunion (BGR) 1999, C) Provincetown Reunion 2000


Canfield helped organize two major reunions of the Boston gay liberation community circa 1969–1975. Series 4 contains planning notes, financial information, and photographs, but the bulk of the material is correspondence, much of which documents Canfield's efforts to locate "lost folks."

Correspondence related to a third attempted reunion, intended to occur in Provincetown in 2000, is also included.

A. Gay Liberation Reunion (GLR) 1990
8The Advocate1990 Oct 23
8Artwork: Logo1990
8G–K (4 folders)1989–1990
8Gay Archives1990–1995
8–9Miscellaneous (2 folders)1990
8Notes About Homophile Union of Boston and Student Homophile Leagueca. 1989–1990
8Photographs and Copy Negatives1970s–1990
8Planning Group Notes1989–1990
9Press Clippings1990
9"Proud of our Past, Looking to the Future: The Official Guide to Lesbian & Gay Pride Weeks in Boston"1990
8–9Reunion Book (2 folders)1990
8Reunion Book: Originals1990
8Reunion Finance1990
8Speaker Information1989–1990
B. Boston Gay Reunion (BGR) 1999
8Bill Canfield Interview1998?
8Financial Information1998
8Notesca. 1998
8Old Listsca. 1998
8Parade 1998–1999
8Planning Group Notes and Details (2 folders)1997–1999
8Returned Reservation Forms1999
9Survey Response from Bill Canfield1999
9C. Provincetown Reunion 20002000
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5. Boston Gay Archives Microfilmed Selections, ca. 1974–1990
Volume:0.15 cubic ft.



Series 5 contains 5 original rolls of microfilm reproducing selections from the second attempt to organize a Boston Gay and Lesbian Archives. Roll 1 contains information about the 1990 Gay Liberation Reunion planning much of which is duplicated in series 4. Roll 2 has magazines and newspapers, Lois Johnson's Gay Pride correspondence, and Homophile Union of Boston and Student Homophile League materials, which include Canfield's proposal to become a Homophile Union of Boston presidential candidate. This roll duplicates some of the material in series 1–3. Rolls 3 and 4 contain selected materials from the related John C. Graves collection, including material concerning the Gay Academic Union (GAU), gays and church, gay rights legislation, Homophile Community Health Services, and Gay Community News. Roll 5, labeled Stan Tillotson, contains articles, newspapers, and handwritten materials about gay history, gays and politics, religion and MIT.

7Rolls 1–51974–1990
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6. Personal Papers, 1906–2012 (bulk 1962–2002)
Volume:9.00 cubic ft.



Series 6 contains Canfield's personal papers, consisting mainly of correspondence, educational records (mainly from Suffolk University), records of his Vermont home, and more personally relevant gay liberation materials.

A videocassette contains three short home movies. The first, dated 1994, shows an unidentified woman in a wheelchair. The other two, both dated 1999, show Canfield and two unidentified men.

Ten of the twenty 3.5–inch floppy disks comprising Falinge Farm: Budgets failed to mount on departmental computers.

9General1959–1967, 1980–2001
9Biographical Informationn.d.
9General (3 folders)n.d., 1963–1966, 1971, 1980–1988, 1990, 1994, 1996–2002, 2007
9Steve Abbott1971–1973, 1998–2000
9The Advocate1996
9Steve Alexander1978–1983, 2011
9Heather Anderson and Nancy Wilson1974, 1976
9Anzio Family1966, 1974, 1985–1991, 2005
9Mabel Arnold1957–1965
9Stephen A. Arnold1963–1965
9Senator Jack Backman1977
9Sandy Ballou1963–1964
9Bandy Familyn.d., 1987–1988
9Peter L. Barkleyn.d., 1986–2005
9Noel Benoit1991–2001
9Ronald L. Benson1967–1968, 1987–1990, 1996–2003
9Elizabeth "Betty" Bickford1962–1963
9Charles "Chuck" L. Bissett and Arnoldo Morales1973–1998, 2010
10Bill Black2000–2001
10Alton Blackington1961, 1963
10Allen Lee Blaich1970–2001
10David Blair1971, 1973
10Gail Blumberg1964–1965
10Boston Gay Men's Chorus1991
10John "Jeb" Boswell1970, 1994–1995, 2011
10John Bourne2001
10Martin Bryan1991–1993
10Buntin Family1983–1984, 1998
10John Buscemi1989–1991
10Robert Buzcek2003–2006
10General1964–1981, 1992, 1998–2001, 2004, 2011
10Grosvenor Calkins1984–1999
10Chatfield Family2005
10Bob Chesley1978–1991
10Representative Paul Cillo1996, 1998
10Emmy Clausing1957, 1966, 1998–2001
10Linda Covey1961–1963
10Johnathan M. Cross1990, 1992
10Neil Crover1972–1973
10Jean Wakeling Crown1967, 2006
10Francis Cuville1946, 1960–1964
10General1964–1968, 1990
10Ron Dagani1989
10Donald F. Davis and David Drummond (4 folders)1971–2007
10Peter DeLairn.d., 1975
10Jean Canfield Denison1982–1987, 1995
10Phil DiMaggio and Lee Croghan1991–1992, 1997–1998
10Dinnerclub for Men2000
10Gary Dotterman1990–1994
10Ken Doucette1962–1963, 2005
10James R. Dubro1963, 1969–1976, 1981, 1984, 1992, 1996–2001, 2005
10General1963, 1973
10Ruth Shrum Davis Elmore1966, 1972–1974, 1986, 1995, 2003
10Irv Englander1998–1999
10Estabrook Familyn.d., 1962–1969, 1972–1977, 1981, 1984, 1991, 1995–1998
10General1960, 1965–1972, 1989, 1998–2000
10Andrew Fal (2 folders)1978–1992, 1998–2011
11Files Family1997–1998, 2008
11Greg Ford1973, 1989–1990
11Foxall Family (3 folders)1981–2011
11General1962–1976, 1983–1986, 1994–2006
11Frank M. Gerrish1989
11George Y. Gilpatrick1998–1999
11Roland Giroux1985
11Goodwin Family1964, 1995, 1999
11Bruce Gordon2001, 2007
11John C. Graves1975–1977, 1989–1994, 1998–2003
11Brendan Hadash1998–1999
11Hamblin Family1966–1976, 1995
11Ed and Peter Hanson–Cooney1995–2006
11Haskins Family1962–1963
11James "Jim" M. Hayes (6 folders)n.d., 1973–2002, 2004–2005
11Hempt Family1986–1989, 1991
11Laurence J. Henry1961, 1992–1995, 2000, 2011
11Thomas A Herman1976–1979, 2002–2011
11Hindley Family1967–1969, 1971, 1973
11Holiday Family1969–1970, 1979, 1997
11Richard S. Hollingsworth2001
11James Hudson1994, 1998
11Huntley Family1963–1975
11General1965, 1974–1978, 1984–1994, 2001
11Senator James M. Jeffords1993
11Paula Johnson1976–1979, 1991–1997
11General1956, 1962–1980, 1988, 1993, 2000, 2011
11Robert C. Kelondis1993, 1995
12Rudy Kikel2000, 2009
12William A. Koelsch1973, 1990
12John S. Kyper (2 folders)1993–1996, 1998–2005, 2012
12General1962–1976, 1990, 1999
12Larabee Family1997–2002
12Phil Lease1972–1984, 2001
12Letters to the Editor1990
12Liveten Family2000
12Lopardi Family1973–1982, 1998
12Lovely Family1965–1972
12Lowndes Family1976
12Elizabeth Lynch1968–1969
12Michael Lynch2000, 2007
12General1967–1974, 1985–1994, 2004–2009
12MacCracken Family1960–1971, 2005
12Ken Marks1998–2001
12Joseph E. Martin, Jr. 1989–1995
12Bob McCormack1982–1983, 1998
12Frank McCoy and Frank Walford1967–1973
12Joseph McGrath1972–1975, 1985–1993, 2000–2010
12Robert McMillan1964
12Tim Menk1998–2001
12Merrill Family1964–1969
12Tom Merrill1977
12Dennis Milford1969
12Bob Mittenbühler1978
12John Mitzelln.d., 2000
12Frank Morgan1989–1990, 1995–1996
12Joan T. Munhofen1984–2004
12Tom Muth1998–2000
12Roy Myer1987–1999
12Kent Newton1991
12Jon Noyes1994–1998
12O: General1984, 2004
12Germaine Paget1960–1966
12Richard C. Palancio1972
12Stephen Pepper1996–2002
12Donald Kenneth Perkins1968–1978, 1995
12–13Harry Phillips (10 folders)1971–1978, 1986–2001, 2003–2008, 2010
13Pike Family1999–2000
13Travis Poulin and Jason Tanner1995–2001
13Bryon Predika1989–1995
13Q: Kevin Quinlan1983, 1998–2008
13General1958, 1965–1972, 1977–1982, 2000–2001
13Travis Randall1990–1995
13Joan Ransom and Jayne Waldron1963
13Reading Antiquarian Society1963–1987
13Tom Reeves2000–2001
13B. Myron Rusk1998–2000
13Steve Russo (2 folders)1998–2010
13Kathleen (Mrs. Frank) Ryan1965
13Jane Rzepka1986, 1999
13Sage Family1995–1996
13Kenneth J. R. St. Onge (3 folders)1969–1974, 1991–2000
13Michael Scott1978–1979
13Bob Sevensky1999–2000
13Wayne Sherwood2001
13Charles Shively2000–2001
13Jeremy Siegel1972–1973, 1997–2001
13Peg Skelton1963–1995
13A. D. Smith1963–1973
13Lawrence D. Smith1966–1967, 2000–2001
14Karla Sommers1961–1969
14Helen Spencer1963–1969
14Eddie Steblein1984–1985
14Roy Steuwe1991
14Jane Stone1969, 1981–1986
14Sutherland Family1991–1992
14General1959, 1964, 1971–1981, 2001–2007
14Russell Tarason2005–2009
14Tatewell Galleries (Boswell / Tate)1989–1996
14Craig Thierschn.d., 2000
14Anna Tibbetts1986, 2000
14Stan Tillotson (3 folders)n.d., 1977–2004
14Sue Tisdel1960–1961
14Elsie R. Treat1958–1974
14Raymond Trevino1992, 1994, 1998
14Trimble Family1964–1976
14U: General1972, 1987–1988, 1992
14General1965, 1980–1982, 1989
14Vanderbie Family1980–1982
14Vermont ETV PBS1994
14Thomas R. Vincent1999
14General1963–1964, 1970–1971, 1977–1994, 1998, 2000
14David and Peter Waight–Harbo1988–1996, 2000–2001
14Martin Wander1973–1984, 1998–1999
14Richard B. "Dick" Wattson1998–2001
14Sarah Jane Wetzler1964–1965, 1978–2001
14General1961, 1963, 1999, 2001
14Ken Yorko1988
14Steve Yvaska2000–2001
14–15Diaries and Calendars (12 folders)n.d., 1959–1963, 1968, 1971–1972, 1977, 1989, 1991, 1998, 2001
Camp Lawrence
15Reunions1957–1958, 1996–2008
Cape Cod Preparatory School
15Alumni Association1994–1996
Cutler Academy
15Student Newspaper: Cutler Cometarian1962–1963
15Educational Expenses1962–1969
15Elementary School1960
15Lowell Street School: Reunions1996–2004
15Reading Memorial High School: Reunions1990, 1995, 2000
15Road's End Horseback Riding Camp: Photographsn.d., 1964
Suffolk University
15General (5 folders)1967–1971
15General (3 folders)1967–1970
16English (2 folders)1967–1969
16French (2 folders)1967–1968, 1970–1971
16Government (3 folders)1968–1970
16History (2 folders)1967–1968
16Humanities (2 folders)1967–1969
16International Relations1969–1970
16Philosophy (2 folders)1969–1971
16Science (2 folders)1969–1971
16Seminar in Phenomenology1970
16Social Studies1967–1968
16Verbal Cognition and Learning1969–1970
16Law School Application1970
16Student Activities1968–1969
16Suffolk Journal (Student Newspaper)1967–1969
16End–of–Life Planning1997
Falinge Farm
17Generaln.d., 1987–1988, 1996–2002
17Bill's Antiquarian Booksn.d., 1985, 1988–1989, 1996–2000
8Budgets (20 3.5 inch floppy disks)1990–2002
17Directions and Mapsn.d.
17"The Falinge Cookbook" (3 folders)2000
17Information Sheetsn.d., 1996
17Leasing and Purchase of Additional Land1987–1990
17Nudist/Naturist Resources1993–1997
17Sale of Property (2 folders)2000–2002
Gay Liberation
17Generaln.d., 1990, 1994
17The Advocate1970–1971
17Articlesn.d., 1970, 1977, 1985, 1993, 1995
17Bay Windows Interview1998
17Boston Gay and Lesbian Archives1990–1991
17Chuck Thompson Newsletters1990, 1993–1996
17City Lights Theatre Company: Program1989
17Events and Activities1997
17Film Information1971, 1995–1996
17Montreal Gay Resources1990–1994
17New Hampshire Gay Men's Chorus1998–1999
17Stonewall Library and Archives2002
Vermont Gay and Lesbian Resources
17Generaln.d., 1990–1991, 1994, 2000–2001
17Central Vermont Gay Men1987
17Northeast Kingdom AIDS Coalition1991
17"Out in the Mountains" Newsletters1986–1988, 1990
17Social Alternatives for Men1988–1989
17Vermont AIDS Council1991
17Cutler Academy1962–1963, 1993
17Vacation with Stan Tillotson in London and Copenhagen1987
Religious Institutions
17Short Mountain Sanctuary1994
17Unitarian Universalist Area Church1981–1984
8Videocassette1994, 1999
17"Personal History"1971
17Restaurant and Food Writingn.d., 1985, 1987, 1989
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