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Collection Overview
Title:Ford Hall Forum audio tapes
Location Code:57/2
Reference Code:M71
Extent:1.1 cubic ft. (11 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:This collection consists of audio tape recordings of Ford Hall Forum programs, recorded between 1961 and 1998. The collection also contains one video tape. Researchers should note the date of the recording is often different from the date of the broadcast. The finding aid indicates the date of recording. The recordings were assigned catalog numbers (RCS-XXX) by the Northeastern University Libraries' Media Center. The collection includes descriptions of the programs, information about the speakers, and indices by speaker, call number and subject area compiled by the Media Center staff. Each recording has corresponding information sheets (folders 5-12, box 11), containing information regarding length, speaker, general subject, lecture topic, date recorded, date broadcast, and date of acquisition. Audiocassette RCS-566 Janet Reno: “Youth Violence” is absent from the collection.
Historical Abstract:The Ford Hall Forum is the nation's oldest free public lecture series. It provides a non-partisan platform for open discussion and debate on topics of public interest. The Ford Hall Forum was started in 1908 by George W. Coleman, a Boston business man and president of the Boston Baptist Social Union (BBSU), as a free series of public lectures designed to engage the public on a diverse range of issues. The model was an opening lecture, and then questions from the audience. Ford Hall Forum was immediately successful and inspired many similar series in cities across the country. In 1928, the Boston Baptist Social Union charged that Ford Hall Forum was anti-Christian and anti-American. The Daughters of the American Revolution also blacklisted Ford Hall Forum for radicalism. Nonetheless, the Ford Hall Forum, which had attracted many eminent supporters, separated from the BBSU to incorporate as a nonprofit educational organization on its own. Meetings were held in Ford Hall on Beacon Hill through 1940 when the hall was acquired by the City of Boston. Since that time, Ford Hall Forum has been held in various Boston locations, including Jordan Hall and Old John Hancock Hall. Currently, programs are held at Northeastern University, Faneuil Hall, Old South Church, and local venues.
System of Arrangement:Arranged in one alphabetical sequence by speaker.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Abzug, Bella S. 1920-1998
  • Adler, Stephen J.
  • Agee, Philip
  • Allison, Graham T.
  • Almon, W. R.
  • Angelou, Maya
  • Arterton, F. Christopher
  • Ashwari, Hanan
  • Atwood, J. Brian
  • Awad, Mubarak
  • Balliro, Joseph
  • Barnicle, Mike
  • Barrett, Michael
  • Becton, Henry
  • Belaga, Julie D., 1930-
  • Bell, Derrick A.
  • Benson, Herbert, 1935-
  • Bernstein, Carl, 1944-
  • Berrigan, Daniel
  • Bluestone, Barry
  • Blumenthal, David, 1948-
  • Bok, Sissela
  • Boyd, Blanche M., 1945-
  • Brady, Sarah, 1942-
  • Brant, Renee
  • Bratton, William
  • Breyer, Stephen G., 1928-
  • Brinkley, Alan
  • Broder, David S.
  • Brown, Frederick L.,
  • Brown, J. Larry (James Larry), 1941-
  • Brown, Tony, M.P.S.W.
  • Brudnoy, David, 1940-2004
  • Budd, Wayne
  • Bundy, McGeorge
  • Byrd, Corrine Williams
  • Carmichael, Stokely
  • Carpenter, Liz
  • Carroll, James, 1943-
  • Carter, Judy
  • Carter, Rosalynn
  • Carter, Stephen L., 1954-
  • Casarijan, Robin
  • Casey, John
  • Cash, Roseanne
  • Casolo, Jennifer
  • Chancellor, John, 1927-1996
  • Charren, Peggy
  • Chassler, Sey
  • Cheever, Daniel S.
  • Cheney, Lynne V.
  • Cisneros, Henry
  • Cohen, Bennett
  • Cohen, Sharon
  • Cooke, Jim
  • Cousins, Norman
  • Cox, Archibald, 1912-2004
  • Cross, Amanda, 1926-2003
  • Curwood, Steve
  • Dees, Morris
  • DeNegri, Veronica
  • Dershowitz, Alan M.
  • Doyle, James, 1935-
  • Drew, Elizabeth
  • Drinan, Robert F.
  • Duke, David Ernest
  • Dunn, Nora 1952-
  • Eck, Diana L.
  • Edelman, Marian Wright
  • Edle, Christopher
  • Edmundson, Mark, 1952-
  • Elders, M. Jocelyn
  • Fanning, Kay, d. 2000
  • Fein, Helen, 1934-
  • Ferraro, Geraldine
  • Fieger, Geoffrey
  • Finn, Charles
  • Fogelman, Eva
  • Ford, Betty, 1918-2011
  • Frank, Barney, 1940-
  • Friedan, Betty
  • Frost, Robert, 1874-1963
  • Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908-2006
  • Gates, Robert Michael, 1943-
  • Glasser, Ira
  • Glover, Danny
  • Goodwin, Doris Kearns
  • Gore Albert, 1948-
  • Gorman, Lou, 1929-2011
  • Gould, Stephen Jay
  • Greenstein, Robert, 1946-
  • Gross, Terry
  • Guinier, Lani
  • Haass, Richard
  • Haig, Alexander Meigs, 1924-2010
  • Halberstam, David
  • Hamilton, Nigel
  • Hammer, Marion
  • Hampton, Henry, 1940-1998
  • Hardiman, Joseph
  • Harrington, Michael, 1928-1989
  • Hart, Gary, 1936-
  • Hayes, Randy
  • Healy, Brian
  • Heaney, Seamus, 1939-
  • Hentoff, Nat
  • Hirsch, E.D. (Eric Donald), 1928-
  • Hitchens, Christopher
  • Hiatt, Arnold
  • Houston, Julian
  • Huany, Yasheng
  • Huber, Richard M.
  • Hufstedler, Shirley M.
  • Hull, Gloria T.
  • Hume, Ellen
  • Hunter-Gault, Charlayne
  • Ireland, Patricia
  • Jackson, Jesse, 1941-
  • Johnson, Edward C., III
  • Johnson, Julie
  • Johnston, Phillip W.
  • Jones, Hubert
  • Jordan, Barbara, 1936-1996
  • Kalb, Marvin L.
  • Kanter, Rosabeth Moss
  • Kapor, Mitchell
  • Kass, Rudolph
  • Ke, Fang
  • Keely, Elizabeth
  • Kendall, Henry, 1953
  • Kennedy, Edward Moore, 1932-
  • Keohane, Nannerl O., 1940-
  • Kilbourne, Jean
  • King, Coretta Scott
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • King, Mary
  • Kissinger, Henry, 1923-
  • Klímová, Rita
  • Koop, C. Everett (Charles Everett), 1916
  • Kozol, Jonathan
  • Kramer, Hilton
  • Kuttner, Robert
  • Lapchick, Richard Edward
  • Lapham, Lewis H.
  • Lawrence, Robert
  • Levertov, Denise, 1923-1997
  • Lewis, Ann
  • Lifton, Robert Jay, 1926
  • Liman, Arthur L.
  • Link, Perry
  • Lockhart, Keith, 1959-
  • Lord, Winston
  • Love, Susan M.
  • MacArthur, John R.
  • MacNeil, Robert, 1931-
  • Mailer, Norman
  • Makiya, Kanan
  • Mann, Jonathan M.
  • Martin, Ralph, 1952-
  • Marttila, John
  • Metcalf, Holly
  • McCullough, David
  • McDowell, Charles
  • McGovern, George S. (George Stanley), 1922-
  • McIntosh, Peggy
  • McLaughlin, John
  • Michelman, Kate
  • Miller, Mark Crispin
  • Mills, Nicolas
  • Minow, Martha, 1954-
  • Minxin, Pei
  • Montgomery, Leola Brown
  • Murray, Charles A.
  • Napolitan, Joseph
  • Neier, Aryeh, 1937-
  • Nelson, David
  • Nelson, Jack
  • Nemerov, Howard
  • Newberger, Eli H.
  • Nitze, Paul H.
  • Nolan, Martin
  • Naudé, Beyers
  • O'Brien, Tim, 1946-
  • O'Connor, Sandra Day, 1930-
  • O'Neill, Tip
  • Ozra, Eugene
  • Palmer, Laura
  • Parker, Robert B., 1932-
  • Parks, Rosa, 1913-2005
  • Patrick, Deval
  • Payne, Les
  • Payzant, Thomas W.
  • Peikoff, Leonard
  • Penney, Sherry H.
  • Peters, Mike, 1943-
  • Phillips, Kevin P.
  • Pinsky, Robert
  • Powers, David F. (David Francis), 1912
  • Ramphele, Mamphela
  • Rand, Ayn
  • Reed, Ralph, 1961-
  • Reese, Matthew A. (Matthew Anderson), 1927-
  • Reich, Robert B.
  • Richards, Ann, 1933-2006
  • Richardson, Robert
  • Richman, Sheldon L.
  • Roberts, Cokie
  • Roberst, Marc D.
  • Robertson, Pat
  • Rosenblatt, Roger
  • Ross, David
  • Rudman, Warren B.
  • Rufo, Robert
  • Sacirbey, Muhamed
  • Salisbury, Harrison E. (Harrison Evans), 1908-1993
  • Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, 1917-2007
  • Schneider, Claudine
  • Schroeder, Patricia, 1940-
  • Seeger, Pete, 1919-
  • Sharpton, Al
  • Shaughnessy, Dan
  • Shen, Tong, 1968
  • Shorris, Earl, 1936-
  • Shoval, Zalman, 1930-
  • Silber, John, 1926-
  • Sizer, Theodore R.
  • Smith, Patricia, 1955-
  • Solo, Pam
  • Sorenson, Theodore
  • Steinem, Gloria
  • Stone, I. F. (Isidor Feinstein), 1907-1989
  • Sullivan, Louis Wade, 1933-
  • Szep, Louis
  • Thompson, John Larkin
  • Thurow, Lester C.
  • Tiant, Luis, 1940
  • Tsongas, Paul
  • Tuchman, Barbara Wertheim
  • Turner, Stansfield, 1923-
  • Turner, Ted
  • Tutu, Desmond
  • Van Agt, Andres
  • Vancour, Sander
  • Van Lier, Norm
  • Walker, Alice, 1944-
  • Walker, J. Jackson
  • Walker, Rebecca, 1970-
  • Wattleton, Faye
  • Weicker, Lowell, 1931-
  • Wertheimer, Linda
  • West, Cornel
  • Wideman, John Edgar
  • Wiesel, Elie, 1928-
  • X, Malcolm, 1925-1965
  • Xueling, Ding
  • Yard, Molly
  • Yergin, Daniel
  • Zinn, Howard, 1922-

  • Ford Hall Forum (Boston, Mass.)

  • Lectures and lecturing -- Massachusetts -- Boston

Technical Access:The lectures are recorded audiocassette tapes.
Immediate Source of Acquisition:This collection was transferred to Northeastern University Libraries Archives and Special Collections Department from the Northeastern University Libraries Media Center in multiple installments.
Custodial History:Audiocassettes in this collection were created by the Ford Hall Forum. The audiocassettes were given to the Northeastern University Libraries between 1991-1998.
Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use:The following tapes may not be reproduced: Terry Gross, Edward C. Johnson, III, Susan Love, and Robert Pinksy.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Molly Overholt, Eliana Wachs Cashman, March 2002, 2008

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Background Information
11Acquisition by Snell Library1991-1994
Audiocassette Indices
11RCS-0324 - RCS-0343n.d.
11RCS-0404 - RCS-0423n.d.
11RCS-0424 - RCS-0443n.d.
11RSC-0444 - RCS-0463n.d.
11RCS-0464 - RCS-0483n.d.
11RCS-0484 - RCS-0503n.d.
11RCS-0504 - RCS-0521n.d.
11RCS-0561 - RCS-0579n.d.
Program Information
11Calendars of Events1995-1998
11“Northeastern University Libraries: Ford Hall Forum Audiocassette Collections.”1994
Program Worksheets
11RCS-0324 - RCS-03431966, 1982, 1992
11RCS-0404 - RCS-04231961, 1986-1993
11RCS-0424 - RCS-04431984-1993
11RSC-0444 - RCS-04631963-1965, 1986-1992
11RCS-0464 - RCS-04831968-1969, 1986-1993
11RCS-0484 - RCS-05031963-1967, 1976, 1983-1993
11RCS-0504 - RCS-05211991-1994
11RCS-0561 - RCS-05791994-1995
Audiocassette Tapes
2Bella Abzug (RCS-0324)1984 Sep 23
8Stephen Adler, Morris Dees, Rudolph Kass and Joseph Balliro: “American Justice on Trial.” (RCS-0567)1995 Mar 16
2Philip Agee (RCS-0325)1988 Nov 6
2Maya Angelou (RCS-0326)1982 May 8
1Christopher Arterton, Nicolas Mills, Patricia Schroeder, Pam Solo: “Civic Renewal: Exerting Our Better Selves”1997 Nov 16
8Hanan Ashwari: “This side of Peace: A Personal Account” (RCS-0571)1995 May 18
1J. Brian Atwood, Head of U.S. Agency for International Development: “Why Should the U.S. Stay Engaged in Bosnia?” (Old South Meeting House)1998 May 14
2Mubarak Awad (RCS-0327)1988 Nov 4
3Mike Barnicle, David Brudnoy (RCS-0328)1992 Oct 25
3Michael Barrett and Theodore Sizer (RCS-0329)1990 Nov 15
1, 9Henry Becton, Peggy Charren, Hilton Kramer, Lewis Lapham and Sheldon Richman: “Public Television: Do We Need it Anymore?” (RCS-0576) (Faneuil Hall) (2 Copies)1995 Nov 9
3Julie Belaga and Ann Lewis (RCS-0330)1992 Apr 12
9Derrick Bell: “Confronting Authority.” (RCS-0562)1994 Oct 6
3Herbert Benson (RCS-0331)1989 Nov 5
3Carl Bernstein, James Doyle, Brian Healy and Marvin Kalb (RCS-0332)1989 Mar 20
3Daniel Berrigan (RCS-0333)1989 Mar 1
3David Blumenthal and John Larkin Thompson (RCS-0334)1992 Apr 16
3Sissela Bok (RCS-0335)1992 Oct 1
9Sarah Brady: “The Tough Road to the Brady Laws: Why the Fight Isn't Over Yet.” (RCS-0570)1996 Apr 27
3Renee Brant, Stephen Curwood and Elizabeth Keely (RCS-0336)1989 Nov 30
1Bratton, William: “Community Policing: Making America's Cities Livable Again” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Mar 13
1Alan Brinkley, John Kenneth, Galbraith Lewis, Lewis Lapham and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.: “Lessons from the Past: What Citizens Need to Know for the Future of Democracy” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Oct 10
3David Broder, (RCS-0337)1990 Apr 12
1, 9David Broder, Julie Johnson and Charles McDowell: “Election '96: Let the Games Begin” (RCS-0517) (Faneuil Hall) (2 copies)1995 Nov 2
3J. Larry Brown and Robert Greenstein (RCS-0338)1991 Nov 17
1, 9Tony Brown: “Black Lies, White Lies” (Faneuil hall)1995 Nov 16
1David Brudnoy: “Life is Not a Rehearsal: AIDS and After” (Northeastern University)1997 Mar 9
3McGeorge Bundy (RCS-0339)1988 Dec 13
3Stokely Carmichael (RCS-0340)1966 Oct 16
3Liz Carpenter (RCS-0341)1988 Nov 17
9James Carroll, Frederick Brown, Julian Houston and Robert Kuttner (RCS-0521)1994 May 25
3James Carroll, Doris Kearns Goodwin and Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. (RCS-0342)1992 Apr 30
3Rosalynn Carter (RCS-0343)1988 Feb 16
9Rosalynn Carter: “Helping Yourself Help Others” (RCS-0565)1994 Nov 9
3Stephen Carter (RCS-0404)1993 Oct 7
3Robin Casarijan (RCS-0406)1993 Oct 17
3Rosanne Cash, Nora Dunn and David Ross (RCS-0405)1990 Oct 18
3Jennifer Casolo (RCS-0407)1990 Jan 28
3John Chancellor, John Marttila, Graham Allison and Christopher Edle (RCS-0408)1989 Apr 13
1, 9Lynne Cheney: “Telling the Truth” (RCS-0578) (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1995 Oct 22
4Henry Cisneros (RCS-0409)1989 Feb21
9Henry Cisneros: “Will Rebuilding Cities Rebuild Families?” (RCS-0569)1995 Apr 6
9Bennett Cohen, Sharon Cohen and Arnold Hiatt (RCS-0514)1994 Mar 24
4Jim Cooke: “An Evening with Calvin Coolidge” (RCS-0411)1989 Oct 3
4Norman Cousins (RCS-0412)1989 Sep 22
4Archibald Cox (RCS-0413)1988 May 1
4Veronica Denegri and Robert J. Lifton (RCS-414)1986 Apr 4
1Alan Dershowitz: “America's Justice System After O.J.” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Apr 11
1Elizabeth Drew: “Showdown in Washington, D.C.” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Apr 18
9Robert Drinan, Helen Fein, Kanan Makiya, and Muhamed Sacirbey (RCS-509)1993 Apr 8
4David Duke (RCS-0415)1991 Mar 28
9Diana Eck “Encountering God.” (RCS-0564)1994 Oct 27
4Marian Wright Edelman (RCS-416)1987 Oct 23
1Marian Wright Edelman: “Priorities for America's Children” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Mar 20
1Mark Edmundson, Lewis Lapham, Earl Shorris, John Silber: “Humanities Lost and Found” (Old South Meeting House)1997 Nov 20
9Joycelyn Elders (RCS-0520)1994 May 17
4Katherine Fanning (RCS-0417)1990 May 3
7Geraldine Ferraro (RCS-0502)1988 Jun 16
1Geoffrey Fieger: “The Morality of Physician-Assisted Suicide?” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1996 Sep 29
1, 9Eva Fogelman: “Conscience and Courage” (RCS-0574) (Faneuil Hall) (2 copies)1995 Oct 19
4Betty Ford and Ann Richards (RCS-0418)1988 Sep 29
4Barney Frank and Warren Rudman (RCS-0419)1988 Nov 10
4Robert Frost (RCS-420)1961 Dec 3
4John Kenneth Galbraith (RCS-0421)1988 Apr 14
7Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Shelby Steele, Itaberi Njeri and James Traub: “Voices in Black and White” (RCS-0493)1992 Oct 29
1Robert Gates: “An Insider's Look at the Cold War” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1996 Apr 28
4Doris Kearns Goodwin (RCS-0423)1990 Sep 27
4Albert Gore (RCS-424)1992 Apr 5
4Lou Gorman, Stephen Jay Gould, William Almon, Eugene Ozra, Dan Shaughnessy1991 Apr 16
1Terry Gross: “1997 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1997 Sep 28
1Lani Guinier: “Turning a Civil Rights Setback Into a New Vision of Social Justice” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1998 Apr 5
4Richard Haass and Howard Zinn (RCS-0426)1987 Apr 22
4Alexander Haig (RCS-0427)1987 Apr 30
4David Halberstam (RCS-0428)1984 Oct 4
7Nigel Hamilton (RCS-0504)1993 Mar 25
1Marion Hammer: “Freedom! Can We Save It?” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1996 Nov 3
4Henry Hampton (RCS-0429)1987 Nov 11
4Joseph Hardiman (RCS-0430)1993 May 19
4Michael Harrington (RCS-0431)1988 Sep 25
5Gary Hart (RCS-0432)1993 May 19
5Randall Hayes (RCS-0433)1990 Apr 26
5Seamus Heaney (RCS-0434)1987 May 10
7Nat Hentoff (RCS-505) (2 tapes)1993 May 16
1E.D., Jr. Hirsch: “The Schools We Need” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Apr 17
7Christopher Hitchens, Lewis Lapham, Martin F. Nolan, and Les Payne (RCS-0506) (2 tapes)1993 Oct 21
5Shirley Hufstedler and Chester Finn (RCS-0435)1988 Oct 18
5Gloria T. Hull and Peggy McIntosh (RCS-0436)1988 Oct 13
5Ellen Hume and Linda Wertheimer (RCS-0437)1989 Apr 6
5Charlayne Hunter-Gault (RCS-0438)1992 Dec 3
7Patricia Ireland (RCS-0507)1993 May 21
5Jesse Jackson (RCS-0439)1989 Apr 25
1Edward C. Johnson, III: “Fidelity Investments: Managing a Growing Company” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Sep 26
5Philip Johnston and Marc Roberts (RCS-0440)1989 May 4
5Barbara Jordan, Liz Carpenter, Judy Carter and Sey Chassler (RCS-0441)1988 Feb 11-12
5Barbara Jordan and Betty Friedan (RCS-0442)1988 May 1, Oct 6
5Marvin Kalb and Ira Glasser (RCS-0443)1989 Mar 14
5Rosabeth Moss Kanter (RCS-0444)1990 Oct 28
5Mitchell Kapor (RCS-0445)1989 Apr 16
5Fang Ke, Perry Link, Aryeh Neier and Orville Schell (RCS-0446)1990 May 20
5Henry Kendall and Claudine Schneider (RCS-0447)1989 Nov 12
5Edward M. Kennedy, Daniel Cheever and Corine Williams Byrd (RCS-0448)1992 Nov 1
5Nannerl Keohane and Sherry Penney (RCS-0449)1991 Nov 3
9Jean Kilbourne (RCS-0508)1997 Apr 7
8Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks and Leola Brown Montgomery (RCS-0503)1991 May 30
5Martin Luther King Jr. (RCS-0450)1963 Mar
5Henry Kissinger (RCS-0451)1965 Nov 28
6Rita Klimova (RCS-0452)1990 Mar 29
6C. Everett Koop (RCS-0453)1988 Mar 31
6Jonathan Kozol (RCS-0454)1991 Nov 21
6Robert Kuttner and Robert Lawrence (RCS-0455)1992 Apr 23
6Richard Lapchick, Holly Metcalf, Luis Tiant and Norm van Lier (RCS-0456)1990 Nov 18
6Denise Levertov and Danny Glover (RCS-0457)1987 Oct 29, 1989 Apr 12
6Arthur Liman (RCS-0458)1988 Oct 27
2Keith Lockhart: “Why I Sing in the Shower: A Talk with Keith Lockhart” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1997 Oct 26
6Bette Bao Lord and Winston Lord (RCS-0459)1990 Mar 25
2Dr. Susan Love: “Woman's Health: It's Time to Tell the Truth” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1997 Sep 21
9John R. MacArthur, Mark C. Miller and Ear Shorris “The Overselling of America.” (RCS-0563)1994 Oct 13
9Robert MacNeil (RCS-0513)1994 Mar 10
2Norman Mailer: “A Portrait of Picasso as a Young Artist” (Faneuil Hall)1995 Nov 10
6Jonathan Mann (RCS-0460)1991 Apr 18
9Ralph Martin, Robert Rufo and Eli Newberger (RCS-0517)1994 Apr 21
6David McCullogh (RCS-0461)1986 Oct 22
6George McGovern and Robert Kuttner (RCS-0462)1989 Oct 23
8 John McLaughlin (RCS-0501)1988 Apr 17
9Kate Michelman (RCS-0516)1994 Apr 14
6Pei Minxin, Shen Tong, Ding Xueling, Yasheng Huang (RCS-0463)1989 Oct 19
9Charles Murray: “The Bell Curve.” (RCS-0568)1995 Mar 23
8David Nelson, Stephen Breyer, Wayne Budd, Richard Huber, and Hubert Jones (RCS-0500)1992 Oct 15
6Jack Nelson, Charles McDowell, and Julie Johnson (RCS-0464)1991 Nov 14
6Howard Nemerov (RCS-0465)1990 Nov 8
6Paul Nitze (RCS-0466)1989 Dec 11
6Tom O'Brien (RCS-0467)1991 Oct 24
6Sandra Day O'Connor and Mary King (RCS-0468)1988 Feb 11-12
6Laura Palmer (RCS-0469)1989 Jan 25
6Robert Parker and Amanda Cross (RCS-0470)1988 Apr 21
6Rosa Parks: “A Tribute to Rosa Parks” (RCS-0471)1991 May 5
2Deval Patrick: “Current Challenges in Civil Rights” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1996 Mar 31
10Thomas Payzant: “Boston Public Schools: Priorities for Our Children's Future.” (RCS-0579) (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1995 Oct 15
7Leonard Peikoff (RCS-0472)1990 Dec 27
10Leonard Peikoff (RCS-0510, RCS-0511) (2 tapes)1993 Nov 7
2Leonard Peikoff: “A Philosopher Analyzes the O.J. Verdict” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Apr 21
10Leonard Peikoff: “What to do About Crime.” (RCS-0572)1995 Apr 23
7Kevin Phillips (RCS-0473)1991 Apr 28
10Kevin Phillips (RCS-0512)1993 Mar 18
10 Kevin Phillips: “Arrogant Capital.” (RCS-0561)1994 Oct 2
2Robert Pinsky: “American Poetry, American Life: An Evening with the U.S. Poet Laureate”1997 Nov 11
2Robert Pinsky: “Politics and the Press” (JFK Library)1997 Mar 18
7Mamphela Ramphele (RCS-0474)1989 Mar 30
7Ayn Rand (RCS-0475)1968 Dec 8
7Ayn Rand (RCS-0476)1969 Nov 9
2Ralph Reed: “The Christian Coalition's View of Election 1996” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Oct 24
2Robert Reich: “Taking the Long View: American Jobs in the 21st Century” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Apr 3
7Robert Reich and Barry Bluestone (RCS-0477)1988 Jul 13
2Robert Richardson: “Emerson: The Mind on Fire” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Nov 7
7Cokie Roberts (RCS-0478)1992 Apr 2
7Pat Robertson (RCS-0479)1986 Nov 9
7Roger Rosenblatt (RCS-0480)1993 Oct 24
10Muhamed Sacirbey (RCS-0515)1994 Apr 10
7Harrison Salisbury (RCS-0481)1989 Apr 5
7Pete Seeger (RCS-0482)1988 May 15
7The Reverend Al Sharpton (RCS-0483)1993 Oct 14
8Zalman Shoval (RCS-0484)1992 Mar 23
2Patricia Smith: “Invisible Boston: Facets of the City People Never See” (Faneuil Hall)1996 May 16
8Theodore Sorenson (RCS-0485)1989 Mar 14
10Gloria Steinem (RCS-0519)1994 May 12
8I. F. Stone (RCS-0486) 1987 Nov 8
8Louis Sullivan M.D. (RCS-0487)1991 Sep 29
8Paul Szep and Mike Peters (RCS-0488)1988 Nov 2
2Lester Thurow: “Leaving Ourselves a Future: Recommendations for Cutting the Deficit” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Apr 24
10Paul Tsongas and Lowell Weicker: “Does America Need a Third Party?” (RCS-0573)1995 Oct 12
8Barbara Tuchman (RCS-0486)1967
2Admiral Stansfield Turner: “Caging the Nuclear Genie: An American Challenge for Global Security” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1998 Apr 26
10Ted Turner (RCS-0518)1994 Apr 28
8Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Reverend Beyers Naude (RCS-0490)1985 Dec 27
8Andreas Van Agt (RCS-0491)1991 Jan 16
8Sander Vancour, Matt Reese, Joseph Napolitan and David Powers (RCS-0492)1990 Dec 6
8Alice Walker (RCS-0494)1993 May 25
2Rebecca Walker: “To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Mar 27
8J. Jackson Walter (RCS-0495)1989 Nov 9
2Faye Wattleton: “Working Women, Working Wives, Working Mothers, Working Lives” (Egan Center, Northeastern University)1997 Apr 6
2Cornel West: “Restoring Hope: Conversations on the Future of Black America” (Old South Meeting House)1997 Nov 13
2John Edgar Wideman, Blanche McCrary, John Boyd, Casey and Martha Minow: “Outside the Law: Narratives on Justice” (Old South Meeting House)1997 Oct 30
8Elie Wiesel (RCS-0496)1976 Oct 24
8Malcolm X (RCS-0497)1963
8Molly Yard (RCS-0496)1987 Oct 15
8Daniel Yergin (RCS-0499)1991 Apr 25
Videocassette Tape
10Leonard Peikoff: “Why Should One Act on Principle?” (MV 7-3453) VHS and Program Information1988 Apr