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Title:Ford Hall Forum audio tapes
Call Number:M71
List of Contents
Background Information
11Acquisition by Snell Library1991-1994
Audiocassette Indices
11RCS-0324 - RCS-0343n.d.
11RCS-0404 - RCS-0423n.d.
11RCS-0424 - RCS-0443n.d.
11RSC-0444 - RCS-0463n.d.
11RCS-0464 - RCS-0483n.d.
11RCS-0484 - RCS-0503n.d.
11RCS-0504 - RCS-0521n.d.
11RCS-0561 - RCS-0579n.d.
Program Information
11Calendars of Events1995-1998
11“Northeastern University Libraries: Ford Hall Forum Audiocassette Collections.”1994
Program Worksheets
11RCS-0324 - RCS-03431966, 1982, 1992
11RCS-0404 - RCS-04231961, 1986-1993
11RCS-0424 - RCS-04431984-1993
11RSC-0444 - RCS-04631963-1965, 1986-1992
11RCS-0464 - RCS-04831968-1969, 1986-1993
11RCS-0484 - RCS-05031963-1967, 1976, 1983-1993
11RCS-0504 - RCS-05211991-1994
11RCS-0561 - RCS-05791994-1995
Audiocassette Tapes
2Bella Abzug (RCS-0324)1984 Sep 23
8Stephen Adler, Morris Dees, Rudolph Kass and Joseph Balliro: “American Justice on Trial.” (RCS-0567)1995 Mar 16
2Philip Agee (RCS-0325)1988 Nov 6
2Maya Angelou (RCS-0326)1982 May 8
1Christopher Arterton, Nicolas Mills, Patricia Schroeder, Pam Solo: “Civic Renewal: Exerting Our Better Selves”1997 Nov 16
8Hanan Ashwari: “This side of Peace: A Personal Account” (RCS-0571)1995 May 18
1J. Brian Atwood, Head of U.S. Agency for International Development: “Why Should the U.S. Stay Engaged in Bosnia?” (Old South Meeting House)1998 May 14
2Mubarak Awad (RCS-0327)1988 Nov 4
3Mike Barnicle, David Brudnoy (RCS-0328)1992 Oct 25
3Michael Barrett and Theodore Sizer (RCS-0329)1990 Nov 15
1, 9Henry Becton, Peggy Charren, Hilton Kramer, Lewis Lapham and Sheldon Richman: “Public Television: Do We Need it Anymore?” (RCS-0576) (Faneuil Hall) (2 Copies)1995 Nov 9
3Julie Belaga and Ann Lewis (RCS-0330)1992 Apr 12
9Derrick Bell: “Confronting Authority.” (RCS-0562)1994 Oct 6
3Herbert Benson (RCS-0331)1989 Nov 5
3Carl Bernstein, James Doyle, Brian Healy and Marvin Kalb (RCS-0332)1989 Mar 20
3Daniel Berrigan (RCS-0333)1989 Mar 1
3David Blumenthal and John Larkin Thompson (RCS-0334)1992 Apr 16
3Sissela Bok (RCS-0335)1992 Oct 1
9Sarah Brady: “The Tough Road to the Brady Laws: Why the Fight Isn't Over Yet.” (RCS-0570)1996 Apr 27
3Renee Brant, Stephen Curwood and Elizabeth Keely (RCS-0336)1989 Nov 30
1Bratton, William: “Community Policing: Making America's Cities Livable Again” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Mar 13
1Alan Brinkley, John Kenneth, Galbraith Lewis, Lewis Lapham and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.: “Lessons from the Past: What Citizens Need to Know for the Future of Democracy” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Oct 10
3David Broder, (RCS-0337)1990 Apr 12
1, 9David Broder, Julie Johnson and Charles McDowell: “Election '96: Let the Games Begin” (RCS-0517) (Faneuil Hall) (2 copies)1995 Nov 2
3J. Larry Brown and Robert Greenstein (RCS-0338)1991 Nov 17
1, 9Tony Brown: “Black Lies, White Lies” (Faneuil hall)1995 Nov 16
1David Brudnoy: “Life is Not a Rehearsal: AIDS and After” (Northeastern University)1997 Mar 9
3McGeorge Bundy (RCS-0339)1988 Dec 13
3Stokely Carmichael (RCS-0340)1966 Oct 16
3Liz Carpenter (RCS-0341)1988 Nov 17
9James Carroll, Frederick Brown, Julian Houston and Robert Kuttner (RCS-0521)1994 May 25
3James Carroll, Doris Kearns Goodwin and Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. (RCS-0342)1992 Apr 30
3Rosalynn Carter (RCS-0343)1988 Feb 16
9Rosalynn Carter: “Helping Yourself Help Others” (RCS-0565)1994 Nov 9
3Stephen Carter (RCS-0404)1993 Oct 7
3Robin Casarijan (RCS-0406)1993 Oct 17
3Rosanne Cash, Nora Dunn and David Ross (RCS-0405)1990 Oct 18
3Jennifer Casolo (RCS-0407)1990 Jan 28
3John Chancellor, John Marttila, Graham Allison and Christopher Edle (RCS-0408)1989 Apr 13
1, 9Lynne Cheney: “Telling the Truth” (RCS-0578) (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1995 Oct 22
4Henry Cisneros (RCS-0409)1989 Feb21
9Henry Cisneros: “Will Rebuilding Cities Rebuild Families?” (RCS-0569)1995 Apr 6
9Bennett Cohen, Sharon Cohen and Arnold Hiatt (RCS-0514)1994 Mar 24
4Jim Cooke: “An Evening with Calvin Coolidge” (RCS-0411)1989 Oct 3
4Norman Cousins (RCS-0412)1989 Sep 22
4Archibald Cox (RCS-0413)1988 May 1
4Veronica Denegri and Robert J. Lifton (RCS-414)1986 Apr 4
1Alan Dershowitz: “America's Justice System After O.J.” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Apr 11
1Elizabeth Drew: “Showdown in Washington, D.C.” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Apr 18
9Robert Drinan, Helen Fein, Kanan Makiya, and Muhamed Sacirbey (RCS-509)1993 Apr 8
4David Duke (RCS-0415)1991 Mar 28
9Diana Eck “Encountering God.” (RCS-0564)1994 Oct 27
4Marian Wright Edelman (RCS-416)1987 Oct 23
1Marian Wright Edelman: “Priorities for America's Children” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Mar 20
1Mark Edmundson, Lewis Lapham, Earl Shorris, John Silber: “Humanities Lost and Found” (Old South Meeting House)1997 Nov 20
9Joycelyn Elders (RCS-0520)1994 May 17
4Katherine Fanning (RCS-0417)1990 May 3
7Geraldine Ferraro (RCS-0502)1988 Jun 16
1Geoffrey Fieger: “The Morality of Physician-Assisted Suicide?” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1996 Sep 29
1, 9Eva Fogelman: “Conscience and Courage” (RCS-0574) (Faneuil Hall) (2 copies)1995 Oct 19
4Betty Ford and Ann Richards (RCS-0418)1988 Sep 29
4Barney Frank and Warren Rudman (RCS-0419)1988 Nov 10
4Robert Frost (RCS-420)1961 Dec 3
4John Kenneth Galbraith (RCS-0421)1988 Apr 14
7Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Shelby Steele, Itaberi Njeri and James Traub: “Voices in Black and White” (RCS-0493)1992 Oct 29
1Robert Gates: “An Insider's Look at the Cold War” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1996 Apr 28
4Doris Kearns Goodwin (RCS-0423)1990 Sep 27
4Albert Gore (RCS-424)1992 Apr 5
4Lou Gorman, Stephen Jay Gould, William Almon, Eugene Ozra, Dan Shaughnessy1991 Apr 16
1Terry Gross: “1997 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1997 Sep 28
1Lani Guinier: “Turning a Civil Rights Setback Into a New Vision of Social Justice” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1998 Apr 5
4Richard Haass and Howard Zinn (RCS-0426)1987 Apr 22
4Alexander Haig (RCS-0427)1987 Apr 30
4David Halberstam (RCS-0428)1984 Oct 4
7Nigel Hamilton (RCS-0504)1993 Mar 25
1Marion Hammer: “Freedom! Can We Save It?” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1996 Nov 3
4Henry Hampton (RCS-0429)1987 Nov 11
4Joseph Hardiman (RCS-0430)1993 May 19
4Michael Harrington (RCS-0431)1988 Sep 25
5Gary Hart (RCS-0432)1993 May 19
5Randall Hayes (RCS-0433)1990 Apr 26
5Seamus Heaney (RCS-0434)1987 May 10
7Nat Hentoff (RCS-505) (2 tapes)1993 May 16
1E.D., Jr. Hirsch: “The Schools We Need” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Apr 17
7Christopher Hitchens, Lewis Lapham, Martin F. Nolan, and Les Payne (RCS-0506) (2 tapes)1993 Oct 21
5Shirley Hufstedler and Chester Finn (RCS-0435)1988 Oct 18
5Gloria T. Hull and Peggy McIntosh (RCS-0436)1988 Oct 13
5Ellen Hume and Linda Wertheimer (RCS-0437)1989 Apr 6
5Charlayne Hunter-Gault (RCS-0438)1992 Dec 3
7Patricia Ireland (RCS-0507)1993 May 21
5Jesse Jackson (RCS-0439)1989 Apr 25
1Edward C. Johnson, III: “Fidelity Investments: Managing a Growing Company” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Sep 26
5Philip Johnston and Marc Roberts (RCS-0440)1989 May 4
5Barbara Jordan, Liz Carpenter, Judy Carter and Sey Chassler (RCS-0441)1988 Feb 11-12
5Barbara Jordan and Betty Friedan (RCS-0442)1988 May 1, Oct 6
5Marvin Kalb and Ira Glasser (RCS-0443)1989 Mar 14
5Rosabeth Moss Kanter (RCS-0444)1990 Oct 28
5Mitchell Kapor (RCS-0445)1989 Apr 16
5Fang Ke, Perry Link, Aryeh Neier and Orville Schell (RCS-0446)1990 May 20
5Henry Kendall and Claudine Schneider (RCS-0447)1989 Nov 12
5Edward M. Kennedy, Daniel Cheever and Corine Williams Byrd (RCS-0448)1992 Nov 1
5Nannerl Keohane and Sherry Penney (RCS-0449)1991 Nov 3
9Jean Kilbourne (RCS-0508)1997 Apr 7
8Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks and Leola Brown Montgomery (RCS-0503)1991 May 30
5Martin Luther King Jr. (RCS-0450)1963 Mar
5Henry Kissinger (RCS-0451)1965 Nov 28
6Rita Klimova (RCS-0452)1990 Mar 29
6C. Everett Koop (RCS-0453)1988 Mar 31
6Jonathan Kozol (RCS-0454)1991 Nov 21
6Robert Kuttner and Robert Lawrence (RCS-0455)1992 Apr 23
6Richard Lapchick, Holly Metcalf, Luis Tiant and Norm van Lier (RCS-0456)1990 Nov 18
6Denise Levertov and Danny Glover (RCS-0457)1987 Oct 29, 1989 Apr 12
6Arthur Liman (RCS-0458)1988 Oct 27
2Keith Lockhart: “Why I Sing in the Shower: A Talk with Keith Lockhart” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1997 Oct 26
6Bette Bao Lord and Winston Lord (RCS-0459)1990 Mar 25
2Dr. Susan Love: “Woman's Health: It's Time to Tell the Truth” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1997 Sep 21
9John R. MacArthur, Mark C. Miller and Ear Shorris “The Overselling of America.” (RCS-0563)1994 Oct 13
9Robert MacNeil (RCS-0513)1994 Mar 10
2Norman Mailer: “A Portrait of Picasso as a Young Artist” (Faneuil Hall)1995 Nov 10
6Jonathan Mann (RCS-0460)1991 Apr 18
9Ralph Martin, Robert Rufo and Eli Newberger (RCS-0517)1994 Apr 21
6David McCullogh (RCS-0461)1986 Oct 22
6George McGovern and Robert Kuttner (RCS-0462)1989 Oct 23
8 John McLaughlin (RCS-0501)1988 Apr 17
9Kate Michelman (RCS-0516)1994 Apr 14
6Pei Minxin, Shen Tong, Ding Xueling, Yasheng Huang (RCS-0463)1989 Oct 19
9Charles Murray: “The Bell Curve.” (RCS-0568)1995 Mar 23
8David Nelson, Stephen Breyer, Wayne Budd, Richard Huber, and Hubert Jones (RCS-0500)1992 Oct 15
6Jack Nelson, Charles McDowell, and Julie Johnson (RCS-0464)1991 Nov 14
6Howard Nemerov (RCS-0465)1990 Nov 8
6Paul Nitze (RCS-0466)1989 Dec 11
6Tom O'Brien (RCS-0467)1991 Oct 24
6Sandra Day O'Connor and Mary King (RCS-0468)1988 Feb 11-12
6Laura Palmer (RCS-0469)1989 Jan 25
6Robert Parker and Amanda Cross (RCS-0470)1988 Apr 21
6Rosa Parks: “A Tribute to Rosa Parks” (RCS-0471)1991 May 5
2Deval Patrick: “Current Challenges in Civil Rights” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1996 Mar 31
10Thomas Payzant: “Boston Public Schools: Priorities for Our Children's Future.” (RCS-0579) (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1995 Oct 15
7Leonard Peikoff (RCS-0472)1990 Dec 27
10Leonard Peikoff (RCS-0510, RCS-0511) (2 tapes)1993 Nov 7
2Leonard Peikoff: “A Philosopher Analyzes the O.J. Verdict” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Apr 21
10Leonard Peikoff: “What to do About Crime.” (RCS-0572)1995 Apr 23
7Kevin Phillips (RCS-0473)1991 Apr 28
10Kevin Phillips (RCS-0512)1993 Mar 18
10 Kevin Phillips: “Arrogant Capital.” (RCS-0561)1994 Oct 2
2Robert Pinsky: “American Poetry, American Life: An Evening with the U.S. Poet Laureate”1997 Nov 11
2Robert Pinsky: “Politics and the Press” (JFK Library)1997 Mar 18
7Mamphela Ramphele (RCS-0474)1989 Mar 30
7Ayn Rand (RCS-0475)1968 Dec 8
7Ayn Rand (RCS-0476)1969 Nov 9
2Ralph Reed: “The Christian Coalition's View of Election 1996” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Oct 24
2Robert Reich: “Taking the Long View: American Jobs in the 21st Century” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Apr 3
7Robert Reich and Barry Bluestone (RCS-0477)1988 Jul 13
2Robert Richardson: “Emerson: The Mind on Fire” (Faneuil Hall)1996 Nov 7
7Cokie Roberts (RCS-0478)1992 Apr 2
7Pat Robertson (RCS-0479)1986 Nov 9
7Roger Rosenblatt (RCS-0480)1993 Oct 24
10Muhamed Sacirbey (RCS-0515)1994 Apr 10
7Harrison Salisbury (RCS-0481)1989 Apr 5
7Pete Seeger (RCS-0482)1988 May 15
7The Reverend Al Sharpton (RCS-0483)1993 Oct 14
8Zalman Shoval (RCS-0484)1992 Mar 23
2Patricia Smith: “Invisible Boston: Facets of the City People Never See” (Faneuil Hall)1996 May 16
8Theodore Sorenson (RCS-0485)1989 Mar 14
10Gloria Steinem (RCS-0519)1994 May 12
8I. F. Stone (RCS-0486) 1987 Nov 8
8Louis Sullivan M.D. (RCS-0487)1991 Sep 29
8Paul Szep and Mike Peters (RCS-0488)1988 Nov 2
2Lester Thurow: “Leaving Ourselves a Future: Recommendations for Cutting the Deficit” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Apr 24
10Paul Tsongas and Lowell Weicker: “Does America Need a Third Party?” (RCS-0573)1995 Oct 12
8Barbara Tuchman (RCS-0486)1967
2Admiral Stansfield Turner: “Caging the Nuclear Genie: An American Challenge for Global Security” (Blackman Auditorium, Northeastern University)1998 Apr 26
10Ted Turner (RCS-0518)1994 Apr 28
8Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Reverend Beyers Naude (RCS-0490)1985 Dec 27
8Andreas Van Agt (RCS-0491)1991 Jan 16
8Sander Vancour, Matt Reese, Joseph Napolitan and David Powers (RCS-0492)1990 Dec 6
8Alice Walker (RCS-0494)1993 May 25
2Rebecca Walker: “To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism” (Faneuil Hall)1997 Mar 27
8J. Jackson Walter (RCS-0495)1989 Nov 9
2Faye Wattleton: “Working Women, Working Wives, Working Mothers, Working Lives” (Egan Center, Northeastern University)1997 Apr 6
2Cornel West: “Restoring Hope: Conversations on the Future of Black America” (Old South Meeting House)1997 Nov 13
2John Edgar Wideman, Blanche McCrary, John Boyd, Casey and Martha Minow: “Outside the Law: Narratives on Justice” (Old South Meeting House)1997 Oct 30
8Elie Wiesel (RCS-0496)1976 Oct 24
8Malcolm X (RCS-0497)1963
8Molly Yard (RCS-0496)1987 Oct 15
8Daniel Yergin (RCS-0499)1991 Apr 25
Videocassette Tape
10Leonard Peikoff: “Why Should One Act on Principle?” (MV 7-3453) VHS and Program Information1988 Apr