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Collection Overview
Title:Joseph D. Warren papers
Date:1972-2003 (bulk 1980-1990)
Location Code:64/4, 55/3, 55/4
Reference Code:M87
Extent:8.50 cubic ft. (10 boxes)
Scope and Content Abstract:The Joseph D. Warren papers document African American involvement in Massachusetts politics between 1980 and 1990 and in Michael S. Dukakis' 1988 Presidential campaign. A majority of the collection contains correspondence, news clippings, and reports that Warren collected and organized for a book, which he tentatively titled Assessing the Approaches and Effectiveness of Organizing the Black Community. The proposed book will examine Warren's efforts to advance African American and other minority causes and involvement in politics, with particular emphasis on the relationship between the African American community and Dukakis both in Massachusetts and nation-wide. In particular, there are reports and correspondence from the so-called "Warren Commission," a political advocacy group organized by Warren to serve as the means by which to "organize the Black community" and to provide it a political voice. The collection also contains material from the State-wide Issues Hearings sponsored by the Warren Commission in December 1982. In addition, there are also subject files that document minority involvement in the Democratic Party, Dukakis' 1988 Presidential Election Campaign, and urban renewal projects in Massachusetts.
Historical Abstract:African American politician and educator Joseph David Warren was born to Geroldine McDaniel Warren and Harold H. Warren in Harlem, New York on April 2, 1938. In 1979, he organized what became known as the "Warren Commission," a political advocacy group that worked to improve the social and economic conditions of minority groups and to ensure that their needs were represented in the Massachusetts and federal governments. Warren served as a political aide and advisor to Michael S. Dukakis during Dukakis' second (1982-1986) and third (1986-1990) terms as Massachusetts governor. Warren also served as Dukakis' senior advisor during his 1988 presidential campaign. In addition, Warren was a member of Michael Dukakis' Community Development Coordinating Council, from 1982-1989 and was involved in several urban renewal projects in the Southwest Corridor of Boston, Mass. Warren also worked to increase hiring of minorities for government jobs and contracts. In addition to his political activities, he has worked at Northeastern University since 1978 as an Associate Professor in the Department of African American Studies and served as the Urban Assistant to Northeastern University President Kenneth G. Ryder. In 1982, Warren became director of the Northeastern University Office of Community Affairs, which was responsible for managing the school's relationship with communities throughout Massachusetts.
System of Arrangement:This collection is arranged into three series: 1. Book Research; 2. Subject Files; and 3. State-wide Issues Hearings.
Subjects and Contributors:
  • Dukakis, Michael S. (Michael Stanley), 1933-
  • Jackson, Jesse, 1941-
  • Mondale Walter F., 1928-
  • Warren, Joseph D.

  • Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.)

  • Affirmative Action programs -- Minorities -- Employment
  • African American economists -- Massachusetts
  • African American educators -- Massachusetts
  • African American political consultants -- Massachusetts
  • African Americans -- Massachusetts -- Politics and Government -- 1951-
  • Cambridge (Mass.) -- Social conditions
  • Dorchester (Boston, Mass.) -- Social conditions
  • Mattapan (Boston, Mass.) -- Social conditions
  • Minorities -- Economic conditions
  • Minorities -- Social conditions
  • Politics and government -- Massachusetts
  • Presidential candidates -- United States
  • Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1984
  • Roxbury (Boston, Mass.) -- Social conditions
  • Springfield (Mass.) -- Social conditions
  • Vice-Presidential candidates -- United States
  • Worcester (Mass.) -- Social conditions

Conditions Governing Access:Northeastern University records (Box 6, folder 64) are closed for 25 years from the date of their creation. Student and personnel files (Box 6, folders 61-62) are closed for 75 years from the date of their creation.
Processor:Finding aid prepared by Jessica Parr, Ellen Lassiter, June 2003, March 2005; updated by Migyeong Geum, November 2012.

Scope and Content Note

The Joseph David Warren papers document Warren's political roles in advocating for African American causes in Massachusetts in the 1980s and Michael Dukakis' 1988 Presidential election campaign. The papers provide perspective on such issues as minority involvement in politics, urban renewal action in Boston's Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods, and the needs of Massachusetts minorities in the areas of employment, housing, education, business development, and human services.

Warren compiled this collection of correspondence, news clippings, photographs, and as research for his proposed book, tentatively titled "Assessing the Approaches and Effectivness of Organizing the Black Community." In particular, there are reports and correspondence from the so-called "Warren Commission," a political advocacy group organized by Warren to serve as the means by which to "organize the Black community" and provide it with a political voice. There is a strong emphasis on the relationship between the African American community and Michael S. Dukakis and the effort Warren made toward bolstering Dukakis' image in that community. Also included are subject files that Warren initially collected as part of his research for his book, but did not incorporate into the existing organization of the proposed book as well as records from the Massachusetts State-wide Issues Hearings, which were sponsored by the Warren Commission in 1982.

Historical Note

African American politician and educator Joseph David Warren was born to Geroldine McDaniel Warren and Harold H. Warren, Sr. in Harlem, New York on April 2, 1938. In 1956, he joined the United States Naval Reserve. He rose to the rank of commander, a post he served until his retirement from the armed forces in 1994. Warren received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1969, an Master of Arts in Social Research in 1972 from Brandeis University, and a Ph.D. in Social Work in 1983, also from Brandeis.

In addition to a series of lecturer and administrative posts at Brandeis and Boston University, he served as Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of Education from 1975 to 1979. In 1978, Warren received a joint appointment to the Northeastern University Department of African American Studies as an Associate Professor and Urban Assistant to President Kenneth G. Ryder. In this newly created position, he represented Ryder as chair of both the Youth Advisory Council of the City of Boston and the Access Committee for the Massachusetts Advisory Council on Vocational and Technical Education. In 1982, Warren was appointed director of the Northeastern University Office of Community Affairs, which addressed issues involving Northeastern University's relationship with its communities throughout Massachusetts. Under his leadership, the Office of Community Affairs opened Balfour Academy the following year. Designed to provide educational opportunities to inner-city youth, Balfour Academy accepted 50 children from the Mission Hill-Fenway neighborhoods annually and graduates of Balfour Academy were granted scholarships to attend Northeastern University.

Warren also led a political advocacy group, nicknamed the Warren Commission, through which he hoped to create a voice in the Massachusetts and, later, national political arenas for African Americans and other minority groups. The Warren Commission worked to improve socio-economic conditions for minority groups and endorsed candidates whom it believed would address minority needs. The Warren Commission supported Michael S. Dukakis' 1982 election to his second term as Massachusetts governor. As governor, Dukakis appointed Warren to his Community Development Coordinating Council, a committee designed to improve the economic and social conditions in Boston neighborhoods, particularly Roxbury and Dorchester. The Community Development Coordinating Council was responsible for several urban renewal projects, including improving conditions along the Orange Line through the Southwest Corridor.

An active member of the Democratic Party, Warren led efforts to amend the platform and charter of the Massachusetts Democratic Party to address the needs of minorities in 1984 and 1986. He was also involved in the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee and Minority Democratic Caucus, and served as a delegate at several state and national Democratic conventions in 1984 and 1986. From 1982 to 1989, Warren was Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Human Resources Center, an office which Dukakis organized to assist with employment, training, health issues, and other human service programs. Warren also served as a senior political advisor to Dukakis during his 1988 Presidential Election Campaign.

1938 Born in New York City, New York on April 2nd.
1956 Entered U.S. Naval Reserves.
1969 Received a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina A&T University.
1970-1972Lecturer in Urban Studies at Brandeis University (Waltham, Mass.).
1972Received an Master of Social Work degree from Brandeis.
1970-1975Executive Director, Upward Bound Program at Brandeis University (Waltham, Mass.).
1972-1975Assistant Professor of Planning and Applied Research at Boston University School of Social Work.
1979-1990Warren Commission active in state-wide and national political arenas.
1975-1979Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of Education.
1975-1988Served as Minority Advisor to Michael S. Dukakis.
1976-1979Served as chairman of the Newton Community School in Newton, Mass.
1978Joint appointment as Associate Professor of African American studies for the Afro-American Institute and Urban Assistant to Kenneth G. Ryder.
1979Involved in the design of the Ruggles Street MBTA station.
1979Member of the Boston Mayor's Youth Advisory Council.
1982Appointed Director of the Northeastern University Office of Community Affairs; Appointed member of the Massachusetts State Democratic Committee.
1982-1989Member of Michael S. Dukakis' Community Development Coordinating Council.
1983 Received a PhD from Brandeis University, member of Phi Kappa Phi; Balfour Academy opened
1983-1994Commander, Naval Reserves.
1985Led an effort to revise the Massachusetts Democratic Party's charter.
1987Received a grant to study potential employer needs in the Southwest Corridor.
1988General election coordinator and leading advisor on Michael S. Dukakis' Presidential campaign.

Bronner, Ethan, "Southwest Corridor: Setting a New Course," The Boston Globe, 2 November 1986, Metro Section, p. 1.

Claffey, Charles. "Roxbury's Turn for Renewal; Minority Groups Want More Input into Dudley Station Revitalization Plan," The Boston Globe, 17 February 1985, sec. A, p. 21.

Frederick, Antoinette. Northeastern University, Coming of Age: The Ryder Years. Boston, MA: Northeastern University, 1995

"Joseph David Warren, Dr." Who's Who Among African Americans, 15th ed. Gale Group, 2002. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich.: The Gale Group. 2003.

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1. Book Research, 1979-2003 (bulk 1982-1990)
Volume:4.60 cubic ft.
Arrangement:This series has been preserved in the order in which it was originally received. It is arranged first by numerical chapters, then by the following subheadings: Observations, Questions, Actions, Milestones, and Lessons, which Warren created as structure for the chapters of his book.
Summary:This series includes correspondence, news clippings, papers, and reports that Warren collected and organized for writing a book, which he tentatively titled Assessing the Approaches and Effectiveness of Organizing the Black Community. In addition, there are two rough outlines of his proposed book, one of which is from 2003. The chapters within this series contain materials that describe the early days of organizing the "Warren Commission", a political advocacy group that was designed to advocate for the social, economic, and political needs of the African American community and other minority groups. Also included is correspondence that documents the Warren Commission's support for the gubernatorial and presidential campaigns of Michael S. Dukakis, as well as news clippings and campaign material from the overall presidential election. In addition, there is some material on the Warren Commission's efforts toward improving socio-economic conditions for minorities in Massachusetts, including correspondence, news clippings, photographs, proposals and, reports.

Warren created 5 different subheadings within the chapters: Observations, Questions, Actions, Milestones and Lessons. The subheadings do not all appear in each chapter.

In the Observations section, Warren included material to illustrate his arguments. For instance, the Observations section of Chapter 1 includes correspondence and reports that illustrate the need for advocacy of minority, and particularly African American issues, such as employment of African Americans in Massachusetts state government.

The Questions section includes material that Warren believed raised important issues about choices and options for improving of the status of African Americans in Massachusetts. For example, the Questions section of Chapter 2, includes a debate about whether the African American community should support Michael S. Dukakis in his second gubernatorial campaign in 1982. In Chapter 4, there are materials examining the best approach toward social and economic development projects in the Southwest Corridor (namely the Roxbury-Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston).

In the Actions section, Warren included material documenting events and programs that were important and or necessary in achieving social, economic, and political justice for minorities. For example, in Chapter 5 there is correspondence from the Human Resource Center, a Massachusetts State office created during Michael S. Dukakis' second gubernatorial term that assisted in health care, employment, and career training issues.

In the Milestones section, Warren included material illustrating the attainment of important goals for improving conditions of minorities. Materials in the Milestone section of Chapter 2, for example, include correspondence, membership lists, and other documentation on the creation and organization of the Warren Commission.

Finally, in the Lessons section, Warren included material that is indicative of what he learned while he worked to improve social and economic conditions for minorities. In the Lessons section of Chapter 6, he included correspondence and reports related to funding various urban renewal projects in the Southwest Corridor, such as the construction of the Ruggles MBTA Station, the clean-up of Franklin State Park, and the Roxbury Heritage State Park.
1Biographical Information1979-2002
1Book Outlines (4 folders)n.d., 2003
1Boston, the Center of National Black Focus, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) March Photographs1975
1Actions: Correspondence and Hearing Officers Listca. 1982
1Massachusetts Gubernatorial Election1982
1Correspondence and News Clippingsn.d., 1981-1986
1Observation: Correspondence and Meeting Attendance1981-1982
1Questions: "The Dukakis Slate"ca. 1982
1Warren Commission Agenda1981-1982
1Dukakis Fundraising and Campaigning1982
1Warren Commission Membership (2 folders)1982-1987
1Warren Commission1982-1984
1Michael S. Dukakis Gubernatorial Campaign1982
1"There is More Than One Massachusetts Economy"1984
1News Clippings about Minorities1982
1Affirmative Action in Massachusetts Government1982
1Affirmative Action Hiring1982-1983
1Affirmative Action Hiring (3 folders)1983
1Dukakis Campaign News Clippings1984
1Dukakis Transition, Administrative Hiring (2 folders)1982
1Dukakis Transition Advisory Committee1982
1Dukakis Campaign Advertisements1982
1Warren Commission Objectives1982
1Massachusetts State Ethics Commission1983
1Atlantic Research Company: "General Public Opinion Survey of Awareness and Attitudes Toward the Proposed Development of Boston State Hospital Property in Mattapan"1985
1Warren Commission Meeting Minutes1983 Jan 12
1Massachusetts State House Civil Rights Report1984 Jun
1Warren Commissionn.d., 1983
1Discussion Paper1984
1News Clippingsca. 1984
1"A Proposal for Research on Minority Businesses"1985
1Roxbury Heritage State Park1985
1Jackson, Rev. Jesse1983
1Boston PIC Speech (draft)1982
1Correspondence1982, 1988
1Dukakis/Kerry Campaign Brochureca. 1982
1News Clippings1983-1984
1Massachusetts Advisory Council on Vocational-Technical Education1984
1Minority Organizations1983
1Press Release1983
1Community Development in the Southwest Corridor1985, 1989
1Human Resources1985
1Roxbury Renewalca. 1985
1News Clippings1985
1Biographies of Michael S. and Katherine Dukakisca. 1985
1Citizens Informationca. 1985
1News Clippings1986
1Dukakis, Michael S.: "A Proposal to Rebuild and Expand the Commonwealth's Economic Infrastructure"ca. 1985
1Warren Commission1987
1News Clippings1986
1Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1986
1"Proposal for the Creation of the Gubernatorial Special Commission on Black Economic Development in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts"1983
1Franklin Park Coalition1984
1South African Investments1985
1Franklin Park Coalition1984
1Boston Urban Bankers Forum1982
1Michael S. Dukakis and the Minority Community1983-1984
1Warren Commission1983-1985
1Correspondence (4 folders)1982-1985
1Roxbury Heritage State Park1985
1Human Services Center1985
2Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC) (3 folders)1982-1986
2Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)1988
2Employment, Board and Commission1983
2Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1985-1987
2Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)1988
2Minority Employment 1983
2Fund Raising: "Send Joe Packing"ca. 1983
2Summer Jobs1984
2Human Resource Center and Educational Training1984
2Warren Commission: State of the Union and Recommendations 1984
2Summer Youth Job Program1984
2Dukakis Christmas Poem to His Staff1984
2Press Release1984
2Warren Commission Core Meeting1981
2"Education and Training Choices" 1983-1984
2Dukakis Administrative Appointmentsca. 1987
2Minority Business Enterprise1984
2Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1985
2Dukakis Speeches1985
2Warren Commission1985
2Finance Committee1985
2Summer Jobs Program1985
2Human Resource Center1986
2Minority Employment1986
2Human Resource Center1986
2Warren Commission 1984
2Commonwealth of Massachusetts1983-1984
2Dukakis Administrative Appointments1984
2Governor's Report on Civil Rights 1984
2Record of Minority Employment in Massachusetts Government1984-1985
2Report of the Education Task Force198?
2Placement on Boards1985
2Status of the Minority Business Enterprise1985
2Senior Black Managers in Massachusetts Government1985
2Minority Employmentca. 1988
2Warren Commission Hearings1982
2News Clippings198?
2Warren Commission Correspondence1983
2Dukakis Transition: Women Candidates1982
2Parcel 18 Developmentn.d.
2Summer Jobsn.d.
2Dukakis Transition and Warren Commission1983
2Boston State Hospital Plan1985
2Dukakis Third Term Appointments1985
2Roxbury Heritage State Park1988
2Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1985
2Minority Business Enterprise1987
2"Confirmation of Duke's Sincerity"1984
2Affirmative Action1984
2Employment Process1983
2Launching the Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1983
2Warren Commission 1983
2Minority Business Enterprise198?
2"State Recognizes Projects"1984
2"A Growing Crisis: Disadvantaged Women and Their Children"1983
2Kenya Delegation Visitca. 1985
2Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1985
2Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)1988
2Black History Month Planning Group1983
2Mondale-Ferraro Presidential Campaign1984
2Democratic National Committee; "Blacks and Democratic Politics"1984
2"Black Papers: Documentaries"1984
2The Associationn.d.
2Dukakis Finance Committee 1986
2Minority Business Enterprise Reports (2 folders)1988
21984 Presidential Election Campaign1984
2Time Magazine: "Seeking Black Votes and Clout, A New Drive for Political Power"1983
2Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign1984
2Mondale-Ferraro Presidential Campaign1984
2Democratic State Committee1984
2Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign1984
2Democratic State Committee 1984
2Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign1984
2Delegation Managers1984
2National Governor's Association: Discrimination Charges1983-1984
2Michael Dukakis Gubernatorial Finance Council1984
2Democratic National Committee 1984
2"Remarks of Walter F. Mondale at the 74th Annual Convention of the NCAAP," (New Orleans, LA)1983
2"Collaboration Between Jackson and Mondale Campaigns"1984
2Dukakis Campaign1985
2Community Development Coordinating Council 1985-1986
2Human Resource Center (2 folders)1988-1990
2Advocates for Private Sector Support1988
2Human Resource Center (2 folders)1988-1989
2Democratic State Committee 1982-1984
2Minority Mondale/Ferraro Steering Committee ca.1984
2State Administration Procedures Act Hearing1984
2Democratic State Committee1984
2Minority Business Enterprise1987-1988
2Mondale Presidential Campaign1984
2Public Employees Roundtable Award1985
2"Jesse Jackson on the Record," WNEV-TV1984
2Democratic State Committee (2 folders)1984
3"Dukakis Targeted by GOP"ca. 1986
3Dukakis Presidential Campaign1988
3Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1987
3Warren Commission Network ca. 1986
3Community Development Coordinating Council1988
3Mel King Congressional Campaign1986
3Human Resource Center1986-1987
3Human Resource Center1987
3Minority Business Enterprise1988
3Democratic Policy Commissionca. 1986
3Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1987-1988
3Warren Commission1985
3Minority Business Development Committee 1987
3State (MA) Employment1987
Human Resource Center
3Workshop1987 Jun
3Board of Directors1987
3Workshop1987 Jun
3Annual Report1987
3Board of Directors1987
3Minority Business Enterprise1988
3O'Keefe Management Reportca. 1988
3Budget and Personnel Cuts, Impact on Human Services 1990
3Impact, No-Tax Budget, Human Services 1990
3Minority Business Enterprise1988-1989
3Request for Funding 1987
3Minority Business Enterprise1989
3Board of Directors1987
3Minority Business Enterprise1988
3Board of Directors1988
3Board of Directors 1988
3 Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers1988
3Statewide Hearings (2 folders)1982
Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)
3Draft of Annual Report1985
3Boston State Hospital Citizens Advisory Committee1985
3Child Care (2 folders)1986
3Lena Park1986
3Dukakis Administration Employment1986
3Parcel 18 Development1986
3Minority Economic Development Planning Council 1987
3Richard Mullins Contract 1988
3Review of Accomplishments1988
3Parcel-to-Parcel Linkage, Project 11988
3UNC Ventures1988
3Coalition of Women Business Owners1988
3Minority Contractors1988
3Minority Business Assistanceca. 1987
3Correspondence1985, 1987
3Boston State Hospital Citizens Advisory Committee1987
3Caucus of Minority Democrats1986
3State Democratic Convention Delegates (4 folders)1986
3Caucus of Minority Democrats1985
3"Master Minority Report"1984
3Dukakis Presidential Campaign1988
3Caucus of Minority Democrats (2 folders)1980-1982, 1986
3Massachusetts State Democratic Committee Annual Dinner1983
3Minority Candidates1983
3Democratic State Committee1983
3Caucus of Minority Democrats1983, 1985
3Massachusetts Democratic Convention1986
3Minority Candidates1986
3Caucus of Minority Democrats (2 folders)1986
3Massachusetts State Democratic Convention1984
3Caucus of Minority Democratsca. 1984
3Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)
3"Youth Employment and Development Proposal"ca. 1986
3 Correspondence1986
3Parcel 181986
3Minority Business Development Commission1987
3Warren Commission1985
3Office of Minority Business Development and Employment Planning Documentca. 1987
3Dorchester Industrial Park Development Project1987
3Democratic State Committee (2 folders)1982, 1985-1988
3Caucus of Minority Democrats1987
3Affirmative Action1987
3Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)
3Mattapan, Massachusetts1985
3Franklin Park Coalition1985
3"Request for Assistance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from the National Center of Afro-American Artists"1986
3"A Futuristic Concept Paper for Discussion"1986
3Proposed Amendments to the Massachusetts Democratic Party Charter (2 folders)1985
3Platform and Charter of the MA Democratic Party1985 May
3"Information About State Conventions" 1985
3Proposed Amendment to the Democratic Platformca. 1985
3Proposed Charter Amendments (2 folders)1985
4National Black Organizations1987
4Democratic National Convention1989
4Congressional Black Caucus Weekend1987
4Dukakis News Clippings1987
4Biography of Michael S. Dukakisca. 1985
4Votes of Democratic Candidates1987
4Black College Development Corporationn.d.
4Democratic State Committee1988
4Democratic Policy Commission 1986
4Minority Finance Council1986
4Dukakis Campaign1986
4Young Turks Preliminary Overview1986
4Black-Owned Mediaca. 1986
4National Conference of Black Mayors Roster1987
4National Forum for Black Public Administrators Membership Roster1987-1988
4Bush, Vice President George H.W.1987
4Dukakis Presidential Campaign (2 folders)1986-1988
41988 Election News Clippings 1986-1987
4Minority Politics News Clippings 1988
41988 Election News Clippings ca. 1987
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign Bumper Sticker1987
4News Clippings1987
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Coordination of (2 folders)1988
4Texas and Alabama1988
4Congressional District Demographic Information1988
41988 Election, News Clippings1988
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Tennessee and South Carolina1988
4Columbia University Minority Enrollment1988
4Dukakis National Steering Committeeca. 1988
4National Coalition on Black Voter Participation1987
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Endorsement Lists (2 folders)1988
4Florida 1988
4Law Enforcement1988
4Primary Election1988
4Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi1988
4Convention Delegate Study1989
4Democratic National Committee1988
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Dukakis National Economic Strategy1988
4Dukakis Delegate Selection Planca. 1988
4Dukakis Convention Schedule1988
4Political Platformca. 1988
4Delegate Count1988
4News Clippings1988
4Democratic National Committee1988
41988 Election1988
4"Electoral College Break-Down"1986
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign1988
4"Blacks and the 1988 Democratic National Convention"1988
41988 Presidential Electionca. 1988
4Warren Commission Networking1988
41988 Election, News Clippings1988
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign 1988
4Action for Boston Community Development1988
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign1988
41988 Election 1986-1987
4"Statement of Michael S. Dukakis on the Occasion of the Announcement of His Candidacy for Presidential of the United States of America"1987
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign1987
4Conventions: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Black Congressional Caucus and Mt. Sinai1987
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Warren Commission1987
4Input-Output Computer Services (IOCS): Bill of Sale1987
4Warren Commission
4Alabama New South Coalition1987
4Affirmative Action and Summer Youth Employment 1987
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign1987
4Warren Commission1987
4Democratic National Committeeca. 1987
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign1987
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Warren Commission Delegate Selection Plan1987
4"Opportunity for All"1987
4Black Political Task Force1988
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Post-Campaign Correspondence1988
4Image Development1988
4Warren Commissionca. 1988
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign, Dukakis National Steering Committeeca. 1987
4NPI Luncheon1988
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4"Plan to Utilize the Public Sector"ca. 1988
4"The Dukakis Times"1988
4Warren Commission1988
4"Dukakis/Bentsen on my Side"1988
4Massachusetts State Democratic Committee, Agenda1988
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign, Correspondence1988
Caucus of Minority Democrats
4Statements of Candidates for State Treasurer (Keverian)1990
4Statements of Candidates for Governor (Silber)1990
4Statements of Candidates for Lt. Governor (Clapprood, Murphy, Paleologos)1990
4Statements of Candidates for Attorney General (Harshbarger)1990
4Statements of Candidates for Lt. Governor (Golden)1990
4Statements of Candidates for Attorney General (Shannon)1990
4Statements of Candidates for State Treasurer (Kraus)1990
4Statements of Candidates for Attorney General (Bellotti)1990
Joseph D. Warren
4Campaign Notesca. 1987
4Travelca. 1987
4Warren Commission: Organizationn.d.
41988 Dukakis Campaign News Clippingsca. 1987
Joseph D. Warren
4Report to Dukakis1988
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
Warren Commission
4Black Colleges1988
4End-of-Campaign Strategy1988
4Fund Raising1988
4Brazile, Donna: "Black Participation in the Dukakis-Bentsen Campaign"1988
41988 Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign1988
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign: News Clippings1988
4Portrait of Joseph D. Warrenn.d.
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Warren Commission Brochureca. 1988
4News Clippings1988
4Campaign Travel1988
4News Clippings1988
4Joseph D. Warren Travel Itinerary1988
4News Clippings1988
4Photographs 1988
4News Clippings1988
4"The Warren Seat"1988
4News Clippings: "Unity Delegation"1988
Warren Commission
4Black Events1987-1988
4Fifth National Policy Institute1988
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign1988
4Regional Coordination1987
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4National Convention1987
4"Opportunity for All"ca. 1988
4Caucus of Minority Democrats1987
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4Minority Funding1987
4Ambassadors and Co-Chairs1988
4Warren Commission: Budget1987
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4News Clippings 1987
4Dukakis National Steering Committee1988
4Massachusetts Black Caucus1987
41988 Election, News Clippings1988
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4News Clippings1988
4News Clippings1988
41988 Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign1988
41988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign: Correspondence1988
41988 Democratic Party National Platform1988
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
4News Clippings1988
5News Clippings1988
5Farrington, Thomas A.: "Summary of Presidential Campaign Support" 1988
5Organization for a New Equality1988
51988 Election News Clippings1988
5Organization for a New Equality1988
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
5Congressional Black Congress1987
5Black College Presidents1987
51988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
News Clippings1987
5Organization for a New Equality1987
5Warren Commission: Financial1987
51988 Election1987
5Women's Home and Overseas Missionary Society1987
1988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign
5Oral History Project1988
5Minority Banks1987
51988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign Correspondence1987
Warren Commission
5Management of Dukakis for President Campaign Committees1987
5Resource Guide1988
5Congressional Black Caucus1987
51988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign Correspondence1987
5Massachusetts State Democratic Committee (2 folders)1983-1988
51988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign1991
5Metropolitan/Columbia Plaza Ventureca. 1988
5Executive Order 237 Progress Report1990
5Community Development Coordinating Council1989
5Caucus of Minority Democrats1988
5Massachusetts State Democratic Partyca. 1986
5Caucus of Minority Democrats1985
5Platform and Charter of the Massachusetts Democratic Party1987 Jun
5Massachusetts State Democratic Committee1987-1989
5Caucus of Minority Democratsca. 1990
Human Resources Center
5Progress Report1985
5Request for Proposal Ledger1987
5Department of Social Services and Minority Business Enterprises Adolescent Service Initiative 1987
5Board of Directors Membershipn.d.
5Request for Proposals1987
5Employment 1990
5Board of Directors1990
5Mission and Goals Statementn.d.
5Minority Business Development Program1988
5Parcel 18 Community Development Committee1989
5Governor's Working Group on Youth Violence1989
Community Development Coordinating Council (5 folders)1988-1989
5Massachusetts Democratic State Committee1989
5Dukakis Interview1991
5Community Development Coordinating Council1989-1990
5Community Development Coordinating Council (2 folders)1988-1989
5Minority Business Development Program Progress Report1985-1989
5Brazile, Donna1989 Oct
5Human Resources Center (3 folders)1988-1989
5Community Development Coordinating Council1988
5Parcel 181991
5Minority Business Enterprises Report1987
5Boston Chinese Youth Essential Service1988
5Community Development Coordinating Council1989
6"Hearings" 1982-1988
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2. Subject Files, 1972-2010 (bulk 1984-1988)
Volume:3.50 cubic ft.
Arrangement:This series is arranged alphabetically by subject.
Summary:This series contains general subject files that Warren collected, but did not formally organize into one of his book chapters. He did, however, assign chapter subheadings (Observations, Actions, etc) to some groups of material. The bulk of this series includes course materials, correspondence, reports, and news clippings on minority participation in the Massachusetts Democratic Party as well as Michael S. Dukakis's 1988 Presidential campaign. There are also correspondence and reports related to social and economic development projects in the Southwest Corridor of Boston. Also included is correspondence relating to Warren's duties at Northeastern University.
81000 Black Men Basketball1992
61988 Election: News Clippings (3 folders) 1987-1988
6Putting Massachusetts to Work1979
6School Committee of the City of Boston1979
6Youth Advisory Council1979
8The African Project 1990
8Articles and Clippings1985-1998
8"Assessing the Approaches and Effectiveness of Organizing the Black Community"1997
6Black-owned Mediaca. 1987
Boston Redevelopment Authority
8Business Patterns in Boston Neighborhood1983
8Neighborhood Profiles: Roxbury, Mattapan, and North Dorchester1988
8Publications List1990
Caucus of Minority Democrats
6, 8General (2 folders)1984-1989
8Testimony of Joseph D. Warren1985
8Center for Educational Services1983-1986
Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)
6, 8General (5 folders)1982-1989
8Boston State Hospital1985
8The Corporation for Boston Report1984
8FY '89 Final Report1989
8Progress Report1987
8The Youth Entrepreneurial Development Project1985
8Computers, Technology, and Issues of Equity Conference1985 May
6Congressional Black Caucus1987
6, 8General (2 folders)1983-1988
8The Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1984
8Department of African-American Studies 1997-1998
8Office of Community Affairs 1984-1985
Course Materials
9Black Community and Social Change1997
9Contemporary Issues (6 folders)1996-1997
9Economic Issues (4 folders)1993-1998
10Industrial Policy1984-1985
10Poverty and Politics (2 folders)1991-1997
6Democratic Party Participation1982-1984
8Democratic State Committee Delegate Selection Plan 1983
Development Projects
8Beautification of Huntington Avenue1985
8"Boston Redevelopment Authority/Dudley Square Employment and Training Program"1985
8"Community Participation in Boston's Southwest Corridor Project"198?
8"Development Prospectus for Southwest Corridor Parcel 18 and Kingston-Bedford Garage Site"1985
8Springfield, Mass Rehabilitation Proposal 1983
8Northeastern University Master Plan Progress Report1985
Parcel 18
6General (2 folders)1984-1992
6"Development Prospectus for Southwest Corridor Parcel 18 and Kingston-Bedford Garage Site"1985
7Ruggles Center (5 folders)ca. 1996
8"A Summary of Major Development Sites in Roxbury"1997
8St. James Street Condominium Complex Project1986
8Strategic Planning for the Southwest Corridor and Mattapan State Hospital Grounds1985
Dukakis, Michael S.
61988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign, "Elect 88"1987
61988 Election (8 folders) 1987-1988
6Gubernatorial Campaign, Third Term (5 folders)1986
6Martin Luther King Day Breakfast Address1984
6Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination1986
6Photographs (photocopies)ca. 1986-1988
6Press Releases 1984-1985
6Second Term1983-1985
6Statement Regarding Drunk Drivingca. 1987
6Statement to the People of Massachusetts1987 Mar
6Third Term1987
8Event Fliers1993
6Executive Order 237ca. 1984
8Gear Up Program2001
6Grove Hall1985
6Housing Innovations Fund 1987
6, 8Human Resource Center (4 folders)1985-1988
8Industry Trends Report1989
6Jackson, Jesse (2 folders)1987
8Job Opportunities and Resumes1984-1989
General 1983-1987
6Affirmative Action1987
6"State of the State Address"1986
8Mass/Bank Advisory Committee1983
6Massachusetts Democratic Partyca. 1984
6Massachusetts Democratic State Committee (3 folders)1983-1984
6Massachusetts State Employment1983, 1987
Milestones, General
61988 Dukakis Presidential Campaign1987
6Affirmative Action1988
6"Building Opportunity Project Recommendations1988
6Community Development Coordinating Council (CDCC)1987
6Housing Innovations Fund1987
6Human Resource Center (2 folders)1987-1988
6Roxbury Heritage State Park: Master Plan1988
6State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistantca. 1988
6Warren Commission1987
6Minor, Harry F.: "A Regional Organization"1972 Oct 1
6Minority Business Development Study Progress Report1985 Jul
8Minority Business Development, Executive Summary of Draft Final Report for1985 Sep
6Newton North1987
8The National Directory of Black State Legislators1985
8Northeastern University Academyn.d., 1985
8Northeastern University's Community Outreach Partnership Center (NUCOPC)1997
6Executive Order 2371983, 1985
6Northeastern University Correspondence 1984
6Warren, Joseph D. Correspondence (2 folders)n.d., 1979, 1985
6Youth Advisory Council1979
6Organizing Committee for a Greater Roxbury Neighborhood Authority1985
8Panama-Massachusetts Project1985
7Questions, General1985-1986
7Report: Governor's Commission on Minority Business Development1985 Sep
7Research Materials (2 folders)1979-1995
7State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance1987-1988
7Super Tuesday Black Attack1987
7United Way of Central Massachusetts: Neighborhood Center Funder's Committee Report and Recommendations1983
7Upward Bound Program1975
7Voter Statistics1982
Warren Commission1982, 1986-1987
7General (5 folders)1982-1987
7Asociación Latina para Progreso y Accion (4 folders)1982-1985
7State of the Union1984
Warren, Joseph D.
7Biographical Information2010
7Chronological Files (6 folders)1984, 1986
7Travelca. 1988
7Youth Career Opportunity Act1987
7Youth Advisory Council1979
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3. State-wide Issues Hearings, 1982
Volume:.40 cubic ft.
Arrangement:This series has been maintained in its original order.
Summary:This series records the State-wide Issues Hearings sponsored by the Warren Commission in December 1982. These State-wide Issues Hearings were organized shortly after Michael S. Dukakis' election to his second term as Governor of Massachusetts in 1982 in an effort to help Dukakis understand minority needs in the areas of employment, housing, business development, and human service. Included are correspondence regarding the organization of these hearings, as well as the surveys and reports that were completed during the hearings.
5General (2 folders)1982
5Business Development1982
5Human Service1982
5Cape Cod1982
5Merrimack Valley1982
5Roxbury Community College (2 folders)1982
5Suburban Boston1982
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