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Title:Kelley Ready papers
Dates:1981-1994 (bulk 1985-1989)
Call Number:M88
List of Contents
1America Sosa Legal Defense Committee1989-1990
Building with the Voiceless of El Salvador (BVES)
1Fund Raisingn.d.
1Newspaper Clippings and Press Releases1987-1989
1Notes and Journaln.d., 1989
1Reports and Proposalsn.d., 1989-1990
1Sample Letters of Support1989
1Visa and Driver Information1988-1989
1Ransacking of the UNDAES Office1989
1 Comité de familiares pro-libertad de presos, desaparecidos políticos de El Salvador (CODEFAM) n.d., 1989
Committee of Mothers and Relatives of Political Prisoners, Disappeared and Assassinated of El Salvador, Monsignor "Oscar Arnulfo Romero" (CoMadres)
1Accompaniment to El Salvadorn.d., 1988
1Background Information El Salvadorn.d., 1988-1991
1Budget and Finances n.d., 1987, 1993
1Bulletins 1986-1992
1Correspondence and Notesn.d., 1987-1992
Delegations to El Salvador
1 History and Publicity 1987
1Legislation n.d., 1986-1991
1New England Tour (2 Folders)n.d., 1985-1989
1Newspaper Clippingsn.d., 1986-1991
1Posters and Pamphlets n.d., 1987-1993
1Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award1987
1Slides and Photographsn.d.
1Sosa, America 1989-1990
1Spanish Press Releases and Publicationsn.d., 1990-1993
1Testimoniesn.d., 1986-1990
1Tula, Maria Teresa (also known as Laura Pinto)1986-1994
1Companion Community Development Alternatives (COCO)n.d.
1El Rescaten.d., 1991-1992
1El Sol: Publication 1988
Latin American Federation of Families of Disappeared Prisoners (FEDEFAM)
1Generaln.d., 1986-1991
1Hasta Encontrarlos: Bulletins 1987-1989
1Pamphlets n.d.
1Federation of Committees of Mothers and Relatives of the Disappeared, Political Prisoners and Assassinated of El Salvador (FEDMAFAM): Generaln.d.
1National Federation of Salvadoran Workers (FENASTRA)1989
Friends of Committee of Mothers and Relatives of Political Prisoners, Disappeared and Assassinated of El Salvador, Monsignor "Oscar Arnulfo Romero"
1Building with the Voiceless of El Salvador: Caravan to El Salvador1987-1993
1Correspondencen.d., 1989
1Meeting Minutes n.d., 1990
1Human Rights Alertsn.d., 1987-1992
1Latin America and Caribbean Feminist Encuentrosn.d., 1981, 1994
1Nicaragua (2 folders)1984-1992
1Other Organizations n.d., 1987-1990
1Rapid Response Network n.d., 1986-1989
1Ready, Kelley: Biographical1985
1Reebok Human Rights Award Photograph Ca. 1988
1Somos Hermandesn.d., 1987
1Veteran's Peace Convoy to Nicaragua 1988
Women's International Network for Development and Democracy in El Salvador (WINDS)
1Generaln.d., 1990-1991
1Correspondence 1991
1Delegation to El Salvador1991
1Women Across Bordersn.d.
Women's Convoy to Central America
1First Hand Accountsn.d., 1989
1Meeting Minutes1989
1Newspaper Clippings1989