"So the 2nd Division was given the job of getting the French out of the mountain there. What did they call it? Blamc mont. With the highest point and the hardest place to get the Germans out. So the 2 nd Division was assigned to get them out of there, so that’s where we were. We got up there about October 1, 1918. Advanced a little bit each day. On October 4, we started what was almost our final breakthrough and about 8 o clock that morning, October 4, I guess I wasn’t wide awake, I stepped in front of a machine gun bullet and got my right arm, the bone in my right arm shattered. So that ended my active service. I was sent back to the American Red Cross Hospital Number One, just outside of Paris, a town named Neuilly, they call it Nay over there. I was in that hospital from October 5th until the following April. Then I came home." Listen to clip
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