F: "Ok, uh, (chuckles) can you tell me the most heroic thing you saw during the offenses?"

A: "Uh, I don’t know what you term heroic. Just being there, I suppose is heroic. Advancing. Advancing. Listening to machine gun bullets going by your ears. Oh, I’ll tell you a heroic thing. When I was, when the machine gun bullet hit me and shattered my arm, you wouldn’t believe it but that bullet had so much force it knocked me right over, I fell on the ground. So in the next wave of men, behind the wave that I was advancing in, there was a medical corps man. A Navy medical corps man. The Navy men were with the Marines. So he came to me, he put the dressing around my arm and so on. All the time he was working, machine gun bullets were whistling by his ear. So I would say that was the heroic thing. He never seemed to duck, just kept working on me. Being up on the front line, speaking of (inaudible). All of the men seemed to be inspired, they weren’t too much afraid or didn’t show any fear or didn’t want to be running back or anything like that. But to tell you the truth, I’m proud of the Americans. Proud to be associated with them."
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