F: "What was your reaction to the Armistice when you heard about it had been signed?"

A: "Well, a feeling of relief and the chance that we were going to come home. I’ll tell you one instance about that. In the hospital where I was stationed, at American Red Cross Number One, the help there was mostly either French or Belgium, and they were nearly all wives or mothers of men who were in the service or who had been in the service. 11 o’clock November 11, 1918 the Armistice Agreement was signed. When it was time to serve our noon day lunch, these ladies came dancing into all the rooms shouting “le guerre finie, le guerre finie.” They were happy, and were they happy. As I said, they were members of families that had men, members in the service, for some of them four long years. So we were happy of course, because it meant that we’d be going home sometime. But the times of happiness was shown by the people over there."
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